Oklahoma City Apartments That Approve Regardless of Broken Lease, Bad Credit Or Criminal Background

Oklahoma City is one of the fastest growing towns in the state of Oklahoma. It is also the 13th most populous in the nation with over a half a million people. The metro area actually has upwards of a million. Because the city is an industrial and educational hub, there are many people who choose to make this their home each year meaning the city’s numerous apartment complexes are in high demand especially from single families entering the workforce for the first time or others who are saving to buy a home but want to stay in an apartment for the time being. Oklahoma City’s apartments also demand certain criteria before they can approve. One of these is good credit. The other is acceptable rental history. The applicant must also pass a background check and also not have any judgments such as bankruptcies. So are there any apartments in this city that approve regardless of one’s rental background, credit or judgments?

There are a few apartments in the city that can approve problem tenants. There is a general misconception that these apartments are in the Section 8 parts of the city but this is not necessarily true. One can actually secure a very decent apartment in a preferential area of the city even with a problematic past. Let us examine a few places:

  • Downtown
  • Bricktown
  • Deep Deuce
  • Midtown
  • Asian District

This is by no means an exhaustive list. The challenge becomes that many of these types of apartments, usually referred to as “second chance Oklahoma City apartments”, do not blatantly advertise. One is then left with the choice of searching for them by trial and error. Sometimes the Internet can be of great assistance. Another way to locate these apartments units is to ask an apartment locator and see whether they can assist with a list. Usually they will have a list while at other times they may only be able to cater to clients who have a spotless credit.

Another avenue you can explore is networking with friends. If you know friends or family members whose credit is not perfect but who have gone ahead and been approved for an apartment, you can get valuable information from them as far as the location and requirements.

It is also good to note that even though these apartments may be willing to work with applicants with less-than-perfect histories, they will insist on a few key requirements. One of them is having a job which pays at least three times the amount of the rent.