Onda VX585HD Review – 4.3 Inch HD TFT Screen MP4 HDMI Player With TV Out

As one of middle price MP4 players, Onda VX585HD is really a high cost performance one, which has outstanding functionality. It features with sporting HD playback, HDMI output, high 800×480 resolutions, 16: 9 broad screen, TV out and OTC function. With these high tech equipments, this MP4 player is really a perfect necessity of music fans.

At the first glance, it is a classic and standard MP4 player. At the bottom, on the right of the front panel, there is an Onda logo as well as on the back. The FF and REW buttons, Menu and return buttons, headphone socket are located on the top. On the right side, the play and pause button, sliding power switch, a covered up round power socket and SDHC slot is along the border. And on the left, you can find the HDMI socket, mini USB connector as well as the vol + and vol- buttons. As you open up the player, a simple, straight forward but functional UI screen displayed to you with the icons standing in a line at the bottom. The options are Video, Photo, Book, FM, Record, Setting, File Browser and Music.

First, let us enjoy the video effect of the player. It experienced an integrated upgrade on the video format which is compatible with many video formats and can support up to 1360×768 resolutions. It also supports MKV format and H.264 code and can play 720p high definition movies smoothly. The playback is excellent but unfortunately indistinct against the other players in the new wave of HD. VX585HD also arms built-in HDMI socket which supports 720p and 1080i HDMI output. The HDMI output effect is wonderful than can give you a horrific "you-are-there" audio and video enjoyment.

Compared with the great video effect, this MP4 player can also give you an exciting audio feature. It supports MP3 / WMA / AAC / APE / FLAC formats music play and circulation patterns and also lyrics, video, subtitle synchronized display. Through headphones the sound is up there with the best and even the internal speaker has a certain charm to its sound making it a quality standalone music system.

As you browsing pictures, the features are the standard affair of slideshows, rotate etc. The colors are bright and the transition is smooth. The book function is simply TXT style which may disappoint you. But you can have an update in the future. There is nothing to say about FM and radio function. The built-in MIC supports music recording, the record manipulating is simple and utilitarian. You can send the recorded music to PC freely as you like.

The last but not the least, VX585HD supports OTG function, so you can connect U disk or movable hard disk directly, reading and playing documents in it, which avoid round trip transmission. The endurance capacity of this MP4 player is good which can support nearly 20 hours music play and 5 hours video play. Nevertheless, Onda VX585HD is really a recommendable MP4 player. Have you prepared to own it?