Online Bingo Vs Land Based Bingo

Trends are now changing and as the online bingo industry grows we are seeing more and more land based bingo halls close their doors for the last time with an unprecedented amount of bingo halls closing down last year alone. The decline of UK Bingo clubs started about 5 years ago but with all these changes in the law taking place over the past two years, lots of bingo clubs can not withstand so many obstacles being thrown their way.

One of Mecca's Bingo callers even set up a petition on 10 Downing Streets Website and they appeal to players to sign their petition to try and make the government sit up and listen before it is to late and we see even more bingo hall closures taking place. I decided to take a look at just what online bingo offers to players versa what land based bingo brings to them.

Online Bingo – Players can smoke, eat and drink whatever they like from the comfort of their own home and they can play online bingo 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Huge jackpot prizes are now on offer to be won for bingo players online, plus free bingo bonuses upon registration and bonuses on all deposits that are made and these are available for players by most of the best UK online bingo sites. You are even able to chat and play bingo at the same time when playing online, as chatting is done in text format and it does not affect the game in anyway, unlike the land based version of the game. No traveling costs are incurred either.

Land Based Bingo – Most bingo wins are paid out in cash so players get their prize money instantly where as you play online bingo you normally have to wait 3 – 5 days before bingo winnings are refunded back to players accounts. Live interaction with friends is another factor as going out to your local bingo hall can be a great night out. Land based bingo halls can be a life line for some people especially our older generation. Huge life changing amounts of cash can be won with the national bingo game and the all new platinum jackpot that is now attached to all national bingo games that are played twice daily.