Online Entrepreneurs – Put That "How to Dig a Hole" Book Down & Pick Up a Shovel

If you want a hole, are you the guy who picks up the shovel and goes to work or do you find, read a "how to" book, analyze, plan & refine your digging strategy before breaking a sweat in the actual digging .. ..and then you are so tired thinking about your strategy that you decide to take a rest before implementing your killer plan?

We have all been there; when we want a hole (which can be anything from, targeted leads, sales, a girlfriend, a job, a date, 10lbs off etc …) and instead of going to work with our best knowledge, educating ourselves and then tweaking our strategy as we go along; we pick up a "how to" book, consult with a "Guru", pick up a training course and then analyze the content ad nauseum. We then plan our strategies and exhaust our energies in thinking about the work, rather than delve into the thick of the actual results producing work or realize that we still need to acquire more knowledge about the subject matter and go off consulting with another guru, thereby perpetuating our paralysis by analysis. These 2 options leave us, at best, aware of our shortcomings or lack of knowledge and ready to procrastinate even more in the name of "better preparation" or, helas, exhausted, defeated and ready to call it quits -before we even started- and to move onto the "next best hole" (settling).

The sad part about all this is that the person who picked up the shovel and started digging as quickly as they realized that they needed a hole and that the shovel is the best tool they have at hand already has a hole and has started planting the flowers that they wanted the hole for in the first place.

If you are the procrastinating type, consider this: Microsoft released their first version of windows knowing full well that it was not perfect and that it had some bugs that needed fixing. Version 2, 3 etc …. were still not perfect but were an improvement on each previous version. By using the shovel (whatever low cost tool you have access to right now) to start digging; you build some momentum, fine tune your technique as you go along, build belief with the results that you have already seen and have a better understanding of the tool that you need to invest in to dig your hole, deeper and faster.

Having said all this, I need to stop visualizing myself running 10 rounds on my neighborhood track (I can only do 3; after which I feel like throwing up …), put on those running shoes and get to work … ( I know: to each his own hole).

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