Open Face Helmet Styles – One For Every Preference

The open face helmet is a great style for both men and women. This is also known as a three quarters style. It is a protective head covering designed to help withstand impact to the head. The great thing about this type is that there are so many different configurations available! These are mainly popular within the motorcycle community but they also have their place with riders of all terrain vehicles and quad runners. Many laws require riders to wear helmets for safety purposes and these are certainly a great choice.

The design of the open face helmet is such that a hard outer shell (usually made of carbon fiber, Kevlar or strong plastic) covers the entire back of the head. Inside that hard covering is lining of polypropylene or polystyrene. This type of foam can withstand impact and help prevent serious head injury. The foam may then be covered with a soft material to provide comfort to the wearer. This style fits snug to the head and is help tight with an adjustable chinstrap. Some helmets come with a visor, while others do not. If the model you choose does not come with a visor or face shield, you will want to invest in some protective goggles.

A feature of the open face helmet that many riders like is the ability to customize it. Many of these helmets have snaps. You can purchase accessories that will snap directly on and are interchangeable. Some available customization pieces include snap on goggles, visors and shields. Other accessories that can be used with this style include speaker and microphone sets. These are particularly useful when communicating with other riders during a road trip. You can also purchase custom skins for your helmets. These skins instantly change the look. Plain black is now camouflage. Silver and blue becomes a flat green. The choices are endless!

Other styles beyond the open face helmet include the full-face. This covers the entire head including the chin. A visor that raises and lowers shields the eyes. These usually have vents on the chin and forehead, which help get fresh air to the rider. These offer the most protection, but they can feel quite confining to some riders. There is also the off road or motocross helmet. These are made to provide extra protection to riders that compete in off road events. The likelihood of a fall or wipe out is pretty good during these competitions and the riders need as much protection as possible to avoid concussions and life-threatening brain injuries. The flip up style (also known as ‘modular’) is a hybrid of sorts. It has the features of a full-face while offering a flip up chin piece. These are also called convertible helmets. Finally, there is the half-helmet. This is similar to the open face helmet although these rarely have any type of face shield provided. They also do not extend down to cover the back base of the head where skull meets base.