Opening a Dollar Store – How to Increase the Average Sale Size

Increasing sales levels is a challenge that faces every entrepreneur who is opening a dollar store. Most of those entrepreneurs focus their efforts on implementing strategies to increase traffic as the sole means of achieving that result. However, just focusing on increasing new shopper numbers is only half of the equation. Unfortunately it is the most expensive half of the strategy as well!

If you are opening a dollar store balance increased traffic with strategies that focus on increasing the amount that each shopper spends while in your store. Take the time to analyze what you are doing to effectively merchandize the products that you carry. Take the time to ensure that customers can always find the products that they want and need when they are shopping in your store.

When opening a dollar store the single most important step that you can take to increase the average sale size is to always have desired products in-stock. Those products must be in-stock, on display and ready for sale whenever a shopper arrives. Those products must be easily found by shoppers as well.

Soon after opening a dollar store you will discover the consumables such as paper goods, cleaners and health and beauty products must always be in stock. Shoppers get in the habit of making those purchases at your store. If you are out of stock when they are needed those same shoppers will go to your competitor to make their purchase. Not only did you lose a sale, but likely you lost a customer as well!

Increasing the size of the sale is one of the keys to long term success when opening a dollar store. Focus efforts on getting the right products in front of every shopper who enters the store. You will be amazed at the increase in sales this can produce for your business.

To Your Dollar Store Success!