Opening a Medical Office

Opening a Medical Practice! If you are a physician launching a private practice, or at least considering starting a medical practice, most likely it means it is time for you to do it. The first thing on your mind should be a business plan, it is recommended to draft one on your own and then take it to a professional to handle the rest. Don’t handle the business plan on your own, you will not save money by doing that, in fact you will lose money in the long run. (nice things to have: attorney, accountant, banker, consultant, architect, contractor, IT resources, lots of friends and a ticket to Vegas, you never know when your next vacation will come!)

Next, you will need to find a financial source, yes, a bank is a great idea, and here is where a good business plan comes in handy. Once the financials are in the works, you should have an idea of a location. I hope you picked a great name for your medical practice and created an entity). I am sure you have done some research on the type of office you would love to have and a target location. All that is left is to find suitable space. Your timing couldn’t be better, rents are down and the landlords would love to have you as a tenant. Keep in mind, location plays an important part in marketing your practice. You can also look into medical office buildings for space dedicated to medical tenants; it is a new trend in big cities.

An easy place to make friends. You can work with a realtor specializing in medical space, or you can look for yourself. You will save money if you lease space that’s already built out; all you have to do is remodel. Recommended, you hire a contractor that has experience with the build out of medical space, you will need help with the layout. The trick is to be efficient with space and keep in mind all the new technology. While you are getting all set up in your actual space, there are major things to consider, one of which is your staff. Do you need a solid manager? How much can you pay? Don’t forget about marketing and your hours of operation. These are just sum of the questions that need to be answered. I hope this rough draft with help with some of your questions and I hope you will join us for continuation of Opening a Medical Office.