Opening An Art Studio in Second Life

Location, Location, Location is the same theme in Second Life as it is in First Life. When you find a location in a Second Life, in a mall or village shops, sometimes asking for an exclusive contract for your business if it is not clothing or clothing related is a good thing. Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery are exclusive sponsors of Digital Knight Scripted Art Studio and so contracted for an exclusive contract at Magical Dreams Mall that we are the only people allowed to sell art in the mall.

The second order of the day is an advertising campaign. There are many avenues of advertising in Second Life, billboards at the Edge are very popular, smaller advertising billboards at malls and clubs for people to click on and obtain a Landmark (LM). Other avenues are Second Life ads (SLads), writing articles for the Second Life Newspaper, and Enquirer. Just like in First Life writing to the editors to see if they are interested in an article is also a good practice and if you are fortunate, then your article will be accepted.

Elven Enchantment Museum and Art Gallery used its group to remind members of the opening and also advertised on the Art and Artiste’s Network bringing in people who are interested in Second Life Art.

The next item to do is to fill the studio full of art and plan your opening night. The former was done over the month of September and Mr. Montague decided to give away one copy of “Tall Ship” to the first person who could correctly guess the name of the ship.

Then the last thing you do is write up a note card, fill in the information on the opening and drop it to all your friends on your friends list and ask them to bring a friend.

After all the hard work and stress of organizing the artwork and planning the opening night, enjoying the fun on opening night was satisfying along with the payments for artwork purchased coming into your account.

The competition for Tall Ship began right away and all of the guesses were fantastic and some of the guesses for the name of the French tall ships were Dora, Le Napoleon, the Royal Louis, and Cutter Sark to name a few. Some not so serious guesses of Unroyal Louis and H.M.S. Fig Newton were a few of my favorites.

It was Atlantis Jewell who was the first to identify the name of the tall ship, but since the Museum were the Exclusive Sponsors of the event, was not qualified to win the artwork.

Mr. Montague threw out helpful hints such as: It’s flying a French Flag! Napoleonic War and It’s a special ship as I had to find a picture of it to make it into “Tall Ship”. Spanish ships Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria made an appearance in the guessing line up as did the H.M.S. Victory and Surprise.

The win went to Second Life Resident Tressie Jetaime with: “Acheron”. H.M.S. Surprise was the British ship that was commissioned to arrest the Acheron. The picture of this fabulous tall ship can be found in the movie, “Master and Commander.”