Opening Up Your Swimming Pool For the First Time – Read This

A lot of us are seasoned pros when it comes to maintaining our swimming pools. It's almost like second nature. Like riding a bicycle, or brewing your coffee in the morning. I can do that with my eyes shut. But for a lot of newbie's or even people that have only owned their swimming pools for a couple of years it's a struggle still every year when its time to open their swimming pools. Well read on, here are a few tips on opening your swimming pool for the upcoming season. First thing of course is to remove the cover removing any debris and pumping off any water that has accumulated over the winter season. Make sure you clean your pool cover off and dry it before you put it away so any mold or mildew will not build up on it.

Remove all the freeze plugs and devices you have installed in protecting your swimming pool from freezing. All of these items will have to be removed before you go to your next step. It is now time to start up your pool pump and pool filter. If you did not clean it when you closed the pool last year, do it now. Prime your swimming pool pump and start er-up. You will hear a lot of action in your plumbing because of the air that has been trapped in the pipes. Make sure you release any built up pressure before opening up your equipment. When running, go around and check for any leaks. Time to clean the pool. If you had a mesh pool cover, there will be dirt and debris in the pool. Scoop out debris with a leaf net, and vacuum the rest. If you had solid cover it should be relatively clean. If not, check for a hole or improper installation of that cover.

Add necessary water to get the level to halfway up your pool skimmer openings. Then you must let your pump run for ½ a day to let the new water circulate with the old. After that is done you can check your water balance and add your swimming pool chemicals. The best thing to do is bring a water sample to your local pool professional for analysis. If you do not know be sure to follow their procedures so you do not damage any of your swimming pool surfaces. Install all ladders and handrails if you have them. Please make sure you inspect your diving board before you let anyone use it. Look for any stress-cracks and if you find a single one, replace your diving board. If you have tiles around the top of your pool clean them with baking soda only. You should never use any abrasives or cleaners in your pool. For a good reference on swimming pool start-up procedures can be found National Pool Council's website.