Optoma HD70 Home Projector Review – Affordable Home Theater Projection

The Optoma HD70 is a wonderful addition to any home. It’s small, portable and, best of all, lightweight. It’s not excessively branded with giant banners or stickers and can fit in any drawer or under any bed and be ready for action whenever you desire top of the line movie quality for your Friday night date, Sunday afternoon football game, or just an average weekday in bed. When it comes down to high performance and sleek design, the Optoma HD70 is the projector for you.

The Optoma HD70 is great at adjusting the size of your image so that your movie will always delight you in the best possible manner. This mechanic work of art will project a 100″ image from 11.5 feet to 13.8 feet away. When watching a movie on your Optoma HD70, as with any projector, be sure to set your projector slightly behind the seating area, if possible, as this will help to minimize any noises or heat coming from the machine.

The HD70 is rather good at positioning the image at an angle of the lense. For example, if you have your projector sitting on a desk or table, you can adjust the lens so that the movie will appear higher up than the projector itself. This will make your video seem more grand and inspirational than what your average television is capable of producing. You could also mount your projector on a ceiling (like how your fan is positioned in the center of the room) so that your movie will be slightly lower than the projector. This will provide the same effect of setting your projector on a desk or table while minimizing sound and heat distractions, although it is a rather large project to do and will cost extra. If you’re interested in mounting your projector on a ceiling, a quick search engine listing will display all that you need to know on this subject.

The Optoma HD70 is an important projector in that it provides the viewer with an opportunity to see the best at affordable rates. While it does not quite reach the capabilities of the Optoma HD72 in pure image quality, it delivers a high class image at irresistible prices. If you’ve never owned a home theater projector before, the Optoma HD70 would be an excellent choice to start your new life of movie quality that you’ve never seen outside of a movie theater before. There are some decent projectors out there for lower prices, but when you put this much quality into the budget bracket of the Optoma HD70, it’s hard to resist.