Oriental Bedroom Design – Some Tips And Overview

Are you trying to renovate your own bedroom? You want to change its current design into completely something new? If you are one of the American individuals, most probably you have a bedroom focused more with modernized or contemporary design. If you do, then maybe you have to drop the entire contemporary thing in favor of a completely new and fresh oriental bedroom design.

If you have no idea how to start acquiring an oriental bedroom design, here is an overview about such application:

There are two things why oriental design is popular. First is the sense of family ties that the oriental culture speaks of. The oriental people stress the importance of keeping family as close as ever. Dinners, lunch, gatherings, and other particular important family meetings are closely celebrated together. This essence is specifically incorporated in the oriental design application by focusing on the space.

Therefore, if you are planning to have that design, make sure you have a space that can accommodate certain set of colors, materials, decorations, and others. It does not necessarily suggest that you make it spacious enough to accommodate other family members, since it is a private room, but having a space wide enough to accommodate all those essentials is the main idea.

The second thing is about the sense of having affluence. In this aspect, oriental people have the love for rich, warm, and royalty colors and tones. Red, royal blue, and gold hues are particularly a must-have for these people when acquiring new belongings. They are also fond of acquiring things that have ornate details and designs. Oriental décor and belongings may be a statement of these bolder tones, but class is always a staple that when put together creatively and properly will lend a design that is so above from the rest of the designs.

In your plan, all these things should be remembered. Focus on the rich and bold colors when acquiring pieces and small things to be strewn on some key parts of the bedroom as a decoration. Oriental rug with ornate embroidery and rich, plush materials is a must-have for this venture. It can be placed below at the foot of your bed. Stylish table in royalty red hue is a perfect ornament for your new oriental bedroom furniture. Lacquer and cabinets finished off in the same hue and antique-looking materials will further create the drama.

Other antique handcrafts and elegant paintings can be added for a warmer touch of oriental theme. Folding screens that can be placed somewhere on the bedroom, as well as bureau that has intricate designs, are optional pieces for the oriental touch. These things and those mentioned above are just some of the essential pieces that you should have to materialize that lovely plan of integrating an oriental bedroom design.

And even with these helpful tips, it is still be of big help if you can consult an interior designer who specializes to oriental themes and designs. This person will help you lay out a plan that will exactly meet your needs.