Origin of Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are as common as other expensive furniture and interior models, giving life to luxurious, classy buildings and structural design. Crystal-made chandelier provides distinctive reflections, adding glamour to the light that would roughly ensnare everyone’s eyes. Because of this feature, it is now one of the after sought interior decors in the market.

The use of crystal chandelier is dated back in 1150 A.D. in Europe. However there are notions that it originated from the place of the oldest civilization- China. European style during the ancient period is known for glitzy spendthrift peripheries. Shortly after the trend in Europe, Romans undertook their contribution for architectural concepts brought about by the renaissance view in the year 1400.

Baroque era in 1600 influenced the fashion and elegance of crystal chandelier’s assembly that implicated new affluent designs that can still be witnessed up to date. The Bourgeoisie or the “middle class” in Europe during the Regency period in 1800 and 1830, were engaged in exhibiting Regency chandeliers showing the prosperity and splendor of the Bourgeoisie class.

During the Victorian era in 1849 to 1870, chandeliers grew heavier in furnishings and embellishments that were identified as Victorian crystal chandeliers. The decoration piece had enormously adorned every distinctive marvelous house.

The modern times had exerted influence on the designs of crystal chandelier, combining some styles including method of abstraction, providing sense of modernity to home’s interior decoration and giving more emphasis for appreciation. Recent made chandeliers are made of several materials like metals painted with gold, silver, bronze, and chrome. Some of the designs are combined with glass materials enhanced by the cutting-edge stylish lighting elements or candle holders within it. With the advanced tools and equipments nowadays, designers are given much chance to defy arts and craftsmanship.

Finding styles that suit one’s taste is as easy now as choosing a piece of clothes to wear. There are varieties of style to choose from. With the boosting of crystal chandelier market, people can already embellish their respective humble houses with the gift of art and make them look more like a hotel, museum, or a mansion. Chandelier can manipulate the motif of an interior decoration and add more spices to an idle-looking house interior. The house owner might want to get a set that does not demand for many light bulbs or choose a piece with so many provisions for lighting elements. Incorporating chandelier in a house interior decoration can inspire good reflections and designs. Some chandeliers can be made upon customer’s order with customer’s personal design, giving the home owner an opportunity to flaunt his own designing prowess and to display his flavor of art. According to manufacturers and sellers, majority of the buyers prefer crystal chandelier because of its flashing elegance and beauty, reflecting any lights that might come upon it. There are people who still desire for the Renaissance and Victorian type though.

During the past decades, crystal chandelier were only associated with middle class people who are fitted to enjoy the grandeur of its beauty; but as years pass by, the use of crystal chandelier for interior decoration had been wide opened to most contemporary houses and building structures around the world.