Oscillating Multi-Tools – The Revolutionary Tool

Oscillating multi-tools are revolutionary and convenient tools that make it possible to take on several tasks in a sufficient manner such as: cutting, sanding, scraping, and polishing wood, plastic, metal, concrete, brick, and anything you put up for the challenge. When did this “wonder tool” come about? The Dutch company Fein, in 1967, made the first oscillating power tool – the plaster cast saw. This saw was capable of cutting through the hard cast on a patient, but had the control and precision that prevented any injury to the patient. Fein went further with this design and nearly twenty years later, created the sanding component that is present in the current form seen today. In 1995, manufacturers saw the promise that this new tool held and broadened its horizons to cover numerous other needs, and since then has progressed to the current day oscillating tool of today’s market.

With the many actions that this versatile power tool can perform, it appeals to everyone with a “to-do” list. There are so many great things to appreciate about this tool aside from its adaptability. Attachments come with all of these oscillating multi-tools giving it a wide-range of uses, and are easy to quickly change at hand. The majority of these power tools have several speeds for efficiency and precision that various projects call for. They are designed to be easy-to-hold and easy-to-maneuver so that they can be used to take on even the smallest of areas. Tool manufacturers make multiple kinds of multi-tools (some are even cordless!). If a buyer is looking for an oscillating multi-tool for small projects, look for a 1.5 Amp motor to get the job done. If the goal is to finish a larger project such as home remodeling or construction, then a 2.5 Amp motor would better suit the task(s). Having this tool in your possession will truly make your projects a smoother ride, and it is very easy to find. No matter what the project is, an oscillating power tool will be your device to bring that project to a beautiful finish.

I would like to give one example of a lesson I learned about the value of this tool. At one point in my remodeling work, I came to the problem of removing old linoleum floor. The linoleum had been glued down to this concrete floor back in the late 1960’s. This was still the original floor in this bathroom from when the house was built. Now I went into this project thinking this would be an easy task. But I was soon proven wrong. You see over the years spots around the vanity, toilet and shower had started to peel. I assume the peeling was from water sitting or seeping underneath. Well I thought this will be an easy job, but I was soon proven wrong. I started peeling the flooring back where I thought it had separated from the concrete beneath but came to find out it was peeling off the glued backing. When I was finished removing it I had a floor of linoleum backing that did not come free from the concrete beneath it. So I retrieved my hand scraper and started at it. After three hours of scrapping I said there has to be an easier way. I went to the hardware store and bought a large ice chipper, this looked like an over sized putty knife. Well to no avail I didn’t get much more than I did with the hand one. So I went online and found the oscillating multi-tool. I saw a video of someone doing exactly what I was trying to do but in a much more efficient way. I ordered one and two days later I had it in my possession. I will tell you that this was like a magic. The oscillating multi-tool removed that flooring like it was powdered snow on the windshield of a car. I have to say I was made a believer that day in the infinite uses of this tool.