Our Economic Crunch, Does It Hurt You

This is one of the hardest articles I have ever written. As I write there are so many different thoughts racing through my mind that is almost impossible to concentrate on a single subject. There are so many things to talk about when it comes to our economic structure.

Please keep in mind, these are only the thoughts and opinions of an old fool. Not those of the rich or the government officials.

What I want to know is simply who is affected by the economic crunch we face today. The word is that it affects everybody. Well, I guess that is true, but lets face it, it is mostly the lower income people who suffer.

It is people like you and me. The people who are not wealthy. The people who go to their place of employment every day not knowing if it will even exist in the morning. The people who work hard to feed their family and still give graciously to the tax man.

Do not get me wrong, I realize everyone has a problem with business as usual, but it is the little guy that hurts most.

Right now the increase in the cost of gas is the big culprit. The cost of fuel has caused more problems for more people than anything else ever has.

It seems the only ones not too concerned with the fuel costs is those in government. But then again, they are among the wealthy. There is not one government official who is not a multi-millionaire. Is not it sad when those who supposedly work for us make so much more money than we do.

If any one of the officials actually had to drive their own car (paid for by them) to the gas pump and had to get out of the car and put a pump in their hand to fill their own tank and then actually pull out their own money or credit card (billed to them) to pay for it they might just feel the anger we all feel. They might then wonder how they are going to afford gas and still put food on the table.

However, thats not going to happen. They have someone else drive a government car (paid for by our taxes) (again, supplied by us) to a special pump for a fill up and it is all paid for by the people who pay their taxes.

The cost of fuel has affected the cost of transportation which in turn affects the cost of food. It also causes a need for the farmer and the rancher to charge more for their product. It has absolutely no positive affect on our paychecks.

Do you realize what an impound it would have if all the truckers stopped turning their wheels because they could not afford fuel. Without the truckers delivering the goods our world would actually shut down. It would be devastation worse than Osama Bin Laden caused with the Twin Towers.

If the truckers were forced to shut down we would be playing right into the hands of Osama. Our country could then easily be crushed.

The cost of everything is going up but there is no way that the employer can afford to raise the average wage. So the cost of living is on a fast train headed for oblivion and the worker is destined to failure.

I would like to find a way for average Mr. America to fight back. A way that I can become involved in a solution. A way that can return peace and harmony to a losing situation.

I'm not talking about going GREEN. Going green is a good thing, but it is for the protection of the world, not the people in it. I am talking about a way to help protect the American public from a pure disaster.

I'm also not talking about things like not buying gas on any particular day. Or boycotting any specific item for a period of time. Those ideas have been around for a long time and have no way of doing any good.

We need to put our heads together and find a way to survive and return to yesterday. If anyone has any good ideas, count me in.

Maybe we need to work on a way for some of the money to leave the pockets of our politicians. Perhaps if they, too, feel the pain they may decide to fight for what is right and not just more for them.

I know my thoughts and opinions are not the solution and some probably think I should just shut up but some of the worlds best products and answers came from a little non-sinsical banter. Give me your thoughts. Leave your comment