Outdoor Chandelier Light Ideas and Locations

From small porches to large decks, gazebos to sun rooms, lighting choices abound. But before one starts choosing a light for looks, there are a few every important features that a home owner should be aware of.

Chandelier features: As with all products, a home owner should select one that is intended for your planned usage. With an outdoor chandelier, one that is UL approved for outdoor wet / damp locations is a must.

Chandeliers for outside use come with sealed circuitry so that the moisture can not penetrate down into the light. Also a rubber coated switch and heavy outdoor cord with a grounded plug is also a necessity.

When choosing an outside light with shades, be sure they are made from weather resistant material, or even sealed glass. Thus reducing the chance of damage to your light.

Location of outdoor chandeliers: Of course one thinks of a covered porch as a perfect place for a hanging chandelier. But also consider one in a gazebo or deck, or even in a sun room. A gazebo is one of my favorite places to see a chandelier. With the steeper pitch to a gazebo, it is a perfect place to incorporate a taller or higher outdoor light. When placing a chandelier over a table on a porch or deck, a down light included in the chandelier design is great. This lights up the table area for more after dark reading or board games.

A sun room or solarium is also an excellent place to use an outdoor chandelier. Even though a sun room is an enclosed area, sealed to the outside elements, a chandelier rated for exterior use is a wise choice. If a sun room has many plants or a hot tub, the raised humidity of the room can be more taxing on an interior chandelier. So to extend the life of your fixture go exterior.

But most importantly: Your outside chandelier light should complement the home's exterior flavor. This is your castle, and lighting is the crown finish.

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