Outdoor Christmas Light Design Tips

One of the most memorable Christmas images from my childhood was driving around our neighborhood, taking in the lit up displays on our street. There is just nothing like having your own welcoming display in your front yard, whether it is as simple as some glowing colored lights or as complex as a fully fledged, motorized display.

Whiche approach approach you take, now is the time to start thinking about planning your outdoor Christmas light display for the coming silly season! If you get in a little early, you can beat the rush and maybe snare some bargains before the prices are jacked up for those who have left it till last. But before you start shopping, it is a wise idea to take the time to think about what approach you will take to your design.

First of all, you may need to come up with a theme. For some, just adding some colored lights is enough but larger displays will benefit from having an overall look in mind before they start planning. This could be as simple as a collection of shapes that work together or using complementary colors but you might also want to try to tell a Christmas story with your display. Using some bought or home made figures and including them in your display will add a touch of individuality.

The choice of color scheme is also important. The obvious choice is Christmas colors like red, green, white and gold, but you can also add a festive flavor with any color in the rainbow.

When it comes to planning your actual display, modern technology has given us some real advantages. One great tip is to take a photo of your property frontage with a digital camera, and load up your image into an image editing program. This makes it easy to sketch out some ideas of how your lighting could flow.

If this is not your cup of tea there are even software packages that will take care of your design for you! Regardless of the approach you take, make sure the whole family gets involved in creating a display that will be memorable for you as well as the many visitors that you are sure to attract!