Outdoor Lighting is Versatile and Easy

Looking for a way to liven up your backyard or patio that's both easy and fairly inexpensive? Check out the often overlooked and underappreciated world of outdoor lighting fixtures. These fixtures range from wall sconces to post-mounted lights to hanging lanterns, and all of them make your outdoor areas more inviting after the sun goes down.

We all want to enjoy the outdoors, especially during the warm summer months, but a little lit yard usually means the party is moving indoors once darkness falls. Keep the party going outside by adding some sconces to your perimeter walls. Spacing out some wall fixtures every eight or ten feet adds enough light to allow the kids to keep playing outside while also adding some style to your backyard. Another option is adding solar powered path lights around the perimeter of your yard. These inexpensive lights will not provide the same amount of light as electrical fixtures, but they are an extremely energy efficient way to add a little ambiance to any outdoor setting.

For yards with well defined patio areas, a great option is post-mounted lighting. These light fixtures are ideal for wood railings, especially at corners and openings. For open yards and patios, these fixtures work just as well by installing wooden or metal poles in the ground and mounting the lights atop them. These post-mounted fixtures come in a wide variety of styles ranging from modern designs to more antique, classic looks.

Nothing says "outdoors" like a lantern. Now you can enjoy the classic look of a hanging lantern without the hissing noise that companies the kerosene camping models. Hanging lanterns are ideal for eaves and covered patio areas and are often very easy to install and maintain. Turn your patio into a rustic campsite or look into the sleeker, contemporary styles of this classic light fixture.

Every outdoor area can benefit from proper lighting, and installing many of these great outdoor lighting fixtures is easier than you might think. Keep the party going longer and get more use from your outside areas.