Outdoor Solar Lights – Powerful Solar Flood Lights

The most powerful outdoor solar lights are incontestably the solar flood lights. They are efficient for properly lighting large areas, signs, monuments, trees and other architectural structures. They are strong enough to allow visibility from long distances. The most common use of solar flood lights is for security lighting.

Solar security lights equipped with PIR (passive Infra red) detector are excellent for perimeter security. The most common solar security lights come with either 18, 36 or 45 LEDs. These multi-purpose outdoor solar lights are easy to install and will not require you to run electric wires to an outlet. In daylight the solar panel collects energy to charge the batteries for night operation and a photocell controls the lighting sequence from dusk to dawn.

Solar flood lights come in two flavors:


This is the first generation. Although they generate a strong illumination, these solar powered lights consume quite a lot of power. This impacts the operation time, therefore they need to have larger battery capacity and larger solar panels.


The latest generation of solar flood lights comes with ultra-bright LEDs (light emitting Diodes). LEDs have an extremely long life-span and consume a fraction of the power needed by a halogen bulb, therefore these LED outdoor solar lights can run for a longer period of time with smaller solar panels and batteries.

Initially they can be a little more expensive than halogen ones but they are more reliable.

Wherever you need efficient illumination, these powerful outdoor solar lights offer a versatile solution and a great way to save money on your electricity bills.