Outdoor Wall Lighting – Shed Some Light

In today’s economy more and more people are staying home. They aren’t vacationing as much or traveling much. They seem to be spending more time dressing up their homes. They are enhancing the ambiance of their outdoor area and spicing it up with wall outdoor lighting.

The first impression people have of a home is what they see from the outside. Most homeowners go through a great deal of expense to present the exterior of their homes as an extension of themselves. From exquisitely tailored landscapes to a perfectly tended garden, selecting the right outdoor wall lighting mix will help accentuate these efforts.

Outdoor wall lighting flanking your front door and post lights on your walk way will brighten the entrance to your home and creates a feeling of comfort besides adding curb appeal. With just a flick of a switch you can instantly add radiance to your surroundings.

It is functional and essential for providing security from intruders and the biggest excitement is the entire artistic aspect. Like any creative work the options abound.

Fixtures come in a wide variety of styles for various functions. Some are very plain while others are pieces of art. Nearly any material can be used so long as it can tolerate the heat, weather and keeping with safety codes. Some choices you have are exterior wall sconces, Lanterns, post lighting and chandeliers. Sconces are the most traditional way to welcome your guests. An outdoor wall hanging lantern completes the look of your entry way with that old world feel. Pier mount adapters allow you to install your post on the walls surface. Chandeliers are becoming more popular especially for gazebos or enclosed porches.

There are many options for the fixtures themselves. Like casual, transitional, contemporary, modern, old world, gothic and rustic. You can add features such as light sensing, motion detecting, timers and dimmer switches. Dimmers are often over looked but they allow you to reduce lighting when you don’t need it. A dimmer switch can double the life of the bulb, saves energy and money.

The hottest new trend is using energy efficient bulbs. There are fixtures that use fluorescent bulbs, low voltage bulbs and there are designs like dusk-to-dawn motion sensors. Another trend is using solar lights. They do not require wire installation and are very energy efficient. They do cost more but they will never add to your electric bill. This is an investment that pays off in value for your home.

Most homeowners opt for pure white light but some like the hint of hues. Warm tones like yellow or red introduced properly can make the landscape come alive and green lighting makes the foliage look greener.

With so many options available it allows the consumer to shed light on their own design personality. Think about key visibility and home security when developing a new layout. It is not a matter of how many outdoor wall lights but where you place them on your premises. The interaction between light and shadows can be a very tough task to take on. The way light and shadows play off each other can create a palate of moods depending on the location of the light fixture. These will enhance your colors and details of your creative decorations. This will let you enjoy the exterior surroundings after the sun goes down.

Create warmth, add a little drama or simply brighten your walkway. With a little imagination you will achieve the look you desire.