Over-The-Road Independent Truck Driver Segment – Signage Strategies Considered

Most of those running truck stops and truck washes have considered the rough economy and hardship of the American Trucker, including future challenges with higher fuel costs due to oil inventories and anticipated seasonal diesel fuel price spikes coinciding with increased freight as economy recovers (or double dip). It was noted that the new Independent owner operators are more likely to go to a Truck Wash due to the “Hand Washing” methods, as this is of extreme value to this segment.

To attract more of this choice market and full-paying customer it was noted that better signage for trucks approaching from either direction 25 miles out with a reminder at five miles left for the truck wash made sense. One recent truck washing manager suggested a trailer with signage parked adjacent to the freeway made sense.

Ask yourself; are some buildings on the frontage outside of town that are blank block walls and perhaps, their owners might be enticed to some signage. Maybe contact the state DOT to find out about privately owned billboard rules that your Truck Wash could use and then contact freeway frontage property owners about signage on their land. It should be noted that high winds at certain times of the year would mean signage would need to be robust and maintained regularly, perhaps inspected weekly?

Many truck washes paint their roof a very unusual color so it becomes extremely visible from the freeway many miles out, reminding frequenting truck drivers on that highway or freeway where they are. One day hoping they will stop, and then killing them with great service and a first class truck wash. Some truck washes give a $10 discount each time if you allow them to put on their mud-flaps on the back of your trailer, this can be a good deal for both the truck wash and the independent driver trying to squeeze out a little more profit and lower costs.

Your truck wash should have signage visible to all trucks pulling out of nearby truck stops, it only costs a little to put a sign across the street from a truck stop, usually they are located where the land is cheap enough. Don’t be shy when it comes to signage for your truck wash. You may think you are being a “signage whore” said one marketing consultant recently in Transport Topics, but what the heck, you need to increase volume and good signage is probably the easiest way to do just that.