Overhead Patio Protection With Awnings

Awnings and Sunbrella Canopies offer a little more shade and protection for your patio because they come in lots of widths and slope lengths. You can also choose from fabrics that are solid in color or have the traditional awning stripes. There are also mix and match valance options, (a valance is the decorative front part of the awning that hangs down a little – about 10 inches.)

It can be a scalloped or have many other features. There is a famous awning company that has been around for a very long time and is very reliable according to previous clients, called Fiesta Awning. The outer tubing is steel and the fittings are cast aluminum. Some of their awnings are retractable and others are self supporting.

If your awning patio cover is over 12 feet wide, then it will have three leg supports, under that length only two are needed. The drawback to a these canopy patio covers is that often they are not good for winter. They must be removed.

Retractable Awning Patio Covers

For a more permanent patio cover you may want to try SunSetter retractable awnings. They can be opened or closed and retracted against the house in less than a minute because it comes with a remote control. There are also retractable motorized awnings with a dual cable system that doesn’t require vertical supports.

These patio shades allow control of light, sun, shade, rain and work on a deck, patio, or even a balcony. There is also a product that is a step beyond a simple awning; it is called a Weatherbreaker screen shade that can be added to a motorized awning.