Nesting Tables for Any Home

With all the belongings we own, we tend to run out of space so we need to find solutions. Nesting tables are a wonderful way to add more tables to your home. They come in interesting designs and are great placeholders for décor as well as for drinks or snacks.

Modern day Nesting Tables come in a set of three. The name comes from the idea that the smaller tables are nested under the bigger table. The Nesting Table came about when people wanted to tuck a table away the same way you would tuck a chair away.

There are many advantages of having this furniture set in your home.

Versatility – These surface pieces don’t need to be used all in the same place. Sometimes you just need a surface to rest your book or plate on, so you can have them in the living room, in the passage and the bedroom.

Space Saving – People who live in small apartments will run out of space easily. These tables will help a great deal to allow a maximum amount of space for you and your family. They are great as a temporary solution as well. If you have a lot of guests over, these little tables will come in handy.

Stylish – Style makes the home a happy place. These nesting tables come in different styles from modern to classic. If space is not an issue for you, you can line these tables up from biggest to smallest against the wall and put a pretty ornament on it such as a potted plant.

Seating – Some Nesting Table sets come with a hidden stool. This could come in handy if you are hosting a party but don’t have enough couches and chairs. It also gives your dining room or living room a bit of edge.

Other Rooms – Nesting Tables can also be used in the bathroom. We all need a surface area to place our toiletries on. A Nesting Table is the ideal place for a book, deodorants, make-up and brushes. When women do their make-up they will take the different sets with them to the bathroom in order to apply it to their face. A surface close by will assist in making the task slightly easier.

Drawer – Most recent designs have a fixed set of Nesting Tables that acts more like a drawer rather than a completely separate table.

As time passes, furniture improves in order to help people live an easier life. Popular furniture is when style meets functionality in a modern world. Designers are always looking at how people live and move around the house so that they can come up with great inventive designs.

Educational Toys That Stimulate Chidren's Mind

When children start to walk more steadily, run, push, pull, climb and grab things – they are growing from babies to toddlers. Between their first and second birthdays, they are self centered and get busy doing various things like – to flip light switches, pour things in and out of containers, unwrap packages and empty drawers. The toddler stage is very important in a child's life. It is the time between infancy and childhood when a child learns and grows in many ways. Everything that happens to the toddler is meaningful.

How do I know this?

I am a mother of two boys who I love dearly. I decided to stay home and raise my children with the best education and values ​​I could provide. We made sacrifices and reorganized our lives for them. I learned the importance of educational toys as we saw our sons playing together with toys all around the house. This is when I realized the value of educational toys and started [], to help other parents provide greater richness and diversity to their children. I truly believe that educational toys are the one option that can make every parent's dreams true.

A toy which is worthy, gives colorful success in the end. Same goes to educational toys too. Each toy can have some educational benefits. Sometimes you may have to ask yourself, "How can this toy be educational to my child?" The answer may be obvious, or you may have to dig a little to find a lesson or value with the toy. But, the rewards are worth it as you watch your children play with the toys in a meaningful way, and actually learn something in the process.

Here are some ideas to encourage your children to get more out of their fun time.

Baby Einstein

Infants and toddlers are apparently big fans of the Baby Einstein series, with titles like Baby Mozart, Baby Shakespeare, and Baby Van Gogh making regular rounds in their family's DVD. I learned the importance of educational toys. The shine in my sons' eyes while watching a few of the Baby Einstein videos taught me that I can provide happiness to the little one. "These videos have a lot of colors and shapes that hold his attention," says another Mom. The complete line of Baby Einstein educational videos and DVDs stimulate the growing mind.

And what child does not love the magic of puppets? Whether it's a ferocious dragon, a wiggly octopus or a friendly dog. These lovely puppets offer terrific "hands-on" fun that is sure to ignite any child's imagination. Playing with Baby Einstein Puppets with a parent or adult helps babies interact with others and aids in language development.

Little Tikes

These are for babies 6 to 36 months and are aimed at giving children experience. My older son enjoys climbing up and down the Castle Climber has been one of our best investments towards our children's growing up.

Little Tikes offers a variety of play sets that help fuel their imagination. Little Tikes toys do not entertain children the way so many toys and products do. They allow a child's imagination to run free and expand. There are not a lot of bells and whistles, but children do not need that all the time. They get sensory overload. Little Tikes produces toys that not only allow children to educate themselves, the toys encourage imagination and education.

Little Tikes makes shape sisters, infant sensory stimulation toys, outdoor toys that promote large motor skill development, and even furniture for a nursery, toddler or preschooler's bedroom or playroom.

Already the leader in plastic furniture for children, Little Tikes is building on its established reputation for safety and durability by launching its first line of wooden furniture – natural interiors. So the furniture looks great "as is" or decorated with paint to match a child's personality. The light wood furniture -including a table, chair, desk, easel, toy box and storage center- is perfectly scaled for kids and designed so that its looks at home in any interior or room of the house.

I can go on for another page as a typical Mom. But I would encourage you to visit my web site for more information. You may be wondering where the name lulu-baby came from. You will know once you visit my web site.

We, as Moms are very busy, we are always running around to take care of our babies. Online shopping is a great help for us busy Moms. Buying good products from the convenience of my home has become part of my life.

Our web site aims to be more than a web store, but a good resource for Moms, a place to find good products for you and your child.

With our deepest love for children, let's bring a lot of laughter into our homes.

The Power of Planning

I am surprised how few sales professionals, independent consultants, and small business owners take the time to plan the strategy for their business. Most people spend more time writing out a grocery list or planning a vacation than they do planning the direction or exit of their business. Many will determine a vague or general idea of ​​what they want to accomplish but very few actually identify the specific action steps that they will need to take in order to achieve their goals. I'm not suggesting you create a 25-30 page business plan like a good friend of mine writes every year, but I do recommend that you start outlining the goals you want to accomplish and how you plan to get there.

It is one thing to set a target for yourself, it is quite another to actually plan how you will achieve it. When I establish my annual goals (which get more challenging every year), I ask myself, "How will I accomplish these goals?" This forces me to plan the tactics, strategies, and actions I need to undertake in order to achieve my targets. For example, if your business relates primarily on referrals, identify what you can do to increase the number of referrals you receive.

In her book, Get Clients Now !, author CJ Hayden suggests using a monthly tracking sheet. This means setting specific monthly goals, planning what action you will take to generate new business, and tracking your progress. She suggests that you engage in a minimum of ten different marketing activities each week. This can include; Networking, prospecting, cold calling, sending mailers, speaking, etc. A speaker I know spends most of his Monday planning and strategizing his week, determining exactly what activities he will execute in the upcoming few days.

How should you plan your business? It all depends on what you want to accomplish and what is important to you. I know I could probably increase my revenue significantly in the next 12 months, but it would require spending less time with my family. Only you can determine what is important. And this will change depending on what stage of life you are in. What is important to you now may be completely insignificant six months from now. Here are five key areas to plan.

Revenue. If you are like most businesses, you probably have more than one product or service. Therefore, breaking down your sales into specific categories makes sense. This allows you to track your progress in each area and see where you can improve year over year. Plus, I can also determine the products or services I should stop selling because they do not generate very good sales.

Profit. Obviously, determining your gross sales is important. More importantly, though, is the amount of money you have left over at the end of the day. In other words, what profit are you going to generate? A professional speaker I know plans his business by deciding what profit he wants to earn by each year. He then creates his plan backwards to determine how he will achieve this. Remember, you can incredible sales but still go out of business.

Expenses. Controlling expenses is a critical aspect of running a profitable and successful business regardless of the size. All large organizations budget expenses but most independent business owners "wing it" and pay the bills as they come in. If you want to increase your revenues, you need to know how much it will cost you to generate your targeted sales. I remember talking to another trainer a few years ago who had learned this lesson. She began analyzing all of her expenses and found several areas she could trim. This freed up cash which she used to market her business. The result was more revenue with no additional out-of-pocket expense.

Vacation or Personal Time. How much free time do you want for yourself in the next year? I have learned that it is very easy to get sucked into the vortex of running a business and forget to take a vacation or personal time to recharge my batteries. Block those days in your calendar early in the year. This signifies a commitment and allows you to plan your business around these personal days. A friend of mine spends most of his summer scuba diving so he plans the rest of year accordingly. He works extremely hard but this frees up almost 3 months for him to partake in his favorite past-time.

Personal Development. I have found that the people who invest in themselves consistently outperform those who do not. Identify the skills that will help you become more successful. Determine what books, programs, courses, or people can help you learn these skills and take action.

Planning does take time. However, it is time well invested. Make the time in your hectic life to create a plan for next year's business. Review it regularly and make the necessary changes as you progress forward. You'll be glad you did.

Copyright 2004 Kelley Robertson. All rights reserved

Camping With the Right Batteries Is Important

While you may wish to go camping in order to get back to nature, you want some of the perks of home. One of them may be electricity. Not all camping areas have electrical hook-ups. Camping with the right batteries though can help you get results. Caravan batteries allow you to collect solar power during the day. You can use that electricity any time, including at night.

Stored up Power

During the daylight hours, these products are able to store up more power than you use at that point in time. When it gets dark, you can rely on that energy to be readily available. If the weather is adverse, you may need to use stored up energy from previous days. This can help you to enjoy your camping to the fullest.

You are going to be amazed at how much power caravan batteries are able to store. You can count on them during emergencies, at night, and when there isn’t the right conditions for you to obtain solar energy at that time.

This is a great investment for anyone that goes camping. In fact, you may find you like going camping more than ever before with this type of device in place. It can give you some of the perks of home while allowing you the opportunity to get away from it all! You don’t have to give up one to have the other.

Ask Questions

Before you buy such a device, ask lots of questions. Make sure you think about the capacity you need. If you travel often in your caravan, you need one that stores quite a bit of energy. If you have several people that travel with you, that means more energy consumption. Make sure the product you get can keep up with your demands for it.

Learn about how to take care of such a product and how to install it. You may be better off asking a professional contractor to install it and test it out for you. This can be a tough do it yourself project. It will take less time for someone with expertise in this area to get the job done.


With caravan batteries, you can have a safer way to get the power you desire. Many other light sources including kerosene lamps and propane lanterns can be dangerous. They can get very hot and result in skin burns. There is also the risk of a fire occurring with such products. Candles and matches are never a good option for lighting when you are camping.

With caravan batteries, you can have the lighting you desire without any risk of injuries or a fire. This is more than just convenient, it is also the responsible way to enjoy the wilderness and reducing the footprints you leave in such a habitat. You don’t want to create problems that could destroy the area or compromise the future for the creatures living there.

Easy to Use

Caravan batteries are easy to install and very easy to use. In fact, once you have them in place the rest is all automated for you. Spend some time looking at the choices out there so you get exactly what you need. Take your electricity volume needs and your budget into consideration.

You also want to shop around for well made products. Don’t get in a bind out there camping because you didn’t get one of the best caravan batteries offered. Do your research to find out what other consumers think about products. You also want to look at the warranty information and installation details.

6 Types of Questions in English You Need To Know

In English there are 6 different kinds of questions. An utterance is a question if it has one or more of these four markers: rising intonation; inverted word order; a question word: who, what, where, when, how, how, why: or the word or. The different types of questions are differentiated based on the presence of the marker(s).

1. Statement with a rising intonation

The first kind of question has the word order of a statement but is spoken with a rising tune instead of a falling one.

You are serious? It was right? They were surprised? You can fly? You have done the work? This is a joke? You are leaving now? The Rangers won? You are from Bali? You live in Australia? You joined You passed the test? She’s your boss?

The marker is intonation. These are “yes-no’ questions- the speaker is asking for confirmation or denial of what he understands. Such questions are most likely when the questioner has heard something and wants repetition.

2. With 24 Auxiliaries

The more common sort of question is made with inversion-placing an operator in first place. An operator (a form of be: is am, are, was/were, do/does,did, have/has/had, used to/ or one of the modal verbs can/could, will/would, shall/should, may/might, must, ought to, dare or need), which follows the subject in a statement, precedes the statement in a question. If the statement has no such operator, the empty form do occurs in the corresponding question. There are 24 operators or auxiliaries altogether in English.

Is this a good site to follow? Am I late? Are you leaving now? Were you in the office last night? Do you live in Indonesia? Does help you a lot in writing? Did it rain here yesterday? Have you got work today? Has your article been approved? Had you learnt before you left for USA? Used he to work in England before? Can you drive? Could you tell me why your account bees suspended? Shall I call you tonight? Should I go and see the manager now? May I help you? Might he come over? Must I heave up anchor? Ought she to do right? Need I contact the company? Dare he come to meet the boss?

These are also yes-no questions. The marker is the inverted word order; consequently, intonation is less important and either a rising or a falling tune may be used.

3. Tag Question

A similar but different way of asking the same thing is to make a statement and attach a tag question. The tag question has an operator which matches the verb of the statement and a pronoun which matches the subject.

You’re leaving now, aren’t you? You aren’t coming tonight, are you? This is a joke, isn’t it? This isn’t a joke, is it? You aren’t serious, are you? He’s gone back to USA, hasn’t he?

There are two different intonation possible: rising tune is used when the speaker is really seeking information, and a falling tune suggests that the speaker merely wants confirmation of what he or she believes. With the rising tune one might use just right? or something as a tag. As the examples above show, the tag is a typically negative after an affirmative statement and affirmative after a negative statement, However, there is a less common type of sentence in which an affirmative tag follows an affirmative statement:

You are serious, are you? This is a joke, is it? The Bulls won, did they? You can do that, can you?

These are typically spoken with a falling tune on the tag, and they convey a special meaning of disbelief or detachment.

Inverted Word Order

The next type of question has inverted word order but it cannot be answered simply “Yes” or “No.” The marker is the word or.

Would you like coffee or tea? Is your article about Finance or Business? Are you coming with us or staying in the office?

The usual intonation is a rise on the first part (here, coffee, Finance, coming with us) and a fall on the second part (here, tea, Business, staying in the office). The questioner gives the addressee two or more alternatives and asks for a choice.

WH’s Questions marked with rising intonation

The next questions have a question word (or “WH-word”) but are also marked by rising intonation.

He’s leaving when? When is he leaving? She left it, where? Where did she leave it? You want what? What do you want? You were absent why? Why were you absent?

The question word may appear at the beginning of the question or in the same position in the sentence as the answer would appear. The question word is the place where the voice rises. These ask for a repetition or confirmation of something said previously when the questioner can pinpoint what needs repetition or confirmation. “He’s leaving when? Indicates that the speaker has been told the time of departure but didn’t get it or doesn’t believe it.

Questions with no rising intonation

Questions that have a question word and do not have a rising intonation (at least not on the question word) ask for new information, not for repetition or confirmation.

Who told you that? Who found the money? How many people came to the party? Why are you leaving?

In English there are 6 different kinds of questions. An utterance is a question if it has one or more of the following four markers: rising intonation; inverted word order; a question word: who, what, where, when, how, how, why: or the word or. The different types of questions are differentiated on the basis of the marker(s) present.

Pediatric Hyperthyroidism – How to Manage Pediatric Hyperthyroidism in Children and Adolescents

Children may develop a form of hyperthyroidism specifically called pediatric hyperthyroidism. Although the symptoms are more or less the same with the adults, there has been much more controversy surrounding the treatment of this condition in children. Graves’ disease is usually one of the common culprits of the excessive thyroid hormone production in pediatric cases so this bears watching.

Antithyroid Drugs

Antithyroid drugs work in several ways from blocking the oxidzation of iodine to reducing the rate of iodide trapping. Most common in this category of drugs are propylthiouracil and its similar compounds methimazole and carbimazole.

Patients with hypersecreting thyroids may be treated with the drugs above to prevent the formation of thyroid hormone from tyrosine and iodine. This is one of the most commonly used treatments for children and a study reports the achievement of long-term remission with the use of antithyroid drugs alone following a mean treatment duration of around 3 years.

Block-replacement is another method which utilizes high doses of antithyroid drugs with subsequent replacement of iodine is more convenient than the titration regimen. Block-replacement usually requires around 3 hospital visits a year, whereas the titration regimen could require twice more.


The thyroid gland normally takes up about a fifth of the ingested iodides. This happens because of an active pump in the thyroid cells that effectively trap the circulating iodides in the bloodstream into the thyroid. These iodides are then oxidized and then bound to the tyrosine residues inside the thyroglobulin molecule inside the gland.

However, if the iodine that has been absorbed by the thyroid gland possesses some degree of radioactivity, this could kill the hyperactive thyroid cells rather efficiently. This method has been used in place of levothyroxine methods but it is not without its hang-ups. A possible risk of the use of radioiodine is the development of extrathyroidal carcinoma or cancer in other tissues aside from the thyroid. This treatment can also cause hypothyroidism in patients so the dose must be carefully considered.


Before the development of radioiodine and other antithyroid drugs, surgery was the easiest way to treat hyperthyroid patients. This procedure entails the complete or partial removal of the thyroid gland through surgical means and patients are usually given this option when they fail to respond favorably to other forms of treatment.

Prior to the development of modern pre-operative procedures, the mortality of thyroid surgery was as high as 1 in every 25 operations. Now, this has been reduced to around 1 in 1000 operations only.

Weeks or months prior to surgery, the patient must be treated with propylthiouracil or its similar compounds until such time that his metabolic rates return to normal. Then, one to two weeks immediately before the operation, high doses of inorganic iodides are administered to the patient. This reduces the swelling of the thyroid gland, which makes for a smaller surgical cut. The latter also diminishes the blood supply of the thyroid, which means there will be less bleeding.

In treating cases of pediatric hyperthyroidism, it is necessary that the family be advised properly on the possible outcomes and risks involved in each treatment. The family must also know the processes involved in each treatment. It is the duty of the physician to inform the family of their patients on the available treatments for this condition and aid them make better choices for their children.

Fat Loss For Busy People – The Warrior Diet

The Warrior Diet: fatloss for busy people.

In today`s society, most of us lead extraordinarily busy and hectic lives, so the idea of trying to remember what to eat or not eat at exactly what time is a prospect that often turns off people to dieting. I am definitely in the same boat, with classes at odd times during the school year, and a full and part time job on my breaks so I hate having to worry about what my next meal is going to be.

Enter the Warrior diet!

The basic premise of this diet is that you only eat one big meal per day and nothing else, except maybe a piece of fruit in the morning. This is an incredibly flexible diet that almost anyone can fit into their schedule. Most people end up eating their large meal at either lunch or dinner, but you can eat whenever you want to. I love eating like this during especially busy days since I actually feel more energetic during the day without food in my stomach, and then I`m ready for a big meal

Don`t worry about your metabolism slowing down.

I think many people tend to get caught up in the idea of eating multiple meals per day as “healthy”. This is a mainstream media and bodybuilding myth perpetuated by supplement companies who want nothing more than you eating protein shakes and popping pills six times a day. Now I`m not saying that eating 6 meals per day is not effective, I just think most people tend to eat too much at these smaller meals, and it requires a lot of discipline and planning to be effective. If anything, your body will go into overdrive to maintain your lean body mass, while living off of your fat stores during the period you aren’t eating. You lose more fat, your body works better: a win-win situation!

Elite military units do it: You can too

A good example is the US Army Ranger School. These guys are forced to go days at a time eating little to nothing, then come back and essentially “make up” their calorie deficit. Now I admit this isn’t the greatest example since they actually lose muscle mass during their training, but that is because they aren’t doing any heavy resistance training (i.e. weights), and they are in an extreme survival scenario eating foods with low protein and vitamin content. You and I don`t have that problem, so don`t worry about it.

Why eating all your calories in one meal is actually healthy

Think about it. Our caveman ancestors almost certainly didn t have access to food 24/7, eating snacks every couple of hours “To keep their metabolism up”. I really don`t think it`s healthy to have food constantly in your stomach. If your gut, liver and stomach are constantly working to process food, when are they going to rest? It seems very natural to have one big meal after a period of fasting. Now I wouldn t recommend eating like this every single day, but maybe 3-5 times a week is definitely doable.

A caveat before you try this

Be careful not to overeat while on the Warrior diet. Eating all your calories in one meal can be a lot of fun and you can be a little less strict on the types of foods you eat. However, I would definitely try to fill up on veggies and lean meats as the base of the meal first, and then move on to starches or high carb foods like bread or potatoes. This will help you keep calories in check and insure you get an adequate amount of protein.

Disassembly Of Pegasus Faucet

The following simple steps will help dry up the problem of a leaky compression or stem-type disassembly of Pegasus faucet.

  • Turn off the water at the water-supply valve. You can find them usually under the sink. Sometimes, you can also find them in the wall behind the shower assembly. There, you can find them in a closet behind a removable panel.
  • However, if there are no localized shutoffs for the disassembly of Pegasus faucet, you should use the main water shutoff for the building.
  • Now, open the faucets to let water in the lines drain before beginning the disassembly of Pegasus faucet.
  • Once you are through with that, remove the faucet handle. You can do this by removing the screw and then lifting or jiggling the handle off.
  • Now, loosen the locknut inside with a crescent wrench. Once the nut is loosened and removed, pull out the stem.
  • With some types of Pegasus faucets, the stem itself may be threaded into the body of the faucet assembly. In that case, you will have to turn it counter-clockwise to loosen and remove the same.
  • For the disassembly of Pegasus faucet, now, replace with a new washer. Take the stem to your local hardware or plumbing supply store and pick out the proper-fitting replacement washer.
  • Reassemble the stem and Pegasus faucet assembly in reverse order
  • Turn the water supply back on and test for drips.

As you can see, it is not that difficult. However, you must make sure that yopu are following the above steps with proper care.

Trampolines and Outdoor Toys

When you think of toys for children, people generally think of a games console, remote control cars or maybe dolls. Due to the bad weather in the UK, this is not surprising but there is always a great demand for outdoor toys to which some may find surprising but when you look what is on offer for your children, you may realise they are missing a treat.

During the summer months, the most popular outdoor toy hands down has got to be the trampoline, due to its exhilarating feeling that it gives when you shoot up in the air, being able to jump so much higher with other people on a large trampoline. What is good about a trampoline for children is that it gives them a great amount of exercise without them realising which in this day and age, is a very positive point. So many children have been raised without playing outdoors enough, but are addicted to games consoles, television and mp3 players and very rarely venture outdoors.

Outdoor activities give children a large amount of life skills such as how it feels to fall over and how to cope with it, nasty but something many children do not experience so later in life have not developed in other areas to such as social interaction with other children and adults. There are other types of outdoor toys which can help with this, which let children gain confidence, strength and overall health due to the aerobic side to having fun with them.

After trampolines, the next popular outdoor toy has got to be the climbing frame. In many parks, you find metal climbing frames which are two or three meters in height, with some having plastic tunnels on the ground to add an extra thrill. There are good, but even more popular are wooden climbing frames which can be huge and have a old fashioned look which when purchased for your back garden, lets it blend into the surroundings very well and does not give an intrusive feel.

With these frames, you usually get some sort of lookout tower, or two on the larger climbing frames which a clatter bridge in between. To get down to the ground are usually a pair or steps or even more fun, a slide which all kids love. Usually you will get add-ons such as swings, climbing ropes or climbing walls which give children a great workout but so much fun at the same time.

Similar to these are wooden playhouses which can be very orientated towards girls, but there are models available such as a cowboy hideout or climbing tower. These have a large amount of detail and some have an upstairs but do not give as much physical fun but to get fresh air is much better than sitting in front of that computer game.

Lastly there are go karts which we have all had a go in at one point in our lives, with some models having strong breaks, a large comfortable seat so much more luxurious than bog standards karts you would find a few years ago. So whichever activity you look for, from Jumpking trampolines to action tramps climbing frames, giving children the opportunity to give life experience and aerobic activity has only got to be a good thing.

4 Types of Prefab Homes

The range of prefab homes continues to grow. They are built using an assembly line type of construction and mostly seen as a low-cost alternative to the standard bricks and mortar home. Here are a few of the different types of prefab homes:


The modular home is built in multiple parts in a factory environment and later transported to its permanent place of residence. Once it arrives at the building site, the individual parts are put together to create a structurally sound home. The individual modules are fully outfitted in the factory with things like stairs, closets, doors, electrical points, and plumbing. Everything is already in place for the parts to be assembled.

The construction period for the modular home from initial order to being able to move in is in the region of 3 to 4 months.


The panelized home is built in a lot more parts compared to the modular home. For instance, these homes are built one panel or wall at a time. Once the panels are prepared they are moved to the place of residence to complete the construction. Plus, the individual panels are not completely finished in the factory and will require extra work like installing flooring, stairs, cabinetry and painting on-site.

Even though the panelized home is built in a lot more parts than the modular homes, the total time before it is ready to use is similar at about 4 months. In general, the main structural panels take about one week to put up, and the interior fit out takes a further month or more.


The pre-cut home is much like a kit home like the dome homes or log cabin kits. The parts for the home are precisely cut in a factory and shipped to the build site for the construction to take place. Many of these kits are designed to be self build and practical for the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer.

The kit is packed with all materials and step-by-step instructions to make it easier to put together. However, they can also be constructed with the help of a general contractor. The build time for the pre-cut home is in the region of 4 to 5 months.

Shipping container

The shipping container home is basically a refurbished steel shipping container that has been converted into a usable home. They are easily pieced together or stacked to create the quite creative and funky designs. They give a strong and sturdy build, but not yet as popular as other choices and have more building restrictions in place.

Business Manners Apply to Interviewers As Well As Applicants

Today's job applicants are encountering a lack of courty that is all too common. Businesses are flooded with applicants for every opening and many are showing a lack of respect for job seekers by failing to respond to their applications.

Most employers request resumes and other documentation be sent by e-mail. Occasionally they use the old-fashioned method-the anonymous post office box. The huge volume of applications makes it seem difficult to respond personally to each one. However, the technology is there to reply to all.

Most e-mail programs have the ability to send an automatic response letting followers know that their information has been received and how and when they will be informed of an interview or the lack of one. If the application is handled through postal mail, a generic letter can be generated and sent out with the same details. There is no excuse for leaving applicants in the dark.

Following an interview, employers continue their thoughtlessness. Applicants are told they will be contacted within a certain time, but it never happens. With the search narrowed, the number of calls or letters should be manageable. People who reach this level in the interview process deserve a follow-up. They need to know if the position has been filled or if the process is continuing.

Consider it public relations for the organization. The person who applies for the job and is treated shabbily by an organization has friends and acquaintances which they are likely to tell. Furthermore, that applicant may one day be an important business person with a long memory when it comes to choosing business connections.

Job seekers are customers, too, and should receive the same level of customer service as everyone else.

(C) 2006, Lydia Ramsey. All rights reserved. Reprint rights granted so long as article and by-line are published intact and with all links made live.

Unusual Uses For Ceramics

Just as in the field of plastics, scientists are coming up with new ways to use ceramic materials. They have already proven to be stronger than steel in many applications, and they have properties that make them the ideal choice in the automotive industry, aerospace technology, dentistry, and prosthetics. Long considered to be a material more suited for decorative pieces, it is now being found that ceramics can be used in many more ways than originally imagined. Since it’s introduction in primitive forms in ancient civilizations, ceramics has just started its journey to the edge of modern technology.

Some of the types of advanced ceramics critical industries in our society are employing are Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, and Silicon Nitride. These are being used, because they will remain their dimensional stability through a range of high temperatures, exhibit high mechanical strength, have superior chemical resistance, and give manufacturers the opportunities to design components that will offer the best performance possible.

As in the rest of the world these days, the aerospace industry is under pressure to produce higher performance and increased safety while faced with dwindling financial resources. This means that manufacturers of commercial and defense airplane materials as well as the space exploration sector are being forced to find new, reliable materials to meet the needs of their highly specialized applications. Ceramics are moving up to fill this void.

Architects are finding that ceramic materials have the ability to keep up with the developmental pace of human society and the needs of the people. Prior to the 1920s, architecture employed a lot of ceramic decoration; however, the Modernist era put an end to that practice. Now in the 21st century, however, more architects are incorporating ceramic artwork into their building designs. New products, such as Superadobe, are being developed to provide a more earth-friendly method of building.

Medicine is an area where the use of ceramics is making a huge difference in a great many lives. The use of ceramics in constructing artificial joints has been under development since the 1970s. The procedure experienced a great deal of publicity in 1999 when golfer Jack Nicklaus received a ceramic-on-ceramic hip replacement, and these hip joints finally were approved by the FDA in 2003. The chief advantage of using a ceramic hip joint instead of a more traditional metal one is because of the increased life expectancy of the joint. Hip recipients can expect to get as much as 20 years of use from their ceramic joints.

The automotive industry has always been a venue for the use of ceramics. Even the earliest models used ceramic spark plugs as well as glass windows. More recently, cars are being made with ceramic honeycomb supports for the catalyst of catalytic converters, ceramic oxygen sensors to help optimize combustion and reduce exhaust, and ceramic brake shoes and rotors, all of which reduce the weight of the vehicle while providing high performance. It is very likely that ceramics will soon be used in internal engine structural parts as well as for valves and valve seats and ceramic fuel cells.

Ceramics are on their way to becoming the super material of the future as scientists discover different properties and uses for it.

Simple Middle East Peace Plan

I. Wars are basic conflicts over land.

Ii. Boundaries. The state of israel shall basically be her pre-1967 borders, except for their municipal jurisdiction in Jerusalem. The boundaries of the state of palestine shall be the west bank and gaza. The boundaries of syria shall be her pre-1967 borders.

Iii. Citizenship. Jewish people currently living in the new palestinian state shall automatically become jewish citizens of the new palestinian state; Palestinian people currently living in israel will automatically become israeli citizens; Jewish people currently living in syria shall automatically become jewish citizen's of syria.

Iv. Immigration. The rights of jewish persons to travel and live in the new palestinian state and the rights of palestinian persons to travel and live in israel will be equal. The government in the actual country of immigration shall set the laws, executive and judicial decisions and acts governing travel and immigration.

V. Jerusalem. The rights of all people to travel and pray in the walled city of Jerusalem will not be restricted. The walled city of Jerusalem will be sacred land with equal sovereignty and rights to all religions, peoples and persons who honor the faith of abraham. Both israeli and palestinian citizenship and dual citizenship will be allowed for the residents of jerusalem.

Vi. Jurisdiction. The government's sovereignty over private and public property rights; And civil and criminal claims and complaints shall be that government's in the actual land of the country of usage and occurrence. Palestine, israel and syria agree to drop any and all past property, political, civil, criminal, private and public claims and complaints between and among each nations, peoples, persons, citizens and residents. All nations, peoples, persons, citizens and residents agree to honor and respect the government's sovereignty of new legislative, executive and judicial decisions and actions. Israel, palestine and syria agree to be bound by any final appeal vote.

Vii. Foremost rights will be given to the current user and use.

Viii. Capitols. The rights of israel to have their existing capitol building in Jerusalem, and the rights of palestine to have their capitol building in ramallah will not be restricted.

Ix. Demilitarization. Upon the prime minister's approval of the palestinian, israeli and syrian people, this agreement will become operational. Israeli demilitarization to her basic borders will begin october 31, 2004 and be effective by may 1, 2005. Thereafter, the territories that were occupied will remain demilitarized by israel, palestine and syria.

X. Final appeal. Any final appeal or determination will be determined by a majority vote by a three person committee made up of a palestinian, israeli and american minister. A majority vote is a requirement to hear a final appeal or determination.

Introduction to Ball Weights

Why Use Ball Weights

The purpose of the scrotum is to keep sperm at their best, which is done by keeping the testicles at a lower temperature than the body. The muscles in the groin area allow the testicles to hang down which will help cool down the body. Not only is there a medical reason for the scrotum to hang down, but it is also pleasing for the male. He can feel the sensation, which is very nice therefore stretching the scrotum, will allow the sensation to stay for a longer period of time. Some men even prefer the look of their scrotum stretched.

Many use ball weights as they not only stretch the scrotum but also many have reported the penis has grown in both girth and length for using ball weights.

Methods of Stretching

The best way of course is to use ball weights. The weights should fit properly which means it should be comfortable without slipping off. In order to do this, you must use ball weights that have the largest diameter but will not easily slip off. The collar of the weights should fit accurately or you will not achieve any success.

Sizes of Ball Weights

Most ball weights are offered in different sizes which includes 10mm, 14mm, 28mm, 42mm, 45mm, 56mm, 60mm, and 90mm. Some weights come in pairs and are attached above the testicles. Of course, these are only examples of sizes; you can find several different types of ball weights all offering various sizes.

Time It Takes to Stretch the Scrotum

Some have reported their scrotum has stretched after only a few weeks with noticeable improvement when the body is hot and the scrotum is dangling a tad bit lower. On the other hand, most report improvement after around six months of stretching.

Types of Ball Weights

The two-piece weight created from surgical steel offers an external diameter of 62mm along with the sizes mentioned above.

The two piece round 2-piece created from surgical steel offers a set screw that can be adjusted using the Allen key that is provided. The sizes include 10mm thick bar x 35mm inside, 10mm thick bar x 40mm inside, 15mm thick bar x 30mm inside, 15mm thick bar x 32mm inside, 15mm thick bar x 34 inside, 15mm thick bar x 36mm inside, and 15mm thick bar x 39 inside.

The 35mm leather weight is soft and warm instead of using a hard metal. The weight offers a snap so the size can be just a bit different from 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inside.

The Leather ball stretching kit is perfect for the beginner. The ball weights included are 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch, 2 Inches, 2 1/2 Inches, 3 Inches, and 4 Inches. These offer a buckle on every ball weight to add more weight.

The large heavy weight is for those that have been stretching for awhile. The weight can be attached to either a surgical steel or leather ball weight to add more weight. It is available in two sizes, which are 10.5 and 17.5 ounces.

The penis split is not actually a weight at all as you place everything through the split. It does work to stretch the scrotum, though. The gadget is made from surgical steel with an opening for the balls of 2 1/8″ x 1 3/8′ and the opening for the penis of 1 3/8 inches.

The penis roller is not a weight either but does serve the same purpose. It will help strengthen and enhance the penis while adding a few inches to the girth and length of the penis for a short amount of time. Most men have reported harder erections and better sensations.

5 Tips For Super Macro Photography

Let us take it from the basics of what super macro photography is. Super macro is referred to the photographing of subjects at a ratio of more than 1: 1. Normal macro is when we shoot at 1: 1 magnification ratio, that is the 1mm of the subject is produced on the sensor as 1mm. Now super macro photography is when we represent 1mm on the subject as more than 1mm on the sensor.

What does super macro photography do?

The photographs become so detailed that you can compare them to looking at an object through a microscope. These photographs have vivid detail of the miniature world. Commercially they are required for text books journals etc. They are also used in advertisements and such promotional materials. Most importantly it allows the photographer to capture a world that is not seen with the naked eye.The image below shows a super macro of a leaf.

How is it done?

There are basically four ways that photographers achieve this type of photography.

Super Macro Lens

The easiest and best results are going with using a Macro lens that provides more than 1: 1 ratios, a good example would be Canon MP-E 65 mm f / 2.8. This lens lets you take up to 5: 1 macros. The above said lens is a manual focus lens and costs approximately 900 $. More advance lens costs even more.

Diopters on normal macro lens

Another easier method is to use diopters or close filters on 1: 1 macro lens. This will let u go closer and then obtain higher magnification. The results will not be as impressive but this is definitely cheaper than buying a lens. This option also reduces number of equipment needed to be transported. The magnification achieved is limited.


This is done by reversing, preferably, a wide angle lens in front of a longer lens. This yields better results than diopters and comparable to dedicated lens but some times results in reduced functionalities like lack of auto focus and so on. This method can yield very high magnification. There will be problems of vignetting in some combinations.


This involves loading the lens on a below or using extension tube. Bellows allow variable adjustment but limits mobility. Bellows reduce the amount of light available as the length increases. This is a less preferred methods but some photographers working in studios prefer this method, as they can control the lighting and they do not need mobility.

Now to the 5 tips: –

1. DOF: – Super macro means super importance to DOF, this means u will need to either make really tough decision on where to focus. The fact that most of these setups reduce total light will make it more difficult to work at higher f-stops. One method would be to take multiple images with varying areas in focus and combine them to get the desired image.

2. Lighting: – Most of the above setups will reduce total light available so, artificial lighting is very important in super macro photography. Use external flashes, it will be convenient to use a ring flash. If there is more light to work with the image can be captured much better. This means that investing in a good lighting device will be worth every penny.

3. Stability: – The high amounts of magnification means that you will need very high stability, this means you will need a very steady tripod for one. The setup is very sensitive due to the high magnification so you will benefit from using a remote release. Another feature you will benefit from would be live view to increase stability.

4. Subject: – Live insects will not make good subject for super macro simply because they keep moving. Good subjects would be dead insects and other such subjects that will not move. Flowers and their interiors make very interesting subjects too. Small stone, twigs etc also have a lot of story to tell. Remember that the possibilities in the mini world is limitless there are so many things that we can capture, but as mention before lighting is very important.

5. Perspective: – As in any type of photography perspective is important in super macros also. The angle the framing everything counts. When working at high magnification it can be a very precise maneuver that sets it right or makes it all wrong.

The possibilities are limitless so keep in mind these tips and start experimenting.
Some samples of what can be done: –