Advantages and Disadvantages of the Main Types of Bike Racks in the Market

There are three main types of bike carriers; hitch mounted, strap on and roof mounted. Each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Hitch-mounted racks

These attach to a hitch at the back of the vehicle. There are two types.

• Class I carriers are compatible with a large number of cars and small Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). Depending on the design, they can hold up to three bikes.

• Class III carriers are designed for use with pickups and large SUVs. They can hold a larger number of bikes than Class I racks. Unfortunately, they cannot be used on smaller vehicles without expensive modifications.

These carriers are extremely easy to install, and there is generally less chance of accidentally scratching the paint off a vehicle while mounting bikes.

However, without proper installation, they can block rear windows, increasing the possibility of causing accidents while reversing, or cover license plates, which is considered illegal in many jurisdictions.

Strap-on trunk-mounted racks

These carriers are attached with straps to the trunk, rear bumper or hatchback, and carry up to three bicycles. They come with padded or plastic-coated frame supports to protect the bicycles from scratches and other damage.

Strap on racks are cheap and easy to store when not in use. They are also versatile, and can be used on virtually any model, which makes them particularly suitable for leased vehicles.

Unfortunately, like hitch-mounted racks, they can block the rear window if installed poorly. They are also less secure, as it is possible for thieves to untie or cut straps attaching bike racks to the vehicle.

Roof-mounted racks

These are attached to the vehicle’s upper door frames or rain gutters, or where available, cross bars or roof racks, which is generally cheaper. Depending on the size of the vehicle, up to seven bicycles can be carried. A special case can be added if extra storage space for tools and other equipment is needed. When it is not being used for holding bikes, the rack can be also used for carrying canoes and skis.

While roof-mounted racks guarantee unobstructed view from the rear window, they are more difficult to install. Other disadvantages include increased air resistance, which can lead to increased fuel consumption and wind noise, and the increased likelihood of scratching paint as bikes are lifted onto the vehicle roof.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the main types of bike racks on the market can make it easier to figure out which one to pick.

A Secret to Improving Pushups

Everyone that trains at some point has done or still does pushups to some degree. The problem is most people really do not work very hard at getting better at pushups. Pushups are usually done to warm up or cool down at the end of a workout.

A lot of people do not give the pushup a lot of respect and for what it can and will do for the body. I know that I have done well over a million pushups in my over thirty years of training. In those thirty years of training and doing pushups I would always try and figure out the best way to improve the number of pushups I could do.

I tried every possible way of trying to increase my numbers and there was never any type of information on improving the number of pushups. I thought and tried to figure it out. One way I thought of increasing the number was to do a lot of bench pressing at the time I thought it was almost the same movement and of course I found something could be farther from the truth.

So bench pressing did not help me. I figured I needed to improve my endurance because doing pushups got me breathing heavy to fast which slowed me down. Distance running did not help me.

The first time I did a lot of pushups in one workout was when I was a senior in high school when I did 1,200 pushups in 1 hour. But I still could not figure out how I should train for improving my pushups, including doing pushups.

Then I got talked up to the experts talking about resting and letting the body rest and do not over train no wonder I was not getting any better, it was because I was not doing enough.

The two secrets that changed the number of pushups I could do was having a functionally stronger body and training with short intestinal exercises like sprints, jumping rope, burpees etc.

Training this way allowed my body to get used to training without oxygen (anaerobic) not with oxygen (aerobic). Weight training and distance running requires training the anaerobic system. Sprints, jumping rope, burpees, pushups require training the anaerobic system to really excel.

Men in Military, state police, mixed martial arts and martial arts have all benefited from this type of training for improving their pushups.

Training fast and explosive will strengthen your body and give you the strength and conditioning to improve your pushup numbers farther than you ever thought possible.

Good Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or Dare is mostly a party game played by teens and adults. So in this article find the good truth or dare questions for your game. So that you can make a note of this and play with out tension of awfulness, and get away from embarrassment.

Truth or Dare Questions

Good Truth Questions

  1. When was the last time you lied and what was it about?
  2. Were you ever caught lying? When was it?
  3. What makes you most attracted to in a person of your opposite sex?
  4. Have you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife?
  5. What is your biggest turn-off?
  6. If you could have that one chance to go out on a date with someone in this room, who would you choose? And why?
  7. What are you most self-conscious of?
  8. Who are you jealous of?
  9. Have you ever rejected someone or being rejected?
  10. If your significant other has gained 100 pounds, would you still love him/her?
  11. What is that one TV show that you’re embarrassed to admit that you’re watching it?
  12. Who do you think in this room would be the worst person to be trapped in an elevator with?
  13. What would you do if you were given a chance to be of the opposite sex for one day?
  14. Have you stolen anything? What was it?
  15. If you only had a day to live, what would you do and who would you like to spend it with?
  16. Who was your first kiss and how old were you then?
  17. Do you ever fantasize about someone while you’re working?
  18. What was your first impression of me (referring to the person who’s asking the “truth” question)

Good Dare Questions

  1. Wear his/her underwear over his/her clothes and make a quick run to the street and back.
  2. Play some club music and dare that person to “twerk” like Miley Cyrus for two minutes.
  3. Dare the person to go to the nearest grocery store, bakery or pharmacy without money and try to buy something.
  4. Dare the person to make a call to his/her ex and say “I miss you.”
  5. Dare the person to go outside and wave to everyone who are passing by for 10 minutes.
  6. Dare the person to push a quarter around the toilet seat with your tongue.
  7. Dare the person to not speak until it s his/her time to ask questions.
  8. Dare the person to perform a lap dance for two minutes on one of the playing members of the same sex.
  9. Dare the person to go out and sing “A Whole New World” song at the top of his/her lungs.
  10. Dare the person to kiss someone of the same sex who’s present in the game.
  11. Dare to drink a brew mixed by the participants. (But make sure that there’s nothing in it that’s harmful and dangerous to the subject’s health.)
  12. Dare to prank someone that he/she knows.
  13. Dare to do a belly dance.
  14. Dare to use a cheesy pick up line on a stranger.
  15. Dare to drink a glass of water in one gulp.
  16. Dare to do 50 sit ups.

Tarpon Fly Fishing in Florida

Fly fishing for trout? Salmon? Bah! For a different experience, it is all about tarpon fly fishing in Florida.

There are a lot of different types of fishing experiences. There are also many ways of gauging the success of any fishing trip. To many anglers, the number of fish that you have in your live well, cooler, or stringer is the way you measure a successful trip. To others it is the enjoyment of the external surrounding environment and the immersion into nature that makes the experience successful. To others, it is the sport. It is the challenge of taking a large fish on light tackle. Fly fisherman understand the idea of ​​challenge.

Tarpon fly fishing in Florida is a good example of the idea of ​​sport. Many people have compared this form of fishing to hunting. The tarpon is a saltwater fish that comes to the shallow offshore flats and coastal rivers to feed. Many tarpon grow up to 8 feet long and some can weigh as much as 200 pounds. The top of their mouth, where the hook must be set, is covered by a bony plate that some have described as being a bit like concrete.

The tarpon is usually bought in the coastal waters of the Florida Keys in a small skiff. The fisherman stands in the front of the skiff and the guide positions it to intercept schools of tarpon that are moving in from deeper waters to feed. The fish are swimming fast, bearing down on the ski in small schools of giant fish. The fisherman must make an expert cast to drop a fly in the path of the oncoming fish and hope one stops to strike it. Then the hook must be set in that bony upper mouth. In most cases, the fish will throw the hook rather quickly.

If the hook is set, the challenge has really just started. The tarpon is a feisty fish. It may be one of the hardest fighting fish pound for pound anywhere. It will make long wild runs and then suddenly pull with stubborn bull dog tenacity. And they will jump. The tarpon is known for their high arching jumps that can set the fisherman's heart to racing wildly. In fact, it is common to ask the returning fisherman how many fish he "jumped" rather than how many he caught.

It is really the catching that is important in tarpon fly fishing in Florida or along the coastal waters of the other Southern states in the tarpon's range. It is the hunt that is the thing that draws the fishermen. The flesh of the tarpon is bony and not good eating and in many places the fish is protected and catch and release is the norm. It is the human being against the denizen of the sea that this is all about, not putting food on the table.

An Introduction to Gasification Plant Technology

The most basic definition of gasification is that it is any chemical or heat process used to convert a substance to a gas.

Coal has been gasified ever since the industrial revolution to produce "town gas". This was once done in the local gas works, and every town had one. Heating the coal under controlled conditions with insufficient air to provide complete combustion produces a gaseous fuel known as syngas, which is also what is known as town gas when cooled cleaned and compressed. As we all know using gas as a fuel for so many jobs is vastly more controllable and vastly preferred to using coal.

Gasification technology is at the forefront in the efforts to develop alternatives for conventional furnaces. It is of particular interest because it offers an opportunity to use the product fuel gas in integrated gasification combined-cycle electric power generation (IGCC). Great opportunities are pinned on IGCC as a highly efficient and low polluting emissions technology.

Gasification can also be fueled by materials that are not otherwise useful fuels, such as biomass or organic waste. In addition, it also solves many worries about reducing air quality. This is because the high temperature conversion reaction essential to the process also refines out corrosive ash elements such as chloride and potassium, allowing clean gas production.

Furthermore, many have reported that using their technology product gas heating (calorific) value can be made stable regardless of changes in feedstock type, ash content, or moisture content.

In some types of gasification plant, gasification takes place on the three by-products of pyrolosis and uses them to fuel a second reaction by concentrating the heat onto a bed of charcoal. These coals normally reach 1800+ degrees F, in the gasifier, which is hot enough to break the water vapor into hydrogen, and the CO2 into carbon monoxide.

Gasification is extremely environmentally friendly in that if properly designed, gasification systems produce very minimal pollution even when processing dirty feedstocks, such as high sulfur coals. In addition, gasification can effect large volume reductions in solid wastes while producing an environmentally friendly inert slag-type byproduct.

Jan Becker, Technical Director, of a US energy company growing fast on its gasification skills, added that; "The gasifier is becoming an important factor in the race toward the 'greening of America' as there is more and more awareness that many of the substances that America throws away can be gasified and then made into useful products like electricity, ethanol, methanol, And bio-diesel. "

The gas produced by gases (mainly consisting of 15-25% carbon monoxide, 10-20% hydrogen and 1-5% methane) is combusted in special burners for maximum efficiency. The best high quality gasifier systems can be fed on what are otherwise just low-grade waste oils or tar oils and slurries. Some slurry fed, O2 blown, entrained gasifiers operate at between 2400 degrees F and 2700 degrees F.

In these latest high technology systems high pressure steam is produced for internal and local CHP (Combined Heat and Power) use, by cooling the syngas in a radiant syngas cooler and then using (in this case) two parallel fire tube conveve syngas coolers.

That is the top of the range in technological development. At the bottom. Most basic, level of he gasifier it is really simple. Simply wood burning gasifier stoves can be made to designs freely available as templates which can be made almost completely from junk parts found in various trash bins.

Gasifiers are now also available which are intended for the processing of biomass and organic waste, and this has been found viable at current oil prices, when it is considered that the numerical calculations are based on low-grade coal. It has also been shown shown that the process can be both stable and controllable. New designs can be assessed in advance by taking an assessment of the numerically derived analysis produced by RESORT software, in order to predict the physical and chemical processes in the gasifier. The Euler-Lagrange approach for gas and particle phase is employed and Navier-Stokes ratios are analyzed by the finite volume method.

Cheap Family Recipes – Dinners Under $8

One way to plan some cheap family recipes when you are just starting out and don’t really know how to go about it, is to make a list of staples that are inexpensive in your area. The reason this works well is that the whole meal can be planned around that staple, and small bits of more expensive foods can be added to it to create interest, add nutrition, and round out the meal.

In general, the following staples can be purchased fairly cheaply in most areas and are filling and healthy.

* Legumes- dry beans, peas, lentils

* Grains- barley, rice, millet, cracked wheat or bulgur, oats, flour

* Pasta

* Vegetables- potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots

Try a rich, tasty split pea soup. You could combine this with discount or homemade buns and serve canned peaches for dessert. The cost for this soup is $4.00 and it serves 6 people.

Rich Split Pea Soup

2 tbsp oil, 1 chopped onion, 1 cup red lentils, 5 cups water, 2 chicken bouillon cubes, 1 (11oz) can condensed split pea soup, 1 (11oz) can condensed cream of potato soup, 1 (5 oz) can evaporated milk.

In large pot, combine oil and onion. Cook over medium heat about 10 minutes until onion is browned. Stir in water, bouillon cubes and lentils. Bring to boil, cover and reduce heat. Simmer 10 minutes.

Add soups to pot and stir well. Bring back to a simmer for 10 minutes. Stir in evaporated milk and turn off heat.

Serve immediately.

Pesto Pasta Salad

This recipe serves 8 and costs $6.40 to make. Serve with deli ham and orange wedges on the side.

1/2 cup Spinach Pesto, 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1/2 cup salad dressing, 2 Tbsp milk, 1 (16 oz) bag bow tie pasta, 2 cups frozen peas, 1 chopped green pepper, 3 stalks celery chopped, 1/4 cup chopped green onions.

Bring to boil a large pot of salted water. Meanwhile, combine in large bowl the pesto, mayo, salad dressing, and milk. Mix well. Cook pasta until al dente. Place frozen peas in strainer and drain pasta over peas to warm them. Add pasta and peas to pesto mixture and stir in pepper, celery, and green onions. Cover and chill for 3-4 hours before serving.

Cheap Family Recipes can be made with beans and rice. These 2 ingredients together make a complete protein, so no need for meat. Cost of this dish is $6.55; serve with carrot sticks on the side for a great color combination.

Red Beans and Rice

1 1/2 cups long grain rice, 3 cups water, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 Tbsp olive oil, 3 Tbsp butter- divided, 1 chopped onion, 1 chopped green pepper, 3 stalks chopped celery, 2 (15 oz) cans red kidney beans drained, 1 (4 oz) can green chilies with juice, 1/2 cup chili sauce, 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper.

Cook rice according to directions. Meanwhile, heat olive oil and 1 Tbsp butter in large skillet; add onion and cook 3 minutes. Add pepper and celery; cook 4 more minutes. Add beans, chilies, chili sauce and pepper. Bring to a simmer.

When rice is cooked, add 2 Tbsp butter. Put rice on serving plate and make an indentation in the center. Pour bean mixture into center and serve immediately.

How a Betting Line is Made

Many people think that the point spreads show what oddsmakers believe are the numbers of points a favorite will win by. However, this is not the case. The goal of a point spread is to attract an equal amount of bets on either side. Oddsmakers want to create numbers that will cause half of people to place bets on one side while the other half bet the other side. This is called dividing the action, which means the sportsbook or bookmaker is guaranteed to receive a profit on the bet no matter which side wins.

An opening line is the first line that oddsmakers create and send out to online sportsbook companies, casinos and bookmakers. The opening line is created from a power rating based on the value of each team. These power ratings are used to calculate a preliminary point spread for the next game. Whenever a team finishes a game, the power ratings are adjusted. Other non-game factors such as player injuries and trades will also cause the power ratings to become adjusted.

After a point spread is determined based on the power rating then the line is adjusted once the most recent games are reviewed. Adjustments can also be made based on what a newspaper prints about a coach or players thoughts at the start of a game.

Since the purpose of a betting line is to divide the action, the oddsmakers also take into account what the public thinks of the team and current betting patterns. After the opening line is released by the oddsmakers then the individual bookmakers or sportsbook company can decide to adjust the line before they post it for their players to view. This is to divide the action more evenly.

After betting has started, the line can change at any time. By doing this the sportsbook can make a team look more attractive so they will get more action. This also allows them to influence the way the public bets on a certain game.

Did You Know the Following Facts About the Stock Market?

On Indian Stock Markets 100's of shares are actively traded each day. These shares move either in profit direction or in the direction of the loss. Remember, both trends of the Nifty 40 or Share Market Index are profitable. You can always earn irrespective of whether the market goes up or down. The cutting edge is into buying or selling the share at the right time so that you can profit in the shortest possible duration. Profit is yours to take when you are able to pay the brokerage and taxes. It's like two edged sword of "Fear" and "Greed". When your profits are increasing the cutting edge is made of "Greed" and when your profits are falling or you are going into loss then the cutting edge is made of "Fear."

Just Calculate Your Profits

Computer Software will make the task easier for you. Computer will not involve humans into the process of advising you into buying or selling of shares. There are 100% no human involvement into day to day tipping of the shares. It is done by Computer through cutting edge real time data acquisition and processing technology involving proprietary artificial intelligence logic developed over the years of processing and analysis of Indian Stock market data and data from financial markets all over the world. So in the new Cyber-World let's beat the feelings of Fear and Greed. Computer tells you what to buy! Just sell it when you profit !! Just remember what "Profit" is. Do not let that feeling of Greed or Fear Take you over. Act Now.

Intraday Equity Share Trade Opportunity of a few minutes occurs all the time during a trading session.

During these few minutes the price (Bhav) of the share moves from one level to another. Normally it is difficult to track price movement of more than one share manually

100's of equity shares are traded everyday and each share varies its price from 1% – 20%. Such average price movement for a market session may be 2-3%. So you can earn 2 – 3% on margin money everyday.

All you need to know is:

  • Which Scrip to Choose?
  • When to Play the Scrip?
  • Buy or Sell, Short or Go Long?
  • Incorrect / Outdated Research or Information is the virus eating into the profits.

Computer do real time processing of related financial information from various sources and as per our proprietary artificial intelligence logic, arrive at these trading tips. It save you a lot of time and keep you informed about the current stock market session by SMS on your mobile phone.

After the first tip subsequently through the trading session the price of the scrip is tracked and further calls to do more buying or selling in the scrip are sent to you on your mobile phone by SMS promptly.

You should keep track of your profit and when you reach you satisfactory profit level just square off your position.

You can create very large turnover every day with margin trading in this way and create large cash surplus or profit at the end of the trading session

Keep your risk minimum by intraday trading and maximize your profits. Take money home everyday.

Bring your financial life into your control. Learn how to make money from money every minute and every day.

This article is originally published at . The author run a software firm named HiTech Computer Services and a network of websites.

Lose Fat And Build Muscle At The Same Time – How To Get Buff And Ripped

Is it really possible to lose fat and build muscle at the same time? I wanted to pack on some rock solid muscle but I didn’t want to start getting fat at the same time. I mean really, a lot of us skinny guys might hate being skinny. We hate being called anything that even implies that we’re thin. We hate being the smallest guy in our group of friends and we hate wearing those baggy clothes that hide our bones. But we don’t want to get fat with a pot belly either, do we?

I know all this because I was a skinny guy not too long ago, and in the process of putting on muscle I didn’t want to end up getting fat. Fortunately, I found the right way to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. well maybe not at the SAME time. AND I had chubby friends who wanted to slim down to a muscular physique and they too can relate to this article.

Now here’s simple science for you. If you gain muscle your bodies basal metabolism goes up. If your metabolism increases you burn more fat. So essentially by the simple act of gaining muscle, you can burn fat.

However, the problem lies in the diet. You see to burn fat your diet needs to have a shortage of calories, while to gain muscle you need a surplus. This is the simplest factor involved and the only one I’m going to mention right now. That and the fact that there isn’t a “lose fat and build muscle at the same time” meal plan.

So when you’re on a hard-core muscle-building routine, you will be consuming so many calories that your body will put on fat. And sometimes it puts on fat faster than your muscle burns it. So while you’re gaining muscle, you are also gaining a little bit of fat.

To lose fat and build muscle at the same time, you will have to cycle between periods of caloric surplus and caloric deficit. The problem here is that while you’re able to lose fat and build muscle at the same time you are slowing each individual process down.

Here’s the conundrum simplified.

– On the one hand, to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, you have to cycle between caloric surplus and deficit and so it will take a longer time for you to reach your goals of getting a buff, ripped body.

– On the other hand, while gaining muscle at full speed, your caloric intake also results in you gaining a certain amount of fat.

These are 2 undeniable truths. So here’s where you have to choose. You can either decide to reach your goals slower and take the lose fat and build muscle at the same time path. OR you can go crazy building muscle first, and then change your diet so you lose the fat you’ve gained after you reach your muscle gain goals.

Personally, I’m not the “lose fat and build muscle at the same time” kind of guy. Not if it’s going to take ages anyway. So, I went full steam ahead putting on muscle, and once I had gained 25+ pounds of muscle, I cut back on my caloric intake started doing a fat loss training routine, and got to my buff and ripped state.

PS: I still have some more work to do before I get my body to where I want it, but I know it can be done and more importantly I know how to do it.

My opinion is that it is unnecessary to lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Build muscle as fast as you can. That tiny bit of fat that you will have for a while will be a tiny price to pay when sooner than you know it you start getting complimented by all your friends, family and those girls about how much more buff and ripped you have gotten.

Exclusive Wood Yard Decking Ideas – Understanding the Different Varieties and Benefits

Decks are nothing but an addition to the living area of your property. It gives you a comfortable and convenient space to enjoy your outhouse area. With an excellent deck design, you can enjoy your beautiful neighborhood, while remaining safe against the curious eyes of the strangers. As for the material, your options are many; just settle on your needs and pick the most suitable material. However, the most commonly used materials are tiles, concrete and wood. Wood is an effective yet cheap option for deck construction.

Wood deck design – The different varieties

There’s absolutely no alternative to a well-planned deck design. Here are a few handy ideas that prove beneficial in this deck construction process.

Pool Deck

When it comes to deck planning, this is possibly the most popular trend. Here, the poolside area turns into an engaging place for sunbathing and barbecuing. You may use tile or concrete for deck construction, but the wooden variety is more popular. However, make sure that the material you use is completely rot-resistant and slip-resistant. Two of these common varieties are redwood and Larch wood.

Curved Deck

Even though this variety doesn’t suit small gardens, it enhances the dramatic element of your garden. Curved decks don’t use your yard space in an excellent way, but a well-planned deck fits well in the limited area of your garden. In short, they add loads of beauty to your property. However, make sure that your curved deck design makes the best use of the available yard space.

Formal Deck

If you need a true extension to your property, this is the right thing to opt for. These are pretty traditional in their look. Some of its common features include crown moldings, patterns and layered trims. These decks come in a pre-finished variety to suit the overall aesthetics of your house.

Architectural Deck

This variety covers the obscure details of a typical deck design. However, the installation process is pretty complex as well as expensive. Although the design appears quite simple, the intricate work makes it costly. The layout consists of roofing, flashings and drip edges.

Wood decks – Benefits over other materials

The wooden variety holds multiple advantages over other deck building materials. Here are just a few of them:

  • Wood is strong and the most fitting material for deck building.
  • Wood has the capacity to bear extreme weather, including extreme heat and snowfall.
  • The upkeep cost is pretty low.
  • In comparison to other materials, wood appeals more to our eyes and senses.
  • Wood is a naturally safe material for deck building.

Movie Review – "The Big Lonely" – Surviving in Isolation

“The Big Lonely” is a captivating film telling the story of Michael Nelms, a persecuted man beaten down by an uncaring bureaucracy and left penniless to live on the streets. Having been a successful car dealer, a real estate broker and the victim of several bad marriages, retreating to a remote forest hideout seems a logical choice. Living under a bridge as a homeless person has no appeal for this man.

As he talks into the camera we discover he has built this small cabin on federal land and justifies his right to be there by calling it a mining claim, a bogus one he confesses. One of his daily tasks is to collect water from a nearby stream. The winter has been harsh and he has to chip through a foot of ice. Leading the way is his dog Tic, a mix of wolf and Malamute. Food is a constant need in this wilderness and obtaining fresh meat is a demanding challenge. In the winter, elk and deer go to lower elevations where food is more plentiful and the snow is not so deep. Snow pack levels have reached as high as ten feet in past years

As such, meat sources are limited to rabbits, coyotes, and rats. Dressing out of such animals and cooking them is a major part of the film. Michael shares his fixings with his dog Tic and their relationship is one of equal partners in their quest to survive.

However, the survival issues are not what make this film unique, it’s the positive attitude of the participants, both Michael and his dog, Tic. They accept the hardships as a part of life and work together to overcome them. When a bear attacks Michael and pins him on the ground, he stabs the animal in the windpipe. He describes this ordeal in detail, down to the whizzing sounds as the bear gasps for air. It’s a horrendous moment in his life and he displays the resulting scars with some trepidation. While the bear meat did get them through another winter, the attack left him with repeated nightmares. Michael recounts, “Dreams are where you take you mind. Nightmares are where your mind takes you.”

It’s philosophies like these that give weight to this film, that this man has learned from his time in the wilderness, and openly shares his thoughts with us. He talks about dying and wanting his body to replenish the land that fed him for so many years. With supplies running low in the midst to winter, the two journey some fifty-miles to restock. Michael sets up camp outside the town and finds various jobs to buy supplies that will get them through the next winter.

You may be asking how could he videotape this much footage without an electrical source to recharge the camera batteries. While not covered in the film I did notice a couple of solar power devices mounted on a tree, which likely allowed for the battery recharging.

The film is a stunning self-shot account as we eavesdrop on a man finding peace and understanding in the Oregon wilderness. It is one man’s inspiring story of resilience and the durability of the human spirit. A heartwarming film, “The Big Lonely” imparts prophetic wisdom about the sins of the past and hopes for the future..

CREDITS: Cast: Michael Nelms; Director – David Manougian; Producer – Troy Gamble & David Kamens; Executive Producer – David Monougian; Editor – Kerribeth Elliot Camera Setup & Consulting – J.P. Morgan; Camera & Sound – Michael Nelms; Composer & Performer of Original Music- Robin Zimmermann; Sound Editor – Reed Harvey; On-line Editor – William Schultz; A Juicebox Production Presentation; Unrated; 82 Minutes.

The Upper Room Experiences

Hours after Jesus’ resurrection, He appeared to His secluded Disciples who were gathered in the room where they had previously shared the Passover supper (Last Supper) with Jesus. After pronouncing His peace unto them, He breathed on the group and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” (John 20:22) To many, this creates a mild sense of confusion, for it wasn’t until a few days later that He commanded them to remain in Jerusalem until they were baptized with the Holy Spirit. (Acts 1:5) To fully understand what was happening, we need to examine the Scriptures, especially the first two chapters of Acts.

For forty days after His resurrection, Jesus remained on earth teaching a graduate level course on the Kingdom of God. This was not a refresher course, but rather a level of teaching that could only be comprehended through the Holy Spirit. Instead of seeing God’s Kingdom related only to the Jews, the door to God’s ultimate plan for mankind was opened. The teachings that Jesus gave laid the foundation for the birth of the Church. The day of Jesus’ Ascension, He instructed them not to preach or teach until they were baptized with the Holy Spirit. Receiving the Holy Spirit gave the Disciples the ability to receive Truth, while the Baptism of the Holy Spirit gave them the power to display the Truth. Through tutorship and empowerment, the Holy Spirit affected the lives of the Disciples.

The Eleven returned to the Upper Room where they spent time in prayer. Jesus’ mother, along with some women, and His brothers were in attendance. (Acts 1:12-14) A few days later, Peter called an assembly of Believers to gather for a business meeting. Here about 120 people assembled to discuss the replacement for Judas. One will quickly notice upon reading of this account that there is a difference in Peter. He is quoting Scripture and speaking, not as a novice, but a seasoned Believer. The Holy Spirit was directing his effort. After Matthias was elected, the assembly was dismissed. (Acts 1:15-26) The 12 would continue to gather in the Upper Room to pray and wait for the fulfillment of Jesus’ words.

A few more days passed and the Feast of Pentecost began, commemorating the giving of the Law. (Fifty days after Passover.) In the Upper Room were assembled the 12 Disciples. On this special day, Jesus’ words were fulfilled and the Disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. These 12 began to speak in languages that they did not know. (Acts 2:1-4) It was shortly after the overpowering of the Holy Spirit that they went to the Temple area to begin to fulfill Jesus’ commission of witnessing in Jerusalem. The city was filled with people there for their religious obligation to attend Pentecost. To their astonishment, they heard men declaring the wonderful works of God in their individual native languages. People were amazed, and wondered at this phenomenon. Some spectators even thought these men were drunk. (Acts 2:5-13)

Peter, the same man who weeks ago complained to Jesus that John was not asked to do something (John 21:21), now stands before a multitude to proclaim a message that would result in the conversion of over 3,000. (Acts 2:41) Jesus had taught him through the Holy Spirit during those 40 days (Acts 1:2), and now Peter was empowered to present the Word with convicting power. (2:14-41) The Disciples would spend many days sharing the Gospel around the Temple.

The Upper Room experiences were life changing for the Disciples: from the Passover Supper and foot washing, to experiencing the resurrected Jesus, to understanding prayer and its potential, to conducting business, and finally, to receiving the promise of God. (Acts 1:4) The world would soon feel the impact of a generation of Spirit filled people, who had a message to share.

Becoming a Furniture Mover

There are is a few criteria that you must meet before you can become a furniture mover. These criteria will allow you to perform the job. Usually there are no specific educational requirements but you must be able to read and write. You must be strong and physically fit and need a driver’s license that is valid. A furniture mover may work for a store that delivers furniture or for a moving company. When applying for a job many companies will require that you pass a physical exam in order to become a furniture mover. Working as a furniture mover you will be lifting heavy items and carrying large items of furniture through cramped spaces and up and down stairs.

In addition to the criteria, there are certain attributes you will need.

• Good communication skills so you can deal with customers effectively along with other employees

• Be courteous to customers as they can be demanding at time

• Be trustworthy so you will be allowed into customer’s home and if working with a moving company you need to be trustworthy so you do not steal anything of value from the customers you are moving.

• Be bondable and insured to be an insurable driver of the company vehicle

• Clean, respectable appearance as you are representing the company the customer is dealing with.

• Not have an over abundance of piercings or tattoos that could be considered excessive, controversial, or offensive to the customer.

• Have the ability to read street signs and find addresses

• May be required to drive a stick shift so it would be helpful if you can do this

• Work well as a team member as most work as a team of two in order to do the job safely

• Know how to fill out paperwork and keep records of items delivered.

Once you have submitted your application to be a furniture mover for a company you will normally be required to pass a physical exam. To get the open position you may have to pass a drug test and criminal background check. You may also be subjected to random drug tests. If you are hired it could be part-time or full-time work. When working for a moving company, if you have to move a customer out of state you may be required to stay overnight and returning the next morning.

If you are hired by a moving company, you will need to know how to drive a semi-truck. The company may hire you even if you do not know how to drive a semi-truck and pay for your training. Working for a moving company, you may drive out of state or even across country.

Horizon Fitness Treadmills – Which One is Right For You?

You can choose to go to a great health club to work out on one of their treadmills or you can now have a great workout in the comfort of your home with Horizon Fitness Treadmills. They come in all ranges and sizes. Take a look at some of the favorite models.

The Horizon WT950 treadmill can reach high speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. It is made for endurance, hard and rigorous training routines and packs 2.25 horsepower. It has an incline motor which can operate at a full power of 3150RPM and 500 pounds of direct thrust from 0 to 12 per cent grade. With a great wireless pedometer which enables you to keep a tally of your daily steps quite easily, you can check the treadmill to know how your fitness is progressing each day. The treadmill has the capacity to upload your daily steps for the day using the treadmill console. It is portable thanks to its featherlight lift feature which uses two hydraulic shocks to help you in raising and lowering the deck. They are able to keep the deck in place above 45 degrees to prevent drops. The ultra compact, fold-on-nose is for safety and maneuverability. It also has a thicker, softer cushioning which is designed to take stress off your legs and joints.

The Horizon Fitness Treadmills also have another model called the Horizon T20 treadmill which used to be called the Advance 200 and has continued to be one of the best sellers. It is rated highly by all dealers because it attracts buyers from the novice and expert fitness enthusiasts to just everybody searching for a light or casual workout. It is durable and easy to control. It comes from a series of treadmills like the T25, T30, T40, T51, T52, T53, T54, HR. All of them are quality products which are every fitness shopper’s first choice for walking, running, or jogging with or without an incline. They can keep count of the calories burned, distance and speed covered during the workout.

The Horizon Fitness Treadmills also has a model called the Horizon Cse3 Elliptical that is designed to benefit people who suffer from joint problems. It means that the countless number of people who are tempted to give up exercise can be encouraged to use this particular treadmill. It has low-impact exercise for people with joint problems – whether they wish to lose weight, get in shape or just maintain their existing fitness level.

Ellipticals are sometimes called elliptical fitness machines, elliptical cross trainers, elliptical gliders or elliptical exercisers and provides perfect aerobic workout. They simulate the motions of cycling, walking, skiing, and stepping with very little impact to the delicate joints. With Horizon Fitness Cse3 Elliptical trainer, you do not have to remove the feet from the foot pads which mean that the workout puts very little impact on the knees, ankles, hips, and the back area of your body. This workout treadmill can work both your arms and legs at the same time. This enables the workout to burn more calories in a very limited time period. They are one of the most popular types of Horizon Fitness Treadmills even for use outdoors.

Yoga, Diet, & Fitness – How Do They Relate?

In today's society health and fitness is a primary concern. Obesity is growing at an alarming rate, especially within the younger population. Everywhere you turn there are offers and suggestions on how to lose weight and get fit. Many of these offer quick fixes such as pills, or specific diet regimens. While some of these may seem to work, the majority of the time they are only temporary solutions. These methods are best used to kick-start a diet, but not as a permanent solution. Usually as soon as you stop taking the pills, or following the diet regimen, any weight lost soon returns. Mind, body, and lifestyle must be in accord in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga – Yoga has been practiced throughout the world for many years. Yoga teachers an individual to focus on their inner self. What a person thinks and feels affects not only how they live and interact with the world around them, but also how they look and what they put into their bodies. Yoga also has many health benefits. For instance, studies show that people with high blood pressure and high stress levels have greatly benefited from practicing Yoga.

Diet – When the mind is focused and open to change, that's when an individual is mostly likely to achieve success and maintain permanent weight loss. In order to maintain a healthy diet, it is necessary to make a lifestyle change, but nothing too drastic at first. When trying something new, start slowly and do your research. Gradual changes are much more likely to last than quick ones. Do not suddenly exclude foods that you love and are used to eating. If you do, you are setting yourself up for failure. Start by decreasing your portions. It is also important to drink at least 8 cups of water daily. If you drink a glass of water before each meal, you will find that you will eat less. Try to have small small meals and snacks throughout the day, instead of having one or two big meals a day. This will help increase your metabolism.

Fitness – Exercise is also essential to being healthy increasing your fitness level. In addition to becoming physically fit, exercise can increase self-esteem and improve your mood. During exercising the body produces endorphins. Endorphins are natural chemicals the body can produce that are associated with feelings of euphoria and peace. If you are new to exercise, it is important to start out slow. Start by walking ten minutes a day. Park your car in the parking lot furthest from the building and take the stairs instead of using an elevator when possible.

They are several different ways and techniques that can be used to achieve physical fitness, but it starts with you. Find what works best for you and stick with it. Just remember; Mind, body, and lifestyle must be in sync to consistently maintain weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.