Easy Ways to Fix a Stubborn Roof Leak

Learn the tips used by Professional Roofing Contractors

The telephone rang at 2:00 in the morning. When the telephone rings at this time, it usually means trouble, this time, it was exception. The frantic voice at the other end was claiming that his home ceiling was falling – literally. All the rain that had fallen for the last two days had turned a small roof leak into a water fall. The customer was requesting emergency roof services, at 02:00 AM, to stop in the middle of a rainy morning. He was not happy when I explained that it would not be safe to tackle the roof in the darkness. The lesson in here is “do not wait for rain to fix your roof leak!”


Common Places Leaks Occur in Roofing

This article will give the necessary knowledge to locate a roof leak. It will also tell you the best way to get your roof repaired. Portions of the roof vulnerable to leakage are the joints between the roof and the roof mounted structures, such as the chimney. The joint between the roof and a vertical wall; and the joint between two slopping sections – valleys.

While roof leaks are common in many homes, the basic locations are the skylights, ice dams, wall step flashings, missing shingles, plumbing vent flashing, chimneys, fields of shingles, and furnace or B-vent flashings. As common areas, many homeowners struggle to find the exact location when it comes to roof repairs.

Leaks can occur anywhere on the roof and for any number of reasons. Severe weather which brings rain, snow, wind and hail are hard on the roofs. Some roofs leak because they are plain worn out.


Tips to find the source of the roof leak

People usually notice the roof leak after the water begins to drip through the ceiling. However, the source of the leak is rarely directly above the water stain. These tips will help you locate the sources of a roof leak:

  • In the attic, start above the ceiling leak and follow the water stains on the deck to the potential source. Watch for a ray of sunlight to indicate a nail hole.
  • Have a friend hose down the roof while you watch the leak from the inside of the attic.
  • If you find a hole, mark the location by using a wire hanger through the hole. Make sure your friend is able to locate the wire hanger on the top of the roof.
  • When you look for leak on asphalt shingles, start by looking for worn out shingles with dark patches in them. This indicates loss of surface granules. Look also for curled and damaged shingles.
  • Look also for broken or missing shingles.
  • On a roof with a valley, clean out all debris accumulated in the valley. Search for broken or missing flashing material.

How to identify leak stains and Their Locations

An identifiable stain is the mold or moisture around the vents, chimneys, and skylights. These are the intersections in which water connects. After finding the leaking locations, it’s important to move perishable items such as electronics, furniture, and other home appliances as well as catching the leak in a bucket. We have seen the movies in which buckets are located every other foot in the home; do not let this happen to your roof. Identifying the stains and locations are the first steps to saving your home from damaged goods by simple leaks. Your roofing contractor will explain the necessary requirements to ensure your possessions are safe while checking the condition of the ceiling before repair.


Simple Emergency Repairs to Reduce Leakage

Taking preventive measures will save you money in expensive roofing repairs. Consider checking and fixing simple issues if your roofing contractor notices leakage from your shingles, cracks in your chimney, or degraded flashings. Fix roof leaks right away. It is not recommended that you do the roof repair yourself due to its complexity and the required knowledge of its repairs – besides, it is dangerous. Call a certified and insured roofing contractor who will provide the best insight of taking care of your roof as well as explain the procedures that are used to remove leaks and secure your investment.


Implementing Temporary Protection:

If you are not afraid of heights and are handy with tools, you can do some temporary roof repairs. A little bit of tar, few roofing nails, and some flashing can get rid of small annoying leaks. Some cases such as the one mentioned below is a simple, easy-to-do repair you can complete to remove stubborn leaks.


Water flowing inside the flat surface of the deck – Simple Roof Repairs: 

Take a small pry bar to remove the shingle in question then layer a thick hint of tar across the area. Nail the shingle back down then cover the entire shingle in tar. If you cannot use the same nail holes, place tar within and on top of the holes to prevent leakage through the deck. Before you are done, place another thin layer of tar on the underside of the shingles just for safe-keeping. You should see a change in the area and the leak should end after the tar is applied properly.


Simple Ways to Limit the Damage

Roofing repairs can be an expensive investment for any homeowner. You can limit the damage to your home by taking action early. If you feel that your home is in need of an assessment from a roofing professional, take the time to consult someone who understands the ordeals. A simple phone call to your local roofing contractors can land you in the right position to pinpoint future problems. Home improvements including replaced shingles, flashings, and decks can complicate the process. If you are not a roofing professional, do not try to attempt complex projects on your own. Be safe. Let a professional take a look, provide an estimate, and get the job done right with quality materials. Consider this investment a long-term agreement for a happy home.

Black and Grey Vs Color Tattoos

There are many things to consider when getting a tattoo. One major decision you will have to make is whether you want a full color or black and grey tattoo. There are pros and cons to each. The most important thing to remember is to listen to your own gut instinct. But if you really can’t figure out which style to go with, here’s a guide to help you decide.

Black and grey tattoos go back centuries. They are the oldest forms of tattooing and were considered as luxuries back in they day. Only the richest people could afford tattoos. The standard for tattoos has fallen, obviously, since then. A way to decide if a black and grey tattoo design is right for you is to ask yourself what you are looking for in a tattoo. Some designs simply look better in black and grey.

A pro for black and grey tattoos is that they hold up better than color tats over time. Sunlight is a killer for tattoos. It can damage the integrity of the overall tat and breaks down the pigments. Since less ink is used with black and grey tats, sunlight has less of an effect on the overall design. Also, it takes much longer for dark inks to fade. This is not the case for color tats.

If you do decide to get a black and grey tattoo, there are a few things you should expect from your artist and the overall experience. Since black and grey only use one to two colors of ink, picking the right artist is very important. Color tattoos can hide imperfections and don’t need to be as detailed. The inks used with black and grey tattoos are black and sometimes white. The white is used when highlighting a specific part of the tattoo as well as for dramatic effect. For example, in portraits white ink is used to highlight the white of the eyes and the teeth.

Now, on to color tattoos. These tattoos are bigger attention grabbers, so keep that in mind. A con for color tats is the fact that some people have allergies to the ingredients in the inks. However, this is pretty rare and the allergy commonly only applies to one color. The reason why people have these allergies is because of the ingredients that go into making the ink. Finding exact ingredients for each ink is nearly impossible as companies that make ink guard the recipes fiercely. Think of the “secret family recipes” your grandmother has stashed away.

The idea of having a bad reaction to the ink can be kind of scary, but don’t let it frighten you away. Color tattoos are overall the most visually appealing! However, if you want your tattoos to stay as lustrous as the day you got them, you need to take proper care of them. Yes, I’m going to talk about sunlight again. That’s because it only takes one bad sunburn can permanently damage your tattoos. However, using sunscreen whenever you spend an extended period outside can prevent sun damage!

For the best selection both black and grey and color tattoo designs, go to Chopper Tattoos by clicking here!

Mixing Speedball Paints and Ink – Screen Printing at Home

For screen printing, I have always used Speedball screen printing paint. I know there are several brands out there and everyone has a different preference, but I have had a very good experience using Speedball. I have found that these paints are great to screen with, mix great to make all kinds of shades and hold up great in the wash. In fact I think they are superior than the paints used is store bought screen printed T-shirts. Speedball screen printing paints come is two styles: fabric and opaque. Speedball fabric paint is for light colored fabrics and opaque paint is better for dark fabrics, it covers better so the dark color do not bleed through the paint. Also the opaque paint has a slightly metallic look, they have a glittery look. Each paint style is available in many colors, but I have always purchased the 6 pack of paints. These come with the three primary colors, black, white and one extra. You can make any shade of any missing color by mixing the primaries. Although Speedball screen printing paint is a great product, I am not always happy with the color straight out of the jar. The colors are too strong: The fabric is a dead black, and each of the primaries looks better after being mixed with a small about white paint.

6 Pack Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Paint:







6 Pack Speedball Opaque Screen Printing Paint:

Black Pearl

Pearly White

Blue Topaz




Mixing paint will most likely be an important part of your screen printing activities. It will be essential to have small jars to store your mixed paint so you do not have to mix paint every time you get ready to complete a project and to save extra paint.

I will go through all the colors and how to make them.

The Speedball Fabric black is a dead black, I did not like the way it looked the first time I screened with it. Artist will tell you to achieve a live black you need to mix all your colors together. However I was able to get a black I was happy with by mixing a small about of Speedball fabric white into it. You can get to a grey color by mixing in more white.

The opaque black does not look black to me. It’s more grey or silver. When I use it, I mix in the Speedball fabric black. This gives me a great black, with a metallic look.

You wont need to mix any paints for white. There is Speedball fabric white and Speedball opaque white. The opaque white looks more beige to me, so I have not used it very much. The fabric white has worked very well for me even on dark fabrics.

The Speedball fabric blue is a royal blue. If you need sky blue or baby blue mix fabric blue and fabric white. The opaque blue is also a dark blue and has a metallic look to it. If you need a light blue, just mix in some fabric white.

Fabric red look good, but you can add white or black for a lighter or darker shade. The opaque red is actually raspberry. I only use raspberry when I am mixing for pink or purple.

I haven’t had much use for yellow, but again you can mix it with white or black to get shades.

The fabric 6 pack comes with green, so your all set there. If you need an opaque green you can mix Citrine and Blue Topaz (yellow and blue).

If you need orange you can mix fabric red and fabric yellow or citrine and raspberry from the opaque set.

Any shade of brown you need can be made by mixing proportion of yellow red and blue.

To make pink I mix the opaque raspberry and the fabric white paints.

Purple can be created by mixing red and blue. A metallic purple can be made by mixing raspberry and blue topaz.

To make gold first make brown with the fabric red, fabric blue and opaque yellow. Add extra yellow and a small amount of opaque silver.

Audience Study For Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard

The audience that would fit every finger of this book’s metaphorical glove is the audience that enjoys reading a sentence, or a paragraph, and then reading it again and again, first for clarity, then for understanding, and over and over again and again for the many facets of symbolic representation that Dillard paints with substantial amount of clarity. One commentator of Dillard’s writing described Dillard’s thinking as “acrobatic” and I am almost positive that the word [i.e., acrobatic] would probably describe Dillard’s thinking style better than any other. Take, for example, the following:

“But if you cultivate a healthy poverty and simplicity, so that finding a penny will literally make your day, then, since the world is in fact planted in pennies, you have with your poverty bought a lifetime of days. It is that simple. What you see is what you get.”

So philosophical and so hopeful…at least in this paragraph! The ideal of making your own days by the cultivation of “virtues” is probably appealing to any reader who believes in the incredible power of the mind. (p. 17, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

Nature lovers will also enjoy this book as will philosophers whose minds don’t take the one-track-minded path of philosophy and do not object to philosophical gymnastics. Those lovers of nature and philosophy will enjoy Dillard’s ability to find connections between nature and the metaphysics of life; the theory that learning, knowledge and everything necessary is available in anything observable—even the particles of an atom-is apparent throughout this work. Dillard jumps from the cataclysmic universe to the single-celled rotifers of a pond nearby Dillard’s home:

“Donald E. Carr points out that the sense impressions of one-celled animals are not edited for the brain: “This is philosophically interesting in a rather mournful way, since it means that only the simplest animals perceive the universe as it is.” (p. 21, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

Those readers who enjoy a conglomeration of writings built by the skillful networking of an author who constantly references the works of other distinguished authors are also likely to find Dillard’s work intriguing. She [Dillard] must reference at least a dozen authors or movements throughout the book:

“Like a true transcendentalist, Miss Dillard understands her task to be that of full alertness.” (p. 284, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

For those aficionados and drinkers of irony and paradox this is the stuff that Miss Dillard’s mind and subsequent writing style are made of. Take for instance her commentary on our nearest solar star:

“We have really only that one light, one source for all power, and yet we must turn away from it by universal decree.” (p. 25, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek).

Dillard’s humor-often borderline macabre-allows the reader to-in one moment-put life in proper perspective and realize our common desire for power and understanding….for control and the ability to take our part in an Earth that seems-falsely at times-subservient to our will and knowledge:

“Shall I take it outside and show it Andromeda, and blow its little endoplasm?” (p. 26, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek).


“What’s this?” she asked. That, I wanted to say as I recognized the prize she held, is a memento mori for people who read too much.” (p. 92, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

Dillard’s chapter on “Seeing” is perhaps her greatest contribution to the true-yet invisible-connections between the physical and the metaphysical. Take, for example, her commentary on the blind that experience sight for the first time(s):

“It oppresses them to realize that they have been visible to people all along, perhaps unattractively so, without their knowledge or consent.” (p.30, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)


“Some do learn to see, especially the young ones. But it changes their lives. One doctor comments on “the rapid and complete loss of that striking and wonderful serenity which is characteristic only of those who have never yet seen.” (p. 30, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)


“Why didn’t someone hand those newly sighted people paints and brushes from the start, when they still didn’t know what anything was? Then maybe we all could see color-patches too, the world unraveled from reason, Eden before Adam gave names.” (p. 32, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

Dillard’s word play is also outstanding and will continually elicit the spine-chills and other physical affects of words organized well:

“I couldn’t unpeach the peaches.” (p. 32, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)


“…discalced and shod…” (p.35, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

Reason and the reality or foolishness in a belief in God…in organization…in goodness……are also implicit themes within Dillard’s work:

“If, as Heraclitus suggests, god, like an oracle, neither “declares nor hides, but sets forth by signs, “then clearly I had better be scrying the signs.” (p. 65, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

Dillard’s personal anecdotes also add an original and personally insightful flavor to the book not to mention the fact that Dillard often refers to the possibility of meeting her readers:

“Self-consciousness is the curse of the city and all that sophistication implies. It is the glimpse of oneself in a storefront window, the unbidden awareness of reactions on the faces of other people-the novelist’s world, not the poet’s. I’ve lived there. I remember what the city has to offer: human companionship, major-league baseball, and a clatter of quickening stimulus like a rush from strong drugs that leaves you drained.” (p. 82, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

Seemingly random facts-later tied into seemingly ethereal metaphors-are one of the nicest elements of Dillard’s styling throughout this work:

“Before they invested the unit of the second, people used to time the lapse of short events on their pulses.” (p.94, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

Perhaps one of the overarching theme (hopefully THE overarching theme) of this work can be painted with this paragraph:

“I am a frayed and nibbled survivor in a fallen world, and I am getting along. I am aging and eaten and have done my share of eating too. I am not washed and beautiful, in control of a shining world in which everything fits, but instead am wandering awed about on a splintered wreck I’ve come to care for, whose gnawed trees breathe a delicate air, whose bloodied and scarred creatures are my dearest companions, and whose beauty beats and shines not in its imperfections but overwhelmingly in spite of them.” (p. 245, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

Perimeter – Overflow Swimming Pool Maintenance Concerns

When you are thinking of your swimming pool design, that is when to think about swimming pool maintenance. Is it going to be easy to maintain?

A perimeter overflow swimming pool typically has an overflow channel, which is a trench that surrounds the pool, covered by a removable grille. Surface water flows over the edge of the pool and runs by gravity to the filtration plant, usually via a catchment and top-up tank. It’s important to think about the swimming pool maintenance of your perimeter overflow pool when work on the construction plans is going on.

The design of the vessel should facilitate maintenance as much as possible. Obviously, taking these things into account initially will go a long way in making swimming pool maintenance easier in the long run. Because of the high water level, these pools do not use skimmers to help sift out leaves and other debris. Therefore dirt will head straight for the edges and hit the slot or grate.

While some pool builders prefer to design a system for minimal flow, a suggested alternative is to feed a little more water over the top, so that its force helps direct matter over into the gutter. The choice of slot or grate will affect the ability to clean the pool. Grates are generally easier to remove and have more open area in which dirt and particles can fall. Some pool owners like the look of a slot better. You can size this space on the larger side to help debris fall through. Some pool constructors will create a 1-inch gap between the edge of the slot and the deck. This not only allows more debris to fall through, but it also accommodates a small nozzle so a swimming pool maintenance service technician can spray down the gutters. Some don’t like the way this looks, however, and prefer the narrower openings. Some pool builders slope the gutters to direct water and particulate into the drains. The holding tank can then be devised to sift out the unwanted materials. Solid matter will settle to the bottom anyway, so pick up water from higher in the tank. Place the feeds in the top 18 to 24 inches so that it pulls the cleanest water back into the pool.

The container will need occasional cleaning, too. For that reason, the manhole leading to it should be put in an accessible area. Another tip is to install some of the coping stones immediately surrounding the slot so they can be removed for access.

Remember: Swimming Pool Maintenance is Easy, If You Plan It Right!

How To Become An Alpha Male – Be An Alpha Male With These Seven Tips

How to become an alpha male is a very common question by someone who is trying to attract a beautiful woman.

In the next paragraphs I will learn you how to become more successful with women.

Follow my seven rules and I guarantee that you will have more success with women.

Alpha male rule 1# Be relaxed.

If you have a woman around you she must see that you are a cool and relaxed person.

– Breath trough your stomach instead of your chest.

– Always look into her eyes.

– You don’t have to be afraid to fill in place in a room

– Don’t be afraid to do moves with your arms, but never cross them.

Alpha male rule 2# You don’t need your friends.

So you see a hot girl talking with her friends and you want to meet her also with your friends.

Well there is a great change that you will be rejected.

She will be scared if you do this.

And no don’t do this even if your potential date is talking with her girl friends.

Alpha male rule 3# You control the situation

A woman want that you can control the situation. Really this is not her job.

She will love you more if you show pride and confidence.

I mean national confidence, if you are trying to be a macho, well forget it.

Alpha male rule 4# Be an energetic guy

I hope you are full of life because women are attracted to guys with a lot of energy.

Ditch your negative emotions and bad moods be the smiling, enthusiastic guy.

Alpha male rule 5# Control your voice.

As soon as you are shouting a woman will immediately stop the conversation with you.

Make sure that your voice has a calm, relaxing and soothing effect.

Don’t speak to fast also, speaking to fast is a sign of nervousness.

Alpha male rule 6# I need you –> Slow down

Personally I had this problem also a few year ago.

When someone called my name to grab my attention I moved my head very fast.

Don’t do this otherwise the other person will think that you are an nervous person

who can’t control the situation. Remember, you have to be relaxed.

Alpha male rule 7# Help others.

Perhaps you don’t expect it but the alpha male is a helpful person to every person.

If somebody needs helps a beta male will run immediately to the person.

Again get control over your own body. Move slowly and take deliberate actions with every step.

I guarantee you if you implement these techniques you are miles away from your competitors.

Simply because most of them belong to the beta male category.

Learning how to become an alpha male is not difficult at all you just have to take action.

How Should a Mobile Car Wash Price Car Lot Washing Contracts – Price Per Car Strategies

Okay so, you run a mobile car washing business and you want to increase your revenue generation by adding some car dealership lot washing contracts. That makes sense because the car dealerships have lots of cars, and they must be cleaned to sell; no one wants to buy a dirty car right? Sure, so your next question is what price point can you charge and still make money. Not long ago, I was asked about this by an already successful car washing entrepreneur;

“I noticed on one of your posts [articles] you suggested $.85 for twice a week. Wow, can it be done for that without have the contract for detailing as well?”

He was referring of course to the synergy gained by detailing for auto dealerships and also maintaining the washing contracts as a bundled service, which is the favored strategy for mobile auto detailers and mobile car washing companies. But what if you only had the lot washing contract and not the detailing contract; does it still make any sense?

Well, yes, in fact, we had many accounts which were only wash accounts at between.65 and $.85 per car, where we did not have the detailing contract yet, for the auto dealership. For instance at the Sacramento Auto Mall, all the car lots are set on the street that looks like a giant circle, and we would have the crews going different directions on that street, and we would never quit. By the time we got done with one side of the street, it was time to start over, they just watched every day all day long.

Some of the other dealerships wanted us to be off of the lot by 10 AM so they could sell cars, which makes it tough in the winter because of the ice formation when you put water on the cars in many areas.

The detailing contracts for auto dealerships are very good when the economy is good, but you must understand that auto dealerships are very slow to pay and you don’t want to become a bank where you are doing services for them and they are paying you for three months. That just costs you a lot of cash flow and all that labor until you get your money.

Remember in a service business “cash flow” is king, everything else is just talk. You’re better off to go find something else to wash rather than letting some company string you out on payments and receivables. And remember that God made dirt on the first day, and that gets all over everything so you should be able to find something to wash other than just car lots.

It appears the mobile car washing entrepreneur agrees and is thinking here too. We used to consider car lots as busy work, keeping our crews busy and thus making money, but it was hardly our best profit center. Please consider all this.

Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Sterilite Containers

Sterilite Containers can be used to organize all your household items. It usually takes a lot of effort to store the items in such a way that they occupy minimum space and make your house look clean. You need a flexible and practical storage system that meets your specific requirements. They are an ideal storage solution if you have small space at your home.

The Sterilite containers are safe for storing food items as they are made of polypropylene and polyethylene and do not use any harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process. They are also safe for storing crafts, fabrics, hobby items, photos and other household items.

The clear view of these containers helps you see what is kept inside. This ensures that you do not keep searching for household items that you need. You may be able to save a lot of effort and time because of this. They can fit in any shelf or closet easily and can also be stored under the bed.

Top 5 Things You May Not Be Aware About Sterilite Containers

  1. All Sterilite storage containers that are used to store food are microwave safe and can be used to reheat food in the microwave. However it is best to exercise caution when you are reheating food that has high content of sugar or fat.
  2. The food storage and kitchen items that are made by Sterilite containers are BPA and phthalate free. These products are also top rack dishwasher safe. You can wash Sterilite storage containers easily without any fear of damaging them. This helps in removing any stain or odor that can be caused when you store food items.
  3. It is very easy to assemble these products and you may be able to do this easily by following the assembly instructions that are provided along with the product. Most of the containers are usually available in 30 – 60 quart capacity and the 59 quart is the most popular size that is ordered.
  4. The Sterilite containers are available in different containers and these include food storage, garage, kitchen, laundry, storage and wastebaskets. They are available in different sizes and you can choose the size of your choice.
  5. These containers are available in the smallest to the largest sizes depending on your specific needs. You can use them to store almost anything. They can be put to many uses and are perfect for storing all kind of items easily. Avoid stacking the containers on top of each other.

The grip on the containers is secure and this ensures that the content kept inside is safe. The Sterilite storage containers offer flexible storage solution so that you can store and organize items in your home with minimum effort. Some of the big containers that are available have wheels and these can be used to move them from one place to the other.

You may be able to buy all your storage solution needs at a great bargain. Compare the various items that are available so that you are able to get the best deal.

Trane and Other Top Brands of Furnaces & Air Conditioners

All of us want to keep warm in the cold winter months, and what better way to keep warm than installing a furnace. Trane is one of the leading furnace manufacturers and they offer a nice selection of various kinds of heating units. A Trane gas furnace gives us the option of providing energy efficient heating and operates at a 95% efficiency which means that 95% of the fuel you pay for is actually being used to provide heat to your home. In addition, Trane heating and cooling units vary in size making them small enough to fit into nearly every area within your home or large enough to cover big homes. Trane products are all tested to maintain long durability and performance.

Along with keeping warm in the cold winter months, it is a good idea to remain cool in the warm summer months as well. That is where Fedders air conditioning comes into play. Fedders, like Trane gas furnace and air units, offers you the option of having a portable air conditioner or the regular room air conditioner. The portable air conditioner can come in handy in many different situations. Not only does Fedder corporation offer excellent service to their customers but they are also in partnership with the national breast cancer foundation, supporting the foundation to hopefully find a cure for breast cancer.

Another well known brand in the air conditioning world is Goldstar. Goldstar offers a variety of different types of air conditioners. Nearly all of their air systems consist of a soft touch remote, digital timer up to 12 hours, and an even cooling sensation produced by a turbo fan. In addition, Goldstar is well known for its high efficiency and energy savings. Lastly, they offer a variety of different sizes to better accommodate their customers.

In competition with Fedders and Goldstar is Haier heating and air systems. Haier is one of the topped ranked air conditioners by consumers. One reason this air conditioner gains a competitive advantage against its competitors is partially due how quiet the air conditioner is when it is running versus the other competitors. Like Goldstar and Fedder it has high efficiency and does save consumers money due to its energy saving technology.

Trane gas furnace and cooling options along with the all of the other top rated brands offer better and more efficient solutions for heating and cooling in the home. Consumers face tough decisions on which air conditioner is best due to all the pros and cons of each air conditioner, hopefully consumers can reach a decision quickly as the summer months are bound to reach high temperatures. Make sure you research to get information about Fedders, Goldstar, Haier and Trane gas furnace and cooling units before you make your final decision.

What Makes Panasonic Air Conditioners Efficient and Reliable

Panasonic Air Conditioners are known for proving the best possible to customers by being efficient and reliable. These come with a variety of unique features that make them stand out as compared to other air conditioners.

Some of the main features that really make these machines popular are:

Advanced Air Purifying System – It is the only air conditioner that has the ability to remove up to 99% of dust particles and germs. It sends out e-ions to inactivate airborne bacteria and catch dust particles. The filter is charged positively and attracts these e-ions to provide a completely clean room as even microscopic dust is captured.

Super Tropical Compressor – The main component that affects the quality and performance of an air conditioner is its compressor. This compressor was developed in 2001 and is an excellent option to provide high efficiency even under high load situations.

Patrol Sensor – This feature detects microscopic dirt in the air and starts the purification. Its biggest advantage is that is keeps working even when the air conditioner is off. The sensor is color coded and is blue in color when monitoring the air, changes to red when it detects dirt and then to orange when it is cleaning the air.

Super Alleru-Buster Filter – This filter combines an anti allergen and anti virus with an anti bacterial protection, which ensure that harmful and unwanted particles like dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, moulds and spores are completely eliminated form the room.

Blue Fin Condenser – The condenser of a unit is exposed to wind, dust and salty air that combine to harm it beyond repair. Panasonic boasts of tripling the life of the condenser by applying a layer of anti rust coating that increases the reliability as well.

Long and Wide Airflow Vane – The vane is designed so as to disperse the air into each and every corner of the room and provide uniform cooling.

Odor Removing Function – Usually when a unit starts up a few unwanted odors are thrown into the room. This is prevented as the fan remains immobile for a short period of time when the unit is switched on and during this short time the odor inside the unit is eliminated.

Panel – The panel can be easily removed from the unit and washed in normal water and detergent. This further promotes a better, smoother and efficient performance.

Quiet Mode – A number of units come with a quiet mode but these units come with a special button that can be pressed to reduce the noise level by about 3 decibels. This helps a lot in making them a popular choice in homes with babies.

Powerful Button – This can be used to increase the cooling with a powerful and strong air flow. It is of tremendous use when fast cooling is required like when a person just enters a hot room.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos: 3 Pillars of Public Speaking

The concepts of ethos, pathos and logos were enumerated first by Aristotle in his work “The Art of Rhetoric” in the 4th century BC. These are regarded as the 3 foundation stones of public speaking. These will make you a persuasive public speaker if you are aware of the secret of using them effectively. The time-honored treatise of Aristotle has everything to do in the 21st century when public speakers try and motivate their audiences with Aristotelian principles.

Ethos refers to the character or credibility of the speaker

Pathos their emotional contact with the audience, and

Logos, the aspect of logical argument

These are the 3 unique persuasive appeals – essential attributes the presentation or speech should have to make the audiences accept your message.

Origin of Ethos, Pathos and Logos in Public Speaking

Aristotle put down his thoughts on the art of rhetoric by classifying them into 3 basic persuasive appeals. Masters of public speaking regard Aristotle’s work as a seminal achievement in the field of making public presentations. Editors of the work believe it to be the most significant work ever to be written on persuasion. This is tough to contradict as most of the advice in modern books can be traced back to Aristotelian roots.

Ethos: This segment of the work believes that if you are to sound persuasive, you need to appear credible before the audience. You can build credibility in public speaking in various ways:

The audience should respect you

They should believe that you have a good character

They must have faith in you

They should believe that you have authority over your topic

However, it is not merely enough to know that you are a credible source of information, as public speaking has nothing to do directly with you confidence levels, expertise or experience. The groundwork for credibility is laid by ethos as your audience perceives it.

Pathos: Pathos is the attribute of making a presentation persuasive as it appeals to the emotions that your audiences have. You must ensure that your speech evokes feelings of fear, love or sympathy. The visuals that you present in public speaking should reflect envy or compassion. Finally, the characterization of the competition should generate feelings of contempt or hate.

Create emotional credibility through various ways, one of the most notable of which is through storytelling. The aim of making use of a simile, metaphor, story, analogy or anecdote is to relate the primary message with a stimulated emotional response from the audience.

Logos: Logos in simple terms refers to logical arguments. What you as the public speaker need to address is whether your message makes sense, if it is based on statistics, facts or evidence and whether your call to action leads to the desired outcome that you have promised. Hence, it can be said that logos is critical to the success of public speaking so that you can construct a reasoned and logical argument.

Analyzing the Importance of Ethos, Pathos and Logos

If you have two speakers offering speeches regarding a new strategy in corporate restructuring, the speech of the first speaker, a high school student, is one that has flawless pitching that is logically accurate and at the same time stirs emotions; the second speech is by a Fortune 500 CEO that is boring in terms of their speech pitching.

It would be hard to tell which one is more persuasive in public speaking. Some would choose the CEO since he has more ethos or credibility.

According to a few people, pathos is critical of all others. Some scholars are of the opinion that some people build on pathos or emotion and justify with logos or the facts.

In the opinion of Aristotle however, logos or fact should be most importantly considered among all the persuasive appeals. As a mastermind of philosophy and logical reasoning, he regarded logos as the most important of the rest as it required persuasive appeal. Hence, if you demonstrate logos, you do not need ethos and pathos.

While Aristotle may have regarded logos as paramount, he also mentioned that ‘logos’ is not merely enough. Logos should not be individually regarded, but its importance cannot be undermined by the other two pillars. Therefore, all of the 3 components are equally important.

The reputation and character of the speaker plays an important role in making a point in public speaking. If you are to motivate the audience into action by appealing to their audiences, you should consider their pathos. Impeccable ‘logos’ is equally important as the argument should be based on evidence. Successful individuals are comfortable standing before a crowd and orate impromptu because they have confidence in themselves and can channel the motivation of the audience towards a particular direction which is positive for themselves and for society.

VLOOKUP – 3 Proven Secrets to Advance Your Lookup Formulas

Here’s how you can produce high-quality VLOOKUP formulas:

Of course, I am assuming that your backend list is clean and ready to be pulled.

What does this mean?

  • Your index column is free of duplicates, leading and trailing spaces, wrong spelling, etc.
  • Your index column is the leftmost one of your backend list.
  • The format of the left column is correct: numbers not stored as texts, dates stored as serial number dates.
  • The index field is sorted ascending for approximate match VLOOKUP.

Once you have your backend list ready, then you can apply one of these techniques to create more professional VLOOKUP formulas…

1) Limit the entry possibilities in the lookup cell

Many times your NA error is a result of wrong spelling. For example, you type “Susan W” but your index column contains “Susan Wilson”.

Limit the user entry possibilities with a Data validation list. You can do it using the Excel Data Validation command.

Once you trigger this command go to… Settings-Allow-List-Source

Choose the source as the entire index column. Each entry will be shown in the lookup cell as a list you can pick a value from. For example: “Susan Wilson”, “Thomas Grady”…

2) Increase the sense of trust in results by showing a message instead of the NA error

Increase the sense of trust in results by showing messages with meaning, for example: “item not found”, “missing entry”, etc.

Apply one of these solutions:

  • Embed your formula into an IF function. For example: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(),”Value not found”,VLOOKUP()).
  • Use the IFERROR function (Excel 2007). For example =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(),”Value not found”). This solution is faster because Excel evaluates VLOOKUP once.

3) Avoid a VLOOKUP crash due to a deleted or moved backend-column

Use a formula to reference the col_index_num argument. If you move, delete, cut columns in the lookup array; avoid an easy VLOOKUP crash by doing this…

  • Don’t hard code the column number.
  • Create a row above the field headings in the backend, then number each column with the formula =COLUMN()-number of columns to the left.
  • Now you can reference the col_index_num argument to the corresponding cell that contains the column number.

If someone inserts a new column in the table, the VLOOKUP still links to the correct column, and if someone inadvertently deletes it, then you will immediately know about it as your VLOOKUP won’t work anymore (#REF!).


VLOOKUP is easy to implement but difficult to rely on. Moreover, it is not easy to detect the areas to improve once you have grasped the fundamentals. The above tips help you to improve your formulas and take them ahead.

Baby Playmat, Baby Play Gym – Same Or Different?

Baby gyms, floor gyms, activity gyms, play gyms, playmats… Are these just different ways of describing the same thing?

Well, the first four are all pretty much interchangeable. One manufacturer may prefer one phrase over another, but there’s nothing to really set a floor gym apart from an activity gym. Play mats, however, are something else. It’s generally fairly easy to tell a play mat from a play gym. That said, there are even some manufacturers who, perhaps deliberately, muddy the waters and use play gym to describe what is essentially a play mat. And vice versa. So what exactly is the difference?

A safe place for baby to play

Let’s start by recognizing that playmats and play gyms both meet the same basic need. They provide a clean, safe, soft surface for your baby to lie on or play on.

Playmats comes in two main forms. The padded fabric variety and the interlocking foam tiles type. Many are variations on a theme, but some really stand out as unique. One of these is the K’s Kids Big & Big Cushions and Playmat, which is a padded fabric mat with detachable sausage-shaped cushions that create a protective barrier around the edge of the mat. But overall, the key choice is between a fabric mat and a tiled play area.

Padded fabric mats

The padded playmat comes in a surprising range of designs. Rectangular, circular, square, oval… even elephant- and giraffe-shaped. Some are small enough to fold up and put in a bag. Others are as big as baby’s bed covers. Some play mats are nothing more than a patterned piece of cushioned fabric for baby to lie on. Others have strategically placed pads for support or add-ons for recreation, exploration and learning.

On the whole, fabric mats are most suited to young babies. But some are designed to adapt as baby grows. The K’s Kids Big & Big Cushions and Playmat does exactly that: the mat neatly converts into a mini sofa or obstacle course.

Interlocking foam tiles

Foam tile play mats generally come in packs. You can buy as few as nine or you can cover an entire floor. You can move them from room to room or leave them in place indefinitely. And you can add to your collection as baby gets more mobile.

Foam tiles are all pretty similar in form but they come with all kinds of designs – numbers and letters are among the most popular. Some of the more sophisticated tiled mats have developmental toys and activities built in. Lights, textures, sounds, plenty of things to keep tiny hands and minds engaged.

So what’s a play gym? The main difference between a baby gym and a playmat is that the gym has dangling toys. That’s an oversimplication, but when you look at a mat next to a floor gym, you can see that a mat is flat but a gym has crossover arches with a number of hanging toys.

Manufacturers like to think that their gyms stimulate baby’s senses and encourage development. They may be right. But this kind of workout is probably not really a whole lot different from any other opportunity baby has to watch, listen and touch. That said, they are pretty cool and when my sister offered to buy one for me and our baby boy, I wasn’t going to say no.

Best Way To Clean Carpet

Regular vacuum cleaning is the best way to clean carpet and to keep it as new for a longer period of time. However, professional cleaning is required at least every year to prolong it’s life and to remove those tough oily stains which vacuuming alone cannot remove. It is important to clean your floor covering regularly to protect its beauty and to prolong its life. However, it is vital to employ the correct procedures and appropriate cleaning method that suits your carpet type and is the best way to clean carpet to avoid any damage to the individual fibers.

Cleaners all over the world recommend hot water extraction method as the best way to clean carpet. Cleaning solution along with very hot water is sprayed on the carpet with full force. This releases even the toughest stains stuck in the padding. Immediately a powerful vacuum sucks up the solution and the dirt, leaving the carpet only damp to touch.

You can also steam clean yourself by renting or purchasing steam cleaning machine. However this often results in a lot of problem. Such as:

  • Doing yourself can cause over wetting which may cause molds underneath the carpet padding and the carpet backing may separate.
  • Secondly, most of the home based detergents tend to leave a residue behind which re-attracts dirt faster.

A fiber protector is a must after you or the professional has cleaned your carpet. They don’t remove the stains but helps in removing them easily when there’s a stain or spill on your carpet, ultimately prolonging your carpet’s life.

Engine degreaser such as Castrol Super Clean is also an answer to cleaning heavily soiled carpets. If you plan to steam clean yourself, rent an industrial steam cleaner and add some degreaser along with water in the hopper. Try cleaning the hidden areas first to get the right amount of degreaser especially if it’s a colored carpet. Too much may leave a residue behind, where as too little will result in over diluted solution. If residue is left behind, you may apply vinegar in your last cleaning cycle. When cleaning dark colored carpets, it is advisable to apply the solution on an inconspicuous area first before cleaning the entire carpet so as to avoid discoloration.

Hence, steam cleaning is considered the best way to clean carpet. It not only effectively removes all the pet hair, germs and dirt embedded from everyday life but also revives your carpet’s look. A clean floor covering improves air quality and creates a hygienic environment. Frequent deep cleaning not only maintains a carpet’s colors and beauty but also prolongs its life.

Oriental Rug And Carpet Cleaning Without Vacuums – It’s A "Green" Sweep For Lovers Of The Art Form

Do you love your oriental rugs and carpets? If you say yes, then more likely than not, you hope to extend their beauty and useful lives as far into the future as possible.

After all, you’ve made a significant financial investment in a traditional hand-loomed original that fits your unique personality and lifestyle, or you’ve inherited one or more and there exists a deep and abiding emotional attachment. Either way, you probably feel that good care of an artful object matters and that as a good steward of the rug-making craft you are doing right by your carpets to vacuum them regularly.

If so, you may be surprised by what I have to tell you, which is that your housekeeping effort is probably accelerating the demise of your rugs and carpets, generating more dust in the house and costing you more money than you need to spend on upkeep. There is a better method. It’s effective. It’s gentle. And, it’s respectful of our shared resources.

All conservators know that objects deteriorate when subjected to use, atmospheric conditions, insects, microorganisms and the like. The process of deterioration is especially acute in objects, such as textiles, produced from animal and vegetal fibers. As natural fibers age, they become increasingly dry and brittle. When subjected to stress, such as abrasion, wool, silk and cotton fibers break. Fresher fibers, like those found in new carpets, are more resilient and can better withstand abrasive action than old fibers, but all fibers begin to break down when assaulted continuously by the likes of foot traffic, or worse — the modern household vacuum cleaner.

The truth is that modern vacuums, chiefly those with powerful rotating brushes, harm all oriental rugs and carpets, but especially old and antique specimens whose wool fibers tend to be dry and brittle. Pushing and pulling an upright vacuum or canister vacuum wand across a carpet with high speed brushes turning literally breaks off minutely fractional amounts of wool fiber together with the other stuff the brushes are meant to dislodge. The bottom line? Years of useful life are being sucked from your carpet into the vacuum bag or canister. There’s a better way. I promise.

Vacuum cleaners also cause structural damage to rugs and carpets. Their powerful rotating brushes “grab” and tear at fringe and can even rip off critical side selvedge, resulting in the need for expensive restoration.

Too, vacuums dust up household air. Even vacuums equipped with HEPA filters are only as good as the dust particles they trap inside the vacuum. I have been around a significant number of vacuums, but I haven’t seen one whose rotating brushes feed into the vacuum 100% of the fiber, dust, lint and other allergy-feeding rubbish they dislodge. What goes up is breathed in before it settles down.

Yes, the brushes, on some models, can be disengaged. Some vacuums automatically adjust for pile height, or can be adjusted manually to minimize and even eliminate aggressive sweeping action, but pushing and pulling a vacuum in suction-only mode is a chore over thick, plush wool pile and it, too, is invasive.

Let’s face it. Vacuums are cumbersome in use and in storage. They’re destructive. And, they consume electricity.

If you cherish your carpets, vacuum them rarely, perhaps no more than once a month. Then, after two to five years, depending on use and traffic patterns, have a true oriental rug cleaning specialist give your rug for a thorough restorative cleaning. In between the monthly vacuuming regimen, pick up dust and dirt using the method I recommend to all my clients. It will minimize damage to your precious rugs and carpets, reduce the level of microscopic particles generated by vacuuming and save time and electricity; plus, my recommended method is quiet, lightweight, easily stored in a small closet and is less cumbersome than a standard household vacuum.

Sometimes the best solutions to problems are the simplest ones. Certainly this is true regarding the routine light cleaning of oriental rugs and carpets. The simple solution to effective carpet care is the traditional hand-powered, mechanically driven carpet sweeper. Invented in 1876 by Melville Bissell, the manual carpet sweeper is still the most efficient, least invasive, and less costly approach to daily maintenance of oriental rugs and carpets. I insist that my clients get into the habit of using one on carpets they purchase from me.

Essentially, the sweeper is a small dust box on wheels connected to a rotating brush. When the turning brush rubs against the carpet fibers, an electrical charge builds up and it literally pulls much loose material into the sweeper. The turning brush sweeps up heavier material, like sand. The critical difference between the brush that turns by hand power and the brush of the power vacuum is velocity and torque.

Use the traditional hand-held carpet sweeper with electrostatic action and see how it literally picks up dust, pet hair and sand and deposits them with ease into its small, easy to empty bin. It will take you less time to sweep than to vacuum and you will be amazed by the results, as I was when I first experienced the efficacy of the carpet sweeper on surface dust and dirt and realized the added benefits of a low impact, non-electrical approach to oriental carpet care.

Your handmade carpets are more than decorative objects to be used up and cast off. They belong to the ancient traditions of culturally diverse ethnic groups who, in part, express their unique human qualities through their textile objects. Love your carpets and respect their makers by giving better carpet care with and for less. Leave your vacuum in the closet and reach for the traditional carpet sweeper the next time your fine orientals need grooming. It’s a good thing you can do for yourself, your carpets and your local and global neighbors.