When Should You Remodel Your Bathroom?

If you are a homeowner, and particularly if you spend a lot of time in the home, you will probably find yourself wanting to change it up a little at one time or another. You may want the latest trends or you may just want to do something different that you have been looking at for years. You do not have to wait to do a bathroom remodel until your appliances are broken, pipes leaking or décor is looking unloved. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a really good look you will be thrilled with, from your remodel.

If you have noticed some of these things below, then now would be a good time to consider a remodel project to breathe new life into your home and increase the happiness you feel when walking into the bathroom.

Do I Want To?

In fact, probably the single best reason to do a bathroom remodel is because you want to do it. The remodel can be whatever you want it to be and can fit into any budget you have.

You can find bathroom remodeling experts who will be happy just to give your room a lick of fresh paint or fit a new vanity for you. On the other hand, if you want to totally revamp what is traditionally the smallest room in the house but probably the most complex with all that plumbing pipe work and electrical, then a total makeover of your bathroom is not something to be attempted by amateurs.

Do I Need To?

If you are still wondering if you should go ahead with your bathroom remodel, think about what condition the bathroom is in.

• Is the electrical wiring safe?

• Do you have potentially dangerous mold and mildew growing?

• Does your bathroom have an unpleasant musty smell?

• Are the pipes leaking?

• Is the flooring secure?

• Is the lighting adequate?

• Do the facilities meet all your family's needs?

• Are you considering selling your home?

The last is a good reason to go for a bathroom remodel, the others make it essential if you are to safeguard the safety and health of your family.

So, the main reason most of us go for a bathroom remodel is because we spend a lot of time in the bathroom and are tired of seeing it look the same old way day after day, year after year. That may necessitate a fairly simple makeover, where you just take the opportunity to add in some of the latest fixtures. But often, you may have overlooked signs that your bathroom is becoming a dangerous place that is unhygienic, unhealthy and a potential hazard. That is really when it is imperative that you set up an appointment with a bathroom remodeling company that can help you not only put right everything that is wrong with your bathroom but also enables you to make your bathroom everything that you really want it to be.

Joba Chamberlain – Media Misperceptions and Poor Circumstances

Joba Chamberlain is having an atrophic season. There's no getting around it. With a 5.79 ERA at the All-Star break, the Yanks' appointed set-up man has implicated on himself like a collapsing star too many times this year. But ask the sports media what's wrong and they'll tell you he needs to show more emotion. He needs to have the pitcher with the football player mentality who performs on raw energy and pumps his fist whenever he strikes someone out. These of course are empty words vomited out from an industry that continues to grow in the business of talking a lot but saying nothing.

Go back to last year during the postseason. Most media experts were ecstatic over Joba's sterling 2.84 ERA out of the bullpen in the playoffs. They were captivated by his abundance of fist pumps. "See," they said. "He's back. This is the Joba we've been missing for the past year. Joba belongs here in the bullpen because he's a full-throttle, pedal-to-the-floor type pitcher." Appropriately, a grand total of 6 and 1/3 innings out of the pen confirmed this.

Forget the blown save in game 4 of the World Series. Forget the fact that in 4 of his other 9 postseason outings last year, Joba left the game with runners on base in the middle of an inning. 3 of those 4 times, he left with a runner in scoring position. And how many of those runners ended up scoring? None. That's right, through the entire plays, not one runner that Joba left on base when he exited the game scored. A tribute to whoever came in after Joba (Phil Coke, Damaso Marte, and Mariano Rivera) more so than Joba. But this is not what we were told. We were told Joba is back. A 2.84 ERA in the playoffs! Whooo! Yeah! Nevermind the fact that if just one more runner that Joba had left on base would have scored, his ERA in the small sample size of just 6 and 1/3 innings would have soared to 4.26. If two runners had scored, it would have climbed to 5.68. Surely no one would have been claiming Joba as a surefire bullpen stud, as was the case this off-season. The point here is that a 5.68 ERA in 6-plus inns pitched does not mean anything – and neither does a 2.84 ERA. But do not tell that to the New York Media. As long as Joba was pumping his fist on the mound, this meant he was performing at his peak.

Flash forward to 2010. Joba has a 5.79 ERA more than halfway through the season – and I've seen him pump his fist several times. So what's happening? Why is not Joba's fist pump making him the best set-up man in the league? What is not working? It must be his emotions, right? It must be that he needs to have the adrenaline-junkie on the mound that just throws the ball and uses superior velocity no matter what the location to get guys out. Again, this is what we are told by the media. It has nothing to do with Joba's inability to PITCH. Not to throw, but to PITCH. It could not be the fact that he leaves most of his pitches up and right over the middle of the plate way too often. Nor could it be that his mechanics are inconsistent. No, it could not possibly be anything so reasonable.

Joba Chamberlain does have tremendous talent. And that is why, in my mind, he could become one of the great tragedies in recent Yankee memory. Not that he will not be an excellent closer or middle reliever for the rest of his career – anything is possible with raw talent like his. And keep in mind, he is only 24. But again, go back to last season. Everyone's expectations were so high for Joba as a starter that we failed to see the big picture. We refused to settle for the fact that last year was a development year for Joba as a starter, not a year where he was invited to lead the team to a World Series Championship as the Ace of the staff. He had some great outings, some poor outings, some mediocre outings, and the inconsistencies that plague every young pitcher. But instead of acknowledging this, too many media members just pointed to Chamberlain's inconsistencies as confirmation that he's not good enough to be a starter.

Yet many forget where Joba was before he collapsed in the last two months of the 2009 season. After his July 29 win over the Rays, Joba was 7-2 with a 3.58 ERA. Let's give these numbers some perspective. At that point in the season, AJ Burnett was 10-4 with a 3.53 ERA; Andy Pettitte was 8-6 with a 4.67 ERA; And CC Sabathia was 10-7 with a 3.83 ERA. Now the counter-argument to this would go something along the lines of, "What really matters is how you do over the course of an entire season." And this argument is very true. But let's provide some more perspective here: Joba was a 23 year old kid last year, in his first full season as a starter, in the American League where there is a DH, and in the AL East, the best division in baseball.

Many things could have caused Joba to finish the season poorly. His routine was severely meddled with in terms of days off between starts and pitch count and so on. Maybe because he's young and has not pitched that many innings in the past, fatigue hit his body and his arm, and he unraveled from there. But late season fatigue is something that happens to young pitchers often, and it is certainly not a good reason to give up on someone as a starter.

This is why Joba's career could end up being a tragedy. Because any other team in baseball would have been thrilled to have a 23 year old pitcher with raw talent like Joba's. They would have seen his poor and mediocre performances last season and said, "So what? He's inconsistent as most young pitchers tend to be." They would have also seen his flashes of brilliance and said to themselves, "This kid has some serious potential." They would have developed their young pitcher. They would have given him the time to develop a third and fourth pitch, to work on location, to learn pitch sequences and approaches, to learn how to battle deep into games and without his best stuff. Simply, they would have given him time to learn how to pitch. There's no guarantee that Joba would have been a stud as a starter. Last season, there were signs that pointed in both directions. But at his age and with his talent, it would have been interesting to see how he could have developed as a starter.

I'm not knocking the Yankees' decision to put Joba in the pen. They had the resources to purchase four starting pitchers and develop just one young talent, Phil Hughes. The "win now" mentality has room for one young pitcher in a starting rotation, but not two. Believe me, most of the time this is a good thing for the Yankees. And it was the right move to put Joba in the pen. The only problem is that Joba was still developing. He was still learning to pitch, still working on adding a curveball and a change-up. When is he going to work on these pitches now? When is he going to throw these pitches in live game situations? Especially considering it is only used in important junctures of games where results are all that matter. Does anyone really think he's going to be pitching in a game against the Red Sox, up 3.2 in the eighth inning, and say to himself, "Well maybe I should throw a change-up here, just to get experience throwing the pitch . " Of course not.

When you're a starter, you are forced to really focus on pitching – accuracy, movement, pitch-sequence. You can not get deep into games if you do not. You are forced to throw all of your pitches. You are given more situations to throw all of your pitches. In the pen it's a much different circumstance. You do not need to rely on having more than two pitches. You can get away with not pitching well more often than as a starter. You can get away with only having one pitch work on a given day because by the time the other team figures out you can only control one pitch, you've already done your job and are sitting in the dugout. This is not true as a starter. The opposing hitters will be on to you by the third innning if they smell blood, and you'll be out of the game early as a pitcher if you can not correct yourself in a hurry. As is the case in any sport, the more exposure there is to an athlete, the more that athlete's flaws are revealed. The best athletes, and the ones who last over time, are the ones who have multiple facets to their game, the athletes that have more options to rely on in their repertoire.

What we're seeing right now with Joba is that he's getting away with nothing out of the pen. This really shows you how poor his ability to pitch this year has been. So the question must be asked; Has the learning stopped for Joba out in the bullpen? Has his growth been overthrown? Surely he could still become a great relief pitcher or closer in his career. But the thought remains that maybe Joba would have a greater arsenal had he given more time to develop as a starter. Maybe he'd have more options if one pitch was not feeling good in a particular outing. Maybe he'd be more precise with his pitches and have more ways to attack hitters. Ultimately Joba's development is a victim of circumstance in the Yankees' world of "win now." This world where fans and media members judge you based on 6 and 1/3 innings of baseball; And this world where Yankees management often responds to those judgments.

Importance of Protein For Your Diet

Protein is an essential nutrient for your body and has many function including cell maintenance and repair. Literally every single cell in your body requires it to repair, grow and maintain itself. The amount of protein that you require will depend on mainly on your activity level; the more active you are the more you will need so that your muscles can recover and grow new mass. Also if you have fallen ill you will require more to recover.

A complete protein is made up of amino acids, which are like the building blocks of proteins. An easy way to imagine this is to think of a house as a protein, and the bricks as the amino acids – only once all amino acids (or bricks) are in place, the protein (or house) is complete. There are 22 amino acids of which 8 are called essential because they must be consumed by our diet. The other 14 amino acids can be made in the body by using the other 8 essential amino acids.

So how much do you need? The accepted figure is roughly 0.8g per kilogram of lean body mass for an adult. However if you want to gain muscle mass you will need to eat about 2g per kilogram of lean bodyweight. Again the recommended figure for protein intake for normal adults is about 15% of caloric intake, but this shoots up to a massive 40% when trying to build muscle mass. It is vitally important to consume enough when looking to build muscle mass; if you don’t eat enough you will not be able to pack on slabs of lean muscle.

The best source of protein are lean meats such as chicken, turkey, fish such as salmon and salmon, red meat and eggs in addition to protein supplements such as whey protein. These sources will contain complete proteins (22 amino acids). Other foods such as carbohydrate sources like pasta, couscous and beans will contain protein but not complete protein so it is vital to try and supplement your diet with a protein supplement such as soy protein or whey protein if you are vegetarian.

My Wife Says She’s Done! Why There’s Still Hope for Your Marriage

Your wife has said she’s done. Maybe at first, you had no idea what it was that she was done with. That’s understandable if you’re enjoying the marriage as it is. Many men are oblivious to the fact that their wife isn’t happy within the relationship and that’s not due to a lack of compassion or love. It’s mainly due to not really understanding what their wife is feeling. If your wife has declared that she’s done and she’s referring to the marriage and not her diet, you need to get serious about your marriage. It may feel as though all hope has just walked out the front door, but it hasn’t. You can still pull your relationship back from the brink of disaster if you have the right tools to make it happen.

Typically a woman will announce that she’s done with her marriage when she’s reached an emotional breaking point. This can come in the middle of a heated argument, on an anniversary that you’ve neglected to remember or just in a quiet moment when she’s been weighing what the marriage is giving her versus what it’s been taking from her. If she’s declared that she’s finished during a conflict, don’t jump to the conclusion that her next step will be packing her suitcase to leave. It likely won’t be. She’s just expressing her exasperation at what is taking place in that moment. It doesn’t necessarily reflect how she views the future of the marriage as a whole.

If your wife has told you that she’s tired of trying to make the marriage work and you believed that things were going okay, that’s a concern that you can’t ignore. Even though you may feel as though the marriage is ideal, save for a few minor issues, she obviously views it very differently. She’s unhappy and you need to address that with her now before it’s too late and she packs up both physically and emotionally and leaves the relationship. Your wife is, in essence, telling you that she’s not finding fulfillment within the marriage anymore. This is the point where you need to pull out all the emotional energy you have to help her.

Take this time to work on repairing the marriage. This is your opportunity to show your wife that you’re more than willing to step up to bat and help her find the connection that used to be there for the two of you. Often, a wife will feel that she wants out of the marriage because she’s emotionally not getting everything she needs. If you and your wife don’t sit and regularly talk about what’s going on in your marriage, you’re essentially allowing the relationship to coast along on its own. Sooner or later it’s bound to hit a bump in the road and get knocked off balance.

Start putting some time and real effort into working with your wife towards resolution of the problems she views within the marriage. Once she understands that you’re serious about making the relationship work, she’ll feel more emotionally invested herself again. Building a marriage takes time and a lot of effort from both individuals. Rebuilding a marriage that has started to decay takes just as much effort but the rewards are well worth it.

That’s not to say that just because you renew your commitment to making your wife happy that it will be smooth sailing from this day forward. More conflicts will arise, feelings will be bruised and you’ll both question whether the marriage is still satisfying your needs. These are normal feelings within any long term committed relationship. The difference between success and failure is how you handle those feelings in a mutually respective and productive way. Communication is always the key. Talking to your wife, sharing with her and listening to her will help you two bridge any conflict that arises in a way that brings you closer together.

Blacksmith Gas Forge Basics

A Gas Forge May Be The Solution For Your Work Shop

The modern blacksmith may use either a solid fuel forge such as a coal forge or a gas forge The coal forge is still the most versatile, but a propane gas forge is the most convenient. Gas forges run at a bit over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is certainly enough to do general forging.

The propane forge is actually an insulated box of various sizes and shape, that have one or more burners in the top or the side. The burners may be atmospheric or have an electric blower attached to them. The chamber holds the heat to heat the bar, and the burner provides the heat. Of course with a propane gas forge you are limited by what you can fit in the box.

The insulation in a blacksmith gas forge is a high temperature ceramic fiber. Trade names are Kaowool, Durablanket, or Fiberfax. This insulation allows the high temperature inside the gas forge but anticipates the outer shell from deteriorating. Hard or soft firebrick can also be used to lock the heat in the forge chamber.

In some blacksmith gas forges the insulation material is a castible refractory. This is more like a concrete that you mix up and shape to your gas forge chamber. This is more of a heat shield than an actual insulator. This type of gas forge will take a while to heat up. The refractory acts as a heat sink until it has soaked up enough heat that it reaches an equilibrium between the high temperature inside and the loss to the environment.

The refractory is more durable than the common fiber insulation, but you sacrifice thermal efficiency. It is also much heavier than the Kaowool insulation. The castable is much less flexible than the fiber insulation as well. This means that it will crack with repeated heatings. This may not be a problem as the pieces usually do not fall out.

The option of a gas forge is a great bonus to the modern blacksmith. For those that want a quick heat source with minimal maintenance, such as hobby blacksmiths it is ideal. Many professional blacksmiths make their living with a propane forge, and only use a coal forge occasionally.

The small size of a propane forge means that it can be quite portable. Many hobby smiths will easily move a propane forge out into the driveway, or just outside a shed for use. They are ideal for hammer ins as well.

Gas Forges are able to be purchased from many supplies or a blacksmith can make its own gas forge with only a few basic tools of a welder, drill press, and metal cutter.

I have been using a gas forge as my primary heat source for over 10 years now. I still use the coal forge, but the gas is so much cleaner. Both have their places and if your shop is big enough I would suggest having both available.

Book a Cheap Flight to Paphos in Cyprus

A cheap flight to Paphos in Cyprus, one of those cheap self catering Cyprus apartments and a Cyprus topographical map … what more could the avid holiday maker or property hunter want? A cheap flight to Paphos in Cyprus is virtually being given away now with the budget airlines all trying to compete against each other, so there has never been a better time to get out your walking boots, grab your map of Cyprus and set off.

Once you have flown over on your cheap flight to Paphos in Cyprus there is no need for you to stay in the town, although there is plenty to see and do, why not book yourself some cheap hire car. Cyprus is only small, so really anywhere is within commutable distance, if you do get carried away and lose track of time and cannot make it back to your accommodation, you can always book into one of the other many cheap self catering Cyprus apartments for an overnight stay.

The flora and wildlife in Cyprus are spectacular and in abundance, there are literally hundreds of nature reserves scattered all over the island, there are long and short nature trails, uphill and downhill trails, waterfalls, monasteries and ruins to visit, mountains to climb, mosaics to see and so much more to do and see. Can you see why we recommend a Cyprus topographical map? An ordinary map of Cyprus would have limited use in these circumstances. Cyprus is meant to be explored, so get exploring. Enjoy yourself, after all isn’t that why you came to Cyprus?

Well actually, we know that you really came on your cheap flight to Paphos in Cyprus with the intent of property investment, which is excellent value at the moment, but who said you cannot enjoy yourself? Remember the saying “All work and no play…..”?

Cyprus property is selling like hot buns straight from the oven as the prices are so cheap, now is the time to purchase property as the prices won’t remain static for much longer. Developers are beginning to realise that the interest in Cyprus property is high, so they will soon start to increase their prices. If you really are interested in buying your very own piece of Cyprus, then act now before the prices start to climb. Do not confine your search to just Paphos, look around as there are many new and resale properties available and both offer equally good value. There are many properties for sale in the mountains which tend to be a little cooler in the summer months, many Cypriots own small apartments in the mountains and use them as retreats during the summer as it can become stiflingly hot on the coast and in the towns. Property in the mountains is not confined to small apartments, there are all sizes of property from a small studio to a sizable villa if that is your desire.

Why not book a cheap flight to Paphos in Cyprus, book into one of the cheap self catering Cyprus apartments and then have a good look at what is on offer. We are sure you will be amazed at the value.

Personality Traits a Good Marketing Consultant Needs

This professional works with organizations and businesses on a per-project basis and is usually self-employed. Some may work with consulting firms. To become a good marketing consultant there are certain personality traits you should have, whether you are just starting out as a marketing consultant or been working as one for several years. In today’s business world, firms sometimes are forced to lay-off or let go employees. Although having these personality traits will not guarantee that you will always have a job they can weigh in your favor if there is a cut at the firm where you work.

• Have enough experience, which does not mean that all of your experience comes from working as a marketing consultant. Experience can include being able to work difficult clients and keeping them happy and a client of your firm, understand what the client wants, etc.

• Outgoing personality-this means that you are comfortable “putting yourself out there,” You have the self confidence with meeting new people, building new client relationships, networking, selling yourself to clients and proving that you can produce what you tell your clients you will do. It also means that you are a motivated self-starter and will work to bring new clients into the firm without being reminded or told that is your job. You also have to like people.

• Plenty of connections that will enable you to bring new clients to the firm or if self-employed you have the connections to build up your client base and bring in more income

• You need to have money sense and know when it is okay to take a risk. Most marketing consultants are paid on commissions and if you are just starting out as a self-employed marking consultant you need to make sure that you have the funds to stay afloat until you get your first client. Even if you work for a consultant firm times could be slow and you are not getting the commissions as before so you need to make sure that you have money set aside just for these times.

• Strong work ethic because being a marketing consultant does not you will have the normal nine to five working hours. You have to be available when it is convenient for your clients sometimes, you may have to work late nights, weekends, and maybe even early mornings. You also have to have the self-discipline to set your own hours and work them, understanding that may be situations where there is an emergency meeting you have to attend or have to change your schedule for a client

• Be willing to take work home with you, especially if there is a deadline or a client wants to make changes in their marketing strategy.

5 European Top Locations for Snowboarding In 2015

The end of summer may not be a welcoming season for the lovers of outdoor travels and water sports but the approaching winter welcomes the people who love skiing and snowboarding especially in Europe. Brief information about 5 European top locations for snowboarding in 2015 provided in this write up can help you in choosing a suitable one for you in this season. It will also help you in booking the best snowboarding equipment for 2015 season in advance so that you can enjoy snowboarding this season at your desired location without any problem.

Mayrhofen, Austria: Mayrhofen in Austria is the home of snowboarding festival for the skiers and snowboarders for the British people. It is one of the largest places in Europe for freestyle snowboarders and skiers. The height of this resort is 630 meters which has 133 well connected slopes spread over 671 km area for skiing and snowboarding including lively ski scene of Apres and snowsure glacier of Hinterux.

Tignes, France: Tignes in France is famous among the top European locations for snowboarding not only for its snow sure slopes but also for the breathtaking views in the hills of Alps. It is one of the most challenging and exciting snowboarding location in the world due to the 2100 meters height of the resort with nearly 155 slopes spread over about 300 km area in Espace Killy for the snowboarders and skiers.

Madonna Di Campiglio, Italy: One of the best snowboarding locations in Italy for the beginners and intermediate snowboarders is Madonna in the north of Dolomites. Most of the fashionable Italian skiers and snowboarders frequently visit this resort not only for enjoying snowboarding but also to enjoy the scenic beauty of this part of the country. Most of its slopes are spread over 56 miles long skiing area where the beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders can improve the techniques.

Avoriaz, France: Avoriaz is known as the heaven for snowboarders and skiers in France as it enjoys the reputation one of the best European locations for them with great record of snowfall. It is also famous for wall rides, huge tree rides, wooden rainbow rails, wooden rails and log jibs along with The Stash, a concept of freestyle and free ride area made up of cliff drops spread over 1800 meter high resort with more than 280 slopes.

Verbier, Switzerland: It is one of the best snow packed skiing trails of Switzerland and one of the best European locations for snowboarders with interlinked classy lift system where you can enjoy snowboarding according to your budget. The massive ride areas of 1500 meter high Verbier resort is spread over 56 slopes including Veysonnaz, La Tzoumazand Val de Bagnas and Nendaz. They create snow packed skiing trail of more than 400 km with 94 lifts and four Vallees serviced through one lift pass.

Thus the information about 5 European top locations for snowboarding in 2015 provided in this write up, together with the best snowboarding equipment, can help you in enjoying snowboarding events this season at any of the European location of your choice.

Life Coaches – Think Video

Let's assume that you have amazing life coaching skills, and the potential to be a popular life coach, yet you are not getting the number of clients you want. You are good at social networking, and you even have lots of page visits. You have a snappy and informative website. You have impressive credentials. You might even appear on other life coaching websites. In short, you have reached out and you have worked hard, but you are not yet hitting your target. What can possibly be missing? Well, the good news is that it just may be the most obvious, the simplest, and easiest to solve problems in social network marketing.

You probably already know that when people think about whether to hire you as a coach, any kind of coach, they need to feel they can trust you. No one desires to pour their heart out, or place their future in the hands of strangers. Or a photo of a stranger. No amount of copy, no matter how well written can take the place of your potential clients seeing and hearing you, looking at your eyes as you express yourself, and sensing the confidence and sincerity in your voice. In short, you need to post compelling web videos in order to bridge that gap between you being a stranger to being someone who projects warmth, authority, and empathy.

Web videos can be a great social marketing tool when well thought out for your individual business and personality. They can be counter productive if you try to copy someone else, or take a cookie cutter approach. Here are some suggestions.


Part One Keep it short, and focused on the client's needs and how you are here to help. Introduce yourself, but do not give a long drawn out bio. Ask them to please call by your first name. I am not going to give specific examples here because it would defeat the purpose of making your video unique. Suffice to say that you can do a lot of good in the first 15 to 20 seconds by asking the client if he or she is having trouble coping with a business or personal issue. Pause, just for a couple of seconds, to let a bit of suspense build. Then tell the client they have come to a good place, that he or she has just taken the most important step. You can help, you will help, and you will explain how in the next two minutes. The specific language and style must be your own. What you have done in this 20 seconds is to ask a big question and provide the answer. You have taken a weight off of the client's shoulder, and you have their attention.

Part Two This is where you establish three points. (A) What makes you uniquely qualified to the client. There are a lot of pitches out there by coaches, but you are unique and we need to know about that. It may be your knowledge base, training, life experience, etc; (B) explain how you can help. This might, for instance, involve your particular technique. Be specific; (C) Tell the client why he or she she can depend upon and trust you. Confidentiality and other best practices are important to mention. If the client has confidence that you adhere to a professional code, this will help you to connect.

Remember, this is not an elevator pitch. You are not pitching at a cocktail party. This is intimate, and the client needs to feel that it is all about him or her. This does not mean that you can not include your credentials or unique selling points, but it needs to be done in the context of making the client feel more and more at ease with you.

Part Three This is your call to action. But resist the temptation to pressure someone into action. Your prospective clients are likely to feel edgy or wary, because they are facing difficulties. They may already have quite sufficient high pressure people in their lives. You need to let them know with your eyes and voice that you are the rock upon which they can lean.

Sweeten the pot with a gift or discount, but not in the way that most sales pages do. Instead, let the client know that it is important that the two of you first confirm that you are well suited as a team. So you are going to give away or discount the first live session. "Who knows," you say, "you may only need one session." I know that a lot of marketers say give an eBook or something similar. But in your case, I recommend keeping it personal. Getting live, face to face contact with the client (via Skype) is a great first step.

Even if you do not intend to do live coaching, a compelling and personalized video will help you connect with the client.

Remember, you are a unique coach. Your video should reflect that. Do not copy others.

Get help, even if it is only an amateur critic. Ask someone, who you trust to be objective, to provide feedback before posting your video.

Finally, do not spend a lot of money making your video. It is not necessary to hire a production company. You can probably shoot and edit it yourself, or find a friend who will. I have often talked people through their first few video productions, with guidance on what to say, as well as shooting, lighting, audio, background setting, and they usually end up wondering why they did not do it sooner. Now they are much more confident uses of social marketing video.

7 Top Family Bonding Road Trip Games

Family Interaction Game #1. “I Spy” – with variations

No road trip would be complete without a (many) games of “I Spy”.

This works well for younger kids especially. Take turns to look for something the other players have to guess correctly. You begin your turn by saying “I spy with my little eye something beginning with a (letter)_____”. The other player tries to guess it from the surrounding items or countryside. The person who correctly guesses gets to have the next turn.

Variations. How about I spy with my little eye something with a colour of_______, or I spy with my little eye something that is associated with_______ eg flying (bird, plane), milking, ploughing, riding (horse, bike, car etc)

Family Interaction Games #2. Geography Game

This is a great game for players (old and young) to brush up on their world knowledge.

The first player thinks of a place or country (say London). The next player has to think of a place or town or city with the last letter of the previous place mentioned. In this case it would be N, (for Naples), being the last letter of London, and so on. The game continues until someone gets stumped and cannot think of an appropriate place. Each place, town or city can only be used once.

Family Interaction Games #3. When I was Young / When you were born

From experience, kids love to hear about 2 things especially – when they were born and when their parents were young, like themselves.

The game is started by one or both the parents retelling stories of their childhood and events surrounding the birth of the children. Tales relating to the parents schooling, how they travelled to school, how far they walked to school and favourite/worst teachers.

Events at the birth relating to the dash to the hospital, first impressions at the birth, some major character traits and first words are all great conversation starters.

Family Interaction Games #4. Math – Number Plate Bingo

Good game for learning number recognition skills.

Each player lists out numbers 1-50. Then they are to look for those numbers on number plates. The one who completes their list first is the winner. To make this game spin out a little longer only number plates of a certain state or color can be used.

Family Interaction Games #5. My best, my most scary, my best…

Each child (and the parents) try to remember a certain event in their lives (or from their imagination) from the choices below or make your own: (each choice represents 1 round). Players agree on the type of event before each round.

My most scary moment My best time My favorite holiday My most stressful event

Each player then recounts the event in their life (actual or imagined). After each round the family members vote whose story is best, based on on originality and graphic detail The one with the most votes wins the round. The one with the most winning rounds after 5 rounds wins.

Family Interaction Games #6. Maths – Number Search

Each player (kids and adults included) lists 1 – 100 in a column and the winner is the first player that finds all the numbers on the list by finding the number words or symbols on advertisements, road speed signs and distance signposts. Write each occurrence against the item on your list as you find it.

Family Interaction Games #7. Car Make/Model Reversii

This will have the whole car in fits of laughter…guaranteed! If you see a Cadillac Eldorado (for instance) whiz past the players try and quickly say the make and model spelled BACKWARDS. So for this example the kids will be trying to say “Callidac” (Cadillac spelled backwards) and the pronunciation would be something like Call-i-dac.

Then for the model Odarodle (Eldorado spelled backwards) they would try to say O-dar-odle. Once people are trying to say these words quickly, as other cars zoom past, it quickly turns into a real laugh… you’ll remember this game for years. (I don’t know of anyone else who has played this game apart from our family – so you could say it’s exclusive.)

I sincerely hope that these games will help the whole family have a great holiday…

How to Be a Sex Stud in Bed

Hey guys – have you ever wondered what it really means to be a sex god? The exact definition of this phrase varies from man to man, and from woman to woman. You see, men consider themselves sex gods if they know the bedroom skills they need to impress women, but women will only call men sex gods if they experience orgasm during sex with these men.

This means that if you really want to be a sex god to women, you have to learn how to make women orgasm every time you make love. You may know all the positions in every sex manual available, but if you cannot make women climax during sex, those so-called skills are useless. Read on to find out the closely guarded secrets to making women drag you to bed …

Be A Real Sex God to Your Girlfriend Today Using These Three Essential Techniques

#1: “Make Her Anticipate Release”. Slowly building tension will increase the intensity of eventual release on her part. If you’ve been with women long enough, you probably know by now that rushing will not get you anywhere near making her climax. Keep the love making intense but go slower when you feel that her arousal is increasing. Tease your girl playfully and let her be a little frustrated with the love making pace so that her release will be a lot sweeter. Anticipation is sometimes more intoxicating than the sex itself. Once you got this technique included in your sex routine, you can learn the next skill…

#2: “Pre-Sex Frame”. You can ‘prep’ your girl by giving her a kiss on every hot spot on her body. You can also touch her intimately until it becomes unbearable for her. Make her feel “sexual electricity” before actual penetration so that she will enjoy the sex more. Remember, men are often busted after they come, so you have to make your girl enjoy the lovemaking longer by using the prep phase to increase her pleasure.

#3: “Stack Her Pleasure Release”. The main difference between women and men in bed is that a woman can have multiple orgasms depending on her partner’s skill in this department. Therefore, it’s your job as her boyfriend to master the techniques needed to make her experience multiple orgasms. One fail-proof way to induce stacking orgasms is to touch her G-spot and slowly stimulate her directly on this spot.

Garage Doors Govern The Worth Of Your Home

Your garage door may somehow not be thought about very often. But it typically represents a huge section of the front of your home. When your garage door appears good, your residence looks really good. However if you are having difficulties with your garage door's exterior then your entire house can easily suffer accordingly.

One failure that several homeowners have is that they simply do not keep their garage door clean. When your door is up, it is horizontal and just as a table top, it can attract dust and dirt. An easy washing of your garage door can make a significant difference in the curve appealing of your home.

Beyond a simple washing there are additional aspects that can impact your garage door and your home's look. If your door does not close all the way then it may not only trigger complications with animals getting into your garage, but it can make your home look unkempt.

A review of manufacturers websites reveals a whole new world of choices past the basic light weight aluminum panel doors that were once the most typically utilized. Those choices were for the cookie cutter residences of the past and helped to make the garage door either absolutely forgettable or an eyesore.

Today property owners have the choice of a range of products, designs and designs all of which can help create the special stamp of uniqueness on your residence. Whether it is your new dream home or you are considering a comprehensive remodeling job, every choice is weighted with research and contributions to your opinions. The outside of your home must be no exception when it comes to making a statement. There are a selection of materials being made use of today from which you can easily pick. The choice of materials and options are unlimited.

Steel is one of the most preferred products to make use of since it is low maintenance and comes from the factory already painted. It does not require much unique care and there is no worry over rust or rot. It even has the included advantage of strength so an occasional bounced ball or dink with an auto bumper will not leave the door with ugly dents.

Wood on the other hand is a greater maintenance product and will certainly need repainting or re-staining to conserve its look and keep it from coming to be dehydrated or warped. Nearestheless when used with the right design, wood exceeds the basic lift up plank style doors that were once seen on older residences. Wood can easily produce a classic appearance that is almost too great to be a garage door.

Vinyl has the track record for expanding and contracting in severe weather so it may not be an excellent selection. This depends on the environment in which the home is found. In addition vinyl is not really eco friendly to dispose of, which may be a consideration for the consumer who shops green.

Light weight aluminum garage doors which can come with a wood embossed look and are considered resistant and light weight. They usually have a low price tag but they dent easily with every bounce ball and bump with the vehicle. This makes the life span briefer than with other products.

With just a little analysis the resident can locate plenty of choices from which to choose in today's market. Your family's home can be a showcase of great design and good taste on any type of budget.

Your garage door should be a beautiful and lasting part of your home. Hopefully this article has given you some insight into the latest materials used to build your new garage door.

Project Planning and Six Sigma Certification

Project plans show the why and how of a project, while the Gantt chart shows the relationships among project tasks. A proper project plan is a key factor in the success of any Six Sigma project.

What a Plan Includes

The dictionary meaning of project is a plan, proposal or an undertaking. A plan is defined as a scheme or a program or a systematic arrangement of important tasks. A project brings the plan into actual implementation; It is the bridge between planning and doing.

The plan will generally include a goal statement, a timeline for completion of various tasks and the description of various resources required for the project. It also includes the measures of evaluation for the study of the effectiveness of the proposal.

Establishing Estimates

The goals of a Six Sigma project plan are to establish estimates for the overall project as well as the smaller constituents. It is a model of the project that is being proposed. This helps in bringing about timely changes in the project if any drawbacks are identified. Therefore, it helps in understanding how the various components of the project fit in place and the coordination of the various activities to achieve the project objectives.

Six Sigma project plans also detail the roles and responsibilities of the participants involved directly or indirectly in the different processes and stages of the project. In case of any deviations, the plan can be referred to for reference, so that the project does not continue to go off track.

If anything needs to be changed which can bring other things under the scope of the project, the project plan can be reviewed and appropriate changes made for any further changes that may be required.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

A good project plan for any Six Sigma project will cover the entire why and how of the project. It will not only have the goal statement, but will also detail the cost- benefit analysis. A cost-benefit analysis is important in a project plan as it proves the profitability of the project being undertaken.

An overall feasibility study, if included, provides support to the claims of practicability of the project. This helps in making a good case for the need of the project with the concerned stakeholders, such as top management and the shareholders.

A timetable for the various steps sees to it that the project remains on the right track and does not take too long to complete. If any task is lagging behind the schedule, steps can be taken to provide additional resources for its timely completion. A timely completed project will ensure that the participants do not lose interest in it.

In short, a project plan defines the entire Six Sigma project life cycle. It establishes a budget for the costs and resources. In some cases, if the pan has been made with due care and research, it can help identify risks of the project and eliminate them.

On obtaining a commitment for the project plan from the top management, Six Sigma team leaders can undertake the project activities that have been developed based on it.

Best Exercise For Belly Fat

Bathing suit season is here. At this time many people are thinking "Did I keep myself in shape?", "Will I measure up on the beach?", "Should I get a one-piece this year?" They begin to wonder what the best exercise for belly fat is, and how quickly they can create that toned look.

The need for a one-piece bathing suit is not the only reason for concern when it comes to belly fat. Fat that collects around the waist has been linked to a host of problems like some types of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Other maladies including constipation, back pain and stress are noticeable treated with the loss of belly fat.

Once upon a time, the accepted wisdom concerning how to achieve a slender waist, or even the holy "six pack", was to perform sit-ups and crunches. Hundreds of them. While these exercises do work to tone and strengthen certain core muscles, those now sculpted muscles remain hidden under a layer of fat. One can not spot train a particular area of ​​the body. It is a myth that any diet or exercise can target one area of ​​the body and not affect the others. Fortunately, one does not need a gym full of equipment and an expensive trainer to whittle away at the waistline. The only requirements are good walking shoes and some motivation.

In order to reveal all the hard work put into the abs, one must combine the crunches with cardio exercise. This is the best exercise for belly fat. It is recommended that one exercise at least 5 days per week at a level that causes one to sweat, but still carry on a conversation with only a small amount of difficulty. A brisk walk for one hour several days a week should do it.

Another way to lose some girth is to modify the diet. Eating several small meals throughout the day, drinking sufficient quantities of water and choosing whole foods will help one lose weight. But without exercise, even a thin body looks flabby and cellulite-pocked.

Of course, some other options to consider are liposuction, fad diets and supplements. This list could go on. While some of these will give the quick fix they promise, none of these choices are effective for long-term weight loss because they do not alter habits. Once one's pattern of eating and exercise has changed, that is when the fat leaves forever.

In conclusion, the best exercise for body fat is a lifestyle change encompassing diet and exercise. They work as a team and yet is independent of the other. Even if one has to wear a one piece suit this year, the habits learned now will allow more belly-revealing suits in the long run.

Why The Book Itself Needs To Be The Focus Of 17th Edition Courses

One of the main things which 17th edition courses focus on tend to be the 17th edition itself. That may seem rather obvious, but bear with me – this is important. The trouble is that for several editions now, leading all the way up to the 16th edition, electricians have been able to become familiar with the oddities, quirks and idiosyncrasies of the IEE Wiring Regulations. So much so that when the 17th edition came out many people simply bought it and carried on as before.

However, this is not the best way of getting up to date. For a start the structure of the book is quite different, with new appendices, old sections torn out, new sections added in and existing sections moved about. Then there's the referring, grading and categorizing of many elements which have abandoned their old techniques in favor of moving more in line with European procedures and methods used in other industries.

So one of the key elements in many 17th edition courses is helping electricians to become familiar with these new changes. It's been said that no electrician can ever remember the complete contents of the IEE's Wiring Regulations, and looking at the sheer size of the 17th edition that's easy to appreciate. The best electricians will not have a photographic memory of the contents of the 17th edition, but will have the ability to find the information they need quickly.

This is why having completed a 17th edition course candidates will undertake a test or exam which will require them to provide the answers to scenarios, problems and questions while still being able to use the 17th edition. The test is not so much about getting the right answers, although obviously that's essential, but it's really trying to focus on helping electricians to find the information they need quickly. If you're on a job you do not want to have to spend hours trawling through hundreds of pages trying to find the information you need.

Today many electrical installations or repairs will require an understanding of the way in which things should now be done. Many things have changed, from simple domestic installations to large, complex and often unique business or outdoor installations. With whole new sections covering temporary outdoor installations such as theme parks, fairgrounds and such like, new sections covering challenging and potentially very dangerous installation locations such as marinas, and even new regulations regarding something as simple as a bathroom socket in a family home, it's Important that candidates are fully versed in understanding what's changed, how it's changed and where to find those changes quickly.

Many electricians assume that 17th edition courses are all about teaching granny to suck eggs, and certainly those electricians with years or decades of professional experience may feel that they do not need to undertake any more training, but the truth is that it can often be Hardest for those who have so much experience, simply because they're used to the way things have been for years.

The previous edition of the Wiring Regulations was published over twenty years ago, and a great deal has changed since then. It's there before particularly important that those people who only have a 16th edition level qualification undertake training, even if only for a few days, in order to make sure that they are able to fully, appropriately and legally implement the 17th edition requirements.

Many of the 17th edition training courses available are geared towards those coming in to the industry for the first time, but there are also plenty of theory only courses that last just a few days which are specifically tailor to help provide those with many years of experience With the information they need to become fully up to date with current regulations.