7 Tips To Know Before Putting Your Valuables In Storage

Storage facilities have always been a solution to helping de-clutter homes and office spaces, or great ways to temporarily store possessions during relocation such as moving to a new house. Currently, most storage facilities offer month to month leases also; Thus allowing tenants to storage their possessions for as little or as long as needed.

Although storage facilities are a good and safe choice for different circumstances, there are some important things to know when selecting a storage unit and before you move in your valuable possessions.

1) Unit Size & Utilizing Space – It is essential to accurately predetermine the storage unit size you'll be needing before you just start packing your things to move into storage. Many people too often choose a storage unit size that is too small to try save money, and end up not realizing until they've moved half their things in; That their storage unit does not have enough room. Most storage facilities' sales representatives are very knowledgeable in assisting you in the process of choosing a unit size. Just speak with a representative and inform them on what you're planning on putting into storage, and they should be able to quote you with the best size for your needs. Once you have picked out your storage unit, it's important to keep your items organized in your unit. Start by putting the items you're going to access the least into the storage unit first, towards the back of the unit. Also it's usually a good idea to put your most valuable positions towards the back of the unit too. This is in case the inconvenienced occurs where someone tries to break into your storage unit. Most robbers want to get in and out as fast as possible, and would only quickly look to take things from the front of your unit. To use the most of the space in your storage unit, pack the largest boxes with the heaviest, sturdiest items; And put them in your storage unit first. Then stack smaller and lighter boxes on top of those big boxes.

2) Climate Control – Consider the value of your possessions that you are planning to put away in storage. Some items of certain materials are more likely to become damaged due to natural weather and climate conditions. If you're storage unit is a first floor outdoor unit, how can you be certain that the snow or rain wont leak in from under the door? Or what about how high humidity affects certain materials? Climate controlled storage units are the solution to temperature and climate generated problems at storage facilities. Climate controlled storage units keep control of the temperature in the unit so it stays warm enough during the winter, and cool enough in the summer. They also keep the humidity level low enough so moisture will not damage any of your stored possessions. Again, a knowledgeable storage facility sales representative can help you determine if you need a climate controlled storage unit based on what you're planning to storage. But even if you feel it's necessary to put your possessions into a climate controlled unit; Inquire about using one.

3) Storage Facility Security – An important thing to make sure is that the storage facility your choosing employs multiple methods of security. The first feature a storage facility should have is a fence around the property with the storage units. Some facilities use better fewer than others, which may include barbed-wire. Another security feature to look for are security cameras. Does the storage facility's office and property both have digital surveillance cameras that are constantly recording 24/7? Also consider how do people enter the storage unit property. Is their an electronic gate that requires an access code or is it as easy just walking through one office door and out the other? Consider if the property is well lit at night. And always just ask the sales representative about all the security features the storage facility employs.

4) Storage Unit Accessibility Convenience – Before settling on a storage unit, check where on the property it's located. Is it on the third floor in a separate warehouse in the back of the property, or is it on the first floor right after you enter the property? Consider what you're planning to storage, for example it would be really difficult to storage your house furniture such as a sofa and refrigerator if your unit was on the third floor.

5) Insurance – Renters are responsible to insure their own stored goods. Some storage facilities will offer limited insurance coverage that is based on the estimated value of the items being stored. Some homeowners insurance policies cover part or all of possession regardless where they're kept. This is important to look into, as described earlier; In case someone tries to break into your storage unit; Or an uncontrollable weather accident occurs.

6) Cover Your Unit's Floor – A key tip to prevent water and moisture damage to your possessions in storage (especially if your unit is on the ground floor) is to first cover your storage unit's floor with a sheet or tarp. This will prevent direct moisture on the floor from rising up and damaging your stored items. Also when you put your boxes or items into the storage unit, ensure that they are placed at least an inch away from all the walls, and have at least an inch of breathing room between each other. This will also help prevent mold and mildew.

7) Tarp Under Tarp Over – Finally covering all your valued possessions with a sheet or tarp over them will help keep dust away. It will also help prevent any water or moisture leakage from the ceiling if it occurred. A ten dollar tarp will save you thousands of dollars in the long run, especially if you choose not to fully insure your holdings in storage.

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National Safety Month – A Good Time to Spotlight Safety at Work

Unintentional injuries are a leading cause of death in the United States and around the world for that matter. Many things can be done to protect ourselves from getting hurt, yet a lot of people are not appropriately informed when it comes to workplace hazards and safety measures.

National Safety Month

Starting every June 1, National Safety Month focuses on raising awareness and promoting dialogue on different safety issues. Common places where accidents happen most frequently include:

  • On the road – obstacles or accidents with drivers while walking, biking or racing
  • In the workplace – distractions and poorly kept up areas have the potential to result in slips, trips and falls

Listed below are some of the most effective ways to avoid accidents at work.

Observe the cleaning protocol.

Employers need to be serious about assuring safe working conditions and should select the flooring based on that. Also, when hiring a housekeeping team, the management should look for effective and smart employees who will incorporate the right steps to minimize dangerous accidents.

For example: you should immediately wipe up or report any spills on the office floor to prevent employees from being exposed to unexpected situations. There should be warning signs and labels for the most common office hazards. They also remind your colleagues to always keep the premises clean.

Build a clear fire prevention strategy.

Flammable and combustible materials must be properly stored in an explosion-proof unit where smoking is strictly prohibited. The containers must be discarded once they have been cleaned. Quick burning and flammable objects must not come into contact with ignition sources.

Control exposure to dust in excessive amounts.

Dust allergies cause lack of concentration even when it comes to our day to day activities and what’s worse – they may trigger shortness of breath and even asthma. Vacuuming is a preferred method of cleaning dust. If the area is too large for a vacuum cleaner, then you can turn to the old school method of adding water to keep the dust down while sweeping. Using compressed air or steam is a method used in high end industries to blow the dust out of the area.

Pay attention to the way objects are stored.

Avoid piling up boxes and files too high on top of one another. Make sure they are properly secured to prevent the stack from rolling off or collapsing. Place heavier objects on the lower rows, keep the stack away from the edges of tables and use marking tape to make it visual.

Learn how to handle messy desks and/or workstations.

Messy workplaces and cluttered areas provide less space to move around and are bad for our productivity. Keep all stairways and escalators clean and tidy; emergency exits and entrances should be kept closed. Don’t block those areas with unnecessary items.

Wear quality PPE.

We can never be sure the broken pieces of cups or jugs have been completely cleared off the floor. Quality protective shoes eliminate potential dangers.

Pause to take a final look around just before you leave.

When left in the wrong place, loads, stacked material and ladders can hurt someone. Setting aside a couple of minutes at the end of the day to look round the facility could make a huge difference. Sometimes we notice certain details other people might have missed.

Together we can join hands to report safety hazards and make individuals conscious of the potential dangers they are up against. Educating people about the most popular preventive measures can save someone’s life. Bring the change you want: spread information about how workplace injuries can be reduced to a minimum. Empower your community, family and co-workers!

Evaluating Credit Card Offers: Essential Terms You Must Understand

Credit card offers, they’re everywhere! They appear in your mailbox. They pop up while you’re surfing the Internet. They’re in slick brochures next to the cash register or gas pump. They’re in full-page ads in the Sunday papers.

If you need a new credit card, how do you choose? You should evaluate each offer carefully, and to do that you must understand these essential terms.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

The interest rate charged on your account balance. (But see “Balance Calculation Methods,” because the rules for computing interest from your balance and your APR can vary.) Your statement will usually show the APR and a monthly and/or daily rate based on the APR that’s actually used to calculate your monthly interest. There may be several APRs applicable to different portions of your balance, for example an introductory rate, a regular purchase rate, and a regular cash advance rate.

A fixed APR is set by the credit card company, which can generally change it with as little as 15 days advance notice, especially if you run afoul of any of the “gotchas” in the terms. These “gotchas” are often very consumer-unfriendly. For example, many companies these days reserve the right to raise your rate if you’ve been late on a payment to another, unrelated company.

A variable APR is tied to some widely used economic index, such as the Prime Rate. It may be stated as “prime + x%, currently y%,” for example “prime + 7%, currently 13.5%.” This means that when the Prime Rate is 6.5%, your APR is 13.5%. When the Prime Rate goes up or down, so does your APR. But beware, because some of the same “gotchas” apply to variable APRs as to fixed APRs. Read the fine print. It may state that if you’re late with one payment, your APR will no longer be variable but will rise to an exorbitant fixed rate, usually over 20%.

The penalty APR is the rate to which your APR will immediately be raised when you violate any of the “gotchas” in the terms. This rate is usually at least 50% higher than the regular APR. Again, be sure to read the fine print to see what situations will trigger the penalty APR. You’ll often see these: failure to pay this or any other account on time, exceeding your credit limit on this or any other account, excessive credit balances on your accounts in aggregate.

Balance Calculation Methods:

These are important to understand, because your APR is only part of the story when it comes to calculating the interest you’ll be charged each month. The other part is how the balance is calculated to which the APR is applied. In any case the balance is multiplied by the daily or monthly interest rate. But the balance calculation is not as straightforward as you might think.

1. Two-Cycle Balance. This is the worst method from a consumer’s point of view because it can lead to the highest interest calculations. Unfortunately, it’s also becoming the most widely used method. To calculate the balance, add together the average daily balances for the current billing period (sometimes even including new charges) and the previous period. Here’s why this is so unfriendly to you. Say you have run a balance for a few months and finally pay it from $200 down to zero at the end of May. You think it’s safe to use the card in June for a new $100 purchase, and if you pay the $100 by the end of the June grace period, you won’t owe any interest on it. But you’re wrong. Since your average daily balance in May was not zero (say it was $120), and since you used the card in June, your interest will be calculated on May’s average balance again, so even if you pay the whole June purchase in June, you will still owe additional interest. In other words, you must wait two months, allow the account to cycle once with a zero balance, before it’s safe to use it again – “safe” in the sense that you won’t incur extra interest if you pay the balance in full by the end of the grace period.

2. Average Daily Balance. This was once the most common calculation method and is still popular. Add the daily balance for each day in the billing cycle, then divide by the number of days in the cycle. Depending on the terms, this may or may not include new charges.

3. Adjusted Balance. This is the best method from a consumer’s point of view, but it’s rapidly going the way of the dodo. Take the balance at the beginning of the billing cycle, then subtract any payments or other credits recorded during the cycle. Do not include new charges during the cycle. For example, if your beginning balance was $1200, and you paid $400 during the cycle, the balance to which your monthly rate will be applied is $800, regardless of any new charges.

Balance Transfer:

This means that you’re charging card X to pay off (all or part of) the balance on card Y. So the balance is, in effect, transferred from card Y to card X. Why would you want to do this? Usually to take advantage of an introductory low interest rate when applying for a new card. Look closely at the terms. Sometimes these introductory rates last only a few months. The best ones are for the life of the balance. You will often have to pay a transaction fee equal to 3% of the balance transferred. Sometimes these fees are capped at $75 or so. Be sure to see whether or not the transaction fee exceeds what you’ll save in interest. If so, don’t do it. Sometimes the credit card company will agree to waive the fee, especially on a new account. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Cash Advance:

A cash loan charged immediately to your credit card account. Usually there is no grace period for paying off a cash advance, which means you’ll be charged interest starting from the day of the loan, even if you pay it in full by the end of the billing cycle. Also this type of charge may have a higher APR than purchases or balance transfers. Check your terms. Note that some kinds of transactions, like buying casino chips or lottery tickets, may be treated as cash advances. This can also apply to writing a purchase check to your own bank account. Be sure to read the fine print.

Credit Limit:

The upper limit on your account balance. Exceeding it may result in penalties. Be very careful if your balance is close to the limit (“maxed out”), because you can exceed it without charging anything new if you fail to pay enough. Remember that just because the company has approved you for a certain limit doesn’t mean you can afford to take on that much debt.

Disclosure Chart:

An important portion of the Terms and Conditions statement. It’s a little bit like the Nutrition Statement on a food package because the law dictates what has to be listed here. If you can’t stand to read all the fine print, be sure that you read this part.

  1. fixed APR or APRs after any introductory rate(s) have expired
  2. rule(s) for calculating variable APR(s) if applicable
  3. grace period
  4. annual fee if applicable
  5. minimum per-cycle finance charge
  6. additional fees if applicable, such as cash advance fees
  7. balance calculation method
  8. late payment and delinquency fees
  9. over limit fees

Grace Period:

The time, calculated from the account cycle date, during which you can pay the balance in full without having any interest charged. This usually applies only to purchases, and only if you’ve paid the previous month’s balance in full and on time. (Sometimes even that’s not enough. See “Two-Cycle Balance” calculation method for an additional “gotcha.”)


This can be very misleading. It doesn’t mean the company is guaranteeing to issue you the card in the offer. It just means they chose you to receive this offer based on some general screening of your credit report. They always reserve the right to deny or alter the offer based on a more detailed examination of your records.

How to Be Sensual – 5 Techniques to Be Totally Irresistible

Sensuality is a strong characteristic and women totally swoon over men who can show a little of their sexy and intense side every time in a while. A sensual lover will always be much more hot and trying to a woman that's why more and more men today try hard to learn the ways of an alpha male to please their ladies to no end. But you do not need to collectively try hard and pop a vein to learn how to be sensual. Below are the five techniques to be to extremely irresistible to the female species — make them happier now:

  1. Lean over and get close. You can practically get close to her in a thousand possible ways — you can touch her bare shoulder, whisper in her ear, lean towards her while trying to reach for something, tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear — your Options are endless. You might as well want to tap on her shoulder lightly and comment about the weather or you can rest a hand on her knee while trying to emphasize a point — whatever your style, always try to move closer.
  2. Spray on a good scent. To get more points with the women, most men do some little hygiene ritual before hitting on the girls. Some scents work as an absolute aphrodisiac what more can stimulate a woman's senses when she knows you're a few inches away, smelling like a god and making her totally turned on — you get the picture.
  3. Give her the sexy gaze. Always sustain eye contact — that's you best bet to hold a woman's interest. When things start to get a little intense, go ahead and give her the sexy gaze — a little droopy, sleepy eyes and couple it with grin. She'll never miss it. Travel your gaze up and down her body and she will be all fired up for you sooner that you expected.
  4. Flirt and have fun. There are plenty of body language flirting signals you can make use of — however, these tips will be useless if you do not know how to have a great time. Have fun while undergoing a few teasing and naughty jokes together and she will be more than willing to get naughty with you — women want to be mentally stimulated first to get it on.
  5. Maintain her curiosity. A daily dose of intrigue and drama is vital in a woman's life. No wonder they often fall for the debonair, mysterious fellow. So be sensual by creating your aura of mystery — she will asking for more.

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Furniture Packages – Enjoy Your Spring Evenings Out in the Patio!

Outdoor patio furniture has almost become a necessity in every home in the recent years. People love to spend time outdoors for relaxation and recreational purposes.

When we spend an exhausting and demanding day at our work place and get back home tired, we feel like lounging outside and getting some fresh air. At a time like this, you need some comfortable furniture pieces to recline and relax. Do you love to socialize on your patio? Or just relax at the end of your hectic day with a steaming cup of coffee? A good idea is to furnish your patio to work out your leisure plans.

A comfortable patio environment can be created by adding a few pieces of outdoor patio furniture, some plants and pleasant lighting. When choosing patio sets, the things to be kept in mind are the budget and your personal style. By opting for the Telescope patio furniture, you can have the comfort that you desire with added style. This furniture set includes a table and 4 chairs where the stools come in attractive colors to make your patio vibrant. The Telescope brand combines elegance with functionality, making them a well-known brand for sophisticated furniture collection.

The table and 4 chairs are not custom made for home patios. They can also be used to enhance the outdoor patio space in your restaurants or bars. This furniture set will definitely be an additional attraction in your restaurant during summer months if your customers want to have served and entertained outdoors. To transform your patio into a stylish place, go for the telescope patio furniture.

Car Loans – Shop Around, Compare Offers, and Watch The Small Print

Getting a loan to buy your new car is, you would probably think, straightforward. However, there are a few apparently small variations which can be actually cost you a lot of money. So, it is worthwhile checking any loan offer, including the small print, for details that may distinguish the desirability of one loan over another.

In the US, about 90% of all auto loan offers are based on simple interest. A simple interest loan means that the interest is computed only on the original principal of the loan. There are some lenders who are offering loans which are not simple interest. It is best never to agree to an auto loan that is not a simple interest loan.

Another thing to bear in mind when considering an auto loan is pre-payment penalties. If such a penalty is built into the loan contract, the lender will penalize you, by charging a fee, if you pay the loan off early, whether through refinancing or by any other means.

So, if you think it is likely you will want to refinance at some time during the life of the car loan, this is clearly an important consideration. Remember, it is always easiest and least costly, when refinancing a simple interest auto loan with no prepayment penalties.

Avoid a Pre-Computed Auto Loan

Some lenders offer auto loans that are not simple interest loans at all, but pre-computed loans. These types of loans may be “sold” especially by smaller lenders and car dealers. The people pushing these finance deals often target high risk borrowers, or quite simply the ignorant. If you have read this, you are no longer ignorant, even if you were, but if you are a high risk borrower, then watch out for these auto deals on loans. Here are the reasons:

1. If you sign on the dotted line for this type of car loan, you are legally committed to paying back the full principal balance of the loan as well as the total amount of all interest that would accrue over the life of the loan.

2. If you agree to such a pre-computed auto loan, and then wish to pay it off early, either through refinancing or another means, the lender will usually use an outdated and expensive formula, known as the rule of 78s’, to calculate a rebate of finance charges. Through this rebate you will pay a very hefty fee for paying the loan off early.

This type of loan allows the lender to apply more of the payment to interest and less to the principal balance of the loan. A pre-computed auto loan allows the lender to collect the majority of the interest due during the first half of the loan repayment period.

Shop Around For The Best Offer

If the first lender that you speak to is not offering a simple interest auto loan, with no pre-payment penalties, at a competitive interest rate, then you would be wise to walk away. There are many other lenders keen to compete for your car loan financing.

With record low interest rates, and the global lenders marketplace being created by the internet, there is a very competitive lending market. In other words, it’s a buyer’s market! And you, fortunately, are a buyer. Have a good shop around for the best deal: newspaper ads, internet, your bank, and the auto dealer. When checking with the auto dealer, remember to take into account any trade off between loan and price of the auto.

Also, remember not to just compare interest rates, but to look for hidden fees and transfer balances that my not be apparent at first glance. By thoroughly investigating all of your options, you should get the auto loan that is best for you now and, just as importantly, into the future!

The Gaining Popularity of Car Graphics

Car graphics have been a popular way to make a vehicle stand out in a crowd for decades, but when and why did this trend begin?

The history of the popularity of decals in general starts with a hobby craze in the late 1800s when these stickers were applied to glass, pottery, and just about any other surface to which they would adhere. When the automobile first rolled off the assembly line in a choice of colors of black, black or black, graphics being adhered to these miracle machines was unheard of; and it wasn’t until the 1960s that the use of graphics on cars became popular.

Since then, car graphics have changed and evolved in style, detail and sophistication as well as what they are made of and how they are made. The advances our society has made in technology across a number of industries has had a tremendous impact on decals as well. Back in the day, the materials from which graphics were manufactured were not nearly as long-lasting as the materials developed since. The graphics would crack and peel and the weather elements helped to deteriorate them even faster.

Today, a much higher-quality, longer-lasting material is used. Chiefly created out of vinyl, car graphics also have a UV or laminate coating that helps to protect them from fading and peeling. Thanks to the base material and the protective coatings, decals are now known to last up to seven years.

The application method has changed along with the materials from which graphics or decals are manufactured. Today, there are peel-and-stick vinyls as well as water-slide varieties. Peel-and-stick is self explanatory, but the water-slide types require that the decal be dipped into water, in order to loosen the glue that holds the graphics to a paper backing, before the image can be applied to the vehicle.

Finally, the amazing advances in both the design and printing industries have made a huge impact upon the available styles, amount of detail, colors, and the crisp, clear appearance of the final products that enhance so many vehicles on our roads today. It is all of these things combined that make car graphics so appealing and attainable for so many vehicle enthusiasts.

Microsoft Certification – An Introduction

If you have a tooth ache you never want to visit a general physician, your car get hit by a truck you will not take it to a nearby mechanic until or unless you know he is a expert.the reason is you do not believe In anyone till you know they are specialized in their field.Same is the case with companies seeking IT professional. Employers only want employees who excel in there are of expertise and can stand out amongst other employees. This is the main reason IT professional are rushing towards certification courses of Microsoft.

Microsoft certification is in fact a validation and solid proof that you have strong grip on skills required to perform your job effectively and efficiently.The Microsoft certification programs are designed in a way that supports office milieu, scientific calculation and desktop technicians.

Microsoft certification provides with many different courses.lets have an overview of the courses:

MCTS: Microsoft certified technology specialist course give an in-depth knowledge and specialized information on Microsoft technologies.

MCITP: Microsoft certified IT professional helps in planning, installing, sustaining and optimizing IT infrastructures

MCPD: Microsoft certified professional developer gives an insight on skills needed for excelling in manipulation, mounting and deploying applications for specific job duty

MCAP: This certification program helps in effectively relating frameworks and methodologies to create architecture.

MCLC: The Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant prepares the IT professional in designing and distributing modified learning solutions.

MCSA: A M. Certified Systems Administrator helps in controlling the network and systems environments that are based on the Windows operating systems.

MCDBA : A Certified Database Administrator excels in designing, implementing, and administrating Microsoft SQL Server databases.

MOS : A Microsoft Office Specialist is the one that is internationally recognized for enhancing the knowledge and expertise in using advanced skills for Microsoft desktop software.

MCAP: A Microsoft Certified Application Professional helps in demonstrating skills related to advanced cross-industry and cross-job role using the 2007 Microsoft Office system and server sites.

MCBMSS : – a Microsoft certified business management solutions specialist helps you become a specialist in demonstrating skills related to Microsoft Dynamics and related business products.

Well.microsft certificates help you a lot in achieving your target position in the company and adding credentials to trust your client and employer has in you.no doubting getting Microsoft certification is not an easy task but when there is a will, there is away. So if you really want to run ahead of time and want to attain some position in your company then just go for it.

The Power of Being a Disruptive Leader

He who masters chaos masters self. She who masters self masters life. When one has mastered life, he has gained significant mastery over change or transformation.

In a world where it is claimed that business is changing faster than ever, it would be a wise choice to develop mastery over change. To gain that mastery is not a matter of living a peaceful life filled with certainty. To the contrary, it is a matter of being able to handle what ever comes at you.

Disruptive leaders are people with the tools to master change. With those same tools, one also develops mastery in innovation.

The most innovative people in history have a hidden secret. Most of them are rarely stuck with the way life “should be”. Nor are they stuck with the belief that “it is what it is”. Innovative people have minds that are open to possibility, even when the path is filled with uncertainty.

To develop the innovator’s mind, it is essential to understand the thoughts that serve as barriers and blind spots. Those are the thoughts that you inherited. They tell you what’s impossible. Or they tell you what you are incapable of doing.

To undo that mindset, it may take a number of counterintuitive steps. Those steps are designed to move you from the existing path you have been living to a path of new possibilities. The challenge is most people believe the path they are on is the right one. The path to new possibilities does not invalidate the existing path. In fact, in many cases, the new path can enhance the existing path.

Another way to look at it is if the existing path could get you to the place you would really like to be, you would be there already. Your existing path will definitely get you to where you are, not to where you are not. To get to a place you’ve never been, may require you to think that which you’ve never thought. Many say that would make you a disruptive leader, even if you don’t have the leadership title.

Amber Fort

Fort Location: 11 km from Jaipur(Rajasthan), on Delhi-Jaipur Highway

Constructed by: Raja Maan Singh

Attractions: Elephant ride,Diwan-e-am, Diwan-e-Khas, Shila Devi Temple, Surajpol, Jaleb Chowk

Visiting Time: 07: 00 A.M. To 07: 00 P.M.

Best time to Visit: October to March

Entry Fee: Rs.100 for Indians, Rs.150 for Foreigners & Rs. 150 for camera and video.

Designed in white marbles and red sandstones, Amber Fort is one of its kind in the entire Jaipur. It is situated at a distance of approximately 11 km from Jaipur. The construction of the fort began in 1592 by Man Singh I and was completed, later, by his descendant Jai Singh I. Maotha Lake borders the fort and visitors can view a crystal-clear reflection of the royal building. An unforgettable overview of this colossal fort can be achieved with visiting the Nahargarh Fort, situated 8 kms from Jaipur, atop a hill.

Amber Fort Architecture:

Also known as Amer Fort, the edifice presents the brilliant fusion of Rajput and Islmaic architecture.

Both its exterior and interior are constructed in an elegant style. The walls are beautified with paintings, depicting the scenes of royal life, hunting etc. Some portions are furnished with intricate carvings, mosaic, murals and frescoes. The red sandstone forts has four sections and each can be accessed by means of central staircases.

Tourist Attraction in Amber Fort:

A joyous elephant ride to Amber Fort is a must-to-do activity. The huge animal is decorated with glitzy clothes and garlands and it cost Rs. 400/- per ride. The royal cum adventure safari takes visitors through the main entrance and offers the attraction of Surajpol, Jaleb Chowk, which is the main courtyard of the Fort and the staircases to the Kali Temple and Shila Devi Mandir. The later shimmers with holding the massive silver images of Lions. The huge idol of Lord Ganesha also add up to the attractions.

Apart from the open-air ground, temples and lake, the halls of Amber Fort are must-visit centers. Diwan-i-am or the hall for public highlights the royal court of law, where the issues relating to the subjects were listened and solved. The higher terrace of the fort has a Jai Mandir(the hall of victory), which, now houses the collections of sculptures and artifacts of mosaic works. Opposite to it is the majestic Sukh Niwas (the hall of pleasures). Its intricate sandalwood door made of ivory draws major attention of the visitors.

Last but not the least is the Zenana Apartment, the Hall of Mirrors.

JMW Turner: The Painter of Light

JMW Turner must be among the best known and best loved of all British artists. His paintings were hugely innovative, but their high quality and his prodigious talent were acknowledged even early on in the painter's lifetime, so that he was able to earn his living by painting from a young age. Since he had the freedom to develop his artistic interests without the need to please any particular patron.

Turner came from a background of skilled trades-people: his father was a barber and wig-maker, and his mother's family made their living as butchers. Although the artist was not born to riches or to a particularly cultured family, it seems that his father must have appreciated the young boy's gift as a painter. It is recorded that Turner senior exhibited drawings by the young man, then only 12 or so years old, in the window of his shop in Covent Garden, for sale at a price of a few shillings apiece.

JMW Turner's training as a draftsman and painter initially focused on architectural drawings. He worked for various well-known architects, and when he was accepted into the Royal Academy, his apprentice works used similar subject matter. He thought about architecture as a career, but luckily for posterity he followed the advice he was given to concentrate on fine art.

Turner's earliest surviving works show a talented draftsman in the process of mastering perspective, with the sky featuring no more prominently than one might expect, as a back-drop to the main subject matter of the work. The first painting noted by contemporaries to embody the ethereal, elemental qualities which became synchronous with Turner's name was a watercolor entitling The Rising Squall, exhibited at the Academy in 1793. Sadly it is lost to us.

In 1796, Turner's first oil painting, Fishermen at Sea was shown, and one can see in that work many of the themes which he was to make his own. There is the sea, the exceptional rendering of light itself, and the intense romanticism of his portal of men dwarfed by the elements.

From then on, Turners painting deal more and more with an attempt to portray the essence of light, through its manifestations as reflected on clouds and the sea. The effects he created had much in common with the later works of the impressionists, but he was not seeking as they did to create a faithful image of solid natural objects, but to approach the sublime directly. His paintings increasingly moved away from the portrait of objects illuminated by the sun, to attempts to capture the sublimity of light itself. In spite of the increasing abstraction and lack of distinct solid forms that this question led to, Turner remained a popular painter until he died, a rich man, in 1851.

There have been arguments about the way Turners legacy has been handled. He wanted to found a trust for the welfare of retired and impoverished artists, but the will was disputed and a large amount of the estate went to some cousins. He is honored in galleries in London, Margate and Overseas, but his works have not been kept together as he wished.

In spite of that, the massive admiration and awe inspired by his paintings, persisting even centuries after his death, could hardly be greater.

4 Reasons Why Weight Management Hypnosis Will Be Valuable For You

The desire to release weight could well be the number one desire in the developed world. And there are probably more different ways to supposedly solve the issue, than ever before, and yet here we are in 2017 with a greater obesity problem than ever, plus there is more diabetes and more people frustrated about their weight than ever before.

Using hypnosis for weight management is the perfect way to make your healthy diet and exercise work faster and better. But the main reason hypnosis helps is by bi-passing all the reasons that you have not succeeded up until this point.

So where is your barrier to weight loss?

  1. Emotional eating. You know how it works, you have a bad day, someone upsets you, you get bad news or your teenager is driving you nuts? So outcome your favorite comfort foods. Chocolate, cookies, pasta, alcohol, cola, salty snacks, etc.

You eat or drink way to much in an attempt to feel better, but after the initial moments of taste pleasure, you just keep shoveling it in, until you realise you ate the whole lot!

Now you feel bad, you over ate, you let yourself down again and your original problem still exists.

  1. Food addiction. The most common is for sugary foods but some people are stuck with the savory snacks. Addiction implies that this is some difficult problem to solve which may require you moving into a rehabilitation centre and bonding with cocaine addicts.

The truth is that sugar does bind to the same receptors in the brain that cocaine does, firing off feelings of pleasure.

But quitting sugar is absolutely not like quitting cocaine. Even the most hard core sugar fans can walk away from it with some help.

  1. Slow Metabolism. When I conduct seminars I ask how many people have a slow metabolism. Most put their hands up. Then I ask who can point to their metabolism, and of course no one can.

Your metabolic rate is governed by a number of important systems and some of these such as your thyroid can be measured and medicated. But there is a simple fact. To gain weight, i.e. make and deposit fat you need to consume the food to do it.

  1. Picky Eaters. From my perspective a picky eater is someone who for some reason has never developed the desire for a variety of foods, and this has turned into a belief that doesn’t serve them nutritionally.

All 4 areas are successfully managed by hypnosis allowing you to get on with being healthy and losing weight.

I Have Foot Drop – Home Remedies and Treatment Options

1.) Are you longing for the days when you could walk without a limp?

2.) Do you wish you could do something about this problem?

1.) Introduction

Per the Mayo Clinic, foot drop is not a disease, but rather a general term for “difficulty lifting the front part of the foot”. Moreover, they indicate that “foot drop is a sign of an underlying neurological, muscular or anatomical problem.”

Sometimes foot drop is temporary. In other cases, foot drop is permanent. If you have foot drop, you may need to wear a brace on your ankle and foot to hold your foot in a normal position.

So now what?

You may have already have wondered to yourself… “will this every go away”? Will I have do deal with this situation my whole life? – These are honest questions and we can understand your concern if you have trouble with foot drop or any other walking problem.

So the time for feeling sorry is done. The next question is, “how do I face foot drop and deal with this condition?” Now we are getting somewhere. There are some different treatment options out there that can really help people with foot drop. Some can help you walk better again naturally, but there are no guarantees with this method. Other, very effective treatment options include the use of a brace called an AFO, or even the WalkAide system.

2.) At Home Remedies

Rest is the old fashion way of healing our bodies. As you already know, rest can take you only so far. In the end, the potential to heal has to be there. Sometimes the potential is there, and other times it is not. For example, if you injured your lower back and expect it to heal, then the sciatica you are feeling right now and resulting foot drop may dissipate with time.

3.) Effective Treatment Options, That Do Not Include Surgery

The AFO that is mentioned above is a very helpful treatment option that can definitely help people walk better again. Hands down. It is typically made of low profile plastic and fits into a shoe. This brace is provided by a brace specialist, called an orthotist. These individuals can either give you a custom made AFO or an off the shelf version. Not only that, they can help you facilitate a claim to your health insurance, on your behalf. This means that you might not have to pay a cent out of your own pocket (depending on your coverage levels).

Another system called the WalkAide is getting a lot of attention in the medical community. It is an FDA approved device that helps people with drop foot, by stimulating your peroneal nerve with impulses. It can bring up your foot in this way, as you walk. Not everyone is a candidate for this device but many people are.

Note: This is health information. Although it is good information, it is always a good idea for an individual to talk with their local, licensed orthotist when it comes to getting medical advice on bracing and the WalkAide.

Lose Pounds in the Right Way

Are you tired of seeing your excess fats? Are you tired of people who laugh at you because of your weight?

Being fat is not an issue for most people, the real issue for them is your health. As you all know when a person is fat, he or she is susceptible to illnesses such as, heart disease, diabetes and such. That is why more and more people are doing their best just to lose those extra pounds, but some people are doing it in a wrong way which is definitely unhealthy and too risky for their health. Following the right way to lose those pounds is important for you to avoid having serious health problems.

Here are some ways on how you can lose those extra pounds in a safer way:

Make it a habit to drink water throughout the day instead of drinking beverages that contain calories. Water will also help you clean your system.

Make it a habit to eat small portion at a time. You can still eat food that you love, just lessen your food intake. When eating, you should enjoy your food by eating slower, and you might be surprised at how full you will feel after eating that small portion.

Avoid the habit of eating during midnight. Don’t you know that the body won’t have enough time to digest the food before you go to bed? Plus, you will feel hungrier when you wake up in the morning. But if you really can’t resist taking midnight snacks, just make sure that what you are eating is low in calories.

Exercise regularly. Instead of taking the elevator in the morning, why don’t you just take the stairs especially if it is just two or three floors away? This will help you burn more calories.

Try these easy tips and see how many pounds you will lose after a couple of weeks or so.

How To Grill Entrecote

Entrecote, which is also known as prime rib or rib steak, is one of the most tender and flavorful cuts of beef you can get and it is easy to learn how to cook it on the grill. This premium steak is taken from between the ribs. You can usually get the best meat from your local butcher, although the local grocery store is likely to stock good entrecote too.

You might like to marinade the meat and, since this cut of beef is so tender already, the marinade will just be for adding flavor rather than breaking down any tough connective tissue, so opt for a thirty minute marinade.

Entrecote Marinade Ideas

Fans of traditional Mexican foods and the associated south of the border flavors might like to use chili, cumin, coriander or other spicy ingredients to give their entrecotes a vibrant kick but there are lots of different marinade ingredients to choose from.

Combine twelve ounces of red wine vinegar with a tablespoon each of minced garlic and Worcestershire sauce, a teaspoon of black pepper and half a tablespoon of minced onion. This makes a very flavorful marinade for a pair of ten ounce entrecotes.

For garlic-lovers, try combining six minced garlic cloves with half a cup of red wine, two tablespoons each of fresh thyme leaves and olive oil and some salt and pepper to make a wonderful marinating liquid.

Put the meat in a two quart glass dish and season it with salt, pepper and your chosen marinade. Cover and chill for half an hour. Preheat the grill to moderately hot, if you are using a gas one or preheat your charcoal grill and wait until the coals are white-gray and glowing before you add the meat.

On The Grill

Grill the marinated beef for about six minutes on one side. This might be too little or too much because it depends on the entrecote thickness, so add, or subtract a minute or two if you think it is necessary. Do not use a steak which is thicker than an inch because it is hard to get the center hot on a grill without burning the outside of the beef.

Flip the meat over and grill the other side for four or five minutes. Flip them again and close the grill for a minute or two to finish them off. If your finger leaves an indentation in the steak when you press down, it is still rare in the center. The firmer it is, the more done it is.

Let The Entrecote Rest

It is important to let the beef sit for five minutes on a plate when it is cooked, before you serve it or cut into it. This allows the juices to redistribute and means the entrecote will be juicier and softer.

As with most steaks, this cut is best cooked to medium rare. You will ruin it if you cook it to well done, unless you want to sacrifice succulence and juiciness for a dried-out, gray interior. Give this meat the respect it deserves and cook it like a professional chef would and both the flavor and the texture will be amazing.

You can serve steak with any side dishes you like. If you enjoy authentic Mexican food recipes, what about some grilled vegetables? Rub some Mexican herbs and spices over them before you begin. Spanish rice would go well with grilled steak or you could make some potato salad.