What Makes Window Cleaning So Important? Read These 5 Reasons To Know Why

Every once in a while, we clean windows in our homes yet it is most likely not a priority for many. A dirty floor is a problem, but dirty windows are usually neglected by homeowners.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why window cleaning is more essential than it appears.

1. The Glass Structure

Glass gathers dirt as it’s porous in nature, which after some time makes it delicate or results in loss of transparency, causes pigmented spots that helps in the growth of harmful microorganisms. At last, that may end up demolishing the glass totally. Major enemies of your windows and the reason behind the cleaning are hard minerals, oxidisation, corrosive rain, ocean splash, overspray of coincidental paint, chalk, mortar particles, and so on.

2. Subliminal Effect

Are you aware of the fact that windows influence the way guests view the validity of a business? Subconsciously or intentionally, many individuals will focus the cleanliness of the glass front while entering your store. Filthy windows will affirm reckless attitude and reflects a business as less dependable and appealing. On the other hand, clean windows draw in more people to the stores.

3. Heat Efficiency Of The House

This may be a major shock for a few of us, but it is true that dirty windows influence general heat capabilities of our home. Dust particles in the pores and surface of the glass basically reflect more UV light, stopping the sunlight from making your home warm during winter. The matter deteriorates when a dirty glass combine with low-efficiency windows. Due to this combination, there might be a consistent growth in heating expenses or utility bills. This might also help in the growth of mould if neglected.

4. Maintenance For A Long Period

There’s no doubt that it is less costly to look after windows in the short run than to deal with the long run repair/restoration costs. After your windows begin to develop the signs of wear and tear, it may be difficult to turn around the process and make the window shine again. Small cracks and scratches, mould developed on the glass will damage the glass gradually, and then you have to replace the window pane that costs you lots of money. It may also cause damage to the surrounding glass panes.

5. Clean Windows Look Attractive

At last, you may have felt it that clean windows not only make you feel a lot better, but they also offer a superior view. A clear view that’s full of colours is no doubt a lot more fulfilling. If you don’t have an idea of what we mean, simply ask a friend who wear spectacles about their thoughts of the world before and after cleaning their glasses. They may even say that there is an increase in confidence and positive thoughts. However, don’t try cleaning yourself, instead you should hire window cleaning professional to clean the glass panes carefully.

In the Foothills of Time Guided by Indian Stories and Boxed Kites

The dark sun plunges like a slow motion meteor toward the valley floor
We, ski tips hanging over the cliff appear to be vaulting into the void

The skis racked up on the van, I toss the gear in;
I stand upon this snowy hill that for months I looked forward to
It's gone

So it's off to the future and the setting sun,
Throats hoarse. Our Chevy van leaks
To the street, 'snap,'
The roaring metal river rushes to the iced pavement to head for that big pond,
Empty a lodge parking lot

Behind it – your high cheekbone stare
Your boyfriend, old enough to drive

So let the sun continue to pursue the day it lost;
The black ink that chased him chases us –
To blot the day and the things we've done.

We broke into the city; Not our destination; Our destination lies on past, further
The city's dull glare hurts night-sharpened eyes. Darkness comes, but as a friend
This time, not as the invasive irritant, but cool water to cover our too hot brain;
Night rules with a light hand; It frees the mind, bid you to reflect on the previous

Day, however, intrudes, takes you on its own ride

We small town kids have not yet sold our souls; Nature taught us regularity
In its cycles and its systems. We look for the familiar yellow meadows of home
That shivering, hold onto green-mounded foothills;
The fields are hard seen; A thief – Someone pocketed her yellow gleam
Within her cloak. The sun, though mortal, does not withhold its blast
In fear –

I swear I sat next to you in a dream;
Legs crossed, high cheeks, Indian style
Your black hair flowed near me like a gentle wind;
Your stories put me in a better place. I give you this from deep in my being –
That horrible pit I fell into had me so trapped, I scratched up its steel walls;
I could not find the stairs, nor see above me a light;
You papered the skeleton of my Pegasus Kite, made me sit cross-legged,
And amazed me with ghost stories.

Your special kite (how that box could fly) went to join the Robinson's
In outer space. I ran along my big sister, crossed the golden yellow fields
That promised to yield its fruit
Of animals, bright kids, kites, thick red watermelon.

Our field's skin quivers as sheathers the four winds
To her, and we run to touch roads we're not yet seen.

Sis, quick, who owns no shadow? You lend him your shadow; I'll lend him mine
We'll chase the shadows of blue box kites with black tails.
We'll grow up all over in shadow land.
How many tree, chair shadows have you explored, lake shadows,
Shadows of forests, fir and pine? All opposite of what we've known.

It takes thirty seconds to snap
The bud off a maple branch split its two wings in half, throw
Your helicopter up to heaven – Say 'No'
To goodbye …

Bridal Makeup Tips For Flawless Wedding Makeup Application (Part 3 – Blush, Lipstick & Bronzer)

Every bride absolutely needs to get her makeup done right on her wedding day. No one can turn back the clock once the day is over. We've detailed many essential facts on the importance of wearing foundation (Part 1) and the steps involved in eye makeup application (Part 2). Now, we complete the entire bridal makeup look with many blush, lipstick and bronzer application tips and techniques.


Blush is possibly one of the most overlooked beauty products, however, it is probably one of the most important. It makes brides look healthier and more alive. Powder blush is the most popular type of blush, and the easiest to apply on humid days.

If you choose to wear a powder blush, layer the color on slightly heavier than usual and blend carefully. Focus on the apples of the cheeks for a light rosy hue.

When you apply blush to your cheeks, make sure your makeup brush is not damp. If it is not completely dry, you can get a streaky application.

Alternately, every blushing bride can opt to wear a cream or stain blush for all day coverage. Cheek stains are a fabulous alternative to traditional powder blush. Just a dab will give you that rosy wedding glow. The cosmetic line, Tarte has a great cheek stain in a few great colors that you might want to try. Dab on a nickel sized dot on apples of checks and swirl in circular motions, just as you would regular powder blush. Applying these stains ensures that your blush color lasts all day.


For lip color to last and to look flattering, there are a few options:

– find a lipstick that features a higher color pigmentation

– avoid pale colors as your lips will fade into your dress

– on the contrary, dark colors will completely offset your entire look

– use a lip tint and top off with a gloss

– use a waterproof lip pencil (in a matching color) over the entire lips and then, apply a semi-moist lipstick or gloss

– apply a little foundation to the lips before lipstick and lip liner application to create more staying-power

– for black and white photos, avoid dark lipsticks as they will look MORE dark in these pictures


Now that all of your makeup is on, finish off your wedding day look by using a bronzer. This will give you the most radiant & sun-kissed glow. In my opinion, the look of a bronzer on the face is second to none. It adds warmth to your face. Its application really makes a difference.

When selecting a bronzer, choose a shade that's no more than two shades darker than your skin.

Apply where the sun would normally warm the face, such as on tops of cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose and tip of chin. Avoid applying bronzer all over the face. To ensure proper application, be sure to use a large makeup brush with longer bristles.

TV Brackets Are Safety Nets for Your TV

TV bracket manufacturers and dealers continuously advertise to the general public on the ease and speed of installing TV wall brackets in your home. Some of them emphasize in the instruction booklet there are only three quick steps required to mount a flat panel screen on the wall. DIY enthusiasts and professionals support the claims that installing brackets can be done quickly with very little effort. If you ever installed a TV bracket, you will understand why it is so quick and easy to do it. They also advise you to be very sure on the location in the wall as it will be difficult relocating the TV wall brackets to different locations on the wall.

The basic reason is dismanting the brackets can be tiring and time consuming. Keep note that you are encouraged to fix the brackets firmly and securely on studs and joints to ensure that it will not rip off the wall once the television is mounted on the brackets. As such, it is no easy task removing them from their secured positions. Dealers and distributors should provide easy-to-follow instructions and demonstrations on dismanting the brackets from the wall. The information can be very useful when you have to move the television to another location. Although the brackets are fairly strong and sturdy, you should dismantle them with care so the holes and plates are not disturbed and out of shape. The metal used on the brackets is strong and can not be easily restored to its original shape.

Some specialist manufacturers have a quick dismantling system in their TV sets. These TV sets have a teardrop slot which allows the screws to slide back and lock the latch in place. Unlocking the latch facilitates dismounting the TV and removing the TV bracket. If your TV bracket has been in place for a long time, it may be difficult to take out the screws and remove the bolts from the nuts. In some instances, because of the weight and strain of the television on the brackets, the screws and bolts might bend slightly out of position. Since the screws are firmly embedded on the studies and joints, it becomes doubly unscrewing them from their present positions.

Some people try to widen the holes so the screws can come out easily. However, a hole is created, making it unsafe to put screws in that exact location again. You have to cover the hole with some resin or hardening material to make the spot reusable later on. Since TV brackets have colorful designs and look elegant even without a TV mounted on it, some people prefer having TV wall brackets in other locations of the home, ready for mounting televisions when the need arises. Coloring the brackets with the same color as the room allows it to blend with the decor of the room and makes it inconspicuous.

There are different TV brackets in the market. The type of bracket will depend on the location and the television's weight and size. They are manufactured for specific TV brands and models, and by providing the television's specifications, dealers can easily point you to the appropriate TV brackets. Your main concern on the safety of the television can be addressed immediately. To be definitely sure about the strength, you can ask them to demonstrate the different types of applicable TV brackets. You may still need to make some decisions on the aesthetic aspects. They come in different colors and designs to help you determine which fits your room's ambiance.

The Handyman Special – How to Sell a House in Disrepair or Buy a House With No Deposit

Imagine this:

• You need to sell your house but you can’t because you have let it run down over the years and it needs lots of Tender Loving Care.

• You can’t fix it up because you don’t have the cash.

• You are behind on the Mortgage Payments.

If this sounds like the house you have right now then read on. The solution to selling these difficult houses is surprisingly simple, and incredibly effective. The easiest way to explain a House Selling Strategy (or a House Buying Strategy for that matter) is through an example.

Here goes:

The Handyman Special

• The Situation – You are a seller with a house in a bad state of repair. It is currently worth $200 000. All the other houses in your area are worth $300 000.

• The neighbours are on your back to Renovate Your House because it is bringing down the value of their homes.

• You have had professional tradespeople in to give you quotes on the repairs. You cannot afford to pay the $30 000 for the repairs and you couldn’t possibly find the time to DIY. You’re too busy working to try and pay the mortgage payments for that!

Here is what you do – “Make Your House Easy to Buy, so it Will Be Easy To Sell”. With the Handyman Special strategy here are the steps to follow:

1. Let’s assume that if your house was in good condition it would be worth $300 000.

2. Also let’s assume (conservatively) that the bank would be happy to lend on an 80% Loan to Value ratio. This means they will lend a buyer $240 000 to buy a $300 000 home.

3. Next thing to do is put your home up for sale at say $270 000. In your marketing, ask for people who are Good With Their Hands. Yes you will get a lot of interest because it is well below the area value of $300 000. However when a buyer comes to inspect you should expect them (if they have eyes in their head) to baulk at the price when they see the poor condition of your house.

4. Now explain to the buyer that you were going to fix it up at a cost of $30 000 but if the buyer would be happy to do the work themselves instead you would be happy to knock off $30 000 and sell it to them for $240 000 instead. This means you will be accepting a $30 000 deposit in the form of “Sweat Equity”. The buyer needs NO CASH DEPOSIT. The buyer does $30 000 of work instead.

So – What’s in it for the seller? The seller no longer needs to pay $30 000 for repairs and renovations. The seller will get $40 000 more than expected ($240 000 instead of current value of $200 000). The property title will remain in the seller’s name until the renovations are completed to their satisfaction. The seller doesn’t have to spend precious time doing DIY Renovations.

So – What’s In It For The Buyer? The value of the house will be $300 000 when it is fixed up. The buyer only pays $240 000 to the seller. The buyer knows that DIY is much cheaper than the $30 000 quoted to the seller – say $4000 to $8000, using their own skills and network (relatives, friends, professional contacts).

The buyer will end up with a house worth $300 000 for which he paid only $240 000 (plus costs of fixing up). He/she has $60 000 of “Equity” in the house before they even move in (this is 20% of the house value).

Conclusion: How does this all end?

• The Bank sees a house worth $300 000 and a buyer who has a contract-for-sale for $240 000. They are delighted to lend 80% of the valuation to the buyer ($240 000). Happy Bank!

• The Seller gets $40 000 more than he/she ever believed possible and didn’t have to spend a penny or lift a hammer to get it. Happy Seller!

• The Buyer gets a beautiful home decorated and renovated to THEIR Tastes and the only money spent is about $8000. NO DEPOSIT needed. The bank gave them ALL the money they needed to buy the house at the seller’s price of $240 000. Wow – a beautiful $300 000 home for only $8000 cash. Happy Buyer!

So the “Handyman Special” Strategy for Selling a House has in this case resulted in Happy Seller, Happy Buyer, and Happy Banker. Now that is a WIN – WIN – WIN situation.

4 Popular Flooring Options for Homeowners to Consider

Before starting a flooring project, it is usually helpful to learn about the different types and their benefits. There are a number of options to consider, including carpets, ceramic hardwood, and vinyl. Each option comes with its unique costs, so it’s up to the homeowner to choose the ideal type that fits into their budget and meets their interests. Some people may also consider having different floors for each room in their house.

1. Carpets

Carpeting is warm and soft and helps in soundproofing a room. It is an ideal option for bedrooms and other places with little foot traffic. The advantage of carpets is that they are easy to install and can adapt to uneven areas and old subfloors. They are also easier to match to the existing layout and theme of a home. The only problem is that they tend to build up dirt and dust, but they still make an ideal option for people who prefer a touch of comfort within their spaces.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl is another popular choice, and it is much more affordable than other options. With proper maintenance, it can last up to 10 to 20 years. Some people prefer vinyl because of its noise-cancelling property, and it can be installed in the laundry room or bathroom to add warmth. This flooring option also comes in a variety of styles, offering homeowners unlimited options for designing a personalized space that reflects their style.

3. Ceramic

This floor type is both inexpensive and waterproof, and this is why it makes a practical choice for bathrooms and kitchens. It is also an ideal fit for dining rooms as it can withstand accidents and spills. Ceramic tiles come in different textures, colors, styles, and shapes to allow for limitless interior designing. Some options, such as mosaic tiles, come in plastic mesh sheets to allow for an easy installation. It is advisable to choose the right texture for different rooms, as some options are very slippery for rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom.

4. Hardwood

Hardwood flooring never goes out of style, and it is a popular choice because of its durability and low maintenance. A homeowner has the option to install engineered planks or real wood strips depending on their budget. Engineered planks are usually moisture-resistant and boast exceptional stain and finish. These planks are ideal for the kitchen because they have a layer of plywood underneath real wood to withstand temperature changes and humidity. Hardwood is perfect for any room and comes in different sizes, finishes, and stains to meet different decor needs.

These are the top popular flooring options, but there are also other available choices such as laminate, concrete, linoleum, and other subtypes. A homeowner’s choice depends on their budget and the style they envision. Some people may opt for a choice that will attract potential homebuyers should they consider a home sale in the future. Whatever a person’s choice, it is wise to work with a professional contractor to ensure the whole project is executed professionally.

Horizon Fitness Treadmills – Which One is Right For You?

You can choose to go to a great health club to work out on one of their treadmills or you can now have a great workout in the comfort of your home with Horizon Fitness Treadmills. They come in all ranges and sizes. Take a look at some of the favorite models.

The Horizon WT950 treadmill can reach high speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. It is made for endurance, hard and rigorous training routines and packs 2.25 horsepower. It has an incline motor which can operate at a full power of 3150RPM and 500 pounds of direct thrust from 0 to 12 per cent grade. With a great wireless pedometer which enables you to keep a tally of your daily steps quite easily, you can check the treadmill to know how your fitness is progressing each day. The treadmill has the capacity to upload your daily steps for the day using the treadmill console. It is portable thanks to its featherlight lift feature which uses two hydraulic shocks to help you in raising and lowering the deck. They are able to keep the deck in place above 45 degrees to prevent drops. The ultra compact, fold-on-nose is for safety and maneuverability. It also has a thicker, softer cushioning which is designed to take stress off your legs and joints.

The Horizon Fitness Treadmills also have another model called the Horizon T20 treadmill which used to be called the Advance 200 and has continued to be one of the best sellers. It is rated highly by all dealers because it attracts buyers from the novice and expert fitness enthusiasts to just everybody searching for a light or casual workout. It is durable and easy to control. It comes from a series of treadmills like the T25, T30, T40, T51, T52, T53, T54, HR. All of them are quality products which are every fitness shopper’s first choice for walking, running, or jogging with or without an incline. They can keep count of the calories burned, distance and speed covered during the workout.

The Horizon Fitness Treadmills also has a model called the Horizon Cse3 Elliptical that is designed to benefit people who suffer from joint problems. It means that the countless number of people who are tempted to give up exercise can be encouraged to use this particular treadmill. It has low-impact exercise for people with joint problems – whether they wish to lose weight, get in shape or just maintain their existing fitness level.

Ellipticals are sometimes called elliptical fitness machines, elliptical cross trainers, elliptical gliders or elliptical exercisers and provides perfect aerobic workout. They simulate the motions of cycling, walking, skiing, and stepping with very little impact to the delicate joints. With Horizon Fitness Cse3 Elliptical trainer, you do not have to remove the feet from the foot pads which mean that the workout puts very little impact on the knees, ankles, hips, and the back area of your body. This workout treadmill can work both your arms and legs at the same time. This enables the workout to burn more calories in a very limited time period. They are one of the most popular types of Horizon Fitness Treadmills even for use outdoors.

Step Toward A Healthier Life

Take the First Step

Figure your body fat, compare it to recommended ranges, and set realistic goals for improvement.

Assess Your Body

Being over fat, or obese, has health risks. Obesity causes or aggravates a wide range of health problems from high blood pressure, to arthritis, to certain forms of cancer. The good news is that weight loss – actually body fat loss – can help prevent or control the development of many of these diseases.

Its fat, not weight, which is a problem. Fit people come in all weights, sizes and shapes. Standard height-weight charts and Body Mass Index charts (BMI) that relate height and weight may be misleading. Many experts believe that percentage of body fat is a better measure of physical fitness than weight alone.

A person who is "overweight" according to height-weight charts does not need to have too much fat. The extra weight may be due to an above-average amount of muscle.

On the other hand, a person can be "overfat" even if they are not overweight, if they have too much fat in proportion to the muscle in their body. Figuring your fat can tell you if you are really "overfat".

Body Fat Measurement and Monitoring

Until recently, measuring and monitoring body fat has been a complicated process. The most common methods required a trained technician, expensive equipment or uncomfortable procedures. As a result, it was not convenient for people to monitor their body fat on a regular basis, nor in the privacy of their own home

Recommended Body Fat Ranges

Once you have determined your body fat percentage compare it to recommended healthy ranges:

If you're already in a healthy range – congratulations and keep up the good work! Whether your weight remains the same or fluctuates over time, regular body fat monitoring can give you a more complete picture of your own body's fitness. It also can indicate how changes in your diet or exercise affect your body composition.

If you need to reduce your body fat, a body fat monitor can be a valuable aid to help you track the results of your fitness program as you "Step It Up".

Step on It

Monitor your body fat regularly to chart your progress and as part of a routine personal fitness program.

Recent guidelines issued by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) confirm successful weight loss requires increasing physical activity and reducing calories. Changing your balance of diet and exercise can help you achieve a healthy balance of fat and muscle in your body.

Exercise contributes to weight loss, and is most helpful in prevention of weight gain. It also can change overall body composition, by reducing fat while building muscle. In addition, exercise increases cardiovascular fitness.

Start an exercise program with moderate activity, progressing to 30 minutes or more on most or preferably all days of the week.

Exercise can be done in one session, or in short periods through the day that add up to 30 minutes.

Choose physical activities you enjoy and can do regularly. Consistency is important.

Walking is an excellent exercise because it is safe and accessible. Start at a slow pace, gradually increasing how long, how fast, how hard, and how many times a week you walk.

In addition to planned exercise, increase everyday activities such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It all adds up.

Step It Up

Make changes in diet and exercise to change the composition of your body, not just your weight.

Most weight loss occurs by cutting calories in the daily diet. According to the USDA, you should restrict your daily intake of fat to no more than 30% of total calories consumed.

To lose weight, the NIH recommends 1-2 pounds per week as a safe and effective goal based on an individually planned low-calorie diet. But the weight you lose will consist of muscle, as well as fat, unless you exercise. With proper diet and regular exercise you can lose the weight and increase your muscle mass. Monitoring body fat as part of your program can tell you if your exercise and diet goals are in step by showing how your proportion of muscle to fat improves.

Even if your weight appears to remain the same from year to year, your body composition can change for the worse.

The good news is that you can catch any change with the regular use of a home body fat monitor and make the necessary adjustments to your diet and exercise. Keep in mind that reducing body fat takes longer than losing pounds. Losing fat and keeping it off often requires permanent changes in eating and exercise habits. Monitoring body fat, as well as weight, can be part of those long-term changes, and tracing body fat percentage over time is the best way to measure any progress.

So figure your body fat and step on it, America!

Hydrogen Conversion

If you are thinking of Hydrogen conversion and maybe converting your existing car to become a Hydrogen and gasoline burning hybrid, then you need to know that there are basically two options, and two different directions that you can take it.

So lets take a look more closely at what the two different methods are and whats involved in each one.

1. Firstly, you have the option of buying a premade Hydrogen car kit, one that has been built by somebody else and sold as a means of making profit. You can find these “premade” kits on places such as eBay. You can also actually find some companies that sell commercial versions of these premade Hydrogen car kits, the problem with these is that they will be much more expensive, although the quality and customer support will be better. If you are interested in this option, you can Google the term “premade Hydrogen conversion kits”, and you will find a site that focuses specifically on supplying details on how you can buy the premade version.

2. The second option is to just buy a guide, which will teach you exactly what you need and how to put together and install your own conversion kit, using cheaper parts. This is known as a DIY guide, and this is an option that many people are following up. The advantage with pursuing this method for converting your car is that you will be spending a lot less, you will be sure its right for your particular engine, and also you will gain some valuable knowledge as to how the process actually works. This would be recommended for anyone who has a good basic knowledge of their own car, and can do basic maintenance already. The process is actually more simple that it would seem, and so many are having success with this method.

Out of the two options, so far more people seem to be going for the Do-It-Yourself approach, as like I mentioned, it is much cheaper for the consumer. You are looking at paying several hundred dollars more for a premade Hydrogen conversion kit.

Here's Why You Should Give Meal Planning A Try

Planning healthyful delicious meals for a family might
Seem a time consuming task. However the benefits of planning
Nutritious meals far outweigh the time required
To get it right. Creating a weekly menu plan is important
To creating healthy delicious meals for our family.
Menu planning can actually add hours to your week
Rather than reducing the time you have available.

Meal planning should give you more time not reduce the
Spare time you have available. You will become
An efficient shopper. Always use the KISS principal
And start small and expand your efforts over time.

A small investment of time creating a simple meal plan
Can reap great rewards When you step into those mega
Grocery stores, you need a plan to navigate away from
The frozen pizzas and get to the good stuff.
The good stuff is hidden in the back of the store
In the fruit and vegetable area of ​​the super markets.
Having a meal plan tells you exactly where to go and
What aisle to avoid.

Once you get home with your stash of goodies, fruits,
Vegetables and other nutrient rich foods, you will feel
The need to get all those other foods out of the refrigerator
And into the garbage. The rotten tomatoes, that never got
Added to the salad are history. The vegetables that are
Squishy can be gone. Next week the good stuff will be ate and
There will be no waste in the kitchen because a menu plan is
In place.

Organizing meal preparation will actually keep you sane.
You will know each day "what's for dinner". You will have
All the ingredients necessary to prepare a quick nutritious
Meal. You will not have to stop by the grocery store on your way
Home from work. You will have all the ingredients on hand
To prepare a meal without having to step out to the
Neighbors for a cup of yogurt or an extra tomato for the salad
You are making. There will not be any standing at the
Refrigerator washing what to cook for dinner.

Once you organize your menus for the week, the next thing
You'll note that the whole kitchen is organized and you can
Prepare a meal in peace. Getting help from the family is a good
Idea when the meal plan is put together. There is nothing worse
Than seeing the faces of the family drop to the floor when
You introduce a new healthier way of eating.

Taking the time to find and perhaps chart the most
Nutritious foods and integrating them into the daily meals can be a
Simple task. Knowing what you need from the grocery store will
Eliminate wasted time, energy and money. Your inventory for the
Week of meal preparations becomes more streamlined as you start
Your family on a healthy path to fitness.

There are several stages of meal planning that include inventory
Control, recipes for the menus, pricing of food and the actual
Cooking of the final meal. But with proper planning the
Meal plan becomes easier and more efficient over time. The basics of
A menu plan must be simple.

Getting everything the family needs for optimum health into
One meal a day. Not so simple? Most families only eat one meal
A day together so the extension of the meal plan may include
Healthy meal from popular take out restaurants. McDonalds
Now includes yogurt and fruits cups as alternatives to french

Many families just ignore the need for menu planning and the
Results can be devastating.The teenagers gain weight and blame the
Parents, toddlers start to show signs of sugar overload and mom and
Dad are just tired all the time. Some minor adjustment to the diet
And a mealplan can get a family's meal time ritual out of the doldrums
And into an exciting journey to good health.

How To Choose Your Kids Costume

Kids love Halloween and for very good reasons. There is plenty of fun going around, lots of sweets and candy as well as the thrill of being slightly scared. And obviously the icing on the cake (the best part for kids), getting dressed up. The only way to really begin to understand the thrill and emotion kids go through is to turn back into a kid – a lot of people would like to do this in reality, but the best we can do is use our imagination and remember a great Halloween We had when young.

The idea here is not just to remember it, but to bring forth all the emotions you felt and to relive it through the eyes of the child you once were.

Here is a little exercise, which is also quite fun. Close your eyes and go back as many years as necessary. It is Halloween and your mum has a costume for you to wear. Even though you do not know what it is, you are feeling excitation in anticipation. Do you have it? Do you have that memory?

Now, do not rush ahead but think of yourself in your room, perhaps a brother or sister is with you. Look through that child's eyes. Really look around you. Remember children live each moment with all their senses and this means they feel everything. If you have gotten this far then you will have noticed that not only do you see as you once saw, no longer the adult, but that the things you see, the chair, the bed, the door, are all much bigger than they are Now, and the top of the chair is at eye level. You no longer see things from your current height, but with the eyes of a child and from a child's body. Now just let the feelings flow and especially the thrill of knowing you are getting a new costume, and maybe it is the outfit you want.

Why all the above? Kids love Halloween and it should be a memorable experience for them. How great a time they will have will have a direct relationship to the intensity of their feelings – obviously positive ones, as it does work the other way as well. You can now truly sympathize with them.

Now that you remember what it was like and how you felt, it is much easier to put yourself in your kids shoes. The costume choice should be based on this, and the type of character he or she loves. This could be from a movie, sometimes Iron Man or the Transformers, a cartoon character, a pirate, a vampire, a witch, a ghost. Knowing what he likes is not that difficult just spend a little time and allow your child to tell his best movie or best story. The key here is spending a little time.

Finally, for that memorable experience use those feeling you unearthed again and build up the moment from preparation to execution which is presenting the costume, adding ghoulish make-up, the Trick or Treating and the party. Your goal for the night is to finally lay him down to sleep, exhausted but happy.

Secrets of Growing Killer Tomatoes

Tomatoes have always been my favorite garden vegetable to grow and to eat. I have had success with the other standard garden vegetables, such as cucumbers, bell peppers, cauliflower etc. but tomatoes became my specialty over the years.

I start my seeds indoors approximately 5-6 weeks before the last expected frost date. I use a commercially available starting flat that will hold 72 seedlings. I prefer plant the Tomato Park’s Whopper(TM) Cr Improved, VFFNT Hybrid which can be ordered from Park Seed Co. This is a large, luscious, disease resistant tomato that I have seen grow to excess of 3lbs.+. It makes for an awesome BLT since a slice of one of these beauties will hang off the toast at least one inch or more all the way around!!!!!

For the potting mixture, I use equal parts of a good quality potting soil and vermiculite that makes the soil light enough so that the seeds will not have difficulty sprouting and growing. I know your probably saying to yourself right now, WOW, 72 tomato plants, I don’t need that many, well look at it like this…out of the 72 that you start, some will not develop for whatever reason, and once they are planted, some will die, the birds will get some, the animals will get some and yes, the bugs will get some regardless of how hard your try to keep them out. So out of that 72 plants, you could wind up with just the right number in the end for your garden. Of course it is possible to wind up with 72 very healthy, untouched by animals, disease or bugs, tomato plants, as happened to me one season, then you will have more tomatoes than you can possibly eat, can, sell or give away!!!! But that is a whole ‘nother story!!!

I have grown tomatoes in all types of soil, from rocky, hard packed clay to rich dark loam so loose you could push your arm elbow deep into the soil with no effort. It has been my experience that almost any soil will work with most only requiring minor amendments.

If you need to add amendments to your soil to loosen it, I recommend a mixture of aged sawdust and sand in equal parts. The sand can be obtained in bulk from your local concrete company for a small fee or you can buy it in bags from your local hardware store. One note about the sawdust, DO NOT use fresh sawdust, as this is much to hot due to the nitrogen being released during the breakdown process. Plants placed in this sawdust; even with the mix of sand and soil are much to tender to withstand the high concentration of nitrogen.

If fresh sawdust is all that you can obtain, pile it in one corner of your garden and let it age for new season.

Your local sawmill, if you have one close by, should have a good supply of old sawdust on hand that they will let you load up and haul away for free. If you do not have a sawmill or any type of manufacturing facility close by, such as the Ames Co., that makes wooden handles etc. you can check with your local county extension agent and he or she can tell you where you may acquire the sawdust. Speaking of the county extension agent, when you go to consult with the agent, take along some soil samples from different places in your garden and ask that they be tested for the proper nutrients. This is a free service provided by some counties while others may charge a nominal fee, regardless, you can have the results back in just a few days.

Once you have the sawdust and sand, spread equal parts over your garden until it reaches a depth of about one inch or more depending on the type of soil. Too much and the soil will be too loose and the water will drain away to quickly, not enough and the sun will bake it to a hardpan during the dog days of summer.

Work this mixture into your soil as deep as possible using your rotary tiller or the old fashioned way, by using a spading fork or shovel Once this mixture is worked in properly then it is time to consider what type of fertilizer is needed.

Armed with your soil test results, you will have a good indication of what kind of fertilizer is best for your particular garden. In most cases, a good all purpose fertilizer known as Triple 10 or 10-10-10 will do the job very well. Your soil test results will give specifics of any additional nutrients that you may need and should also include coverage rates.

Once you have completed the fertilizing, give your garden a moderate soaking with your sprinkler or hose nozzle to dissolve and distribute the fertilizer through out the soil.

When I begin to set out the tomatoes I have somewhat of a unique approach, I dig the planting hole, approximately 10-12 inches deep with a post hole digger, which also helps to determine the spacing for each plant ( 2-2 ½ feet apart or about ½ the length of the handle of your post hole digger) I use the post hole digger for several reasons:

1. Its much easier on your back, you don’t have to bend or kneel to dig the hole.

2. The larger and deeper hole means that more of the tomato plant itself can be placed deeper into the ground and the more plant you can actually place in the ground the stronger the plant will be, because every bit of the seedling that is placed underground will develop into the root system, thereby you will have deeper and stronger roots from the very beginning.

3. The loose backfill in the hole allows for the developing root system to get a firm foothold.

After you have gotten all your holes spaced out and dug, go back and sprinkle just a bit of Miracle-Gro into the bottom of each hole then add just a small amount of water to the hole. Gently remove your seedlings from the flat and place it as deep as possible in the hole. I recommend leaving no more than 1 – 2 inches of tomato above ground. Yes, it will take longer for your tomatoes to produce by doing this as compared to setting them out at that same depth they were in the seeding flat, but you will have stronger plants and plants that virtually never need watering because at that depth moisture is pretty much constant unless it is an extremely dry summer. Believe me, if you set your tomatoes out at the flat depth, you will be watering them at least every other day.!!!

The next thing we need to address is the method used to control the sprawling plant. Some people like to place straw down around their tomato plants and let them sprawl across the ground. I believe this opens the door for more pest problems, such as the tomato hornworm. The method I recommend is using concrete reinforcing wire to make your own tomato cages. The wire can be purchased at most any hardware or do it yourself store. The wire has large 6″ openings that you can easily pass your hand through when picking time comes. The wire is about 6 ft high which makes a very sturdy cage for even the biggest tomato plant. To make the cages, count off seven of the squares and then, using a cutting torch or a study pair of wire cutters, cutoff the bottom of the seventh square which will give you six 6″ spikes that will make the cage as steady as a rock when they are pushed into the ground. I place my cages around the plants as soon as the plants are in the ground. Once you make the cages they will last of years and years to come.

Our last area of concern is pests and diseases, specifically the tomato hornworm and blossom end rot. The tomato hornworm is nasty little creature that will surround and chew through your plant at just below ground level. To prevent this from happening push a very large nail into the ground right next to each tomato plant. This will prevent the hornworm from surrounding your plant and eating through the base.

If you see the end of your tomatoes beginning to rot as they grow, then it is surely a case of blossom end rot, which can be easily stopped from overtaking your entire tomato crop. Go to your local pharmacy and get some potassium chloride, then place two heaping tablespoons into a garden sprayer and fill with water, shake to mix then spray your plants well. Do this weekly until no new end rot appears.

If you follow this guide and use a little TLC you will have some of the largest and best tasting tomatoes one could ever ask for.

You will definitely be the envy of the entire neighborhood!!!

Walk the Path with Tarot – Major Arcana

The Major Arcana depict images, characters that convey deeper meanings,

messages, insights to encourage you to delve deep into your soul, reveal the shadows,

the secret longings or pain, fears as well as hopes, forgotten blessings and joys. It may

even point to possibilities you have never thought of. Tarot also paves the path

to healing of deep wounds suffered in solitude; it helps one in the grieving process.

It is also a helpful meditative tool. And if you are feeling a bit whimsical

and magical, try casting a tarot spell!

What the cards hold for you:

There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana

Part I: Who you are, what you are and the world around you:CARDS I-VII

I Magician

Before him are the tools he needs on his journey, perhaps minor ones but needed.

Above him is the sign of infinity, a symbol of the Holy Spirit reflecting his Intellect that

gathers all knowledge and pours it out into Life and the attainment of the spirit.

This reflects self-confidence, strong will power, ability to transform ideas into action; he meets life’s crises and dilemma head on, with clear resolve and common sense.

II High Priestess

Described as the great feminine force that controls the very source of life. She gathers all the energy and pours it to the spirit when the time of release is right. At times stands for religion and the church.

She brings about the female creativity, she shows the hidden influences that can be detected by those who seek foresight and insight to try to understand what is to be.

III Empress

She is the creative and positive side of Nature, with Venus as her symbol; she stands for the aspect of love. Some regard her as a symbol for Occultism, the door to the inner mysteries.

This card stands for strong maternal love, nurturing and supportive. She is eager to participate in productive and creative endeavors. She brings with her abundance and prosperity. She takes initiative and her practical side overshadows the emotion.

IV Emperor

Authoritative, dominant, the Emperor exudes all that is powerful, passionate and impetuous in love and war. He stands for the positive masculine. He sees both sides of an issue, resolves conflict with his broad view of the picture, he also stands for mental rulership.

This card reflects maturity, regardless of age. The dominant side is influential in the decision -making process; he is strong-willed and purposeful.

V Hierophant

He is the counterpart of the High Priestess.He is the reflective or mystical aspect of the masculine. Whereas the Emperor is a doer, the Hierophant is the thinker. It is thought that this card indicates the hidden guardianship of the Masters. This card offers the chance to go beyond the physical realm, it is possible to stimulate the flow of esoteric forces into the physical plane. It also indicates emotional health.

This card brings out the compassion and sensitive nature of man, a desire to adhere to tradition, respect rituals and the law. There is a strong reliance on intuition and the higher self. Rituals in this respect may indicate marriage or acceptance to an order. It also represents contemplation, endurance and reconciliation.

VI Lovers

When Adam and Eve first entered Paradise, they were without fetters. They were inspired, intuitive and free from the shackles of materialism. They are a picture of innocence, virginity and pure love, without lusty desire.

This card that shows the way to human love, truth and life. It is deep love that brings harmony and peace. It points to decisions and choices to be made to bring happiness and contentment. It shows the male figure as the protector, the female secure in his presence although she is strong-willed.

VII Chariot

A card that symbolizes the spirit of man in control of mind, body and spirit.The Chariot rises above the cloud of illusion and is able to penetrate the higher realm. He is endowed with the occult energy to overcome evil forces; he is ready to do battle.

This card represents the cyclic rhythm of changes to show that nothing in life is static. He represents the conquest on all planes, mental, physical, scientific and even the process of initiation.

It asks that you open your eyes to the resolution of problems by taking a look at all sides and endeavor to bring about peace and harmony. Even when you have a strong desire to forge ahead and you know you can, self-control is advised. Exercise positive physical and mental attitude in all that you do.

Part II: Forces you encounter along the way, sometimes beyond our control CARDS: VIII-XIV

VIII Strength

It is the mastery of the lower self by the higher one. It is the power of the Spirit that gives the strength to subdue and check the rising tide of passion. In its exalted aspect, Strength connects with the Divine; she fosters virtue that applies in all planes.

It suggests that which is steadfast and enduring. With feet solid on the ground, passions is kept in check, do battle for the right reasons. This card brings a strong sense of mental power when faced with adversity. Honor is ultimate with this card.

IX Hermit

He is the eternal seeker- the Pilgrim Soul. His beacon of wisdom and knowledge illuminates the world below him as he beckons: “Where I am, you also may be.”

Eternal Spring is in his heart.

Think things over evaluate carefully your options. Sometimes it helps to

Withdraw or retreat from a situation or issue. Being too emotionally involved with the problem may cloud the decision making process. Let a bright light come on to help you gain a better perspective.

X Wheel of Fortune

On the Tree of Life, the Wheel is placed on the Pillar of Mercy. As it revolves, you can see the changing influence of Light and Dark, the steps that eventually lead to liberation. It signifies the perpetual motion of the universe and highlights the continuous changing cycles of human existence. It shows that equilibrium is attainable.

The Wheel stands for the cycles of life, changes that are in store. Man does not stand still, neither does time. Sometimes it calls attention to recurring patterns in your life.

It is may also reflect the laws of Karma, cause and effect. This card may allude to the mystery of life, to seek higher consciousness, to appreciate the essence of being. Look forward to new opportunities, be in sync with the cyclical patterns, at times, it may be the destiny calling.

XI Justice

This card shows the scales of Justice. She has the authority to pass judgment, so that laws are obeyed. She protects law and order and moral principles. It is with enlightenment that she passed judgment.

It depicts the balance that is possible after a stressful time. It requires that Justice will be served according to principles, and dealt with love and compassion. It calls your attention to look at your life. Are you in balance and harmony with the cosmos? Take time to honor yourself, and not give up your personal power.

XII The Hanged Man

This is a card of sacrifice. It speaks of the submission to the material bonds in order to bring out what is sublime in the higher consciousness. This requires a quiet time for contemplation, to emerge stronger .For those who seek higher illumination, the work is never complete thus the recurring visit of the Hanged Man.

Take a rest, give yourself some time alone, after going through tough times New ideas will come forth to help smooth out difficulties, a better perspective, new attitude emerging.

XIII Death

This is a most feared card, feared for the drastic events it may bring. The skeleton survives the destructive power of time, but is the basis for re-structuring. It symbolizes rebirth, renewal, new beginnings.

This card denotes drastic changes lessons learned from past mistakes and failures, the chance to rise from the ashes of destruction. It restores the faith in love, it will conquer the darkness that fear brought. It offers new beginnings. Rarely does the Death card signify actual physical death.

XIV Temperance

This card projects equilibrium. It calls you to be moderate in every endeavour you pursue. An angel blends fire and water- inspiration and intuition the element Fire evokes and the emotions that Water symbolize.

Temperance encourages you to understand the hidden energies available to you. Exercise moderation in all that you do, to avoid being a slave to life’s excesses. Listen, look deep within, and be in tune with your inner self.

This card indicates one who has learned lessons about patience and living in the moment. It is a realization that moderation in life is necessary, if you are to maintain balance and harmony.

Part III :what is meant to be will be; experience the cosmic influences along the way . Cards :XV-XXI

XV The Devil

The Devil and Death are great controlling forces of the Universe. The destruction and havoc these cards wreak. Clear the way for renewal and rebirth. Nothing is permanent in Life. Sometimes, disintegration clears the fear, it paves the way for you confront these and find renewal, stability and strength after a struggle.

The Devil card opens your eyes to the fears, anger, greed, passions and lusts in your life. Look at your life, ask yourself, what can you change? These are strong powerful and destructive emotions that will bring nothing but more pain and bury you deeper in the mire. This card may represent the pursuit of all that is material, it may be time to re-assess your spiritual self.

XVI The Tower

Lightning strikes a tower with tremendous destructive force. What is toppled is symbolic of the necessity, or possibly the only way to allow the light to emerge from the darkness. It calls your attention to examine the walls you build around your life, what are behind those walls that you must give up to put your life in order, once again.

This card is the “wake-up call” you need to shake yourself out of your false illusions or delusions, living in the edge of disaster, be it personal or financial. You have thrown caution to the wind; this card beckons you to mend your way, with prudence and optimism. Sometimes, a collapse is the only way for you to open your mind, and be in touch with your inner spirit.

XVII The Star

The Star offers a guiding light, opens your heart to love, in all its forms. It lights up your soul. It is an inspiring card-with the promise of ultimate attainment. Enjoy the beauty of the heavens above, feel the gifts of the spirit flow within you.

This card offers great insight, new expectations, dark clouds are clearing. The shining star is a symbol of realization, of hope amid difficult times. It asks you to attune to your higher self, align to a higher purpose. Feel the optimism, enjoy good health as you look at the stars.

XVIII The Moon

Dark shadows lurk in the brightness of the Moon, shadows of unrewarded toils, unrequited love, fear and possible failure. Everything looks still in cool brightness of the Moon- yet intimidating. The moon moves the intellect to follow the reflective light to the far beyond of unknown mysteries, yet to be revealed. It shows the psychic, the unconscious waiting to be reconciled with the conscious.

This card speaks of a need for security and fulfillment. It reflects the illusions and delusions you live with It promotes confusion and lack of clarity. There are unconscious forces within, work with these, do not be fearful, for eventually, you will see the path clearer in full light of the moon.

XIX The Sun

The Sun is a life source, it provides warmth and vitality. Nothing can hide from the brightness of the sun. The sun is a predominant symbol of strength , energy and divine potential. However, it may also bring out the arrogant and disdainful qualities, a scorching sun is unbearable.

This is a good card to turn up in a reading. It offers inspiration as it casts its brightness on your path. Feel its warmth, absorb its radiance, and let it shine through your being. It offers the possibility of great achievement, success and all the trappings of fame.

XX Judgment

An angel sounds the trumpet, experience the forces beyond human realm. What is the sum total of your life, your undertakings, your hopes and fears. Have you known the strength, have you felt the power from your higher self? From the power above, man transcends the limitations of his human experience and environment. Feel the wonder and the ecstasy of the summons from above, find the answers deep within.

This card calls for more spiritual outlook, a time for self-redemption. Ride the turbulent tides of your difficulties with a positive attitude, seek the enlightenment from your spirit and behold the transformation that springs from within.

XXI The World

This is the final message of the Major Arcana. It symbolizes the rapture of the universe when it connects with the cosmos, the ultimate power above whose light descends upon the spirit to the physical being. It is the great Mother, the wheel of Life and Death, it includes the elements, the stars shining brightly in the darkness, it is the present, and it is NOW.

Gather all your experience, for good or bad, learn what you can and make yourself whole again as the World offers it hand, as life once again comes full cycle. Be enlightened by it all, walk with faith and confidence, savor the moment of reward and success. Find your balance with the elements and the Universe. Live in the moment and let life flow.

Card 0 The Fool

The Fool is a card unto itself. At every step, there he is, evolving step by step as he walks his path, stumbling at times, then rises, and keeps going till he reaches the final step in his journey. Did he tread along the path that is meant for him, is the destination the ultimate goal, or is it the journey that counts?

The Fool goes on without pretense. He shows no hint of the Divine as he embarks on his journey. He shows no care in the world, he probably forgets that in his “bundle”he carries with him the tools he needs as he goes on his journey. He is surrounded by worldly wisdom held in check by his innocence or naivetë. He walks his path on an early Spring day, taking his steps without caution.

The Fool card shows one with an open mind, full of hopes and dreams and a very vivid imagination. This card indicates inexperience, unrealistic goals and very high hopes. It is a card of happenings, the beginning of all endeavours. Great caution is advised when this card turns up. Decisions are left to chance or to others.


Disaster is not for the cards to tell. Caution is strongly recommended, so is the ability to rise from the pain, from the ashes of a destructive human experience. It opens your eyes to the pitfalls of negative emotions, of fear, greed, anger, apathy, neglect of duties, power struggle and particularly neglect of the spirit. I believe in drawing upon the energy of the “right side -up” card when in reverse it speaks of doom and gloom.

May you find some inspiration, may you eventually be able to walk the path meant for you, as you navigate through the potholes and detours along the way and weather the storms and look forward to the dawn of a new day!


Mystic Secrets of the Tarot- Globe Communications Group

Mastering the Tarot by Eden Gray

Resources of Lights

Light is what makes our life come alive. It is in the lightness that we see the world in which we live. A spark of light can drive away a darkness of a hundred years in a second. Man is always looking for the light of his life.

Light and energy are the two primary sources that lights up the sun, moon and the stars. Man knew of the light and energy only from these sources of nature until he discovered another element called fire. Slowly he learnt to create electricity from the natural sources and today we can not imagine living without lights lighting up our homes, offices and roads too.

Even today man is heavily dependent upon sunlight for lighting up our lives. We construct buildings to work and live in where sunlight is allowed to stream in and brighten up the interiors through windows, sky sheets etc. Of course we also regulate the amount of sunlight and make ourselves comfortable by using window blinds, curtains and shades to control the luminosity.

The amount of sunlight that you can get into your home is dependent upon the design of the windows, doors and other openings and their strategic placement. This aspect is covered in the basic design of the building to be able to get most of the sunlight during the daytime. You will still need electricity and other sources once the day is over.

In the olden days, people used to light fire and use lanterns and candles to light up the room in the absence of electricity. Candles of course give out soft glow across the room and burn steadily for a long time.

Candles with their soft glow have a calming and spiritual effect on the surrounding. It has shades of romance too.

Modern day lighting consists of various types of electricity based lamps, bulbs and fixtures that can be use in various combinations to create the effects as needed. The variety and types of lighting fixtures are very many.

One bulb does not fit all places and all requirements. You need to have the right kind of fixture and right kind of lighting with sufficient brightness depending upon the place you are lighting up. With the right combination you can create music with lighting.

Stylish Boat-Vessel Audio Speakers – Sony XS-MP1602B Review (xsmp1602)

If you own a boat, a yacht, or anything that requires marine equipment, you would thoroughly enjoy the high quality speaker system to complement your expensive marine vessel. A great buy is the Sony XS-MP1620B, a set of marine speakers that is capable of delivering high fidelity sound quality. Coming from Sony, you can be sure that it is a highly dependable product that will last for many years to come. The pair of marine speakers features a dark and sleek design, a stark contrast when compared to the typical white marine speakers made by many other brands.

What's great about the speakers is its ability to make your boat look really good. When you see these speakers mounted in a vessel, you know you have high quality equipment. The speakers are capable of handling 160 watts of maximum wattage and 45 watts of continuous power handling. Its polypropylene cone woofer is highly rigid and could withstand moisture or even water spray from the salt water or fresh water. It will perform extremely well and consistently despite changes in the environment such as humidity and temperature. The speakers also feature a coaxially mounted 2 "cone tweeter that will deliver crystal clear and incredibly crisp mid to high sound frequencies.

Worried about marine environment affecting your speakers? Do not worry, Sony has ensured longevity with its water resistant plastic and rubber coating so that material would not deteriorate or be damaged in harsh marine environment.

I recommend that you purchase at least two pairs of the XS-MP1620B for any vessel larger than 35 feet long. You could mount the speakers virtually anywhere, especially with its relatively shallow mounting depth requirement. The XS-MP1620B ( Sony Marine Speaker ) requires only 2-1 / 2 "of mounting space, which means you do not need a whole lot of space behind the magnet to mount the speaker.