Tips On Dating A Scorpio Man

You’ll find that dating a Scorpio male can be tiring if you’re not ready for it. So make sure before you say yes (or before you ask him out) that you’re up to this challenge. He is a complex person that will leave you either wanting for more or wanting to back off. A Scorpio male is very dominant so although he wants to be with confident and independent women he also wants things done his way. If you don’t agree on a certain issue with him you’re gonna have to try your best to make him see the things your way or to just arrive at a compromise.

When you find yourself on a date with a Scorpio man give him a little mystery and intrigue but don’t play games. For example, acting very interested and then turning cold and busy may work out but trying to make him jealous won’t. He is a very traditional man so he won’t take this lightly. A Scorpio male, first and foremost, wants loyalty and devotion and if he sees yours waver just a tiny bit he may just back off and look for other prospects. A Scorpio guys is usually a very established man so expect a lot of competition. Women tend to flock even when he is with someone. Don’t worry though, he is not easily swayed by an elaborate cleavage. Yes he’s a man and like any other man he will look but it takes more than just a little skin to get this guy. If he doesn’t like the whole package he won’t be seduced so there’s no use getting jealous cause he’s not an easy guy. Once a Scorpio guy asks you out it means he likes you and when he said he wants to move to the next level you can be sure of a secure relationship. He does not take commitments as a joke or something to just play with. One downside here is that these men tend to be loners. There are times they just want to spend time alone so don’t expect them to be around all the time. Give him space because once he gets over this phase he will want to spend every single day with you. Beneath the businesslike and hard facade a Scorpio takes his emotions seriously so play safe with this.

Last thing, don’t ever hurt a Scorpio male’s ego. Yes you shouldn’t do this to any man (or anyone for that matter) but some men takes more time to recover from any bruise or scratch a woman gives her. Praise him, put him on a pedestal, be sensitive to his needs and you will find yourself one of the luckier people to be with someone like a Scorpio guy.

Gay Marriage, Why Not

Twenty years ago I had a supernatural experience when the Holy Spirit came into my life and I fell madly in love with a woman. I was jailed, injured, and robbed of the custody of my children, all because of love. My parents, church and friends completely abandoned me and made me feel ashamed for being gay. Today I look back at everything I suffered and thank God for everything I learned. God took my persecutions and taught me to look at the world as if it were a multi-faceted game of life.

Good Christians have been deceived by church doctrine, false teachers, and religious organization. All because these pious religious people find it easy to read the scripts in the Bible, but they leave out the supernatural interpretations of the Holy Spirit. Too many churches ignore the Spirit of God and the truth that it reveals, because it is all about the unseen and not how you are really suppose to live your life in the concrete physical world of our existence.

This is the reason why many churches have abandoned homosexuals; Because it is easy to allow people to read the words and interpret them according to human concepts and not according to the Spirit. For instance, when God condemned Sodom and Gomorrah many people think it was because of homosexuality when it was really about them completely abandoning their faith in God. They are not only god, but they practiced ritual sexual acts before demonic gods.

2 Peter 2: 6, "God condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, destroying them with fire, and made them an example of what will happen to the godless."

When God completely turned my world upside down and showed me the persecutions all gay people face from their families, church and society, He taught me about the purpose of this world. He did this by making me go back to the very beginning of creation and the story of Adam and Eve. When Adam chose to eat the apple he allowed sin into the world. Satan is the demon of sin and he tempts people to abandon God for the things of the world. Read Genesis 3: 1-7 it tells you how our once perfect earth changed when Adam and Eve wanted the knowledge of God.

These scriptures along with many more opened my mind through the Holy Spirit to see the world as a game. A world where people are presented with choices leading them to answer the questions of what is right and why wrong decisions can lead you down evil paths that destroy not only your life, but even the condition of the world. That is the reason why our world today is full of wars, injustices, sicknesses, and suffering of all kinds. This is the reason why we are fighting global warming and a sudden shift in our climate that is radically changing the weather.

When you are in a world game of life their must be a clear difference between good and evil. Satan became the god of this world. Satan introduced sin into human beings lives and as a result he fights against everyone that tries to follow God. This is the reason why our world changed from perfection into a wicked and deprived world.

1 John 5:19, "We know that we belong to God even though the whole world is under the rule of the (Satan) Evil one."

When people are following Satan and the world, they are abandoning their faith in God. God loves people and God is love. His will for people is to teach them how to live a righteous life in an evil world ruled by Satan. The only way to learn these principles is by being presented with controversies that teach us the difference between love and hate.

Of course it is only natural when you live in a teaching world that people are going to fight against anyone that tries to love. This is the reason why interracial marriages have been condemned in the past. This is why foreign marriages cause controversies and pain for those who feel that couples should not marry without it is within their own race. Even devout Christians can be lead astray by false teachers to persecute loving homosexual couples. Satan fights against love, but God uses the Holy Spirit to teach people that love supersedes every scripture, every person's religious doctrine, and of course any person who teaches you to hate people who are in love.

1 Timothy 4: 1-5, "The Spirit says clearly that some people will abandon the faith in later times; they will obey lingering spirits and follow the teachings of demons. Such teachings are spread by deceitful liars, which consciences are dead, as If burnt with a hot iron. Such people teach that it is wrong to marry and to eat certain foods. But God created those foods to be eaten, after a prayer of thanks, by those who are believers and have come to know the truth. "

This passage is not about food it is about God accepting everyone. God wanted to establish strong loving Christian marriages. Marriages that equipped two people to standup as a united force against the temptation of Satan. Couples who will fight together as they play their game of life to win for the side of God. Remember God is love and to love is to imitate Him.

When you are in a life game you will be tested in the world in order to come to revelations over injustice, crime, wars, sicknesses and of course every kind of evil that normally comes into people's lives. God wants us to freely make good choices that lead us down paths of love. He wants us to overcome the evil temptations of the world and love people.

2 John 1: 4 & 5, "And so I ask you dear Lady: let us all love one another. This is no new command I am writing you; it is the command which we have had from the beginning. That we must live in obedience to God's commands. "The command, as you have all heard from the beginning, is that you must all live in love."

Our diversity in who we love teachers us the difference between love and hate. For instance, I was raised in a very religious family where being a homosexual was completely and utterly not accepted. If God made me gay then why would he put me into a family that would not accept my lifestyle? It all comes back to the fact that we live in a world governed by Satan and naturally the devil fights against love. The devil infiltrates churches while convincing them that they are in the right to persecute people who love. While God clearly states that His only command is that all people live in love.

2 Peter 2: 1 & 2, "False prophets appeared in the past among the people, and in the same way false teachers will appear among you. They will bring in destructive, untrue doctrines, and will deny the Master who redeemed them, and so they Will bring up themselves sudden destruction. Even so, many will follow their immoral ways; and because of what they do, others will speak evil of the way of truth. "

God came to me supernaturally because the false doctrines of the church were so ingrained within my being that I would have never accepted being gay, if I did not know, that it was His will for my life. He did this by baptizing me in the Holy Spirit and communicating to me through supernatural typed pages on my computer that I did not type! He had no choice but to do this, because the Religious right had so infiltrated the church with false doctrines that no Christian was free to accept homosexual couples who only crime was love.

Viewing our world in the concept of a game answers this question "Gay marriage, why not?" Our country must fight for strong married couples and give them the right to legally marry. Every couple should have the protection granted to all married couples under the legal laws of their country. Laws that give them the right to take care of their mates when medical decisions must be made. Rights to bury their loved one without interference by families, society or church. The right to walk hand and hand down the street without fear that prejudice will destroy their union that was established by God.

Fitting a Fridge in Your Caravan Or Campervan

Why Have An Approved Installation?

It Avoids

  • Poor Refrigerator Performance
  • Cold Draughts Entering The Living Space
  • Rain Through Vents
  • Flue Problems


  1. The refrigerator must stand on its feet (including lower hinge) and be firmly secured in a strong housing.
  2. Removal for servicing must be straightforward.
  3. Provide a minimum 10 to 20mm gap behind the refrigerator.
  4. The refrigerator door must be free to open a minimum of 105° without obstruction to allow for the removal of interior fittings.


  1. For the refrigerator to perform correctly each vent must have a free effective area of a least 240cm². For models exceeding 60 Litre capacity the free effective area should be at least 300cm². The Dometic (formerly Electrolux) type LS100, LS200 ventilation system, more than adequately complies with this requirement. Position the upper vent relative to the rear of the fridge so that the top edge of the vent is at least 55mm above the top of the fridge.
  2. Dometic (formerly Electrolux) recommend the use of their LS100 LS200 ventilation system, as this is the only system tested with their range of Caravan/Camper van refrigerators. With other systems water can enter through the vents and saturate the area behind the fridge.
  3. A gas escape hole 13cm² in area must be provided under the refrigerator (not beneath the burner) so that any unburnt LP gas can escape. If it is situated in a cupboard beneath the refrigerator then a label warning the user not to obstruct the vent should be provided.
  4. The cooling unit must be sealed off from the interior of the Caravan or Camper van at the rear of the refrigerator for optimum performance and to prevent cold draughts from entering the living space. Failure to meet this Criteria will allow warm air to collect around the refrigerator, the heat will re-enter the refrigerator through the insulation and the performance will suffer.
  5. The Caravan/Camper van door (when fully open) should not obstruct the cooling unit vents nor the flue outlet otherwise the refrigerator performance could suffer, particularly in high ambient temperatures, and flue gases may be slow to disperse. The average distance between the vents and the door should be in excess of 25mm


  1. Only the approved Dometic (formerly Electrolux) flue kit must be used.
  2. The flue top must be secured using the screw provided to avoid the risk of restriction.
  3. Allow 5mm clearance between the flue pipe and combustible material in the wall of the Caravan/Camper van to avoid fire risk.
  4. Provide a minimum of 10mm clearance between the end of the flue pipe and the flue top to avoid distortion of the flue cover.
  5. Fit the perforated flue cap to avoid dirt and moisture ingress and to prevent accidental flame blowout.
  6. Ensure that the gap between the flue cap and the inner surface of the flue cover always exceeds 5mm to avoid the risk of restriction.
  7. On the non-integrated flue system sealant should only be applied between the outer flue cover and the flange plate of the flue tube at the top and side only. It should not be applied behind the flue tube flange plate.


  1. The supply pipe should be of copper to avoid gas leaks and should be connected to the refrigerator inlet pipe by means of a suitable threaded coupling.
  2. An approved union gas cock must be incorporated in the supply line at a point accessible to the user to enable the refrigerator to be isolated.


Ensure that cables do not touch the flue pipe or hot parts of the cooling unit.


  1. Should be either via a 3 amp fused and properly earthed plug and socket or through a 5 amp contact breaker.


  1. In order to avoid voltage drop, the cross-sectional area of connecting cable between the battery/alternator and refrigerator must be at least:
    • 2.0mm². Maximum run 8.0 metres
    • 2.5mm². Maximum run 10.5 metres
    • 4.0mm². Maximum run 17.0 metres
  2. A 15-amp fuse must be installed in the positive lead to protect the cable in the event of a fault.


  1. Observe correct polarity.
  2. The cross-sectional area of the feed cable should be at least 0.5mm².
  3. A 1.0 amp fuse should be incorporated in the feed wire adjacent to the battery to protect the wiring

Usage Tip– The cold air in the fridge is heavier than the ambient air and falls out when you open the door. So do not leave the door open more than you have to.

Approved by Dometic (formerly Electrolux) Supplied by O’Briens Camping

New Year Activity

New Beginning

Any day can be a Symbolic day to start afresh. So why not the New Year when the whole collective consciousness of the Universe works for you. When most human beings think that something nice is going to happen with them, then the collective consciousness is in rising upward direction. So all one has to do is ride this.

So here are two powerful techniques for a great year around:

1. Closing the past year: Before you open to the New Year one has to close the Past. Technically speaking the past does not exist except in the mind. But as it exists in Mind it can be playing havoc because your future can be created with this Past. Generally events, which are negative, register more in human beings minds than the positive. So in the year gone by there may have been many accidents, which did not work in your favor. It could have been a loss in terms of money, time or effort, it can be relationship issues, it can be health, it can be loss of job, it can be loss in stock markets or the many many accidents that human beings have to Face. These accidents have happened and are over but you may still be carrying the memories of pain, frustration or any other feeling in your mind. When such feelings exist you are fighting with yourself, life around and the situation. You also create a tension unconsciously that you will keep attracting similar incidents in the future that actually you do not want. The truth is: Whatever your inner mind keeps thinking will happen. To ensure that your future is joyful then these memories have to be erased. Like in a black or white board, you erase what is written to write new and fresh.

This exercise is best done in the evenings or night where the energy is of "Closing". Take a notebook and review the complete year from the recent events to the past events especially those, which you have not been able to accept. It is better to take each incident separately. Keep writing your feelings of the events as it comes. So from your mind you are getting the painful memories to the book. Please be honest with yourself. Write the feelings as it comes.

Do not analyze or judge the feelings. Simply you are throwing the clutter from your mind out. As you write you may experience experience feelings of pain, grief, sadness etc. These are beautiful expressions so just allow it to flow out, do not control. Once you have written down the feelings of each incident, you will feel lightness as though you have gotten rid of a huge result or block. It is important to remember that every incident that happens in our life is "good for us". Every incident is "Whole complete and perfect". Only one has to learn what is the incident is teaching to us. So pick up the learning to go ahead in life. For eg You lost money in Business means that your awareness of Money and certain aspects of Business should increase.

Once you have written down as many accidents as possible. Take the book, remove each page and meditatively burn it. Symbolically you are getting rid of such incidents from your life forever. You are disassociating with your own past thereby creating a future that can be fresh and new. As you burn each page just think that you are
Erasing this from your mind too. After this sit in silence for a few minutes, then take a good fresh bath, and change to a new clothes.
This is like saying to god or a greater power or to your own self, Yes, Now I am now ready.

2 Opening Up to the New Year:
A) This Exercise is best done in the Mornings when the whole Energy of the Universe is opening to the new possibilities.
B) Take a fresh bath, wear new clothes and be ready within the opening up for a bright new year ahead.
C) Sit in a comfortable place that is clean and full of positive energy.
D) Light a candle symbolizing brightness and light in your life.
E) Light a good incense stick to spread the fragrance enhancing your mind.
F) You can keep a meditative music on as you do this exercise.
G) Take a small effort to create a beautiful space for doing this exercise so that you get best results all through the year.
H) Do anything like keeping gods photograph, or guru's photograph to enhance the space and your energy.
I) Be creative to create an uplifting atmosphere that is most essential.
J) Take a new pen or your lucky pen and a new notebook.
K) On the first page you can draw an "Om" or "Swastik" strong symbols, which will create auspiciousness in your life.
L) Write the date 31 of December 2011, which is the end of the coming year.
M) Then write, "Thank you Universe, or Thank you God" for all beautiful events to unfold this year. It is great to "Thank" in advance thereby reinforcing your faith.
N) Now you are going to write a letter to your dearest friend or well wisher, so write Dear________
O) The most important part of this exercise is to describe all your desires, events as though it has happened. Means you are writing this remember from 31st of December 2011. In the Present Moment you are choosing to create a whole new year.
P) Once you start writing just let go, do not think if it is possible not possible, keep looking at every aspect of life like material things, money flow, work or business, family and relationships, places you are going to visit, hobbies , New learning, new ventures, marriage, love, children, health and whatever is meaningful to you. Just allow your desires to flow from your mind to the paper. Have powerful Intentions of looking at life from a grand perspective, getting into leading a life first class. Think a little beyond and think Big. Keep on writing till your inner voice allows you to do it. You can take an hour, two hours or more. Get into the full joyfulness and positive feelings as though the events have taken place. Be relaxed and playful, like a child creating something beautiful.
Q) Let me give a small example: As of now, you do not own your car but have a desire to buy one. So when you do this exercise you
Will write, now I have this wonderful Honda car, silver in color (be specific) and I have toured so many wonderful places along with
Family and friends. Everyday I am enjoying the pleasure of going to work in my own car ……
R) Pour all your energy while writing your desires. Now you are "Opening Up" to the New Year the way you want.
S) Just keep this diary or notebook and watch through out the year whatever you wrote will happen in an amazingly perfect manner.

Whenever this happens just have gratitude and register that you created this event in your mind first and then it happened in reality.

Wishing a year full of joy, bliss, profits and a wonderful Money Flow for you and your family.

Garden Lighting Makes Your Garden Enjoyable at Night

A garden’s beauty tickles all the senses. The smell of fresh flowers and plants, the soft touch of the grass and leaves on one’s skin, the taste of freshness in the air and in the fruits and crops, the sounds of the birds and rustling of the leaves, and last and definitely not the least, the bright colors and visual beauty of the garden as a whole. These can all be appreciated during the day, but without help, only four can truly be appreciated at night. Without light, the eyes cannot see the visual beauty of a garden.

At night time, however, garden lighting can make it possible. Properly placed garden lights can illuminate a garden in a way that can add a totally different perspective to its visual style. A single light is usually not used to illuminate the whole garden. Instead, designers use lights to play on light and shadow, adding focus to some of the garden’s beauty, while using the shadows to add a certain level of mystery and style on others.

But there are also practical reasons to using garden lights at night. The most obvious is to illuminate paths and areas of interest, so visitors can still stroll through gardens and appreciate what they have to offer, without being lost or confused, even without the sun. In addition, lights can also serve as a deterrent for insects, pests, and other animals.

For example, in the past, ancient garden lights in the form of pyres and braziers would burn, in addition to normal pieces of wood, other woods that have natural pesticides that can ward off mosquitoes and flies. Today, this comes in the form of bug zappers that attract and electrocute unwanted pests, so visitors in a garden can stroll through comfortably.

Garden lights have also evolved as fuels and power sources have advanced. Ancient garden lights were simple wooden fires, and eventually evolved into candles, waxes, and oils placed in containers that started off as simple braziers, but developed into beautifully crafted lanterns and lamps that also added to the gardens’ designs.

Today, garden lights are mostly powered by electricity. Traditional electric lights are connected to complex circuits and systems, but there are modern lights that have their own power sources, such as solar garden lights. A garden solar light has solar cells that charge batteries, allowing them to stay lit at night, but without the need for long wires.

Top 10 Women in Sports

Sports have been instrumental in advancing the limits of human performance. Men have traditionally been at the forefront of this challenge, but women have stepped up their involvement which broadened sports' appeal and opened up a new competitive front. Here are a few of the women who have broken through barriers to become icons of excellence.

1. Mia Hamm.

The world's best all-around female soccer player showed that females can excel in the male-dominated sport– and how! Mia powered the US women's team to the gold medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. She followed that up by leading the US to win the 1999 Women's World Cup. Amazingly, Mia was the world's leading goal scorer in 1999, surpassing the output of the best male players during that year

2. Paula Radcliffe.

The best female distance runner of all time, Paula is the current world record holder for the women's 10k run and owns four of the five fastest times in the history of women's marathon. Her current world marathon record of 2:15:25 is also one of the highest scoring performances ever.

3. Nadia Comaneci.

Only 14 years old, Nadia stunned the world when she scored seven perfect 10's during the gymnastics competition of the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Before her phenomenal performance, no one had been able to achieve perfection during competition, so much so that the scoreboards did not have a '10' and had to display a '1' to register Nadia's perfect scores.

4. Joanie Laurer.

Known as 'Chyna' among wrestling fans, she displayed remarkable strength to earn a place in the rough and tumble world of pro wrestling. Chyna was referred to as "The Ninth Wonder of the World" for her large and powerful physique. Her trademark "low blow" was the secret weapon that allowed her to win the Intercontinental Championship title twice.

5. Cheryl Miller.

Inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame in1995, she was an All-America team member four times, a Naismith Player of the Year three times, a member of the USC NCAA champion basketball team two times, and led the US women's basketball team to the Olympic gold medal in '84. Dubbed as the best player ever in women's basketball, Cheryl's confidence is such that she would flip her wrists in triumph even before the ball goes through the net.

6. Birgit Schmidt-Fischer.

The greatest female canoeist of all time has won the gold at six different Olympic Games spanning 24 years. No one from her sport has come near her total of 37 medals, including 27 golds which she won at the World Championships from 1979 to 1998. Birgit's haul of eight Olympic medals is a record which experts predict will not be broken for a long time.

7. Nancy Lopez.

She remains the only woman to be named Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year – in one season. At age 12, Nancy won her first golf tournament with practically no playing experience against more experienced golfers. At age 21, she won nine tournaments, five of them in a row, to record the most amazing season ever for an LPGA rookie. At age 30, she was inducted into the LPGA Hall of Fame, the third youngest player to receive the honor.

8. Steffi Graf.

She has been called the greatest female tennis player of all time – a "machine" that stuck down her opponents with merciless precision during her 17-year career. Steffi had the singular record of winning all four Grand Slam events plus an Olympic gold medal-in a single year (1988). She's also the only player to have won all four majors at least four times.

9. Tracy Caulkins.

The most versatile swimmer ever has won national titles in all four strokes-plus the individual medley that combines all of them! Tracy went on to win 3 Olympic golds, 5 world records, 63 American records, and 48 individual national titles.

10. Julie Krone.

One Of the best female jockey's of all time proved that women can ride high in the 'sport of kings'. She was the first woman to win a riding title at a major track. She holds the record of being one of only four jockeys to win 6 races in one day. She's also the only female jockey to ever win a Triple Crown race.

As sports continue to raise the bar, women champions will continue to inspire not just the members of their specie but anyone who aspires to reach the height of his or her potential.

Young Marriage – How I Make it Work

I am currently 23 years old and I’ve been married for about a year and a half now. I have a beautiful baby girl that is 2 years old and I love my wife and daughter more than anything on Earth.

Getting married at a young age is a difficult thing to make succeed, but once you get the whole process down it will be the most rewarding part of your life.

I met my wife in high school at the age of 15, she was only 12 at the time. I met her through her brother whom I attended school with. He invited me over to play some games with him one day and it turned out to be a good friendship over the years. While spending time at his house, sometimes I would stay over for days, I started to become friends with his family. Over the course of the 2 years that would follow, I was a good friend of the family and spent quite a bit of time at their house.

During the time spent over there, his younger sister started to become quite fond of me, and I of her. Knowing that she was much younger than me, and my friend’s younger sister, I was more than hesitant to even begin trying anything with her. So, we became good friends as well.

It wasn’t until my senior year of high school, her freshman year, that we began dating. Still, she was much younger than me and I got plenty of criticism for it believe me. The relationship began rough, but all high school relationships are weird anyway, but she was determined and pressed on to be with me.

As many relationships go, in the early stages of it I had trouble staying with 1 girl. This isn’t anything I’m proud of, but that’s just how it went. I broke her heart several times before finally wising up and getting it together.

We continued dating after I graduated and everything was going well. When I was 19 she became pregnant, yes she was 16. I was mortified at the news and we constantly denied it to ourselves what was going on. Finally we told the family and much to my surprise her mom was excited and he brother didn’t seem to mind as much as I thought he would. Our daughter was born in October when my wife was 17. We named her Lily.

When my wife graduated high school her family moved into a bigger house in town and I moved in with them. Let me tell you, that is a terrible idea now that I look back on it and if you can avoid living with more than 1 family in a household you should. But we were young and hadn’t established ourselves enough to live on our own yet, not to mention she just graduated. I was having trouble staying in college while working, and because I’m terrible at waking up in the mornings.

Finally about a year later we managed to get our own place, and it was exciting for both of us. We finally got to live on our own.

About 6 months into living in our own place, a friend of ours was having some trouble and needed a place to live, so we both agreed to help him out and let him move in with us for a while. Everything was going smoothly for a while, but our relationship began to slowly deteriorate and we both became very stressed out. As our relationship deteriorated and we both started to become doubtful, I did something I hadn’t thought I’d ever do again. I gave into temptation and slept with another woman. A few months later I told her and shit hit the fan.

Through some miraculous bargaining I convinced her to stay with me and that we’d work through it. The next day after this all went down, I had to kick out our friend who had been staying with us for over half a year. He didn’t take it well and he isn’t really in contact with us anymore, but you’ve got to realize that when you get married, your commitment to your spouse is more important than any friend you’ll ever have, especially if you have a child.

So, the months dragged on and things seemed to be getting better, but once again after several months our marriage hit a snag and things began to slowly drop off again. We were having people over all the time for parties and movie nights, I was spending a lot of time at work, and I was having a lot of trouble trying to find time to spend with my family.

My wife is very close to my family, and she began discussing our problems with my grandmother. This is of course very annoying to have your family know about your problems, but after looking back I’m very grateful for some of the advice she’s given us about how to make our marriage work. She suggested we watch a movie, Fireproof to be exact, and that it would help our marriage out. Me being the arrogant man I am, I just shrugged and said “Sure grandma, we’ll watch it.” So, after about a week we sat down together one night, watched the movie, me being the sap I am cried several times during it, and in the end I was surprised at some of the good advice and lessons I learned from the movie.

Overall, our relationship is still rough, but we’re determined to make it work. So, I will lay out some tips here that I believe are essential to making a young marriage work, or any marriage for that matter.

1. Your wife should be your best friend.

This can be viewed however you want, but I think this is the most important thing in making a marriage work. This doesn’t mean she should be your only friend or that you shouldn’t spend time with other friends, but it does mean, and I truly believe this, that your wife should be your best friend. When planning activities, errands, your work schedule, or anything you can think of, you should always ask what she thinks first. You should hold her opinion on any subject that matters to you highest above anyone else, unless it’s fishing or hunting, or building a house. But if your wife happens to be an expert at any of those then negate this last sentence.

2. Eliminate parasites in your marriage.

Let me first explain what a marriage parasite is. A marriage parasite is ANYTHING that creates a barrier between you and your wife. A parasite can take on any number of forms. Personally, my marriage parasites that I’ve dealt with were: certain friends, laziness, lack of attention, video games, and work.

The hardest parasites I’ve had to deal with in my marriage were my own friends. Personally, I think this is the hardest thing in my life I’ve had to deal with. People I’ve known longer than my wife were interfering with our relationship. When you say ‘I do’, you’ve got to realize that everyone aside from your wife is #2 when it comes to anything you’re going to do ever again. My friends were inviting me out all the time, coming over to hang out, or constantly nagging about my relationship and how stupid it was for me to be married this young. In several cases, it was my friends that were causing the biggest grief for me while trying to make my marriage work. I finally realized that this was causing huge problems and needed to be dealt with.

3. Carrying your own weight.

What I mean by this is simple. You’ve got to help your wife. This means doing the dishes when you don’t want to, folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom, anything that needs to be done you need to be a part of.

4. Make time for your wife.

I don’t care if you work 8 hours every day, you need to spend time with your wife. Most importantly, she needs to come first. The first thing you should do when you get home from work is give her a kiss and begin a conversation. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten home from work and proceeded directly to the computer. This can’t be how it is. You have to put yourself 2nd when you have available time and spend some quality time with your wife. Even if it’s only helping cook dinner and then eating, you’ve got to put her first. The first thing on your mind when you clock out at work should be, what am I going to do with my wife when I get home. Find something you can enjoy doing with her, and it doesn’t have to be sex all the time (and probably shouldn’t be unless she’s a nympho) and make time immediately for whatever it is you plan to do. If you can’t think of anything to do just ask her what she wants to do.

5. If you have a kid, find something you can all do together.

Suck it up and go to the park sometime. This will make your wife extremely happy. I personally hate going to the park, but there are just those times that you need to put yourself 2nd and do something for your family. A day at the park, if that’s what your wife wants to do, will make her happier than any amount of laundry you do or dishes you can clean. If you just take one day out of your week to get out of your house and do something together with your family, this alone will do wonders for your relationship. Once a child is in the picture, making your kid happy is the easiest gateway to making your wife happy.

Now of course this article is all about my own personal experience; every relationship is different. If you’re young like me, the hardest thing about making a relationship work is doing the things you don’t want to do. I’m young, I like to go out with my friends, I like to drink, I like to party. But reality sets in when your marriage starts to hit a downward slope and you need to realize that you’ve got to set aside some of the things that personally make you happy for the things that make your family happy.

My marriage is far from perfect and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of hard places in the road ahead. Marriage is for life, and once you get the hang of it it will be the most rewarding thing you can build.

2 By 4 Decking Installation – Which Side to Face Up

The question inevitably comes up when laying wooden decking, “does it matter which side faces up”? Well, it actually does. The direction of the wood grain plays a significant role in terms of how the board may change shape in the future. Repeated cycles of rain, sun, hot and cold, will test the durability and stability of any material – wood is no exception.

Wood will attempt to straighten itself out with respect to its grain. This means that depending on the direction of the grain, the wood will either form a “cup” shape or a “crown” shape as the level of moisture content fluctuates. As liquid enters or leaves the wood, it will either expand or contract respectively. A direct consequence of this is that almost certainly at some point the wood will change shape in an undesirable form.

Shape-change in wood comes in several different forms. Some of the more common ones are bow, crook, kink, cup, and twist. However, the only one that’s relevant to this particular article is the “cup”. Cupping creates a “cup” shape across the cross section of a given 2 by 4 (or any board), and is a fairly common occurrence with wooden decking.

Technically speaking, there is both cupping as well as crowning. You can think of cupping as a smile and crowning as a frown. There is some debate concerning which one is the lesser of the two evils, but I think you should decide for yourself after all the major angles have been covered. There are both obvious pros and cons as well as ones that are more hidden.

If you have the budget to be picky as to the wood you use for decking, it’s definitely better to select what is called “quarter-sawn” boards. Quarter-sawn boards are those whose grain run perpendicular to the longer of the two edges of a board’s cross section. These boards are generally more expensive and far less common than their counterparts – flat-sawn.

Quarter-sawn boards are considerably more stable than flat-sawn due to the direction of its grain. Swelling and shrinking of wood takes place mainly in the direction parallel to the growth rings, which is why you can easily see how quarter-sawn boards will be more stable than flat-sawn. However, procuring a full set of quarter-sawn decking boards may not be feasible.


Cupping, which is the “smile-shaped” wood warp, results from what’s called the “bark-side up” installation method. This method is arguably the one of choice for many professionals, due to possible splintering if done “bark-side down” – also known as shelling (see further below). But there are also many experts who prefer the “bark-side down”, so I think it’s more a matter of priority and personal taste after considering the various pros and cons.

Excluding the less-than-favorable results of shelling (due to crowning), cupping has several downsides to it as well:

  • People can trip on the protruding geometry.
  • Water accumulates in the “cup” and is cause for premature rot.
  • Though subject to personal opinion, it generally doesn’t look very good.
  • Depending on the severity of the cup, the fasteners can be pulled partway through the board causing them to loosen their hold. I’m sure you can see how this can cause problems down the road via loose and “rocking” boards. This “see-saw” motion will, if severe enough, slowly loosen the board to the point of complete failure.
  • Cupping results from bark-side up, which means the sapwood – not the heartwood – is the face that is exposed to the elements. There are both pros and cons to this arrangement. Sapwood, although generally less resistant to decay and insects, can absorb anti-decay treatment better than heartwood.

Shelling Perhaps the most important consideration in the bark-side up or down debate – or why some promote bark-side up – is that bark-side down (crowning) often results in what’s called shelling. Let me explain. There are two main components in a tree’s growth rings – earlywood and latewood. Earlywood is formed in the early parts of the growing season, and is the part nearer to the heartwood (tree center).

Latewood is the outer part and is formed in the later parts of the growing season. Shelling occurs when these two parts – earlywood and latewood – split apart due to repeated cycles of wet and dry. This splintering of the top surface results in damage from where further rot and damage can take place – not to mention the painful consequences of walking bare-foot on such surfaces.


This is the “frown-shaped” type of wood warping, and can be thought of as the opposite of cupping. Experts will often advise against this form of deck installation due to the possibility of shelling. However, there are certain types of wood that are more prone to shelling and there are those that aren’t. Some say that shelling is limited to certain select softwoods such as Southern yellow pine and Douglas fir.

Having discussed the above-mentioned con of shelling, let’s talk about the pros of the crowning form of warping:

  • It generally looks better when compared to cupping.
  • There’s no trip hazard.
  • Water drains off easily and therefore dries quickly.
  • Although the center of the board will mound up and therefore put some tension on the fasteners, there won’t be any “see-saw” motion. In either case – cupping or crowning – the fasteners will most likely be pulled through the wood to a certain degree. The difference is that with crowning, there won’t be any additional stresses due to the rocking “see-saw” motion.
  • Due to the board being bark-side down, the heartwood, as opposed to the sapwood, will be exposed to the elements. As you may know, heartwood is generally more decay and insect resistant – though as mentioned above, it doesn’t absorb anti-rot chemicals as readily as sapwood. This is the better choice if you don’t plan on treating the boards.

After all is said and done, there are proponents for both sides of this debate and one can only decide for themselves after taking into consideration the various points and angles. It seems there are experts on both sides of the fence as well, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear or definite better option. However, taking all things into consideration, it is my personal opinion that the bark-side down is the better option.

Other Tips when Fastening the Decking to Joists:

  • When fastening 2 by 4s to the joists, always use two fasteners per joist. If you’re tempted to minimize the number of fasteners, think again. The width of a 2 by 4 is much too wide to try to scrape by with only one fastener. Even with the bark-side down installation method (growth rings in frown), higher levels of humidity below the deck when compared to above, will cause the lower surface of the board to expand parallel to the grain. This lopsided humidity and expansion can cause the board to cup regardless of direction of grain. Two fasteners – as opposed to only one – per joist will pin down the 2 by 4 closer to the edges, greatly minimizing the amount of cupping.
  • Use fasteners with wide heads for better hold. This will minimize the degree of pull-through when the wood tries to twist and turn.
  • Don’t sink the head past the surface of the board. Doing so will allow water and debris to pool causing premature decay. The trick here is to ensure the 2 by 4 is sitting tight on the joist so you don’t have to add additional torque to pull the two against each other. It’s often tempting to just go ahead and wring the fastener a few millimeters past the surface in order to tighten the board against the joist, but this will cause problems down the line. With harder wood you may need to tap out a hole prior to fastening as not doing so can cause the 2 by 4 to “float” even after the screw head is flush with the surface.

Why Do You Want To Act?

Have you ever stopped to consider why you want to act? I can’t truly say that there are right and wrong reasons to pursue a career in acting, but the question is worth pondering. Particularly if you’re serious about making a go of it in one of the most difficult professions to secure employment.

Some people are attracted to this profession because they hunger for fame and fortune. The glamour they’re exposed to in an array of tabloids promises a life filled with intrigue and excitement. TV shows celebrate the “lifestyles of the rich and famous”, including opportunities that present themselves in the form of fashion, travel, and the chance to meet and hobnob with the VIP’s of the business. All of these enticements draw many people to the business but the desire to attain all the material offerings may not be enough to sustain your interest.

Acting is hard work. Good actors are constantly working at their craft. It begins with developing a solid technique and keeping at it for the long haul. The learning process is never-ending. There is always something new to learn and people who are consumed with their art are always looking to improve.

For most actors starting out, work is difficult to find. Many of the actors that you have seen on stage, TV and film struggled before they were able to get steady work. Time between paying gigs varies but in some cases years can go by between jobs. Even those at the top of the profession have experienced prolonged bouts with unemployment. If you think I exaggerate please watch, “That guy… That was in that thing”, the fabulous documentary in which 15 character actors discuss the challenges of finding steady work and sustaining an acting career.

While you are pounding the pavement looking for work you must find a job that provides you with the flexibility that allows you to audition and work at your craft. A full-time job is not an asset. It is an impediment to flexibility. That means that you will need to find a part/time survival job that satisfies the demands of the actor’s lifestyle. When you do land a job (regional theatre for example) you will need to make travel arrangements, sublet your apartment and secure housing in the city in which you will be working. Once the play ends (unless you have a job in which you are free to come and go from one acting job to the next) you will be looking for a survival job again.

You will also need to find a place either in Manhattan or in close proximity to it. You’re going to need a lot of energy to study, work, audition, network, and commute. Long trips back and forth to the city are draining. When opportunity knocks you want to be able to answer the door. Tiring commutes will place you at a disadvantage.

Rents are higher than ever. I do not envy young actors faced with the task of finding affordable housing in this day and age, but “where there’s a will there’s a way.” It might take teaming up with 2 or 3 roommates to be able to afford today’s rentals but that is part of the journey and you will have to do whatever it takes to stay afloat.

Your first gigs may not live up to your loftiest expectations but that falls under the heading of paying dues. Your journey need not be an exhausting and painful struggle. You can abbreviate the trip by learning your craft well so that you make a positive impression on the casting directors and agents when the opportunity presents itself.

It’s going to take a bit of time to find quality representation. You can’t wait around to be discovered. You must always be looking for work. That requires that you be working on some aspect of your profession every day. You will need to learn about the business end of the acting profession. There’s a reason it’s called show business.

As you can see there are many aspects to establishing yourself in the acting profession. Even the most successful actors have to have more than a little Gypsy in them. Stability is not easy to come by, frustrations run high at times and rejection is a part of the business. Surrounding yourself with positive people is essential. Negative forces are another drain on your energy so you will want to spend time developing a network of people who are supportive and understanding. It’s all part of the process.

If you feel discouraged by what I’ve written that is not my intention. My sole purpose in writing this article is to shed light on the realities of the business. If after having read this you are still eager to proceed then I would venture an educated guess that this path is the right one for you. Be well, be positive, and stay strong. Bon voyage!

How to Catch Dog Day (Summer) Crappie

The dog days of summer are not the best times to fish for crappie. It’s not that they won’t bite. It’s just too dang hot! I would much rather fish at night for them during this time of year. It is a lot more comfortable at night for one. And a lot less boat traffic and zero jet skis. However if you are a die hard and want to tough it out in the heat of the day, Hear are a few tips to help you catch a mess of crappie during the dog days of summer.

These 3 tips are mainly for fishing lakes but can be used on rivers as well.

1) Use you depth finder (fish finder) to find the thermocline. The thermocline is where the temperature of the water changes on the lake. On one of my favorite lakes, the thermocline is usually at the 18 foot level. Even the cheapest depth finder can be used to find the thermocline. Just use manual sensitivity and adjust it up until you see a line on the screen. If adjust too much you will see an echo of the bottom. This is easy to spot because it will change as the depth changes. The thermocline won’t change as the depth of the water changes. Once you know the depth of the thermocline, look for structure at that depth. The easiest structure to find is a bridge. If the bridge has water under it that is deeper that the depth of the thermocline, try there first.

2) Look for docks with deep water. If you can find these, shoot your jigs or minnows all around the shady areas of the dock. Be sure to let your jig sink on a semi slack line so that it stays under the dock as it sinks. I use this technique a lot on Smith Mountain Lake. Try using 1/16 tube jigs and 1/32 tube jigs. Most hits will come as the jig sinks. If this doesn’t produce any bites, try replacing the tube body with curly tail grubs. My personal favorites are Berkley’s 2 1/2 inch power grubs and MisterTwister jig bodies. Crappie will hang on to a Power Grub for a long time! They have out produced other jigs that look exactly like them in size and color.

3) Fish creek mouths that are as deep as the thermocline. I have found deep creek mouths to very productive year round.

I hope you will find these tips helpful in finding and catching crappie. For more tips visit http://WWW.CATCHINGCRAPPIE.COM.

Jallikkattu – Why This Agitation in Tamilnadu by Students, Favouring the Bull-Taming Sports?

A brief introduction of rural sports of Tamilnadu:

Tamilnadu is famous for the cultural sports activities. Kabadi is a common man’s game which anybody can take part and which involves enough muscle strength and retention of breath. Another game which is worth mentioning is Gilli which is the fore runner of modern cricket game wherein only two sticks are used by players, the longer stick as bat and the smaller one as the ball. Rural folks from Tamil land are famous for ‘silambattam’ meaning fighting with long stick. These games involve only human players. The game Jallikkattu involves Bulls being tamed by human force and which remains as the symbol of Tamil culture from time immemorial. Only because animals are part of the game animal lovers portrayed it as cruelty to animals and Government of India banned it. There is a huge protest all over Tamilnadu to restore the sports saying that it is a blow to the long living Tamil culture. In addition to cultural issues, the issue involves several complicated issues like a ban on PETA, against opening market to international companies, banning of bottled drinks etc. A brief account on the real issues involved are given in this article.

What is ‘jallikkattu?’

Though jallikkattu is a game of taming of the bulls, the translation of the word is different. A treasure of coins (jalli) would be tied in a cloth bundle (Kattu) to the hump of the raging bulls. The bold youth in dozens would try to tame the bull, most of them fail, the brave one who tames the bull by embracing the hump, thereby bringing the bull under perfect control. It is for this reason the game is otherwise known in ancient Tamil literature “Eru (Bull) thazuvudhal (embracing)”.

In fact it is a dangerous game which involves danger to human lives. The Horns are usually sharpened like pointed knives and most of the times they pierce and many youth had died in this sports. Certain bulls are reserved only for this purpose and are fed sumptuously for the entire year. The bull taming function will be held on “Mattu pongal” (bull festival following the harvest festival which usually falls on 15th January every year). The practice of young and pretty girls garlanding and marrying only those youth who tame the most adamant bull is still in vogue in some parts of the South. Both the winner (prospective bridegroom) and the tamed bull be brought in procession all-round the village and will be poured with gifts and ornaments.

The principal cause for the agitation:

PETA (India)( People for Ethical Treatment to Animals) is the Indian chapter of the International organisation with headquarters at New York (U.S). They are working for the welfare of animals by fighting against cruelty to animals. They presented their case at Madurai court and got a ban against jallikkattu in 2014 for the simple reason that animals cannot be used for entertainment. So Jallikkattu had not been held for two consecutive years of 2015 and 2016. But this year, people were adamant that jallikkattu should be held without fail on Mattu Pongal day (15.1.2017). Honourable judge did not give a favourable judgement. From 17.1.17, students assembled in lakhs at Marina, Chennai and other centres like Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem, Trichy and more importantly at Alanganallur. (The main place where jallikkattu were held). The students assembled in lakhs and were having silent protest who were later joined by non-students also. The world famous Marina beach had an assembly of nearly a million protesters.

Certain special features of the protest:

The protest had several special features. Firstly it did not have any specific organiser. Messages were sent by electronic gadgets using face book, what’s up and people converged of their own. It did not have any political backing nor political leader to lead them. This agitation may be called first of its kind using only I.T support. Students were having sit-in demonstration for six days without any mishap.

Demands made by the protesters:

They wanted complete restoration of Jallikkattu I.e the game of taming of bull as held in years prior to January 2015. But soon, the demand culminated in total ban of PETA in India.

What were the grievances against PETA?:

The agitators alleged that PETS, in the name of Ethical treatment to animals are spreading foreign products in India thereby annihilating indigenous produce. These include purified water bottles, drinks, snack and so on. They were compared to East India Company, who in the pretext of having business contacts brought entire India under their control which was later taken over by British Kingdom. Curiously enough, PETA, instead of allaying the genuine fear and promoting their mission, put some valueless arguments in their favour. Local leaders of PETA gave interviews which added fuel to fire.

The agitation continued for 6 days. The most noteworthy feature of the agitation was that it was held as a peaceful demonstration like that of Gandhi. After six days, the agitators got victory in getting a law passed in the legislative assembly for holding jallikkattu as usual.

It is too early to state that the victory is final. There may be legal obstacles to follow.

Yet, in post independent India, for the first time, a peaceful demonstration without any religious, caste or political bias had been held with success. Another most noteworthy aspect is that it was not guided by politicians nor it had any particular leadership. It was fully a voluntary participation by students using electronic gadgets alone as their aid for their fight for restoration of their right to play the sport.

Really, it is a good beginning.

Alright It’s Fall

I have been collecting many ideas for projects from friends, magazines various art shows and of course the special requests from family and friends. Some of the things I like to make are wooden bowls, walking canes, cutting boards, cabinets, and basically anything that gets my creative juices flowing.

I have been making walking canes for family and friends; these are very fancy pieces of work, I always said; “if you have to use a walking cane, you should be proud of it”.

I will use any type of wood that is strong enough and has some character. Diamond Willow is a good choice, strong and easy to work with. I cut a spiral along the length of the Cain to give it some character and after sand finishing and trimming to a personal length I add a brass handle and a brass and rubber tip. I like to use a cooked stick for the cane, the middle can bend and twist but the ends have to be in alignment, so that when you push down on the handle the tip is directly below and not off to one side.

Cutting a spiral on a straight piece of wood is relatively easy. Cutting a spiral on a crooked piece is more difficult, the difficulty is in balancing the spirals so that they flow around and along the crooked body of the Cain.

Other projects include turning bowls with a natural edge; mostly I only use highly figured wood. These types of bowls are best turned while they are still green and I have built a kiln to dry the green bowls. Always make sure to leave extra thickness in the bowl to address the warping that will occur. Generally allow at least 1 to 1 ¼ inch of thickness. This will result in a finished thickness of ½ to ¾ inch thickness finished. My favorite woodturning tool for this type of work is a 5/8 bowl gouge with a 60 degree grind and I always cut my bowl blanks round with band saw.

Segmented Bowls have been a favorite of mine. The different patterns and shapes are only limited by your imagination. I like to use exotic wood with different colors like Purple Heart, Padauk, Wenge, Yellow Heart, Hard White Maple and many other species. Using this type of creates a very distinctive art that are very attractive when displayed.

There are always the usual for cutting board, shelves, cabinets and repairs of broken furniture.

This type of work keeps me busy throughout the fall and winter months. Now it is almost spring so it is time for pruning fruit trees and roses, preparing the soil for the garden and flowers.

The Merman

The gray whales are going south: I see their practicalities

They are surly the great pale bulks of hot blood, that

Rise and fall, rise and fall, catching the wind with the sea-

Turning over the deep cold waters!

None of us here, remember our ancestors-this is so?

Those that crawl the earth, they do!

"Get out of the ocean," I howl, try to tell them,

Time and time again, flukes looking for rainbows-

Like rattlesnakes trying to swim, that's what I think of

Them; Like the birds, I call them stone clouds-

Heavy footed creatures-they've taken to the sea, from time

Immemorial, yet they do not belong here, or to us.

There, over there, look, eyes, look, there is a skull of a man looking: these creatures have thoughts and emotions,

Move about with thin cracking bones, white as clouds;

Bones no stronger than eggshells-

Protein eaters, with erratic nerves and brain waves …

He just stares at me, as if I should not exist; Now he 'll

Write something to the effect, "I saw strange things in

My time, one was a Merman, 'but he'll not scream

It out, lest he alter his image to his comrades.

"Grow fat and die old man," that is my wisdom for him.

He thinks I'm the devil I bet.

Beware of my teeth, ha, ha, ha …!

I saw a great squid this morning-deep, very deep

Must have weighed ten-thousand pounds-maybe not,

Maybe that's an exaggeration, sometimes three thousand!

Hiding under the weight of the world to grab me!

To eat me-the slime, like a worm, but slow as

A tree grows, ugly as seaweed; No wiser than a

Dumb mule-mindless, just muddy flesh creeping

In the darkness-he will die soon, greatness in the

Sea Mr. Man, means long life, but death comes to us

Too, tragedies also, our blood will blend into the sea.

We have our wooded glens, and nostalgic twilights-

Just like you, just different, so do not be so snobbish.

We do not have fire that's about it, but we got the sun

And we got molten rock, volcanic emissions-so put

That in your pipe and smoke it, Mr. Man!

He's looking for his camera I think.

You are no different than a beast, with thoughts, passions

Your horns are hidden inside your heart.

You are more animal than I.

You're free in the ice-cold midwinter waters-turn yellow

That's how weak you are; Sometimes I'm jealous, I'm not sure.

No oxygen down here, just salted water for us monstrous

Beings … we are despite made of amino-acids, I think.

I am twenty or thirty years more than one one-hundred,

And you are not the first man I saw, but I am the first

Merman you saw, I am a wonder of the world to you.

Unambiguously human, you're thinking I am, and

Unambiguously sea-creature I must be, –

Should I submerge, before you take that picture?

You really do not know what I am, I see that theory on

Your face, which is no theory … I am the least of the wonders

Of the sea, should you take time to investigate?

Here in the ocean, we do not take sides, like you do, in

War, there are no brawlers here.

Just good and evil, that, which is common among all living

Things-no, we do not hold our noses and compromise,

Cold minds, we are not Hitler's here, nor without love, but

For a few of us; No quarrels, for us it is better not to strike

Or if necessary, strike often.

Here I live among stones that have rolled about on the

Floor of the sea for thousands of years, many are unlucky

They end up, with the tides onto the bays of the world,

Along the shore, never again to feel the brush of water:

Picked up by man, for a wall or fence, or house-who's

To say, it's all a craving passion for man to own-they love

The tide-wash, that's what I call it. They make me neurotic,

The nausea they provide just watching the sea, as if they

Were shepherds, all demagogues?

Go back to your pitiless wars, prepare for them.

Your yachts-go back and hide on your yachts, and say

To your people what great seamen you are;

Feel our fresh air beating against your shoulders, and Drunken faces; I've seen many a man fall into the sea,

Look straight into my eyes, want me to save them.

"Death," I say to them 'cold and stern death, "I whisper as

Bubbles come out of their mouth, with blood in the

Corners: I want to be merciful, and even have wanted to save

A few-but I do not, their eyes say "You have the keys to

The reserves, to allow me to live, "their hot young lives Sinking, sinking, fates of life, who knows what crimes they've

Committed on land-they are the meanest minds once you've opened them up, save them, yes, I've heard tales from a few of my kind, Pale Saints I call them, they think they are the lions of the sea, And they flock around their feet, and drag them on shore, and they wake up thinking a miracle took place. We are intelligent too; We just do not bow to them like …

Fish …

"Okay, okay, take the picture," he sees me "take the damn

Picture, and get it over with! "

The old man just stands there like a goat. If I tell him to ignore me, he will not. Go back to your house, your castle, or

Whatever you call it-shed, slow-witted man!

Go hammer away on the skulls of your beloved friends

Your great ideas how you'll save the world-

Stupidity! That is what it is, his brains are squeezed, he just

Wants a picture to show his friends down at the bar;

He's got lopsided shoulders, perhaps other things

Lopsided also-I see the sea-wind makes him shiver,

You've gotten to move that hot blood about, like the whales do!

"SNAP!" He took the picture. Now forever he'll be

Impressed, at the bar talking like brattling birds about

The Merman; I will be a inane, ridicules monster to them,

A freak: I am who I am.

Someone will say, some girl "Ah, sad, the poor freak!"

Then someone else will say a mindlessly drunk,

"He made that from shadows," as if he altered the Photograph-I think they call it special effects.

Shocking green creature like me-they'll do not exist, then

The old man will point on the photograph this and that: he 'll point to the starting point of my tiny jaw, my iron gray hair-

If only they knew my tiresome memories, but they do not care about them, that is what I'd like to tell them of "Waaah!"

Yes, I've cry out to those nasty man faces, and I'd like to tell them to get rid of those nasty nets and all-I say, with a neurosis way of thinking, I know but it's the only way to Say it: "No offense, get rid of the nets, those nasty nets!"

It was not always like this, no, not always, but those good

Days are gone. More people moving west,

For the splintered sunlight I guess.

It is a matter of fact, I have never killed a man, and never

Will, or expect to.

Small squids, more meat!

It is true I feel some kind of dismay for man, discounting Women, I've never seen one.

But whales, and sharks, and eels, can make for a concern

Afternoon, no weak division here: it is their happiness:

They see all life with no scrutinizing of it;

They're mask in it like crabs in sludge …

So I live, day by day, month to month, year after year, age

To age, I talk to myself, to the moon, the stars. Even to this Man who took a picture of me, some three-hundred feet away,

Old coot, who's shaking his head-yes, I'm having a

One-way conversation with him that he is unaware of!

I see in far-off distance behind his shed, wild pigs, no

Not really, kids, must be his grandkids he's looking at them

And then me, I nod my head 'no' he understands that, he

Knows I'll submerge if he does. Let them rattle away

Into the bushes! That's what I say. Talking, talking, I feel

I'm spinning a web, and he thinks he's dreaming.

Woops, I get the first grin stirring at me,

I want to tell him to ram that grin up his nose! But I would.

He's just really a pile of bones, old rat pile of bones,

With a fat belly, a foul bulk rolling belly,

He will not have time to have old memories of me-

Blue sweater, like the sea!

An invisible fire is in his eyes, not sure what they say,

But should I follow my intuition, I'm submerge,

They want to talk to me: My soul can seriously resist, should I? What do you think? Guess, if I will or will not?

His fists are clinched, he wants to growl,

Swim out and deep into the sea with me,

And I'm only knee high in the water for him.

I crawl up near onto the bank, catch my breath,

I'm not sure how long I can stay out here,

This has been the longest of times for me-

I feel like hissing, but I had to-I mean, I've always wanted to

One time, just one time, see how long I'm last,

Notice the terrible sameness, these men put up with.

Sometimes even talk to one: what's intuition anyways!
I could drag his old bones out to sea,

Down into the dark Chasms!

Then he had something to talk about.

Seize him, crush his bones. I get terrified just thinking

About me doing it: he's shaking his head for me not to go!

I do not want an audience.

At the same time, this is somewhat interesting.

Perhaps he thinks he'll snatch me, not in a thousand

Years, unless he is a lunatic, and has a fit, I'll jump

Backwards-but I can not take it down,

My heart's not in it …

He glances at me awkwardly, like a lizard-

Sneaking up closer: foot by foot!

I used to take some pride in showing off,

I was younger back than, burning with sickness

And show myself to the sailors, and they'd yell

"Look over yonder!"

That was when I moved to the deep-sea depths:

To get away from all that foolishness! …

My roots go back ten-centuries.

If he wants to live like me, he's crazy; I live in a king's

Graveyard, sprayed out from end to end

With unmoving nights, lest a cadaverous creature

Detect my sudden coming-

Thus, comes cringing stages, and lack of sleep

In hushed old caves-

There I sink into silence, cross my fins, hope my world

Does not end, that some shark or eel or similar foe

Find my dingy underground room.

I live where my unremembered ancestral have lived.

Yes Mr. Man, on one hand it is a miserable life, in the sea,

Clutches at my sleep, but like your greed and wars

And stories you like to boast about …

We stand and survive in our own putrid environments:

"Do not ask a question please!" He wiggled a finger;

Now he looks at his watch.

I wait here, why?

Should I talk to him, I know several languages,

Even his English and his wife's Spanish …

She looks Spanish,

I've seen her in the window several times,

She's younger than he, calm as winter.

Yes, I've come up now and then, she's seen me I bet,

Respected me, said nothing, otherwise he'd not be so

Surprised-ten years I've watched her, no, it's been twelve!

Did I say I never saw a woman?

I forgot I have, a shadow, she's just a shadow though.

"Woe, woe, woe!" Priest the seagulls in the wind overhead.
I hear my belly, it growls, sick from that sour squid.

There she peeks out the window:

Take him, she says, take him away s I can live in peace-

I can not read her lips, but if I were her, I'd be saying that,

The old coot, ram rod coot.

He's a punishment for her, that's what I say.

I wonder if she'd marry me.

They marry I guess, not like us in the sea.
The dogs behind the house, howl,

Playing with the children, they seem to be on the edge;

I wonder what's happening way back there.

She's gone from the window now, I suppose she's

Wondering too … kick them with a shoe!
Theories, he's still on theories, whimpering, whining, Mumbling, and groaning for me to take him down;

Almost praying … a feeble-minded old man,

With sagging flesh, that even the falcons would get tart from!

Married to a pretty wench!

His legs are swollen; He's a hundred feet from me now.

The sky has changed.

He has some lunatic theory-he's speaking away, as if

Talking to his ear-

I'm starting to cringe, claw my flesh, I should flee-

I'm getting goose bumps, if you know what I mean

Something's stirring?
He thinks he's penetrated a mystery, he has a chilly

Intellect, I can say that, it's getting hard for me to cope here!

My mind's goes suddenly white,

I drop to my knees, and I'm on sand, he has dragged me onto Sand, what's he intending to do? What happened?

I stare up, amazed, I feel as if I was stuck by a baseball bat.

He's torn off my arm; I'll never be able to swim.

Blood is pouring out of me.

The woman is waving behind me,

How did she get her so quick?

The dogs and kids are running down to see.

"No, now think, think straight!"

I'm really going to die, he thinks he can-

The cold blooded Beast!

I cry out, "Help!"

His whisper follows that, "It was an accident," liar,

He just wants me to be calm, for the children.

He overturns me like an infant, a tossing fish!

I bellow out, "Help! Please help …!"

The blind mindless, old coot-what's he up to.

He thinks I'm a demon, no just an odd creature.

He's tying my other hand around my waist,

With his twisted shirt, "Accident," he repeats,

Then why is he doing what he is doing?

He's taking another picture of me, for god's sake,

What is his problem … his game?
Blackness, I'm feeling the dark power moving over me,

I'm falling into a deaf dread, I'll tumble into death

I know that now.

Again, my sight gets better, but blood is all underneath me,

My blood: I gave him what he wanted, a smile, a moment,

A picture, and now we are old enemies.

My heart bangs with terrorism.

He's just standing there, his wife calm as winter, mindless Too; He never did want to go down to the chasm below,

He is feeling joy for his capture-he will boast this evening.

He'll be in the paper tomorrow.

I am his animal, his prize, his fish.

They are enjoying my obliteration!

"Poor, creature," I hear one of the kids say,

He whispers back to the child:

"He had an accident, it was better to put him out of his Misery."

# 3351 (5-10-2012)

Note: This story has a tinge of truth to it, Robinson Jeffers, the great poet, once claimed he saw a Merman, off the coast of Carmel, California, and thus, this author, and poet has taken that as inspiration to write his , Epic style poetic narration. Also, when he was in Equator, at the main museum in Quito he saw a picture of a Merman that was seen and then drawn, and documented, again, off the California Coast, sometime during the 1920s, and when the author was in Malta , He heard stories of them likewise dating back to the 14th Century, seen by folks living in a large mammoth cave like quarters: a kind of gypsy people of those far-off days. Thus, again, legend keeps coming up, and so this his extraction from all these experiences, and encounters in his travels.

The Great Physician's Dietary Prescription

(This article was inspired by my conversation with a Muslim named Shahid while I witnessed for Yahshua 'Christ.)

In Antioch an issue arose concerns whether or not the Early Christian community should observe the Mosaic Law. The Apostle Paul argued the position that what we do matters not one bit, because only faith in Christ justifies us. (Galatians 2:16)

Some Christians observe the kosher diet laws of the Hebrews. This is acceptable and even admirable so long as one avoids going to extremes in doing so. We must aim to glorify God and keep balance in all we do.

Christ taught us to not be overly concerned with what we eat and drink. The primary concern is to seek the Kingdom (Matthew 6: 31-33). We are spiritual befits requiring spiritual sustenance (Matthew 4: 4). Those who seek The Lord will eat and be full (Psalms 22:26).

God is fully aware of our needs. Our Father is never derelict in providing for His children. Christ is our Food and Drink. Therefore, let us "quake" upon every word that proceeds from His mouth!

As followers of Yahshua ', we are liberated from the law (Torah and Sharia alike). We should, however, be discerning about what we eat. When we consume clean, pure, and wholesome foods (accompanied by living a clean, pure, and holistic lifestyle) we can be assured of receiving significant benefits and improvements to our physical health. Health and vitality will be restored and dis-ease will be reversed and eradicated from the body. The physical effects of dis-ease in the body are but symptoms of the REAL ISSUE which resides in the Spirit.

Disease, or dis-ease, is indicative of a separation from God. Once we have fancied something in our hearts (in our mind) it has already happened. (Matthew 5:28) We should read and understand the words of Christ in the Book of Matthew 15: 10-20 . Once something takes root in the Spirit it will certainly manifest in the physical. Our physical body is the reflection of our Spiritual condition. Our Spiritual condition is our True condition. The Psalmist knew this, and that's why when David entreated His Father for a healing he prayed that his soul be healed first. (Psalms 41: 4)

One should strive to live an organic life rather than just eating organic food.

"… And these signs will accompany those who believe: In My Name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new languages; they will pick up snakes; if they should drink anything deadly, it will never harm them … "(Mark 16: 17-18)

The Man or Woman of God, who has developed their Inner Christ, can ingest poison and not suffer any ill effects. Right Thinking and Right Living (which stems from the Right Teaching of Yahshua ') is the powerful antidote to any poison!

Let us now turn our attention of fasting. What effect does fasting have on the body? Fasting is proven to be a powerful effective preventive measure against all manner of illness and dis-ease. It has also been proved that fast slows down the aging process and actually reverses it! This is no far-out claim, as I, myself, have experienced this first hand.

How does fast slow down the aging process? When one fasts or abstains from eating for a period of time the pineal gland secretes more atoms of the chemical called melatonin. Melatonin is an anti-oxidant, like Vitamins A, C, E, and beta-carotene, and it combats the scourge of free radicals in the body.

The pineal gland is known as the seat of the soul and is located in the center of the brain, level with the top of the ears. The pineal gland functions as our body's internal-clock.

Some years ago, the Associated Press published the results of a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health in an article entitled, Eat Less and Live Longer.

Reducing calories by 30 percent appears to slow the rate of aging in monkeys, providing new evidence that primates, such as humans, should live longer by eating less.

Dr. George Roth, a scientist at the gerontology research center of the National Institute on Aging (at the time this article appeared) said: "We (science) have known for 70 years that if you feed laboratory mice less food, they age slower, they Live longer and they get diseases less frequently, "…" We find that monkeys respond in the way way as rodents and that the same biological changes may be in play here. "

The article goes on to quote Dr. Barbara Hansen of the obesity and diabetes research center at University of Maryland, Baltimore: "Restricting calories reduced the rate of cancer, heart disease and diabetes."

Dr. Hansen had been studying the effects of dietary restriction on rhesus monkeys for almost fifteen years and the results showed that the monkeys had less illness and obesity.

Muslims, Christians, and Jews observer fasting. Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan . The word ramadan is derived from a word that implies FIRE. To place one's self in the FIRE of Ramadan and voluntarily submit to the strains and rigors for thirty days takes serious discipline.

The Egyptian Christian sect (known as the Copts ) observes rigorous fasting. The days of their fast seasons combined amount to approximately 210 days out of the 365-day year.

We should adopt a proactive posture regarding our health and pursuit new and improved health strategies for ourselves. Being proactive does not entailing popping more pills when we feel a pang, but means we should make educated decisions about what we choose to consume well before we feel the pang.

We may do all that we can to maintain optimum health, but we should not forget that the true Key to energy, vigor, and vitality is being connected with The Source. Reading the Word, praying, meditating on God's Holy Names, fasting, fellowship-ing, and charity are all the ways that we can recharge and reenergize.

Do you not know? Have you not heard? YAHWEH is THE EVERLASTING GOD, THE CREATOR OF THE whole earth. He never grows faint or weary. There is no limit to His understanding. He gives strength to the weary and strengthens the powerless. Youths may misunderstand and grow weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who trust in YAHWEH will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not fault. (Isaiah 40: 28-31)

Self Improvement Resources

If you’re human and have an interest in becoming the “new and improved you,” then you’re in the market for self improvement resources. You have a huge problem however, in that there are too many self improvement resources out there! Too many, with more being created each day. Alas! Do not despair-this problem is easily overcome if you answer the following question: What do you want to improve about yourself?

Answering that question is the first hurdle to overcome in your journey to revise and upgrade to “You 2.0.” No matter what you are seeking to improve, your search for self improvement resources should be jump-started as you finish this article.

Think Outside the Box: Free Articles

As you may have noticed, there is a flood of fantastic self improvement resources available in the self improvement niche. Beginning your search at the local library is an obvious first step. Another that will cost you a few keystrokes is to search the internet. Some of the best and most readily available sources can be found on sites you may not have thought to look.

Besides searching for the obvious (punching in “self improvement resources” in your search engine), there are also categories of sites that you may not immediately think to consult. One such category you may not have thought of is the free article directory. Think of this as the Associated Press, a place where authors publish their work, and where publishers find their content. The big difference on the internet version of the AP is that word “free.” There are hundreds of such directories online, available at no cost to either publisher or author, with quality authors writing on various topics.

The genius behind these directories is the motivation to publish: authors drive traffic to their own sites with links in the article body or in the by-line (commonly called a “resource box”). As self improvement remains a popular category, you will find no trouble finding resources you need in such directories.

Non-Traditional Radio

Another great category is the internet talk radio niche. You may find similar results with a paid radio service or satellite radio service by finding the self help or self improvement stations, the idea is the same. The glaring advantage on the internet is that these stations are normally free. Simply look for “internet talk radio” in any major search engine and you’ve the world at your finger tips. Most radio stations have channels dedicated to providing self improvement resources.

Identifying your targeted areas for self improvement opens up limitless possible resources at your fingertips. You’ll find meta-sites dealing with self improvement or self help, as well as endless niche sites dedicated to your particular areas of self improvement.

The Best Self Improvement Resources: Closer Than You Think

One final word on self improvement resources, and believe me when I tell you that I have saved the best for last in this case, is simply the company you decide to keep. Mind you, you can’t pick your family. You can’t necessarily choose your co-workers in many cases.

You can, however, be deliberate about:

…with whom you spend your off-hours.

…searching for those successfully applying the principles you are seeking to emulate.

…searching out healthy relationships with people who will pull you toward your goals.

…searching out mentors who can teach, guide and hold you accountable.

It is an ancient wisdom that had developed the first apprenticeship programs, and this unshakable truth applies in spades when you are searching for self improvement resources. People and relationships remain the best resource to continue your personal development and attain your goals. If you have unhealthy relationships with people who inspire the worst in you, or who hold you back from changing the negative habits you may have in common with them, you are setting yourself up for regress. If you want the best self improvement techniques, get with people who are walking the same direction. You’ll find many who are happily willing to help anyone seeking to “upgrade” to the new and improved you.

This holds especially true for those who may have come from broken families. The best “cure” is to find and create a positive sense of community and society in which real growth can take place. Invest time in evaluating your current community. Is the company you usually keep building you up, or are you able to build them up as they seek to improve themselves? If you are serious about finding self improvement resources, creating or discovering a new “family” of fellow-travelers should hover at the top of your to-do list. If you are so able, investing in a life coach that targets your personal needs may be an investment you need to make.

A further point is that in order to upgrade yourself, you will need to upgrade the way you think. That will involve the elimination of negative thoughts and creating positive thoughts. How do you do that? Simple! You check out a complimentary online video that I have provided on the link below.

Use the data in this video and you will soon become more powerful and confident in life. A whole new world of opportunity will be opened up to you.