Honest Eyes: What Are They And How Do You Get Them

Okay, you have read the manual, went through the basics of the sales pitch with your manager, been knocking some doors and now are running a route of properties on a daily basis. As a locator you are going out and trying to make contact with the homeowner. While you are out at the property you are evaluating the outside condition and the neighborhood. This is your investigatory stop. You take pictures of the outside of the home, some shots of the neighborhood and you are trying to determine whether the property deserves the time and effort to follow up on the home. This first visit whether you have contact or not is investigatory in nature.

What are honest eyes and how do you develop them in this business? For a locator to earn a commission we must use each visit as a way of showing the end purchaser (our managers) what the property and the area are like. During your visits to the property you can weed out some of the properties due to the neighborhood and the physical condition of the property. By weeding out the properties it will allow the locator time to spend on properties that are actually going to make you money. Remember, we are on a tight time schedule for the purchase of a home and if the locators fails to describe enough about the neighborhood and condition of the property the price that is offered to the homeowner will not be the best price and we may not then have the opportunity to purchase the property.

It is absolutely in the locators best interest and pocketbook to take detailed notes of the area and the condition of the property during each visit. In our experience the first visit to the property can flush out the following facts:

1) Assess the neighborhood.

Remember people are not only purchasing the house but also the neighborhood. If the neighborhood is run down it will not be a purchase. If the house is physically distressed then you are wasting your time going out there for a repeat visit. These are issues you and your manager can decide after the very first time you go out to the property. Over time you will become quite familiar with the area you are working and will know the details of each street. This will allow you to become more efficient. Here are some notes from locators about neighborhoods.

“Not home..busy road.. located near Route 28.”

“Busy and loud section of the blvd.”

Tells us that it may be a hard resale so we will have to price accordingly.

“Good area though (juniper and south street).”

“Almost at the corner of 18th and fitzwater – “

This note is from a locator that is quite familiar with his area and now knows the streets. This also means the manager knows this area well.

“near a ballpark (good location).”

Amenities that people may enjoy. Ballparks, parks, down the street from shopping, beach, pond, boat ramp, highway etc. all help us decide the neighborhoods value.

“Nice quiet side street. next to wet land. Good neighborhood. House in good shape. Hard to find. Old Skating Rink Rd ends at wet land.. extension picks up after wet land.”

Wetlands could cause a more expensive septic system but may also bring in more value. Quiet side street is an excellent resale point.

“Upscale neighborhood. Great house, great neighborhood, Contemporary style, hot tub and new swimming pool in back, all fenced in , slate in foyer, hardwood floors.”

This tells us that we are dealing with either a step up house or higher end house. Requires very precise marketing knowledge. Harder to resell. Need to have a bigger spread.

“Yard well kept although lawn was full of weeds. Pool not opened although it was full of water. Neighborhood is well kept. Home is in a cul-de-sac.”

This is a typical suburban house that we want to go back to many times.

“Property unkept. Lots of “stuff” in the back yard and on the side of the house. No curtains. Dog in the house. Daughter was pleasant. Neighborhood is nice. Quiet and homes in the immediate area are well kept. Traffic was light.”

Good note describes a great neighborhood for investing.

“Neighbor is in good shape. Several properities for sale. This property has a huge yard in the rear. Not well kept. Appears to be a cottage that was converted into a full time residence. Will most likely have septic issues. High water table. View of the lake is unobstructed.”

Again much information in this note. We know that there will be a septic issue with a high water table. Water view house always adds value. Cottage conversion means that any rehabilitation has to be light construction. Framing of cottages in this area was unreliable. Several properties for sale tells us we have to be under pricing this to sell before the others if we purchase the property.

“Area is so-so …Across from circuit city at bustleton and cottman.”

Here we know that the resale will be harder in a commercial area or adjacent to a commercial area will make the house less desirable. Must be priced accordingly on the buy and the sell.

“The neighborhood is an excellent area of Brockton and homes in that area did sell in the mid $400’s recently”

Absolutely a high end neighborhood for the town of Brockton. I would personally stay away from the high end of a blue collar district unless it is a steal.

2. Assess The Outside of the home

Here your goal is to educate your manager about the condition of the home from the outside. This will allow him to begin putting together a realistic rehab budget. The faster the rehab budget is put together the quicker you can present an offer. More offers will equal more deals.

As a locator you are attempting to describe what you see by taking pictures and helping the manager find out the shape of the home prior to purchasing the property. Remember we are taking a process that usually involves home inspections, mortgage contingencies, bank financing, etc. and trying to make the decision in a few days after contact with the homeowner. You help with that process by gathering the intelligence necessary to make an offer as well as getting the deal signed. Here are some recent notes from some of the locators and amn analysis of the note.

“The exterior of the home is well maintained. Interior was empty and in near move out condition. However, we did sit in the kitchen and from my perspective nothing short of a complete overhaul is required.”

From the notes it seems like a light fix-up which will allow us to purchase at the right price. New kitchens are easy to install and add dollar for dollar value.

“The exterior of the property is in good condition. Nicely landscaped. Main access is not Wellington Place; it is from Curve Street. Photo is of the front of the home facing Wellington PLace.”

Excellent note seems that this property would be a nice purchase.

“Storm windows no landscaping. Brick bottom/half-shingledtop1/2 grey black shutters. Storm windows.”

Storm windows = old windows probably single pane requiring all new windows possibly. More info about the house is needed to decide whether it is worth the follow-up.

“Ranch house, two car garage, turquoise awnings over windows, average house, average neighborhood, corner lot.”

Not enough description about the property to decide what to do with it? Nice color description but what about, the shape of the roof, windows etc.?

“Low average shape condo units tried to speak Portuguese was unsuccessful next to Country Garden.”

Reading this note I expect that the place at resale will sell at a discount due to its shape. May have considered physically distressed if we had more info.

“Small skiff in yard. Small ranch with garage and attached breezeway. Place a real mess. Needs roof, trim needs paint, no landscaping, Junk in back. Power was shut off on 6/6/06.”

This note makes it clear that this house will not be a purchase unless it is a steal. This is contractor rehabilitation not a financially distressed home. Probably would archive

“this is the nicest house on the street. Falmouth Street appears to be zoned both residential and commercial. other properties on the street appear to be investor owned multi famlies and a few single families similar to subject property.”

From the note we are in a transitional neighborhood. Need more description of the shape of the home to decide if this is one we should keep in route.

“House Empty. Roof near EOL, Cement work OK, Siding OK, Inside looed OK through Window.

House is in OK shape, has old aspestos siding and has been painted.”

Here we know enough that we will need to price out the roof, cement work etc.. Good note to review.

“6/9 House boarded up, rough shape on outside.”

Most likely archiving this one. Boarded up and rough shape usually means a contractor rehab.

“Nice Property needs driveway, and Garage door. Has for sale by owner sign.”

Good note helps with the rehab budgeting but could use a quick summary of the other sections of the home.

Conclusion: the locator is the sales and fact finder of the property. Each time the locator goes out to the property he/she will find out more about the neighborhood and the property in question. The more information that management has the easier it is to pull the trigger and purchase a property. Remember the homeowner wants to wait until the last minute to sell. It is hard for management to invest thousands of dollars without the right information. Let’s try to make it easy to purchase by refining the notes to a point where the property is ready for the purchase. This will give the locator more deals and money.


Concrete Angel

She was a girl caught in the hands of fate; Never understood never respected. Her fragile soul was in dire need of a new beginning; A beginning that would change her haunted life forever. I like to call her Concrete Angel.

Her name was Nataliya Khan. She and her family were migrants from India. She lived an ordinary life up till the age of eight. She stayed in a small town near the Scotland border. Her family was not well off and there were also times when money was nowhere being sufficient for the four members of the family. Her father Asad Khan worked as a border control officer and her mother Iman was a simple housewife who wanted her children to grow up to be the best they could be. Nataliya's brother Amaar was two years older than her and already at the age of ten was showing signs of being a 'difficult kid'. Nataliya, on the other hand, was a beautiful girl with the most striking features imaginable who had wild dreams and a will to do anything to make them come true. She wanted the world to stop hating and start believing. She wanted to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. It was a passion that lived with her through the rest of her life.

Everything changed the day she found out she was moving to the city of London. Her father had just received an early retirement and wanted the family to get a taste of living a life in the city. Nataliya was somewhat shattered but looked towards the move as a change in her life. It was to be a change, hopefully, for the better. Opposite Nataliya was her brother Amaar who did not really care whatsever happened as long as he was left alone by everyone. It was from the beginning that Nataliya and Amaar did not share a strong bond of closeness. They were always kept out of each others lives and sometimes Nataliya really wished it could have been different with the two of them

Nataliya soon started school. School was one thing that she adored the most. She was always achieving outstanding grades and was one of the brightest in class back home. Nataliya was both eager and nervous on her first day of school. Because of having lived in a less populated town she knew nothing of schools of the city. As it was her first day she did not know what to expect. Her first step into her new school and she knew she did not like it at all. She imagined all the students to be kind and gentle but they were all far from it. The first girl she met refused to talk to her because she was wearing a dress that, she claimed, was not from her era. But when Nataliya tried to explain that the outer appearance of a person should not be taken into account and that it should be all about of what is on the inside the girl cave her a look of deepest disgust and denied to even look at her. Nataliya's first day at school was one of the most awful days of her life. She was mock all day and was made fun of being an immigrant, her name, her skin color and, most of all, her religion. The only thing that she was not teased about was language as she already spoke fluent English. At that age Nataliya did not understand everything that was happening to her and kept her feelings curled up into a little ball inside of her. She did not understand that she was being racially abused.

With the passage of time, Nataliya started dealing with a lot if issues both at home and at school. Her brother was getting involved with bad crowds and was getting into the habit of using drugs. This made the entire family fear for his life. At school, things were getting worn by the day. The only people that stood by her side were Fatima and Jessica; Her two best friends. Without them Nataliya had no idea how she would cope with all the problems. The racial comments were getting worse with the passing of each day. Nataliya had no one to turn to her two best friends. She started asking herself because she was so different from the rest. She believed that just because she was poor and was Asian, it did not give people the right to hurl insults at her like the way the students did. But not once did she complain and told herself that she is beautiful no matter what they say and that plain words will never be able to bring her down. She still knew that she was living a better life than many people in the world.

As a way of dealing with all of the difficult situations that she turned to the only thing she knew that could help her get out of the mess and that was education. Soon, she started shunning out all of the comments and insults and even picked up a new hobby along the way: meditation. She would go home everyday after school and practice meditation as a way of relieving all of the stress and to just be on a plane of a totally different dimension for a while. As a result, she started taking every test and was gradually rising to the top of her class. Nataliya really started to feel inner peace and felt as if nothing could go wrong anymore. She was actually starting to be appreciated by many and actually thought that the worse of the worst days were over. She believed that now she would actually be able to live a life she deserved and that of peace and happiness.

Days started to go by which were followed my months. Nataliya's life essentially did seem as if it was taking a complete turn-around. The racial remarks slowly started to subside and she began making new friends and was starting to get the life she always dreamed of. The only thing that was weighing down Nataliya was her brother Amaar. Nataliya was always told that people normally went from bad to good and tried to amend the things they had done wrong but Amaar, it seemed, was doing the exact opposite. He was going from bad to worse. Mr. And Mrs. Khan tried everything possible to rid Amaar of his doings but nothing seemed to be working. The more he was forbidden the more illegal activities he got himself involved in. It gave the impression that Amaar had completely let go of himself and later and did not care whatever happened to him from there on in. There would be times when Amaar would lock himself up in his room and would not show his face for days. Mr. And Mrs. Khan had had just about enough. They believed that they were entitled to interfere with their son's life and called for desperate measures. They were going to get Amaar professional help.

The day Mr. And Mrs. Khan were going to tell Amaar the news, Nataliya could remember it all too clearly. She had been up in her room when she heard her mother yelling but could not comprehend. She later found out that Amaar's room was found empty with a note telling the family to forget about him and not to try to find him. Nataliya was speechless. It was the very thing she had been dreading. However, the worst was still yet to come. It was around midday when the Khans received the phone call that would shatter their world. The news was that Amaar had been found on the side of the pavement breathing his last breaths. By the time he arrived at the hospital he was pronounced dead. The cause of death was multiple overdoses of banned substances. This information was seemed to eat Nataliya whole. Even though she and Amaar were not as close as she would have liked, she still loved him dearly and would never want anything fatal to happen to him. But she had to accept the fact that Amaar was no more. All she could do was pray that he was in a better place; Happy and serene.

Sometimes Nataliya surprised if Amaar's death was if not all then partly her fault. She accused herself for not even trying to understand her brother from the very beginning. If she had then things might have turned out differently and Amaar might still be with the family instead of being in some far off place. But what happened had happened and there was no altering anything. It was time to face reality and move on. Once again she turned towards the only option she had and that was school. Nataliya was now in her final year and she was determined to contribute herself to a noble cause. She was not certain what that cause was but she knew she would make her story known and make it be heard.

After graduating with honors, Nataliya received a full scholarship for Cambridge University. She dedicated the next years of her life to her education. She always knew that something good and something worth having would cross her path. It was her never giving up character that got her through all the hardships she had endured during the past couple of years. After graduation Nataliya dedicated her time to finding out what to do with the rest of her life. She knew that her past was something that she would never be able to forget and therefore keeping that in mind, Nataliya started and organization to help fight racism and to help troubled children who were in a great deal need of help. By running the organization she knew that she was helping millions of children who were going through similar situations that she and her brother had gone through. Also, keeping the past family financial circumstances in mind, Nataliya chose to help the unprivileged children or even adults free of charge.

With time, her growing organization began to spread through the country and millions were helped each year. Nataliya was finally living the life she deserved. She had everything she had ever wanted: recognition, honor and, most of all, happiness.

Blue Summer

After a lengthy wait of 4 years, the Barclays Premier League Trophy has once again returned to the fortress that it once was, and is yet considered to be, Stamford Bridge. The Home of Chelsea Football Club.

These last 4 years have been nothing less than frantic, being one of the most hectic years for the Club in its entire history. However two things have remained the same through this tumultuous period- The Owner and importantly the majority of the First team players. The Nucleus of the Team yet enterprises of those that "The Special One" had put together. This is something even he has not yet managed to disintegrate, nor have the riches or Real Madrid and Manchester City, despite the Millions of Carrots drawn by them in their desperate bids to lure away our Captain John Terry last season.

Five Managers in four years would suggest grave instability at a club, in the midst of a crisis, and suffering from the wrath of a disillusioned and confused board. However this has been far from reality as the flipside to this so called deemed crisis is that those 4 years have bought the club 6 trophies, 6 more than Arsenal and 5 more than Liverpool. These 5 years have come a long way in making the club self sufficient to a large extent, keeping in mind UEFA's Fair Play Policy, to be implemented by the 2014-15 season, dealing with Financial Irregularities of clubs. The 2009-10 League and Cup Double Winners are only the 7th team to have achieved this feat, needless to say, this summer will require a lot to be done, if the club have to put up a fight for silverware on all four fronts next Season.

What Chelsea need to do this summer is firstly keep hold of their first team, barring a few fringe and aging players that may be needed to be cleared out at the close of every season as a regularity at the top football clubs of today. It goes without saying that Chelsea will be facing stiff competition this summer from a certain team from Madrid. With Jose Mourinho on the verge of signing for Real Madrid, who have already shown the entire universe last season of what they are capable of, Chelsea will have to be on guard. Robbing Manchester United of the services of then World Player of the Year, Cristiano Ronaldo for a staggering 80 million pounds was the highlight of last summer. This only suggests that with Mourinho tipped to be installed boss at the Santiago Bernabaue, it will only be a Tougher challenge for Chelsea to hold on to the core of their team. This is the bare minimum the Chelsea Board will need to do if a challenge has to be made to emulate the successes of this season and have another crack at Europe's Most Coveted Prized possession, The Champions League crown.

The senior faces in the Chelsea Dressing Room, in footballing terms "Chelsea Pensioners" have shown Sir Alex how it is to be done, 2 years after and 2 years older than when Sir Alex had termed the Chelsea Squad as an aging one, not capable Of challenging for the Premier League title, at the start of the 2008-09 season. What Carlo Ancelotti did that his predecessor, Luiz Felipe Scolari had not managed to do despite having very similar first few months at the club was to get the complete backing of the senior players of the team, sometimes Michael Ballack, Petr Cech and Frank Lampard who Had openly shown their displeasure at his training methods and casual lackluster approach. This was directly reflected in the big games, one of which also saw our 4 and a half year unbeaten home record at Stamford Bridge come to an end. The largest blunder made by Scolari was to leave out Didier Drogba and his belief that 2 youngsters in Miroslav Stoch and fellow South American Franco Disanto could offer him more than the mighty Ivorian, proved to be a slap on his face. Carlo Ancelotti has gone about backing the entire squad to perform exceptionally well and has delivered the goods with the existing stock he had. The faith and confidence in his existing players and the backing of the entire team, through the temporary FIFA transfer ban and allegations on the personal lives of our captain and full back, Ancelotti has retained the lively spirit inside the dressing room, ensuring that off the Field matter do not affect the on-field performance of the team and has led the club to its ever League and Cup double in its history. It is far from me to belittle the accomplishments by Jose Mourinho in his tenure at the Bridge. He was no doubt an exceptional manager and won the silverware to show this – though Ancelotti has done the same with a squad who is four years older and little changed from those times, his record at AC Milan was not to be sniffed at.

A winning combination is one that is created with much difficulty and as Chelsea have witnessed earlier, it takes great fortitude and endurance, combined with hard work, ethic and a great manager to create this combination. The harder battle is then retaining this combination, and Chelsea will need to dig deep in to their pockets to retain this champion material. This combination must only be supplemented and not replaced. Chelsea have to hold on to their key players and no swap or exchange deals for any of these stars must be entertained by the Chelsea board, however attractive they may be as a player having tasted victory at a club, can only attain greater heights and the Nucleus of this winning combination must not be disturbed. 103 goals in the Premier League is a record breaking feat, something no club has achieved since the 1961/62 season. Over the last couple of Seasons, a few players have been now worthy of being now referred to as "Mr. Chelsea", namely John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba to name a few. These Players have stuck together and stayed at the Club through thick and thin, only to echo the sentiment and belief that the Club is bigger than a player or manager.

Having an Alexander Pato or Sergio Aguero supplementing this side would be essential to go even another step further next season, come May 2011. With Ballack, Drogba and Lampard in their 30's and Deco luring towards Brazilian football, some established young legs would be indispensable to Chelsea. To summarize this, Michael Ballack should have offered an extension and contract negotiations should begin for Joe Cole and Nicolas Anelka, come the end of the World Cup, with Carlo Ancelotti already having started considering potential summer targets for the following campaign, with the future looking Ever so bright for the Blues!

Inattentive ADHD – Consider Medication

I know, I know. The issue of whether or not to use medication as a primary treatment for children with ADHD is a controversial and emotional one. Many parents of ADHD kids are adamantly opposed to the idea of ​​drugs and refuse to even consider it as an option Sadly, there are those that are repentous, judgmental, and at times, downright hostile to those parents that do choose to treat their child's ADHD Symptoms with medication. But despite public anxiety over the treatment of a behavioral condition with drugs, doctors have continued to prescribe stimulant medications … and parents have continued to use them to help their children … because – quite simply – they work better than anything else. The disadvantages are possible side effects (which could be "jitteriness", loss of appetite, tummy aches, or headaches) … and the temporary nature of medication. If you stop using it for you the benefit or gains.

Commonly Prescribed ADHD Medication and How it Works.

The most preferred ADHD drugs are stimulants. The most common of these are Adderall, Ritalin, Daytrana, Dexedrine, and Concerta. Long acting stimulants like Concerta are taken once a day, and employ a time release delivery through an 8 to 12 hour period. Some practical advantages are that it contains smooth and consistent levels of medication all day … eliminates the need to take a pill at school … and is usually still in effect while homework is being done. Interestingly, stimulants are used to treat both hyperactive and inattentive ADHD.

Stimulants are used in small amounts and in the brain they increase the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. In particular, additional norepinephrine may help to increase attention, while dopamine may promote calm. It's also been discovered that these drugs tend to work most in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is an area of ​​the brain thought connected to attention and to things like impulsivity. Important research suggests that knowing the area of ​​the brain in which ADHD drugs work might be used to customize drugs that treat ADHD better. Be prepared that sometimes, it may take some trial and error to find the medication and dose that works best for your child.

There are other medications that are not stimulants that can be used as ADHD drugs. The most common of these is atomoxetene, sold under thebrand name Strattera. Atomoxetene was originally created to work as an antidepressant, and this information helps to explain how it works. Instead of creating more norepinephrine, it blocks absorption or reuptake of norepinephrine. This leaves more available in the brain to help improve attention and focus. However, it also has been associated with psychotic and highly suicidal reactions in a number of children and organizations like the Food and Drug Administration require a black box warning on it. This does not mean that ADHD drugs like atomoxetene are not useful, but you do have to be extremely careful when weighing the risks of using this drug. There are some other options that have been prescribed for ADHD, such as the anti-depressant Wellbutrin. But stimulants are usually the first line of defense and the most frequently chosen ADHD medication.

Why I Decided to Try Medication for my Son's ADHD.

At first, I, like a lot of parents, was highly resistant to our pediatrician's suggestion that we try treating my son's Inattentive ADHD with meds. I just really did not like the idea of ​​putting my son on drugs every day. I felt sure, there must be a better way to beat this. I searched and tried, every other feasible option, but saw no significant change. After our best efforts, we just could not seem to get a handle on this thing, while my son continued to struggle and slide downhill. Then two events forced me to reconsider.

For the first time, when they called Gabriel's name at his school's honor assembly, he received not one academic award, and he was the only one in his class to leave the stage empty handed. He was humiliated and devastated. Then he had to go back to his classroom where all the other kids were celebrating, comparing awards, and unkindly teasing him (when the teacher was not looking) which, of course, made him feel even worse. Trying not to cry, and with his head hung low, this 3rd grader, my baby, looked beaten. It was as though all the air had been sucked out of him. I tried to cheer him up, but when I got outside the school I burst into tears and sacrificed for a long time.

I made up mind then and there that drastic action was called for. In addition, I felt increasing pressure to find a solution because Gabriel's statewide CRCT exam was fast approaching and if he did not pass he would be held back. This I had to prevent, come hell or high water, as I knew it would absolutely wipe out what little confidence and self esteem he had left. I had to try something different and I had to do it fast. So, reluctantly, I called his doctor and revisited the idea of ​​treating Gabriel's Inattentive ADHD with medication. I asked myself, how could I continue to refuse to even try something that could dramatically improve Gabriel's life? If it did not work … or if it proved harmful … I was in control and would stop it immediately. But what if it worked? When looked at that way I was willing to take a chance.

Did Medication Help or Hurt my Son?

After much clarification, research and soul searching we decided to start Gabriel on the lowest possible dose (27 mg) of the long action stimulant drug, Concerta. He took it just once a day, in the morning, but only on school days, not on weekends or vacation. He experienced no side effects. Within two weeks I began to see noticeable improvement. It was working. A small dose of medication has made all the difference in the world.

Now, he completed most of his homework in his afterschool program before I picked him up. Whatever he had left to finish at home he did independently and in half the time. When asked a question, he no longerave me a blank stare or a yawn in response. When I checked his homework and pointed out a mistake, he maintained a positive attitude, and fixed it quickly, by himself. If he needed help with something, he could forgive and remember what had been explained to him and he could apply it correctly. He remembered his multiplication tables. Even his handwriting improved.

He did extra practice at home for his CRCT. He was not thrilled, but he made an honest effort. He still did not like to read for pleasure, but would read what was required for homework with much better comprehension. He passed his CRCT. He was promoted to 4th grade. In 4th grade he made honor roll both semesters, although in some classes (especially mathematics) his grades could vary wildly from a 60 to a 100 on class work and tests. Amazingly, this time he did not just barely pass his CRCT-he did well !! And now, in the first months of 5th grade, he is Citizen of the Month, pays attention and participates in class, is alert consistent good grades, and received three As and a B on his first Progress Report Card.

I Offer my Experience as Evidence of what is Possible for Your Child.

I tell you this not to be smug, brag or boast, although I am proud of what my son has achieved. I share this because I want you to know there is hope and there is help available for your child. No parent takes the decision to medicate their child lightly. But knowing what has actually worked, or not worked, for someone in your same situation cuts the learning curve, reduces the fear factor, and gives you ideas that you can build on. Meds may not be the way to go for everyone. I just know that, despite my fears, and my husband's reservations, they helped turn it around for my son, with hardly any downside.

Does he love school now? Not really. Does he enjoy homework? No. Does it all come easy? No. But success breeds more success and boosts confidence. He now believes he is as smart as the next guy and can do it if he tries. I realize everyone's experience is different, but I am confident now that this was the right decision for my son and might possibly be the answer for your child too. There is no doubt in my mind that Concerta … along with a few simple classroom accommodations … and a lot of hard work and support at home … is what helped my son bounce back from Inattentive ADHD, and was the key To finally unlocking his true potential.

I hope this article has been helpful and informative. And that something you have read here will inspire you to further investigate an option that you may not have previously known about, or considered, for your child. For more information try ADHD parent forums, or CHADD, Children and Adults with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. Good Luck and God Bless.

TV – Plasma Technology – 10 Common Myths Debunked

There are many common myths and untruths about plasma TVs, which indicates that the average person lacks does not fully understand TV plasma technology. Here we dispel ten of the most common myths.

1. Plasma Televisions have better displays than LCD Televisions (and vice versa)

In reality, either type of television can deliver a lovely, sparkling, razor sharp image on a huge screen, but in different ways. Plasma TVs have superior color, black level and contrast, whereas LCDs do not suffer from screen burn-in.

2. Plasma Televisions burn out quickly and need to be replaced every couple of years

A good quality latest-gen plasma TV system such as Pioneer or Panasonic has a lifetime that is estimated at 100,000 hours of display time which is 27 years at 10 hours a day. (This is how long it takes for maximum brightness to decrease by half)

3. Plasma Television Screens are susceptible to image burn-in

Yes and no … older plasma TV systems were suspect and cheaper plasmas might be, but advances in technology have reduced this problem considerably. Static images such as logos, stock tickers and video game score boards are the usual culprits.

4. Plasmas are far too expensive for me to afford

While plasmas cost an arm and a leg when they first came out. The price of a plasma has dropped considering, especially over recent years. The price is still dropping. It is possible to find decent 42 "and 50" plasma TVs for under $ 1000.

5. A Plasma TV display will look amazing as soon as I've unpacked it

Typically plasma TVs are shipped with brightness, contrast and picture set "hot" as this makes them look amazing in a bright lit showroom, however most living rooms are much darker than the average showroom and a plasma Television will need to be adjusted accordingly. This will also extend the life span of your television.

6. Plasma Televisions are a pain to install

No harder than most other things, but with a few big friends and the right mounting platform it can be set up reliably easily. A fancy wall mounting system might be trickier and need the help of a professional.

7. Plasma TVs project radiation. It's dangerous to sit within 10 feet of a plasma Screen

One of a wilder myths about plasma Televisions. In truth a conventional CRT television generates a LOT more radius than a plasma screen and no doubt you've owned many of these.

8. A High Definition (HD) Plasma display screen produces a better image than an Enhanced Definition (ED) one.

This tend to be true, with a few exceptions. A top ED converter can sometimes do a better job than a bargain-bin HD converter. HDTV technology is replacing ED, however so you avoid it.

9. Someone told me that Plasma Televisions need to be "topped up" every year or so.

The "plasma" in a plasma TV screen is actually a gas in its natural state – the plasma is created when electricity is passed through it. It does NOT need to be and CAN NOT be refilled. I have a feeling this is what CON men tell their customers in order to sell extended warranties, but its a fallacy.

10. The way to handle a Plasma TV is just like with any other television system

Plasma TVs can actually be quite delicate, with hundreds of thousands of individual cells that are sandwiched between thin sheets of glass. You must be very careful with the face of a plasma screen – this includes rubbing hard on it or lying a plasma on its face. Once the screen of a plasma TV cracks it can not be repaired.

Canadian Pension Plan Requires Improvement

There was a recent eye-opening announcement from our American neighbors, that nearly 3 million Americans have been forced to claim their retirement pensions earlier than expected. That means a few things when it comes to their financial security.

One, by claiming their pension several years before they are eligible to get a full pension, they are only receiving a partial pension. Living on a full pension is not always do-able, which is why so many financial advisors hammer home the need to save that retirement nest egg as soon as you can.

Applying for a retirement pension years earlier than expected also means people stand a chance at running out of funds before they planned. However, Canadians are concerned with the level of CPP that they will be collecting as well, so the government has stepped in and offered a pension plan reform. It will see a preliminary, yet moderate expansion of the CPP. This means that Canadians could have been adding more money now to their temporary government retirement plan.

However, some are worried that if the youngger working class, as in the post-baby boomers, begin to contribute more, they will be paying more into the program than they will get in return when it comes time for them to retire. There are other voiced concerns such as that of Alberta Finance Minister Ted Morton, "We think it's a gross overreaction and that the problem of underfunding is limited to a small sector of the Canadian workforce and that CPP expansion hits everyone. Is a form of payroll tax and it's a job killer. "

Quebec's minister of employment Sam Hamad, wanted to take a 'wait and see' approach, saying, "We are not for or against what is proposed, however, there are questions on the table and we need to address them as soon as possible These proposals came on Thursday and we will take the time to look at them. "

Other CPP reform supporters like Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labor Congress feels that the current CPP benefits should be doubled. The National Union of Public and General Employees union has figured that approximately one-third of retiring Canadians are doing so with only their Old Age Security as well as their CPP benefits, which has them living on about $ 17,000 a year.

Before the reform can move forward, at least two-thirds of the provinces that would be representing at least two-thirds of Canada's population would have to agree. By the time the young working class and post-baby boomers retire, the cost of living will most likely be a lot more, maybe even double what it is today. Saving extra money beyond the government programs is always beneficial long-term, however, it is hard to do when mountains of monthly bills keep you from seeing clearly.

Getting all those bills made into one easy payment each month can be done with a consolidation loan. There are many private lenders who even specialize in providing such loans to clients with bad credit. When traditional banks are not an option, a private bad credit loan may be the solution.

Ohio Weather – Understanding The Seasons

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you have to do is. . .

Live here!

“How’s the weather?” It’s not just a mundane conversation starter. The weather in Cleveland Ohio is a serious question to many. Many people relocate or have the possibility of relocating to Cleveland and this is a genuinely needed answer. I get asked about the weather frequently by people living in other parts of the country. Some have never seen snow or have heard horrifying tales of our winters. Some don’t consider our summers hot enough for water sports or vacationing. We have the beach and ski slopes, concrete cities and patios for dining, and mature woods and parks for picnics. Cleveland is a mosaic of urban, suburban and rural pleasures. For most people around the country, weather isn’t perceived to be an issue and most are aware of their climate and normal weather activity year round. Some even expect the next day to be similar to the previous. Here in Cleveland, the weather typically fluctuates day to day, week to week and month to month. We have four seasons which complement each other constantly. As a rule, one will glide and transition smoothly into the next. There are surprises along the way and it’s never boring. I enjoy the change and look forward to the beauty in each season. There’s always something new and each day is a gift. We don’t take the seasons for granted and around every corner there is something new. Let me explain. . .

Spring- Just breaking from the winter months, spring is mild and new life begins. Being able to witness this is priceless. After the cold goes away, it’s as though we’re in a totally different place. Tulips and trees begin to blossom, Life is apparent and defined in word wildlife which show signs of happiness. The smells and sights are pleasing to the senses. It’s literally a breath of fresh air. Not too hot and not too cold, appreciated to the fullest.

Summer- The summers in Northeast Ohio are perfect. We experience three plus months of graduated warmth and the days are hot enough to enjoy activities on our fresh water ocean, Lake Erie. Boating, sailing, jet skiing, rowing, parasailing, and swimming are just some of what we offer. We have many beautiful beaches public and private. Edgewater Park offers walking and bike trails and gorgeous sunsets with a full downtown view. Parks are in full bloom and there are plenty of outdoor activities. There are Islands to party and play, amusement parks, carnivals, street art festivals, outdoor concerts on the water, and many sports to enjoy. The temperatures are anywhere from the low 70’s into the high 90’s. Humidity isn’t typically an issue and we don’t generally have the massive daily thunderstorms like in the southern states.

Fall- If you’re having a bad day or life/work has become monotonous for whatever reason, all you have to do is go outside. As simple as it seems, it’s the ultimate cure. There are no medications on the market available for purchase that compares to fall in Ohio. A drive or walk in the park can instantly lower blood pressure and brighten any bad mood. Unless your senses are impaired, you can’t avoid or possibly turn an eye to the beauty that is at ground level reaching toward the clouds. The colors are amazing and the crisp clean air is breathtaking. Cool but not cold, leaves covering both trees and earth. Winds just barely present enough to mix the elements into aromas and sounds to sooth. Rustling leaves and wildlife at work preparing, it’s absolutely the finest of times on earth to be outside. Ohio offers many Amish farms and apple orchards to spend a Saturday. Pumpkin patches and a true Halloween and Thanksgiving environment. Holidays in Ohio are straight out of Hollywood and enviable.

Winter- It doesn’t matter which sport or activity you enjoy, you can have it in the Cleveland Ohio area. Within thirty minutes from downtown in the winter months you can ski, snowboard, toboggan, sled, and ice skate in public square. Winters are usually a blend of mild but cooler days and downright snowy, blistery cold conditions that make you appreciate a roast in the oven, warm scarf and gloves, your favorite blanket to cozy up in and watch movies, and the smell of fireplaces brewing in the neighborhood, and of course Christmas. Christmas in Ohio is beyond magical. There’s nothing like watching large windless snowflakes slowly fall to the earth on Christmas Eve. Blankets of fresh sparkling white reflect the festive lights on the trees and homes. Baking, holiday shopping and festivities are meaningful and the weather helps define Christmas. Santa doesn’t wear shorts in Cleveland. ‘Tis the season to live in Ohio.

The four seasons and constant weather changes in Ohio lead to what humans are meant to do, adapt. We enjoy adapting frequently and each day is something new. Perhaps it helps make Ohioans some of the friendliest people on the planet. People seem to come together during each change. It’s something that affects us all even if we’re strangers. Drivers in Ohio are courteous and friendly during not so friendly weather. It’s an unspoken unity. The first day of warmth after the cool brings everyone outdoors and there’s just a hard to explain comforting feeling in the air and among people alike. It gives us a constant reason to communicate to strangers, smile at another driver slowly barreling through a drift, raking leaves in the yard next, carrying a blanket and basket to a grassy opening at the park, walking your dog on a peaceful sunny day. We share these days and reasons for living with others equally. It’s almost as beautiful as the weather itself. Something as important, complex and simple as the elements we share, are equally significant to the relationships and human contact we all benefit from. “How about this weather?”

Las Vegas Casinos

If I asked you about gambling, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Undoubtedly, Las Vegas Casinos will be the first! The spot is well earned with it's constant growth of new luxurious casinos, hotels and condos, in addition to the billions of dollars spent in restoration and renovations of some of the original and world restructured casinos that were there when it all began. Not to mention the millions of dollars that go into maintaining this Adult Playground, Capital of the World. Without question, Las Vegas is home to some of the most breathtaking pieces of real-estate all over the world.

Take for instance some of the award winning Five Diamond resorts: The Venetian, The Palazzo, Wynn Hotel and Bellagio Hotel. All have they're unique theme in decor and ambiance, and are individually known for their particular Vegas Shows, restaurants, Bars, Clubs and Lounges. All are equal as state of the art of gaming facilities with games including blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, roulette, keno and wide variety of slot machines. Given the attributes of each of these Casinos all attract their own clientele consisting of high rollers, Las Vegas locales and Vegas connoisseurs who will desire theirs view on which IS the "Best" hotel in Las Vegas.

One of these Award Winning Casinos mentioned, created by the Las Vegas Sands is The Venetian. This artistic establishment boasts a heavy and entertaining recreation of true Italy- Venice. Embracing every detail of this romantic city, The Venetian's recreation is done flawlessly capturing everything from the Sistine Chapel, remarkable frescos, gourmet Italian food from restaurants and eateries that place you on "the streets of Venice", a replica of the Rialto Bridge, complete With gondolas passing through the "Grand Canals" with the finishing touch of what appear to be Authentic Gondoliers serenading as they row.

Another memorable casino by the Las Vegas Sands next door to the Venetian is the prestigious Palazzo Casino. Suited with a European theme, this five-diamond Resort boasts some of the most luxurious amenities, the very best in entertainment having shows such as Jersey Boys and The Blue Man Group, and offers some of the best cuisine by world-renowned Chefs Wolfgang Puck And Emeril Lagasse. For those who enjoy shopping in Las Vegas you are sure to be impressed by The Shoppes at The Palazzo. It is home to the most luxurious designers including Christian Louboutin, Diane von Furstenberg, Catherine Malandrino, and many, many more. The Palazzo is also home to a three-story, 85,000 square foot Barney's New York which is known for it's high-end shopping and fine dining on multilevel oasis of fashion.

Now we travel over to sister casinos; Wynn Hotel and Encore. Each hotel is beautiful and unique in it's sophisticated decor. The Wynn is well know for it's 140 foot mountain of landscape and beautiful greenery surrounding the hotel complete with an 18 hole golf coarse. It's easy to forget you are in the middle of the desert, let alone the Las Vegas Strip with this sanctuary The Wynn Corporation has created. The inside decor is a mixture of modern Asian and European themes, complimented with cascading ivory pillows and luxurious chandeliers hung through. Boasting over 22 restaurants and bars at the Wynn, you're sure to find something to quench your thirst or please you pallet.

Encore is the full-scale sister casino and resort standing independently near the Wynn Hotel, connected through the high-end shopping area of ​​Esplanade at Encore. The Wynn Corporation created this remarkable Las Vegas casino and resort to be a bit more subdue than the Wynn Hotel. Encompassing more of a refined, youthful elegance with more playful and fanciful designs, coupled with Asian influences. Initially envisioned as an expansion of the Wynn, these Five-Diamond Award Winning sister casinos and resorts blend impercably; Sharing resources and amenities. Here you can dine at Encore's intimate signature restaurants on gourmet quizine prepared by some of the best Chef's on the Strip.

Moving onto one of the staples of the Las Vegas Strip, let alone the second largest hotel in the world: MGM Grand Las Vegas. Located on the busy intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana, this monstrous hotel and casino claimed it's place as the second largest hotel in the world in 1993. Opening with a Wizard of Oz theme which included the casino's trademark "Emerald City" color of the Exterior of the building. In 1998 the 45 foot bronze statue of Leo was added to the entrance. In 2000, the hotel underwent an extensive renovation with the goal to appeal to a more mature clientele by removing almost all remnants of it's initial Wizard of Oz theme. Revamping as "The City of Entertainment" with an eclectic and artistic theme of old Hollywood and Paris. Now a days, MGM Grand is referred to as "Maximum Vegas" due to the wide range of activities offered to their guests. Guest have their choice of dining at over a dozen prestigious restaurants, taking in a show of Cirque du Soleil KA and / or the MGM Grand's Crazy Horse Paris, visiting the Lion's Habitat, or going to Studio Walk where they can participate in the CSI: Experience. Home to the Garden Arena, MGM proudly boasts the venue where performances are held from well known musicians and artists from all around the world, championship boxing events and other special events. MGM Grand is also know for their luxury suites at The Signature. Geared to the more sophisticated and families in Las Vegas, these higher priced private towers provide a non-gaming and non-smoking experience.

Another oldie, but goody in Vegas that has also undergone a massive renovation is The Tropicana Hotel. With a South Beach style theme, a $ 165 million dollar renovation to the property began in August 2009 and is expected to be completed in Spring 2011. This renovation is not limited to the building and decor, but also to the gaming and attractions it offers . Tropicana Hotel is now home to the Brad Garret's Comedy Club, which shows a line-up of the well known comedians. Some of these headliners include Brad Garrett himself, Kevin Nealon, Dom Irrera, Bob Zany, Rondell Sheridan, and Rocky La Porte. Now also available at the Trop is the all new state-of-the-art Race and Sports Book. Operated by Cantor Gaming, this features some of the most technologically advanced wagering Las Vegas has to offer. Soon to be available is The Las Vegas Mob Experience, this is an interactive experience of entertainment using technology to re-create the rise and fall of organized crime in Las Vegas. Featuring apparitions of famed gangsters, the Las Vegas Mob Experience promises a personalized and theatrical setting full of intrigue, mystery and suspense! The last part of the renovation to be completed is the highly anticipated Nikki Beach Las Vegas. Nikki Beach is one of the most well known beach clubs all around the world and is sure to become the very best nightclub in Las Vegas. Offering new heights of luxury and modern décor to it's elite clientele, this multi-million dollar pool renovation planned to be completed by May 2011 will include an outdoor cafe & bar, swim-up blackjack, sand volleyball courts and a private island in the center Of the pool. With 15,000-square-foot club Nikki will feature an ultra-lounge and beach area. The beach club will also include an outdoor concert area where some of the hottest musicians from around the world will preform and entertain for you. Tropicana Las Vegas will unduly stand out amongst the others on the Strip as one of the best hotels and Casinos in Las Vegas.

How To Gain Respect

There's a secret to gaining respect – one that I had the good fortune to learn early in my career – and from a most improbable source. The secret to getting respect is to give respect.

Read on to see how that lesson was taught to me by a very special person.

Early in my career I was Branch Manager of a temporary help service. The largest part of our business was done in the Labor Division. The work was made up of day laborers – men who had fallen on the hardest of times. They were paid by the hour, and could receive a daily draw against wages earned. For most of them, working and getting the draw was the difference between having food and shelter or going hungry and sleeping in the Mission – or worse.

Every morning at 5:30 AM our office would open, and in would file the men looking for work.There were as many as a hundred who waited, drank free coffee, and hoped to be assigned and dispatched to a job. Many were assigned – some were not.

Early morning was a time when lots of bad things could happen – anger at not getting assigned – anger at perceived insults – anger at life – and anger at being treated poorly by the full time staff. The result had been a number of fist fights, knife fights, and one attempted shooting. These problems are resolved in a decline in business. I was sent there to correct the situation.

Our product was the labor that these men performed. It was in our best interests to maintain a positive relationship with our own people. Unfortunately, many men left for jobs feeling angry, patronized and disrespected. Some never showed up at their assignments, others walked off the jobs, some forged their time tickets.

Observing the situation for a week I could understand why the men felt that way. They were patronized – they were treated as the bottom of the barrel – they were not given any reason to feel valued. And when one was publicly humiliated – and that happened too often – they all felt that humiliation. The only thing most of these men had left was a shred of self respect – or at least the need to feel respected. When that need for respect was abused, when it was not recognized, bad things happened.

The first step to change occurred when my boss gave me a sign to put up in the office- visible only to the full time staff. It said "There but for the grace of God, go I." A constant reminder of the thin line between good fortune and bad fortune.

And then we set up four rules that full time staff were required to follow:

1 – Every man who showed up for work, regardless of his condition or qualifications was to be addressed as "Mister" followed by his last name. First names could be used once the person was known. The use of any abusive name, description or nickname was prohibited

2 – Any discipline would be done confidently, and without the use of abusive and demeaning terms

3. No assignments that were known to be unsafe would be accepted

4. Assignments would be given on the basis of length of service, ability, past performance and availability.

Those were the rules. Some full time staff had a problem with these simple rules – they were replaced.

Into this environment walked a man named Riley Bentley. Mr Bentley was an African American – like about half of our workforce. He was big, muscular and an intimidating looking and acting man. He had a silver earring long before they were popular, and he had a "keep away from me" manner. He was sober, he had no problem filling out the application, he looked right in the eye. He was hired. From the first day, every job he was sent on resolved in excellent reports. He would come back every night, get his draw, and leave. No talk, no socializing – nobody messed with Mr Bentley.

He worked for us for about six months, then, like so many others, he stopped showing up. We had customers tell us if he came back they wanted to know – so they could get him back.

After a three month absence, Mr Bentley walked back in. I was running the Labor Office – it was hard to get and keep full time staff who would obey the rules and treat the men properly, and when they left or were fired, I filled in. I was glad to see Mr Bentley and I told him so. He had lost some weight, but he was still the strongest, hardest working man we had. One night, Mr Bentley came back to the office just before 6 PM – closing time. He looked me right in the eye and said I could call him Riley. I said that he should call me Andy, and we shook hands on it. He walked with me to my car after I had closed up – I asked him if he needed a ride – he said no and kept walking. That became a regular thing. He would arrive at the office just before closing time after working hard all day – and then chat with me and then walk me to my car and head off into the night.

And then Riley was gone – and I rented he had found a full time job – he deserved one.

A few months later Riley was back, thinner, but still as strong as ever. I noticed he perspired a lot, even though it was fall and cold and he did not wear a jacket. While he was gone we had gone through two new full time staff – and I was back to opening and closing the Labor Office. Riley resumed coming in every night and spending time leaning on the counter and looking out to the street while we talked and I took care of business. Part of the business was paying the men in cash. We kept a large sum of money in small bills for that purpose. We had a safe but it was so busy during the after work hours that the money was in the safe, but the safe was kept unlocked. Anyone could have come in and held me up. Riley could have turned me upside down and took the money and there would have been no way for me to prevent it. I think Riley read my mind. One night he told me the reason he always stayed until I locked up and why he walked me to my car was to thank me for showing him respect – and his thanks was to provide me with his personal protection. I was ashamed for my concerns – and glad I had Riley – our office was in a very tough part of town.

Riley worked a few more weeks – he appeared to be in distress when he came in at night – perspiring heavily, shivering, but he persisted. He would not discuss his physical condition, and he would never accept a ride or any other kind of help.

And then he was gone. A few weeks later one of our regular men came in and told me Riley had been found in his chair – in a chair – and he was been dead about a week. I was amazed, and saddened, and sorry about the loss of my friend – because we were friends, in our own special way. Riley had given me his protection as his way of expressing his respect. I had given him respect because it just made sense – on a personal and business level, to recognize the humanity of our people. I was repaid a hundredfold for that by Riley.

Ever since that time, Riley Bentley is in my prayers – and he always will be.

Riley taught me the secret to gaining respect. The secret has stayed with me since that time. It's pretty simple. The secret is you get respect by giving respect. I will be forever grateful to Riley for that lesson.

There are other elements to gaining respect, such as keeping your word, making good on commitments, honoring what you promise. But are not they all part of giving respect? I think so – giving respect is the cornerstone to getting respect.

In your own life, take the time to recognize people that you may have passed by. There's a saying "The true measure of a person is how they treat someone who can do them no good nor any harm." We all can profit from remembering that saying, and making it part of our daily self talk and behavior. And if you're really lucky, maybe you'll find a Riley Bentley in your life.

Start today.

The Law of Sowing and Reaping – Tropical Finance

There is the Law of Sowing and Reaping, which says that when manifesting money you can only reap what you have sown in prior periods. We have written before, in other sections, of the time it takes for the Law of Attraction to bear fruit, as they say. This is a part of the reason that when you first discover the Law, you can not immediately manifest abundance, or the relationship you want, or whatever else you have been hoping for.

If you want to Manifest Money, a new German or Italian sports car, and you have never saved any money, never had a part time job, never put in overtime, never started a business to generate a second income, and never finished school, You are going to have to do some sowing before you are going to reap that car! This is the Law of Attraction in process, and manifesting money is a process.

Mike Dooley says that you have to master where you are right now, and start pitching balls to the Universe so that the Universe can hit you a home run. This activity is sowing. This mastery is sowing. Once you are engaged at this level, and visualizing your dream (s), you will find that you are inspired to specific activities, or to read or learn from certain texts or authors, or you may be inspired to meet with certain mentors or masters . You must follow your inspiration – or it will stop . Inspiration only comes to those who attend to her suggestions, so do not offend her. As Napoleon Hill says in a wonderfully helpful analogy, "success is a lover who must be courted" and the best teacher is ambition.

How can we court success and Manifest Money? In the same way that you would court a person, you must first have clarity about your goals, and the self confidence or trust that you will achieve your goal because you just know that you are not going to give up before you have won the prize . It is necessary to be positive, generous, and happy, just as you would be when dating a beautiful woman. This Law of Attraction analogy of Napoleon Hill is consistently helpful. If we are fearful and doubtful, we know that this will not work in a dating situation. It will not work with the Law of Attraction or manifesting money because we will attract more of that which we fear rather than that which we are visualizing. When you read that like interviews like, or you will attract the results of your vibrations, this is what they mean. You will attract whatever best matches your strongest emotions.

Doubt does not work with the Law of Attraction or manifesting money, either. As Jesus said, "Believe." Whenever he made a request of his father, he believed it was granted. He never doubted His father's love or his father's agreement to perform miracles whenever asked, and you know what worked for him.

Recently, I was with a 3 year old who loved watching construction. He was a fan of "Bob the Builder", but, he was also intrigued by the opportunity to watch real work by real men using real equipment. He learned to appreciate the time it took; Watching the preparation, the work, and finally, the cleanup. He would patiently wait with the excavator "shovel" operator for the dump truck to arrive. He would not let me leave until the men finished the job, even when we could see that they were filling the hole and would soon place the metal road grates over that. It did not take long before local workers were going to him. He was 3 years old and cause and effect, sowing and reaping, beginning, middle and end were concepts just being birthed in him. Manifesting money would come later.

During this period, he, one day, called to me with great excitement, "Nancy, Nancy, I see my car !!"

I looked up, expecting to see his father in the family car, but could not find anything that resembled it. Instead, all I could see was a new, shiny, pickup truck parked across the street …. "Are you looking at that truck?" I finally asked.

"Yes," he nodded. "That's my truck!" That was several months ago, and still when he sees that truck, or one just like it, he says the same thing. "Look Nancy, there's my truck!"

What could exemplify the correct use of the Law of Attraction and manifesting abundance better? He had imagined a truck. He saw himself as the owner in the present time. He did so with imagination and emotion. He believed it was his. He had even found a way to accept it into his life because he admitted that his father would have to drive it for him until he got a driver's license ….

As adults, we can add activity based on inspiration, and gratitude. Depending on how big our dream is, the value of what we seek to manifest, we will expect a learning curve. If we are manifesting a cup of coffee, we will not have much interference, but if we are manifesting that new sports car, we might be inspired to start a new business or to start a new department for our employer. If the dream is the sowing, this is the watering and fertilizing. We will have to wait for the reaping until we have learned what we need to learn and proven our persistence.

As an Example:

I was, last fall, inspired to start a website. I am sure this was a direct result of my visualization of financial success through multiple streams of income. I did not know anything about websites, but was willing to learn. I thought about it and began to plan what I would have as part of a website. This thinking and planning took several weeks. Then, I was in another person's website and noticed just at the bottom of the page, a notice that the page was built by a particular site builder. I moved my cursor down and found that I could click on the notice, which I did. This took me to another website that explained everything anyone would need to know about how to build a successful website. Voila! Inspiration and instruction manual all in one! I saved the site to my desktop, knowing that it would help me manifest money.

I realized that I needed to do more thinking about this. The web builder was not free, although they promised one free month with sign up. My plan was to have everything ready, so that I could build my site in that first month and be ready to monetize right away. As Anthony Robbins and Jeff Olsen say, when learning something new, learn from the masters and you will do it right the first time.

A few months later, I had a rough idea of ​​what I would do, but had not yet made the leap of faith and bought the site builder. I was talking with a colleague, a publisher, about my recently completed book, and she stated that all the contemporary best selling authors promoted their work on their own websites. She asked me if I had one …. As Jack Canfield would say, "Der, ner ner ner, der ner, nerner."

Now, when I say that the Universe may challenge you with some adversity, or will will place some hurts in your path, I know this from experience. At about that time, I was using my laptop at home, and my cat knocked over a glass of water that poured into the laptop. This laptop was about one week past its warranty. So now, I not only had to invest dollars that I did not have in the site builder program, but also in either repairing my old laptop, or buying a new one. I also did not know when I would find the time. I was not discouraged, but saw this as an opportunity to get creative and to Manifest Money.

As if to reward my positive attitude, at about that time, my bosses told me that they were going on vacation, and that I would also have a 3 week vacation with pay! My partner received a tax incentive check, or economic stimulus check from the government just as that vacation was beginning! So, any barriers of time or money were immediately wiped away!

We purchased the web builder and began to follow the "10-day Tutor" using my desktop computer (while my laptop was being fixed). Planning and building the site did not take 10 days. I only had 14 vacation days and worked day and night to get the website up in that amount of time, but that was the last week in April and just the beginning. 4 months later, I am still working on it. However, I am here to say that everything they tell me to do, I do, just as Anthony Robbins and Jeff Olsen would have me do. And, just as they promised, all my rankings have increased, and my traffic has increased, and our website popularity is growing by leaps and bounds! We have passed many websites in our niche that have been up for months or years longer.

I have to admit that this would not be fun for someone who does not enjoy writing, however, I can promise you that if you do, even if you do not have any idea what a website is, we can teach you how to do It. If you enjoy writing, it will be a complete pleasure. I do not know if there is anything more satisfying than designing and building a site based on something you love, and finding that there are millions of people in the world community who are excited to be learning about your subject from you!

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems are typically wearable diabetes necklaces, pendants, control keys, watches as well as necklaces that incorporate the patient’s illness, blood type, allergy symptoms along with additional vital details. The system signals family members, friends, physicians and healthcare facility emergency personnel respond effectively to a sufferer’s ailment should the affected person be unconscious or even incoherent or unaccompanied in the emergency situation.

Even though such alert devices utilizing panic calls had been initially designed for older people, they’ve proven to be great for sufferers of every age group who are suffering severe medical conditions such as bronchial asthma, hypersensitivity, cardiovascular system problems, fainting,, as well as other various health care disorders which would demand proper treatment when the need arise and no time will be misused diagnosing a individual’s affliction.

The medical pendant can be designed from precious metals – gold or silver. At a glance they do not appear to be health care systems but designer accents. The units are etched with the person’s home phone number as well as other details together with his or her healthcare needs. On the other hand, they are equipped with alarms that switch on the built in transmitting device that links to phone lines and/or radio frequencies get in touch with family and the individual’s doctor.

Wearable medical alert systems need to be picked carefully as these aren’t affordable. You cannot afford to stake your life with questionable and inexpensive systems or go with a system which is not guaranteed. Commonly these products are donned as necklaces, watches, as well as charms. Looks can be significant but it is important to choose one with exceptional alert devices. It should furthermore have a back-up battery power in the event of an electric outage.

Since it actively works to notify the station that is plugged into a telephone of healthcare locations nearby, the necklace needs to fit comfortably and needs to easily be moved without needing to remove it. Picking your medical wristband or watch furthermore requires deciding on the medical system. If there is an urgent situation the patient can get in touch with their health practitioner promptly. Therefore, it truly is fully necessary the system has to have extremely receptive microphones as well as audio for sharp quality of sound.

These kinds of alarm products may have a useable distance Four hundred to Six-hundred ft. With the base centrally situated, the system can easily grab impulses anywhere the sufferer is. The patient may be in the bathroom or living, away from your sight, however the response center can pick up any signals and warn you of the patient’s condition. These devices also has a back up warning. If the system is still un-activated for Twelve hours, a medical staff is routed to check up on the sufferer.

When choosing a medical alarm, go through the patient’s ailment. Disabled individuals will need to have products with soft control keys. Furthermore look for the level of transmitting in all sides of the home.

These kinds of devices are excellent life savers but it’s simple to wear it and in situations of emergency, doctors know how to proceed while not going through the entire routine of screening for blood-type and allergic reactions.

Top 20 Hall and Oates Hits

Daryl Franklin Hohl was born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania in 1948. While on the streets of Philadelphia, as a teenager, he became associated with Smokey Robinson, the Temptations and other soul artists. At the age of 17, he began his recording career as an artist and session musician with Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff.

John William Oates was born in New York City in 1949 and was raised in the North Wales suburb of Philadelphia. While still in high school, Oates recorded his first single, in 1966, called "I Need Your Love."

Both Hall and Oates attended Temple University, where they met in 1967. Hall notes that they met in a Philly record shop when a gang fight broke out. They both hid out in an elevator, until the melee was over. While there, they discussed their musical ambitions.

After that chance meeting, it would be five years before they would team up. Until then, they both belonged to other camp bands.

In 1972, they teamed up and signed with Atlantic Records. After three albums and not hits, they signed with RCA Records.

On the charts, Hall and Oates landed on the Billboard Top 40 weekly charts 29 times and went to the top a total of six times. Here's a look at Hall and Oates twenty biggest hits, according to Billboard's Weekly Top 40 Charts.

1. Maneater – 1982 – their biggest hit, to date, went to the top of the charts for four weeks. Hall claims the inspiration for this song was English model Kelly LeBrock.

2. Kiss On My List – 1981 – marked their return to the weekly Top 10 after a four year dry spell and the start of a string of hits that extended into the late eighties.

3. Private Eyes – 1981 – title track from their album, this song featured guitarist GE Smith, who fronted the house band on Saturday Night Live for many years.

4. Out Of Touch – 1984 – their last # 1 single was also featured in the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."

5. Rich Girl – 1977 – their first # 1 single was rumored to be about newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst.

6. I Can not Go For That (No Can Do) – 1982 – not only went to # 1 on the Pop Singles chart, but it also went to # 1 on the US R & B charts; A rare feat for a white act.

7. Say It Is not So – 1983 – a single that was included on the greatest hits album, "Rock And Soul, Pt." 1. "

8. Everything Your Heart Desires – 1988 – their last Top 10 hit and their first for the Arista label.

9. Sara Smile – 1976 – their first hit was about Sara Allen, a woman who Hall had a romantic and professional relationship with for over three decades.

10. You Make My Dreams – 1981 – has been featured on such TV shows as "Glee", "King of the Hill" and "The Office."

11. Method Of Modern Love – 1985 – from the "Big Bam Boom" album.

12. Family Man – 1983 – Hall & Oates covered this Mike Oldfield song who released it in 1982.

13. She's Gone – 1976 – originally released in 1974, it only made it to # 60 on the weekly charts. Following the success of their RCA hit "Sara Smile" Atlantic Records reissued this song and it went to # 7.

14. One On One – 1983 – thanks to its basketball reference, this song was featured in many NBA commercials in the mid-eighties.

15. Adult Education – 1984 – a second single from the greatest hits album, "Rock And Soul, Pt." 1. "

16. Did It In A Minute – 1982 – a top 10 single from their "Private Eyes" album.

17. So Close – 1990 – their last hit single was produced by John Bon Jovi and Danny Kortchmar.

18. You've Lost That Lovin 'Feeling – 1980 – a cover of the Righteous Brothers hit made it to # 12 on the weekly charts.

19. Wait For Me – 1980 – from the "X-Static" album.

20. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid – 1985

In 1985, Hall and Oates' album, "A Nite At The Apollo Live!" Was recorded live at the reopening of New York's Apollo Theater, which featured a Top 20 single, "The Way You Do The Things You Do / My Girl" which included Temptations artists David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks.

Separately, both have had successful solo careers with Hall going Top 10, in 1986, with "Dreamtime." It was not until 2002 that Oates released his first solo album and, although he has yet to have a hit solo single, he continues to record.

In 2008, Hall started a webcast, "Live From Daryl's House." He lives with his son and restores and preserves historic homes in the US and England.

Oates continues to record and lives with his wife and son in Aspen, Colorado.

In the late 1980's, Daryl Hall and John Oates passed The Everly Brothers as the # 1 charting duo of the rock era.

Must Have Car Accessories to Build Onto Your Vehicle

Your car is one of the most expensive items you will purchase in a lifetime. Many consider it an expression of who they are and what type of person they are. For this reason, simply buying a vehicle is just not enough. There are some tremendous must have car accessories you will want to consider in order to build onto the vehicle.

The number one accessory to throw into your car is a sound system. Stock stereos can be decent depending on the vehicle, but it really is not that expensive to upgrade to a higher quality audio system. This can allow you to easily connect your iPod into the stereo, get the desirable bass you have always wanted, or have a complete touch screen with digital surround sound.

Now that you have the car rocking on the inside, next on the list of car accessories to purchase is custom wheels. Rims come in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms to help add to your overall persona. Not only will rims add style and attractiveness to the vehicle, but there are many that will enhance the overall performance of your car. For instance, aluminum alloy wheels are lighter and stronger than steel thus increasing your gas mileage.

If you want to make a point about your vehicle and give it a tough feel, adding an exhaust muffler is the way to go. This will give your car the rumble you desire and a sexy look in the back.

Going back inside of the car, shift knobs are toward the top of the list for many with car accessories. While it is certainly not a necessity, it is something that can add to the glamour of your car. With a plethora to choose from, you will have no problem finding something that is comfortable and smooth.

Customizing your dashboard can help add to the overall feel of the car. You can change the color, style, and readings of the dashboard to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Although thousands of people may have the same car you have, few will have the custom dash you have put in.

The final option to consider with car accessories is a remote start-up kit that has a keyless entry. This can be extremely convenient allowing you to start up your vehicle, lock it and unlock it without the use of a key at all. Simply push the buttons from afar and you will be on your way. It can also increase the safety of you and your vehicle reducing the chances of someone breaking into the car

Get to Know the Easiest Way to Clean the Dirt From the Floor

Floor cleaning is a hectic activity and is often avoided by the homeowners in order to save themselves from the physical exhaustion. Erasing the dust and dirt from the floor tiles to make it look spotless require a whole deal of efforts. Apart from the physical labor, a suitable equipment is required to suck up all the trapped mud from the pores. There are certain layers over the surfaces that are not visible to the naked eye and thus call for a powerful machine that can help you to clean them instantly.

The Machines to Choose

The most convenient machine that one can use is hot pressure washers. These pressure washers are unique in nature as it has the capability to clean the floor as well as scrub the layers in order to make it appear neat and tidy. The detergents that you should choose for the house cleaning process should not contain toxic materials. It would be harmful to the health of the residents.

Hot water is mixed with the detergents so that it can directly attack the dark spots and soften the substance. The nozzle attached to the powerful machine pulls all the dirt and leave the space spotless. The hot water acts amazingly over the marks & stains. It softens the rigid mud trapped in the unseen pores of the tiles and extracts them by the force. The chemicals further boost the action of the hot water and assist in moistening of the mud.

The Benefits you can achieve

The prime advantage of using the powerful hot washer is it gradually reduces the manual labor of the people. These machines are hybrid in nature and are designed to perform dual functions. Furthermore, these devices are active and can clean your floors once the power is switched on. You just need to click on the power and move them across the floor tile. Once the entire room is covered, you may take the equipment to another room to clean it too.

No doubt it reduces physical exhaustion, but it also helps in effortless execution. No longer the homeowners have to spend a whole day to make their floor tiles appear beautiful. Moreover, the use of the hot water kills all the germs and bacteria present on the surface. The overgrowth of mold and fungi gets nipped in the bud and it leaves the area healthy and hygienic. Your home becomes a safe place for the kids to sit & play.

Emergency Plans: Are They Really Necessary?

You’ve probably heard the famous quote from General Eisenhower about plans being useless but planning essential. It’s as valid today as it was when IKE first used it but maybe we should ask, “If plans are so useless, why do we bother writing them?”

Part of the problem is how we use plans. To many responders, a plan is like a cookbook – you follow the recipe to get the results you want. I have seen numerous plans heavy with detail, suggesting that planners have tried to foresee and plan for every possible contingency.

If you stop and think for a moment, it’s obvious that this is impossible. The true risk in thinking this way is that you begin to expect the disaster to unfold in exactly the way the plan says it will. You begin to subtly make assumptions and ignore facts that don’t support your expectations. You see what you want to see and what you see may be wrong.

The type of planning typical in emergency management is based on military war planning. This is not surprising, as the first planners were primarily retired military officers hired to help with nuclear war planning. They naturally used the type of planning with which they were most familiar. This consisted of a base document that laid out the assumptions and planning parameters and supporting documents that contained detailed planning data. Even with the adoption of all-hazards planning in the 70’s, the basic planning format remained unchanged and, indeed, is still the norm, even with the growing popularity of the emergency response function format.

The problem with the traditional planning format is that we forgot one important fact: the military plan does not stand alone; it is part of a system.

If you look closely at military plans, they do not dictate how a battle will be fought. Instead, they identify an overall intent, define initial relationships, and lay out control measures and logistics. But they also assume that the normal hierarchical structures of the military will be in place to support the plan. For example, military plans don’t spend time talking about command relationships – they specify specific task organizations for the operation with the assumption that they will operate under existing command structures.

There is another well-known military maxim that no plan survives contact with the enemy. No military officer expects to follow a plan exactly. Instead, he or she is guided not by the strictures of the plan but by the commander’s intent articulated in the plan. The plan merely provides the resources to accomplish that intent. Flexibility is the key to winning battles.

What’s this got to do with emergency management? For too many of us, we allow the plan to dictate our actions rather than allowing the circumstances of the disaster to do so.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Some of our plans set up triggers or indicators for activating the plan. I have seen cases where plans were not activated because the specific triggers were not met, even though there was clearly a need for the type of coordination available through the plan.

One of the Principles of Emergency Management is flexibility and this should extend to how we use our plans. My team in San Francisco once supported planning for a garbage strike because we had the skills and contacts to help address a potential public health emergency. Clearly, this was not a disaster but the relationships and coordination mechanisms identified in our emergency operations plan worked just fine in a lesser event. We were able to practice our plan and we scored points with our boss.

In Facing the Unexpected, researchers Tierney, Lindell and Perry suggest that emergency operations plans have two main functions. The first is to provide internal documentation of agreements among organizations as to the allocation of functions, activation of the response organization, and the direction and control of the response. The second purpose is to serve as a training document that forms the basis for drills and exercises.

Note that the researchers did not suggest using the plan to manage the response. In Major Criteria for Judging Disaster Planning and Managing Their Applicability in Developing Societies, Dr. E.L. Quarantelli points out the distinction between disaster planning and disaster management and between response-generated needs and agent-generated needs. Response generated needs remain fairly constant across the disasters and can be captured fairly well in our plans. Agent-generated needs are created by the unique demands of a specific disaster.

We need to recognize this distinction and change our attitude towards plans. We need to accept that while they establish a basis for our response, they are guides only and can be modified on the basis of actual need. Plans establish relationships and responsibilities but the decision as to how best to respond to a disaster should be based on operational need, not on planning assumptions.

If your plan is going to be effective, you need to keep five points in mind:

  1. You can’t plan in a vacuum. Your emergency operations plan has to be part of an emergency management program, not an end in itself. It documents things that you have put in place through that program – it doesn’t actually put them in place.
  2. Your plan can make assumptions about existing systems or reference other documents. For example, many plans I read have extensive sections on basic Incident Command. Is this really necessary with all the existing state and federal guidance? Along the same lines, how much material is in your plan because you need it and how much is there just to meet an audit requirement?
  3. Your plan needs to be user-friendly. I recently spent a fruitless hour looking for some information I knew was in a plan because I helped develop the information. I never did find it. Could someone new to your organization find information under pressure?
  4. Just because something is in your plan doesn’t make it so. Your plan needs to capture agreements that have been made between organizations – it doesn’t establish those agreements. I’ve seen plans that were written without any consultation with the stakeholders. They never work.
  5. Remember that every time you use your plan for a smaller incident you’re testing that plan.