What Men Are Saying

A fortnight ago, I wrote on what a woman wants to hear from her husband and people accused me that I was being biased. So I have decided to write on what the men are trying to say to their wives.

Over the years, women have historically complained that men do not understand them, many men believe they are the ones who are the most misunderstood if it is in the work-place, at home or even in the bedroom.

Indeed, many times it is a break-down in communications, disconnection between what a man says or dreams and a woman hears or believes that is at the root of infidelity, financial problems, physical abuse, spiritual bankruptcy or any other obstacles that threatens fruitful Relationships. Men in particular are in a tough situation because they do not usually express themselves as well as women. Many times when a man keeps things bottled-up inside of him, it gives his lady the go-ahead to define him as she wishes, (giving her) the go-ahead to decide for herself what he likes and dislikes, what emotions he Feet, when he feels them, how long he feels them and whenever he should ever feel them again. Soon she believes she knows what is best for him. You know women, give them an inch, they take a mile.

The best-kept secret in a man-woman game is that women for the most part are not even close in their assessment of the needs and hopes of their men. In fact, many women do not know the men they have helped to create. They rarely on snap sayings and old cliches. They rely on what other women tell them. They do not take the time to talk to their man, to ask him what he wants. Women need to do a lot more listening to men.

So what would a man really like to tell his lady if he felt he had the freedom to do so and if he felt that his honesty would not result in misunderstanding, hurt feelings and ugly arguments?

Every man wants his woman to really understand him. Some relationship experts say many times men bury their true being under a façade of masculinity. Some men believe that women have been a major cause of pent-up feelings that men experience.

A man wants the woman to help him learn how to love her. Loving a woman many times requires training and instructions, which men are afraid to ask for and women suppose men should know. To be honest, men do not have the tools to love. Everyone expects you to flip a switch when you enter into a relationship, but it does not work that way. Many have been trained from the time they were little boys to be tough. I do not agree with some women who say men do not have a heart. Men have a heart, but many times they simply do not know how to connect with it. Problem also comes when men are afraid to ask for help.

Many men feel that women have trouble saying good things about them, but have no trouble at all communicating the things they feel are wrong. Every man wants assurances that he is number one in your life. A man wants his woman to acknowledge how hard he works to keep the family housed, fed and clothed. He wants to hear his woman say she feels safe with him and feels that he is a good provider and protector. A man feeds off praises from his woman. But many times he feels like all he gets is criticism.

A man wants his woman to encourage his openness. To be a man means never showing emotions. But while most men will not admit it, what many long to do is to cry, to laugh, to love, to lower their guard and not feel like they have to always be oblivious to the softer side of life. There is only one problem, men believe women will call them weak if they show emotions.

It has been said that there are only five situations in which a man truly feels free to show emotion – during war, while playing sports, during a fight, while inoxicated and at a funeral.

This pent-up emotion is at the root of much of the anxiety, frustration, a general sense of powerlessness a man feels. Many men want to move beyond the privileged nature of some relationships, and into more concrete unions, built on realistic expectations and goals. Many men believe, even when he is doing all that he can, his lady is never satisfied. Women have said men have a white standard of beauty, some men believe women have a white socio-economic standard when it comes to measuring success.

Some men will not admit it, but many feel they can not win. At one end is the "man" trying to keep him down. At the other end is his woman who can not understand why he is down. A man sometimes feels like he is running as fast as he can and can not do anymore. He is afraid to talk about the things that he is doing to keep up and why it looks like he can never get ahead. He needs the support and understanding of his woman.

Everyman wants the woman to be a romantic. Most men feel that in a woman's push to be a career woman, between her business meetings, late nights at the office, she has forgotten what it takes to make a relationship work. One way to keep pep in a man's step is by continuing to add mystery and romance in a relationship. A man wants his woman to wear that perfume that he likes, whisper in his ear, prepare candle light dinners. But nowdays, it looks like romance is a lost art among many women.

A man also wants you to attend to his needs. When he comes home at the end of the day after a hard day's job, he wants a woman who makes it clear that she is glad he is home, just like a woman wants to be pampered, caressed, held tight by her man who loves Her for her, so a man wants to be pampered, careced, held tight and loved, not for the money that he makes or the job that he holds.

He is not looking for an argument when he walks in the door. He is looking for a smile, a hug from his lady, her re-assurance that they are in the battle together, them against the world, and that nothing will ever come between them. A man wants a lady to be more comfortable with her sexuality. Men realize that the pervasive stereotype that women are too hard is just that, a stereotype. Nothing pleases a man more than a woman who knows how to spice up things in the romance department. More than anything else, a man wants a woman who knows how to have a good time, a woman who can be uninhibited at times, experimental at times, playful at times, and carefree at times.

Above all, a man wants the woman to be the ultimate lady. Sure, it is a tough world out there for women. Many of who have to juggle full-time careers and family duties. But is it necessary to bring the dragons layer mentality home with you? Men would like their women to leave their hard edge at the front door and exhibit their soft, feminine side more at home. The "I will whip anyone who gets in my way" mentality that some women possess 24 hours a day is a big turn-off to some men.

So ladies, you now have an idea of ​​what your man has been trying to say to you. So learn to please your man and he will be yours for life.

Things to Know Before Becoming a HVAC Contractor

In order to become a HVAC contractor you will need HVAC certification to work with air conditioners, heaters, etc. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. This contractor will specialize in the repair and maintenance of ventilation, heating, and cooling.

Different type of certifications

• Type 1-you would service minority appliances like window air conditioners and refrigerators

• Type 2-you would service appliances that are slightly complicated such as supermarket refrigerators, bigger air conditions, and heat pumps

• Type 3-you would service low pressure refrigerants

• Universal-you will be able to service all kinds of equipment

Types of hazards a HVAC contractor may face

• Before you consider becoming a HVAC contractor it is important that you know some of associated dangers with this field

• In this field you will work with electric circuits, heavy systems, and more

• You may also work with some cooling and ventilation systems that are old and unreliable

• When working with electricity you are vulnerable to burns, shocks, and more

• Installing heating and cooling systems in old repair sites, or some buildings can be very tedious

Tools a HVAC contractor may use

Because the job involves working with different large and small appliances, air conditioners, and heating systems the tools used will vary. Some of the common tools a HVAC contractor might use can include:

• Tap and die sets

• Pressure gauges

• Pipe cutters

• Torches

• Tape measures

You may also have to use complex tools for larger equipment that can include:

• Voltmeter

• Gas detector

• Combustion analyzer for larger heating units

• Soldering tools

Education and training to become a HVAC contractor

• Have a high school diploma or GED

• Work in projects and take classes in math, electronics, physics, and mechanics

• The time it can take to complete your education and receive your certificate can range from six to twenty-four months

• During your education you will get acquainted with and learn about air cooling, machine design, temperature control, blueprint reading, and more

• While getting your education you will need to decide on your specialization such as working with just repair and maintenance, heating, installation, cooling, etc

• When specializing you may have to get an additional certification on the specialization selected.

Once you have completed your education you will be ready for your training programs, also referred to as an apprenticeship. The apprenticeship will help you combine your knowledge with practical demonstrations. Depending on the state, it may be required that you complete an apprenticeship before getting your certification. Certification may be all that is needed but some may require that you also pass an exam to get your license.

Our Passage Through Life

Our passage through life is one of the few things in life that unite us. We all, from the mighty King to the most abject pauper share the same passage. Okay, lets take a look at this passage.

How are our first couple of years upon downtown planet earth? We are, each and everyone of us helpless, no, completely and totally helpless and I mean each and every one of us. Okay, in later life we ​​may well become masters of the universe, or at least the big, or little corner of the universe that we find ourselves in, but those first couple of years? Forget it, hopeless, helpless, totally dependent upon others and incapable of even controlling even our bodily functions!

What is the next phase of the adventure that we all, independent of circumstance share? Let's say the years between 5 and ten. We've learned to walk and even talk and wow, what a world of wonder we find ourselves within. Mountains that seem to touch the sky, forests that seem to stretch forever and joy of joys, places where the land and sea unite and we can feel both and at the same time!

During the next phase, let's say ten to fifteen those simple joys begin to fade, adulthood impinges upon those simple joys, they begin to fade into insignificance, the stuff of childhood. The material begins to raise its ugly head and the need to make it (make what exactly is something we begin to question later) estimates greater importance. If that were not enough to have to deal with, we discover sex and or, the opposite sex.

Lets fast forward to the next phase, sometimes one of the hardest, say fifteen to twenty five. For many this is where realites bites. We discover that actually we did not invent sex and that even our parents discovered it, gross or what! If that were not enough, we discover that the boy, or girl we fancy has their own agenda, even worse, it might differ to ours, problem. Equally, during this period we find that making it on the World stage is not so easy and realize that we are engaged within a race, a human race, destination, unknown and against eight billion competitors, oh oh.

By the time we enter the next phase, say twenty five to forty, many of us have lost our sparkle and begin to doubt that the sky is the limit, at least for us. During this phase we often marry, sometimes not the girl, or boy of our dreams, but someone that will have us. Equally, during this period we often dramatically hold in our aspirations. Maybe we will not become Kings or Queens, leaders within our chosen field, or even particularly successful.

Through a quirk of fate, that is when most of us create families. Yes during a period when many are at our most disillusioned, even frustrated by our lack of progress in achieving our goals, or finding Mr, or Mrs right to marry, we choose to procreate, ironic, no?

The next phase, forty to sixty, this is for many an easier period. We have come to accept our limitations (mistakenly), given up on reaching for the moon and have decreed that ever lasting love is the stuff of romantics. No, being able to rub along with whoever we happen to be with will do nicely and sex on Fridays and Tuesdays looks to scratch the itch.

Sixty to eighty, things become clearer, the ways of man and society it become patently clear, are far from perfect and even further from any form of paradise on earth. No, we realize and have grown to accept inequality and on an eye watering scale and perhaps unwittingly have encouraged both greed and selfishness.

What should we make of all this? Some might suggest that our creator got it wrong and even that our evolutionary process is at fault, even back to front, that we gain wisdom only when we are incapable of using it.

I disagree, the path that we each tread is in fact perfect and as it should be. No, if there is a fault it lies within the evolutionary path that we have accepted as the norm. If only we could see, but that is the problem, we can not. Yes we were gifted eyes, but have limited their potential as we have allowed our minds to become ever narrower.

Our passage through life is as perfect as it could ever be, the only problem is us, we allowed ourselves to wander into a maze of one dynamic vision and even worse, accept it as normality. Terrence Aubrey

The Benefits of Daily Prayer

There are many psychological benefits of daily prayer. You feel that you have fulfilled an obligation. You also feel that you are better than the others who do not pray everyday. You may even feel that you are right with your God because you have fulfilled an obligation.

But on reflection these benefits are not really genuine benefits. They are benefits that may rather mislead you to your spiritual ruin. Thinking that you are better off than others who do not pray everyday is rather a possible deception rather than a benefit. There are certainly many others who do not pray everyday but are better off than you. The proof for this can be easily done. You just look at the children around you. They are certainly better off than you in spiritual values although most of them do not pray everyday. They are more carefree, more cheerful, more playful, more trusting than you.

In fact the psychological benefits I mentioned above, if you think you have these, are signs that you are not really praying. You may be going to the church and attend Mass daily, or you may be opening your Bible and meditate on the words there daily and speak with the one who you think is your God, or you may gather daily in a prayer circle where after some reflection on the Bible you lift up prayer requests among your companions to God for your self and for others. But if the effect of all these actions is that you think you are better off than others who do not pray, that you have fulfilled an obligation, that you are now right with your God, then certainly it is very clear that you have not really prayed. You have gone through a series of rituals or actions which pretended that you pray but in reality you only boasted your self or ego. It was an ego trip.

The benefits of real, genuine daily prayer are far different from these psychological benefits.

So, first of all, what is genuine prayer? Genuine prayer is frequent, solitary, loving conversation with God. It is frequent. It does not happen once in a while when we are stuck with problems. It is done many times during the day, not just once or three or thirty times. It is something that is spontaneous, as spontaneous as we would converse with a friend.

Genuine prayer is solitary. There is an aloneness and silence surrounding real prayer. You may pray amidst a crowd but even there you are in recollection, by yourself, and silent in your demeanor.

And finally, genuine prayer is a loving conversation. It is a conversation between lovers. You feel a closeness to God which you cannot feel outside of this period of genuine prayer.

This is the kind of prayer which produces great benefits for us, spiritual and otherwise.

The first general benefit from daily, genuine prayer is growth in self-knowledge. We know more of our selves. This is because God is like a mirror. By conversing and looking at him during prayer time we see ourselves more truly. In genuine prayer we see God as he is, not just as we want him to be. And God tells us who we are. We become truly ourselves and see truly ourselves in daily genuine prayer. We see God for who he is and we realize who we are.

The second benefit, which flows from this, is that we become humble. Seeing who God is and realizing who we are makes us see ourselves for what we really are, poor creatures of God. This is not surprising because genuine self-knowledge always produces true knowledge of our weaknesses and strengths before God. We come to know ourselves as poor sinners, if we use the language of theology. We realize our helplessness. We know without God we can do nothing.

The third benefit, which in turn flows from this, is that we become confident. This is paradoxical. Knowing our helplessness we become confident, instead of feeling helpless. This happens because we now know that we can bank on the strength and power of God. As we know our incapacity, we realize God’s infinite capacity to do things through us and for us.

These are the three primary benefits we get from daily, genuine prayer. Other benefits flow from these three primary benefits. We become more active in our work because we know we possess strength and power beyond those of our own. We have less worry in our lives because we know that we can do all things through him who strengthens us. And we become loving and considerate of others because we are near the source of love, God himself, and we know also the weaknesses of others.

If these benefits are enjoyed by us, then we are really genuinely praying every day. But if the opposite attitudes are in us, if we become proud, worried, unloving and inconsiderate of others, we are not really praying everyday no matter what religious exercises we are going through, whether we call them meditation or contemplation or retreat or recollection or prayer rallies.

Daily prayer, genuine daily prayer, makes us know ourselves better, humble, confident, loving, less worried about our affairs, more active in our work and considerate of others.

And What Did We Get For Our $ 14 Trillion Debt?

There are many major issues of our times that never seem to get resolved by the political class sitting in Washington. The issues of failing public schools, the lack of a coherent national energy strategy, escalating health care costs, leaky borders, Social Security and Medicare heading for insolvency, a bloated military establishment, and other major challenges never get resolved. We have overspent our nation's resources by more than $ 14 TRILLION and we have nothing to show for it.

Even the politicians that have accomplished nothing realize their incompetence, if you believe the following quote from Colorado Senator Michael Bennet as stated in the Washington Post on September 3, 2010: "We have managed to acquire $ 13 TRILLION of debt on our balance sheet. My view, we have nothing to show for it. " How true.

As a side note, realize that it was less than a year ago when a politician was talking about "only" a $ 13 TRILLION national debt. In less than 12 months, the Obama administration and Congress have added another $ 1.3 TRILLION to that figure or about $ 11,000 per US household.

Do not believe Bennet's opinion? Consider a quote from former President Bill Clinton, as quoted by the Associated Press on September 21, 2010: "Do you know how many political and economic decisions are made in this world by people who do not know what in the living daylights they are Talking about? " How true.

So even members of the political class acknowledge that they do not know what they are doing and have been abysmally unsuccessful in addressing the major problems. But what about some of the smaller issues of our times, How is the political class doing with those? Not very well if you consider the following examples of horrible priorities, horrible wastes of taxpayer money, and horrible execution of government functions:

– Let's start with one horrible sense of priorities from California Congressman Howard Berman. Congressman Berman and his staff are working on legislation that would order the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to restrict helicopter flight paths and set minimum altitudes over some of the most exclusive residential property in Los Angeles. The affluent neighbors of Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton are upset about the sound of helicopters that these celebrities use and want the Federal government to intervene, a cause that Congressman Berman is working on.

Some serious problems on this issue. First, the country is about to go over a financial cliff and this Congressman is spending taxpayer resources on a matter that affects just a very small number of Americans. Talk about bad priorities.

Second, according to the Associated Press article that reported on this "injury," the FAA already has existing rules in place to regulate helicopter traffic so the entire effort of Berman is unnecessary, especially since the legislation he is proposing has very few specific recommendations on How to regulate the southern California celebrity helicopter crisis. His proposed bill is leaving those ugly details to the FAA to figure out.

What a waste of time, energy, and taxpayer resources when hundreds of other, far more important issues need to be addressed. So, I think you can assume that a lot of our $ 14.3 TRILLION national debt was expended on these types of empty, very low priority initiatives.

– Second example of bad priorities this week comes directly from the President. With the nation on a collision course with severe fiscal problems in the beginning of August, one would hope that the political class would be in an "all hands on deck, 24 hours a day mode," trying to solve the debt ceiling issue. They all should be locked in a room and not allowed to come out until they have reached a solution. This includes everyone from the President down to Congressman Berman, his helicopter issue being damaged. However, that is not the case.

This past Monday, the President decided that spending a few hours to host the Major League Baseball World Series winners, the San Francisco Giants, at the White House was more important than staying deeply involved with debt ceiling crisis. Better to kill a few hours hanging out with very rich professional athletes than helping avoid the fiscal crisis. The Giants would still be champions two weeks from now and two months from now. Why was this meeting not postponed in light of the fiscal crisis? Bad, bad set of priorities, Mr. President.

It should be interesting to see if his bad sense of prioritizing continues this week: does the President leave Washington for a purely political birthday bash / election fund raiser event in his honor on August 3 or does he put the good of the country first if the Debt ceiling issue is not resolved by then? I know what option I would be betting on, given what the President's less than proper priority usually is.

– Let's look at a few other services we get from the Federal government to see if we are getting real value for our $ 14.3 TRILLION of debt. The first example comes from the Briefing section of the July 29, 2011 issue of The Week magazine. This week the section focused on the medical evidence that is revealing, for the most part, antidepressant usage may be causing more problems than solutions.

An interesting part of the article was the description of how a drug gets approved by the Federal government, through the FDA, for use by Americans. It appears that when a drug company comes up with a new drug, the FDA requires that the drug company must show two drug trials where the proposed drug shown positive effects. If the drug company can show just two successful trials, the Federal government will approve the drug for use.

However, what most people do not know, the FDA does not set a limit on the number of negative trials that the new drug caused before it finally got to two positive trials. Theoretically, a drug company could conduct hundreds of trials and if any two of them showed positive results, the drug is approved.

The analogy to me is golf. If I hit 10,000 golf balls in a row on the same par three hole, I may ever get a hole in one, not because I am a good golfer but because the odds of probability say if I do anything, I may get a Result I desire. Same thing with the FDA's approval process. Conduct enough drug trials, ever you will get the answer you want. This is what we are paying for, an FDA that allows a golfer to do the same shot over and over until he gets it right. Hardly a valuable Federal government service.

– A while ago we reported on the ill forged and down right stupid program that was implemented by the Justice Departments' ATF division called "Fast and Furious." The objective of the program was to intentally allow guns to be sold to the Mexican drug cartels and then track them to crime scenes where arrests could be made and the network of gun trafficking could be better understood.

The problems with this program were many. First, it turns out that the government really had not way of tracking the movement of the guns once they left the country so that once the cartels had them, they were lost to the trackers. Second, these were not a few, low caliber guns. There were thousands of guns, many of which were military grade, that our government allowed to easily get into the hands of the violent drug cartels.

Third, and tragicly, recent news reports are finding that weapons from this program have resurfaced in connection with at least 122 crimes in Mexico. The New York Times reported that on 48 different criminal occasions between 2009 and 2011, Mexican authorities found weapons from this operation.

At least two of the weapons were used in the killing of a US border agent and who knows how many Mexican citizens were also killed as a result of this botched gun tracking program. Total incompetence that happened to be more than wasted taxpayer wealth, it was and will continue to be a fatal waste of human lives. I wonder how much of the $ 14.3 TRILLION was a result of insanely bad programs like this one?

– But the waste and incompetence of Fast and Furious gets even better. According to an article from McCatchy Newspapers that was recently reprinted in the St. Louis Petersburg Times, six drug cartel gun runners, the exact kind of people that the ATF failed operation would be looking to appreciate, were actually paid informants on the payroll of the FBI and the DEA.

So lets get this straight: one part of the Federal government (ATF) is trying to catch Mexican gun runners who are actually working for another part of the government (the FBI and DEA)? How much of that $ 14.3 TRILLION was wasted because one part of the Federal government did not know what another part of the Federal government was doing? Thus, they were actually working counter to each others' objectives, accomplishing nothing in the process but expending a lot of taxpayer money to nothing.

– A scathing article by David Brooks of the New York Times that was summarized in the July 1, 2011 issue of The Week magazine is unmerciful when it comes to Fannie Mae, the giant Federal government mortgage facilitator. According to Mr. Brooks, Fannie was used for over a decade to funnel taxpayer money to Democratic party politicians and to the friends of Fannie's chief executive, James Johnson.

By flooding the market with risky subprime mortgages, to eventually be backed by taxpayers when that market collapsed, Mr. Johnson was rewarded with over $ 100 million in compensation. According to a new book on the subject, "Reckless Endangerment," Johnson and his insiders "paid themselves lavishly and used Fannie funding to lobby Congressmen, falsify academic research, and suck in reputable figures such as Bill Daley, Ken Starr, and Larry Summers To defend Fannie's scam. " All parties to this disgrace walked away from the nuclear economic meltdown they helped create.

Thus, part of the $ 14.3 TRILLION debt is a result of this type of criminal behavior backed by both Congressional involvement or Congressional laxity. In either case, nothing good came out of the whole Johnson tenure as head of Fannie, a tenure that will cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars to clean up for years to come.

– The last example of political class incompetence comes from Miami. A recent Miami Herald article reported on how south Florida has become the Medicare scam and fraud capital of the country. Since it is estimated that anywhere from $ 60 to $ 90 billion a year in Medicare funds are lost to criminals and fraudsters, why has not the political class, via Congress, made south Florida a focus point on cleaning up the taxpayer waste?

According to the article, whenever there is a little heat put on the scammers, they just take their money and go to Cuba, South America, or Central American to live off of their ill gotten gains. If everyone knows what is going on, why is not action being taken to crack down on those still scamming Medicare in south Florida and pressuring other governments to extradite those living abroad back to the US? The problem is defined but no solution is forthcoming. In the meantime, the tens of billions of dollars lost every year via south Florida scams contribute to the $ 14.3 TRILLION debt.

Well, unfortunately, not only the political class not solve the major issues of our time, they can not solve any of the less important issue, all of which have contributed to that $ 14.3 TRILLION national debt over the years. The non-prosecution of criminals, both in south Florida and in Washington, the lack of cooperation and the redundancy across federal government entities, the bad priorities that cause a loss of focus on what is really important, and government regulations that are not effective. Is there any doubt why we have the debt we do?

At least three steps need to be implemented immediately to rescue the country from the debt of the political class:

  • Step 1 – reduce government spending by 10% a year over five years in order to get out of control government spending reinied in. More importantly, it would require every Federal organization to do a ground up audit of itself to eliminate redundant functions, terminate bad or unneeded programs, and ferret out waste.
  • Step 2 – hold members of Congressional committees responsible for the objectives of their committees. Failure to attain those objectives and adequately keep the government functions their committees oversee would result in those committee members being removed from their committee posts.
  • Step 3 – impose term limits for every Federal politician. If you have been in office more than ten years, you are now part of the debt problem and need to be removed.

The political class members currently in Washington have done nothing and are doing nothing to attack the cancer that is that $ 14.3 TRILLION national debt while providing no meaningful value while they waste TRILLIONS of dollars. No value, but high cost, a deadly combination.

Gothic Sublime

Gothic literature is sublime and let’s ascertain the reasons for it being so. I would like to use the following paraphernalia for doing it. They are New Criticism, Existentialism, Psychoanalysis, Marxian Criticism, Deconstruction and Feminism.

New Criticism is the analysis of tropes or figures of speech used in literature. The tropes in Gothic Literature bear a semblance of illumination. They dissect the human psyche to portray the storm of inner angst. When we read into the tropes of Gothic Literature we are filled with awe, fixated to a neurotic delirium and we become fascinated with the flux of psychedelic mania. Gothic literature is fanciful, ornamental and hyperbolic. There is a tendency to portray the supernatural realm through the lens of being human. The pathetic dilemma of human condition is portrayed vividly through using neurotic and psychotic features.

Viewing it through the prism of existential literature, the first prominent feature that is highlighted is angst. Most characters undergo an extreme angst that transcends to a manifestation of neurosis or psychosis. Edgar Allan Poe is a master of portraying psychological torment. There is a tendency to overcome societal norms and showcase characters with violent criminal behavior. Using Sartre’s term, the characters exhibit a being- in- itself syndrome and project their ego to annihilate the other’s subjective postures. Thus characters encounter nothingness with reality and use their freedom to egotistical excess.

Psychoanalytically speaking we can use the famous term of Lacan: the gaze. The gaze is violent, pathetic, neurotic and psychotic. There is a romantic elevation of the psyche to dizzying levels of melancholia. All Gothic characters are lunatic psyches with a tendency to usurp the existing synthesis of being democratically tuned to a society’s ethos. The ID is elevated, the ego is defied and the superego is violated. There is a tendency to be in the reverse tangle of despondent romanticism. The characters are either psychotic or neurotic or both. Murder is justified with the luminal space of being egotistically sadistic.

A Marxian critic would look at the Gothic as being productive enterprise of the bourgeoisie. The sole aim of the Gothic is to produce a pleasurable catharsis. The reader is fantastically transmitted into the world of the sublime where it’s the aim of the bourgeoisie to keep the proletariat satisfied. The means of producing literature are gratified with the excess of capitalistic profit. For a Marxian critic, the Gothic is an out-of-place reality, a genre where the interests of the working class are negated.

Looking at it through the ideas of deconstruction, one would understand the binary divide of characters. For example, in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, the monstrous element becomes the grotesque, ugly and portrayed with pathos of being psychotically disturbed. This is a symptom of Binary Divide, an escape from the reality of being clinically sane. Democratic norms are subverted to justify the colonialism of the psyche. Tyranny of the mind reigns high and becomes the threshold of the DNA ladder of the Binary divide. The book becomes the center of psychological gratification in one sense and in another, feasible appetizer for psychological gratification.

From a Feminist point of view, the archetypes are masculine, and having the qualities of being misogynists. There is no gaze of the feminine. The characters are a psychological macho caught in the throes of violence and murder.

Bronze Table Lamp – Making Interiors Beautiful

For a lovely home and office interior, a bronze table lamp could be the thing that you need. These lamps are elegant, classy and bring a truly sophisticated look that you could certainly be proud of. In fact, you will see that they have become a standard feature in homes and offices that have an excellent interior appeal.

Bronze is among the materials that has gained world popularity. Ever since, if you look at ancient times, bronze has already been fashioned as decors and even jewelries that were meant to improve and make one feel and look beautiful. In homes, bronze statues, sconces, and many other decors made of bronze are found. Women would also have bronze jewelries that adorn their bodies. This only signifies the beauty that is found in the metal. This is also why, until now, bronze is still receiving much attention.

A bronze table lamp that you can find in a lot of homes today exudes real classic and contemporary beauty. It is like having something that holds the convergence of the past and the present. The finish sparkles in elegance and creates a very dazzling effect in the interiors. Some have leaf swirls that provide a touch of softness against the hard material, thereby creating a stunning look. Some of the lamps even have earth-toned jewels to bring out its beauty more.

One of the types of bronze lamps that have earned a lot of following is the Tiffany style ones. These are really attractive and always catch the attention of people around it. When lighted, it casts a really noticeable light that could illuminate the area in a very lovely manner. As the light touches the other furniture and décor around the lamp, the interiors are transformed into a truly lovely sight. And, this goes both for the office and home setting.

Most bronze table lamps also have a lighting control that allows you to adjust the level of illumination that you desire. You could then make the light softer for that warm, quiet and romantic ambiance, or you could turn up illumination for parties whenever light is necessary. The control gives the lamp maximum versatility, making the area a really good place to spend your time relaxing, reading or simply eating.

So a bronze table lamp would be very ideal for those who desire to improve their home's appearance. It is a sturdy type of lamp that could last you for years.

The Barriers to an Adult Child’s Self-Esteem

The second of the twelve Adult Children of Alcoholics promises states, “Our self-esteem will increase as we give ourselves approval on a daily basis.”

Although I could extol the virtues of this milestone, waxing rhapsodic about high self-esteem and the accolades I one day hope to associate myself with, I choose instead to discuss the roadblocks to attaining it. While all the promises are like clearings in the forest through which recovering adult children must pass, I myself have hardly reached that first shaft between the trees.

There are three progressively deeper obstacles to this idealized self-esteemed state.

1. Adult children clearly do not have it.

2. Because they do not, they are unable to generate it for themselves.

3. And, even if the positive energy and compliments of others could foster it, they are unable to accept them, rejecting them like images bouncing off of a mirror.

In short, whatever you most need, you ironically most repel, ensuring its rejection and creating a vicious, detrimental cycle begun in your earliest years when the positive seam between you and your parents was torn with betrayal and negativity, leaving you incomplete with self-esteem that matched theirs.

When a person is forced to lay a life foundation pieced together by defenses in order to survive, they become barriers to what otherwise would create the desired esteem and breed the mistrust that discourages accruing it later in life through others, who may subconsciously represent his original parental authority figures.

The ego, an inflated substitute filled with the air of a person’s accomplishments, statures, titles, and possessions, is equally unable to achieve this esteem, but necessarily replaces the true or authentic self, which remains mired at the age of its inception in the protective sanctuary of the cocooned inner child.

Finally, alcoholic toxins, which result from either ingesting the actual substance or having them projected into you like air-transformed germs, hinder synaptic brain connections that otherwise evoke personal feelings, serving as impenetrable layers through which positive affirmations must pass to stoke self-esteem’s fires.

Perhaps it is more beneficial to discuss how self-esteem is not created, rather than how it is, shedding light on why adult children lack it.

It is not, first and foremost, created by being harshly or abusively treated.

It is not created by then explaining or justifying that treatment by citing your deservedness of it due to your inadequacies, flaws, unworthiness, and plain unloveability.

It is not created by taking the blame and responsibility, as a child, for the actions of adults who cannot take it themselves.

It is not created by listing the reasons you caused it to occur.

Finally, it is not created by devising strategies and tactics to reach your parents and try to gain their love, instead of them accepting you as the gift and creation of God who should be loved unconditionally.

A person views himself as his parents did. If they judged you harshly and can seldom tap into their positive emotions to validate you, you will soon feel the same about yourself, leaving your well of esteem notably dry. Like clay, you were molded by your parents and assume the shape they gave you.

Perfectionism, although a laudatory and mostly intellectual goal, is another barrier to self-esteem. Comprised of standards created by people who themselves are unable to achieve them, it is an empty concept, devoid of positive emotion. Instead, it is a level tenuously supported by facts and feats and statistics.

Scoring an “A” on an exam, for instance, may stroke the head, but does little for the heart, feeding the ego and starving the self until the person substitutes the former for the latter.

I grew up in a dichotomous environment. My mother was validating, praising, positive, and loving. Whatever I did qualified me as “the best of.” My father, on the other hand, was the ice block who never thawed and praise seldom escaped him in the form of a melting drip.

His comments, even in the case of the proverbial “A+,” never flowed from emotion, as in “Great! Beautiful job! I’m proud of you!” Instead, they had their origins in intellect and fact. “An ‘A+’,” he would say. “Well, you can’t get any higher than that.”

He may have been correct, but I sensed that he could not get any higher in his emotions.

Plowing though the forest of recovery ultimately enabled me to realize that the praise did not hinge upon whether I was good or worthy enough to earn it, but whether he had enough of it to give. He didn’t.

I recently spied a poster that said, “Don’t allow your past to get in the way of your connection with God in the present.” That past, painful though it may be, is actually the forest through which an adult child in recovery must pass to reach the clearing to his self-esteem and, perhaps, God himself.

Maybe they are one in the same.

Make Your Dream Home With No Effort

Modern technological innovations have blessed its benefits in all the sectors of life and construction is also among them. The concept of construction is now largely changed compared to the conventional way of construction. In modern times, it hardly takes any time to construct your dream house offering pleasant living environment and cozy comfort. Kit homes have introduced a new concept in constructing a kit homes or steel kit homes within the shortest span of time. It becomes very easy to construct a robust and sturdy house with the help of the finest Blue scope steel, the best steel manufactured in Australia.

These steel houses are tough against any climatic conditions and the steel used into it offers a solid guarantee of fifty years. Beside, these houses are free from any twist, shrinkage, cracks, jamming of doors and windows and shacking roofs. Once the house is constructed, it offers great peace of mind and relaxation to its owner and becomes a valuable asset.

The steel kit house is being constructed using the finest quality light weight steel frames, specifically coated rust proof and termite proof chemicals. The walls, roofs, doors and windows are made using protective materials to safeguard them from the pest and bore attacks. The steel houses are non-combustible and diminish every possible to attract fire as most of the materials used to construct the house are fireproof as well. Usually these types of houses are like a turnkey projects as most of the parts are available pre-fabricated, manufactured by various manufacturers.

If the house is not built with the specific sized doors and windows then it would be easy to use those pre-fabricated construction materials. Kit houses are easy to be constructed anywhere on any surface of the land. The kit house offers clean, cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house. The kit house offers sufficient ventilation everywhere and it is considered the best living place for those who are suffering from asthma. The house maintains better odor and moisture free environment that suits everyone.

It is easy to make your dream home effortlessly as compared to the conventional construction system; You do not have to wait for a long time. The kit houses are constructed almost immediately once you approve the estimate and design of the house. The kit houses even could be constructed as multi storied house maintaining all the comforts and pleasure of living. The largest advantage in opting for Steel Kit home is its flexibility of living. It is now possible to change the elevation of the house or to cover some extra and open place and convert it into a useful extension of living area. They can even construct a patio above your landscaping or add some decking facility on some uneven, sloppy and unused piece of land.

Low Price and High Efficiency

The trusted name in heat pump has been around since the year 1904. The Bryant heat pumps combine state of the art manufacturing technology and the legacy from the past. After their established name, they continue to field test their equipments and innovate more to meet the changing needs of the people. Thee series provide many years of comfort at the lowest possible cost of operation. The heat pump prices range from $ 1500 and above depending on the model.

There are three famous models – the Evolution series, Preferred series and the Legacy series. The Evolution line gives the very best efficiency with as much as an 18 rating for the SEER and a 9.0 HSPF rating. The latest technology utilizes the Puron refrigerant and so it is rated with an energy star. There are also the 2-stage scroll compressor and the 2-stage reciprocating compressor. It also boasts of the Aero Quiet System II which has a decibel level of 72. The second line is the Preferred series. The ratings speak for the maximum functionality with 15 as the SEER rating, 8.5 as the HSPF and 11.54 in the EER rating. They also have the scroll compressor and the Aero Quiet System II technologies. The Preferred Compact model 538B is especially crafted for small spaced homes. Despite the small size, it has high performance ratings. The SEER is 15.5, the HSPF is 9.0 and the EER is 12.5. The system also works very quietly for as low as 66 decibels. The last famous line is the Legacy series. They use the Puron refrigerant, scroll compressor and a system the works quietly for 76 decibels. The ratings are also impressive: 15 for SEER, 8.5 for HSPF and 11.5 for EER. All these models have 10 year warranty on the machine and 5 year warranty on the parts.

The numbers strictly stand for the superior quality in terms of providing heat and cold whatever the environmental climate calls for. Despite the above average performance, they are noticeably cheap, considering the low operational costs expected in the future. There are a lot of service shops and dealers around the country and the world to ensure accessibility by all consumers. Indeed, Bryant pieces are a perfect mix of low heat pump prices and high performance.

Why Wales is Great For Family Cycling Holidays

Of all the places you can go for your UK holidays, Wales offers some of the very best scenery and for that reason, it is one of the top locations for a great cycling break.

There can be a few things that feel more liberating than sitting in the saddle, powering yourself along many times faster than you could walk, yet just as able to feel with wind in your hair, while smelling the scents of the flowers or the sea air. Yet you can take a stop whenever you feel like it to explore some point of interest, enjoy a spot of lunch or visit one of the many historical buildings dotted around Wales.

All this comes with a huge variety of possible routes, from family-friendly ones that are quite flat to huge hills that you can hurtle down with a great surge of adrenalin. You can also enjoy areas of rugged mountain scenery or much gentler terrain with green fields and meadows. And of course there is always the sea, with plenty of opportunities to ride along some of the many coastal paths on or near the shores that offer panoramic views across the Irish Sea or the Bristol Channel. You can also take the chance to visit a couple of beaches while pedaling around.

And as people like lots of different things on their activity holidays in the UK, it may be good to know that there is lots of variety to be sampled in the 11 cycling activity centers that are available. All of these provide cycle hire and with the appropriate bike will come a safety helmet. Then, once you are in the saddle, you and your family can head off and enjoy yourselves.

What makes these among the best UK family activity holidays is the great choice you have. The 11 centers are spread out across Wales and vary from locations among mountains like Brecon in the Brecon Beacons and Dolgellau in Snowdonia to coastal destinations such as Aberaeron and the Llyn Peninsula, as well as areas near the English border such as Knighton and Prestigne.

With over 330 miles of traffic-free cycle paths across Wales, you can tailor your outdoor activity holidays to your own tastes. The routes you can enjoy from these centers are as varied as the locations themselves and this means you can choose big hills or gentle slopes, short rides or long ones, dense forest or wide open spaces.

For instance, from the center at Tywi Valley you could enjoy a trip to the Welsh National Garden on a 20-mile route, or the 12-mile Medieval Mystery ride, taking in the sights – and chocolate flapjacks – of Cerreg Cennen Castle. At Dolgellau you can enjoy an easy family-friendly ride on low-lying terrain to Barmouth or a dramatic circular ride around Cadair Idris before climbing the same mountain the next day. Another great ride from here is to Machynlleth, which provides a challenging uphill climb followed by a fantastic long downhill surge.

And while enjoying the great scenery you can also indulge in a little bit of history. For instance, from Aberearon or New Quay you can ride from one town to the other via the various plaques that mark the Dylan Thomas Trail, which includes his former home at Ceri Bach beach. If you go to Saundersfoot in Pembrokeshire, there are several rides involving local castles and one of these – Carew Castle – might include a sighting of the ghosts of Sir Roland Rhys and his pet ape.

But the best thing of all about Wales is its wonderful, green countryside and the gentle pace of life it provides. This means that you and your family can enjoy a really refreshing break with the great feeling of empowerment that being on a bike provides. And as the countryside of Wales offers so much beauty – a fifth of it is covered by one of its three national parks – you will take away memories of its grandeur so rich you will be keen to come riding back. Whether it is the golden sands and rugged cliffs, the green fields or steepling mountains, the gushing rivers and waterfalls or gorgeous lakes, the scenery of Wales is a captivating thing and a wonderful reason to come and have a holiday on a bike.

Stopping Horse Abuse

In the 1877 classic novel Black Beauty, audiences learned to empathize with the sufferings of a horse forced to pull cabs through London. Yet 137 years later, horse-drawn carriages are still popular in a number of cities around the world, including New York City. Even horse lovers will go for a horse-drawn carriage ride in the city, thinking of it as romantic and fun. Most people do not realize the hardships and suffering that horses working in NYC go through. The harsh reality is that horses are not meant to work long, difficult hours in an urban environment, and this work constitutes nothing less than animal cruelty.

There are about 220 horses in NYC who work drawing carriages. They usually work about nine hours a day, seven days a week. At the end of the day, instead of being turned out into pastures as is healthy for horses, they are placed in stalls near the Lincoln Tunnel and West Side Highway. They do not have a chance to run around, roll, eat grass, or socialize as is normal for horses. Then, at the end of a long and tiring career, carriage horses do not get to retire out to a pasture somewhere. Instead, most worn-out horses are either slaughtered for dog food or sold to overseas slaughterhouses that will sell their meat to people abroad.

Horses are simply not meant to live their entire lives in an urban environment like NYC. The carriages they must pull are a very heavy load, and they must pull them all day across hard pavement, which is bad for their hooves and joints. Many drivers force their horses to work even in high temperatures, which have caused a number of horses to collapse while pulling carriages. The horses also breathe in exhaust from all the surrounding vehicles, which can lead to respiratory problems. In addition, the horses can be spooked by the many loud sounds characteristic of a large city. In addition to harming themselves, the horses can cause harm to their drivers, passengers, and nearby pedestrians.

In fact, there have been a large number of accidents coming from horse-drawn carriages in NYC. In only the past two years, there have been over twenty reported accidents. These include horses spooking, crashing into taxi cabs, and falling to the ground. These incidents are dangerous to the people around and are clearly dangerous for the horses. It is simply not worth it to endanger so many beautiful animals and the people nearby in order to have horse-drawn carriages.

Luckily, there are a number of great activists and organizations who are working to ban horse-drawn carriages and help NYC’s horses. Ashley Byrne has led efforts by PETA to educate the public about the condition of carriage horses and bring an end to their suffering. The great activists at NY Class, including Allie Feldman, have maintained a growing list of incidents involving horse-drawn carriages and encourage people to take action. The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages, led by Elizabeth Forel, is organizing to affect a ban on the cruel treatment of horses. In addition, Friends of Animals, a fantastic organization led by Campaigns Director Edita Birnkrant, has been organizing protests and keeping pressure on Mayor Bill de Blasio to enforce a ban.

There are things that you can do to help as well. If you’re visiting New York City or another city that has horse-drawn carriages, do not pay for a ride in a carriage. It may seem like a memorable experience, but you are only contributing to the cruel treatment of that horse. If everyone were to stop taking carriage rides, the industry would soon collapse on its own. If you live in NYC, you can contact your local legislator and encourage them to support a ban on horse-drawn carriages. In particular, NYC mayor Bill de Blasio has claimed that he will ban horse-drawn carriages from New York City’s streets. You can call his office and ask him to keep his word. Horses are suffering every day, and many cannot afford to wait much longer to be freed from animal cruelty. There are many cities, including Key West, Palm Beach, Camden, and Biloxi that have already banned horse-drawn carriages. More and more people are recognizing them as animal cruelty, and enforcing a ban is certainly possible. It’s time that the residents and politicians of NYC care for their fellow creatures and take steps to end the cruel suffering of the city’s carriage horses.

New Parents Look To Loans To Help Reduce Financial Pressures

Starting a family may see the financial burden consumers are under rising dramatically, it has been suggested.

The news comes as research released by MoneyExpert reveals that those parents who have children under the age of 18 are typically some 1,140 pounds in debt in the 12 months following the birth of their first child. According to the financial comparison website, more than a third (39 per cent) of couples see their income fall after the birth of their first child as at least one partner either works less hours, or gives up their job altogether, in the subsequent months after a birth.

And with over 40 per cent of new parents going into the red in the first year of having a child, such consumers could well struggle to meet demands for payments on areas of their finances such as utility bills, credit cards and home loans. Meanwhile, money management difficulties could be even more pronounced for the seven per cent of parents who are more than 2,500 pounds in debt, with two per cent owing over 7,000 pounds.

Research from the company also showed that three-quarters of those suffering from a loss in earnings as they have a child are looking to make up for such a shortfall. Some 28 per cent of these consumers turn to their family for finanical aid, while ten per cent are set to take out a loan to help relieve the pressure on their finances. Meanwhile, 22 per cent are to use credit cards as a means of supplementing their spending.

Sean Gardner, chief executive of MoneyExpert, said: “For most of us worries about money go out of the window with the joy of having a baby. It’s hard enough coping with the sleepless nights and new responsibilities without thinking about budgets. But financially a new baby can cause havoc because of the combined burden of extra costs and reduced income. If money is already tight, it’s no wonder that so many families have had to turn to borrowing to make ends meet.”

He added that as households are set to face increased costs, taking out a loan or another form of credit is often “a sensible way to tide you over”. As a result, Mr Gardner urged those considering borrowing money to take the time to choose the right product for them.

Meanwhile, the financial services firm’s debt index reveals that more than 2.48 million Britons are “very concerned” about their capacity to manage their finances as the series of interest rate increases by the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee starts to make its impact felt.

Accordingly, opting for a low-rate loan may be an advisable idea for those concerned that pressure on their finances is set to increase after they have a child. Last month, James Ketchell, from the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, reported that Britons are becoming evermore prepared to take out secured loans and apply other forms of credit as they get older due to becoming “used to the idea” of borrowing while at university. Mr Ketchell also reported that the majority of those applying for a loan use the money for “vital things”.

The Anointing-Led Church

The government of the church by the anointing. What a foreign thought to us today! That’s because very early there was a major departure from the Scriptural way. And, loving status quo as we do, Christians everywhere feel that they are viewing the norm when they look at their particular way of doing things.

Well, God is merciful. Israel wanted a king, and God, after protesting, gave them one. Eventually this decision led to great men like David, Hezekiah and Josiah, far from lightweights in God’s eyes. God has blessed our system too, and produced many “men of God” in spite of our fear of being humanly leaderless (which echoes Israel’s fear.)

Scripture indicates that various forms of administration may be permissible. It seems to me that a huge anointing would be released to the people of God if the leadership of a local congregation were shared. If the elders would take their place. If the gifts of the Spirit were taught, sought, and encouraged.

While I’m speaking of “the anointing”, let me say a word about “touching God’s anointed”. This is a Biblical phrase that originated from the mouth of God in reference to His chosen people Israel. As to “the anointing” itself, in the Old Testament a whole host of things was said to be anointed: the tabernacle, all its furniture, the priests, all the priests’ clothing,etc. For, far from being a holy word in itself, to “anoint” merely means to rub with oil.

Of course we Christians understand that oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. And in the Greek word “crio” from which we derive the word “Christ”, we understand the Holy Spirit’s purpose is to rub us all with Himself through the man Jesus.

Did you know that after Christ came into the world, that is, in all the New Testament writings, no other individual is called anointed again? The church, yes. “Special” members of the church? No!

II Corinthians 1:21, God has anointed US in Christ.

I John 2:27, you (plural) have an anointing. That anointing teaches you everything…

The deceiver can’t deceive us, because when a teacher teaches, the anointing tells us whether he is teaching the truth. A true teacher can only confirm what we already know in Christ.

So let’s be careful of singling certain people out, saying “Wow! What an anointing!” The anointing is in Jesus, Jesus is in YOU! And the same Spirit in you, God will release in abundance to His Church when they recognize without hypocrisy the headship of Jesus.

Yes, there is only one “Anointed One” we need to worry about touching today. His name is Jesus, but He lives in all those who are His. Don’t touch God’s anointed.

No man has a monopoly on that anointing. Never is submission to one man mentioned in the New Testament. This one-man thing was created by human tradition and sustained by strong men. Since God did not ordain such, I cannot recognize the preeminence of one man in the congregation, though I might recognize his position in Christ and respect him as a brother.

Paul tells me that the head of every man is Christ. Does that relationship stop when I leave my home, the context of which Paul speaks, and enter the assembly of the believers? Absolutely not! Christ is still my head, and I filter all commands and directives and teachings through that Lordship of Christ. I do NOT suddenly turn Christ off so I can turn a mere man on.

There must indeed be leadership in the church. The leaders are a group of men submerged in the Holy Ghost, who call others to obey Jesus, not themselves. They are men who are laying their lives down for the flock, not beating it. They are near-invisible men who are most honored by all.

God has already shown His people that His system of plural leadership works. It’s recorded. Recorded also is the sad history of churches totally controlled by the “clergy”, a group separate and apart from the “laity.” In these churches is often great pain. It is the pain of a wife who has been ridiculed, or ignored, or abused in some other way.

When wives sense that the marriage relationship is not being honored properly, reactions can be violent. That violence can be suppressed by the husband with anger and demands for obedience and questioning of loyalty, or…silenced with an understanding hug.

The church, with all its faults, seems to be awaiting a hug. Submission is much easier after the leaders make the people realize they truly understand, and that they are one with us, not “a cut above.”

Suppressed Christians who have gifts from God are liable to be looking for other fellowships where their gift can be expressed. When all the “gifted”ones go, the “remnant” is a group fiercely loyal to a man. Very little fruit can be produced in a situation like this, yet this scene is repeated throughout our land.

How can you tell if your church is controlled by a dictatorial clergy-laity philosophy? A former pastor of the Philadelphia Church in Chicago has come up with a description of the dictator spirit.

1. attitude of lording (as opposed to leading)

2. gains “dominion” over people’s lives

3. strong-willed and unyielding (instead of gentle, open-minded)

4. spreads “awe” or fear of himself among the people

5. non-submissive to other leadership

6. overconfidence in himself

7. looks for private “words” to direct flock, ignores Spirit in other leaders

8. makes major decisions without seeking and hearing counsel

9. uses elders as “sounding board” to make up his mind, rather than seeking the mind of God through the collective leadership

10. forces final decisions before the answer is generally clear

11. requires weakness under him. must be “man on top”

12. intimidates others, suppresses body ministry

13. over-disciplinarian tendencies, instead of love and patience

Godly leadership is the most difficult place of all in the Body, contrary to the perceived notion. A true leader is first in line for the executioner’s sword.

External Hard Drives and Data Storage

Data management includes the storage and transportability of software and databases for archive use, off-site protection of backup sets, and transfer of data via common carrier or courier from one device to another. The stress and potential of damage from mishandling, abuse or negligence, has mandated a requirement for shock-tolerant, robust and reliable solid state alternatives to magnetic or optical media storage options.

Constant improvement in the production and manufacture of solid state devices has proved to be a boon to the computer and communications industry, resulting in a win-win scenario for both vendors and users. Wide selection and heavy competition have made this technology available at superlative price points with reliably narrow profit margins mitigated by high volume distribution.

MicroSD memory

The relentless advance in the technology of modern portable computer and communications devices has created the necessity of portable data storage that is functional, efficient and inexpensive. A number of hardware solutions have been developed to satisfy these requirements as well as fulfilling the need for platform independence. Today, a microSD memory card can be directly ported from a cellphone, to a PDA, to a notepad, laptop, or desktop computer with ease. In many cases, reasonably priced adapters are readily available to compensate for various form factor differences or accomodate older technology. Typically, a SanDisk microSD card comes with a full-sized SD adapter included at no additional cost, resulting in cost savings realized from eliminating the necessity of replacing an otherwise satisfactory computer or similar device due to memory advances.

Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives (SSD) are available in a variety of storage capacities, form factors, and enclosures for internal or external auxiliary devices. For example, the current generation SanDisk SSD is configured for internal mounting using SATA standard plug compatibility or it can be housed in an external hard drive enclosure with USB, Firewire, or similar connexion options. Typical applications include the replacement of magnetic disk drives or used as high-speed boot drives. They are also popular as supplementary storage, usually configured as an external hard drive for ease in data transport and transfer.

Data security is integral to the device – for example, Digital Rights Management (DRM) – or as an element of a layered high security system which incorporates the latest digital encryption algorithms and implementations, such as AES, RSA and others.

USB Memory

USB memory sticks – commonly known as "thumb drives" – are still very popular as portable media. They have become almost ubiquitous: seen on key chains, ID necklaces and even featured as a "special purpose blade" (detachable) on the latest Swiss Army knives.

Memory sticks with USB interfaces are available in a variety of form factors. When used in conjunction with an appropriate adapter, virtually any data storage card can be pressed into service as a USB memory stick.

There is no excuse for catastrophe resulting from accidental or incidental data loss. External disk drives, USB memory sticks and SD secure data devices are available, affordable and accessible solutions necessary for truly effective data management.