Mary, the Sun-Star, Is Their Principle God

Who would have thought it? Mary, the chief God of the Catholic Church, is none other than the sun. While she is dreamed of and worshipped by millions little do they know of the origin of this figure and how it came to be the most prominent image the Church displays. Only through my reincarnation and memory of passing from life to life did my interest in researching this become a driving force.

It was also spurred on by my connection to the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God, and the commission received at the time shown to me between lives. Told to tear down the wall of deceit that religions have created visions then followed that showed the sun and its transformation into a lady of great beauty.

In one such vision of a group on a hilltop the rising sun’s rays passed through a hole in a stone, held aloft for the purpose. The resulting image was of the perpetually moving rainbow coloured rings that caused the audience to sink to their knees in worship.

This great vision is represented in the five-point star of Islam that features on flags, above important buildings, over mosques, churches, and even the Kremlin. It is the insignia of the law because our ancestors ‘read’ the signs made by the sun and claimed to have inner knowledge of what the ‘god’ wanted us to know.

Priests and pope continue to claim that they are spokespeople for God and to be married to Mary. The term ‘marry’ is from ‘mary’ and crucifixion of mates who expected to increase the fertility of the earth is well documented in Babylon.

It is in that city that she was called ‘ma-r-y’ or ‘mother’s powerful eye’. As the inhabitants spread forth they took her with them. They were the Amor who built Roma (reverse Amor) and their origin was hidden when they became the Romans.

Constantine then established the Catholic Church based on Islamic principles. Jerome, who followed soon after, took the formulae by which it practices its faith from Islam and produced the New Testament based on the same.

While people overlook the origin of Islam and its place of original conception they should know that the Muslim Branch was also started by the Vatican. Augustine Bea, Bishop of Hippo, was appointed by the Vatican to do it and he used a partner of one of his parishioners for the task of being the prophet, Mohammed.

Devious cover-up and deliberate confusion of its making built an enormous barrier to the truth which the Spirit is now tearing down. The Internet and articles like this one are helping with the task. Mary is a personified version of the sun-star displayed to me in the vision. Everyone has been reincarnated as we are at the end of the day and those who suffer the most are worshippers of false gods born of sun-worship.

Save Money On Gas – The Octane Factor

With the price of gas these days (over $ 3.00 US per gallon at the time of this writing) most people
Are feeling the economic pinch and wondering what they can do to trim their gas costs. This article presents one of several ways to get as many miles per buck as possible.

When it comes to the grade of gasoline or octane rating your put in your car, "More is Better" right?
Not always. There are a number of myths surrounding the use of high octane gas.

Myth # 1 – Using high octane gas will make my car perform better.

Not exactly. If your car is "pinging" or "knocking", a higher octane gas will help or eliminate the ping and save your engine, but it does not directly add horsepower. However, it does keep your electronic ignition from retarding the timing as an "anti-knock" measure when pinging is detected.

Myth # 2 – My car will get more Miles Per Gallon by using a higher octane gas.

Since a higher octane gas does not produce more power, you will not get better gas mileage.

Myth # 3 – My engine will run cleaner and produce less emissions and smog with a higher octane gas.

Not true. Many oil companies advertising methods may lead you to believe this, but octane has nothing to do with how "clean" your engine runs.

Myth # 4 – Octane is added to gasoline to produce a higher quality fuel.

No, actually Octane is the gasoline, at least most of it. See Octane Rating below.

You can save money on gas simply by using the lowest octane rated gasoline that your car will tolerate. Using a higher octane
Gas than what the manufacture states is simply a waste of money. If you are not sure what octane your car is designed to
Use, you can start with the lowest octane gas (87 in most areas) and try it. If it pings under load, then move up to
Next octane and only purchase the lowest octane grade that your car needs. For more information on octane, read on.

What is "Pinging" or "Knocking"?

Most of us have heard the rattling noise from under the hood, usually when the engine is under extra load like
Climbing a hill, towing a boat, or in a loaded truck. The noise itself is caused when the air fuel mixture in the
Compression chamber ignites too soon (pre-ignition or detonation). This condition causes the air fuel mixture to burn uneven and
Produces the ping or knock sound. This uneven burn causes flash points in the combustion chamber and can lead to engine damage.

What Does Octane Do?

Without getting into all the chemical properties and technical stuff, basically, octane raises the
Combustion point of gasoline when under compression and slows the burning. The result is that it makes
The gasoline less volatile so that it does not ignite before your ignition system makes it fire at the correct time.
The intent of octane is simply to provide a anti-knock property.

Octane Rating

The Octane Rating you see at the gas pump is simply a percentage of the Octane Chemical in the
Gasoline mixture. In other words, if you purchase gas with a 87 Octane rating, that mix contains 87% Octane and
The reminder is lower quality chemicals like heptane. Also see

What about "Octane Boost" Additives?

If your car requires a higher octane rated gas, you can use off the shelf "Octane Boosters" from your local auto parts store. The cost
And effectiveness will vary. Try one tank full with one additive to see if your can run properly on it then do the math to see
If it makes sense. Here is a cost analysis for my 1993 Mustang GT:

Example: 1 bottle of additive to boost one tank of gas costs about $ 5.00. With a 15 gallon tank this adds about $ .33 to the cost of each gallon of gas, plus the hassle of going to the auto parts to purchase it and remembering to add it at each fill up.

If you really want or need a high octane mixture, you may want to make your own.

Home Made Octane Booster

There are a number of web sites and blogs that publish the recipes or "home brew". I am not going to publish it here as I can not directly endorse the
Use or safety of doing this yourself. However, if you search for xylene or toluene octane boost recipe, you will find it out there. The chemicals
Xylene and toluene are higher "quality" and can produce a boost over 100%. The chemical Octane alone by definition, can never produce more than an
Octane rating of more than 100.

Other Ping Solutions

If your car continues to ping or knock even though you are using a octane gas rated equal to or above what your car's manufacturer specifes, this
Is an indication of engine problems that you should have your mechanic look at. There is one well known problem that you may be able to
Try to diagnose yourself and that is the case of a stuck or failed EGR valve. It is beyond the scope of this article to explain how to check
Your EGR valve, but it is something to look into if your car has a chronic ping problem.

How Do You Get Employees to Use Common Sense?

I hear this from so many employers. They get that health and safety is “just common sense after all is said and done,” and they know that there needs to be some discipline (doing as one is told) surrounding accident prevention. However, most businesses don’t seem to know how to get these two concepts linked together and moving. It’s like joining a train to a carriage.

First I will talk a little about ‘common sense’. In its most basic form its like, ‘it’s not a good idea to go around punching people in the face, when they don’t deserve it!’ and ‘stealing money off elderly couples will get you into a lot of trouble’. However when it gets a little more complicated it begins to fade a little in value. By this I mean that it doesn’t always apply when you are dealing with the day to day things we do when we are at work. Some of the things done in businesses for example are definitely not common sense (don’t get me started!), so how can we expect employees to be driven by an unwavering adherence to it!

So what we can take from this is that we cannot put common sense on a pedestal. It depends a lot on who you are, where you come from, how you have been brought up and how you have been trained and educated, and probably a whole lot more. So what we can put in its place?

Another definition of common sense is that they are rules, general ones by which we have learned to get on reasonably well with each other. If there aren’t universal and universally enforceable rules of common sense then it comes down to writing another more useful set of rules by which we shall live and work with each other IN THIS WORKPLACE!

Some examples of useful rules might be:

In this workplace

  • We will take good care of each other (essentially our safety commitment!)
  • We will point out things that could hurt us (hazard identification)
  • We will train and be trained so that we can do our work safely (training)
  • We will let new people know how we expect them to behave when they join us (Induction)
  • We will all try to prevent accidents and if one happens try to prevent it from happening again (Accident Investigations)
  • If someone is injured we will first of all take care of them while they recover and then try hard to get them back into their job. (Rehabilitation and Return to Work)

Now a little about DISCIPLINE

It’s quite often seen as a bit ‘not politically correct’ nowadays. I don’t hold that view. I define discipline as ‘Everything we do that is good and of value either to ourselves or others we do through the disciplined application of our skill’. It’s like when you join the army, a lot is made of discipline and for very good reason. You get killed quicker if you don’t obey the instruction “keep your head down”!

The same principle applies when building a frame on a house. If the boss says “do not, under any circumstances, try to jump across the void where the stairs will go”, he’s saying it because he’s looked at it and knows from experience that it’s too far to jump and if you fall you will hurt yourself (he’s probably done that!). So those who are disciplined will NOT jump and therefore will not fall. Easy? However those who are not, will and may NOT fall – this time! However the more often they jump the more likely they are to fall. It’s the odds.

So how do we link them? Well, I think that the RULES or procedures we apply have to make sense to those who will use them. This simply means that a) we should write, or otherwise communicate the rules in ways (and languages) that our workers will understand about the things that will hurt them and b) the rules have to be simple, straightforward and easy to implement BY THE EMPLOYEES. It’s no good asking them to read the HSE Act is it?

Golf Power And Accuracy Is Best Attributed By Using The Levers Of The Body Correctly

The single largest cause of a lack of power and / or accuracy, plus potential physical injury is the improper use of the levers of the body.

These levers, when used properly, can dynamically increase club head speed as they also control the club for accuracy yet not cause physical harm to the body.

Since every human, except for unusual cases, has the same number of bones (levers) and joints (hinges) a mechanically correct series of body motions can use these levers in a sequenced fashion to create a perfect golf swing.

When the levers are acted in the correct manner the body can maintain a totally stable swing circle center yet use the weight of the body and the power of the legs to rotate the upper lever assembly generate an extreme amount of club head speed and yet have control Of the club.

In the perfect golf swing; The actions of the back swing set the levers and stretch the muscles that will be used in the down swing, so that the return actions are pre-programmed to correctly respond simply by reversing their motors.

This way of swinging the club has been used recently by Jaacob Bowden, Pinnacle Distance Challenge Champion, to drive the ball 421 yards to win his last long drive competition in Warner Springs. He used the same motions to win the above mentioned championship in 2003 in St. Louis. Louis. Not simply a long driver several days ago Jaacob shot 69 to open the first round of the Long Beach open and competed for 1 year on the Hooters tour.

John Marshall of Atlanta GA used the non rolling forearm release to win both the 2005 and 2006 National Super Seniors division of the ALDA. Jim Liska the first runner up in 2006 used the same method. Both won their 2006 Remax Worlds Championship District Qualifiers. Both are accredited instructors of the aperfectswing method.

This action creates a beautiful looking golf swing that is done in an entirely different way than the conventional golf swing. It is unique in that it does not use a rolling over forearm release, nor does it use a whirling action of the body.

Make Your Muscles Grow Safely

Most people struggle with muscle building and fail miserably because they just do not have the right frame or body for it. This may be common in the cases of very skinny or obese men and women. There are actually ways to get the kind of unnatural muscles that you see on TV. With the right kind of workout routine and diet, any body frame can easily get those celebrity muscles! Here is how you can do it the right way so that you will finally see your muscles grow.

The basic key to a muscle building workout is to work your muscles just enough to put them in a condition of stress. Muscles grow when the muscle tissue gets damaged due to excessive strain. This way the tissues grow back stronger so that they will be able to take the same kind of strain without feeling the same burn as the first time.

This is why when people workout to build their muscles, the weight that they lift keeps on increasing. However, a very common danger is that people carelessly increase the weight and stress without knowing how much of it they can take. This can lead to joint fractures causing permanent damage to your body.

Another reason why an intensive muscle workout plan needs an equally intensive diet is because you will need a large amount of energy. When you diet for muscle building you need to eat more than you usually do. The extra energy that you use up at the gym will need to be equal to the extra demand for energy. If your diet fails to match up with your workout plan then no matter how hard you work out, you will not be able to build your muscles. Instead you will end up getting fatigued and in extreme cases you might need to stop and take care of your health.

Unlike the common diets, you need to feed your body with large amounts of protein and carbohydrates. Your protein and carbohydrate intake should all be used up in your workout otherwise you will only end up gaining unnecessary fat. This is why you need to properly plan your diet. You need to know how much you are going to be able to work out so that you will consume only that much and not more. As I have indicated earlier, less consumption could also lead to health problems.

Working out will also be a lot different than it used to be. The right muscle building workout will require you to focus on every step of the exercises that you do. A lot of routines do not work because they are perform mindlessly. The right way is to use all the strength of the particular muscle that you are working out. For example if you are using dumb bells that are working all the muscles of one particular hand the muscles will get thoroughly exercised.

If you are a first timer and want to undergo an intensive muscle building training to make your muscles grow, then I would advise you to seek the help of an expert. Putting your body under extreme stress without proper care can cause health problems.

CCTVs And Their Use In Different Applications

There's an ongoing questioning on whether security cameras are really necessary as they have the potential to intrude on others' privacy. It's true, not everyone's comfortable with the idea of ​​being under the watchful eye of a camera but miscreants and criminals have made the world what it is and no one can be faulted for having a genuine concern to protect their own establishments.

Commercial users are not the only ones who have a need to keep a watch on their establishments. Homeowners are making up a sizable percentage of customers as they realize that the only way to protect their properties is to have alarm systems and security cameras installed.

To prevent crime

Most CCTVs are used to prevent crime. It's a fact that people are unnerved by the sight of a security camera and more times than most, even a dummy camera is enough to deter potential miscreants from vandalizing or burgling a place.

Public areas like transportation systems, parking lots and parks witness crimepite being public places primarily because of the number of people passing through or using these facilities. If security cameras are installed, there's a very real chance of seeing crime drop. Of course, much depends on whether the surroundings are high-risk areas but even if crime rate does not reduce significantly, even a marginal change is beneficial.

To monitor traffic

CCTVs intended for traffic monitoring keep a check on congestion, potential collisions and violation of traffic rules. Road accidents account for a very high number of injuries and deaths worldwide. If drivers and pedestrians are aware that activities are being monitored, they're less likely to intentionally break rules.

Some CCTVs can act as traffic enforcement cameras to detect speed violations, recognize number plates and enforce traffic rules. Much depends on where the cameras are placed, how well they perform and how efficient the people monitoring the cameras are.

To check passenger safety

Public transport systems like subway trains see a regular rush of people getting on and off. Since the trains travel very fast and stop only for a limited time, platforms and doorways need to be monitored to make sure that all passengers are onboard before the trains set off.

The same security system can be used in amusement parks for rides and other vehicles that can not be monitored without the use of extra eyes.

To monitor zoo animals

Zoos attract high traffic and though animals are monitored by zoo authorities, it's sometimes necessary to do so using security cameras. This leaves workers free to tend to immediate tasks as the cameras can send feeds to a central location.

To monitor employee actions

Work places regularly install security cameras to monitor the actions of employees. While this may seem extreme to some, it is a good way for employers to keep a check on wherever, for example, goods are being scanned and labeled correctly, whether cash is being handled as it should, whether unauthorized entry is being checked, whether Workers are adhering to time slots and so on.

To monitor industrial processes

Industries follow processes that are dangerous to the safety of workers since putting in place safety practices. By having CCTVs installed, the processes and machineries can be monitored to give permissions insight on whether changes need to be made to processes. Additionally, cameras may also be used to monitor the temperatures of these processes, sometimes required by law.

LG Shine – The New Shining Star In Mobile Universe!

Innovation is the mantra stay ahead in the modern world of ‘never-say-die’ competition. For a continuous streak of success to continue farther, it is customary to keep consumers interested with the ‘new-ness’ of a product either in terms of technology or styling. LG Electronics, the South Korean electronics giant comes up with a state-of-the-art gadget that amazingly integrates both, and oozes style and substance in a single entity. The LG KE970, popularly known as LG Shine is the shining star in the mobile phone’s universe.

A predecessor of LG ‘Chocolate’, this slider phone comes with an elegant mirror-finish metallic look. Every touch on the phone ignites a smooth tactile feeling. So let it be the smooth slide opening of the steel casing, or the view of laser-finish stainless-steel key-pad, the phone through its complete entity gives an impression of class and solidity. This 2 megapixel camera and Schneider-Kreuznach lens equipped phone comes with a 2.2” large screen with resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The screen offers a sharp and clear viewing facility and gives a stylish mirror effect while in power-off mode.

The phone, standing true to its name, shines bright with technology assemblage as well. It supports WAP, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, and comes with 8MB memory with options for expandable microSD slot. The gorgeous look of the phone continues to follow an user throughout the entire operation of the phone. It comprises an MP3 player and an innovative blogger program to aid an user to post and read blogs over internet.

In summation, LG Shine is a perfect blend of beauty and boldness. In the form of this phone, LG tries to offer a dream gadget to a style affectionade and a dependable gadget to a more serious user. In both the forms, LG Shine shines brightest of the bright. If looks could kill, here comes a phone that can kill you twice with its looks and intelligence!

The 5 Most Popular Types of Dock Cleats

Dock Cleats are either made out of stainless steel, bronze or galvanized metal and come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Cleats are the most common and safest way to ensure that your vessel remains secure at the dock or marina. While there are many types to choose from, your particular setting may dictate one over the other. And then again, you may have a preference on how the cleat is outfitted on your dock.

Below are the 5 most common types of Dock Cleats.

1. Galvanized Steel Cleats:

Manufactured from Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel these are the most popular dock cleat by far. Designed to protect from the elements and built for durability, they are a very economical solution for your docking needs. Cast with 2 holes for installation using Hex Bolts, it’s an easy installation for any do it yourself project. Galvanized Dock Cleats are available various sizes with the most common size ranging from 4″ to 12″.

2. Flip-up Cleats – Aluminum

Polished Flip-Up Dock Cleats are cast from solid Marine Grade Almag 35 aluminum and powder coated white or burnished using a special process to give a traditional metallic finish. Flip-Up cleats are durable and corrosion resistance. Flip-up cleats are great in applications where safety on the dock may be a concern or with a lot of foot traffic. The mounting holes on these cleats are recessed so that the bolts stay clear of attached lines. Simply flip-up the cleat to use and fold down the cleat into the low profile base when not in use. The most popular sizes of Flip-up Dock Cleats are 6″ and 8″. Flip-up Dock Cleats are also available in Aluminum, Powder Coated White and Black.

3. Angled Aluminum Rail Cleats (Dock Builders Cleats):

Angled Aluminum Rail Cleats are designed for aluminum framed docks. The Angled Cleat slides easily into place and fits most OEM dock builder style docks with an aluminum extrusion. The Angle allows for a stronger hold. Angled Aluminum Cleats are available in 8″ or 10″.

4. Classic Cleat:

Classic Cleat is one of the newest products on the market, yet distinctive and highly functional, they are available to suit any requirement. Case from solid aluminum and powder coated to last.

5. Solar Lighted Aluminum Cleat:

The Solar Dock Cleat is attractive and functional with powerful solar charging performance and mooring strength. Cast from aluminum alloy chassis they are wide with a sturdy base. 5 Super Bright white LEDs provide side and base illumination of up to 12 hours from a single charge. Viewing distance is up to 325 feet. Solar panels are Epoxy Monocrystalline and are waterproof. Lights are automatically on-at dusk.

Aircraft Lighting System Fuel Saver

When flying a high-performance sleek aircraft often it is problematic getting the aircraft slowed down. Many super high performance aircraft and gliders have spoilers or speed brakes to help slow them down for landing by increasing drag. For smaller high performance Experimental Composite Aircraft, I propose using this fact to help us power up LED Landing Lights.

I propose we use make a small mechanical flutter energy generator to absorb the vibrations to power up the landing lights using electromagnetic induction technology to charge a capacitor instead of the headlights working off a battery. Currently there are some nifty micro-flashlights being used which you can buy which use a similar technique and are available thanks to the Everlite Flashlight technology research lab. These smaller flashlights work by shaking them for about thirty seconds and shine for about 6 minutes and they shine quite bright since they use a very bright LED light. Here is a link to this home use flashlight:

Here is a quick movie you can watch online to see how this technology works.

I propose we use the engine rumble along with the simple mechanical flutter device to insure we always have power even if we lose the electrical system. It will of course work best and be brightest as you are slowing the aircraft down, as well as assist you in bleeding off the airspeed. Perhaps this is a good way to save energy, save guard in emergency of electrical system failure, assist in slowing down the aircraft and provide the light you need for night landingsl? Think on this.

My Wife Is Not Affectionate Anymore! Why a Husband Shouldn’t Settle For This

There are certain things that all men seem to complain about once the honeymoon is over. Things like they don’t get to go out as often, their weekends are spent tackling the to-do list their wife crafted or they have to spend every Sunday afternoon brunching with the in-laws. Obviously, these issues aren’t life changing but they can tend to wear a bit on a couple’s connection. Fortunately, most issues like that are easily solvable with a bit of tender cooperation and negotiation. What about when there are issues that threaten the very foundation of the marriage? One of those issues centers on affection. If a wife stops being affectionate is there anything a husband can do or is he destined to a life of physical distance and coldness from his spouse?

Actually a husband must do something as soon as possible if his wife is not affectionate anymore. Physical and emotional affection are instrumental components of a happy marriage. Without them the relationship becomes a shell of what it could be and the husband will begin to resent his wife and her need to withhold warmth from him. If you and your wife used to be the type of couple that held hands as you walked side-by-side or you stole kisses when you two were doing the dishes together, it’s understandable why you’d miss not having that now. In many respects when a wife stops being affectionate it’s a clear sign that she feels less close emotionally to her husband. Obviously ignoring something like that can only lead to many marital difficulties down the road.

There are several things that can prove very helpful if you want to reawaken your wife’s connection to you. Begin by showing her more affection. At first you may feel somewhat awkward doing this primarily because you’ll feel as though you’re pushing yourself on your spouse. Try not to view it from that place. Instead, see it as a bit of an exercise in guidance. By demonstrating extra affection to your wife, she may start to feel more valued by you and also more cherished. If a woman feels these things, any emotional barrier that she may have put up will come crashing down. By kissing her when the opportunity presents itself, rubbing her shoulders more or just reaching for her hand when you two are watching television, you’ll be showing her glimpses of what’s in your heart. Once she senses that, she’ll be more open to reciprocating those actions.

One of the measures of a strong and connected marriage is how open and honest the communication is between the partners. If you and your wife don’t put in a strong effort to discuss your marriage that can certainly contribute to her not wanting to show you the level of affection she once did. Even though you both may lead incredibly full and busy lives, you must take the time to stay connected by communicating with one another. You should take the lead on this and invite your wife out for a nice dinner at a quiet and relaxing restaurant. Use this opportunity to discuss your marriage and anything that may be plaguing either of you. By initiating this, you’ll be demonstrating to your wife how highly you value the marriage and her. It will certainly serve as a catalyst for more open dialogue between you two and it will also pave the way for the both of you to get back on the path to the rewarding closeness you’ve always wanted.

Leave the Finishing to a Drywall Contractor

Over the years, I have reluctantly undertaken many drywall projects. Not by choice, but simply out of necessity. When money has been tight, rather than hiring a qualified dry wall contractor who actually knows what he is doing, I have often gotten in over my head with what turned out to be a remodeling fiasco. And if there is one thing I have learned as a result of my experience, it is that finishing drywall should be left to the pros. Like me, maybe you too have fallen prey to the how hard can it be school of thought. This mentality has frequently gotten me into trouble, but the frustration I have had when trying to finish drywall has been some of the greatest trouble of all.

On one such occasion, I had the ambitious idea of building a room in our two car garage to house a large model railroad layout. At first I had planned to simply build a wall with a small pre-hung door in it to separate the two bays from one another. But as often is the case with me, that basic design ended up being way too simple to fit my taste. Thus I proceeded to hang drywall on three of the four walls so that the painted landscape would look right in the background. My thought being that it would be cool to have lots of picturesque mountains, blue sky, and little painted trees surrounding the trains. In retrospect, just connecting a painted panel border to the table would have probably worked just as well. But that would have been far too easy. Being the glutton for punishment that I am, I had to finish out the entire room to achieve the effect I was looking for.

That being said, I have never had much trouble hanging drywall. Cutting the boards to the right dimensions and then zipping a few screws in to the studs is the easy part. The fun starts when I get the finishing tape and a mud knife in my hands. That is when all hell breaks loose and the swearing commences. I do not know about you, but I have the kind of personality that usually resonates with the philosophy that if a little is good, than more must be better. But in the case of drywall mud, this is just not the case. After countless hours of slapping on a thick coat of mud, followed by furious sanding, followed by more mud, and then more sanding, I usually end up with a floor to ceiling speed bump where the seam used to be. Not to mention that the room I am working in is now covered in about two inches of powdery white dust second only to the surface of the moon. As I shake the thick residue from hair and wipe the dust out of my eyes, now bloodshot and as dry as the Sahara, I behold the end result of my labor. Generally, it really looks like crap! Why did I not hire a good drywall contractor to do this?

If you have ever watched a dry wall contractor finish drywall, it is truly a sight to behold. Delicate little skim coats fly on like paint from the brush of Divinci. A flick of the wrist and that screw head disappears. The tape clings to the seam like it was begging to be there all along. And sanding? Who needs sanding? It is like they could complete an entire house in about ten minutes. Who are these people? Is there some clandestine training facility tucked away in the Himalayas where they sit for years under the tutelage of an aged drywall Guru? How did they learn to do this? And more importantly, what kind of mental retardation am I suffering from?

If you are currently thinking about undertaking a drywall finishing project, take it from me, think again. Good drywall contractors are worth their weight in gold. The headaches you will avoid will far surpass any money you might save. If you currently need help finding one in your area, there is a link to a detailed directory listed below.

Cheap Bamboo Flooring

Over the last few years, bamboo as a material for flooring has become almost as popular as wood. And no wonder – bamboo is attractive, durable and versatile; It has also become a popular choice for those trying to do their small part in helping to protect the environment.

Bamboo is harvested all over the world, including the United States, meaning that cheap bamboo flooring has become more spacious available. In fact, bamboo costs about the same as other more traditional types of flooring, averaging from $ 4 to $ 6 per square foot. It's ideal for the bathroom or kitchen, as it is naturally resistant to water and also less likely to warp than other types of wood.

Bamboo has several advantages, helping it to make it a natural choice. It is actually the hardest type of wood flooring available, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. It comes in several different shades and is easy to install by stapling, nailing or gluing down. It's also very easy to stain or dye it and bamboo is surprisingly resilient; In fact, it can withstand more force than concrete.

But although one of the largest benefits of cheap bamboo flooring is that it is extremely environmentally-friendly; More so than other more traditional flooring materials. Bamboo grows extremely quickly – often several feet in a day – meaning that it can be replenished easily and quickly, once harvested.

You do not need to have an Asian theme in your home to appreciate the strength and natural beauty of bamboo flooring. This versatile material can complement just about any theme or color scheme and can be used in any room in the house. For a flooring material that is just a little bit different, but has a lot of advantages, bamboo makes an excellent choice.

Finding Inner Strength – A Prayer For Guidance And Strength

Always here, and no other part of your mind. I mean that it only requires confidence, and knowing that you are joining your will with the Will of God. The Holy Spirit, through cause and effect, helps you to make this happen.

Miracles teaches us that this is His Voice through the Holy Spirit who is reminding you of Him, and of yourself as one Thought.

Do this as often as necessary, making it a habit, getting good at it, and bringing yourself Home. Now you are seeing that “There is another way of looking at the world.”

In prayer for strength and guidance repeat these words periodically in your day, with your eyes open or closed:

God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.

Before you can practice prayer for strength and guidance, you need to be aware of the part of you that is listening to the Voice for God is calm, always at rest, and wholly certain. The Voice for God, which is the Holy Spirit in you, is really the only part of your mind there truly is, and this is when you feel words of inspiration and strength.

Holiness does not require special candles or incense, or oils, waters, beads, or clothing, unless of course these things help you to reflect your oneness with God.

Go past all the illusory imaginings that cover your real thoughts, and past the sights and sounds of this insane world controlled by ego and begin finding inner strength.

You are reaching God, and He welcomes you.

It’s where you begin finding inner strength. Always try to identify with the part of your mind that is calm, cool, and collected.

On a regular basis throughout your day, whether for a lengthy period or a brief break in your activities, try to do prayer for strength and guidance and actually hear God’s collected coolness in your mind.

This is where the Holy Spirit is relaying God’s Will to you which IS your true free will, by having you feel words of inspiration and strength.

Miracles in our lives asks us to listen in deep silence for words of inspiration and strength.

Feel your heart pump blood through your veins, and open up your mind.

Believe it or not, these calm, collected, and cooling thoughts of feelings finding inner strength are your holiness at work.

During prayer for strength and guidance if any erratic or frantic thoughts start to surface, that’s okay. Simply acknowledge their presence as illusion, say hello, then gently but firmly say good-bye, shut the door on them, and proceed back to your in/out breathing as a mindfulness technique.

While in prayer for strength and guidance it is okay to notice background distractions, such as a loud car engine or an irate person nearby. You are trying to reach your real Home.

You may want to close your eyes and take some time with this if you’re at home and sitting in a comfortable chair. Or if you are standing in line, say at the bank or post office, as you contend with the world around you, realize you are consciously inviting God’s Voice to come through your mind and into you.

It’s where you begin finding inner strength.

Always try to identify with the part of your mind that is calm, cool, and collected. It only requires confidence, and knowing that you are joining your will with the Will of God.

Again, while in prayer for strength and guidance don’t be too concerned if you notice background distractions, such as a loud car engine or an irate person nearby. Remember, you are trying to reach your real Home.

To miracles in your life

Future Trading – 4 Simple And Effective Tips

Interested in earning money? Then try future trading and to make it simple for you is the aim of this article.

People interested in entering the futures markets, but do not have required time to attend workshops and seminars offered by various trading companies, can search course from the comfort of their house by using the internet for information.

Internet provides you with huge database regarding online trading ,, as well as advice on how to move forward and make most out the investments .you can search and will be confronted with many sites offering data about future trades.

With these different modes of communication leaning towards growth of the Internet, many people can obtain information on a huge variety of topics, including financial trading, information relating to population of loyal patrons and their growth every month.

Perhaps people are attracted to trading in future because of potential rewards it can offer. It promises to be beneficent for those people who can play their cards right. Playing cards here means get the right training, and not be able to just make sound financial decisions, but it also means training in the discipline.we all understand that, to engage in stock trading will require a lot of perseverance and patience.

Various twists and turns usually recommended by the experienced traders help you to make larger investment. Four basic tips to keep in mind during future trading:

1. Research on what you want to trade.

These research papers are updated and monitored, even negligible movements are highlighted and focused for attention of traders.

2. Ask for advice from the brokers.

Typically, brokers and analysts have solid knowledge and practices and guidance on an issue that extremely should be taken into consideration.

3. Spread your investments in all sectors lucrative and promoting.

This measure may be dangerous at times, but traders should be cautious and analytical while they make important and relevant decisions concerning their capital and investment.

4. Read analyst recommendation here and there.

Be careful when buying recommendation on the stock "buy" and "sell" from other traders. Do not take chances and make risky bets.

Especially, the practice of discipline and learning to overcome your emotions will be helpful while trading. Its not always possible like any other businesses that you have no loss at all. It is therefore advisable not to put all your money in one trade and instead advised to spread your risk. Even when you have researched well about the product you are going to invest in this business you can some times end up at a loss. But do not get disappointed. If you choose to put in your money in various products then the possibility of winning is more likely. And now that these future trading are available online you can get constant information and data about the market values ​​anytime. You can use this service for 27/7 now.

Instant Global Recognition for Up and Coming Musicians

Do you know what the trend is among aspiring musicians who want to make it big in the music industry? Social networking. Let's face it. The world is practically swarming with creative individuals. It's just that the industry is but a quarter large enough to be able to accommodate just a very few inmates individuals. But realistically, what would happen if all people with musical potentials are brought to stardom?

Yet, of course, there are those persistent few who are adamant to reach fame and fortune in their chosen career, while there are those who simply want to be recognized for the undeniable talent they possess. And mind you, most of these people really do deserve the credit which they are aiming for. Thus, these people actually gain a good number of followers. And this is how the stories of every generation's great singers and musicians begin.

Not long ago, it had been somewhat a struggle for aspiring musicians to be initially recognized by the industry's scouts. But nowdays, thanks to the ceaseless innovations of technology, these struggles have been somewhat modernized. Typically, the Internet has been very effective tool in communication, research and information, as well as in business. The Internet is a huge hub for many different web activities which millions of people all over the world are participating in.

Moreover, with the Internet's latest platform, known as the web 2.0, any one and every one can post their journals, photos, and videos on the web. And what is more amazing is that, not only are these journals, photos, and videos viewed, they can also be commented on or shared. In effect, this feature tends to build bridges among various people, thus the term social network. Additionally, there are interactive forums wherein various people with the similar preferences virtual commune.

Thus, this single yet diverse feature of the Internet provides fresh talented musicians the opportunity to be recognized. Usually, what a musician or a band of musicians do is create web pages in various community sites, solely dedicated to the band. It consist of their bios, gig schedules, and also various videos. Of course, friends of these musicians are loyal followers, then, the beginning of the viral spread of the musicians' popularity.

Creating these webpages is utterly for free. Plus, nowdays, there are various affordable and handy ways of making a music video, which will showcase how good and praiseworthy the talents of these musicians are. And since postings on video sites such as YouTube, Metcafe, and Dailymotion are for free, these aspiring musicians do not need to spend plenty just to get enough good publicity.