Golf Power And Accuracy Is Best Attributed By Using The Levers Of The Body Correctly

The single largest cause of a lack of power and / or accuracy, plus potential physical injury is the improper use of the levers of the body.

These levers, when used properly, can dynamically increase club head speed as they also control the club for accuracy yet not cause physical harm to the body.

Since every human, except for unusual cases, has the same number of bones (levers) and joints (hinges) a mechanically correct series of body motions can use these levers in a sequenced fashion to create a perfect golf swing.

When the levers are acted in the correct manner the body can maintain a totally stable swing circle center yet use the weight of the body and the power of the legs to rotate the upper lever assembly generate an extreme amount of club head speed and yet have control Of the club.

In the perfect golf swing; The actions of the back swing set the levers and stretch the muscles that will be used in the down swing, so that the return actions are pre-programmed to correctly respond simply by reversing their motors.

This way of swinging the club has been used recently by Jaacob Bowden, Pinnacle Distance Challenge Champion, to drive the ball 421 yards to win his last long drive competition in Warner Springs. He used the same motions to win the above mentioned championship in 2003 in St. Louis. Louis. Not simply a long driver several days ago Jaacob shot 69 to open the first round of the Long Beach open and competed for 1 year on the Hooters tour.

John Marshall of Atlanta GA used the non rolling forearm release to win both the 2005 and 2006 National Super Seniors division of the ALDA. Jim Liska the first runner up in 2006 used the same method. Both won their 2006 Remax Worlds Championship District Qualifiers. Both are accredited instructors of the aperfectswing method.

This action creates a beautiful looking golf swing that is done in an entirely different way than the conventional golf swing. It is unique in that it does not use a rolling over forearm release, nor does it use a whirling action of the body.

The JBA Awards Competition For Hottest Headers and Exhaust

This past summer was hot one for us. I truly think that this was one of the first years that you cold fry an egg on the sidewalk. My brother and I spent countless days working on our trucks in our garage and I remember gleaming down the street laying down on my creeper, seeing the heat waves rising off the asphalt. We have not gone for the complete lift yet, but after saving for a couple of months, I might beat my brother to it.

The main thing that we tested in August was a couple of different exhaust tweaks and some cold air intake enhancements that we made under the hood. I have read on the forums that these can help performance, and sound sweet. I do like cruising the strip and revving up from time to time, so beefing up my exhaust was a pretty top priority for me.

My brother was more in it for the performance improvements that he read he could receive. It's funny because we both have '04 Dodge Rams and I get nearly 8 MPG's better than his ride. He is a bit chubbier, but not enough to make that much of a difference 🙂

So we set out to get our first big investments for our rides. I was amazed to see the price ranges for all of these products. It's pretty confusing because because there are so many options available, and so many companies are making products that they claim are the hottest. "So why should I pay $ 600 for this muffler and tip kit if this one is $ 400?" I kept finding myself wondering who I could trust and where I should go for an answer.

I found great answers to questions that I had on the forums out there online, especially the Dodge Ram specific forums. Those guys that are on there all the time REALLY know their trucks. They can tell you every part and explain all of the ins and outs. So I posed my question that I had about exhaust and got a lot of replies, lots of brands that would be cool, and went with one called JBA. I'm not sure what the letters stand for, but I like to think that it means Jams, Boosts, Accelerates, because that's what my truck did when I retrofitted it with the new kit. The sound was insane, sounded like a completely different truck. I almost tried re-painting the entire vehicle too because it was a different beast. I think it really helped that it's a '04 because the performance really benefited from the upgrade. And the sound too, probably something special locked inside the JBA headers, maybe a pit-bull or something really mean.

The experience that my brother had was totally different. He heard about all sorts of intake companies out there and how some were better than others, closed-box, versus no closed box, etc. He ended up chatting with one of the older guys on the forums about how to make an improved air intake for his make and model from scratch. So he did not have to dish out too many dollars to improve his MPG's.

We both lucked out, but my miles per gallon are still better and my exhaust sounds WAYYY better than his – Spoken from a true older brother.

Top Ten Tips for Writing a Professional Overview or Biography

A professional biography or overview, showcasing your background, experience and expertise, is a necessity for every business owner. This often overlooked marketing tool is an excellent way to introduce you and your business to potential clients and possible strategic business partners. Potentially, it might open up opportunities for speaking engagements, radio or television interviews, or a feature print article. While any information about you and your business is helpful, information that is presented in a professional, well-polished manner can make all the difference in how others perceive you. Consider these important points as you craft your own professional biography.

1. One page wonder.

Your professional biography should be a few paragraphs and kept to one page or less. One page is perfect for copying on the reverse side of a handout or flyer. Several paragraphs, left justified make it easier to read and skim.

2. First, second, or third person?

Always write your biography in the third person. That is, refer to yourself by your name or she/he as appropriate. It sounds more professional as it appears that a third party wrote the text. For example, “Alexandra has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Newsweek, and Time magazines.”

3. Business in brief.

Not only do readers want to know what you do, but also they want to know who you work with – because they might want to work with you! A professional biography should include a sentence or two about your business niche (or niches) as well as the types of clients you serve. A modified version of your 30-second elevator pitch might be perfect.

4. And the winner is….

Make sure that you include a list of awards that you have received. Readers are interested in knowing about your talents and the organizations that recognize you for them.

5. Organizations.

Include names of the organizations, clubs, or associations to which you belong. A reader’s interest might be highlighted at seeing that you belong to the same alumni association or professional business group. Again, these connections might possibly lead to some interesting and exciting business opportunities.

6. Certifications and designations.

Include any professional certifications or designations you hold. Make sure you write out their names in full, rather than use abbreviations. Not everyone might know that CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. And, perhaps, in a different discipline, it might represent something else – like a Certified Materials Analyst. If you no longer hold a particular designation, but it has played a major role in who you are and what you do, don’t hesitate to make a reference to it. For example, “Ann is a former Certified Data Processor and spent the last decade as an adjunct faculty member teaching higher mathematics at the University of Colorado, Boulder.” Don’t include abbreviations of college degrees, like MBAs as it looks unprofessional. The only exception to this would be for a Ph.D. designation.

7. Published?

Have you written any articles, books, e-courses or e-books? Self-published or not, your works add to your level of professionalism and credibility. Showcase them in your biography and you might earn additional royalties in terms of new clients or other opportunities.

8. Did I mention the media?

Have you been a guest on talk radio or television? Were you or your business featured or even mentioned in a newspaper article? If so, readers want to know. Again, these types of “mentions” add to your credibility and presence.

9. Call me any time.

People who want to know about you will read your biography for just that reason. And, if its compelling, rich, and includes the information they’re interested, in, they’ll want to contact you. Include complete contact information like your title (if any), name, address, telephone, fax, email, and website address. Make it easy to find this information by including it in the last paragraph of your professional overview.

10. Write, rewrite, and do it again.

After you have written your biography, edit, edit, and edit again. You may need to do a dozen or so revisions before you get it just right. Eliminate extra words, use descriptive words, keep the sentences short but varied in length, and write in the third person. Ask some friends to provide input as well. Make sure to revise your biography regularly to keep it up-to-date and refreshed.

Copyright 2004 by Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff.

Vauxhall Astra – Check Out the New Twin Top

Next time your are torn between a convertible and a coupe – you will not have to choose. The New Vauxhall Astra TwinTop is here and bringing you the best of each in one simple yet exciting car. The freedom of a convertible together with stunning coupe design. It has a new look everyone will love and the same features you love from both styles. Making this car unique and in a class of its own. You do not have to spend a lot of money to purchase one the price is just right. Get the comfort, safety, look and reliability you have always wanted.

The Vauxhall Astra TwinTop all the comforts of a coupe with the open fresh air advantages of a convertible. Great to drive. Great to be driven in. The Vauxhall Astra TwinTop's dynamic Astra upgrades provide an exciting and new driving experience for everyone. The high level of responsibility the company has ensures constant research. Vauxhall's continuous development of ever smarter active safety features makes it a safer car to drive too.

Whether you're looking for the new and better driving experience or not, you still need an engine with strong response, high flexibility and plenty of fuel economy too. Petrol or diesel, Vauxhall Astra TwinTop'sadvanced engine technology helps make every trip a pleasure. Easy to drive. And easy on the pocket too. Making this car accessible to any one wanting to purchase one. You can test drive one today just visit your local dealership and give it a try. You will fall in love with it.

The Vauxhall Astra [] TwinTop can protect you in many different ways. The newly designs safety features and the comfortable ergonomic design make this car a top pick. It is spacious enough to not feel crowed even when having friends come along for the ride. You do not need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to have the best in a car. All you have to do is give the new Vauxhall Astra a try and see for your self. This car handles differently than others do and you will notice the difference very quickly.

Financial Literacy – Breaking the Cycle of Being Broke

Now that I am older I can look back on some financial decisions I have made and shake my head. Luckily for me I was able to break the cycle of “being broke.” The sad part of my past is that I wasted so much time and money on things that had no REAL value. It started with my first credit card at the age of 18 and escalated to cars and stupid material things in between.

Being a financially responsible adult was not at the top of my radar. However being successful and looking the part was. So like many young adults I accepted the job that offered me the most money while purchasing the latest gadgets, designer clothing, and must haves. Hence, racking up consumer debt with things I really could not afford. My weakness was cars. I decided to purchase one almost every year. I did this by trading them in and carrying over the negative equity to the new vehicle. Doing these transactions was a form of financial rush in roulette in which I later learned a valuable lesson. But one of my ultimate car sins happened when I upgrading into a luxury vehicle by going into a lease agreement.

It was not until I got tired of not having money after just getting paid or moving from apartment to apartment because I did not like the area or my neighbors that I realized I was doing something terribly wrong. I started looking around for answers and examples of the things that I TRULY wanted out of life. I call these things my core goals.

I knew I wanted stability, which for me meant a home of my own, the second thing was a career doing something I was truly passionate about, and the third was to have enough money to help me achieve what I needed and wanted out of life without relying solely on borrowing money from banks, family or friends.

My simple action steps begin at the library where I started reading about budgeting and saving money, next the book store, seminars, radio programs etcetera. The light switch came on when I heard the voice of Larry Burkett on the airwaves. Mr. Burkett was one of the founders of Crown Ministries. He passed away July 4, 2003, but his teachings will live on within many others and me. Suze Orman’s tough and straightforward style put the “no excuse” motto in front of my “broke” mentality and I really got focused about being a financially empowered women. I can name many others that helped me see the light but the two I mentioned were my first mentors and teachers.

Luckily in my quest to be financially fit, I was able to brake the cycle as well as reach some of my core goals by finding security in my first home purchase, doing what I am passionate about with writing and teaching others about financial literacy, saving, and giving money towards the things that I believe in. Throughout my journey I have learned that buying things that only decrease in value or that looks flashy in most cases are really not worth the money. Find out what TRUE wealth means and start by educating yourself about money, it’s never to late!

Decorative Ways to Use Solar Powered Lights

Do you have curb lighting, driveway lighting, or patio lights at your home? If so, I'll bet they're solar.

Solar lights increase visibility and safety. They're highly cost effective and can make a significant difference in your energy bill. With no electrical wires, or plug-ins necessary, they can be placed anywhere in your landscaping that you desire. They're weatherproof and require little or no maintenance. You can have bright light or low light, depending on the number of LEDs used, and the fixture in which it is contained.

Today, you can find a huge selection of outdoor solar lighting on the market. From luminaries that look like Japanese paper lights to lady bugs, turtles, and a myriad of other designs, solar powered lights have become so popular it's hard to find a home without them.

Solar energy is increasingly becoming beautiful, reasonably-priced garden art. Rechargeable AA batteries (solar charged of course) are combined with LED lights in fixtures created by imaginative artists. This decorative garden art takes you from the romantic to the frivolous and accents your landscape without the requirement of a string of electrical lights and a plug-in, or a minimum-maximum spacing requirement.

You can be as creative as the artist in your placement of your decorative lights and create exactly the setting you want. You can change your look on a whim, or by elaborate design. Whatever theme you may want to capture for a particular outdoor event, you can move easily from dusk into darkness with exactly the lighting that will best accent and capture the mood.

From fireflies to Calla-Lillies, Finials, Fuchsia Finials, to the beautiful Soji Lanterns, Allsop Gardens has solar lighting artistic creations to please the most discriminating decorator.

Solar path lights, candle glass lights, solar spotlights, and solar tube lights can be found at the Solar Light Store, along with many other solar lighting options.

They're available in stepping stones also, making it easier to know where you're going, and to "light your way" as you traverse a dark section of your yard after dark. You will not need a flashlight to see where you're going, and the person behind you will not be left in the dark if you're the only one with the flashlight.

A solar lighted house number can ensure your home is easily found by emergency providers in case accident, fire, or medical emergency. A great gift for your mom on Mother's Day, or your dad on Father's Day, especially if they live alone, and may have that occasion when they need help, and can not get the yard light turned on. Being able to see an address easily has on more than one occasion saved a life.

Solar powered security lights are another great option. They're ideal for remote mountain cabins without electricity, as well as ensuring you'll always have a security light at home in the event of a power outage.

Decorative solar lighting is available to fit any style desired, as well as fit within whatever budgetary constraints you might have.

OK, yes, you can go hog wild over decorative solar lighting. You can have fireflies in every tree, a turtle on every rock, soft romantic lighting around your hot tub, and a light-strewn pathway that will ensure no visitor, guest, or family member will trip for lack of lighting.

And what about your water feature? Why not have some beautiful solar spotlights, rock-encased, that light up your waterfalls or whatever water feature you've created in your yard. Why just enjoy your water feature in the daylight, when solar lighting can allow you to enjoy it through the after-dark hours.

And, of course, best of all, decorative solar lighting requires no action on your part … at all. After capturing and storing light through the day, when night time falls, solar lights come on automatically. Then, as daylight returns, and the cycle reverses, they turn off automatically. And your utility meter does not move as a result … at all.

Decorating For Spring

The word SPRING immediately brings one image to mind ….. color! After a long cold winter we finally started to see bursts of color emerging from the ground and inside our homes too! Nothing beats fresh flowers for a quick pick-me-up. Changing out certain elements in your home and introducing flowers is a sure-fire way to brighten up your interior for spring.

FABRIC: A great way to have flowers throughout the season is to pick floral fabrics. One of my favorites is our Embroidered Sunflower fabric from . This fresh and new pattern looks at home in both contemporary and traditional settings. I love to use this fabric when doing window treatments as it is the first thing people tend to notice when they walk in the room. The flowers are raised and textural and the silk reflects different colors depending on how the light hits it. With the leftovers from drapes, I have my seamstress make up coordinating pillows that showcase the sunflower. People just love running their hand over this fabric.

PILLOWS: Lighten and brighten! Pack away all those chenille pillows and anything with heavy tassels. Spring is all about lightening the effect. Simple linen or plain silk pillows look fresh without looking stuffy. Keep the trim to a minimum, simple cording or self-welting is all you need to finish off a spring throw pillow. As mentioned above, one or two fantastic pillows that showcase a favorite flower are always a good bet. If you choose the flower wisely, it can take you all the way through fall. Again, that's why I like the Embroidered Sunflower fabric – sunflowers start showing up in our decorating around Spring time and keep going strong until Fall.

FLOORING: Roll up your area rungs and show off those beautiful wood floors. If the thought of naked floors makes you shudder, purchase simple sisal throw rugs. Just be sure to keep them in place with a good rug pad. Use brightly colored accent rugs all around the house – in front of the kitchen sink, by the bathtub, or inside the front door. And for goodness sake – change out your welcome mat! You can find some very reasonably priced and seasonally attractive welcome mats at your local home improvement center.

WINDOW TREATMENTS: Window treatments are, in my opinion, one of the first decorating elements you see when you walk in a room. You may not consciously notice them, but they are at eye level and your eye almost always gravitates towards the window. Therefore, this is one great spot to freshen up your look. If you currently have heavy drapery panels switch them out for simple silk panels. With silk becoming more and more affordable, I encourage clients to go bold and try out a shocking color of dupioni silk drapes. They are fairly inexpensive and can be moved from room to room. A classic neutral dining room becomes a decorator showroom with a simple pair of canary yellow dupioni drapery panels.

How Air Conditioning Has Taken Over Our Lives

Staying confined to areas or places that are cool is a thing beyond our control however keeping our abode or workplace cool is a necessity. The cooling mechanisms have come a long way and form an indispensable part of everyone's lives whether at office or residence. Air conditioning has emerged to be that necessity which has taken an upper hand everywhere but it is just what we see or is it really that simple as it looks – NO !!! The entire undering concept is just too complex for a naïve to understand – the need is definitely there but how many of us are really interested in knowing about the various air conditioner components that keep our places cool.

The cooling system is a complex electronic mechanism wherein a lot many components work simultaneously to lower down the inside temperatures. Whether it is an electric pump or refrigerant or condenser or sometimes the evaporator coil – each and every component is equally important in creating a comfortable interior environment with temperatures favurable for all. This cooling technology is not limited to smaller areas but are utilized to cater to commercial needs as well although the commercial air conditioning concept requires a lot more in terms of both the components and cost involved.

What to consider while buying the accessories?

The commercial air conditioner accessories are much more expensive than the residential ones and need much more expertise in the fitments and choice. There are numerous companies that have entered the residential and commercial cooling arena due to the increasing demand globally. The question here arises when it is a bliss to have so many players around or misery? It entirely depends on how keen you are to do your homework prior in actually choosing the appropriate air conditioning accessories for your workplace.

Few points that might be helpful for you in the process of choosing the right accessories are as below:

· Authorized dealers – Do not compromise on the origin that is from where you will be buying them. Opt for authorized dealers only whenever online or offline since you may end up shattered.

· Genuineness – There is no place for ignorance as far as the genuineness of the accessories is concerned. Low quality components may not be capable of ending the high voltage required for the air conditioning to work.

· Expert service professional – Do not let anyone play the game; You have spent a fortune on buying the best products so why compromise on the professionals who install it.

You are the best judge yourself but be proactive in acquiring the required guidance from a reliable source to feel content I times ahead.

The Amazing Meal Replacement Plan That’s BETTER & CHEAPER Than Jenny Craig, MediFast Or Nutrisystem!

Summer is fast approaching and you want a body you’ll be proud to display at the beach. It’s time to start now so you’ll be ready in 3 months. But what if you’re not a cook or you’re just too busy to cook. Many people are looking at the meal replacement plans of Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem or Medifast to do the cooking for them. The problems: these plans are VERY expensive (around $300-$700 per month), some of the food isn’t very good, and you’re also paying expensive shipping charges. How would you like to accomplish the same thing but do it better? You’ll eat tastier food with much more variety, spend up to 50% less, and totally erase all shipping charges.

Let’s look at what you’re getting right now when you order from Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem or Medifast. Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig give you 3 regular food meals and 2 snacks. With Medifast, you eat 5 smaller meals of shakes, energy bars, soups or puddings, then you prepare 1 regular meal of 600-900 calories for dinner. Most of them want you to supplement with fresh vegetables and salads from your local grocery store.

You might ask, which helps you lose the most pounds, a plan with a regular breakfast, lunch & dinner or a plan with a shake for breakfast & lunch (and some snacks) and regular food for dinner? In multi-year studies, both here and in the U.K., the shakes plus one regular meal far surpassed the all regular food meals. With the first 2 regular food plans, you lose 1-2 pounds per week, with Medifast, up to 20 pounds that first month. But with Medifast, as the name implies, you are fasting (only 1300 calories per day).

So, let’s talk about a new plan. While you’re supplementing with fresh vegetables & salads at your local store, don’t stop there. The secret is — you can find a better, cheaper version of ALL the elements of those brand name diets right there at your local grocery store. You’ll have to shop a little more to find the right combination for you. The following are 4 ways to duplicate every item in the top 3 meal replacement plans right there in your local supermarket. You’ll get better quality and pay much less.

1. Shakes or Energy Bars for the 1st two meals & snacks

Many people have complained that the brand name diet plans have shakes that don’t taste very good. The same thing goes for the energy bars. What’s the best one? A survey in Good Housekeeping magazine ranked Walmart’s $18 per week EQUATE CHOCOLATE SHAKES (pre-mixed, not the mix) to have by far the BEST TASTE! I’ve tried them and they are YUMMY, like a cold, melted Wendy’s chocolate Frosty. These shakes have many added nutrients and 5 grams of fiber! For energy bars, Fiber One has a variety of bars that are also inexpensive and great-tasting. Check the calorie count before you purchase.

2. The Real Food Dinner Meal

Have you looked at the frozen TV dinner section of your supermarket lately? There are new meals coming out almost every month. Lean Cuisine and several other brands offer tasty diet meals that are better than what a delivery service will give you. What’s more, there are so many diet meal choices, you can pick your favorites. Some are larger with more food. Some have desserts, some don’t. Obviously, men need more calories than women. Adjust the total day’s calorie count by how fast or slow you want to lose the weight.

3. Snacks

Many of the brand name diet plans actually give you 6 meals, including snacks. You have to be careful here. Some snacks are a lot healthier than others. Fresh apples and oranges from the store are much healthier & more satisfying than energy bars.

4. Drinks

Don’t drink diet sodas. The artificial sweetener in diet sodas, which is many times sweeter than sugar, will make you crave more sugar. Try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily which will help get rid of the fats. I use light lemonade packets by Crystal Light (or Equate) to give it flavor. With the slightly tart taste, I don’t notice the small amount of Aspartame in it.

So, the main benefits of the brand name meal replacement plans, namely the portion control & the calorie counting can be done just as easily in your local supermarket. Sure, you’ll have to spend more time at first, looking & comparing which TV dinners sound good to you & making sure they fit the low calorie, low sodium prerequisites. When I started this, I only bought 2 weeks worth of TV dinners so I could buy more of the ones I liked later on. Another tip, don’t forget to exercise…you do lose weight faster. After you’ve successfully reached your weight goals, devise a healthful meal plan you can live with for the rest of your life. In conclusion, I recommend you try this & become your own meal replacement service…you’ll love the control & the savings!

7 Signs of a Decaying Financial Portfolio Management System

One of the biggest threats that most Portfolio Managers face is the prevalence of legacy systems.

Over the past three decades, investment advisors have been empowered by the advent of technology from simple spreadsheets to complex home-grown systems. From that time to the present, the industry has seen exponential growth and with it, enormous complexity. Challenges include round-the-clock trading in markets from New York to Sydney, varying accounting standards, shortened settlement cycles, and of course, increased regulation and security issues to name a few. As if that were not enough, technology seems to change every day leaving many legacy systems struggling to keep up with customer demands. Cheaper, faster, smarter, and more efficient norms are expected – they cannot be the exception. Failing systems can sharply undermine your company’s ability to service its customers and maintain its market share, much less grow the business.

In this age of big data, business intelligence, and data analytics, legacy systems can represent a massive risk to your business. If day-to-day operations require the ability to manage process, distribute, and accurately report financial data, being behind the curve is not an option. If this sounds familiar, it is time to ask, “How did we get here?” and more importantly “How do we get out?”

Here are the seven signs that will tell you if you have a decaying system and how it must ideally operate:

1. Facing difficulties while managing data due to disparate systems?

Maintaining data in different systems or manually moving move data from one system to another will lead to inconsistency and errors. Is your data quickly identifiable, consistent across multiple systems, complete, accurate, and reconciled among different systems? If your answer is a NO to these questions, you must reevaluate your platform. Your system must be able to eliminate manual data flow, update all the data with a single change, deliver timely and accurate reporting including intra-day, and make data easily traceable.

2. Are your client communications professional?

Investors expect your reporting to be clear, concise, and highly customized to their needs. This statement holds especially true for institutional investors. Organizations that can meet these expectations will have an immense competitive advantage over those that cannot. If your current system does not deliver the level of reporting your clients expect, you will run the risk of falling behind.

Your client expectations are not limited to the form and content of reporting, but also to how you deliver information. They expect instant access to real-time information, be it through a web portal or a mobile platform to stay relevant and highly competitive, your systems must be flexible enough to send and receive communications via any channel of your client’s choosing.

3. Struggling to cope with complex global investments?

Dealing with multiple regional and global investment regulations such as UCITS V and VI, Solvency II, AIFMD, and EMIR is a daunting task. All these regulations require you to maintain reliable, accurate, and transparent data. To comply with these regulations, you need Workflow Management, Data Management, and accurate reporting. Data, managing risk, and maintaining accuracy is critical to comply with regulatory reporting requirements.

With the increase in data sources and data complexities, your organizations need solution providers who can help you manage your data. Your system must not only be scalable but also provide actionable business intelligence in a format that is easily understood.

4. Finding it hard to achieve Integration of disparate systems?

Real integration is not a matter of simply connecting systems – your systems must be able to talk to each other seamlessly. Manually moving data from one system to another affects your efficiency, thereby, increasing the risk of errors. Integrating disparate systems not only reduces these risks but also improves efficiency by ensuring that back office and front office personnel can view transactions, cash positions, and holdings identically. This ensures that the entries are recorded accurately in your Investment Book of Records (IBOR).

Many organizations use multiple systems for accounting, reporting, reconciliation and managing client information. If different vendors have provided these systems, making them talk to each other could be a challenging process. If you have workarounds or portfolios that reside outside of your legacy system, it is time to rethink its usability. Your system must allow centralized and standardized portfolio management activity. In an end-to-end portfolio management solution that is built on open architecture, the work of multiple systems is consolidated into a single platform. Such a solution will allow easy access to third-party systems or any other system that is built in-house, thereby enabling you to reduce technology footprint while driving greater efficiency.

5. Escalating legal and compliance costs?

A 2013 survey of Chief Technology Officers suggests that one of the biggest operations and technology challenges that asset managers face is to comply with the current and future regulatory requirements. The complex regulations make outdated reporting systems more of a liability than an asset. The compliance costs of regulations such as AIFMD, UCITS V, and VI, or FATCA-are overtaking many budgets. Additionally, aggregating data from different systems for compliance reporting is a risky and resource-consuming process. To reduce these risks and costs simultaneously, your system must be prepared to deliver consolidated reporting, by leveraging automation, integration, and standardization of data from various sources. Your systems must also eliminate the manual compilation of data for reporting, thereby increasing efficiency and cutting associated compliance labor costs while ensuring integrity, consistency, and reducing your operating risk.

6. Being scrutinized by Investors’ due diligence?

After surviving the global economic crisis of 2008, institutional investors have become extremely wary of due diligence, leading to immense scrutiny of operations. The 2008 crisis exposed operational risks – the risk of failure that not only involved market forces but also the lack of infrastructure and controls. Investors have also become increasingly tech-savvy; they are asking the right questions and know what to find. To remain competitive in this vital market, your system must stand up to the intense investor scrutiny. You must show that you have the controls in place to manage the risks efficiently and that you are already adhering to well-organized processes. If Investors sense any gaps in your workflow and find that you are dependent on manual processes and workarounds, they will take their money elsewhere.

7. Legacy systems are not supported, serviced, or enhanced in the way you expect?

A product is only as good as its provider. Is you provider paying enough attention to you after the sale with 24/7 support? Does your provider have a track record of continuous product updates? Do they provide product training? Are they attentive to your suggestions or new ideas? Your provider must provide long-term support if you want your new system to last. Your product must be scalable, flexible, and must be built on open source technologies. In addition, your provider must not only help you set up but also ensure that your systems perform optimally without any disruptions. A relationship is a two-way street; as such, providers must be able to respond to your issues quickly, and also help your business adopt new functionality as and when it is needed.

Invest in your growth

A portfolio management system is the heart of your business. With a weak system, your business can be at serious risk, and you may not have the time to address it before it fails completely. Investing in technology will give you greater efficiency, reduced risks, and help you make informed decisions. Your provider, therefore, must have a proven track record of being committed to long-standing services, continuous improvement, and support you as you grow.

7 Rules to Put Cardboard Displays to Work for Your Dollar Store Startup

One of the easiest ways to make a hit when you throw the doors of your dollar store startup open for the first time is by have large quantities of a wide range of items on display. Many shoppers will be pleasantly surprised to see all the choices. Many will also be impressed by the large quantities and are often motivated to make purchases just because of the resulting positive impression. In this article I present 7 rules to put cardboard displays to work for your dollar store startup. Read on for some of the simple tricks to making these disposable displays real workhorses in your store.

1. Assemble the disposable cardboard displays with care.

It is important to remember these displays are made of cardboard. They are designed for temporary use. Take care to follow the assembly directions. You will have a functional display in minutes. Best of all, most are brightly colored and will attract shopper attention immediately.

2. Watch the amount of weight you place onto a display.

As noted above, these are not made for heavy-duty work. So watch the amount of weight you stack in them. Also make sure to balance the load so one of the sides doesn’t unexpectedly collapse on you.

3. Use displays to fill holes with little or no other merchandise.

Many are light and easy to move, even when filled with product. Use the lighter displays to fill holes in your store. Simply move the entire display and instantly you have an impressive quantity of product at the location which only moments earlier looked empty.

4. Mix and match products to add-on extra sales.

When possible locate cardboard displays close to complementary products. For example, a display of sponges or scrub brushes could be placed right next to household cleaners. Or possibly displays filled with make-up items could be placed next to complementary health and beauty items.

5. Breakdown displays as the products sell down.

Don’t allow these temporary displays to remain in the floor once they have sold down. Pull the remaining products and place them on shelves in appropriate locations. After all the positive impression can soon become a negative impression if this isn’t done.

6. Move displays to a new location if items aren’t selling.

Don’t allow products to sit unsold. If the first location you select isn’t working, then move the display to another part of your store. If it still isn’t selling, move the products onto the shelves in appropriate aisles.

7. Keep the best cardboard displays for use in the future.

Some of the displays will be a little heavier duty. They will last long after your dollar store startup has taken place. With a little work other products could be displayed in them. Hold on to these displays – you never know when they will come in handy.

Disposable cardboard displays take the guesswork out of putting together a great first impression during your dollar store startup. Be sure to purchase a good assortment of products that come to you with their own cardboard displays. It is quick and easy to assemble and stock the displays. Give them a try – you will be glad you did.

Principles To Know Before You Build Your Own Hovercraft At Home

The hovercraft is probably one of the brilliant inventions of all time. It's a product of ingenuity. This machine worked using the principles of applied physics and engineering. What's more interesting is you can build your own hovercraft all by yourself. That is correct. You can do it in your home.

A hovercraft is a vehicle lifted by air cushion. To make this happen, there is a certain amount of pressure to be made. Science will tell you that air is a form of fluid. Its molecules behive unpredictably. When you build your own hovercraft, it's good to understand the control of air flow underneath it. These are the basic principles:

Air Pressure – The mechanics of a hovercraft involves mainly of air of course. You need to pressurize that air and send it to the right channel to create the cushion below. To do that, you need to get an abundant supply of its molecules. The solution is a fan. Any device that produces air pressure such as a vacuum cleaner will do too.

The Plane – Next thing to have is a board or ply wood. This is for you to sit on. Another purpose for the board is the help distribute air benefit it surface. With the right velocity, air should be able to create a film or layer below. When that happens, pressure is building up. To build your own hovercraft, you have to increase that pressure.

The Velocity – In fluid mechanics, velocity of fluid increases when an orifice opening is decreed. This is evident in how a fire hose works. This concept is also applied in your homemade hovercraft. You have to simulate the pressure increase by limiting the passage of air flow and channel it through a hole in the ply wood.

The Skirt – When the flow of air is now controlled, it can build a strong layer of air benefit the ply wood. This thin layer of air bearing should also be regulated. A heavy plastic sheet is wrapped around the perimeter of the board. This is called the skirt. This helps in building the air cushion below. It traps the air and only allows a little amount released below it. If you build your own hovercraft, t is important that this concept is understood.

Initial Thrust – Now you got the board lifted, it's time to get your ply wood to move forward. To do this, you need thrust. However, it could also be fun to just have someone push you while you're sitting on the board. Or you may have a rope tied to the front and have somebody tag you around. Can you imagine that? Since this is a homemade hovercraft, might as well improvise with fun creatively as well.

Your improvised hovercraft should be as exciting as it is when it's done. Your friends will surely like it. You can use it for your science project in school. You'll be the envy of every kid in school. They'd think you have the mind of a scientist. Well, you do. And all it took is to know some principles of physics. So what are you waiting for? Build your own hovercraft now.

Dining Without Destroying Your Weight Loss Efforts

Many people look forwards to eating out because it gives them a chance to have their favourite foods! The only problem is that when dinning out there is a very good chance of destroying your weight loss efforts! (Been there, done that!) Especially if you are forced to dine out on a more regular basis.

Any great diet out there will allow for some sort of weekly cheat meal, where you can have anything your heart desires like French fries, a cheesy burger or even a big pizza! The benefits of a cheat meal are quite clear however remember that it is a cheat meal, not a cheat day.

I do understand though that sometimes life can be hectic and we are forced to eat out more than once a week for whatever reason. That’s why it so important to learn how to make the healthier choice at a restaurant if we want to lose weight in the long-term. Here is a couple of tips on doing just that:

• Eat only half the amount of food on your plate and save the rest for the next day. This way you are consuming only half the calories and get to enjoy the meal more than once! And on the plus side, you end up saving money as well!

• Share your dish with a dinning partner. This is a great way to save on calories especially if you have someone who is on a weight loss goal with you for support. And by the way, sharing a dish means only half the price, so you save money again!

• When eating out try limiting your intake of calories. You can do this by not having any of the appetisers, bread, side dishes or ‘high calories beverages’. After all, these can be a great source of unnecessary unwanted calories!

• Make your favourite dishes healthier! If you ask your waiter to keep the extra sauces on the side you will have greater control of how much you eat and therefore how many calories you consume.

• If you know your calorie intake is going to be greater in the next couple of days, try getting extra exercise. Weight loss is all about balance, not necessary how much you eat, so if you know that your calorie intake is going to higher than usual counter-act it with an extra hour of exercise!

Eating out isn’t necessarily just about delicious food, it’s about enjoying the experience as well like the atmosphere, the social scene and the pleasure of being waited on. Challenge yourself to enjoy healthier meals while dinning out. And remember that healthy meals can be a real treat too!

Using Pepper Spray Versus An Air Horn For Protection

One popular type of self defense that is available and popular with women is carrying Pepper Spray. Pepper Spray is very effective, but only when used properly. I think a better alternative is the use of sound such as an air horn or whistle. There are sound devices available to the public that are made especially for self defense.

One reason why Sound can be better is the ease of use. If a person is being attacked very seldom does that victim have time to prepare. Most Pepper Sprays are stored either in a purse, or on your belt, however allows fast access to it. I think the worst way to store pepper spray is how it is often stored on a key chain inside a carrying case. It is very unlucky that when a person is under attack and panicking even if they have their keys in hand, they will remember how to pull the pepper spray out and use it.

Most people buy pepper spray, but never use it so they do not have the experience of operating it. Many times the first time they use it will be against an attacker. Pepper spray can also be used against them if in a panic they fall. Noise can never be used against them since the worst thing an attacker wants is to create noise and attract attention. Most people do not know that pepper spray will also expire. If they do know it they forget and if it is not replaced on a yearly basis there is a high chance that what they are carrying is inert.

I think one of the most important advantages noise has over pepper spray is the ease of use. The less number of steps you need to take in order to discharge your defense the better you are. With pepper spray you need to remember how to take it out of your carrying case, most pepper spray have a safety switch so you need to remember how to release it. With an air horn its push button activated. It does not matter which direction it is pointed.

Whistles are also a very effective tool because they are easy to carry, they are light and small so are not an inconvenience and they never go bad, unless you break it. There are two types of whistles available. Type one has a pea in it and is the standard whistle most people think of. The second type does not have a pea in it, and I think is the better of the two. A whistle with a pea once it gets wet does not work. The whistle without a pea is essentially waterproof and will blow in any condition. It is also much louder and higher pitch.

There is also the possibility that an attacker is not affected by Pepper Spray or they are simply willing to deal with the pain. It is not often, but there are people who are not affected by it. It does not matter what type of person it is, everyone is affected by noise and even if they do not care about the main goal is to attract attention, which is the last thing any attacker wants.

There are many different self defense tools on the market today, but the most effective are going to be the ones that are easiest to use, require the least amount of thinking to activate and will work under any circumstances. You do not want a tool to be inconvenient because then it is more likely that you will leave it at home or carry it in a way that will not be easily accessible.

Can Underfloor Heating Be Installed in Existing Homes?

Can Underfloor Heating be Installed in Existing Homes?

You bet your bottom dollar it can! Right now, radiant floor heat is one of the most popular heating trends in new constructions and remodels. Do not worry, this trend will last awhile, unlike your pet rocks and Furby's, because underfloor heating systems are the most comfortable for even heat.

If you are getting the feeling that your heating bills are too high, or the heat in your home is consistently too cold or uneven, then right now is a perfect time to install a radiant floor heating system. If your carpets are getting a little too shabby and in the middle of winter you need to wear thermal socks on your hardwood floors, then, once again, now is a perfect time to install an underfloor heating system. Adding a new addition? Install an underfloor heating system!

Basically there are three different types of radiant heat that are ideal for specific constructions in your home. They are: low voltage, electric cable, and hydronic systems. If you are looking to replace your existing floor coverings then you should use either a low voltage system or an electric cable system.

Low Voltage System Electric Cable System

A low voltage system is very thin and flexible and can be installed under any flooring in your home whenever you have carpet, tile or hardwood floors. An electric cable system consists of wires that can be used under tiling, whether in your kitchen or bathroom.

Hydronic systems are ideal for use in any additions to your home. This type of system warms your floor by running hot water through tubing that lies underneath your floors.

Hydronic System

So why not keep up with the Joneses? There is no need to bulldoze your house to get an underfloor heating system. You just simply have to replace the flooring you currently have and you, too, can enjoy the comforts of radiant heating, like your neighbors next door. Now you can have something to brag about at your monthly block parties.

With a radiant floor heating system you will not only see a change in your electric bill, your comfort, and the heat inside your home, but you will also see a change in yours and your family's life.