Wide Plank Laminate Flooring That Compliments Your Home

It is helpful to know what kind of wide plank laminate flooring you want. You will be looking for two vital things and they are the finish and wood grain you want. If you want to be totally sure of wood finishes that will compliment your house, you can always order a few samples and test them. There are several ways that will help you decide on the wide plank laminate flooring you require. The first one is viewing samples in a flooring showroom and it will go a long way in helping you make up your mind. If you are shopping online, you should not worry because you can make use of the pictures or photographs available. You will certainly know what you want when you make use of pictures.

Wide plank laminate flooring Information on the warranty is very cruel. Find out what period of time the warranty offers and many warranties for this product should range from 10 to 15 years. There might be additional information and it is vital for you to know it. This will help you know the facts instead of assuming things contained in the warranty document as is done by many who are ignorant. You need to know how much the plank will cost you and also know where you can save money. When there are offers being rented by sellers, the product will be very affordable and sometimes very cheap. Take advantage of such offers and if you have to wait for a few months it will be worth it because you will get good deals.

Wide plank laminate flooring notably does not come with faults or imperfections unlike wide plank flooring and this may be witnessed in gaps and texture and you must be aware of this. However, it is a worth investment and it does not come cheap. Consider it a huge achievement on your part when you get the elegant pieces. Get more information about the flooring so that you can know how best to go about a purchase that has real quality. Make use of opinions and reviews from consumers because this is the best way to learn about a product in an unbiased way. Let mistakes of some consumers be a lesson to you and take in every helpful tip. Ensure that you do not get transported away by the positive side. Therefore, knowing the negatives will help you have a more realistic perception on the product.

Finally, when you have acquired quality wide plank laminate flooring, you can expect to enjoy many things and first, you will have the style and design you wanted for your home. Secondly, you can rely on the quality of the product because it will serve you for a very long time. Cleaning the flooring will be done with ease because you do not require a lot of effort. It is vital to have some tips on how to care for the flooring. For example, know the kind of cleaning products to use and which not to use.

Parry O'Brien – Shot Put Champion

The year was 1951. At three o'clock in the morning, under the dim lighting of street lights on a vacant lot next door, a young man of nineteen standing contemplating the 16-pound shot put in his hand. This iron ball was his barrier, his Everest, his four-minute mile. Despite his copybook style and powerful arms, he just could not put it farther than 55 feet.

That night he decided to explore simple laws of physics. If he could only apply his strength to the shot for a longer period of time, then surely it would go further. No rules specified which direction a shot-putter had to face when beginning the put or the action of his legs. The only rule he had to complain with was that the shot had to be put not thrown using only one hand.

O'Brien examined the 7-foot circle from all angles and then stood at the very rear – not facing the throwing quadrant as he had done in the past, but facing the opposite direction. This meant that the shot resting on his right shoulder would have to travel a full 180E before he released it, instead of the standard 90E that shot-putters normally used.

He sank low with his weight on his right leg, the shot put resting under his chin. Then he executed a long hop backwards while at the same time spinning his torso a full 180E. When he finally released the shot, O'Brien could feel the added momentum behind it.

In the days and months that followed, while attending the University of Southern California, O'Brien refined and perfected his technique. He studied yoga ("to dig deep into what you call call an inner reserve of strength," he explained), as well as aerodynamics, religions and, of course, physics – anything that might hold the key to greater distance. He became one of the first track and field athletes to lift weights on a regular basis, bulking up to 240 pounds at his peak with a height of 6'3 ".

His cutting-edge style became known as the "O'Brien Glide" and it soon bought it to the front ranks of the sport. In 1953, he set a new world record of 59 feet 3/4 inch. In 1954, significantly just two days after British runner Roger Bannister became the first person to break the four-minute mile, Parry O'Brien became the first shot-putter to exceed 60 feet.

He broke the world record 17 times in his career, extremely raising it to 63 feet 3 inches. By 3 December 1956, he was famous enough to grace the cover of TIME magazine. In the accompanying interview, he says, "My style is geared to allow me to apply force for the longest time before releasing the shot."

At the height of his career, O'Brien was undefeated in 116 consecutive meets. He Won Olympic gold medals in 1952 and 1956, a silver in 1960, placed fourth in 1964 and retired from competition in 1966 at the age of 34. By that time, his style had been widely adopted.

O'Brien's workouts were legendary. He took 150 practice puts a day and is quoted as saying, "I do not quit until my hands bleed, and that's the God's truth." Before a competition, to psyche himself up, he would play tapes that he had made to remind himself of the finer tips of form and style. Rumour has it that the tapes always ended with the catchcry, "And beat them! Beat them all!"

On April 21st, at the age of 75, Parry O'Brien died of a heart attack during a 500-yard Masters freestyle race in California. "He was at lap 11, getting ready to switch, and he stayed at the wall," said his wife Terry. O'Brien had taken up swimming in the 1990's when his joints became too painful for shot-putting.

We think of a champion as someone who stands first in his events. For many years, Parry O'Brien embodied that ideal of a champion. But in the later years of his life, Parry O'Brien showed the world another aspect of a true champion. As philosopher Sri Chinmoy has written:

"A great champion is he who, due to the advancement of years, retires from racing or terminates his career happily and cheerfully.

"A great champion is he who longs to see the fulfillment of his dreams – if not through himself, then in and through others."

Parry O'Brien was that great champion.

Teens and Risky Behavior

Studies have linked risky behavior in teens to a variety of factors, including chemical imbalances, peer pressure, trauma, exposure to lead, too much protein and not enough carbohydrates, rejection by peers and television. Risky behavior has also long been identified with race and ethnicity and family income and structure. But in the fall 1998 issue of the Journal of American Psychology, neuropsychologist Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, Director of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroimaging at McLean Hospital Brain Imaging Center, the psychiatric teaching hospital at Harvard University, linked risky behavior in teens to their underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes .

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to compare the emotional processing of healthy 10 to 18-year-olds with that of normal adults, researchers focused on the level of brain activity in the amygdala, a region that guides instinctual or "gut" reactions, and the frontal lobe, the seat of rationalization and reasoning. They found that "when young adolescents process emotion, the level of brain activity in the amygdala is higher than the activity in the frontal lobe. activity in the frontal lobe increases, "according to the study's published results.

"These results suggest that adolescents are more prone to react with 'gut instinct' when they process emotions, but as they mature into early adulthood, they are able to temper their instinctive 'gut reaction' response with rational, rational responses," says Yurgelun -Todd.

This gut instinct, combined with raging hormones, peer pressure and the stresses of life – especially in these times of terrorism and war – can equal some other intelligent teen doing some stupid stuff, including experimentation with drugs and alcohol, self-injuring such as cutting, racing cars, playing chicken with traffic, unsafe sexual practices, acts of aggression or violence, petty crimes such as theft, etc.

And though in many ways, risk taking for teens is the norm – it is how they grow and develop and try new things – risk taking becomes a problem when it becomes a way of life. Robert W. Blum, MD, PhD, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Minnesota found in the study, "Protecting teens: Beyond Race, Income and Family Structure," part of the congressional mandated National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, known as Add Health, that unhealthy behavior in teens was linked to "having close friends who drink or smoke or who are involved in weapon-related violence, having a friend who has attempted suicide and having problems with school work were linked to" substance abuse, weapon -related violence and suicidal thoughts and attempts (for white and Hispanic students, in particular).

Blum says, "Too many kids – rich and poor – are left to their own devices. Kids need structure to grow and to be healthy." It is up to parents and educators and caring adults to provide that structure for teens and to help them make safe decisions.

Most teens' risky behavior peaks between the hours of three and eight pm, what some child psychologists have termed the "witching hour". A report from the US Attorney's General's Office states, "When we send millions of young people out on the streets after school with no responsible supervision or constructive activities, we reap a massive dose of juvenile crime."

Other risky behaviors for teens, besides crime, that increase during the after school hours include tobacco usage, illegal drug usage, firearm "play", drinking and drunk driving and sexual activity, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Some parents and health care professionals may think that religion keeps kids from risky behaviors, but researchers at Pennsylvania State University found that "adolescents who were more religious were healthier … Yet, in some cases, oddly, being religious actually increased a teen's risky behavior … Adolescents with religious parents were more likely to report driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. " These teens were also less like to wear seatbelts. Researcher Grace O'Neill says, "Logic would say this is backward – but religious people tend to believe, 'If I'm going to die, I'm going to die."

So what can parents do to help their risk-taking teens, especially during this time of high stress from terrorism, war, crime increases, etc.? University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers suggest parents start by working with issues that are less controversial and threatening, to provide teens with reliably safe opportunities to practice their decision-making skills. For example, let your teen determine which after-school activities to participate in. This way your teen gets to make a decision for himself and also finds something positive to occupy his time during some of the "witching hours". Other "safe" decisions you may permit your child to make include hair color, number of earrings, etc.– things that are not life-threatening and can be easily changed. By starting with smaller decisions that allow your teen to develop his sense of self as well as his decision-making skills, you are helping him build positive lifelong learning patterns.

Like in some many other areas of your teen's life, open and nonjudgmental communication can be the key to limiting risky behavior, both in the frequency of occurrence and in the scope (amount of danger) of the behavior. Most of life is about taking risks; it is how we grow, develop, explore and learn. By maintaining a positive family environment and by modeling positive risk-taking, we can help our teens through this risk-taking, prefrontal cortex developmental time.

Riparian Rights and Land Surveying

Riparian rights, also known as littoral rights or riparian water rights, is a system of allocating water when multiple landowners possess land around the source of the water. With origins in English common law, Riparian rights exist in many countries, including Canada and Australia, as well as many states within the United States, particularly in the eastern half of the country.

The general principle of riparian water rights holds that all landowners with property adjacent to a body of water (such as a lake or river) have the right to make reasonable use of this water. This not only includes water up to the boundaries of a submerged property line, but also additional rights to water beyond the property line. If the amount of water is not enough to satisfy all landowners, allotments of the water are usually made in proportion to the amount of land directly abutting the water’s source, or the shoreline. In general, those owning land adjacent to the waterway are also assumed to own the land up to the center point of the waterway, unless land deeds state otherwise. This, however, may not be true if the waterway is navigable by boat. In this case, the average low water mark is the line used to determine land ownership. In many states, land below this mark belongs to the state government.

Riparian rights may include such activities as swimming, boating, and fishing, the right to build a wharf out to a point of aquatic navigability, the right to erect docks and piers and the right to use the water for household needs. The rights to this water cannot be sold or transferred, unless the adjoining land is also transferred. The water cannot be transported outside of the immediate area.

Although those living adjacent to a waterway have the right to protect property from both flooding and erosion, these activities are often subject to approval by various environmental agencies. Those with property next to a waterway also have the duty to allow the water to pass freely from one property to another, without pollution or diversion affecting the rights of other landholders. Landowners also have the responsibility to maintain the bed and banks of the watercourse, including keeping the area clear of debris or obstructions.

Due to small frontage, some lots receive a very small portion of water allocation, perhaps not enough to make use of the water without conflict with adjoining property owners. The configuration of the shoreline can affect riparian rights. In some cases, the entire waterway is apportioned, while in others, only the water near the shore is apportioned. The method use depends on the size of the lake or width of the waterway, among other factors.

An owner’s riparian rights, along with title to land along the river or lake, is dependent upon accurate knowledge of the property. Because water flows can affect the course of the shoreline over time, land surveys are often required to determine the exact property boundaries. In Public Land Survey System areas, a Meander Corner Monument or MC was set at each point where a section line intersected a river or lake. However, a survey of the coastline or shoreline area may show that there is more or less exposed land than seen on a previous map or survey. Natural phenomena such as storms, particularly hurricanes, can drastically change these boundaries, affecting the applicable riparian rights and often requiring a new survey.

Your Solder Will Not Stick to the Soldering Iron? Try This Solution

The soldering iron probably the common tool which you can find in the most homes in the U.S. The main function of this tool is to melt the hot metal solder onto the joints. The part of the iron which is used to melt the metal is the tip of the iron.

You may find the people also use the tool for the electronic repair and the joints which have the low power rating. It is better for you to do the proper melting process. You also need to maintain the solder carefully. If you do the improper technique in doing both of them, you may face the difficulty to stick the solder to your iron or to the joint where you will attach it.

However, if you find the problem, you may solve it by yourself since the difficulty level is quite easily. To do this, you have to prepare the tools like the soldering iron, the solder, the sponge, and water.

The first thing you should do is to heat the tool. Turn on the iron’s power by plugging the tool. Wait for the some minutes. It is better if it reaches 400 Celsius degrees. If your iron has the preheated function, you should wait the tool to indicate it.

You should wet the small sponge with the cold water and put it close to the preheating tool. You can check whether the iron is preheated or not by touching the tip to the solder. If the solder is already preheated, the solder will melt.

After that, you need to clean the tool’s tip with the sponge. You will need to roll the iron’s tip to the solder’s piece. This step has the purpose to cover the iron with the solder. This process is called tinning. If you do it properly, your solder will be able to flow to the joint.

Capturing the Amazing Flavors With Cast Iron Casserole

Some people frown at the mere mention of the word 'cooking' while some read wear their apron and jump into the kitchen before even you get a chance to finish your sentence. Cooking for family and friends is so much fun and it is a great stress buster. While there are several ways to cook, many people these days are leaning towards energy saving cooking methods.One of the methods that is catching a lot of attention globally is the induction cooking.

Induction vs. Conventional Cooking Method

When compared to a conventional cooking method which uses gas, induction cooking saves a lot of energy by transferring heat directly to the vessel. This results in almost immediate heating of the cookware and faster cooking times. About 90% of the heat is converted to useful work whereas in gas stoves only 55% of the heat is actually used up for cooking. One has to invest in quality Induction Cookware Set which typically contains Ferraro magnetic materials for this method of cooking. Look for the manufacturer's 'induction compatible' label on the utensil you are planning to buy for easy identification. Induction Cookware Sets are dishwasher safe and are very easy to clean

French up your Dinner Table with Casseroles

Casseroles, which dates back to the 18 Th century have undergone many alterations in terms of cooking styles. Consider buying a good casserole dish preferably made of cast-iron which heats the vessel evenly and gives an excellent flavor. You might also want to buy a dual purpose dish which works both in the hob as well as the oven. Go for a vintage cast iron casserole which is lighter and easy to handle. Speaking of this French dish, an expert cook knows that nicely chopped onions in a Vidal onion casserole or in a classic green bean casserole lets out its amazing flavor in proper proportions. Turning raw ingredients into a selectable meal depends on following proper chopping and dicing techniques. For this purpose, one will have to invest in good quality Chef Knives.

Cut, Chop and Dice

Add a minimum of 5 excellent Chef Knives to your kitchen arsenal. The key to proper cutting and chopping depends upon the proper weight and balance of the knife. The blade should not be heavier than the handle and vice versa.For a long life, keep the knives off the dishwasher. Use a honing blade to realign you knife's blade once in a while. When the knife needs sharpening, always take it to a professional.

Are You Living Your True Potential? What Gifts Lie Dormant in You?

I have a dream …

I have a dream that all children growing up in a safe and loving environment where their unique gifts are acknowledged and developed as they grow mentally and physically into their greater mission.

I have a dream that human beings, animals, flowers, and all of nature are going to be our main focus and materialism is used to save our environment instead of destroy it.

I have a dream that more people seek to access their full potential and start living their divine mission. That a wave of love, generosity, goodness, kindness, happiness, support and deep inner joy overflows amongst humans through the world.

I have a dream for a world basking in deep inner peace, happiness and love.

Are you living your true potential? What gifts lie dormant in you?

Many people feel overwhelmed, restless, depressed and even scared, because of the current world economic crisis.

Others who have achieved great success when the economy was booming are now beginning to worry about their job and career.

Some might have had wonderful dreams of how they were going to contribute to the world or live in luxury. But adversity stuck or life just happened in another direction, and the dreams faded away …

I believe it is a tragedy. The world is full of people with hidden gifts, talent, skills and exiting dreams who are settling for less.

The world needs illumination! People need to reawaken their dreamer to create an outstanding, and joy filled future.
Illumination can change the mindset of humankind and with it the world. A mental reawakening can and new solutions to raising problems such as global warming, loss of love and support in families and society …

Illumination will touch hearts, awaken the 'possibility' in people, enable them to access the genius within, and create a new way of living in abundance full of love, happiness, joy, vibrant health. This will be the breakthrough to get a glimpse of heaven here on earth.

Every one of us is born with a divine potential and a unique life purpose.

Everyone is meant to be here and has a unique mission to fulfill.

However, most people feel a vacuum in the place of these gifts. People are aware that there is 'something' missing and they feel the pain of this. They search for pain relief in the form of TV, over work, alcohol, drugs, food …

As a result, divine talents are wasted. Instead of flourishing they are stagnating …

I believe that everyone, that YOU, are here to fulfill a divine mission which only you can accomplish.
Are you living your true potential? What gifts lie dormant in you?

Would you like to start dreaming again? Do you long to access your true potential?

As I realize that my deeper mission is create transformation in others. To take action a realize this gift, I am offering one month free guidance coaching to five people who are seeking a life with fulfillment and want to discover their divine mission.

Sentry Safes – Keeping Your Home Safe From Gun Accidents and Theft

A safe, also called a strong box is a secure lockable box. It is used saving valuable objects against theft, wear and tear or damage. A safe is usually a hollow cube or a cylinder, which has one face removable. This hinged face forms a door to the safe. The body and door are usually made from a metal. The metal usually used is steel.

The following are the specifications to look out for while buying a safe:

– Burglar-resistance: The safe should be bugler resistant.

– Fire-resistance: the safe should be made out of a fire resistant metal

– Environmental resistance: The safe should be made of such a metal which is resistant to environmental factors such as water, dust, heat, sunlight, smoke etc.

Among the different types of safes available today is the sentry safe. The sentry safe is used for protecting your house against gun accidents and thefts. As the name suggests, the sentry safe is used to store your guns in a safe place. Guns can not be let out in the open due to their fatal nature. They are needed for a person's safety. However, guns are a major risk if given in the hands of any irresponsible person. Also guns need to be protected against theft. These factors led to the invention of the sentry safe. The sentry safe safely stores your gun away from the reach of irresponsible people and thieves. The sentry safe is available in different types. Some of them are the sentry gun safe, the sentry fireproof safe and the sentry fire safe. Each type of sentry safe has its own distinct advantages. The sentry gun safe is used to protect your gun. The sentry gun safe protects your gun from the prying eyes of the not so responsible people around the house. The sentry gun safe is made out for that purpose. For best results and use of the sentry gun safe it has to be bugler resistant, made out of a fire resistant metal and should be made of such a metal which is resistant to environmental factors such as water, dust, heat, sunlight, smoke etc . The sentry fire safe protects against fire, hazards. A fire hazard is a major risk to your property.

A sentry fire safe protects your valuables from the different fire hazards affecting it. For best results and use of the sentry fire safe it also has to be bugler resistant, made out of a fire resistant metal and should be made of such a metal which is resistant to environmental factors such as water, dust, heat, sunlight, smoke etc. A sentry fire proof safe, as the name suggests is a safe which is resistant to fire hazards. A sentry fireproof safe, apart from being fire proof also has to be bugler resistant and should be made of such a metal which is resistant to environmental factors such as water, dust, heat, sunlight, smoke etc. Sentry safes have a long history in protecting human valuables. The legacy of the sentry safe refuses to die away.

Installing Laminate Flooring – Very Easy and Simple to Do

Installing laminate flooring can be really interesting activity when you want to acquire more enjoyable and different look of your house. Most folks trust that applying the flooring is really easy and simple, even a child can do it. Although, the process of using the flooring requires long periods of time to finish it as this the flooring has to be installed carefully.

The installation process is essentially hanging on the size and layout of the floor. The installation can be hard when it comes to fit the correct pieces into place. When using the flooring, the kind of link between the pieces will also conclude of how tricky and hard the project will be.

Even though the flooring can be installed in almost every kind of the existing floor, except for carpeting, you still require to have a great preparation.

Initially, the floor has to be hygienic and absolutely free of which dust and dirt in order to avoid uneven joints. You must bear in mind that if there are depressions or lumps in the existing flooring, you should reduce them first before installing laminate flooring. If there is any trim along the sides and any fasteners in the existing flooring, you may also remove them before installing the flooring. This will make your job become quicker and easier. On average, this new flooring can actually be installed within a day.

By putting the board of the second row at a slight angle to the tongue on the first row; if you use groove laminate flooring, you will feel simpler to roll the second board into place.

For the conclusion, once the applying the flooring is inclusive; the trim can be cut and place into place for keeping the bottom of the trim tight to the floor. The layer of the waterproof plastic may assist you to avoid the floor from absorbing moisture from the sub floor. Then, you will be able to enjoy the present look of your new home by installing laminate flooring .

Maximize Semen Production – Ejaculate More For Extreme Satisfaction!

Most men feel the need to ejaculate more. This can be made possible by producing a lot of semen and sperm which will maximize your orgasm. Other advantages may include the following:

*Increase the potency of your orgasm – Through powerful concentration in strengthening the muscle connected to your penis, you will be able to ejaculate more. There are simple exercise routines like Kegels which give you more control over premature ejaculation and will make you reach new sexual heights.

*Enhance sperm production and overall masculinity – In order to conceive successfully, a man needs to produce a lot of sperm to fertilize an egg. Though men generate millions of sperm in a day, there are a lot of reasons that will inhibit your sperm production and will lessen your ability to ejaculate more. Some of these factors include drug use, little or lack of work-out, smoking and use of ill-fitting clothing in the groin area. Producing a lot of semen will result in increasing a man’s virility.

*Sexual gratification for you and your partner – Upon ejaculation, the penis will release sperm and you will reach the peak of your orgasm. At the same time, it will also bring about similar sexual pleasure to your partner. If the man is able to ejaculate more and there is an additional amount of sperm produced, the pumping feeling will be much longer and will inevitably cause unparallel satisfaction for both men and women. Prolonged pumping will definitely result in a climax that both parties will truly enjoy.

Some natural pills, called volume enhancers will aid in producing more sperm. It also contains essential nutrients and herbal extracts. These volume enhancing pills are loaded with L-arginine and zinc which play a vital role in increasing semen production.

Moreover, these natural medications also contain special herbs which will not only increase your ejaculation but also serve as aphrodisiacs. Using these products will increase blood supply to the penis which in turn will make you ejaculate more. Daily intake of these pills will also increase one’s libido. It will develop a man’s sensuality and inclination to have more sex. It will also improve your sexual performance since you have the stamina to maintain your erection.

Even though there are a lot of brands available in the market today, only a few are acceptable and recommended clinically. Make it to a point to check the best available semen enhancers that will make you ejaculate more. They must be endorsed by medical professionals and have been approved by highly pleased consumers.

Learn How To Build Muscle Effectively

Let us begin by assuring you it is not as hard as if sounds.

Too many people are hasty in the gym and, in a bid for quick results, they overlook the most important factors in favor of spending their hard earned cash on unnecessary aids which do not do anything for them in terms of results.

You're about to discover the five rules which almost every guy at your local gym would kill to know about, so use them wisely.

* You need a muscle building diet.

* Get the basics of supplements down before you get lost.

* Focus your reps around your hypertrophy zone.

* Rest days need to take priority.

* Sleep is just as important as rest.

The 5 simple rules above reveal the proven facts on how to take your present physique and develop it into a leaner, stronger version. There are further tips to add in at a later date, which we will show you in the future, but for now the original five are the best to get started with as they set the tone for a quality lifestyle change.

Before we wrap up today's write-up, let's take a quick look at some of the principles to ensure you have no gray areas …

You'll probably be shocked to realize how easy it is to work out your diet. It is often over complicated needlessly. Simply take your chosen body weight target, in pounds, and multiply the figure by 15. This will give you a target muscle building calorie goal to aim for every day. That was simple, was not it? Let's move on.

You can spend a fortune in the supplement market each month if you're not careful. Every product claims to be necessary. The key word to remember is supplement. It should never replace nutrition from your diet, so keep your tubs to an absolute minimum to avoid confusion and unnecessary spending. Whey protein and creatine monohydrate are a solid combination which have stood the test of time, making them the perfect starting blocks.

The third rule is an important one, because too many guys in the gym say things like, "I want to lose fat but I want to build muscle, too" and it leads them to having no structure in your workouts. To lose fat you should operate at a deficit, but to build size you should operate at a calorie surplus, so it's decision time guys. If you want to go for size and have built your diet for that goal you need to now structure your rep range specifically for building size, not just toning up. This means an 8-12 rep range, with a focus on big compound exercises.

Of course, when training each individual body part there are numerous techniques you can also bring in to push results even higher. For example, when learning how to build larger arms you can utilize negative reps.

In the next article we will cover some more of the principles explaining how to build muscle so you can begin getting great, long lasting results from your tough efforts in the gym.

Full Tilt Poker Review – Full Tilt Poker

Here's what I think of Fulltiltpoker – I play too much on it. Why? Because its my favorite site between Fulltilt, Pokerstars, and Players Only Poker. As an average player, I can say an average poker player can have their fair share of sit'n'go wins as well as ring game wins. I've tried to stay away from the huge multi-table tournaments (anything less than a $ 20 buy in or 1000+ people is too much for me). But sit'n'goes are my favorite – just relax and wait for your cards and enough fish will give you your bang for your buck. Furthermore, it has excellent graphics, excellent software, and lots and lots of players even at 5am. Yeah 5am.

Of course, I would recommend you start out with at least a $ 100 bankroll ($ 50 is the minimum deposit so …). The rake is pretty big, especially for the low end sit'n'goes – if you want to play at a $ 1 sit'n'go you pay and extra $ 0.25. Yeah but the upper limits ($ 10 + are an extremely good value if you can win enough times)

The fish factor at Fulltilt is fairly above average. I am an average poker player (being playing for 6 months but not a winning 6 months) and the low limit ring games or sit'n'goes are fairly easy. For ring games, beware of the .25 / .50 games; that's where most of the "pros" start their game. For sit'n'goes is another story; as long as you have enough money, play whatever amount you want. Of course … dont be stupid with your money. It IS your money. Its just my experience but I stay away from those huge tournaments with huge buy ins. Yeah without your a pro you wont have the money.

Deposits and withdrawals are fairly easy as well for US players. I use my debit card, and if you use it enough times Fulltilt will conveniently save the encrypted numbers for you on your deposit page. Remember minimum deposits are $ 50. Withdrawals are also simple – you request and they will either send you a check (provided proof of address, etc) or deposit it to click2pay, etc.

Some Fun with Antiquated Hat Terms – Part Two – Renaissance Europe Through 1799

Some obscure and unusual words come to light while looking back at the history of hats and headdress. Having recently finished reading THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN (by Simon Winchester, HarperCollins 1998) about the making of the Oxford English Dictionary, I thought it might be fun to explore the definitions and etymology of some of these ancient terms, most of which have all but disappeared from modern use. [I’ll breakup this project into three or four parts, so stay tuned.]

To qualify for inclusion below, the word must show up with a squiggly red line at Microsoft Word’s “spell check” tool. So here goes:


[Fr. ferronnière, a frontlet; a coronet worn on the forehead: after Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait La Belle Ferronnière.]

(See quot. 1960.)

1840 THACKERAY in Fraser’s Mag. June 681/2 The sisters..with pink scarfs..and brass ferronières..were voted very charming. 1908 H. C. SMITH Jewellery xx. 172 This head ornament is known as the ferronière. 1960 H. HAYWARD Antique Coll. 117/1 Ferronière, a chain worn as an ornament encircling the head with a jewel in the centre.



[a. F. bonne-grace ‘th’ vppermost flap of the down-hanging taile of a French-hood (whence belike our Boon-grace)’ Cotgr.; f. bonne good, grace grace.]

1. A shade or curtain formerly worn on the front of women’s bonnets or caps to protect the complexion from the sun; a sunshade. (See quot. 1617; the later one may consequently belong to 2.)

1530 PALSGR. 907 The bone grace, le moufflet. 1533 Pardoner & Fr. in Hazl. Dodsl. I. 203 Her bongrace which she ware, with her French hood, When she went out always for sun-burning. 1595 R. WILSON Pedlar’s Proph. Bij, Fillets and bungraces. 1604 DEKKER King’s Entert. 311 This boon-grace hee made of purpose to keepe his face from heate. 1617 MORYSON Itin. III. IV. i. 170 A French shadow of veluet to defend them from the Sunne, which our Gentle~women of old borrowed from the French, and called them Bonegraces, now altogether out of vse with us. 1636 DAVENANT Platon. Lovers Wks. (1673) 411 Had she been but old enough to wear a Bongrace.

fig. 1609 HEYWOOD Brit. Troy VI. civ. 137 A Grove through which the lake doth run, Making his bowes a Bon~grace from the Sun.

2. A broad-brimmed hat fitted to shade the face. arch. or Obs.

1606 HOLLAND Sueton. 75 A broad brim’d Hat [marg. or Bond-grace = petasatus] upon his head. 1638 Songs Costume (1849) 140 Straw hats shall be no more bongraces, From the bright sun to hide your faces. 1719 D’URFEY Pills (1872) IV. 107 Her Bongrace of wended Straw. 1815 SCOTT Guy M. iii, An old-fashioned bonnet called a bon-grace.

3. ‘Junk-fenders; for booming off obstacles from a ship’s sides or bows’. Smyth Sailor’s Word-bk.


Obs. exc. Hist.

[a. OF. huque, heuque a kind of cape with a hood; in med.L. huca (13th c. in Du Cange), MDu. hûke, hôike, heuke, Du. huik, MLG. hoike, LG. hoike, heuke, heike, hokke, hök, E.Fris. heike, heik’, haike, hoike. Ulterior origin obscure. See also HAIK1.]

A kind of cape or cloak with a hood; ‘an outer garment or mantle worn by women and afterwards by men; also subsequently applied to a tight-fitting dress worn by both sexes’ (Fairholt Costume).

1415 in Nicolas Test. Vetust. I. 187, I will that all my hopolands [and] huykes not furred, be divided among the servants. 1418 E.E. Wills (1882) 37 Also a Hewk of grene and other melly parted. 1423 JAS. I Kingis Q. xlix, An huke sche had vpon hir tissew quhite. c1440 [see HAIK n.1]. a1529 SKELTON E. Rummyng 56 Her huke of Lyncole grene. 1530 PALSGR. 231/1 Hewke a garment for a woman, surquayne, froc. Ibid. 233/1 Huke. 1616 BULLOKAR, Huke, a Dutch attire couering the head, face, and all the body. a1626 BACON New Atl. (1627) 24 A messenger, in a rich Huke. a1657 LOVELACE Poems (1864) 210 Like dames i’ th land of Luyck, He wears his everlasting huyck. 1694 Dunton’s Ladies Dict. (N.), The German virgins..put on a streight or plain garment, such a one as they in some places call a huk. 1834 J. R. PLANCHÉ Brit. Costume 181. 1852 C. M. YONGE Cameos (1877) II. xxxvi. 370 When not in armour, she wore a huque, or close-fitting gown.

b. Applied to the Arab. haïk: see HAIK2.

1630 J. TAYLOR (Water P.) Wks. (N.), The richer sort [of women] doe weare a huicke, which is a rob of cloth or stuffe plated, and the upper part of it is gathered and sowed together in the forme of an English potlid, with a tassell on the top. 1660 F. BROOKE tr. Le Blanc’s Trav. 269 (Cairo) They [ladies] go all as ’twere masked and covered with an Huke that hides their face.

Hence huke v. trans., to cover with or as with a huke; to veil, cloak.

1613 H. KING Halfe-pennyw. Wit (ed. 3) Ded. (N.), I will..throw some light vaile of spotlesse pretended well-meaning over it, to huke and mask it from publicke shame.


[f. LOVE n.1 + LOCK n.1]

A curl of a particular form worn by courtiers in the time of Elizabeth and James I; later, any curl or tress of hair of a peculiar or striking character.

1592 LYLY Midas III. ii. 43 Wil you haue..your loue-locke wreathed with a silken twist, or shaggie to fal on your shoulders? 1628 PRYNNE (title) The Vnlovelinesse of Love~lockes. 1840 MARRYAT Poor Jack i, Lovelocks, as the sailors term the curls which they wear on their temples. 1894 A. GRIFFITHS Secrets Prison Ho. II. IV. ii. 63 Bandoline, which she used in making love-locks to adorn her fore~head and her temples.

transf. 1886 MAXWELL GRAY Silence Dean Maitland I. i. 12 Each [cart-] horse wore his mane in love-locks.


[Fr. fontange, f. Fontanges the territorial title of a mistress of Louis XIV.]

A tall head-dress worn in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

1689 SHADWELL Bury F. 11, What d’ye lack, Ladies? fine mazarine Hoods, Fontanges, Girdles. 1711 ADDISON Spect. No. 98 1 These old-fashioned Fontanges rose an Ell above the Head. 1883 F. G. STEPHENS Catal. Prints Brit. Mus. IV. 282 An ugly old one-eyed woman in a fontange.


[a. F. béguin child’s cap. See BEGUINE, note.]

1. A child’s cap.

1530 PALSGR. 198/1 Byggen for a chyldes heed, beguyne. 1532 MORE Confut. Tindale Wks. 577/2. 1639 MASSINGER Unnat. Combat IV. ii, Would you have me Transform my hat to double clouts and biggings? 1755 Connoisseur No. 80 (1774) III. 71 Such a store of clouts, caps..biggens..as would set up a Lying-in Hospital. 1819 SCOTT Ivanhoe xxviii, My brain has been topsy-turvy..ever since the biggin was bound first round my head.


[Said to be from the name of the 1st Earl Cadogan (died 1726). See Littré, and N. & Q. 7th Ser. IV. 467, 492.]

A mode of knotting the hair behind the head.

c1780 B’NESS D’OBERKIRCH Mem. (1852) II. ix, The duchess of Bourbon had introduced at the court of Montbéliard..[the fashion] of cadogans, hitherto worn only by gentlemen.


[a. F. toupet (tup ) tuft of hair, esp. over the forehead, deriv. (in form dim.) of OF. toup, top, tup, tuft of hair, foliage, etc.; ad. *LG. topp- = OHG. zopf top, tuft, summit; cf. OFris. top tuft, top, ONorse toppr top, tuft, lock of hair: see TOP n.1]

1. = TOUPEE.

1729 Art of Politicks 10 Think we that modern words eternal are? Toupet, and Tompion, Cosins, and Colmar Hereafter will be called by some plain man A Wig, a Watch, a Pair of Stays, a Fan. 1818 SCOTT Rob Roy vi, These fadeurs, which every gentleman with a toupet thinks himself obliged to recite to an unfortunate girl. 1863 Cornh. Mag. VII. 395 Wigs are dangerous unless frankly avowed. A toupet may easily escape detection.

b. transf. = TOUPEE b. Obs.

1728 FIELDING Love in Sev. Masques Epil., From you then ye toupets he hopes defence. 1748 RICHARDSON Clarissa Wks. 1883 VII. 495 A couple of brocaded or laced-waistcoated toupets..with sour screwed up half-cocked faces.

2. The forelock of a horse or other animal (obs.); a thick head of hair (in quot., of a Negro).

1797 Sporting Mag. X. 295 The Tuft or Toupet, that part of the mane which lies between the two ears. 1834 SOUTHEY Doctor iii. (1862) 5 Some of the inhabitants of Congo make a secret fob in their woolly toupet.

3. attrib., as toupet-coxcomb, -man, -wig; toupet-titmouse, the Crested Titmouse.

1731 FIELDING Mod. Husb. I. ix, I meet with nothing but a parcel of toupet coxcombs, who plaster up their brains upon their periwigs. 1748 RICHARDSON Clarissa (1811) VII. vi. 35 No mere toupet-man; but all manly. a1784 PENNANT Arct. Zool. (1785) II. 423 Titmous. Toupet..feathers on the head long, which it erects occasionally into a pointed crest, like a toupet. 1884 E. YATES Rec. & Exper. II. 238 A carefully arranged toupet-wig.

Hence toupeted nonce-wd. ( tu p t d, tu pe d) a., wearing a toupet.

1903 Smart Set IX. 53/2 We go in to dinner with the toupeted colonels.



[f. the name of the Austrian general, Andr. von Khevenhüller (1683-1744).]

a. attrib. Applied to a high cock given to a broad-brimmed hat worn in the middle of the 18th c. (see Fairholt Costume in Eng. (1860) 299); hence also with hat. b. absol. A cock of this form; a hat cocked in this fashion.

1746 Brit. Mag. 309 A laced Hat pinched into what our Beaux have learnt to call the Kevenhuller Cock. 1750 COVENTRY Pompey Litt. II. iv. (1785) 58/1 Jockey-boots, Khevenhullar-hats, and Coach-whips. 1753 Proc. Commission of Common Sense (Fairholt I. 377) Is not the Dettingen cock forgotten? the noble Kevenhuller discouraged? 1762 Lond. Chron. XI. Chapter of Hats (Planchè), Hats are now worn, upon an average, six inches and three-fifths broad in the brim and cocked between Quaker and Kevenhuller.


Now hist.


[Fr.; fem. of dormeur sleeper, applied to articles convenient for sleeping, f. dormir to sleep.]

1. A hood or nightcap. Obs.

1734 MRS. DELANY Life & Corr. (1861) I. 479, I have sent you..a dormeuse patron. 1753 Let. Mrs. Dewes in Life & Corr. 260 She had not yet been able to get her dormouse.

2. A travelling-carriage adapted for sleeping in.

1808 M. WILMOT Jrnl. 16 Aug. (1934) III. 363 We..set off in the Dormeuse 4 horses abreast & two before. 1825 VISC. S. DE REDCLIFFE in S. L. Poole Life (1888) I. 357 The two dark green carriages a Dormeuse and Britchka, which you saw..at Windsor. 1841 LYTTON Nt. & Morn. (1851) 216 A dormeuse and four drove up to the inn door to change horses.

3. A kind of couch or settee.

1865 OUIDA Strathmore I. vi. 94 (Stanf.) He lay back in a dormeuse before the fire.

Fred Belinsky


Motor Home Awnings

Motor home awnings are usually firmly attached to one side, mostly on the right side of the living accommodations. The awnings are available in open or enclosed varieties. The enclosure types have fabric or plastic covers at the front and two sides, which allow some privacy to the users. The awnings usually have electrical wiring extended from the motor home to provide lighting during the evening sit outs.

Motor homes are synonymous to camper homes, trailer homes, and even Recreation Vehicles (RVs). In the US, they are divided in three classes. First is, Class A motor home, which is constructed on a commercial truck chassis, a specially designed motor vehicle chassis, or a commercial bus chassis. The second is Class B motor home, which is built using a standard van, usually modified with a raised roof or a relatively low-profile body. The third is Class C motor home, which is built on a truck chassis with an attached van type section. The truck chassis may be a pickup or even a large freightliner.

Many motor home owners stay at special motor home parks for a couple of months at a time. These parks usually provide full hookup service for electricity, water and sewerage, and even cable television and wireless Internet connection. The motor home parks offer many amenities, including swimming pools, recreation rooms, and some times even resort-like activities such as horseback riding. The parks allow their customers to erect awnings adjacent to their motor homes. However, staying at such a motor home is usually quite expensive. Therefore many people prefer to stay at public campgrounds with minimal facilities, or at rural or remote locations.

Motor home awnings are usually custom made to suit the length of a specific motor home. Many times, they come pre-installed to the side of the motor home as an accessory. They are usually lightweight retractable type with manual or motorized operating mechanisms.

How to Disassemble a Pool Table

Disassembling a pool table can be rather easy, providing you have the right tools and manpower. The instructions listed here are for a standard wood frame home pool table with a slate bed and leather drop pockets. Coin operated tables and non slate tables have different instructions when disassembling.

Tools Needed: 9/16″ socket, socket wrench, Philips screwdriver. Marked sandwich baggies to place screws and bolts.


Rail Assembly: Contains the wooden rail, the cushion or bumpers to which the apron attaches to.

Bumpers: The rubber part of the rail. They are covered with felt.

Aprons: The wooded segments that attach to the rail assembly. Can be a permanent part of the rail assembly or can be screwed depending on manufacturer of table.

Felt: The cloth that covers the playing surface and the rail bumpers. Usually it is a 75% woolen 25% nylon blend.

Slate: The playing surface of the pool table. Usually comes in (3) pieces. Can either be wood backed or unbacked.

Frame: The base of the pool table which the slate sits on.

  1. First start off by detaching the pockets from the table itself. Usually the straps of the pockets are attached to the table itself with either screws, staples, nails or glue.
  2. Next using your 9/16″ socket and wrench; remove the rail bolts (12) located underneath each rail. Place the rail bolts in a marked baggie for storage.
  3. Take one section of the rail assembly (2 sides and top/bottom) and flip them over onto the covered bed of the pool table. Unscrew the pocket screws.
  4. Remove pockets from rail assembly and place to side.
  5. Place rails to the side. Some tables you will have to remove the aprons at this point.
  6. Remove felt from slate bed. The felt is usually either glued down or stapled to the wood backing of the slate. If it is stapled, remove each staple carefully, as not to rip the felt itself.
  7. Remove the slate screws and place in marked baggie. Sometimes all the slate screws will be filled in with either beeswax, Bondo or spackling putty. Carefully remove the product from each hole.
  8. Pull the slates apart and lift each one and place to the side.These are very heavy so please be careful.
  9. Disassemble the frame. Generally, most of the time if you are just moving the table a short distance all that will be required is removing the legs.
  10. Removed the bolt from each leg. Pick table up and remove legs and place to side.