Tips on How to Get Rid of Love Handles

Love handles are not made out of selfless love. Mostly, it is a result of a selfish love: to eat, drink … and eat some more, an understandable trait most of us share. The folding skin and fats around the belly area (that even extend to the back) are what love handles describe. They are stored deposits of fat that sadly become more prominent with age, especially with less physical activity and, yes, more food intake. You can get rid of love handles however.

There is no end for nicknames used for this condition of the male and female body. There is the pot belly, spare tire, the beer gut, and muffin tops, a slang term applied to women. Most of these names are not used to describe love handles for women as a woman tend to collect fat in the thighs and hips instead of the abdomen. There are indeed women who do have love handles, especially after giving birth. How to get rid of love handles in this case, is the question – and it's the same way as described below.

People do not like having love handles, not only does it reflect poor health but it also leads to low self-confidence. It takes some discipline and courage to get rid of love handles, so once you get started, you need to make sure there is no turning back.

* Tone The Muscle And Burn The Fat

Do sets of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. An aerobic exercise is done for long periods and with light to moderate exertion of force. Aerobic exercises include running, biking and other activities that require a lot of oxygen. Anaerobic exercises, on the other hand, are quick bursts of muscle exertion while holding one's breath. Weight-lifting can be considered an anaerobic exercise.

The best thing to do to get rid of love handles is to do aerobic exercises everyday while doing anaerobic exercises at least three times a week. An everyday schedule at the treadmill will be enough while you can do different sets of weightlifting that can focus on the upper body.

* Have a Real Diet

The trick to get rid of love handles is to burn more fat than what you consume. Nothing new here, but if you tone the muscle and burn your fat but still eat like you used to, chances are, getting rid of love handles will be noticeably harder.

This is because the body reacts every time there is an impending change in its metabolic rate. If you attempt on restricting the usual amount of food that your body takes over night, the body reacts by lowering its metabolic rate. The key is to maintain the amount of food intake but lower its carbohydrate and calorie content until such time when you can introduce a lesser amount of food.

* Have The Discipline To Go On

Other than this, to get rid of love handles, you must have a slipline to stick to your routine, especially if you have already started. Say for example, if you stopped lifting weights in the middle of your program, the body reacts by rising more fats to compensate for the high metabolic rate than it has started to adopt.

You can motivate yourself to get rid of love handles by having measurements of your abdomen before and during the program. Remember that the body will react by bloating temporarily but if you maintain your diet and stick to the exercises, it will then improve your metabolic rate and you will start to see changes.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Women With 3 Simple Strategies

How to lose belly fat fast for women? That’s the question frequently asked by ladies whenever they want to lose weight. On top of that, they also want to burn those abdominal fats without doing excessive exercise and going for the extreme diet. They want to look healthy and fantastic at the same time after removing the fats.

Can you spot reduce the belly fat by doing 1000 crunches or sit-ups every day? While I really impressed with your determination to do that number of crunches, sadly scientist has found out you can never spot reduce any selected area of your body (unless you going for liposuction, that will be a totally different story). But don’t worry, here I will share with you the 3 effective strategies on how to lose belly fat fast for women.

Strategy #1 Get to the Lowest Calorie Intake

Fat is stored calories. How do you store those calories? The answer is simple, you are eating too much! You need to cut down your calories intake so that the fat cells can be released. When you don’t supply enough calories, your body has to dig up your fat cells to compensate the calories deficiency.

According to the American College of Sport Medicine, the lowest calories intake for women is 1,200 calories per day and men’s lowest calories intake is 1,800 calories per day. As our topic today is about how to lose belly fat fast for women, I suggest you to go for 1,200 calories per day. This way it will give your body the chance to release the stored fat to be utilized as energy.

I like to remind you that 1,200 is a very low number of calories. I suggest you to stay with this calories intake until you start to feel lethargic. From there, slowly increase up your calorie intake accordingly until you feels your energy level is back to normal.

Strategy #2 Increase up Your Fat Burning Activities

You already lower down your calories intake. Your body starts to release the fat cells now to be utilized as energy. By increasing the activities that consume energy, you will increase the chances for the fat to be burned.

Before you thinking about hardcore exercises, I want you to think about your activity of daily living first. Find which activities you do daily that you can change so it can increase up your calories burning. For example, taking stairs instead of elevator, park your car a little further from the main entrance and etc. The message here is, get active throughout the day!

Strategy #3 Do the Metabolism Boosting and Fat Burning Exercises

For this purpose, your exercise routine should consist of resistance training and cardio. And you also should choose the routine that is challenging you. Remember, what doesn’t challenge you, will not change you!

So how much exercise should you do? Let’s get back to the American College of Sport Medicine again. They found out that for 150 to 250 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week provides only modest weight loss. The significant weight loss only occurs when you go for more than 250 minutes per week.

My suggestion is go for 300 minutes of exercises per week which consist of resistance training and cardio. Keep the intensity moderate as you are at your lowest calories intake now, you will easily to be burned out if you go too intense for your exercise routine. You may perform your cardio 3 times a week and your resistance training 2 times a week.

For your cardio exercises selection, my advice is to choose the activity you enjoy to do. It can be jogging, brisk walking, swimming or playing sport games. For resistance training, you can go to the gym or you can just workout at home. YouTube will be able to provide you several resistances training routine you can follow. For example, you can type into the YouTube search box for “full body resistance training at home” or just “full body resistance workout at the gym”.

Lastly, these 3 strategies on how to lose belly fat fast for women won’t work if you just leave it on this article. Work on it and you will be able to see the leaner midsection soon!

Organize Your Anniversary Party With A Checklist

Whether it is your 1st, or 10th wedding anniversary, it is worth celebrating, and what better way to plan a celebration than with an anniversary party checklist?

The most successful anniversary parties start with an idea – how the event will begin, continue and end. Having a finite and concrete party checklist to plan in helps you to keep your wedding anniversary party right on track.

1. The best thing to do when creating any party is to develop a theme. By creating a theme you can set the mood, location, food ideas and attire as well as invitations. A theme doesn’t need to be fancy; it just needs to be something both you and your spouse / friends are interested in. Some ideas of themes that can be very fun are:

Decade parties – Fabulous 50’s, Swingin’ 60’s, Disco 70’s.

Famous Movie Themes – pick a movie you love and create your theme around it.

High school / Sock Hop

Pool Party

Pig Roast

Western Theme.

2. At this stage you have probably found your theme. Now it is time to create a guest list for your event. ‘Theming’ your invitations allows you to start the party them off right. Start your invites about three weeks before the event. Ask your guests to be creative and come with the appropriate attire if possible, and encourage them to be creative and have fun. Focus on people you correspond with often, and known people who are fun ‘party people’ (we all know who they are!) I find homemade (DIY) invitations are always more fun than store bought ones; however both do the trick

3. Create your menu. Search for serving dishes which correspond to your anniversary party theme. Finger foods are always a hit as they are light, easy to prepare and are a quick clean-up. If you wish for a larger event, organize your food preparation help, or even contact a caterer. Create your grocery list about three weeks before the event.

4. Party decorations are important. They help establish the mood and ambience. Again, we go back to the party theme for ideas here. Lighting is also very important. Search for lighting ideas that correspond to the theme i.e. 70’s themed parties should have at least one disco ball to be sure!

5. Games, games and fun stuff! Always plan for creative anniversary party games. Spin the bottle, famous dances and Twister are always a blast. If games are not your thing, consider live entertainment -A D.J., live band, comedian all have worked very well in the past.

6. Beverages are an important part of the party. Decide (based on your personal preferences and location) whether there will be an open bar, BYOB, or virgin refreshments. Inform guests in their invites as to whether to plan to drive or take a cab. Cab services that drive your vehicle home for you (with you in it of course!) are a great alternative and allow you to make ‘on the spot’ decisions regarding transportation.

6. Most of all, sit back and have fun. Not everything will always go your way, but if you have followed your anniversary party checklist, your event should be very rewarding.

Three to four weeks before event:

Choose your theme

Prepare Grocery List

coordinate cleaning / after-party helpers

Select Caterer (if applicable)

Collect food preparation items, serving plates and utensils

Develop your guest list

Create or purchase your party invitations

Plan and purchase or create your decorations.

A couple of days before the event:

Contact any follow-ups for guests.

Begin preparing any food that needs to be done.

Run over your checklist again to ensure everything is in place

Set out your costume or attire

The morning of the party


Begin preparing food

Run over your checklist one last time

Sit back, have fun and enjoy your creation~!

Why is the Clothes Dryer Destroying My Clothes?

It happened again, your clothes were ruined by the dryer! Burn holes in your underwear and your other articles of clothing, torn and shredded. What is going on? You dryer might need some fixin’ and here’s what you will need to replace.

If your clothes are getting ripped, cut or torn, your dryer probably has a felt-like seal at the front and/or rear of the dryer drum that has worn out, is torn or is missing. Your clothes might be getting caught in the gap between the clothes drum and the front or rear of the dryer interior. When a clothes dryer seal wears out, you need to replace it.

Also, check the lint filter or lint trap; it might be worn or showing sharp edges. Your clothes could possible be getting caught on this during the cycle. Be sure to replace this part immediately.

If your clothing comes out marked up, the support parts for the dryer drum might be worn out, thus, throwing the drum off-balances and getting your clothes pinched in between parts of the dryer. Check the glides, rollers, wheels, and seals for wear. Replace the whole set of glides, rollers, or wheels if one or more are bad. You will also want to check the rear support for any play in it. Sometimes the rear drum bearing gets worn out.

If your laundry is coming out smelling smoky, your dryer may have had a small lint fire inside the cabinet, leaving a smoky odor in the clothes drum and on your clothes. Even though there is a lint filter in your dryer, it doesn’t catch all the lint. You need to check inside the cabinet at least yearly to look for and clean out any lint build-up. Check the inside cabinet and inner ductwork of your dryer. A dryer vent lint brush will help you reach inside the machine and vent to brush off and remove any built up lint. Also, be sure to clean out the lint trap after every use.

A lint fire is nothing to take lightly; many house fires are caused by lint build up in dryers and their vents. According to this 2005 article from CBS News, 15,000 house fires are caused by dryers every year. Keep your family safe by checking for lint buildup in the cabinet at least yearly. Be sure to check your outside exhaust vent for blockages. Install a smoke alarm near your dryer for added protection. Have a professional appliance repair person check the dryer for damage caused by any lint fires and to cleanout any lint from any pipes connected to the dryer.

Also, don’t put items in the dryer such as garage rags stained with motor oil or gasoline, and aprons, dish towels, or napkins stained with cooking oil. Even if the items was washed previously, some residue might still remain and possible cause a combustion.

Other items that aren’t meant for the dryer: anything made of rubber or plastic, such as baby diaper pants, bath mats, even foam-padded bras (bras and other delicates should be air-dried anyways to prevent them from bending and losing their shape!)

A signal that your dryer might be becoming clogged with lint, your clothes just aren’t coming out dry. Clean your dryer with a link brush or call a professional to have it cleaned for you. You might not need a new dryer, just have it cleaned.

If your clothes are coming out all wrinkled, do not let your clothes sit in the dryer after the cycle has ended – remove the clothes promptly from the dryer and either hang or fold them. Also, dry only one load at a time; don’t pack the dryer too full. Do not dry heavy items with light items. Use the permanent press cycle to give clothes a cool down cycle at the end to reduce wrinkling.

Make sure you are also washing the clothes in the correct temperature (water that is too hot can also cause clothes to wrinkle). Be sure to read and follow the care instructions on the clothing item’s label for best results.

Finally, if it’s a little wrinkled, you can always rewash and dry the clothes again.

How to Plan A Fabulous Birthday Party At An Event Cinema

Event cinemas are quickly becoming quite the destination for movie lovers of all ages because they offer so much more than a standard theater. Not only do you get a chance to check out the latest offerings from Hollywood, but you also have the added bonus of having a sensory experience that appeals to the fine dining connoisseur with a touch of movie buff.

The great thing is these service-oriented theaters is that you can actually plan private events like birthday parties, which is an unprecedented level of cool. The issue, however, becomes knowing exactly what you need to know to throw the most amazing birthday shindig for someone set with the backdrop of a great movie, killer menu, and often enough, refreshing libation.

First of all, you need to know what kind of things the birthday boy or girl likes. As much as we can be taken by the splendor of the event cinema, we need to keep in mind that this party is for someone else & their opinion matters. What’s their favorite movie? Do they like burgers? Are they fans of craft beer? Any people whom they’d rather not be in attendance? A fabulous birthday means getting the details right, so dig deep in your research. If you’re going to go all-in, you want to be sure to get everything just right.

Also, be sure to make contact with the movie theater to find out what options are included in a venue rental. You could get a bunch of friends together and take up room in a crowded theater, or you could actually rent the whole theater out for your get-together! Now, that’s entertainment! When contacting the theater, find out what the minimum guest number is, what options can be had for the movie shown, and if there is a special screening of some kind (i.e., media of your own creation), find out if they have a way to incorporating it into rental package. Who wouldn’t want to watch old home movies on a big screen with a huge sound system?

Finally, when inquiring about the offerings, find out how closely you can work with the chef. The usual theater fare is still available, but event cinemas & dine-in theater concepts have raised the bar in terms of the quality in their foods and drinks. The tastes of the moviegoer have become more refined & customers are consistently asking for more gourmet options. As such, you may actually consult with a chef to see what can be offered for your planned birthday party. More importantly, you can be sure to let the theater know of any allergies.

The casual home birthday party with paper hats and store-bought sheet-cake will always have a place in our hearts, but when you really are looking for something a little indulgent and memorable, the event cinema/dine-in theater may just be the ticket to a birthday celebration for the ages.

Reasons to Call an Electrician to Come to Your Home

When it comes to your family, you want them to be safe no matter what. One of the ways that you can make them safe in your residence is to take it upon yourself to know for a certainty that all of the electrical services are working as they should be. The last thing that you want to have to worry about is loose wires. These can pose a danger to yourself and your loved ones. When it comes to any element connected to electricity, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Call a qualified electrician to come into your home to repair any of the problems that have occurred.

You should never attempt to fix electrical problems yourself unless you are an electrician by trade. This is particularly the case with major problems. It is one thing to do something simple, such as changing a light bulb that has burnt out. However, you should never install new light fixtures or replace any wires yourself. These are jobs that are best suited to a skilled professional with training and experience in the field.

One of the reasons to call an electrician to show up on your doorstep is if the fuses in your home seem to be blowing on a regular basis. If you have a lot of problems with the fuses for your major appliances or if your lights seem to flicker a lot or leave you in the dark then this is not a safe situation and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The circuits in your house are drawing a current that is too strong. This will result in a power surge that turns your power off.

To keep your family and your home safe from the worry over power surges, make sure that you have safety switches installed. If a surge occurs, the power will be automatically switched off where the main meter is located.

New houses are automatically equipped with safety switches when they are built because they must adhere to today's standards of safety. However, if you stay in an older home, you should check to see if there are safety switches. If not, you should have them installed as soon as possible.

Another reason to call an electrician is because of too many leads in your residence. This is often a problem found in older homes where there are too many power leads coming from one power source and adapters being used by the homeowner to plug into the socket. In years gone by people did not have as many appliances, but the advent of computers and other electronic equipment changed all that. For that reason there were fewer power points required in a house.

If you have numerous appliances that all use the same power point, you may be overtaxing the electrical unit in your residence. This could cause a fire. Contact an electrician right away.

Decorative Pillows You Can Make Yourself – How to Sew Your Own Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the most common forms of home decor. They are typically available in a wide variety of styles and colors and can be purchased from most home furnishings stores. But if you want more than one or two accent pillows for your sofa, the cost can really start to add up.

An alternative to store-bought decorative pillows is making your own. Though it may seem like a complicated project, it’s really quite simple and can be accomplished with just a few basic sewing skills. One of the biggest benefits to making your own pillows is that you can choose the exact fabric and size that you want. And surprisingly, your handmade throw pillows will cost you less than the ones you might find in a store. Follow the steps below and you’ll have your own custom accent pillow in no time!

Choose Color and Feel

The first thing you’ll want to do is think about what color and type of fabric you want to use. Look at your other room decor and take into consideration the overall color scheme. Do you want your pillows to complement what you already have or stand out as a bold accent?

Once you’ve decided on color(s), think about what type of feel you want the pillows to have. Would you prefer a soft, cushiony pillow or one that has some stiffness so that you can lean up against it? Also take into account the ease of sewing. If you’re a beginning sewer, you might want to choose a weightier, more closely knit fabric like cotton that’s suitable for drapery. Silk and some polyesters that have a “sheen” to them will be more difficult to sew.

Decide on a Size

Before you can buy your fabric and start sewing, you need to determine what size your pillows will be. If you already have some throw pillows in your home, measure them to see how large they are and then decide if you want your homemade ones to be bigger or smaller. If you will be placing your pillows on a couch or chair, take into consideration the height of the back and how much space you want the pillows to take up.

Buy Your Fabric and Sewing Supplies

Visit a local fabric store to purchase the supplies you’ll need to make your decorative pillows. If there isn’t one nearby, you can also find lots of fabric and supplies online. Or, you may have an existing item of clothing or other fabric in your home that you want to recycle for this project.

Before you buy your fabric, you’ll need to determine how much you need. Add 1 – 1/2 inches to the pillow size you decided on so that you’ll have room for sewing the pieces together. For example, if you are making an 18 inch by 18 inch pillow, you should buy enough fabric to have two squares that are at least 19 inches by 19 inches. Explain your project and measurements to the salesperson at the fabric store and they will be able to cut you the amount of fabric you need.

You’ll also need to buy something to “stuff” your new pillows. You can either use batting, which is loose stuffing, or a pre-made pillow form insert. Batting is cheaper and can be divided up for multiple projects, but pillow forms hold their shape better. You might want to look at any throw pillows you currently own and see which type of stuffing they use to make your decision. If you decide to use a pillow form, make sure to buy one that is a few inches larger than the size pillow you’ll be making. This will ensure that your pillow ends up fluffy and not flat.

If this is your first time sewing, you’ll also need to buy some basic supplies. First, check around your house to see if you already have some of them. You’ll need a good pair of scissors, pins, a needle and thread that matches your fabric. (If you plan to use scissors you already own, make sure they are sharp enough to cut fabric.) You may have an old sewing kit that you got from a hotel which you can use, as long as you haven’t previously used a lot of the thread in the color you’ll need.

Prepare to Sew

Lay out your fabric on a flat surface. Using a ruler or measuring tape, draw two squares that are the size you ultimately want PLUS an extra 1 – 1/2 inches. Carefully cut them out with your scissors and lay them on top of each other with the outsides facing in. (You are going to sew your pillow inside-out and then reverse it to hide the stitching.) Pin the two pieces of fabric together by inserting a pin about every 2-3 inches.

Sew Your Pillow

Cut a long piece of thread (about 2 feet long) and insert it through the needle. Pull the thread through until you have two equally-long pieces of thread hanging from the needle. Tie the two pieces together at the bottom so that you will be sewing with “double” thread. (An easy way to tie a knot is to hold the two pieces of thread together, wrap them around your index finger, roll it off with your thumb and then pull the mess of thread towards the end into a knot).

When you begin sewing, remember to position your stitches about a half inch from the edge of the fabric. When you reach the end of a length of thread, make the smallest stitch you can and pass your needle through the loop before pulling the thread all the way through. Sew three sides of your pillow all the way, but only sew 2-3 inches on each end of the fourth side. (You will probably need to re-thread your needle multiple times). This will leave you an opening to insert the pillow form or stuffing. Remove the pins. Snip off a little of each corner of your pillowcase, being careful not to cut your stitches, so that the fabric won’t bunch up when you turn it inside out.

Put the pillowcase inside out through the opening on the fourth side. Push out the corners to get them as pointy as you can. Flatten out the pillowcase and fold in the edges of the opening on the fourth side so that they line up with the parts you’ve already sewn shut. Iron the folded-in opening flat so that it will be easier to sew closed later.

Insert your stuffing or pillow form into the pillowcase, making sure to push it all the way into the corners. Thread your needle again and made a knot. To make a hidden stitch, hold the pillow so that the opening runs lengthwise, almost like an open envelope. There will be a flap of fabric on the top and bottom of the opening created from the ironing. Make a stitch along the crease of the top flap on the far right side of the opening. Pull the thread all the way through and then make a similar-length stitch along the crease of the bottom flap on the far right side (your stitches should line up with each other across the opening). Pull your thread tight and the two sides of the opening will be pulled together. Start your next stitch on the top side just to the left of where your last stitch ended and repeat the process. Eventually, you will have closed the entire opening. Make a final knot and cut off the remaining thread.

You now have a brand new decorative pillow! And now you know how to make additional ones in the future. The only downside? Don’t be surprised if all your friends and family members ask you to make them a few throw pillows once they see yours!

Here’s how your handmade pillow compares to a typical store-bought pillow, even if you had to buy all of the supplies up front:

Fabric (per pillow) – $2.00 – $5.00
Thread – $1.50
Needles – $1.00
Pins – $2.00
Stuffing/Pillow Form – $4.00 – $14.00

Total Cost of Pillow – $10.50 – $23.50

Store-Bought Pillow – $25.00 – $50.00

(If you’re making multiple pillows, your costs will be even lower because you’ll be using the needles, pins and thread over and over.)

Drywood Termite Treatment – Find Out the Differences in Treating This Specific Termite

Drywood termites are a bit different that your traditional termites. First of all they are generally only found in the coastal regions of the United States. They are quite a bit bigger as they are up to 1/2″ in long. They also don’t require mud like many termites.

Since they don’t require the moist soil they tend to live high up in homes like in the attic. They will feed on the wood and cardboard boxes in your attic and can cause structural damage if the problem becomes too severe.

Most types of termites are treatable by treating the soil around the home which they depend on. Once treated these termites die or leave. But this doesn’t work with drywood termites at all. Some of the most effective treatments for drywood termites are fumigation and spot treatments in the wood.

Fumigation can be some cans of spray that are led out in the attic from time to time as a do it yourself type job. If the problem is severe, tent fumigation might be required. What’s difficult about drywood termites is that they can be so far inside the wood that some may still live. Luckily these colonies are much smaller so even those who survive will have a more difficult time getting back to a larger size.

Another method is spot wood treatments. A hole is drilled in the infected woods and insecticide is forced into all the pathways the termites live in. This will go through the whole structure the termites have built for themselves making them come in contact with the insecticide.

Is the Drivers Licence Always White?

The permit consists of a white design of the penalty of suspension of driver’s license. This is finally a system of parole applied to the license. The judge may for example limit the suspension of driver’s license at the weekend. A driver whose license is suspended can continue to drive during the week for business despite the suspension of his license.

This option provided the judge to adjust the terms of the suspension of driver’s license has unfortunately disappeared almost over since the law of 12 June 2003 strengthening the fight against road violence.

The law of 12 June 2003 has greatly reduced the scope of the license now white as it can be given for the most serious traffic offenses: driving under the influence of alcohol, driving after using of drugs, driving despite a suspended license…

Since the Act of 7 December 2004, the judge does not even have the power to grant such development for all trouble tickets now because the white permit may be granted for excessive speeding (more than 50 km: h).

Although the permit has not been textually blank deleted, in practice it has almost totally disappeared from the court.

The permit consists of a white design of the penalty of suspension of driver’s license. This is finally a system of parole applied to the license. The judge may for example limit the suspension of driver’s license at the weekend. A driver whose license is suspended can continue to drive during the week for business despite the suspension of his license.

The lack of faculty development difficulty is especially harmful because some motorists driving license can be a real tool. No longer able to fulfill their professional obligations, it is unfortunately too often they come to lose their jobs.

Finally, judges now have more latitude in invalidation of license suspension that matter.

Indeed, in invalidation of license, the judge may give the motorist a favorable decision for interim suspension. The driver who found himself deprived of his license for loss of all its points and find the right time to lead the court to rule on the propriety of such invalidation.

In deciding to grant the interim suspension, the judge relied on certainly no danger to the driver in road safety, but he enjoys complete freedom in evaluating this criterion and those of whatever nature offenses.

So You might have come to know you must know various pros and cons after Auto buying. Will come up with some information about car buying guide soon!

Ink Removal For The Professional Carpet Cleaner

If you are a professional carpet cleaner you need to be able to handle just about any situation that comes your way. One stain that you are likely to see often is ink. Whether it is from a kid playing with a pen or a case of the dog chewing one up, ink will always find a way on to carpets. Read this article for some tips that will enable you to handle ink stains.

Ink stains are really not as difficult as you might think if you follow a few steps. First off you should know not to apply a general spotter or pre-spray to the carpet. You might think that it will come out with a general cleaning and it might but there is also the chance that this will spread it. Instead of trying a general cleaning first you should spot clean it with an ink remover. Visit your local supplier and purchase an ink remover. It is one of those specialty cleaners that you should just not be without. When you arrive at your customers home you will want to get your ink remover and a few cotton terry cloth towels. Do not apply the ink remover directly on the spot as this will cause it to spread potentially making a 1/4 inch spot into a 4 inch spot. Instead apply it to a cotton terry cloth towel and dab the ink spot working from the outside in. Keep at it until all of the ink is removed or until it no longer transfers to the towel. This process can take some time so be sure to charge accordingly. After the ink no longer transfers to the towel or after it is completely removed you can go ahead with your normal cleaning or if you are only spotting you can clean the spot.

Hopefully this article will assist you in ink removal. It is a service that every carpet cleaner should offer and one that can add to your bottom line as well as make you many happy customers. And remember, a happy customer is a customer who will be with you forever.

Buying Bath Accessories on a Budget

If you’re moving out and about in your first apartment you might be really surprised at all the things you’re going to have to buy. It seems every time you turn around there is something missing. Soon you notice that all these little things are really adding up. If you’re on a tight budget, it can seem almost impossible to outfit your new home with all the things you need. Well, in this article we’re going to take a look at how to finish your bathroom, on a budget, and still have all the items you need.

The Essentials

The first thing you have to figure out is just what pieces of bath accessories you must have. If you’ve walked down the aisles of the stores and taken a look at bathroom hardware and accessories, you notice there are lots of things that are recommended to use the bathroom. But you don’t need all of these right away. So, let’s make a priority list. One thing you are going to need is a towel rack by the sink. Every time you wash your hands you’re going to need somewhere to dry your hands. You’ll also want some sort of towel holder near the tub or shower so you have somewhere to hang your towel, or a robe, when you’re taking a bath or shower. Near the toilet you are going to need a toilet paper holder. This one is not optional.

Helpful Options

Other things that you don’t have to have, but might be nice to have, include soap dispensers or soap dishes by the sink, a toothbrush holder, a soap dish in the shower or tub, some sort of shower caddy or tub organizer, and a toilet bowl cleaner set.

Buying On The Cheap

Now that you have your list of items that you have to have or may like to have, it’s time to go shopping. The one thing you have to remember is that right now you’re on a tight budget. Down the road you may be able to buy beautiful, coordinated bathroom sets that perfectly fit the decorative style you have in mind, that time is not right now. Instead you are looking for something economical but will get the job done. Luckily, many manufacturers understand that there are people on this type of budget. So you should be able to find generic plastic sets of all of the items you’re looking for at a very affordable price. If you look around, you may even be able to find some sort of package deal. Many times, a bathroom package has a number of these essential and preferred items in one kit, at a lower cost than if you were to buy them all individually.

One other bonus of today shopping world is that even though you’re going for the cheap end of things, the economy plastic versions, these still come in a variety of colors and designs these days. So you should be able to get something that for now we’ll go with some of your bathroom for won’t break your bath accessories budget.

Weight Loss – Ending Your Diet Mentality Means Greater Success With Losing Weight

Are you overweight, or do you feel you have weight to lose? Do you have Type 2 diabetes? If you have answered yes to these questions, there is a good chance you are a victim of the “diet mentality.” The diet mentality is one that may seem fruitful in theory but is ineffective in practice. It is certainly a sound idea to plan your diet and nutrition around your health goals, which may involve your weight or blood sugar level. But there is one ingredient integral to the success of any diet, which is inherently lacking in most.

This ingredient is the ultimate purpose of the weight loss plan. Is the weight loss plan being used as a means of producing quick change, or introducing lasting habits? Those who have internalized the diet mentality mostly lean towards the former. For a case in point, consider the surge of people undertaking a new food plan at the turn of the New Year. New Year resolutions are notorious for their ambition. Unfortunately, they tend to be resolutions that are usually broken as a mechanism for quick change is one lacking a sustainable basis.

Before we go any further, allow us to clarify there is nothing wrong with looking to improve your health by dieting. Changing your food choices in an attempt to lose weight or lower your blood sugar is a worthy goal deserving recognition. But you must be very careful – don’t fall victim to the “diet mentality” and its many drawbacks.

Ending this thinking may be easier said than done. It is human nature to look for shortcuts in an attempt to save time and effort. It is genuinely difficult to make a lasting change when it is natural to overlook long-term benefits for the short-term ones. But if you are to ultimately succeed, this is precisely what you must do: look at the long-term benefits.

Ending or avoiding the diet mentality is in your best interest. Those who still have it will benefit from trying something new. Instead of planning the next few weeks or months around a particular goal, it is better to imagine where you would like to be and doing what it takes to get there, regardless of how much time is needed.

To clarify, here is an example. Let’s say you would like to lower your blood sugar to a healthier range and lose 20 pounds. Determine what you need to do to get there regarding diet and lifestyle, and don’t set an end date to reach your goal. Focus strictly on the process – ensure each day you are acting according to your plan. Measure your progress every so often but don’t worry about how quickly you are moving forward. Small steps may be slower than leaps, but you are much less likely to stumble.

Start thinking long-term. The “diet mentality” excites and motivates but is also full of broken promises. When it comes to dieting, a commitment to making lasting change is what it takes to succeed.

Business Video Conferencing Bridging the Gap

Meetings are a part of life. Whether you are in the corporate world or running a small business, meetings take up a good portion of your time. The time invested is more than the time sitting in the room around the table. Depending on location, many people invest travel time getting to their meetings. It could be across town or across country, but either way it can waste already limited time.

Business conferencing is gaining popularity because of its ease of use and practicality. It takes very minimal equipment to run a video conference. There are many upgrades available that can boost the quality of the program you choose. Since video conferencing can run on a basic computer, internet connection, web cam and microphone, upgrades are a nice addition but not required.

There are three different types of conferencing options available to consumers. Desktop video conferencing was originally designed for one on one communication. It does have the ability to support up to eight participants. Set top video conferencing was formatted to meet the needs of small groups. A camera and screen are used to broadcast the meeting. Integrated video conference was developed to manage large groups or conference rooms. Before choosing which type to purchase, a company needs to understand its needs and plans for use.

The Cost of Business Conferencing

Video conferencing has many practical uses but the cost savings set it apart from other communications. There is an initial set-up cost, but once the system is up and running it will pay for itself quickly. Conferencing in video can reduce travel costs. No matter when you need to meet, video conferencing makes the where easy.

Conferencing in video is also a time saver. It happens that one or several employees can not make a meeting because of scheduling conflicts. This can be a major issue if the missing member is a key player in the meeting's discussion. The ability to bring that person in on a video conference can be vital to the meeting's productiveness. It also happens that someone hopes the materials that they need to contribute to the meeting. This type of conferencing is a papless system. Documents, notes, and applications can be sent through the system; Saving money, time and a tree.

Although video conferencing is an amazing and efficient technology, nothing can replace person to person interactions. It is important to schedule visits so that staff and clients can still meet face to face. By using video conferencing wisely, business can bloom and time can be saved.

In the business world there is one thing that there never is a shortage of: meetings. All companies invest time and money into conducting meetings. Gathering staff and clients together helps to ensure that everyone understands the expectations and goals. Conferencing in video may never completely eliminate meetings, but it can make them more efficient and productive.

Believe It, Say It, See It

As far as accomplishing your dream, when do you call it finished? When you decide on it, or when you see it realized?

Most people feel they are lying to themselves (and everyone else) if they talk as if their dream is true before it is manifested for all to see.

I heard an interview with internet mogul, Alex Mondossian. He described a day when he was broke and sitting on a park bench in LA On that bench, Alex decided to become wealthy. At the end of the interview, the interviewer, T. Harv Eker, asked him, "When did you actually become a millionaire?"

Alex answered the question in reference to time, but he added, "In reality, I became a millionaire that day on the park bench, when I made the decision."

Faith calls those things that are not, as though they were.

This reminds me of an experience I had with some friends of mine:

When I was a teenager, I was often invited to speak at elementary schools and other convocations on the subject of success, and goal achievement. I usually spoke to fairly small audiences (less than 2thousand people.) However, I had some good friends who were also motivators who had much bigger vision. I usually traveled with them to give them my support, although their hearings were often small as well.

One day as we set up for an audience of about 100, the leader of that group said, "Next time we come to this city, we'll pack out the coliseum."

I tried not to laugh.

He went on to coach his announcer in how to describe him for his entrance, and let's just say, the introduction was not modest. In fact, it also, seemed laughable.

About three years later, I was attending college in a different city, when this man's wife called me to say they were in my town, and I should come see them at their high school assembly. I did, and we had a blast, so she encouraged me to come to their evening meeting. She named the auditorium and the time.

"Wow!" My eyebrows shot up with surprise when she mentioned the venue. "That's huge!" I said.

"Yes," she replied, "Things are going well."

Since the auditorium was the same place used in that town for major concerts, I figured there would be tons of seats. I did not head over particularly early, as I knew I could go straight back stage when I got there. However …

I never got there. As I approached the meeting place, there was so much traffic, that traffic cops had to turn me, and hundreds of others away. Packed out. I was stunned.

I bulldo back to my apartment, and as I did, I heard my friends' ad on the radio. It included the same inflated, laughable description of the group leader, but this time, I was not laughing. It had all come true.

When I got home, I thread myself on my bed, and prayed that whatever lesson I had just witnessed, would be indelibly imprinted on my heart. What was the lesson?

1. Faith sees ahead and "calls those things that are not as though they were."
2. It does not matter how many other people doubt your vision. It's what you say and believe about yourself that matters.
3. When you combine commitment and action to your dream, nothing is impossible.

Over the next 18 years or so, I would occasionally learn a few more lessons from this man. Some were inspiring, others downright devastating. Right now I want to focus on the inspiration.

All of us were created with seeds of greatness inside. Your greatness does not need to be in front of thousands of people to be mighty. You just need to know that whatever dream keeps burning inside of you, is definitely possible, and available. It is yours for the taking.

Can you imagine it? Can you feel it? What about the doubts – your doubts?

Here is one solution for handling doubts. I call it, "grabbing the pain."

When you think of your dream, and you sense a big objection, doubt or fear, do not try to run away from it. Instead, do just the opposite.

Remember, every single thing we are dealing with is energy. Your emotion is an energy. So if you feel it at all, close your eyes and try to get really "in touch" with that negative energy. Feel where it is in your body. Does it feel like it is in your belly, or outside of you? Can you picture it? Can you make it stronger? Try to let it get as big as possible, as strong as it can … and then, go find the center of it, and try to "grab it."

Yes, this can seem like a very abstract exercise! However, if you can grab it, here's what you'll probably notice:

The center has opened up, and the negative energy is gone. It's power to mess you up is over.

In fact, the entire energy may have just faded away. Try to make your dream as viable and stressful as possible. Try to dream again, and feel that same big doubt. If you can not find the doubt, you have done well. It probably will not return on that exact same vision.

So, remember to believe in your dream, and give voice to it. Take a few minutes a day to experience how it feels for that dream to be a reality. Believe it and say it. Certainly, before long, you will see it with your eyes.

Biblical reference – Abraham, who was enabled to have that baby, Isaac when he was 100 years old. God changed his name to mean, "Father of many nations" years before it looked true.

A Novel In One Second – The Moment

A great writer can transport you into new worlds with their words, a great painter can bring you to tears with an image and a great singer/composer can make you weak at the knees with a song. As a photographer we can merge these items into one single snap, telling a complete story about a world that can make the viewer emotionally tied in the way that we were trying to capture.

That’s what is referred to as ‘The Moment’, or at least that’s what I call it. That one instant in time where the image that is captured shows every little emotion, feeling and the full story behind it all. A complete novel in one split second moment in time that if we are lucky enough, we capture.

Sometimes, we can take a leaf out of the writer’s book and create a story using a set of images rather than just the one photo.

Either way, whether it’s a series of stunning visual imagery or a novel in one click the basics behind it matter big time. Take your time to do your homework!

Ah, there it is. The great big hush-hush secret between what makes an amateur and the pro.

Like any great writer, research your topic. Get totally invested in what it is, all the small minor details. To capture the true meaning of that one awesome moment, or series of moments you must totally understand what the subject matter is all about!

Sure you can bluff your way through. No doubt that there’s plenty of writers that have done this as well but to truly stand out amongst the greats you cannot afford to bluff your way through. There really is no excuse for not doing your research in this day and age where any piece of information that you are after can be found with a few clicks. This background information can be used as a starting point to immerse yourself in the story that you are trying to convey. Whatever that story may be and regardless of the subject.

Anybody can pick up a DSLR, set it to auto and just point and click. Running from one location to the next, happily clicking away at the shutter, hoping that they come away with one or two decent images out of the thousand that they have taken. The pro however will understand what they are trying to capture before ever raising the camera to their eye.

If you really want to elevate your photography to the next level then take heed – clearly envision what you are trying to convey to your audience before taking that shot. A thousand average images will never equal one great image – and that one great image will live on forever in other people’s minds.