Different Types of Wall Art – Oil Paintings, Canvas Prints, Canvas Photos

When you think of wall art chances are you are thinking about some form of painting, however reality looks much different, there are many different types of wall art. Through history people have looked for different ways of expressing their love for art through the paintings they hang on their walls. In this article we will discuss the three main forms of wall art, these are the oil paintings, canvas prints and finally canvas photos.

Oil Paintings
The first types of wall art that we will examine are oil paintings. To put it simply, oil paintings is the term used for painting on canvas with colors that are composed of different oils. Oil paintings have been around since the fifth century, although it was not really until the middle ages that oil paintings became popular in the western world.

In order to create the artwork, the painter will use different oils to get different colors and results on the canvas. Most commonly the paint is made of linseed oil, poppy seed oil as well as walnut oil. The painter will use different kinds of oil in order to generate different effects on the painting. For instance the painter might use one kind of oil in order to achieve a certain type of color, while another kind of oil will have an influence on the drying time of the paint, in order to give the painting a more glossy look the oil is sometimes combined with a resin.

It is most common for oil painter to use a paintbrush to paint with, though some painters use rags or sponges to apply the paint. Oil paintings are traditionally painted on a canvas, these are linen cloths stretched over a frame in order to create a flat plane for the painter to paint on, in recent years although painters have started using cotton fabric can be much cheaper and can easily be mass produced.

Canvas Prints
The second type of wall art that we will look at is canvas prints. Canvas prints gained immense popularity in the 1990's with the advances in photography and printing. Canvas Prints are simply paintings that are printed onto a canvas; the canvas is then stretched over a frame and finally hung on the wall. Canvas prints are produced on printers that can print on large rolls of canvas; the most common width for the canvas is 1.5 meters wide while the length is only determined by the size of the painting.

Canvas Photos
The third kind of wall art that we will look at is the canvas photo. In the past 20 years canvas photos have gotten much more popular, sometimes this is due to the fact that people are looking for different ways of decorating their homes with photos. While the canvas photo is similar to the canvas print in the sense that they are also printed onto large canvas rolls. Canvas photos mostly resembling photographs that are printed onto the canvas. These photos are then also stretched onto a frame.

Trends in Wedding Chandeliers

If you have looked at any bridal magazines, one thing is clear: chandeliers are in! It looks that every wedding these days, whether formal or informal, inside or outside, just is not fully decorated until it is bedecked with fabulous chandeliers. From the classic to the contemporary, this is a look at the latest trends in wedding chandeliers.

The traditional place for chandeliers is in the center of a grand ballroom. The glittering teardrop crystals are a fabulous accent for a wedding and look especially gorgeous at the kind of wedding where the bride and bridesmaids are adorned with spectacular crystal jewelry sets. The opulent ceiling lighting makes a nice complement to the sparkle of the equally fantastic sets of crystal wedding jewelry.

Formal ballroom weddings are not the only places that chandeliers are being seen these days. There is a big trend towards renting smaller drop chandeliers that can be suspended over each and every dining table at the reception. They can be done in the traditional crystal drop design, but more modern styles are also in vogue. Cylindrical shaped tiers with closely hung crystals have a retro-chic style, and all black chandeliers make a striking modern-Victorian statement.

The chandelier trend has branched out to include hanging almost any kind of light fixture over the reception tables. Low hanging lamps with fabric shades in the wedding colors are a beautiful addition to a simple wedding design. The clean and classic lighting is unexpected, and also casts an inviting glow over the guests.

Rustic light fixtures are another interesting option. This idea works well for weddings held in places such as barns or lodges. Play up the ambiance of the venue with chandeliers created from rough-hewn branches with basic white candles (or electric candles). You can even take it to the edge of hunting lodge style with antler chandeliers. If you find the real thing a bit disturbing, look into some of the cool faux-antler light fixtures that are available. This could have thrown off in a really cool ironic sort of way at a quirky modern wedding.

For a totally modern take on the chandelier, hang a clear plexiglass box over the tables. Set multiples of white or ivory candles on the base, and let the flickering flames dance on the reception below. Finish off your tablescape with contemporary centerpieces set into a series of square vessels. This is an important thing to remember in general: the style of the chandelier should definitely tie in with the table décor below it.

Have fun when selecting the perfect chandeliers for your wedding. Whether you are having your wedding in a hotel, a tent, or even outside under the stars, there are some really fantastic ways that you can enhance the décor with hanging lighting. It would seem that the wedding chandelier trend is here to stay.

Homestead Predators – Quietly and Effectively Dealing With Rattlesnakes

Sometimes rattlesnakes can not be dissued or discouraged, and sometimes it is not wise to simply relocate them when they come to visit. At times, killing them is the only reasonable thing to do, especially when they pose an immediate threat and you need to deal with that threat decisively. The macho amongst us would like to undertake this task with guns blazing and bird shot flying. I've even heard of someone approaching the task with a.4.4 caliber pistol. There is an easier, quieter and much more effective method.

It's the lowly flat blade shovel.

It's not very macho. It's not exciting. There is not much glory in it, but it gets the job done. If you're deciding between being heroic and being effective, pick effectiveness as it's usually the best choice. When it comes to dispatching rattlesnakes, the flat blade shovel is highly effective. Here's why:

  • It keeps the snake at a distance.
  • There is no ricochet.
  • I've never heard of an accidental discharge of a flat blade shovel.
  • The tool is useful for seeking out and destroying the enemy.
  • It's legal everywhere – at school, in church and even at the mall.
  • There is no need for a holster.
  • It's easy to learn how to handle it.
  • Everyone has one – or should.
  • You never run out of ammunition.
  • It can be used to push, chop, pick up and fling a snake if needs be.

With all that going for it, why in the world would anyone want to reach for the artillery when there is something as useful as a flat blade shovel? Here's how to use it to take care of pesky snakes, poisonous or otherwise.

  1. Sweep the shovel back and forth with the blade parallel to the ground – this helps find where the snake is hiding as it will move when you violate its air space with the shovel.
  2. Once you have the snake moving away from you, find the right opportunity to press down firmly on the head and neck area with the flat blade to pin it to the ground.
  3. Maneuver the blade carefully (pivot, slide and rock) to allow the snake's head to peek out from under the leading edge of the blade (the part you dig or scoop with).
  4. While keeping the snake pinned, tilt the handle of the shovel up and step down on the blade to sink it well into the ground. This severs the head and eliminates the threat.
  5. Discard of the head carefully as there are still fangs and venom to be deal with. Again, use the handy shovel for this.

When engaging a snake, do so very carefully and without timidity, as any surely about what you're doing can lead to a snake bite. Be brave and deliberate about your actions, and you'll be able to deal with the snake quickly and effectively.

The Elevator Speech – Your 60 Second Pitch

Have you ever been to a networking meeting, you hear the first person introduce himself and you turn to your friend and say, "What does he do?" If you're confused it's because people ramble on about themselves without much preparation or consideration for the audience. Nobody cares about your product or service. And nobody wanted to listen to a sales pitch.

Imagine you're in an elevator and you meet a perfect prospect. As the doors close you have 60 seconds to introduce yourself and attract their interest.

How do you succinctly and clearly get your message across when you only have a minute? You dont want to ramble on and you do not want to be done off guard. A good elevator pitch tells the listener what you do, how it benefits them, and the results they can expect. Too many people are unprepared and focused on themselves.So the first step is to script out your message. Read it out loud. Then practice until you can say it conversationally. Time yourself. Thirty seconds is best but do not go over one minute.

Begin by grabbing attention. Ask a provocative question or describe a situation that everyone has experienced. Talk about what keeps your listeners up at night. Then tell them your name, company and describe your solution. Your solution should answer their biggest concerns, issues, or fears. Avoid the temptation of telling them exactly HOW you do it. That can become too technical. Focus on the what and the why. Make your message concise, clear, compelling and convincing. And then stop talking. Leave them wanting more.

Marriage and Finances

If you're getting married you probably have a lot of questions on how your life will change in regards to finances. It can be tricky business immigrant to financial lives together. If you want to have a long, healthy, and happy life together you have to sort things out financially. The leading cause of divorce is money matters so if you do not have a clear understanding on how you both operate in regards to money, you're stacking the odds against you. Here are some quick tips you can use to make your marriage stand the test of time:

Are you compatible? Money is a sensitive subject and many couples avoid discussing the finances with each other. Finances are just one of the many issues that you need to talk about before getting married. You need to know what you're getting yourself into before you say "I do." Many officiates will offer pre-maritime counseling and this is a good time to bring up the subject of money, especially if you suspect you might have problems with it down the road.

Think of the taxes. Your tax bill could be higher as a married couple than it is now. So consider higher that you might want to plan your wedding around it. The only way to find out exactly how it will effect you is to break out a tax return, put in you and your partner's numbers and see how the IRS will treat you after you're married.

Make joint goals. If you both have differenting ideas of what you should be doing with your money it's as if you're both tethered to each other but trying to run in different directions. You will not get very far until you synchronize your efforts. You will not know what the other person feels is important until you sit down and talk about your financial goals.

How will you handle finances? Some married couples pool their money together while others keep things mostly separated. Mixing money can have its good and its bad qualities. Talk with your partner about how you both think money should be handled once you're husband and wife.

Team up on employer benefits. If you're both employed full time and are receiving benefits you'll want to compare them and see which one offers better coverage for you both. One of you will likely have better benefits than the other, and you'll want to switch your coverage to the better one.

Talk about insurance. If you both are dependent on each other's income then you'll want to insure each other in the even that something happens. If you can make do without the other's income then you probably do not need to worry about the added cost of getting insurance.

Keep your wills current. Updating your wills is an important thing to do and you should make one if you have not done so yet. With any major life change you'll want to keep your current current and also reconsider the beneficialaries you have listed.

Creative Ways To Decorate Under Your Stairs

Most people seem to forget that they can decorate underneath their stairs even though the space is small. With a bit of creativity and decorating style though, you'll soon realize the potential of this powerful space. Even though the space under your stairs is small, it's easy to create a small reading space, a compact home office, or cute telephone alcove. You can also simply use it for a bit of storage space, or as a place to display artwork and collectibles.

How much room you have under the stairs will help you determine how to decorate it, and what to use it for. If there's enough room to stand up for instance, without hitting your head, then you could use it as an office, a small closet, or even as a utility room or a bathroom.

Using the space under your staircase for a small reading or sitting area for example, is quite easy. Simply put a comfortable chair under the stairs, add a footstool or an ottoman, and some light. Your light could be a floor lamp behind the chair, or a wall light if your space is fairly small. You can also install recessed lighting underneath the staircase. If there's room for it, add a small side table next to your chair or put a small bookshelf on the wall. If the space under your stairs is not too small, you could even turn it into a small library. Simply add another chair or two, and more bookshelves.

Decorating the space as a small home office is also an excellent idea. Even if the space under your stairs is small, you can create a compact workspace to use when working at home. For extremely small spaces try using a compact computer cabinet that closes when you're finished with it. Otherwise add a small desk with shelves above attached to the wall, and use roll out file cabinets or baskets to hold your supplies. If your office needs tools such as a fax, phone, or copy machine, try using an all in one machine instead because it will take up much less room.

If the space under your stairs is somewhat shallow in addition to being small, the best way to decorate it is probably with artwork, or as a small display space. You could use small shelves or curio boxes for instance, to display small collectibles or antiques. Other types of art work can be displayed here as well. If you have handmade quilts or embroidery for instance, these can be creatively ether in their own frames, or hanging on display bars. Photography, oil paintings, and other types of artwork will all displayed beautifully and a small space under your stairs. Add accent lights to each art piece, to create even more drama and interest in this area.

Other great things you can do with this space if it's really small, are adding a statue, a water fountain , or a large potted plant.

Stairway to Improved Health

You might not realize it, but where your staircase is located within your home, and the type of staircase you have, can dramatically impact your family's health. According to feng shui, staircases act as channels for energy flow, and can create environments where positive energy in your home becomes disturbed or is drained away, leaving you and your family vulnerable to poor health and disease.

According to the principles of feng shui, there are three main scenarios in which your staircase can disrupt the flow of positive energy within your home:

1) A staircase that is directly opposite your front door. This creates an environment where the positive energy in your home is channeled down the staircase and away from your home. This can leave you and your family feeling drained, and can suppress your immune system.
If you have a staircase facing your front door, there are several things you can do to correct this situation. First, you should hang a mirror on the inside of your front door or just above your front door, facing towards the stairs. This will help to stop the flow of energy away from your home. You can also hang uplifting pictures or art along the walls of your staircase – pictures of trees, birds, mountains, and other uplifting images will also maintain positive energy flow. If you have more than one picture make sure you hang them in a straight line. If you stagger them they will add to the flow of energy going down the stairs.

Hanging a round, multi-faceted crystal above your staircase is another important feng shui technique. Crystals are excellent for circulating positive energy, and will make your entire home a more comfortable place.

2) A staircase that is located in the center of your home. Your home's center is one of the most important areas of your home for health and good energy. If you have a staircase in the center of your home, try to place objects that represent the earth element near, under, or around your staircase.

You can easily use color to bring the earth element into this area. Earhtones, such as yellow gold and earthy colors, help to ground the energy and keep positive flow in your home.

You can also use earthen pots, such as terra cotta planters, to improve the energy around your staircase. Plants and pictures of plants or landscapes will also lift the energy in this area.

3) A spiral staircase. This is one of the worst situations for maintaining positive energy in your home, because spiral staircases create a corkscrew effect that disposes your home's energy and creates a feeling of chaos.

Placing plants and earthen pots beneath your staircase is an excellent way to ground the energy in this area. Also, hanging a crystal at the top of your spiral staircase will help to restore calm, nurturing energy to create an environment for optimal health. You could also wrap something around the railing of the staircase, such as a silk vine.

Staircases can be challenging and have a negative impact on your health, but these challenges can always be welcomed, if you follow the recommendations above.

Traditional Scaffolding Vs a Scaffolding Tower

Traditional scaffolding, also known as pipe and fitting scaffolding, has been an industry standard since the Egyptians used it to make the pyramids; the Greeks used scaffolding in the early 5th century B.C., and the Chinese used bamboo to build very early tall buildings. In fact, in some areas of Asia, bamboo and natural twine are still used as scaffolding material.

Traditional scaffolding is versatile, and can be reconfigured to fit any job site; its use however is usually reserved to work on taller buildings. Often today’s DIY building projects are using scaffolding towers because they are easier to erect and dismantle, or move on site. They provide easy and safe access and descent from the work area by incorporating stairs or ladders within the tower its self.

The question of whether to use traditional scaffolding or a scaffolding tower is often answered by the degree of safety and simplicity needed for the job. Today the questions of cost effectiveness and safety are more important than ever. OSHA is very critical of contractors who use what they consider to be marginal scaffolding systems that result in worker injury or even death. Tower scaffolds are a cost effective alternative when purchased by builders who previously used contract scaffolding.

Today the materials used to make scaffolding have evolved to include all the durable synthetics that engineers have deemed to be safe to hold the weight required for the job. This can be steel, aluminum or one of a variety of composites that may include polyester or nylon with glass filament for the pipes and couplings, and aluminum or seasoned lumber or a laminate for the boards. There are a number of alloys on the market for scaffold manufacture.

There are a multitude of government requirements on the quality of scaffolding materials. These can be found on the OSHA website and they are constantly being revised. To OSHA safety means stabilization of scaffolding, training of employees, and using the appropriate scaffolding system for the job. Booklets and assistive material is available to enhance compliance with OSHA rules for any scaffolding system by contacting them directly.

If your question is should you use traditional scaffolding system or a scaffold tower, the answer is in your requirements for safe ascent and descent; your ability to erect and dismantle the scaffolding and your method transporting the scaffolding on site and to different job sites. The bottom line to a cost conscious contractor is the minimal cost to achieve the best performance possible.

Laminate Kitchen Flooring

When restoring your kitchen the worst thing to select is a brand new kitchen floor. This is hard for many of us to determine because there are dozens of selections.

One of the best to use in the kitchen is laminate kitchen flooring. This is also believed to be one of the most normally selected that is utilized not only in the kitchen but also the bathroom. This type of flooring is that that it provides individuals to be special and diverse with the type of style and design that they choose.

Laminate flooring is obtainable in a variety of colors, sizes, and trends. You will have the decision to combine and match the colors to produce a custom pattern of your choice. Some homeowners will compound two different colors in their kitchen to produce a checker board pattern.

Some Other different thing about laminate flooring is that you have the ability to buy it to imitate the look of brick, tile, or wood kitchen flooring. This provides you to copy the look of a amazing and expensive kitchen without the cost of one. Real wood flooring may bring more value to your house – but it is twice as expensive to purchase and to instal.

Laminate kitchen flooring is usually sold in planks and made up with numerous various layers. The first layer of the plank is a clear hard coating that will screen the pattern and look of the flooring. The maker will then merge the two layers together utilizing a high density core. After this a backing will be placed on the plank to make it durable and able to withstand moisture.

Because laminate flooring is built to hold up against heavy wear and tear it is something that houses love to apply. It utilizes a special coating that makes it resistant to both food and dirt stains as well as moisture. This makes it easy for you to clean messes up.

Many kitchen flooring types are tough to install and will cost you more money because you will have to hire someone to install it for you. Still, laminate floors are one of the simplest types to set up. That is why there are home stores that sell do-it-yourself laminate kitchen flooring for individuals trying to save some money.

How To Apply A Shellac, Oil, Or Lacquer Finish


Shellac is made from the secretion of the lac insect. Proper thinning of the shellac is a vital part of the correct application. The concentration of shellac in alcohol is known as its cut. Most shellac on the market is 4 or 5 pound cut. The cut is indicated on the label. For almost all purposes, shellac will require thinning with alcohol. The proportions are the same if you are thinning a pint or a gallon. For example: "If you wished to thin a pint of 4-pound cut to a 2-pound cut, you would use 3/4 pint of alcohol to 1 pint of shellac". A 4-pound cut is the best for general use. When thinning, use only pure denatured ethyl or grain alcohol. Before you use shellac, shake or stir it thoroughly. The first two coats should be thinned to a 2 pound cut and the final coat should be 4 pound cut. Shellac comes in three types: orange, 'bleached' or white and dewaxed. White is best for most work and orange is used for dark wood or darkly stained woods.


This finish is ideal for most furniture. Here are some pointers for applying shellac to obtain a satin rubbed finish:

1. Apply enough coats of shellac so the last one shines. (four or more) Allow time for each coat to dry. Test for drying by trying to make a thumb print.

2. Sand light with # 400 grit paper. Dust with a brush and wipe with a cloth after each coat.

3.Allow several hours for the final coat to dry completely, then rub with 3/0 steel wool until there is absolutely no shine remaining. After the gloss has been removed by rubbing with steel wool, sprinkle the surface with dry 2/0 pumice and brush lightly. Dust and wipe off the surface and apply at least two coats of wax.


This finish is for high grade furniture that requires extreme smoothness and high polish. Surfaces should be completely smoothed with paste filler before the finish is applied. The steps are similer to the satin rubbed finish but usually six or more coats should be applied. When the entire surface has been completed, wipe it off with soft rags and allow to dry completely. When a highly polished finish is desired, it may be obtained by a final rubbing with rottenstone and a linseed oil mixture after the surface has been completely cleaned. Then apply at least two coats of wax.


An oil finish is one of the oldest for hard or close grained woods. The old-fashioned oil finish is accomplished by using a mixture of two-thirds boiled linseed oil and one-third pure turpentine. It requires from five to twenty coats. The process should be repeated until no dull spots remain. Allow at least two days between the first two coats and from a week to a month between later coats. Each coat must be washed before another coat is applied. Because of the time involved, most do-it-yourselfers would rather use the following method:

First coat: Apply one-third raw linseed oil and two-thirds turpentine. Allow 24 hours to dry.

Second coat: Apply pure boiled linseed oil. Dry for 24 hours.

Third coat: Same as second coat.

Fourth coat: Mix and apply on half 'boiled linseed oil' and one half japan drier. While applying, watch for tackiness and rub off with burlap. Complete the finish by rubbing with pumice and oil, then with 3/0 steel wool as described earlier.


Lacquer has replaced varnish ans shellac as finishes in the furniture making field because it is easy to spray and dries quickly for fast production. For the home handyman, the lacquer system is not widely used because spray equipment is necessary. If your shop is equipped with an air compressor and a spray gun, it's fairly easy to learn. Lacquer offers a hard, durable, waterproof surface that will withstand high heat without becoming sticky. The surface is transparent and brings out the beauty of the wood grain when a natural finish is desired. Lacquer is the fastest drying finish ever developed. The drying time is 1 1/2 to 2 hours as compared to quick-dry paints, varnishes, and enamels, which require at least 4 hours.

Spraying Technique: The best spraying method requires a pressure of 30 to 40 pounds. As a general rule, using a spray gun at this pressure, you can get by with a single coat. Before beginning the spraying job, be sure the equipment is clean, and make sure it works properly by trying a test pattern on waste material. Apply the spray in even lines across the surface moving parallel with the work. Handling a paint sprayer is an art that comes with practice. Soon you'll be spraying like a pro.

Home Air Conditioning Systems

An air conditioner is a must have in today's rapidly warm world. As temperatures rise across the globe, home air conditioning systems are flying off the shelves as manufacturers and retailers see increasingly good sales in such items.

It is not hard to see why when temperatures can soar up to previously unheard of highs. Humans could not possibly survive without cooling systems.

Air cooling systems actually come in different types. You may have the central one which is normally used to cool down a single room or a smaller area. Most air conditioners would use refrigeration technology to transfer the cold around.

When choosing a suitable cooling system for your house, there are a few factors that you have to look into or risk getting the wrong product for your home use.

Of course, most indoor air conditioning systems come in regular sizes which you can easily get from the shop. However, not planning before buying could see you purchasing a unit that is not compatible with your home. For example, if you buy a larger unit for a small room, you will end up wasting money and energy because your consumption would be high for such a little requirement.

My advice would be to look around at the systems available before making your choice. Get as much information as possible. There are customer service attendants at most hardware shops that would be more than happy to assist you in making the right choice.

There are so many types of technology available that different home air condition systems claim to do different things for your home. Some slightly clean the air while cooling down your home while others eliminate dust at the same time.

While all these things are well and good, the most important consideration you should look into is the general efficiency of your air conditioning system. Like I mentioned before, size does play a very important role in terms of efficiency as well. Purchase a home air conditioning system that is too small for your big home would mean that you are actually consuming more energy in the long run.

You are on the lookout for an air conditioning system because you absolutely have to get one before summer hits. Well, yeah, home air conditioning systems are designed to help you get through the day more comfortably.

However, you should definitely plan your budget before actually going out and purchasing one. It makes no sense to blow your expenses out of the water just for the sake of comfort. You would also need to take into consideration how much your energy consumption would rise upon installing the home air conditioning system or mini split heat pumps.

At the end of the day, air cooling systems are pretty useful tools to help you cool down when the temperatures start to rise. Although air conditioning supply has become very common nowdays, however, there are things you need to do before actually rushing out to buy air conditioner.

Just remember that if you're thinking in terms of the long run, you will never go wrong. At the same time, you get to save more in terms of efficiency and energy conservation as well.

How to Find Discount Carpets

The price of a carpet is usually what appeals someone to buy a carpet in the first place. But beware of buying a cheap carpet of very poor quality. This is often the case when you buy carpeting from a discount carpet outlet; the quality of their stock and the customer service available is not comparable to that of a full line carpet showcase.

First of all, selection: Are you going to get the same variety and brand names that you can get in a carpet store? You are talking about your home, and you want to make sure you are able to pick the exact right carpet to suit your precious abode. Carpeting should be expected to last in a home for years, so you want to choose something you can be proud of for years to come. Having a limited choice of non-top brands, with patterns that are out of date, will not achieve this end. Beside, discount carpet outlets are not known for having knowledgeable salespeople who can advise you on the best type of carpet for your needs. You know that the lower prices mean that they can not afford to have good, experienced sales help. They will not be able to advise you on the quality of the various carpets, and they will not have the decorating skills to be able to advise you on the right color and design choices for your home. They are committed to low prices, not good service.

You also have to be careful when you purchase discounted carpeting to make sure you are getting everything you may get in a regular carpet store. For instance, is the installation included? If you are just buying a carpeting off a roll from them, you may be expected to install the carpet yourself or hire an installer, since not many other people have the skills or equipment to install carpet themselves. If the carpet is incorrectly installed, you are asking for years of problems. If not properly installed, the carpeting may wear down unevenly and you may have rucks that can cause problems or even injuries.

You may end up paying more overall because the price of the installer is so high. You have to ask if the padding is included in a discount carpet store. Do not kid yourself into thinking that you do not need padding. Padding is necessary for the longer life of the carpet, and it will protect the flooring underneath as well as make it more comfortable to walk on. Padding is an investment in your carpeting since it will help it to last longer. Without padding, you do not have the look and feel of plush carpeting that feels so good underfoot. Padding that extends the life of your carpeting actually saves you money because you will not have to replace your carpeting as frequently.

So consider all of the variables before you decide to buy carpeting from a discount carpet outlet. You will not get the same quality as you will from a full carpet store, and you may end up not even saving money with a carpet you are not happy with and that wears out faster.

The Bold Neutral – Choosing a Black Coffee Table

Our instincts often tell us to choose neutrals when we make big furniture decisions. But you can select a neutral that does not say boring. Consider creating a room outfitted in black-and-white. Your choice is bold, crisp, and fresh. When you balance these two bold color choices in a room, you'll still stay neutral, and you'll create a sophisticated look for your home.

Choosing this color scheme for a living room means you'll have a wealth of choices available to you. Aside from the upholstered furniture in your living room-the sofa, chairs, ottomans, or sectional-the piece of furniture that grounds the entire design is the coffee table. This important choice reinforces a look for a room. Choose your upholstery, then consider a black coffee table.

One choice in a traditional room is a painted pedestal table. A turned wood pedestal and a round top can stand strong when placed in front of white sofa or black-and-white print upholstery. For a casual country look, you can choose a black coffee table with a natural wood top. When you combine a natural wood treatment with a piece of black furniture, it softens the boldness of your choice.

Similarly, a black coffee table with geometric lines can tie together the design in a contemporary urban condo. Imagine a long, low white leather sofa that sits behind a black marble-topped table, a backdrop of city lights sparkling outside the window. Add some natural materials in pillows and window coverings to avoid a too-cold feeling, and you'll have an unforgetable room.

If you decide to change your black-and-white décor, your black coffee table should not be left behind. This timeless piece of furniture remains a strong choice against rich colors such as red and gold in a traditional home, or against graphite gray or a clear citrus green in a contemporary design.

After you choose a black coffee table, in whatever style that suits your décor, do not leave it unadorned. A simple black table needs to be topped off with something unforgettable. A low glass vase filled with yellow flowers? A bright silver box where you can toss the remotes? A colorful tray transported back from an overseas adventure? The surface of your black coffee table is a blank canvas (a black blank canvas, that is) for whatever treasure you want to showcase in your home.

With the rising popularity of outdoor living rooms, it's easy to carry your black and white décor outside. Whether you choose elegant upholstered outdoor seating in ivory, or classic white Adirondack chairs, do not forget to add a coffee table made of an outdoor material such as cast iron or a black all-weather wicker. You'll have everything you need to enjoy the comforts of your patio, and you'll be building a chic place to relax and entertain.

Contrary to what you might think, black does not hide dust and dirt. (Remember, there are two kinds of dirt-dark dirt that is drawn to white surfaces, and white dirt that lands on dark surfaces …) Plan to regularly dust a coffee table that has a black painted or stained surface to keep it looking good. If you have a glass- or stone-topped black coffee table, use the right spray cleaner recommended for that surface. Check the manufacturer's recommendations for choosing cleaning materials.

Whatever style you choose, when you have a black coffee table, there's no question about where the center of the room, the center of conversation, and the center of this design lies. Choosing a black coffee table gives you an unmistakable focal point for the most important gathering place in the house.

5 Reasons to Hire Commercial Cleaners

There are many good reasons to take that step toward hireing a commercial cleaning company to clean your business.

A professional cleaning company will do a more thorough job of cleaning your work place because they have experience on what surfaces and areas need special attention and how to get things like windows, carpets, walls and surfaces looking their best and cleanest. Staff will learn by the example you set and will work harder to make sure their workstations are kept in the same clean and tidy state as the rest of the office. Customers will feel welcomed and positive about being in your office or business and get a great impression from the start. Having your workplace cleaned by professionals who are familiar with health and safety guidelines will ensure that your place of work is free from any dangerous debris, cables or clutter. They will make sure that you are providing a clean and sanitary environment. Professional cleaners will make sure your bathrooms and kitchen areas are clean and safe to use day after day.

  1. Results – you will not get a better result than when you hire people who have the experience and equipment to do the job right. Regular cleaning and maintenance of a work place is no simple task. It is a big job that requires the correct know-how, equipment and the use of commercial grade products.
  2. Impression – a professionally cleaned office or workplace will give out the right impression to your customers and staff. A work space will show your staff and clients that your company values ​​order, cleanliness and has pride in their place of work.
  3. Safety and sanitation – there are many safety and sanitary reasons for you to get your business professionally cleaned. Many cleaning chemicals are hazardous without the correct use. If you do not provide sufficient ventilation or protection from these chemicals you can harm your staff. Commercial cleaners will either lock up or bring their own cleaning products. They will handle and dispose of them correctly.
  4. Time saving – save you and your staff's time and money by hiring commercial cleaners. Your time is better spending improving your business. Do not waste your valuable time and efforts on cleaning. Your staff is also better off spending their working hours doing the job you paid them to do, not cleaning their place of work.
  5. Morale – improve your staff morale by ensuring your place of business is clean and tidy. This works on two levels. The first level is that no employee likes to be assigned cleaning duties. This menial task is often seen as degrading and wasteful of their time. They agreed to work for you in the capacity as employee, not cleaner. The second way it improves staff morale is by providing them with a clean and tidy place to work in. No one wants to work in a cluttered and dirty environment. A clean place of work will encourage staff to work more productively.

A cleaning company will help your business improve by maintaining a clean and tidy place of work that will impress your clients and boost your staff morale.

Pointe Shoes With Hammer Claw and Mallet Toes

Getting into pointe shoes may not be a dream you feel you can fulfill if you have hammer, claw, or mallet toes. Misshapen toes may or may not hurt. They may be related to arthritis, or not. These kinds of toes indicate that the toe muscles have somehow become unbalanced. A common reason is from you wearing shoes that are too tight. However, home care and stretching and exercises can be performed, gradually alleviating these conditions, to some degree if not altogether. If you are ready to dance on pointe, improving your toes’ shapes and functions can be done while you take pointe classes.

In both your toe shoes and your everyday shoes, proper sizing is crucial. There absolutely must be room for your toes. If your second toe is longer, it is the toe that you choose shoe length for.

Especially pointe shoes, which must fit snuggly, and yet accommodate a long second toe. You are going to become very particular with toe spacers, toe caps and any other padding that will help your toes stay long in the shoes, and be protected from developing blisters and corns due to their bent joints.

A podiatrist may recommend orthotic insoles – made to fit your feet – and can also teach you ways to splint or strap toes to help straighten out the joints.

Learning ballet foot stretches and ways to relax all the foot and toe muscles will help you work with misshapen toes. Specific exercises for articulation and strength in the toes will help you straighten these toes to whatever degree possible, and develop the strength you need to dance in toe shoes, at the same time.

All dancers should pamper their feet with warm soaks and massage, and this will help you too, with your special project.

Don’t forget nutrition. Eating fresh foods, good lean proteins, and getting enough of the right vitamins that convert proteins to muscle in your body is important. The Vitamins B12, B6, and Folic Acid are needed for this. Add Vitamin D3, and plenty of dark green vegetables and salads count too.