How to Build a Room Divider

There are lots of reasons why you may want to learn how to build a room divider. A divider is great in homes that are large and small. They are also great in any room in a house or even on your patio or in your garden.

Things You Will Need To Build A Room Divider

In order to build a room divider you will need:

• 2 4×8 sheets of MDF
• Hinges with screws
• Drill
• Measuring tape
• Pencil

Take Measurements

You will need to know the height and length of the room divider that you want to make. With these measurements in mind, it is time to purchase the MDF from your local lumberyard.

Find The Ceiling Joists

Use a stud finder to locate the ceiling joists. Mark both ends of it at the centerline before snapping a chalk line along the center of it.

Find The Center Line

Use a plumb bob to find the vertical centerline from the ceiling to the floor. Mark this by snapping a chalk line.

Check Your Wood

Make sure that all of your 2×4's are cut at 90 degree angles. If not, use your circular saw to fix them.

Hang The Board From The Ceiling

Center your 2×4 along the chalk line on the ceiling. Hold the board in place. Starting 1 inch from the wall, drive 3-inch wood screws into the board at 8-inch intervals.

Make Another Wall

You will need to do the same thing in order to build the other side of your divisor. Then place your hinges on the first board. Make sure that they are exactly where you want them before drilling the holes to screw them into place.

Retain Your Designer Carpets Quality With These Basic Hints

If you are thinking about laying a new designer carpet in your Four Oaks or Walmley home then it is going to need some careful consideration. Installing any new surface is going to involve spending a fair amount of money and you are going to expect it to last for a long period of time. We have given you some advice on how you can make sure that your new carpets will retain their quality and last as long as possible.

The Carpet Selection

The actual carpet that you buy is clearly going to have a major influence on the length of time that it is going to last for. You should try to buy one that is made with good quality materials and to a high standard as these will generally last much longer. It is obviously going to cost you more to get a good quality product but the fact that they will last longer means that you are not going to have to replace it as soon. This makes the initial extra cost worth it in the wider scope of things as it means you have gotten a lengthier time till you have to pay for a new one.

Cleaning Your Carpet

If you stick to a regular cleaning routine then you should find that your carpet will suffer from much less wear and tear and will probably last a lot longer. The most frequent cleaning task that you should be carrying out is vacuuming you floors and this should ideally be done at least once per week. Using the extra attachments will mean that you can properly get up all of the dust and bits and will allow you to clean even the hardest places to reach. Doing this regularly will help your floor keep its original color and means that dirt can not build up on it. As well as vacuuming, it is highly advisable that you also get your carpet properly cleaned once a year. This will allow the deep fibers to be properly cleaned and will be extremely beneficial.

General Advice

By using some general common sense you will prolong the life of your Four Oaks designer carpets. You should make sure that if anything is spilled onto it that it is cleaned up immediately to prevent it from settling into the fibers. Another thing is to stop people form wearing their shoes when walking on the carpet to stop dirt being walked in. Finally, you should also make sure that any furniture you have in the room uses wheel or leg covers to reduce the marks that they leave.

How to Build a Windmill Energy System

Do you wish to learn how to build a windmill energy system to run your home with free electricity? Creating free power with windmills is possible today and are very beneficial compared to using traditional fossil fuel energy.

1. What Are the Benefits of Running Your House with a Windmill Energy System?

Firstly, wind is a renewable source of energy that will never be fully depleted like fossil fuels. They are very clean to harness and use and will not release harmful carbon emissions. Best of all, they can help their user save up to 100% of their power bills yet cost less than $ 200 to construct.

2. How to Build a Windmill Energy Generating System?

The procedures required for the construction of windmills used to be a mystery to the general public, but that has started to change recently. There are many websites that promote the use of clean energy and renewable power systems today. They encourage their visitors to convert to using windmill and solar panels by providing step by step manuals and video tutorials that show how to build these systems.

3. Parts Needed to Start Building your Windmill

There are 5 main parts that you have to construct. They are the base, blades, tower, nacelle and batteries. The base needs to be built strong so that it can support the entire structure. The blades can be made from either wood or light weight plastic. Alternately, you can also choose to purchase them.

The best materials to use for the tower are either PVC pipes or other materials that are similar as strong as the pipes. Finally, you need to build the windmill nacelle and a battery system to store electricity generated that is not used up immediately.

Evolution of Business in the United States

 I. Introduction

The history of modern American economy traces its roots in the 16th century when migrants from Europe came to settle in the country. At that time, the nation was inhabited by Native Americans — indigenous peoples who were recognized according to tribes. Prior to the arrival of European settlers, tribes traded among themselves.

When the Europeans came they established economic interaction with the natives through the barter or trading of commodities. Such interaction increased tremendously over time – thus becoming the cornerstones of commerce and the foundation of a nation. From the early trading systems, business in America progressed to more complicated and more comprehensive levels. Tracing these roots, from the early barter practices through the Industrial Revolution up until the Internet Revolution can help us better appreciate why America is the most powerful economy in the world today.

II. Bartering

The beginnings of business in America are closely intertwined with the early practice of barter. In its early history, the United States was a collection of colonies where the absence of a common currency led to the use of all sorts of substitutes, e.g. tobacco and wampum, as money.

Barter took many forms then. Among these were the potlatch ceremonies of Native Americans that had economic functions entwined with social and ceremonial significance. A potlatch is usually a ceremony involving music, dance, and spiritual rituals. The host gives away his resources gathered for the event, which in turn the guests give in return when they hold their own potlatches.

Barter also took the form of traditional native currencies such as furs and wampum which were essential for frontier trading with the indigenous population. Wampum, made out of the shells of a type of clam, was best known form of money among Native Americans. Wampum’s use as money came as a result of its desirability for ornamentation purposes.

Among the early documented use of wampum points to 1664 when colonist Peter Stuyvesant arranged a loan in wampum for the payment of the wages of workers constructing the New York citadel (page 458). Other commodities that were commonly traded included tobacco, rice, indigo, wheat, maize, etc.

III.  From the Industrial Revolution to the Production Era

As colonies and settlements grew, industries became more developed. The introduction and use of machineries in production ushered in the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution changed the ways by how American businesses produced their goods. The introduction of much new technological advancement led to greater and faster production of goods. The onset of greater productivity led to unprecedented economic growth to a budding nation. The Industrial Revolution basically changed the country from a mainly agricultural society to one that in which industry and manufacturing was in control.

The biggest advancement in technology was the use of steam power. This revolutionized industries like textiles and manufacturing. Also, the invention of the telegraph made communication much faster. The onset of the production era signaled the end of the industrial revolution. The new era saw many companies looking at ways to reduce the cost of production. Companies thought then that lowering manufacturing costs would lead to lower prices of products. This concept was fueled by such milestones as the invention of the assembly line and more efficient work principles (Haber, 1964).

These two innovations made businesses aware that mass production resulted in lesser costs of production and greater profits. Unfortunately, unstable economic conditions brought about by the Great Depression caused many companies to fail even though they had adopted mass production techniques.

IV. From the Marketing Era to today’s business world

Contrary to the fears of the general public, the end of World War II saw pent-up consumer demand fueling strong economic growth in the postwar period. Several industries grew tremendously during this period – the automobile industry, aviation and electronics to name a few. A housing boom added to the expansion.

The postwar economic aid to European countries under the Marshall Plan also helped maintain markets for numerous U.S. goods. In the 1980s, rapid developments in technology impacted the economy. The personal computer, hand-held mobile phones, and new audio and data storage technologies greatly influenced business. But the greatest impact would come with the emergence of the Internet.

            The impact of the Internet on business is as far reaching as its impact on an individual’s way of life. Today, the Internet is a fundamental component in determining both strategy and business design. This technology enables businesses to reach across and beyond traditional boundaries and create new sources of profit.

V. Conclusion

The history of business in the United States is a reflection of the country’s evolution from a simple economy to being the most powerful country in the world. To say that business had little or no influence in the attainment of that status would be to deny the very history of America. Indeed, the country was founded on democratic principles, but it grew and developed, no doubt, because of business.

Solar Panel Facts

Solar panel systems come in an ever growing number of sizes, configurations and power outputs and while their development is focused primarily on energy conversion percentiles, functionality presents even more choices. Despite all of these types of solar that are available the buyer needs to know certain facts that relate to solar panels, the materials they are made from and most importantly their power output and area foot prints. There are 3 primary types of solar panels used at present. Mono Crystalline, Poly Crystalline, and Amorphous Poly Crystalline and while each has the ability to turn the sun’s light into viable electricity, it is their power output levels which determine their functional use.

Of these 3 types of systems the Mono Crystalline offers the highest power outputs per square foot of solar installed. This type of solar panel is typically warrantied by their manufacturers for 25 – 30 years, they can vary in size, shape and power output levels and they require rack mounting. They are primarily manufactured in a rectangular shape of approximately 2.5 feet X 5.3 feet however even this sizing is dependent on what the power output value of the panel is. A solar panel with a 175 watt output is going to be smaller than a solar panel of 240 watts and if your project has a limited amount of space then this becomes a balancing act between the available space and power needs.

There are typically 2 types of solar racking installations that are used by the majority of solar panel users. Roof racking systems come in a wide array of adjustable and configurable components that allow them to be used on a sloped roof just as easily as a flat roof. Pole mounted systems are probably the best in terms of their actual foot print as they take up no roof line real estate which can be a concern when that roof needs re-surfacing. Pole mount systems also have a number of tracking systems available which automate the adjustments and movements of the solar panel array. Single axis tracking systems will track horizontally while dual axis solar tracking systems will track horizontally and vertically.

Why do we need to consider solar tracking systems? In terms of the annual solar cycle we experience every year your solar panels regardless if they are roof or pole mounted are going to require periodic adjustments to keep them aligned at the best angle to the suns path in order to optimize the volume of power they can generate. By using a dual axis solar tracking system you are able to keep both the horizontal as well as vertical angles of your solar panels at the optimum angle to the suns path throughout every day. Thereby picking up and additional 15% of energy generation of your solar array which directly affects its power output to your home or business.

Many of these solar panel systems can become a bit overwhelming for the Do-It-Yourselfer’s especially in terms of any added complexity of systems used such as the tracking systems, inverter or charge controller systems or system monitoring software usage. It is always a great idea to select a company that is not only specialized in renewable energy systems but also NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Certified. Most reputable companies offer service installation warranties of at least 2 years with annual maintenance plans and partnering with these companies will keep you informed and your systems operating in top form.

Spruce Up the Home Surroundings With Elegant Mosaics for 2017

The home is that special something where the heart resides through the many seasons! Why not look around and bring some refurbishing ideas to life? Bring some color and gloss, a little expense here and there, and life changes dramatically. Heighten the senses for the New Year already over a month old, though the excitement yet remains.

Start with a thorough clean

DIY is inspiring enough. Get into the home spring-cleaning fever. Clean everything except the ceiling and the attic maybe. Carpets, furniture, silver and copper, doors and windows, the wardrobe, and use the right cleaning materials. See how everything changes for the better and the New Year looks and feels so good.

Install exquisite mosaics on portions of walls and floors

Perhaps the walls and floors need a makeover, especially if they are aging and outdated. A cheerful and colorful contemporary tile culture is in order. Get rid of blank walls and vacant floors. Glass, Stone and Metal Mosaics are too good to be true, as colorful as mystical. Professional help would probably be necessary unless expert DIY is possible. Choose from a fancy collection that boggles the imagination. They deserve to be called dreams in tiles!

If all that sounds very complicated, Glass Mosaics should be inspiration enough with lustrous images reflected everywhere. Get them in gentle colors and immersive designs that elevate the soul.

If glass compositions seem too delicate, perhaps the strength and solidity of real natural stone could provide style statements that last and last. Marble & Onyx Mosaics represent the ultimate in extraordinary beauty with a supernatural touch. Marble has always been associated with the divine. Onyx does appear supernatural enough. Get them together and a smashing effect is born!

Overhauling entire walls and floors would be a huge task, rather costly too. Select the most used and frequented areas and give them a facelift. The central portions of walls and floors where everybody congregates deserve the special effects. The remainder could be painted or covered with curtains, furniture, carpets or art hangings.

Work hard on the grand entrance

Identity often lies with the state of the building entrance, besides the gate. Let that building facade shine through with a world of meaning. A combination of decorative mosaics like Travertine Mosaics, perhaps combined with Meshed Pebbles, would give visitors something to think about. Greenery with exotic blooming flowers would bring a fairy tale effect. Install some unusual lighting devices too and let the guests gaze and gaze.

Brian Froud: Evil Creatures With Mischievous Grins

I've never been much of a movie person. I've unfortunately never been able to tame my restlessness, sit still and sail through an entire movie without fidgeting and finding excuses to get up and do something else.

In fact, if I was asked to count the movies I've actually sat through so far in life and watched to their heritage, I am certain I can count them on one hand and three fingers.

A few of them were foreign movies, and the rest were childhood favorites I simply had to re-watch when I was an adult. It's kind of like rereading an old book and seeing, if several years later, the same content moves, fascinates and disturbs you as much as it did the first time around, more an act of curiosity than anything.

One of these all time special movies is Labyrinth, Jim Henson's 1986 fantasy film about a magical maze with fantastical creatures and an evil Goblin King in the gorgeous form of David Bowie.

I was rather young at the time, so I can not claim that I was glued to the TV screen because I was mesmerized by Bowie's striking looks, performance or voice. (I however can shamelessly admit to that now). Then, I watched that movie because I really loved it.

An escapist at heart, that movie offered me a door into a dream-like adventure, and I was transferred into this world of odd-looking colorful squeaky dancing creatures that fascinated and terrified me at the same time. That ballroom dance scene with Bowie and the beautiful Sarah Connelly still takes my breath away, and the images of those impish Goblins stayed with me for a long time.

Several years ago, while randomly browsing books in a bookstore, my eyes fell on the cover of one that immediately reminded me of Labyrinth. Something about those sinister eyes, especially those of that little cheeky snaggle-toothed fellow to the right:

The book was called Good Fairies, Bad Fairies and it was by an English artist called Brian Froud. After flipping through a few pages of evil creatures with mischievous grins and good, ethereal and sparkly ones, I was immediately hooked. The illustrations were absolutely stunning, so stunning that a couple of days later I ended up returning to the same store and buying two more books by Froud.

My mind had made that connection with Labyrinth because Brian Froud was actually the artist responsible for creating the magical world of the Labyrinth. Froud's fairy designs were also the inspiration for the creatures in the 1982 dark fantasy puppetry movie, The Dark Crystal. The movie Power of the Dark Crystal will be released in 2011 and the designs are also Froud's.

Brian Froud is the creator of many wonderful illustrative books, such as Fairies and Lady Cottting's Pressed Fairy Book, two of his most famous works, in addition to a long list of equally brilliant illustrations such as Heart of Faerie Oracle, Goblins of the Labyrinth I , The Goblin Companion: A Field Guide to Goblins, The Dreaming Place, The Faeries' Oracle, The Runes of Elfland and Goblins. His wife Wendy is an inspirational fantasy artist too and just by following their art, I've been introduced to a long list of breath-taking things: fairy poetry, art, folk music and even fairy festivals!

Daily Anti Aging Cream Without Harsh Ingredients

Let's face it. Your skin is so highly absorbent, any daily anti aging cream use should not contain harsh ingredients. Unfortunately, the vast majority of cosmetic creams and lotions are formulated with high concentrations of synthetic chemicals which are not healthy for you or your skin. While it may be a challenge finding products which are safe and effective, if you know what to look for, your search will yield great results. Let me explain.

First of all, I would encourage you to eliminate most mainstream skin care products from your list. Until these cosmetic companies stop using so many synthetic chemicals in their formulas, you are better off avoiding them.

I do not want to get too technical here, but the molecular structure of synthetic chemicals clashes with the molecular structure of your skin. The chemistry of human skin is natural. As such, it can not work with synthetic substances.

What these creams and lotions do is lay a film on the surface of your skin which temporarily hides or fills-in the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Their purpose is strictly "cosmetic" and has nothing to do with treating and healing the signs of aging.

Even if you like the temporary results from a daily anti aging cream made from chemicals, you need to know the heavy cosmetic film clogs your pores and results your body's natural excretions of toxins. Furthermore, medical experts still do not know the health risks associated with long-term use.

But you can avoid all this risk, and frustration from lack of true results, by sticking to products formulated with high concentrations of clinically-tested, bio-active extracts. Extracts from Nature have a similar molecular structure to your skin. This gives these natural substances the ability to work in harmony with your skin to bring about the healthy improvements you're looking for.

Clinical research shows natural vitamins, plant-based oils, proteins, and enzymes and fatty acids work within your cells to stimulate your body's collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production, increase the growth of new cells, provide healthy hydration and boost antioxidant activity.

The bottom line is, over time, your cells regain their health. Normal function is restored, along with firmer, smoother, brighter skin.

Some of the natural extracts which I personally have had good results with include Japanese sea algae (phytessence wakame), sheep wool extract (Cynergy TK), active Manuka honey, natural vitamin E, Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 (Co Q10 in a special ' Nano-emulsion 'form), and jojoba, macadamia nut, grapeseed and avocado oils.

You can not wrong using a daily anti aging cream with these healing, natural substances. The results may take a little time to show up on your face, but you can feel good knowing there is effective healing activity taking place deep within the cellular structure of your skin.

So there you have it. The information you need to find safe and effective daily anti aging cream. Now that you know all this, I hope you'll avoid products with harsh ingredients and stick to creams with proven bio-active extracts from Nature. If you'd like more information about natural skin care, please visit my web site.

The Future Of Barcodes

The familiar set of parallel black lines on labels and tags of products and services are barcodes, which provide a unique identity to everything. They were created half a century ago, and have become omnipresent today, since they are seen on retail products, vehicles and post packages, books and inventory items, and so on. Their usage is encouraged to enhance efficiency levels and as a cost and time saving measure.

Advances in technology and the use of integrated circuits has led to upgrading of barcodes from linear to two dimensional barcodes. The future will see further advancement and innovations; increased usage to encompass more fields and barcodes will chart unfamiliar territories. But as with all other scientific discoveries and inventions the old gives way to the new, and it is possible that new technologies may make barcodes obsolete. For instance the creation of Radio Frequency identification or RFID may one day make barcodes redundant. But this may never happen due to the gap in the expense involved in each. They may continue to be used side by side with barcodes being confined to simpler operations and RFID being used for more technical use.

The existing system will continue in the future with linear barcodes being used for simple applications and two-dimensional one for complex usage. At the outset the future seems to point towards the following:

• Enhanced usage of barcode technology to envelop areas hitherto ignored, and also to extend barcodes into more detailed functions of barcode uses in areas like supply chain management

• Greater information storage will become possible with the use of two dimensional barcodes that have more fields to store information along the length and width of the barcode

• Use of Barcodes will see improved software making the use of barcodes easier with the incorporation of additional fields

• Barcodes will have more symbologies than before to customize their application

The future of barcodes can be based on their present acceptability. There is no declining trend in the application of linear barcodes and that goes to prove that they will continue to be used where limited amounts of information has to be stored. The 2D barcodes are gaining in popularity where linear barcodes are found inadequate. With newer symbologies for 2D barcodes evolving, the sky is the limit for the potential of these barcodes.

A new addition to the barcode segment is the colored three-dimensional barcodes.

Commonly referred to as the colored barcode or the 3D barcode, they have the capacity to store a phenomenal amount of information. Their present application is limited since they are too new and have very basic symbologies and software available. The most symbology available for these colored barcodes is the HCCB or high capacity color barcode from Microsoft. Other symbologies include the colorized CL barcodes which can store 73 KB of data in a small square barcode. The symbology that is amongst the best is the new PM code. PM implies Paper Memory and has a memory range of 0.6-1.8 MB. Barcode storage with the IP-based PM code is the ultimate with its use of 256 colors and a memory range up to 1236 GB.

The QR or the Quick Response code is also being touted as the barcode of the future. The QR code is a square shaped matrix that has the capacity of storing more information than linear barcodes. They are being used extensively in countries like Japan, and most mobile phones there, can read this code with their camera. They are ideally suited for tracking applications, storing addresses, and users can even generate their own QR codes.

Thus, the barcode can yet not be written off despite more advanced RFID and other methods of identification coming up. Their cost efficiency, time saving and ease of use makes them highly acceptable for myriad applications and will continue to do so.

Preparing Items for Decoupage


Lightly sand any rough spots. Fill rough spots and holes with wood filler and then sand. Wipe with a damp sponge. If you want a stained background, use a water-soluble, alcohol-based wood stain. You may need to seal the wood.

You can apply your cutout directly onto untreated wood, but it’s better to apply a sealer. Before sanding wood paint a base coat first as the water-based paint lifts the fibers of wood way from the surface so when you sand the paint the fibers are easily removed. The first coat of paint highlights imperfections that you can correct with filler.

When using a wood base, remember that oil and water don’t mix. The most common decoupage glazes are water-based and won’t adhere properly to wood that has been stained with an oil-based stain.

If you’ve stained wood with an oil-based stain, you need to seal it with an oil-based sealer. If you want to decoupage a piece of old furniture and aren’t sure of the finish, find an inconspicuous spot to test your glaze.


Wash your glass item with soap and water, rinse thoroughly, and wipe dry. Wipe the surface with rubbing alcohol or vinegar and allow to dry before working on the surface. Don’t touch the surface once it has been cleaned as oil from fingers can cause your images to not seal properly.

You need to be extra careful to remove any excess glue from the glass surface, once your prints are applied. It’s also very important to work on a clean surface. When using PVA glue on glass, add a drop of glycerin to prolong the drying time. Once you have applied your cutout to the glass surface and allowed the glue to dry, you can remove any glue by wiping the glass with a window cleaner. Don’t apply glue to the image, only to the glass. Don’t worry about leaving too much glue between the glass and the image as it will dry clear. The more glue you work with, the easier it is to get rid of bubbles. Similarly, it’s OK to leave a thin film of glue both on the glass and the back of the image.

Spray a small amount on a damp sponge or cloth and remove any excess glue from the glass. Cotton swabs work well to remove glue from small areas.


To decoupage on plastic, you need to roughen the plastic first with sandpaper. This will give it some tooth with which to grab and provide a tight seal. You will need to allow extra drying and extra curing time than with other surfaces. Dry to the touch isn’t enough. Lightly press your finger in an area that won’t show to test it if possible. If not, allow several days for drying to be on the safe side. Keep the object protected against dust while it’s drying.

How To Find A Girlfriend In Your 30’s – 5 Action Steps

All right, you have hit the big 30, right? Maybe you are careening quickly toward 40 and you want to know how to find a girlfriend in your 30’s.

I have good news for you. It is not only possible, but it is probable to increase your odds of doing this by following the 5 tips below that most men miss. 90% of the men in the world do not follow this advice, based on what I hear on the dating women radio show that I co-host.

ONE: Understand what kind of woman you SHOULD be looking for

A lot of men wander around from attractive woman to attractive woman never knowing what the person inside is like. If you are in your 30’s looking for love, it is likely that you have had one or more experiences with a serious relationship. You might have even been married before. Most men in their 30’s have these things in their past, but they fail to understand the reason things blew up is they either failed to treat the right girl right (more on that later) or they chose the wrong woman to begin with (which happens a LOT).

You should look for a woman with a flexible personality that is a giver and is self-reliant. The structured or hard headed women with self-esteem issues and excess baggage can be a thing of the past for you if you follow my advice, because every woman EXCEPT the self-reliant type does not respond well to the tips I give in this article (especially mystery and challenge, discussed later).

Many men overrate her looks and do not look into what is inside. Women that are just “cute” physically can become beautiful to you if they have a great personality. On the flip side, women that look like magazine models can become “ugly” if they are mercenaries or structured.

TWO: It is all about HER interest level

Nobody talks about the interest level of the woman! How does she feel about you? Most guys are attracted to a woman and they CHARGE ahead because the male ego falsely tells you “if I like her, she must like me back.”

Men have to learn NOT to rush into rejection. You have to keep a constant monitor on whether or not she is into you or not. Does she laugh at your jokes? Is it easy to get a date with her? Do you feel as if you are the absolute center of the action when you are out with her? You have to consistently look for signs of her interest level either raising or lowering because you are a STRANGER to each other until you hit 2 months or 10 dates.

Yes, you heard me right. You two are STRANGERS until you hit the 2-month or 10-date mark. I am consistently amazed when guys call into our show or write emails saying they “know the girl” even though they have only been on 3 dates with her.

You need TIME in with a woman but unfortunately, most men RUSH INTO REJECTION.

THREE: Treat the right girl right

A lot of guys can get women to fall in love. I bet you have had women in love with you before. Did they stay in love? A lot of guys “relax and change” once they have the relationship locked in. The same fun guy that took her dancing and to interesting weekend destinations now plays poker with the boys on their former date nights and asks her to serve sandwiches to his friends.

Let me break it down to you. She is not your best buddy nor is she your loyal pooch. Your best buddy and loyal pooch will forgive you having moments where you are not treating them as you know you should.

Your lady, on the other hand, will lower her interest level until you are OUT.

Another thing guys do is start to make her mama or the psychiatrist as they get more serious with her. We will discuss this in the next tip but women like it light and funny. I know there will be serious subjects as you get into a more significant relationship, but there is no reason why you have to be serious all the time. Work through the serious stuff and move on.

Remember, she likes it light and funny. Guys that make her mama or the psychiatrist put her in a position that she does not want to be in, plus she cannot perceive you as a man to be in love with if you continually whine to her.

FOUR: The light and funny gentleman is what she wants

What do most women want out of relationships? They want to laugh. They want to have a fun time on a date or when they are around you. They also want a REAL MAN that is not afraid to say no to them if he thinks he is right.

Gentlemen are also a mystery and a challenge to women. They do not talk about going out on another date when they are on one with her, they do not give excessive compliments, they do not give gifts as an attempt to buy her affection, and she continually wonders (in the early stages) if he is seeing other women.

The gentleman has the “I do not need you, you need me” attitude with women that is displayed in his actions and reactions to her.

FIVE: Keep in mind dating is like sales and you should only pursue your “hot” leads

Out of all the women you talk to, only a few will be long term candidates. You have to kiss a lot of frogs, so to speak. We tell guys on the show all the time that “women help you when they like you.”

This would seem obvious, but to a lot of guys it is not.

I cannot tell you how many guys I see handing out their business cards or continually asking a woman for a date after they have been turned down.

Just approach the lady you want as a gentleman and ask her for the number after you establish a little rapport. If you get anything but the digits right away, then walk away and go to the next lead.

If you do get her number, then you have another 2 months or 10 dates to determine if YOU want HER to be YOUR girlfriend.

If you are wondering how to find a girlfriend in your 30’s, then those 5 tips should definitely help you.

Remember guys, you need to find the right one and then treat her right!

Why Get a Home Water Filtration System?

Home water filtration systems help to protect households from contaminants in the water that can cause allergies and make the conditions of home appliances deteriorate.

The home water filtration system is located at the point of entry of the water supply before it reaches the home. It is at this point where it filters the water before releasing it into the home. Home water filtration systems are recommended if you suspect that the water coming to your home is contaminated.

How The Home Water Filtration System Works

The home water filtration system has a filter housing and a filter cartridge. Some systems may have two cartridges; One for filtering larger sediments and another for smaller elements like chemicals and viruses.

At the point-of-entry, the water is filtered before it is released into the house. The water is then forwarded to all accessible points in the house like sinks, taps and other points.

Benefits Of Using Home Water Filtration Systems

Since a home water filter system is much larger in size than other filtration systems, it handles a larger amount of water. It allows the whole house to access purified water from all accessible points as opposed to just one faucet point

Home water filtration systems remove heavy metals like copper, fluoride and lead that are contained in unpurified water. These metals are a health hazard to consumers because they can cause diseases once they are in the body system. Also, using purified water in home appliances ensures that the appliances do not get affected by rust which is caused by iron that is found in water that has not been purified.

Moreover, water that is purified does not contain chlorine. Chlorine gas is dangerous to people who are asthmatic and those who have cancer. It is usually emitted from showers when households use unpurified water. Chlorinated water causes excessive dryness of the skin and dehydration. Households that have home water filter systems also enjoy uncontaminated and cleaner air which does not contain chlorine. Chlorine is emitted from unpurified water in households that use the water in showers and for other uses.

Home water filtration systems purify water from chemicals and other microorganisms that are in it. Poisonous chemical elements from pesticides, cyanides, weed killers and fertilizers usually make their way down into the underground water. These elements can be dangerous and some microorganisms can cause diseases. Unpurified water has also been proven to contain thousands of toxic elements that are as a result of the usage of industrial chemicals.

Other benefits of home water filtration systems include clean water that is free from bacteria and viruses. There are viruses and bacteria that are chlorine resistant and cause diseases when they enter the human body system. An example of such a bacteria is gardia.

The home water filter system is recommended for all households who value their health and are concerned about the lifespan of their home appliances. Although it may seem expensive to install in the beginning, its benefits in the long run outweigh its current costs.

Plastic Surgery – 6 Important Factors to Consider

Before jumping head first into an operation, there are a few things you should do and understand ahead of time. Plastic surgery is not something that you should take lightly because it involves many factors. Take some time to do your research and explore a few tips below to help you with your decision to go under the knife.

Find a Doctor

Whatever you decide to do to change your body, be sure to get an experienced surgeon for the job. Your health is at stake so you do not want to take any chances. Be sure your doctor graduated from an accredited college and has an extensive experience performing the procedure you're getting. Also, it would not hurt to seek out your friends and family members for suggestions regarding plastic surgery. This way, you'll know you're getting an honest review of the doctor.

Know The Risks

There are many pros and cons when it comes to considering plastic surgery. While the hope is that there is more good than bad, it's important to consider all the risks. For instance, it's important to remember that when you go under the knife, you're getting an operation. This is not something you should do without thinking it through. That's because people can have adverse reactions to different things associated with an operation. You could be allergic to the anasthesia, have excessive bleeding, and develop blood clots and more. So, even though many procedures turn out just fine, keep in mind that there is some risk involved.

Have Realistic Expectations

Although many people have big dreams when it comes to getting plastic surgery, it's essential that you're realistic. You should not expect to come out of a procedure looking like your favorite movie star. Everyone is different and will get different results. So while it's okay to be excited about the possibilities, it's important to remember that an operation will not completely transform you into a different person.

Save Your Money

Most plastic surgery procedures are expensive. And unless you can prove that the operation you want is needed for medical purposes, an insurance company is not going to cover it. To ensure you get what you want, take some time and save money. You do not want to compromise quality simply because you do not have enough funds.

Do It For You

Never get a medical procedure because someone else wants you to. It's your body and you're the one that has to live with the results. And if you think changing your looks will somehow help you keep a relationship together, think again. If something's wrong, it will not change just because you change your appearance. So take some time and think about why you really want plastic surgery and make sure it's on your own terms.

Take Recovery Seriously

It's important to keep in mind that getting an operation is serious business. Even though you may be getting a procedure for personal or vain reasons, it's mandatory that you take it seriously, especially recovery time. Be sure to follow all of your doctor's instructions to make sure you heal properly.

Secrets of Getting Noticed in an Online World

1. Know thyself.

Know what it is you’d like to be doing. Do some research first. Understand what job/career you are searching for. Do you want to work in a pharmacy? Be a legal transcriptionist? Smelt iron ore? Discern what exactly it is you want to do.

2. Are you qualified? Check your experience.

Once you’ve established that you want to be a pharmacist, make sure that you qualify for the position. What have you done in the past, directly or indirectly, that gives you the actual experience or transferable skills?

3. Your resume: It’s all about the keywords.

If you want your resume to deliver the goods, make sure that it’s keyword-centric. In this way both recruiters and the search technology they use to scan banks of resumes will notice your resume before the others. If you are applying for a travel nursing position, your resume should definitely state that fact! Try “Position Desired: Traveling Nurse” right near the top. Be specific! Narrow your focus and only apply for those jobs that directly apply to you. This will help you to sell yourself more effectively and will increase your chances of being noticed.

4. Dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s.

Fill in every category that is requested of you. The more information that you provide, the better your chances are.

Proofread your resume before you post. Resumes with glaring errors–spEEling, punctuation. grammar–will oftentimes be cast aside faster than your computer’s cable modem can connect to this page. Have at least one other person look it over, too.

5. Take a shortcut.

“Ctrl + c” and “Ctrl + v” are your best friends. If the site you are posting your

resume to has the ability for you to copy and paste a pre-written resume – DO IT! By submitting a pre-written resume, it ensures that you’ve taken the time to proofread and make sure that it is perfect; that is, of course, assuming you did it the first time. Don’t forget to update the old resume to reflect any new facts about your qualifications or experience.

6. Be professional.

Just because you’re posting your resume on the internet doesn’t make it any less professional. Use common sense! Imagine that you are creating a picture-perfect resume to be printed and hand-delivered to an employer who will first judge you simply based on its appearance.

One of the main forms of communication these days is email. We at HealthcareRecruitment utilize this powerful communication tool to its full potential. When submitting a resume to our site, use a professional-sounding email! Recruiters and employers will quickly disregard job seekers with profane emails. And unless you’re applying for a job at a comedy club, drop the name “incredible_goatman” for some version of your real name.

If you need help writing your resume before submitting it, by all means take your time! We offer help in this department.

7. Take advantage – Use our website.

To make the most effective use of the tools that we provide, we recommend searching for the specific jobs that you are interested in. Then submitting your resume to our site will allow you to directly apply to those jobs. By doing so, you will be making your information readily available to the employers/recruiters who work with us and will greatly increase your chances of being contacted for jobs you didn’t even know were there!

Here’s the advantages we have over the big boys in the job-board industry. Unlike or – we only include jobs within the healthcare industry on our site. This allows us to truly concentrate on our niche in the job market and provide you with the best results possible!

Happy Job Hunting! Now you have some extra knowledge to spring ahead and make the process of finding your next job as painless as possible.

Online Casino Betting

Online casino betting via the Internet is different in many ways from betting at a table game in a live casino. Most of the games offered in a live casino can be played online at any time, day or night. Two things that are missing for sure are the crowd around a hot dice table, and the free drinks. There is no constant background noise of bells from the slot machines or the excited cries of a winner at a craps table.

An online player can play blackjack in their pajamas or shoot dice while wearing a swimsuit. Poker online is hindered in a way that only an old time live poker player may understand. This experienced player misses being able to watch the body language of another player when playing out a hand. Online play does not yet offer this feature. All other aspects of poker are either the same or in some respects improved such as you cannot bet out of turn. One huge advantage of online poker and all table games is you can play almost at will. The games are always open and available for the online player.

The rules of the online casino games mirror those of the same games offered in a live casino. So there is nothing new here.

Play of any of the table games, card games or slots online is very similar to playing in a live casino. Online play makes casino type gambling available to all people with access to the Internet.

There are multiple casino choices online where a player can open an account and play whatever casino game they like and enjoy. Many of these casinos offer a bonus based on the amount of your opening deposit. Others offer points for playing, which can be converted into merchandise, and playing time in tournaments. Special rewards for playing certain games and slots are also available A sharp comparison of the offers from the different casinos makes sense as the offers increase the available funds for play at that casino. If two casinos offer the same games, why not play at the one with the best bonus structures. If all things considered are even, but you like the graphics at one casino better than another, then play at the one with the best graphics. Playing time can be made more enjoyable with better graphics to look at.