Cervical Fluid Is a Key Fertility Sign

Are you or a friend having difficulty conceiving? Starting to wonder if something may be wrong? Do not want to go to the doctor ‘just yet’, or have already taken some of those first medical steps? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, the information in this article will prove to be a useful quick glance into understanding one of the female body’s key signs of fertility.

‘Fertile’ pre-ovulation cervical fluid. This essential body fluid is something that a woman trying to conceive must understand. ‘Slippery, clear, raw egg-white, stretchy’. These are the common descriptions given to the vaginal secretions that must be present just before the release of the egg from the ovary (ovulation).

Put simply, this ‘fertile’ pre-ovulation cervical secretion (which is 90%+ water) not only looks and feels almost exactly like semen, but it is also your sperm’s best friend on its long journey toward its ultimate goal, the penetration of the egg! Let’s go through a few reasons why this is so;

1. Lubrication.

Glycerol (glycerine) amounts increase during sexual excitement and around ovulation. This is thought to be responsible for the lubricating qualities that define these important reproductive events.

2. Vaginal PH.

Reducing the acidity of the vagina helps sperm survive. High acidity kills sperm and other invaders, which is very beneficial, except when ovulating and trying to conceive.

3. Swimming.

It is easier to swim in water than lotion. ‘Fertile’ pre-ovulation cervical fluid has more water than cervical fluid does at other times during the menstrual cycle.

4. Food.

Sperm needs to eat. Components in the cervical fluid such as calcium, sodium, potassium, glucose, amino acids, zinc, copper, iron, manganese, & selenium, give the sperm what it needs to thrive.

The above points display the importance of healthy ‘fertile’ pre-ovulation cervical secretion. The interaction of sperm and cervical fluid is often disrupted in couples struggling with fertility. In many cases, women are not producing adequate amounts, or any detectable presence of ‘fertile’ pre-ovulation cervical fluid. This scenario, coupled with the male infertility epidemic that we are faced with today, manifests in many months of ‘trying’ and all the difficulties that eventually come with it. This is why understanding cervical fluid is paramount, and, if there are issues, doing what you can to help remedy this fluid imbalance.

Checking cervical fluid is easy, no need for any tools (thermometer, urine sticks, etc), and when you know what to look for, it tells you precisely when to get romantic. Generally it is present for 2-5 days before ovulation. Start checking once bleeding has stopped. The changes in pre-ovulatory cervical fluid, when comparing to its presentation during other phases of the menstrual cycle, are actually quite obvious once you have observed your body for just a couple cycles. As stated earlier, ‘fertile’ pre-ovulation cervical fluid has an uncanny resemblance to semen. There are 3 main characteristics to look for when identifying ‘fertile’ pre-ovulatory cervical fluid;

1. It is slippery so as to provide lubrication for sex. Some women report a ‘wet’ sensation.

2. It becomes more transparent (like raw egg-white) due to higher water content so as to aid in sperm motility (swimming).

3. It stretches when examined between the fingers. Does not appear ‘tacky’ like lotion.

It should be re-stated that for some women this is very easy, as enough ‘fertile’ pre-ovulation cervical secretion is produced that they observe the secretions on their underwear. For others, it may be necessary to insert a finger into the vagina to check if smaller amounts are present around the cervix.

If it has been determined, or even suspected that an inadequate amount of ‘fertile’ pre-ovulation cervical fluid is present, there are 3 things that can be done to help remedy this;

1. Use Pre~seed ‘Sperm friendly’ lubricant. It is the only lubricant on the market proven to mimic the composition and functions of a woman’s natural ‘fertile’ pre-ovulation cervical fluid

2. Use supplements that may help increase cervical fluid production

3. Use Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture to help restore balance to body fluid levels

If you want to learn more about the ways your body displays its reproductive health, go to your library and take out the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility: the definitive guide to natural birth control, pregnancy achievement, and reproductive health”, by Toni Weschler. Good luck creating your family.

Car Etiquette – Tips on Seating a Woman and Couples in a Passenger Car

Etiquette rules regarding seating in a car on social occasions are different from seating in business situation. The social rules for car travel are especially important when a man is opening the door for a woman and when couples are seated in a car. Savvy individuals who wish to climb the ladder of success know the rules and carefully adhere to them.

In social situations, good manners require a well-bred man to assist a lady into the car from the curb side before walking around the car to let himself in. Ladies, everyone knows you can open your own doors, but some of you are missing the point. Before 5:00 p.m., you can be a lioness in the office. After 5:00 p.m., however, you might do well to lighten up, turn yourself into a kitty cat, and stop robbing your man of his manhood. Men, don’t be clueless! Being attentive is a subtlety not lost on a classy woman. Even a simple gesture such as opening the car door for her sends a message that you believe she is worth being treated like a princess and you are proud to be seen with her. If you must, fake it until it becomes part of you.

How couples seat themselves when traveling together is an indication of their social class. When two men and two women of the working class are traveling together, the two men sit in the front seats of the car, and the women take the back seats. In the middle class, one couple sits up front, and the other couple sits in the back. Upper- class people choose a different arrangement. The woman of one couple sits up front with the male driver of the other couple, while her companion sits with the driver’s female partner in the back seat. The man in the back seat defers to the woman by giving her the seat of honor — passenger side rear. The assumption of this seating arrangement is that a couple spends a good deal of time talking with one another. A mixed seating arrangement encourages cross-conversation, thus fulfilling the purpose of being with others — to exchange scintillating conversation, news, and ideas with everyone.

Does all this sound a bit pretentious? Perhaps, but if you are interested in joining the social club, you need to adapt your manner and your thinking to the rules of acceptable behavior regarding car manners as in all areas of etiquette.

Understanding The Basic Rules Of Mixed Martial Arts

If you are a die-hard MMA fan – keeping up with all the fighters, with who they are fighting, and with how they are doing – there is a very good chance you already understand the rules of MMA; if, however, you are just starting to learn about mixed martial arts, are just becoming a fan, and are just starting to figure things out, it can be a bit confusing at first to understand how things are regulated, and what the rules are. With this as the case, here is an overview of some of the important aspects of the Unified Rules of MMA.

First off, it was not until 2001 that the popularity of MMA grew to such a point that it basically forced a unification of the rules to occur, at which point a meeting occurred in which different mixed martial arts organizations proposed uniform rules that would govern this sport – thereby bringing it under a more cohesive, single structure. The rules agreed upon were passed unanimously, bringing them into effect.

There can be up to five rounds in an MMA fight, but most non-title fights consist of only three rounds (a dispensation can, however, be granted for a five-round fight in a non-title fight), with each round of the fight being five minutes long, and with there being a one minute rest period in between each round.

A panel of judges operates on a ten-point system, awarding points by round; the winner of each given round automatically receives ten points, and the fighter who loses each round must be awarded some number of points equal to or less than nine – while a tie between fighters results in each receiving 10 points for that particular round.

There is also an extensive list of banned substances for MMA fighters, ranging from simple stimulants and depressants to illegal drugs and narcotics to even alcoholic substances; these regulations are enforced by subjecting all fighters to pre-contest or post-contest urinalyses, and should a fighter refuse to submit to this form of testing, they are immediately disqualified and suspended.

At their discretion, the committee may also opt to test any fighter for the presence of performance enhancing drugs – all of which are also disallowed in MMA fighting – and may order an additional urinalysis in order to collect this information.

And lastly, fighters must be deemed to be in good health – subjecting themselves to medical examinations before and after fights, in order to ensure their safety.

With this information in mind, you now have a clearer understanding of exactly how MMA is governed, and of exactly the rules that keep the sport clean, safe, and thoroughly entertaining!

Bruce Hardwood Floors – How To Care For Them And Maintain Them

Bruce hardwood floors are among the best floors in the world and are available at floating retailers all over the world. There is a difference in the quality of Bruce hardwood as good, better and best. This is simply the allowable character of the flooring. The good collection has the largest amount of character knots, mineral streaks and pinholes. Wood is a natural product so you will see differences in boards of every category, no matter quality of Bruce hardwood floors you have.

Whether you have Bruce hardwood floors or Bruce laminate flooring, you still have to give them the same amount of care. When you are washing Bruce wood floors, you can sweep or vacuum them. When washing them, make sure you use a damp mop and do not use excessive amounts of water. The water could stain the Bruce hardwood and even with the durable laminate floors, using a lot of water could make the planks become uneven on the floor. Use a soft cloth to dry the floors and make sure that you do dry them thoroughly.

You can not use scoring pads or abrasive cleaners on either Bruce hardwood floors or Bruce laminate flooring. This will mar the finish of the floor. The Bruce wood floors do have the coating needed to give the floors an exceptional shine, especially if you buy prefinished hardwood. If you use wax on these floors, instead of getting a better shine, you will mar the polyurethane coating. In the case of unfinished Bruce hardwood, once you have the floors installed then you do have to give them several coats of this protective coating, which dries to a gleaming shine.

Even with Bruce hardwood floors, you may notice dents occurring in the wood, especially in areas where you have heavy furniture. Even though hardwood does have a cell structure, like everything, if there is enough pressure, the hardwood will dent. Bruce wood floors also go through an aging process, which means the color will darken with age. If you have mats or rugs on the Bruce laminate flooring or the Bruce hardwood, you need to move it from time to time. Leaving the covering in place means that when you do move it, the area under the rug or mat will be lighter than the rest of the floor.

Simple everyday cleaning will keep your Bruce hardwood floors looking like new for a lifetime. If you accidently spill something on the floors, you do have to wipe it up immediately. If you do not, it will stain the floor and then you will have to find something to help you remove the stains from your Bruce hardwood floors. You do not have to worry about this as much with Bruce laminate flooring, but if you have hardwood, you certainly do.

Do You Have A Condition Know As BADD And Can It Be Managed?

You may be asking yourself, what in the world is BADD and do I have it. I came up with the phrase after thinking about what could be wrong with me. I can never seem to focus on one business opportunity at a time. After thinking about it I came up with the name Business Attention Deficit Disorder or BADD.

One of my daily chores was glancing through the classified ads for business opportunities. Even though I already had a business I worked from at home I still had this uncontrollable urge to look for something bigger and better. As far back as I can remember this has always been a problem for me. If I find a business I like and start working it, I always give up if I don’t make a bunch of money in a couple of weeks. In fact it is so bad that people who know me ask, what business are you working this week Mark.

Looking through classified ads and clicking on links that takes me to a new opportunity got my blood pumping. I know it was killing my financial life but it takes over me like a ghost controlling my every move. I even did a little research to see if other people have the same problem as me. Much to my surprise, there were thousands of people who have the same trouble focusing on one thing at a time. Do we call them multi taskers or do they just lack the ability to focus on 1 thing at a time

I went back through the favorites bar on my computer and started clicking old links I had saved. 3 out of every 5 links I clicked on was a dead end link. You know what was really crazy about the these links, they were less than a year old. That means most people don’t give anything a chance to build up before they try something else.

My research took me to the search engines for an experiment. I did a search for a popular search term and started clicking on the organic results. I went back a couple of pages on the search results just to get an idea of how many dead links there were. Did you know there were people who had their websites listed on page 1 and 2 who were no longer active on their websites. Do you know how much money they could be making if they just stuck around a little while longer.

This experiment got me thinking about how I should approach being an entrepreneur. If you are going to be successful at anything you have to stick with it no matter how long it takes. You could close your shop tomorrow and the day after that your biggest client could come along. I found out the hard way that all those new opportunities were all the same. The promise of big money in a short time. Success takes time and patience.

Take the time and plan your business and set budgets and goals. Do some research and find out who your customers are and how to get them to visit your website or store. If you are an affiliate for a product, don’t use the company cookie cutter website to get customers. Send them to a page you made or someone else made for you. I use a lead capture page and give them something of value.

If is your dream to be successful on the internet or with a store front then now is the time to start. Do you know why most people never have any success. Because they never take any action. Take some action and stay focused on your business. It is a lot of work being an entrepreneur, but you will enjoy the ride.

Stay Broke Not Poor

Stay broke! You heard me, stay broke but not poor. What is the difference? Broke is a temporary situation. Broke people have money they just misuse it. Poor is being destitute or lacking sufficient resources. I got this from Grant Cardone’s, The Millionaire Booklet. It also aligns with Dave Ramsey’s concept of naming every dollar.

This is about increasing cash flow and wealth building. Staying broke is a financial strategy to help you reach financial freedom. What does staying broke not poor really mean? First, it means having a monthly cashflow plan (budget). Second, you are practicing delayed gratification. Third, reinvesting your money into yourself and your business.

This is for wealth builders. Those entrepreneurs who are not playing average. The average business owner in the United states makes less $25,000 per year. 91% of all small businesses earn less than $250,000 per year and 80% of entrepreneurs are failing within 18 months of start-up. Playing average sucks. So don’t play average.

Perfect Examples

You see examples of entertainers and athletes who get paid big and a few years later are filing bankruptcy. There is no shortage of stories of athletes or entertainers that have filed bankruptcy or have became broke after a big payday. Top draft picks start buying toys, living lavishly, or make bad business decisions. Entertainers throw big parties, “buy” the bar, and get into debt buying things they can’t afford.

You check out Wikipedia for the statistics of famous people going broke or filing bankruptcy. These are prime examples of people who got big paychecks but did not stay broke. Athletes have a short career. There is a short window for them to produce a huge amount of income. Entertainers have to stay relevant in their industry before the well runs dry. You, as an entrepreneur, have the ability to continue to produce.

Stay Broke

Understand that I am not telling you to cramp your current lifestyle. Staying broke requires discipline. It is making sure that you focus 95% of your time building your biggest assets. Which is you and your business. Grow faster by staying on a budget and reinvesting in your business.

People underestimate how long it takes to be successful in generating positive cashflow. They do not prepare for the peaks and valleys that are going to occur. Furthermore they are not ready for the lean times or when a part of their business fails. But staying broke can help you weather the storm that comes.

5.5 Aspects of Staying Broke

1.Cashflow Plan – In order to stay broke you have to know where your money is going. Everyone needs a cashflow plan. Know where every dollar is going. Give every cent an assignment. Money that doesn’t have an assignment tends to get lost. Tracking your dollars keeps you out of financial trouble. Money that hangs around with no purpose gets spent, wasted, or blown.

2. Delayed Gratification – I made this mistake often. I would spend my bonuses and every huge increase. I was naive to think it will always come in. I didn’t save or reinvest into my business. Thus I became broke and homeless. “Ballin” is stupid. Especially when you don’t have the assets to support it. Leave the flashiness behind. Forget impressing people and being “turnt up”.

That big client you just landed doesn’t signal it’s time to spend and get stupid with the new increase. Delay that impulse. Put that money back into your business to create more revenue. Go land some more big clients. Delay indulgence now so you can indulge later when you are financial free.

3. Increase Income – Income is king and this is the only thing that matters. Remember, we are not playing average. Businesses succeed when revenue increases. Incremental increase is key. Going from $4k per month to $4 million over night is nearly impossible. Look to double your income over the next several months. Always look to increase revenue. More sales = success.

4. Sacred Accounts – Put all that extra income into Sacred Accounts. When something is sacred you do not touch it. You don’t violated it. This money is for future use to help create more assets. I have a real estate account which I haven’t touched in years. I put a portion of my income into it every month. All of my extra cash goes into that account and I don’t touch it.

You are saving to invest. Not saving to save. This money is designated to a future purpose to create more income. It could be a second business, real estate, or something else that will increase your income flows. The key is… you are not just saving. You are studying while you are saving and learning about your next investment.

Understand it could be years before you pull the trigger. I have saved in my real estate account for 2 years. I am studying and active in the areas I want to invest in. Study while you save.

5. Reinvest Your Profits – A part goes to your sacred accounts. Reinvest the rest after all your necessities are taken care of. Put that the money back into your business and yourself. Need to invest in coaching to get better? Then do it.

5.5 These Things Take Time – Idea + Hard Work x Time + Discipline = Success. Are you committed to getting rich? How serious are you about creating wealth? I don’t know how long it will take you to produce a six figure income. I do know it takes work, time, discipline, and access to capital. My mentor went from welfare to earning $10 million dollars in less than 3 years.

Game Time

Success takes time. Stay broke and continue to grind. The choice to stay broke is yours. You are voluntarily choosing to build your business so you can be financially free later. “Pay the price now so you can pay the any price later”.-Grant Cardone

Caring For Your Beaver – Grooming and Feeding

Grooming: An important Daily Routine.

Grooming your beaver daily is very important for it’s health and longevity. Take great care when washing. Do not get soap in it’s whispering eyes. There are several special soaps on the market made specifically for this purpose. Do a Google search for pet soaps. It’s important to remember that some of the soaps on the market can be harsh and may dry out the skin. Therefore it is important to get a quality moisturizing lotion to replenish the moisture. You can oil your beaver, but there is potential for infection, so it’s best to avoid these products.

Feeding your pet beaver.

Beavers love human food; anything from corn on the cob to sub sandwiches. However, these foods are not appropriate and can be harmful to it’s health. An appropriate diet for a beaver ranges from shredded lettuce to carrots. Avoid gooey cheeses. Beavers also enjoy hardwoods.

Physical Contact

The next step in pleasing your beaver is to make physical contact to enhance your relationship. Beavers love to be touched. The key to making your beaver happy is to make long smooth strokes. Be gentle. Aggressive petting may be startling to your furry friend.

Create an inviting environment.

Beavers live in a den in nature. It’s vital that you create a den-like atmosphere at home. Water and twigs are essential. Allow your beaver to stack it’s own wood. Offer up the supplies and let them work without interference. This allows them to take an active role in their happiness and general comfort.

Beaver keeping is easy if you follow these steps. Remember a happy beaver is one that is well groomed, well fed, offered physical intimacy by it’s family, and allowed to take part in creating it’s own space in your home and your life.

The Truth About Anti Aging Vitamin Tablets Now Revealed!

Anti aging vitamin tablets have often been pushed as the best way to treat skin aging. Numerous companies who produce these tablets have been labelling their products no longer as health booster but as an anti aging supplement. After all, this is what the market wants and what they want to get.

We can say that they are a huge help in warding off dermis diseases. Vitamins A, E and C and some minerals are great sources of antioxidants. Our body goes to an oxidation process. The oxygen sometimes oxidizes some of our fat deposits and this will then lead to the production of harmful free radicals. It is innately happening but when we are exposed to stress, pollution, too much sun and even eating some unhealthy foods can amplify the impact of free radicals.

Free radicals actually mess up our healthy cells all over the body. When this happens, aging also occurs. They speed up the death and the aging stage of those cells. This is why it is necessary to ward their appearance through antioxidants.

When choosing for anti aging vitamin tablets, make sure you are getting one in the right dosage. The fat-soluble vitamins can cause side effects when taken excessively. Multivitamins is also a good way to ingest the nutrients you need since most of the time they have carefully weighed out dosages.

But let us also consider the external health of our dermis. In addition to supplementing on the inside, taking care of our skin on the outside is also a good way to kick those wrinkles away.

Try looking for superior ingredients such as CynergyTK and Nano Lipobelle HEQ10. CynergyTK is a good source of keratin. This keratin is necessary in order to regenerate more collagen and elastin. As we get older, our supply of keratin becomes scarce which is why we need more of it in our body.

On the other hand, Nano Lipobelle HEQ10 can ward off free radicals. Nano Lipobelle HEQ10 is actually a derivative of CoEnzyme Q10 which is an antioxidant that can revive other depleting antioxidants. But this one has much smaller molecular structure so it can get down up to the lowest part of the skin.

Supplementing with anti aging vitamin tablets can be paired up with a good skin care regimen. If you want to lessen the gravity of aging, it is ideal to go the extra mile to ensure that wrinkles will happen later and not sooner.

Good Quality Dual Swing Gate Opener Provides Many Advantages

Every product that is purchased is going to have some of them that are going to be the best product you can ever buy of that item. Other ones are going to last two minutes and will be broken. This is why it is important to find a good quality dual swing gate opener when someone is looking for them.

These need to be able to open the gates many times. In some places, this has to be done on a daily basis depending on what kind of property these are put on. People like to have everything automated too.

This is something that is a convenience in a lot of high end businesses and homes. They want to keep people from coming in when they are not invited so they will put up gates so that only certain people are able to enter. Sometimes, there is even a guard there to let people through or make them leave.

There are many different ways that these can work but finding something that is going to be able to withstand the weight of the gate will be important. They need to work well enough to push the doors open as well as shut them again. Some gates can be extremely heavy which can put a lot of strain and wear on these openers if they are not rated to withstand that amount of weight.

Not everyone will realize this when they are searching for the best gate opener. Having a dual opener will allow them to push one button and have both of them open up at one time in either direction. This is nice because they are going to open evenly if everything is working smoothly.

Weather can also have a big impact on how well one of these is working. They need to be able to withstand the rain and snow as well as any other weather that it will be introduced to. While wind can be very damaging for any kind of gate, there needs to be something put in place so that it is not going to damage anything.

The way that these function are going to be something that the purchaser will need to understand. They want to have something that will work for their situation. It can be frustrating when someone purchases something and they find out later that it is not what they thought it was going to be at all.

Some of these are purchased for show while others are going to be very important for the property owner to have. People like to have fancy things on their property sometimes. It is something that is going to help them to increase the value of their property as well as letting them show off to friends and family members.

Most of these are going to come in a complete set but separate parts can be ordered if something has to be replaced on them. Every model is going to provide a different benefit for the customers. The weight of a gate and the number of times that it will be opened is going to have a huge impact on what a property owner is going to purchase.

They will have many options. Some of them will open right up while others are going to open up real slow. There are systems that can be put in place that if the gate hits something, the opener shuts down immediately as well. They can also swing both ways when they need to.

Safety is going to be very important when installing something like this. The way that the electric is set up that is running to it is also important to know. Not everyone that has a dual swing gate opener has a hard electrical wire ran to the gate. Solar powered ones are available as well as battery operated ones.

Weight Loss – 6 Quick Tips to Eat More Vegetables

We all know that vegetables are greatly beneficial for the body, but yet we do not like to eat them much. The excuse is always in the taste. Eating raw vegetables are difficult for a start. They are hard to chew and taste blank. As the health benefits in eating more vegetables has far outweighed the taste part of it, it is good reason to find ways to make them more palatable and appealing to our taste buds.

# 1. Time the serving

Offer vegetables such as broccoli and celery at the beginning of the meal when you and your family are feeling the hungriest. This way the tendency to eat the vegetables are most likeliest. Have them served in a variety of combinations and color such as boiled peas, potatoes, carrots, beans and corn.

# 2. Vegetables in sauces

Lightly steamed vegetables mixed with some sauces and herbs such as garlic do make a difference. My son do not like to eat them you may say. But with the lightly steamed vegetables mixed with a little oyster sauce and flaxseed oil, eating them is much more pleasant now. Even if your husband hates vegetables, do not despair. Think of adding vegetables in some meat or seafood dishes cooked with some light sauces in a claypot, he will tend to eat more vegetables than he realizes. Add the vegetables last after the meat is cooked so that the green color of the vegetables is preserved to make them looked yummy.

# 3. Spaghetti sauce with vegetables

When serving your family favorite food such as spaghetti, remember to add in some vegetables into the sauce. Cook your minced meat first before adding chopped tomatoes, zucchini and broccoli into the sauce along with some garlic, pepper and herbs. Mix well the ingredients and your spaghetti dish is ready for serving. Your family will love you more for the nutritious spaghetti dinner.

# 4. Tasty vegetable soups

Bring to boil a small pot of soup cooked with some chicken bones or pork ribs. Throw in any green vegetables such as spinach and add in a pinch of salt and serve it hot. The vegetable soup is nutritious as the vitamins are contained in the soup. It will make you feel full much faster and you tend to eat less of the other food portions if included in a meal.

# 5. Vegetable soup noodle

If you are into eating ramen or instant noodles, adding in some cut carrots, cabbage and any green vegetables makes it a nice dish. It is fast to prepare and putting an egg or some meat to it makes this a healthier choice away from being considered a junk. Some may prefer to have it with raw sliced cucumbers or zucchini. You should refrain from adding too much of the unnatural flavors enhancers as the sodium content is high.

# 6. Mixed vegetables

Some vegetables taste good if you stir fry them very lightly with some salt or herbs. You can have a plate of mixed vegetables dish consisting of peas, macaroni and cheese or soft cooked carrots. Steam some sweet potatoes or bake this high-fiber, vitamin-A rich food with a touch of salt, sugar, cinnamon and cloves.

Eating more vegetables is an integral part of a weight loss program. They are packed with great nutrients necessary for healthy living and studies have shown over and over again that eating them more will help you to burn more calories and stay trim.

Cleanliness in the Kitchen

A clean kitchen is mandatory for a healthy environment. The kitchen is where people prepare their food and as such high standards for personal and environmental hygiene must be followed. Whether at a home or in a restaurant, it is always important to keep high levels of cleanliness in the kitchen. The kitchen, more than any other location, is the room most prone to the growth and development of disease-causing bacteria and pests.

A clean kitchen begins with high levels of personal hygiene. Whether you are a homemaker, domestic help or a restaurant employee, be aware of the fact that you are a bacteria carrier and may pass diseases to others without being aware of it. You should not handle food with unwashed hands because you risk passing bacteria on to the food you handle. If you’re a restaurant employee, always take a shower before reporting to work.

The cleanliness of the kitchen environment is also important.. Before beginning cooking, clean counter tops, tables and other surfaces in the kitchen. This is not just about wiping surfaces down, it is also about sanitizing surfaces to discourage growth of bacteria. Sweep floors and wipe walls clean on a daily basis or more often if necessary. Liquids spilled onto floors and other surfaces needs taken care by using proper disinfectants. In addition, remove any cobwebs that hang from the kitchen. A clean sink is the greatest indicator of the level of hygiene in your kitchen. If you keep your sink clean, all other kitchen items, utensils, equipment and surfaces will follow.

Remove any food that spills out or drops onto kitchen surfaces immediately. Remember bacteria thrives well in locations where there is dirt and food. Rinse and dry all kitchen utensils after washing but before putting them away. Every single step is important, and the removal of dirt ensures your kitchen is safe for the preparation of food meant for human consumption.

Equipment, furniture and electronic appliances should also be cleaned before use. Routinely clean the refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave, freezer and other kitchen appliances. Cleaning here may involve cleaning the inner parts of appliances such as the refrigerator.

Waste management is critical to the general cleanliness in the kitchen. Sprinkle any kitchen garbage with phenyl and cover it. Dispose of garbage as soon as practically possible to discourage infestation by pests such as mice.

Professional cleaning companies have resources available to carry out expert kitchen cleaning. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by cleaning tasks, call a cleaning company. It’s team of experts and tools will offer janitorial services at your convenience.

Be Food Safe – Always

Food safety is one issue that we should always keep top-of-mind. Here are a few basic guidelines to remember during this season of the noshes, nibbles, buffets, potlucks, and office parties that are key to food safety.

Wash Your Hands

Hand washing is essential. Hand washing in warm soapy water will eliminate many of the culprits that can cause food-borne illnesses as well as the common cold and flu. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds before and after preparing food. Not sure how long 20 seconds is? If you sing or hum two verses of “Happy Birthday,” as you soap up, that should add up to the required amount of time you need to spend in the suds.

Safe Food Handling

In handling uncooked meat, fish and seafood take care to not splash or spatter any juices from the food onto other items in your food preparation area. In being careful to avoid spatter, you can limit the chances of cross-contamination. Cross-contamination occurs when uncooked protein food juices i.e. meat, fish or poultry are splashed onto the cutting board or colander where you will place produce; this will cross-contaminate and may create conditions that will cause a food-borne illness.


If purchasing pre-packaged salad greens, they have been washed in chlorinated water during processing. However if purchasing loose, unbagged greens, they should be rinsed in tepid or lukewarm water.

Fruits with rinds such as melons, oranges and pineapple should be washed before using to prevent any bacteria on the outside from being transferred to the inside when you cut into the fruit. Sturdy fruits and vegetables should be scrubbed lightly with a produce brush.

Keep Hot Foods Hot & Cold Food Cold

By keeping foods at the appropriate temperatures, you can minimize the risk of food borne illnesses. Hot foods need to be above 140oF and cold foods should be held at temps of 40 oF or below. Most refrigerators are at 40 oF or lower. Letting foods hold at temperatures between 40 oF F and 140 oF is not recommended-this range is considered the “danger zone.” It is considered the “danger zone” because this is the temperature range that will enable bacteria to grow and multiply rapidly. For example if you are using a slow-cooker, it is important to make sure the food you are cooking reaches a temp of 140 oF or above within four hours.

To insure that food reaches the recommended temperatures for doneness, I advise my clients to invest in a food thermometer. They are relatively inexpensive and will provide peace of mind. You’ll know the food has cooked to the recommended done temperature and you will reduce the risk of overcooking. Unfortunately it is a tough task to remedy overcooking.

On the Label

Read food labels and understand the dates on the packages. Sometimes when products are on special or appear to be a great value, that discounted price may be because the product is very close to the suggested use by date.

Products are often stamped or labeled with a date to give you an idea of when you should use the food to enjoy it at its best flavor and quality. Following are examples of the dating and what they mean:

  • “Sell-By” date tells the store how long to display the product for sale. You should buy the product before the date expires.
  • “Best if Used By (or Before)” date is recommended for best flavor or quality. It is not a purchase or safety date.
  • “Use-By” date is the last date recommended for use of the product while at optimal quality. The date has been determined by the product manufacturer.

By following these guidelines for food safety, you can serve up a healthy and enjoyable season of good eating for all.

Take Away: Safe food handling practices are important—they will ensure that everyone has good memories of the holiday for all the best reasons.

Breast Implant Options

If you’re considering undergoing breast enlargement, than you might have already discovered the many choices that you’ll have to make along the way. New technology, products, and plastic surgery techniques have created more options than ever for women wanting bigger breasts. Long gone are the days of one size fits all.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the possibilities offered, peruse the following list of options to help you narrow down your decision.

1. Size

This is probably the first, and for some women, the easiest choice to make. However, even if you believe you are absolutely certain about how large to go, it is best to consult with a cosmetic surgeon and be flexible with your decision.

Not only can physical limitations impede your vision, but sometimes an outside professional opinion can help you achieve the optimal aesthetics for your particular body type.

For women unsure about size, some find it helpful to use gel inserts or bags of rice to insert into their bras to get an idea of the look and feel. Some cosmetic surgeons can supply testers as well.

2. Breast Implant Type

Choosing between silicone and saline breast implants has vexed even the most decisive women. Until recently, silicone implants were only available in cases of reconstructive plastic surgery; however, the FDA has now decided they are safe for all breast enlargement procedures.

Saline is a popular choice because in the case of leaking or rupture, the solution absorbs into the body safely. Some women find that they are not as shapely and can cause rippling underneath the skin.

Silicone implants are often considered to have the most natural appearance and tend to ripple less. If they do leak, however, it could take months to notice, giving the substance time to trickle into the body and potentially cause damage. Women who do choose silicone should have their implants regularly checked and eventually replaced after ten or more years.

3. Incision and Placement

After you’ve decided how large and the kind of breast implant you’d like, you’ll have to consider the options you have during the surgery itself. These may be limited by your cosmetic surgeon’s preferences and recommendations, so it is important to discuss the possibilities beforehand.

The incision will somewhat depend on the placement. In general, there are four common incision sites: the armpit, in the breast fold, around the areola, and through the navel. The areola is the most common, while very few plastic surgeons offer the relatively new navel technique.

The most popular placement is over the muscle. Many people believe that this looks the most natural and it is often the safest. For women with little breast tissue to begin with, the implant may be safer to place below the pectoral muscle, but will have to be made a little larger to achieve the desired look.

Regardless of what size, type of implant, or its placement, the most important decision is choosing a board-certified and highly skilled plastic surgeon to perform your breast enlargement.

Which Is the Best? Top 5 Portable Evaporative Coolers to Buy

We have compiled a list of the top portable evaporative air coolers based on consumer reviews. Hopefully, this information will help simplify your portable evaporative air cooler purchase. Here are the top portable evaporative coolers, based on consumer reviews:

1. SPT SF-609 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with IonizerThe SPT SF-609 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Ionizer by Sunpentown, humidifier, and fan with ionizer is versatile, lightweight and economical. The portable evaporative air cooler easily rolls from room to room for use anywhere in your house or office. This portable swamp cooler shoots a stream of air with oscillating louvers, to evenly distribute refreshing cool air. This portable evaporative air cooler, also referred to as a swamp cooler, can also be used as a fan or humidifier if temperature is not an issue. This portable cooler also offers air cleaning benefits, with an ionic air purifier. A remote control allows the user to conveniently change settings on the portable evaporative air cooler.

2. SPT SF-608R Portable Evaporative Air Cooler. Versatile, lightweight, and economical, the SPT SF-608R Portable Evaporative Air Cooler by Sunpentown easily rolls from room to room for use anywhere in the home or office. Unlike a fan that blows hot air and more energy efficient than an air conditioner, the appliance uses water to cool a personal space up to 12 degrees lower than the ambient temperature. The swamp cooler works by endothermic. The portable cooler can also be used as just a fan or a humidifier when temperature is not an issue. Easily change the settings with the included remote control. The unit provides an air flow of 23 feet per second, a water-consumption rate of 0.6 to 0.7 liters per hour, and a 10-liter water-tank capacity. Other details include a nylon and photocatalystic filter, three air speeds, a sleep mode, and a timer that can be set from a half hour to seven-and-a-half hours. Though perfect for use in dry climates, please note that the appliance does not work very effectively in areas with high humidity since it utilizes water to cool. The 60-watt air portable swamp cooler measures 12 by 16 by 25 inches and carries a one-year warranty.

3. NewAir AF-330 Portable Evaporative Swamp Air CoolerBuilt-In HEPA Air Purifier. When you need supplemental cooling or an alternative to air conditioning, consider eco-friendly portable swamp air coolers such as the NewAir AF-330 Portable Evaporative Swamp Cooler. This portable evaporative swamp air cooler delivers refreshingly cool air for just pennies day – much less than traditional air conditioning. Features include:

  • 8 Hour Programmable Timer: Keep your cooling completely energy efficient by programming it to switch off automatically at a chosen number of hours ahead. You can either set the machine to turn off 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours ahead or keep the machine running continuously by turning the timer off.
  • Selectable Fan Speeds: Customize your portable evaporative swamp air cooling experience with three air speed settings – low, medium or high.
  • Fixed or Oscillating Air Flow
  • Built-in Ionizer, Carbon Filter, and HEPA Filter: The ionizer can be turned on to introduce negative ions into the air. The carbon filter eliminates odors and the HEPA filter removes up to 99.97 percent of particles from the air.
  • Revolutionary Cooling Pad: This expertly designed water cooling pad never needs to be replaced.

4. KuulAire PACKA50 Portable Evaporative Air Cooling Unit with 350 Square Foot Cooling Capacity, 750 CFM. The KuulAire PACKA50 Portable Cooling is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to keep cool, indoors or out! You can rely on the Portable Evaporative Cooler for all your cooling needs during those hot summer months. This unit is extremely powerful and cools with no harmful refrigerants. It allows for superior cooling that can cover up to 350-Square Ft. lowering the temperature 10 to 25 degrees. Super portable and easy to move with its heavy-duty casters, it comes complete with a one year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind. Features: 3 speed settings, Automatic-swing louvers, Timer and remote control, 5-Gallon water capacity, Water adjustment control, Uses high-efficient rigid media. It is ETL Rated, cost efficient, and ready to operate, right out of the box!

5. The SPT Evaporative Air Cooler by Sunpentown with Cooling Pad, SF-611 can lower surrounding temperature and humidify the air using water evaporation. The evaporative cooler or swamp cooler, provides a versatile and economical way to cool and humidify your immediate area. This evaporative air cooler features a 3-D Cooling Pad and rotating louver for added cooling and air distribution. The evaporative cooler easily rolls from room to room and can also be used as a fan or humidifier if temperature is not an issue. The remote control allows you to easily change settings.

How to Hold Down Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a big investment and you certainly want to make sure it’s there for you to enjoy year in and year out. If you have a protected backyard area, you probably don’t worry too much about holding down patio furniture so that it doesn’t wander away in a strong wind or a tempest.

But battling the elements is a way of life for those who live on the coast or in areas where the trade winds seem to always be blowing. Often, a strong wind can come out of nowhere, sending all your furniture, food and beverages flying. This is especially true if you have a patio filled with plastic patio furniture.

As you know, these inexpensive pieces can come in real handy at a party, supplementing your permanent patio furniture so everyone can gather, enjoy a drink and have a bite to eat on a hot summer’s day. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are easy to move around, especially when compared to a quality piece of furniture, which is made to last and is far more substantial.

To keep your party from becoming an unintentional whirlwind of excitement, you’ll want to take some precautions when preparing your party if there is wind in the forecast. With just a few precautions, you can be assured that your party will be a hit, even if it’s hit with a sudden gust of wind.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to weight your furniture down with an unsightly red brick. You can, however, weight a small patio table down with a glass brick that is filled with colorful sand or other heavy objects, such as glass beads. This not only adds weight, but beauty to these tables.

If your party is going to last into the evening, you can use a similar trick, but create lighting instead. You can use the decorative glass bricks to hold a single candle or push several tapered candles down into a base of sand or aquarium rocks. This can create an elegant decoration as well as hold down the table.

Plastic patio chairs are a little more difficult to work with. That said, you can create a simple weight with lead sinkers. If you’re anywhere near a lake, river or ocean, chances are good that you have a fishing tackle store nearby. Sometimes Wal-Mart will have a good selection as well of lead fishing weights.

Get a good commercial grade lead sinker, one that is heavy enough to keep your chairs in place without adding so much weight to the chair that it’s difficult to move around. You can mount these weights one of two ways. If you want them out of sight and out of mind, you can add them to the base of the legs where they curve together. You can glue them in there permanently or use some decorative duct tape (it comes in many colors these days) to hold them in. Alternately, you can hang the weight from the center of the chair. Just drill two holes in the center of the chair (usually there’s already one there for a drain) and tie the sinker to it with fishing line. Be sure that you leave enough line so the sinker touches the patio or deck. You don’t want it swinging around and potentially hitting the guest sitting in the chair.

Larger dining room tables won’t move as readily, but if you have an umbrella you’ll want to make sure it has a weighted base to add heft to the table. Otherwise, your umbrella can catch a sudden gust and send your table flying. The decorative glass bricks mentioned above can also help keep the table weighted enough to resist a brisk breeze. These bricks are available at nearly any home improvement store, as they are a popular item homes where they are used to create translucent walls in the bathroom or between rooms. To add a decorative touch, insert a string of colored lights into the opening and plug them in when darkness falls.

Obviously, wood, wrought iron and steel patio furniture won’t wander off as easily as the plastic variety. But with just a little bit of creativity and some planning, you can host an outdoor party with confidence, even if the weather calls for a bit of a bluster.