Arc Flash Analysis and Training: An Overview

An arc flash is a release of electricity that occurs as the result of an arcing fault between one phase bus bar and another. Due to circuitry design, flashes begin when a problem with circuitry, such as a loss of insulation, facilitates an electrical release. Once in place, however, an arc is sustained by conductive plasma that uses the air as a conductor, until a form of impedance extinguishes it. Depending on voltage and arc impedance, flashes can range from minor to devastating, with the largest ones creating explosions that hurl shrapnel. Because a certain amount of voltage is necessary to facilitate hazardous arcs, dangerous arcing typically occurs in electrical systems where the bus voltage exceeds 120 volts.

What Prevents Flashes from Occurring?

Dangerous arcing has been a concern for as long as electrical systems of 120 volts and above have been in use, with circuit breakers and fuse boxes being the primary mechanisms for their deterrence. Circuit breakers and fuse boxes exist to prevent two occurrences: an overload, in which a circuit receives voltage that is too high to conduct along the established path; and a short circuit, in which low or non-existent impedance creates the perfect situation for dangerous arcing. Under normal conditions, a circuit exposed to too much voltage would "trip" in the case of a breaker panel, or "blow" in the case of a fuse box, breaking the current that would facilitate a dangerous arc.

To ensure that breakers perform as expected, they receive routine maintenance from trained technicians, who perform flash analysis. A fully developed analysis will consist of the following preparatory measures: (1) A one line drawing that identifies all electrical components by name; (2) data regarding the lengths and cross sections of cables; (3) data regarding the minimum and maximum fault currents present at a building's electrical entry point; and (4) other facility information as necessary. With these elements in place, a technician can use their data in equations provided by the NFPA or the IEEE to determine flashing hazard, then adjust a breaker / fuse system to lower flashing hazard as necessary.

What Role Do Generator Services Play?

Facilities have two choices for conducting flash hazard analysis: maintaining a team of in house technicians, or outsourcing their needs to an industrial power services provider, such as generator service provider. With cost savings in mind, many companies opt for the latter, although companies that have technicians in house can also benefit from power provider services in the form of arc flash analysis and training, a discipline that focuses on electrically safe work practices, such as properly assessing flashing hazard in terms of: data gathering, equations used, equipment used, and the latest compliance standards. To learn more about arc flash analysis and training, contact an industrial power services provider today.

Sinus Pressure, Drainage and Bad Breath – What to Do About It

There is something that can very negatively affect your success in life, but very few people will ever mention it to you. You guessed it: It's halitosis – bad breath. The "fresh breath industry" sells many millions of dollars in products that supposedly take care of this problem. While most of the formulas being manufactured and purveyed can leave their users with a fresh breath for a few minutes, the truth is that a person needs more than just that short a time to care for his mouth odor. To do that a person needs to go to the source of the problem and deal with it at that level. Does this make sense?

Bad breath is caused mainly by: what we eat and drink, by a dry mouth – not enough saliva is produced to wash down odor producing bacteria, – poor hygiene and by sinus drainage. This latter cause is, many believe, the main cause of a majority of the halitosis problems. The first thing we bought to understand is that sinus drain is normal – if it produces between one and two pints of mucus a day. This physiological function is very important to maintain our respiratory system working properly. The problem is with excess production, especially one caused by infection of the sinus cavities. An infection of this kind leads to the proliferation of obnoxious, odor producing bacteria. On the other hand, sometimes there is no infection involved and yet some of the bacteria accompanies the mucus is of the kind that produces halitosis. There are two main things you can do to alleviate the excess production of mucus and to avoid infection:

  1. Cut down on mucus producing foods. Frankly, significant amounts of some foods are bad for you from several health perspectives, along halitosis. Some of these foods are notoriously known for giving bad breath. They food items tend to cause excess sinus drain in many people and if you are one of them you may want to reconsider using using freely these things
  2. Keep your sinuses clear at all times. This will avoid mucus stagnation and potential sinus infections
  3. Drink lots of pure, plain, room temperature water. If you tolerate warm water it is excellent to wash excess stomach acids, etc, and help your health in general – with positive effects on your breath
  4. Allergies to the environment are a very common cause of excessive sinus drain which often results in bad breath. If this is your case you do well to consider checking with your physician for a long-term solution
  5. To keep your sinuses clear you can do the following acupressure point: With the tip of your index fingers, pointing backwards, press firmly on the spots right next to your nostrils, for 3 minutes. You will feel your sinuses draining in minutes
  6. Chewing on fresh parsley sprigs often freshens the breath naturally and effectively.

Were you to try the above items faithfully you would very probably experience a fresher breath, naturally.

Advantages of Douglas Fir Timber

Like some multi-talented actor or athlete, someone who can do just about anything and do it well, Douglas Fir is considered one of the finest, most adaptive building materials on the market today. With two known species (Coastal and Interior) Douglas Fir is a type of coniferous softwood that has found a place in all aspects of residential and commercial construction. Durable, rot resistant, flexible and having an excellent strength to weight ratio, Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is widely used in framing and as a structural timber – but is just as commonly used in the manufacture of decorative doors and window frames thanks to its tight straight grain and its aesthetically pleasing golden-orange color.

The natural range of this species extends all along the West Coast of North American from British Columbia south to California. Adapted to the West Coast climate, which consists of mild and wet winters followed by sunny dry summers, the Douglas Fir has evolved into a species of tree that is tall (up to 100 meters), straight and thick, making it an ideal source for milled lumber. The second tallest conifer species in the world (after the California Redwood), Douglas Fir trees are considered one of the world’s best timber producing species. A Fir is not an apex plant species, meaning it never stops growing. One example that collapsed during a storm near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island was shown to be more than 1,350 years old, and would have continued to grow if an exceptional storm had not toppled it. An apex species of plant will reach a specific age or height and then stop growing.

Douglas Fir lumber is considered an ideal building material. A type of wood with excellent nail and plate-holding ability, it is also known for its flexibility and resistance to stress. Tests have indicated that homes with structural timbers composed of Fir wood are more resilient to shifts caused by winds, storms and even earthquakes. This lumber is also noted for extraordinary dimensional stability, meaning it will not warp, shrink or alter its shape due to rain, temperature or other changing natural conditions, an attribute welcomed when used in home construction.

Whether used as a primary structural element or as a decorative feature Douglas Fir lumber is an excellent choice in any construction project. It combines beauty with its tightly knotted and close-grained appearance with a flexible strength that makes it ideal for projects of any size.

Wood Kiln – 5 Different Types of Wood Drying Kilns to Learn About

Today you can find different types of wood drying kilns. They use different contemporary technologies such as radio frequency, dehumidification and vacuum among others. If you are planning to purchase a wood kiln, you should know about the various types. These include:

1) The conventional wood drying ovens- these types of ovens are divided into two. One type is called the side-loader or package type. It is commonly associated with hardwood lumber kilns. The fork trucks are usually used to load lumber packages into the kiln. The second type of a kiln is called the track-type. It is associated with the soft lumber kilns where lumber is packed on track cars for loading the kiln. The modern types of conventional hardwood kilns are high performing. They have different wood drying capacities and you can select the equipment you want. Normally, heat is initiated by steam conveyed through tube heat exchangers. These exchangers are controlled by valves, which can be switched on or off. The humidity is eliminated through a venting system, which depends upon the manufacturer's creativity.

2) The solar kilns- the heat is introduced through solar radiation. These types of wood kilns are still conventional equipments, which are not commercially used. Any typical person can construct this type of a kiln at home.

3) Vacuum wood kilns-modern wood drying technologies that use controlled atmospheric pressure are emerging. Today you can find different forms of vacuum technologies. They use the same mechanism to function with the only difference arising because of how heat is introduced to dry the wood. The most common types of vacuum wood ovens are made of aluminum plates. The water circulates within the plates and it's heated to work as the heat source. Absolute pressure is often maintained to make the vacuum wood furnace function perfectly.

Another type of a vacuum oven is called the super heated steam. The system's functionality is based upon the atmosphere, especially during the heat introduction into the kiln charge. Then the kiln charge reaches the full atmospheric pressure and the air chamber is heated. The SSV wood drying kilns are commonly used in Europe.

4) Dehumidification wood kilns- typically, a dehumidification wood-drying kiln looks like a conventional kiln. Both kilns are constructed similarly. Heat is basically introduced through a combined dehumidification section, which removes the humidity too. It's also one of the widely bought wood ovens.

5) Radio Frequency wood kilns- these types use the microwave radiation to heat the kiln charge. The kiln use electricity, which is considered expensive, if compared with kilns that use fossil fuel. This kiln is one of the best and most efficient, although it is expensive.

Although wood drying technologies continue to emerge, they pose some risks to the environment. The manufacturers are aware of this and they are often basing their innovations upon it. A wood kiln is one of the most useful kilns and probably the cheapest equipment. You should evaluate the amount of drying or firing you intend to use the kiln for. In the market, you can find equipment, which complements your needs.

Chess Strategy Books – Discover The Benefits

Many people if they're looking to play the game of chess may end up losing some games before they start winning some. However, for many they will get sick of losing and even start to win quickly. Then they should be know of the benefits that are present by using chess strategy books. Once they know about those benefits they can see that they're going to start using these books and if they study them properly and implement the advice that is put forth in the books see a turnaround in how many games they are winning versus how many games they are losing.

One benefit that a person can find by using these chess strategy books is that they may teach them how to deal with the opening of the game properly. If an individual starts off in a bad foot in the opening or loses the tempo of the game knowledge a challenge in battling back to gain control of the game. However, if they could maintain that control the game will be easier so they can win.

Another benefit is that these books will often times help a person know exactly what situations they are often presented with in games. At times a person may think they have seen everything in the neighborhood games that they play, but they should realize that when they branch out and start playing other people they will meet more experienced people. Those more experienced people may have read these same books and whether they have then an individual can get whipped because they have never seen that situation before and did not learn how to respond to it.

Something else that a person should realize is that these books often will supply them with test to take. The test will definitely provide very helpful in getting the person some experience on implementing the strategies, but it may also provide some common and uncommon situations that are present every now and then. Then when you happen to be confronted with those situations in a game they can recognize them easier and learn how to respond to the situation.

A person may realize that these can help them improve the end game they typically play. Now a general strategy book may not cover this, but an individual can realize it can easily brush on the stock market. If it does that then a person may learn many of the more common patterns that they may see and know how to react to them to avoid a draw or even worse yet an unexpected loss.

Having the ability to play chess is a fantastic activity for many. However, a person needs to realize all the benefits that are present by using chess strategy books. Once they know about those benefits they can see the game pretty playing can drastically improve the way to the point they are not losing as many games, but instead are winning more than what they ever thought possible.

Porch Ideas

If you are building a porch onto your home or are remodeling one you currently have, you are being given a great opportunity! This is your chance to really decide what the outside of your home says about the people who live in it. Of course, before you can start decorating or building, you need to get some good ideas.

Ideas can come from anywhere. A simple internet search for porches will turn up more inspiration than you will know what to do with. Other great places to get ideas are the home construction and design sections of your local bookstores and libraries. Magazines can also provide a wealth of material. You might also just go for a drive and see what other people are doing with their porches.

Of course, before you get your heart set on any one of the ideas you have put together for your new (or remodeled) porch, there are some things you will want to consider.

1. What is your budget? Porches are not cheap. Just the simple act of building one can be expensive, so take a look at what you can afford. Learn what building materials cost in your area. Price the various fixtures you are thinking of using. Chances are there are places that will sell you the same fixtures for half the price of that "brand name" home improvement store across the street from the mall.

2. Make sure that your ideas are practical. If you live in a coastal area, flimsy wicker furniture might not be the best idea for your porch. What is pretty can also be functional and durable. It just takes some hunting. You will also want to make sure that your ideas will stand up to the weather and the wear and tear of normal life. Your porch is different from your family room.

3. Plan your space. You may feel a little silly crawling around on your porch (or the area of ​​your yard that you expect to be covered by one soon) with a tape measure and tape, but in the long run you will be glad you took the time to make measurements. You should also measure any furniture or fixtures you are thinking about purchasing before you actually buy them. After all, there is little that is more discouraging than spending a bunch of money on a piece that ends up not fitting because you did not think to measure ahead of time.

Porch ideas can come from anywhere. Keep track of all of your ideas and before you go running out to do some shopping have a clear plan of attack. Make sure that you have thought your ideas through and that they are practical. Make sure you have taken your budget into consideration as well as the construction of your porch. Ideas can get us excited about the outside of our homes in ways that nothing else can, but make sure you think them through!

Here is Why You Should Use Gypsum in Gardening

Do you have clay or layer of hard subsoil problems in your garden?
Then gypsum may be the answer to help loosen the soil structure. It is not considered a miracle substance and you will find that it does not work right away, but a 3-year program of applications should help improve the poor soil conditions. It is not expensive and is easy to spread where needed.

Gypsum also has a job of repairing the soil that has been damaged through compression from heavy stock, machinery, in the recovery of sub-soils exposed by earth movement and in soils affected by salinity.

A gardener faces one of the biggest problems in a new or established garden if they have a clay or layer of hard subsoil type of soil. This type of soil creates poor drainage, soggy soil and soil compaction.

When you have a new garden you can work organic humus, which should be done anyway, to loosen the poor soil. Manure, compost, peat moss and soil mulches and conditioners are normally used for this purpose.

You might ask, what do you do in an established garden?
A lot of work and time to recondition soil would be required. Gypsum may be just the answer for reconditioning the soil because it can be spread on the surface of the soil like in the vegetable garden, flowerbeds or on the lawn. What this means is it does not have to be worked into the soil, it can just simply be spread on the surface.

What does Gypsum do?
Its main purpose is to penetrate the many clay particles in heavy or the layer of hard subsoil type soils and loosen the soil structure. Then this creates air and moisture slots that will loosen and break-up the soil structure.

Be aware that gypsum does not contain any major plant nutrients, so continue a regular fertilizer program even though it contains calcium and sulfur which is needed for plant growth. In addition, continue to put out organic humus as you plant.

Gypsum is easy to apply!

Just spread it on the lawn, using the granular type, with a lawn spreader at the rate of 40 pounds per thousand square feet. Gypsum fertilizer can be spread any time of the year and only one application per year is needed. To get it started working, water immediately after applying. If applied properly it does not affect the pH of the soil, not harmful to humans and your animals and will not burn. And because Gypsum is neutral and will not change the soil pH, you can use it in places where plants like Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons and other acid-loving plants grow, they need a little calcium too. Of course, gypsum should be applied per directions.

What is gypsum?

Hydrous calcium sulfate

Calcium Sulfate – CaSO4

Another Name: Gypsite

How To Lay Bathroom Tiles

Prepare Yourself

The first step in laying bathroom tiles is to be prepared. You want to start with a clean and smooth surface. If there are even small problems with the flooring, chances are you will not get the tiles to lie correctly. To be sure that this happens, use a sander on the floor to completely even it out. You can then sweep up, wash and dry the floor before you go any further. If the floor is not stripped though, you may find that the tiling can not get a good grip on the floor for stability.

Once the floor has been prepared, the next step is to purchase the correct number of tiles for the bathroom area that you have. Do not underestimate how many you need. It is often necessary to purchase at least 15 percent more than you think you need. This provides you with safety in extras in case of problems with calculations or even if the tiles do break along the way. In addition, this gives you enough to put away in case the bathroom tiles break down the road. You can then easily replace them.

Placing Them Down

When laying bathroom tiles the adhesive step is one of the most important. Purchase the correct type of product for your need. For the bathroom, it is important to find waterproof adhesive for the area. If you use an adhesive that does not provide this protection, the adhesive will deteriorate over time leaving the tiles vulnerable to many problems later. A small crack or even a tiny space can allow water to see in, causing a number of problems for you. Instead, purchase and use the correct adhesive.

Grouting Correctly

When laying bathroom tiles, the grouting process is just as important as the adhesive. Be sure to wait at least a full day from the time that you lay the bathroom times before you start the process of grouting. This gives the adhesive time to set. You can then apply the grout correctly. Do only a small area of ​​a time so that you can remove excess grout before it dries and you can not remove it later. Use the correct tools to firmly position the grout into the grooves.

Corn Burning Stove FAQ's

Some must know questions about corn stoves.

How much corn does it use?

Typically a corn burning stove use approximately 1 bushel of corn per day with a bushel weights 56 lbs, storage / disposal Corn is important.

How large an area will it heat?

This will vary depending on the model and manufacturer.

How do I clean out the stove?

If you are burning the stove continuously with sheled corn you will have to remove a clinker, one solid rock like piece of ash about the size of your fist, once each day. This is done in about 20 seconds, while the stove is still running.

How do I start the stove?

Put a useful of wood shavings or wood pellets into the firebox, squirt on some starter gel or lighter fluid on top and light. By the time you make a cup of coffee, the stove will be running.

How much corn does it hold?

Corn stoves hold one bushel or more and will burn for approximately 24 hours or more depending on the model.

Can I control the heat?

Yes, there are thermostat controls on the stove to control both the room fan and the corn flow into the firepot.

How is the heat circulated?

A variable speed fan in the stove circulates the air around the room. In reality a corn stove is a convection heater.

What type of corn can be used?

All grades of corn will burn in the stove, however the higher the grade of corn the cleaner it will burn and the more heat it will produce. We recommend using screened corn for the best results.

Do I need a chimney?

A corn stove uses a direct vent system, something like a dryer. In other words you can put it straight through the wall.

What if my power goes off during a storm?

Your stove does need electricity to operate the blowers, so it will go out without you equip it with an emergency power supply prior to it going out. Stoves can run on a car battery that is hooked into a power inverter.

Why corn stoves?

The corn stove is a natural choice that addresses many issues. Number one it is environmentally friendly since it is so clean burning. Secondly, it is safe to operate and third, it gives our farming community a market for their products so when you burn corn you are helping them the most. For more interesting facts you may look at my About Corn stove Guide Page.

3 Crock Pot Lunch Recipes Everyone Will Love

Forget about having a microwaveable meal or fast food for your next lunch. If you own a slow cooker, preparing a warm, hearty meal is easier than ever! It’s healthier, too! If the whole family is having lunch together then they deserve a delicious, home-cooked meal. If you’re wondering what to serve, try any of these easy crock pot lunch recipes!

Texas Style Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

What you need:

  • 8 hamburger buns, split
  • 1 pork shoulder roast (about 2 kilograms)
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 2 large cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 cup barbecue sauce
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup chicken broth
  • 1/4 cup light brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tablespoon prepared yellow mustard
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons dried thyme
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil

Pour oil in a crock pot then place the pork roast inside. Add the onion, garlic, barbecue sauce, apple cider vinegar, chicken broth, sugar, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder and thyme. Stir to mis ingredients well. Cover and cook for 5 to 6 hours on high. When ready, remove pork from the slow cooker and shred using forks. Return the meat to the pot and stir to mix with the juices. Spread each bun with butter and toast butter side down over medium heat in a skillet. Spoon pulled pork into buns and serve immediately.

Crock Pot Chicken and Rice Soup

What you need:

  • 1/2 kilogram boneless chicken breast halves, cooked and diced
  • 3 cans chicken broth
  • 2 cups frozen mixed vegetables
  • 3/4 cup converted long-grain white rice
  • 1/2 cup chopped celery
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon dried parsley
  • 2 teaspoons lemon and herb seasoning

Mix together diced chicken, mixed vegetables, white rice, celery, water, dried parsley and lemon and herb seasoning in a slow cooker. Pour chicken broth over the ingredients. Cover and cook for 6 to 8 hours on low. Add more water if soup is too thick and cook for an additional 15 minutes.

Crock Pot Herbed Potato Salad

What you need:

  • 1 kilogram potatoes, peeled and sliced
  • 6 slices cooked bacon, crumbled
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 cup sliced celery
  • 1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper
  • 1/2 cup vinegar
  • 1/2 cup cooking oil
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
  • Salt and ground black pepper to taste

in a slow cooker, mix together potatoes, onion, celery, green bell pepper, vinegar and cooking oil. Stir to combine ingredients well and season with salt and black pepper. Cover and cook for 5 to 6 hours on low. Garnish with crumbled bacon and parsley before serving.

Lunch will never be this convenient and fulfilling – try these amazing crock pot lunch recipes!

Disposable Paper and Plastic Dinnerware

When it comes to serving meals for important events or outdoor parties, people look for more convenient and economic food serving solutions. In that case, disposable paper and plastic dinnerware are the best options that are perfect for any occasion.

Hygiene and sanitation are the other important factors that make people go for disposable dinnerware. They follow simple 'use and throw' method. Many of the catering businesses and restaurants have now greatly benefited from these products. They help in easy clean up and there is no chance of breakage. Benefits offered by disposable paper and plastic dinnerware are more or less similar.

Disposable Paper Dinnerware for All Types of Food Items

Disposable paper products are inexpensive, lighter in weight and convenient to use. These products which mimic certain properties of conventional ones are suitable for all types of hot or cold, liquid and solid food items. Disposable paper dinnerware products are environment-friendly solutions as well. Nowadays, they are available in biodegradable, recyclable and compostable forms which bring minimum damage to the ecosystem.

Enjoy Any Occasion with Stylish Plastic Dinnerware

Plastic dinnerware looks formal and adds more elegance to your dining tables. They are strong, durable, lightweight and easily disposable. You can find them in cool new designs, vibrant colors and in a variety of makes and models. These can be used on any auspicious occasions. Today, they find their use in flights, picnics, indoor and outdoor parties and more.

Make Purchases from Wholesalers at Discount Rates

For making good purchases, first of all you should consider the quality of the products you are purchasing, as well as the amount you are going to spend on them. Spend a few minutes on the internet to identify the newest trends in the market, and check for their availability.

Paper plates and cutlery, plastic cups and cutlery, hot and cold coffee cups, plastic bowls, mugs or whatever be your requirement, all these are available through both wholesalers and retail dealers. You can even get these products at discount prices.

Getting the Look You Have Always Wanted From Vinyl Plank Flooring

Are you planning on replacing your flooring but not sure what to replace it with? There are many different choices to choose from such as cork, rubber, ceramic tile, marble and many more. Hardwood is often a good choice because it can give a nice, homey feel to any room or foundation. However, hardwood flooring may require more maintenance than other types of flooring and can get quite expensive. Even in the smallest home it can cost thousands of dollars to have hardwood installed. For these reasons some people prefer to go with something that seems looks the same but is a lot cheaper and requires less maintenance.

If you want the look and feel of a beautiful hardwood floor but do not want some of the hassle or expenses that go with one, then getting Vinyl Plank Flooring may be a good option for you. Vinyl plank comes in many different patterns and styles and has all the design benefits of hardwood but is easier to clean, more durable, and is a fraction of the price. Vinyl plank flooring can come either in rolls or in strips making installation quick and easy. It is self sticking, so all you have to do is peal the backing off and lay the vinyl on a dry floor.

With Vinyl Plank Flooring you can spend less than $ 50 on a 15 foot room that you would otherwise have spend hundreds or even thousands with hardwood. You do not have to sacrifice that look you want just because it is out of your price range. Vinyl is also extremely durable and can stand up to loads of abuse, unlike normal hardwood that can be unacceptable to scratches and stains. Many commercial buildings use vinyl plank flooring because of high traffic for exactly this reason. This also makes it ideal for a child's bedroom, a rec room and family room.

Mold and mildew is not a problem with Vinyl Plank Flooring because the surface is impermeable. You do not have to worry about water or other liquid seeping into the floor. For this reason vinyl flooring is perfect for rooms to spills such as kitchens and bathrooms. There are so many different styles of vinyl flooring that you will be able to find the look you have been dreaming of. There is light wood resembling ash or bamboo as well as a dark cherry wood and many others. You will be able to get that perfect look at a more affordable price than you imagined.

Our Words Create Our Future

I was recently coaching a person who told me that he would "try" to improve his relationship with a coworker but that it would be "very difficult" and that it would "take a lot of time to trust him."

Consider the words that are in bold above. Could it be that while this person thinks he's purely describing the future, he's actually creating it? Could it be that our words actually produce results in the real world?

Consider these examples:

I was recently reading about Lanny Bassham, a former Olympic rifle shooter and "mental coach" who clients include US Olympic archers. Bassham notes that the archery community has a disciplinary obsession with "target panic," which refers to a malady sometimes suffered by champion archers who became so worried about hiring the target that they stop themselves from even trying a shot.

Bassham says that, "the words 'target panic' have resulted in an unnecessary amount of severity and concern about this condition among archers." He concludes by saying that, "I think if they had a better word for it, they'd have a lot less problem trying to cure it." (I've bolded those words for emphasis).

On his book, The Perfect Mile, Neal Bascomb wrrites that, "On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister became the first man to run the mile in less than 4 minutes, a barrier many experts had long considered unbreakable. Australia's John Landy and New Zealand's Peter Snell bettered his record that same year. Roger's feat changed the thinking of people in countries all over the world. " (I've bolded those words for emphasis).

What do these examples have in common? They all suggest that the key to unlocking our chains lies in the words we use to describe our world.

Consider the possibility that if you want to know what stops someone from achieving a goal, listen to how the goal is described. Could it be that describing a goal as "difficult," "strenuous," or "tough" creates those outcomes and that talking about a goal as "achievable," "exciting," or "inspiring" creates outcomes that conform to those descriptions?

Is not it amazing how we can predict the future? Or, perhaps, not so amazing. Perhaps the process is quite straight forward: We predict how the future will occur when we describe that future and then, naturally, live out that prediction.

Or, as ancient wisdom has noted, "Be careful what you wish for. You may get it."

Understanding What Is Para Nasal Sinus Disease

Paranasal sinuses are sinus cavities are air filled spaces within the bones of the skull. They are termed as paranasal sinus cavities because they are directly connected to the nasal passage. Paranasal sinus cavities reduce the weight of the skull, produce mucous which lines the nasal cavity and resonate the voice. There are four pairs of paranasal sinus cavities present in the human body. They are the frontal which are present which lie above the eyes in the frontal bone which forms the hard part of the head. The ethmoid sinus cavities lie between the nose and the eyes. The sphenoid sinus cavity lies at the skull base above the pituitary gland. The maxillary sinuses are the largest of all paranasal sinuses. They lie below the eye, in the cheek bone. There are a lot of opinions regarding what is paranasal sinus disease.

Paranasal sinus disease is the inflammation of the lining of these sinus cavities. this inflammation can be caused by allergens, viral infections or bacteria. Another explanation to the question what is para nasal sinus disease is that when the mucous from the sinus cavities stops draining properly, it causes sinus. Healthy sinuses are normally air filled. Infected sinuses become mucous filled because of lack of proper drainage.

One of the most important aspects of understanding what is para nasal sinus disease is understanding its symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of sinus disease are slow fever, headache, facial pain, swelling, jaw pain and toothache. Sinus may also be accompanied by a pus filled nasal discharge which is greenish yellow in colour. This nasal discharge may also be blood tinged.

Apart from understanding what is para nasal sinus disease, it is also important to know the best possible way to cure it. It is best to take advice from a reputed medical practitioner. A course of anti inflammatory drugs or anti allergic medicines helps most of the times. Doctors also advice nasal irrigation or nasal sprays at times. Surgery may be considered in some extreme cases.

Once a person understands what is para nasal sinus disease, he/ she should also realize the consequences of it. A severe case of sinusitis may be a threat to a person’s life. It is best if sinusitis is taken care in an early stage.

Outdoor Christmas Light Design Tips

One of the most memorable Christmas images from my childhood was driving around our neighborhood, taking in the lit up displays on our street. There is just nothing like having your own welcoming display in your front yard, whether it is as simple as some glowing colored lights or as complex as a fully fledged, motorized display.

Whiche approach approach you take, now is the time to start thinking about planning your outdoor Christmas light display for the coming silly season! If you get in a little early, you can beat the rush and maybe snare some bargains before the prices are jacked up for those who have left it till last. But before you start shopping, it is a wise idea to take the time to think about what approach you will take to your design.

First of all, you may need to come up with a theme. For some, just adding some colored lights is enough but larger displays will benefit from having an overall look in mind before they start planning. This could be as simple as a collection of shapes that work together or using complementary colors but you might also want to try to tell a Christmas story with your display. Using some bought or home made figures and including them in your display will add a touch of individuality.

The choice of color scheme is also important. The obvious choice is Christmas colors like red, green, white and gold, but you can also add a festive flavor with any color in the rainbow.

When it comes to planning your actual display, modern technology has given us some real advantages. One great tip is to take a photo of your property frontage with a digital camera, and load up your image into an image editing program. This makes it easy to sketch out some ideas of how your lighting could flow.

If this is not your cup of tea there are even software packages that will take care of your design for you! Regardless of the approach you take, make sure the whole family gets involved in creating a display that will be memorable for you as well as the many visitors that you are sure to attract!