Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Friends Step on Your Back

You’ve seen it many times. One friend lies on their stomach and the other friend walks all over their back. Or, you’re sitting in class, and the kid across from you takes his chin and pushes it back towards his shoulder, resulting in a bunch of pops and cracks. People crack their knuckles. They have friends give them a bear hug from behind and lift them off the ground to crack their back. Some people even stick their knee in a friend’s spine and pull their shoulders back to crack their back. These things may feel better temporarily, but they are not good for you in the long run.

If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor, you notice that he cracks your back and neck as well during an adjustment. Common sense would tell you that if a chiropractor goes through extensive education and training to do this for money that you shouldn’t let your friends do it. Bones pop and crack when they shift in certain ways, and the sound you hear is a result of gases released in the synovial fluid of your joint. Once you’ve cracked your neck, back, fingers, etc., you can’t crack them again right away because you have to wait for the gases to return to the synovial fluid.

If you’re someone who cracks your bones a lot, you may notice that you feel the “need” to crack them in order to feel better. However, the more you crack your bones and joints on your own, the more long term damage you’re doing. Think about how people go about cracking their neck or fingers. They bend them backwards, forwards, or sideways in a way they seem like they shouldn’t be going. This is because getting your joints to pop means pulling them out of their normal scale of mobility.

When you crack or pop your back or neck, you’re pulling your ligaments and muscles out of their normal range of mobility. When your muscles are stretched like this it feels better, which is why you have some relief afterward. Your muscles are what holds your ligaments in place, and when you move your body like that, they are stretched, which means the muscles will soon tense up to hold the ligaments in place again.

When your friends manipulate your body like this, they could cause a sprain or strain. A sprain is an injury to your ligaments, and a strain is an injury to your muscles. One wrong move and they could seriously hurt you.

Chiropractors have to go through years of training to be allowed to manipulate their patients. They learn all the different parts of the spine and how to move them without hurting their patient. If you want your back and neck to be treated properly, you should go get adjusted by a chiropractor. These types of appointments can even be covered by medical insurance.

Why Chocolate for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is many things to different people- a chance to start new relationships, rekindle old ones, or remind that special someone how wonderful they really are. Others feel it is just another "Hallmark" holiday where they are expected to do something for unknown reasons. Regardless of your hopes, expectations, or reservations about Valentine's Day, chocolate has long been a favorite gift for lovers.

Since the days of the Aztecs chocolate has been used as a gift. Today a box of luxurious quality chocolate says a thousand "thank you's", "good luck", or "I love you". Chocolate can be given as a way of saying "congratulations", "I am sorry" or "get well soon". On Valentine's Day chocolate clearly says "I LOVE YOU!" Chocolate is more than food, it not only fills your belly but also makes you feel soooo good. Elaine Sherman wrote "Chocolate is heavenly, mellow, sensual, deep, dark, sumptuous, gratifying, potent, dense, creamy, seductive, suggestive, rich, excessive, silky, smooth, luxurious, celestial. Love, ecstasy, fantasy … chocolate makes us wicked, guilty, sinful, healthy, chic, happy. " What more could you want to say to your lover on Valentines Day? Even the scientific name for the tree from which chocolate is derived, Theobroma cacao, translated from Greek, means "food of the gods".

Why does chocolate evoke so many feelings and emotions for us? Chocolate has long been associated with passion, romance and love. This association may go all the way back to the Aztecs. They believed chocolate was a source of spiritual wisdom, incredible energy and elevated sexual power. Chocolate was widely used as a nuptial aid and was broadly served at wedding ceremonies. The Aztecs did not know chocolate as we do today; They consumed the cocoa as a drink. Reports indicate that the Emperor Montezuma consumed large quantities of the drink every day and always fortified himself with a cup before entertaining his harem. The explorer Cortes reported to Carlos I of Spain that chocolate is "… the divine drink which builds up resistance and fines fatigue. A cup of this precious drink enables a man to walk for a whole day without food." From the earliest times, chocolate was considered a substance of power and a source of vitality.

Chocolate has been a subject of study since the first shipment from Veracruz arrived in Spain in 1585. But modern science has made some interesting findings that may help explain our lust for quality chocolate. Chocolate contains organic substances known as alkaloids. The most important of these substitutes is theobromine, which works as a stimulant to the kidneys. Stimulants in chocolate also affect the central nervous system, with effects similar to caffeine, which is also present in chocolate. A chocolate bar may contain as much as 200 mg of theobromine but only about 25 mg of caffeine. Another important substance found in chocolate is phenylethylamine, which is part of a group of chemicals known as endorphins. Endorphins have an effect similar to amphetamine and are found naturally in the human body. When endorphins are released into the bloodstream, the mood is lifted and feelings of positive energy are reached. The sensation known as "runners high" is caused by endorphins released during exercise. Phenylethylamine levels in the brain have also been linked to "falling in love". One more chemical found in chocolate is seratonin. Seratonin is known for its calming properties. The presence of these chemicals may explain the multitude of feelings chocolate evokes.

Debra Waterhouse, author of Why Women Need Chocolate, conducted a survey and found: 97% of women reported cravings, 68% of which are for chocolate, 50% would choose chocolate over sex, and 22% were more likely than men to choose chocolate As a mood elevator. These finds could easily be interpreted as a result of how chocolate makes us feel. I do not know why more women choose chocolate than men, for I am a man and I love chocolate.

Critics would say that the benefits of eating chocolate are small when compared to the sugar and fat contained in a chocolate bar. The best chocolate, dark chocolate with high cacao butter content has no added fat, as well as a high percentage of cacao solids and correspondingly less sugar. Although chocolate will never be considered a health food based on its nutritional value, it is still good for you! Good for your heart and soul-anything that helps relieve stress and makes you feel so good must be.

Receiving a neatly wrapped box of chocolates causes a sense of anticipation. The pleasure of unwrapping the box, the sensual smell, lifting the soft seductive papers, the look of the smooth dark chocolates. When it finally passes your lips and starts to instantly melt filling your mouth with exquisite pleasure. The taste and smell flood your senses with overwhelming ecstasy. Eating it slowly, taking time to enjoy and savor every bit. What better way to start off an evening of love?

Setting Limits With Your Dog

Being a dog owner is much like being a parent. Your dog will look to you for all of his needs and you will need to learn to set limits. You will find that your dog will be very eager to please you so he will look for things that he can do that will please you. You can use this to your advantage and use that as a training technique.

You will want to reward your dog for good behavior so that he will learn what acceptable behavior is and what is not. The important thing to do is to start setting limits as soon as you become the owner of the pet. No matter what pet owner you talk to, you will find that they all love to spoil their pets and that they think of them as children. Dogs, just like children, need to have boundaries and consistency so they will not get into trouble or get hurt. Keep in mind that the limits are set, not to punish your furry friend, but to help keep them safe and from doing things that can potentially harm him.

One of the first limits to set would be to keep your dog from jumping on people. Not everyone loves pets and if you have company over, the last thing they want is to have a dog that will be jumping all over them. Teach your dog that he can get more attention when he sits nice rather than jumping on people. Your dog will learn quickly that if he gets no response from you when he jumps on people, it just isn’t that much fun. Reward your pooch with treats and a happy voice with lots of love when he sits nice and does what is expected of him.

You also want to teach your pooch not to beg for food when someone is eating. Some peephole food can be harmful to dogs. While it is fun to give Fido a treat from your plate, all it does is teaches him to beg at your side when you are eating. If you make it a rule not never give table scraps to your dog, he will not be tempted to beg for people food.

Be firm when your give commands to your dog. DO not yell as that will just make tour dog scared of you and he will be less likely to listen to you. Give a firm, NO, SIT, STAY, or COME command to get your dog to obey you. It is important to teach one command at a time and always reward your dog when he does well. Treats help your dog to learn the commands quickly, so if you stick with your training, you will find that in no time at all, your dog will be the most well behaved pooch on the block. You will see that your dog has more respect for you when limits are set in the right way and he will be very eager to do what is right to make you happy.

Couples’ Chosen Destinations

Romantic Paris

Paris has been known as the most romantic city in the World. The couples feel like losing themselves in the streets of Paris. Why does Paris hold this special title of being a perfect destination for love birds? The hearts are filled with night lamps and eternal charm of the architecture. The couples can roam around, from Montmartre to Saint Germain, via Marais and by the side of Saint Martin. The beautiful city motivates the lovers to declare the depth of their love in the poetic manner. This place has been foundation for many poems, songs and romantic movies. Most of the view of Paris is covered with scenic beauty, which is much appreciated and enjoyed by the couples. There is so much to see, like beautiful landscape, wine regions, sunny and hot coastal areas, enchanting villages, castles, and many more memorable views.

Florence in Italy

Couples can spend their precious time in Florence, without being bothered about schedules and work. Some couples like to visit the museums, and some like to go for shopping. Most of the museums are closed on Mondays, so the couples can visit San Miniato al Monte. One of the best ideas of treating oneself is by having Tuscan feast with wine from the hills around Florence. Boboli gardens are there where you can relax, and let the hills and sunshine inspire the lovers to show their love. The best ice-cream around the world-‘Gelato’ had been introduced in Florence. Having a gelato with your loved one, and roaming on the beautiful streets of Florence, is a great idea for people in love. There are two significant squares to see in Florence, Piazza dell Signoria and Piazza dell Duomo. The stunning beauty of the city is difficult to be matched.

Paradise on earth: Kashmir (India)

A poet has stated- “If there is a paradise on the earth, it is in Kashmir”. The charm of Kashmir is its water i.e. lakes, rivers and springs all over the valley of Kashmir. The land is covered with a lot of fruits like apple, cherry, peach, plum almond etc. The life of Kashmir’s people is dominated by water, and houseboats. The extreme Northern area of India, covered with natural charm is known as Kashmir. It is known due to its scenic beauty.

The people in Kashmir are highly helpful and friendly. The beauty, peace and weather are the charm of this place. The places to visit are Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yusmarg, Dal Lake, Manasbal Lake etc. Dal Lake is renowned for the famous shikara ride and houseboats. The Manasbal Lake is also known for Lotus flower in summer season, and is a spot for watching birds. Kashmir is the place where land, water and mountains meet. There are Mughal gardens in Kashmir which add to the beauty of Kashmir. The couples generally visit this place for honeymoon, i.e. beginning of the married life, so that the heavenly and beautiful experience makes their life beautiful and full of love.

It is truly said that if the ambience and place is romantic, then every day becomes a valentine’s day. Couples can choose any one of the above destinations for a memorable experience.

Top Ten Ways to Cheat on Your Housework

Okay, okay, so you purists out there may not agree with me, especially the ones who vacuum on a daily basis and actually do wash your windows twice yearly inside and out. But some of us just need that extra little kick in the pants to get going. Or maybe we need some help with the housework that sees that is building up around us. Well, I can not help you do the housework, but perhaps I can help you give the impression as if you have done it.

Contain it.

Most of you know this by now, but just in case you need to hear it again, clutter takes up the majority of your housework, usually about 80%. Cut out the clutter, and you cut out the workload. But, if you must have it then at least contain it. Get containers to put things in, and make sure they have solid walls. If someone can see all of that junk through the clear container, then what's the point? Even kid clutter can be housed in solid containers as long as they are properly labeled, typed labels for older kids and picture labels for the preschool set.

Hide it.

If we must, we must. Sometimes when we are counting the minutes until the in-laws show up then we just need to resort to hiding the clutter. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Try to keep things out of eyesight. For example, hide the laundry basket on the side of the bed that is opposite the entrance or get the dirty dishes off of the counter and into the sink. And if you need to, well, go ahead and kick those toys under the bed (just make sure it's temporary).

Scent it.

One of the best disguises is a good smell. Our olfactoryory sense has a way of completely changing our perception. One of my friends pours pine cleaner in her sink, swishes it around a bit, and then straightens up the house. After she straightens it up, she empties the sink and the entire house smells as if she has been scrubbing all day long. Light some candles, spray some cleaner here and there, plug in a few air fresheners, and you're good to go.

Force it.

One of the best ways to cheat on your housework is not to cheat at all, but just force yourself to do it. Set a date to have some friends over for coffee or be willing to host the next book club meeting. Your house will shine from top to bottom by the time the day arrives. Why? Because you have to!

Stash it.

When you are straightening up the house, looks are everything. I have a reputation of stashing junk here and there just to clear up the surface area. My boys can often find legos and action figures stashed in their pajama drawers simply because it was resting on their dressers when I was cleaning up. Too bad for them! If it is sitting out and I am straightening up, then it's going to get stuck somewhere out of the way, whether it belongs there or not.

Top it.

When you've just got to give off the impression of a clean house, then make sure that you wipe off all of the surface areas. Clear off all tables, desk tops, and counters and wipe them off. No one will notice the filthy oven as long as the stove top is gleaming.

Modify it.

I know if you get out that vacuum then you should vacuum everything. But here's an idea – only clean up what's dirty. If there's only popcorn on the floor of the living room, then just vacuum that room and leave the rest of the house. If it's only the kids' bathroom that stinks to high heaven, then just clean that one and leave the powder room alone. Do what you must and leave the rest. I do hereby give you permission to do all of your chores imperfectly.

Multi-task it.

When time is an issue, then use everything you've got. Move things out of the way with your right hand and wipe off with your left. Or clean the toilet with your hands while you're wiping the floor with a rag under your foot. Talk on the phone while you are straightening up the play room. It may seem impossible at first, but practice makes perfect.

Simplify it.

Get rid of the stuff in your house that makes your housework difficult. If you have to move along the clutter every time you vacuum, then maybe it's time to make a trip to your local charity or have a yard sale. If it's a chore to clean, then maybe you would be better off without it.

Yummify it.

When you've done everything you can do, then it's time to resort to the best camouflage of all – appealing to the taste buds. No one will mind if there are some dust bunnies here and there as long as you've got some warm brownies on a plate or a delicious stew cooking in the slow cooker. A happy tummy could not care less about the race cars that were kicked under the sofa.

How to Plan Your Company's Dress Code

One of the millions of a growing small business is the point at which you decide you need a dress code. It was all in good fun when you were just a shoestring start-up in a tiny store-front, and there was just five of you running around in jeans and polo shirts. But now you have enough staff that making them conform to a uniform standard of fashion.

Sometimes, the incident is provoked by someone breaking what would have been a rule, if it had been written already. The day somebody walks in a get-up that raises your hair, offends a customer, or makes your visiting mother-in-law fault, that's when it finally hits you that you're going to need a dress code.

The key here is conservatism. The more public contact a staff member has, the more that employee should be treated as the public face of your business. While we do not want to micromanage every detail down to the height, in millimeters, of their shoe heels, we want to keep a definition of what is allowed as narrowly defined as possible. Nothing annoys employees more than the dreaded constantly-revised dress code, so you want to make up your mind at the start what you want to do and stick with it. Changing your mind every year will invite situations where you have confused employees showing up wondering why their tube top is not acceptable today when it was fine last week.

Starting from the top, decide right away what is appropriate in hair style and facial appearance.

Hair – How long is too long? Are dyes OK? Remember that hair-dye is both a normal enhancement to change to another natural hair color, and a fashion statement made by young people who make it an outrageous shade of blue and green. Are radical styles allowed, such as mohawks and spikes? Try to find a balance that allows what is sensible and fashionable and disallows what is radical. You will also want to consider the new trend of shaving designs into the hair, seen on many young men with a buzz cut.

Facial decoration – Your male staff will want to know what, if anything, is acceptable for mustaches or beards. If you allow facial hair, be sure to define where the limit is in terms of style. For both sexes (these days) you will have to define the policy on make-up and facial piercings.

Trust me, if you do not think about specifically forbidding that people jam a crowbar through their chin, somebody, somewhere, will think of it. And they will come in and be all surprised when you send them home. On the other hand, social conventions about where, and with what, something on the face can be pierced are shifting to the point that radicalism is almost the norm. It does not make much sense to forbid all facial piercings when half of your customers will have them.

Tongue studies – This describes it's own category just because it affects the speech. Actually, a tongue piercing that is done correctly should not affect the speech, but many young people throw caution to the wind and get a hole punched in the wrong place, then go slurring and lending through life seemingly unaware that customers will have a hard time Understanding them. You can always specify that piercing jewelry be removed before their shift.

Moving on to the body, there is the subject of tattoos. By this present time, most people understand that if they turn every visible inch of their surface into a walking art gallery, they will have a tough time getting hired. Most people these days have sense enough to keep a tattoo in a place not normally visible when wearing sensible business clothes. But you will want to specify your policy on this, if it is a sensitive concern. Remember that tattoos shock nobody in the 21st century, unless they depict a graphic image or words that are offensive.

Safety – In the restaurant trade, you will want to specify dress standards by function, taking into account things like OSHA regulations and Health Department codes. Working with machinery with moving parts necessitates forbidding wearing anything that can dangle and get caught, leading to an injury. Shoes should be worn that do not cause the wearer to slip, trip, or injure their feet if they drop something on them. Many positions will require gloves or hairnets or other sanitary gear.

Religious and cultural matters – Many people of a devout faith like to wear a necklace identifying their religious symbol, and there are also people from walks of life who identify strictly with their country of origin and like to wear something identifying their solidarity with it.

These can lead to some odd situations – there is an African religion in which joining the priesthood requires you to wear pure white for one full year, many Muslim branches require a certain amount of head and facial covering for females, and so on. It's up to you where to set the limit, here, but remember that when limiting religious or cultural dress items, you are running a risk of being accused of discriminating against a specific race or religion.

On the other hand, courts have recently begun to draw firmer lines between discriminating against certain religions or races and wearing outrageously blatant symbols and trappings or very inappropriate attire while on the job. Here again, if you do not draw a limit, some one will find it for you. Also remember that you can not favor one faith over another – if it is OK for the Christian and the Catholic to wear a cross pendant, then you also have to allow the Scientologist, the Jew, and the Satanist to wear symbols of their faith as well .

Lastly, remember to be only as conservative as you need to be, but no more than that. There is an acceptable level of individuality that you can use, usually based on what the general run of your customers will look like. For instance, it will not make sense to restrict tattoos in a biker bar, and you probably will not have much popularity if you restrict viewing clothing at a beach resort in the Bahamas. Also, we live in a more tolerant world now, and in fact letting your staff have a few tokens symbols of individuality can leave a favorable impression on some customers, who will like your business for being open-minded.

Contemporary Bed Linens For Reconditioned Bedrooms

There are a lot of prospects to choose from in giving life and excitement to your bedrooms simply by incorporating contemporary beds. A frontrunner to these prospects is the Easy Care Percale Poly Cotton that gives a lot of value in quality. This fabric is soft and smooth and does away with ironing and pressing as it does not get crumpled or creased. Aside from its elegance and quality, this fabric is priced reasonably.

Bed Linen Choices

The most prominent feature of the contemporary bed linen is that it can be cleaned using the washing machine. The more delicate and stylized bed linens require the more expensive dry cleaning option. It would be nice to have these designer beds for special occasions, but for everyday use, it is more practical to keep it with the contemporary bed.

There are complete bed linens available online which would effectively upgrade the aesthetic and functional appeal of your bedroom. With the huge harvest of cotton crops experienced in 2005, there has been a big surplus of the cotton material that is mostly responsible for the higher cotton content of linens in the market up to this day. This means that you can get quality and high grade linen at bargain prices which mean more value for your bedroom.

A lot of home decoration practitioners have been maximizing the use of cotton because of its popular cost. With consideration on sturdiness, these people can even choose the designer contemporary beds covers and get them at affordable prices. The Duvet bed cover is an attractive choice as it has a classy appearance with its 100 percent Egyptian cotton and 600 thread density count, and a piece of this item can be fetched at less than $100.

You can easily modify and upgrade your bedroom with the use of the sateen stripped covers as an alternative to the duvet bed cover. With a density of 280 threads, this Egyptian cotton cover can be purchased for an incredible value with a price of only $25. The Egyptian cotton is known for durability and strength with its relatively longer fibers and reasonable price.

There are comforter sets also available over the Internet and these sets come in variants of four, seven, nine, eleven, and fifteen items. The 15-item set is ideal for the amateur home decorating enthusiast who wants everything for his bedroom, as it includes everything you need from bed linen covers, to pillows, skirtings, and even curtains. These contemporary bed linen sets are complete with extra bed sheets, comforters, duvet bed covers, and light sheets that can last a long time in the bedroom.

Matching Designs And Colors

These bed linens also come in different and beautiful designs and colors that would give you the opportunity to mix and match with your bedroom. Multiple duvet bed covers can be used that would give prominence and style to your bedrooms. Choosing light pastels can blend with almost any design and decoration.

A Winning Strategy For Farkle

If you Google the history of Farkle, you’ll find numerous theories as to the origin of the game, all significantly different. But one thing we know for sure:

Farkle is older than dirt. First there was Farkle, then dirt.

Why do you suppose it’s been around for so long? Probably because it’s fun. Farkle has just the right combination of luck and skill to have amassed a broad appeal among people around the world and to have remained popular for hundreds of years. If you have never played Farkle, you should give it a try.

Many Farkle enthusiasts insist that luck is much more prominent in determining a winner than any skill involved. This is true in a single game. But as more games are played, skill becomes more significant and luck less significant in determining the overall winner. If you sit down with 3 friends and play 12 games of Farkle, luck alone dictates that you’ll win about 3 games, and so will your friends. 3 times 4 equals 12.

However, if you use my Winning Strategy For Farkle (and assuming your friends do not), you’ll more likely win about 4 games rather than 3. No, it doesn’t mean you’ll win every game, but over time, you will emerge as the best Farkle player in your group. Your friends will start calling you “The Farkle Expert”, or “Mr. (or Mrs. or Miss) Farkle” or “The Farkle Guru”. Would that be cool or what?

My strategy assumes the following rules:

· It takes 500 points to get “on the board”.

· It takes 10000 points to win.

· A five is worth 50 points.

· A one is worth 100 points.

· Three 1’s is worth 300 points.

· Three 2’s is worth 200 points.

· Three 3’s is worth 300 points.

· Three 4’s is worth 400 points.

· Three 5’s is worth 500 points.

· Three 6’s is worth 600 points.

· Any 4-of-a-kind is worth 1000 points.

· Straight (1-2-3-4-5-6) is worth 1500 points.

· Three Pair (2-2-3-3-4-4) is worth 1500 points.

· Any 5-of-a-kind is worth 2000 points.

· Triplets (2-2-2-3-3-3) are worth 2500 points.

· Any 6-of-a-kind is worth 3000 points.

The Strategy:

1. In the beginning of a game, when you are trying to get the required points to get “on the board”, stop throwing after you have the required points on the table, unless you can throw all 6 dice again. If you can throw all the dice again, that is called “.. and rolling” and you should do that.

Example #1: You throw 5-5-5-2-3-4

The three 5’s are worth 500 points. So you have enough to get “on the board”. So do not throw the remaining 3 dice again. Just stop and take the 500 points.

Example #2: You throw 1-2-3-4-5-6

You have a straight worth 1500 points so you could stop and satisfy the “on the board” requirement. But since you can throw all 6 dice again, you should do that.

Now that you have satisfied the “on the board” requirement, we can talk about the rest of the game.

2. If, after any turn, you discover that all six dice are worth points, so that you can throw all six dice again if you choose, you should throw the dice again. This rule is especially difficult to adhere to when you have just thrown triplets or some other high-scoring combination, and you’re thinking to yourself, “If I throw all six dice and get nothing (a Farkle, a goose-egg, the big zero, the old ‘bust-a-roo’), then I’ll loose the 2500 points for my Triplet. Oh gosh, I don’t think I could go on living if that happened. It would be devastating. It would put a hole in my self-esteem the size of the Belgian Congo”

Nah. It’s not that bad. You’ll bust (or “Farkle”) less than 10% of the time which means over 90% of the time you’ll throw some more points and improve your score.

3. So the big decision, the one you’ll have to make dozens of times in each game of Farkle, is “should I stop now, or keep throwing?”

The exact answer to this question is very complicated. But we can simplify it and put it into terms everyone can deal with. You just need two pieces of information: 1) how many dice am I considering throwing and 2) how many points would I have if I didn’t throw, i.e., if I stopped now?

If you are considering throwing:

6 dice Just do it! Don’t worry about it.

5 dice Stop at 2000 points or more. Otherwise go ahead and throw.

4 dice Stop at 1000 points or more. Otherwise go ahead and throw.

3 dice Stop at 500 points or more. Otherwise go ahead and throw.

2 dice Stop at 400 points or more. Otherwise go ahead and throw.

1 dice Stop at 300 points or more. Otherwise go ahead and throw.

4. Never hold a 5 (worth 50 points) unless you have no other choice.

Example #1: You throw 5-5-2-3-3-4

You could hold on to the two fives (worth 100 points total) and throw the remaining 4 dice. But it’s better to hold just one of the fives (worth 50 points) and throw the remaining 5 dice.

Example #2: You throw 1-5-5-2-3-3

Here, you have a single one (worth 100 points) and two fives (worth 100 points combined). So you could save those three dice and throw the other three. But you would be making a mistake. The rules say that you must hold at least one die before you can continue your turn and throw again, so the correct strategy is to hold the single one and not the two fives. So you would throw five dice.

5. When an opponent gets above 8000 points, you need to start thinking about playing a little more aggressively. Especially if your total is 5000 or less. When the difference between your score and leader becomes greater than the difference between the leader and winning the game, it’s time to take the gloves off. Up those totals in rule 3 above. Don’t stop at 400 points when you have 2 dice to throw. Keep throwing!

When my opponent is within 1000 points of winning the game, and I’m way down at 5000 points or so, I don’t stop throwing until I get above 2000 points. Every so often, I get that big throw that puts me right back in the game.

Look at it this way, although it may look dangerous to continue throwing when you have 700 or 800 points, especially if you’re only throwing 2 dice, the alternative of stopping isn’t going to do you any good! Adding 700 or 800 points to a pitiful score like 5000 isn’t going to change the outcome of the game… you are still going to lose! The only thing that will save you now is some big 4-digit turns.

So stop worrying about it and throw those dice! Throw them fast and furiously. Throw ’em like there’s no tomorrow. Throw ’em like a drunken sailor.

As I mentioned at the outset, this strategy will not guarantee a victory on any particular game. But it will ensure that you win more than your share of games. Remember, your goal is to be known throughout your town as the “Farkle Queen” (or “King” as the case may be).

Brighten Up Your Party With Outdoor Party Lights

When the weather is nice it can be very pleasant to have outdoor get-togethers at your home. You can make things even more festive if you choose to use outdoor party lights as part of the lighting scheme for your party. Then the party can continue on past dusk without people having problems seeing where they are going or what they are doing.

There are a wide variety of outdoor party lights available. You can get fairy lights, connectible string lights, net lights, curtain lights, rope lights, or lights shaped into 3D animals and figures. These lights can really set the mood for your party. They are available in white, colored, or multi-colored options. You can spread lights around the trees, use rope lights to line the paths, or even use curtain lights at the entrance to the party. Connectible lights make it easy to attach multiple strings for a nice continuous look (or to help deal with a minimal number of outlets).

If you would like to be more eco friendly, you can get your party string lights as solar powered LED lights so that the sun charges the lights and you are not using a lot of electricity in order to create the party atmosphere that you are looking for. The solar powered lights are only slightly more expensive than the regular lights, and you will probably save that money with the lower energy costs associated with using them. There are also some options for garden party lights that use less power than others, so you can save on power usage without worrying that your lights won’t have enough charge to get through the party when the day hasn’t been very sunny.

So if you are thinking of holding an outdoor party, consider checking out the various options for outdoor party lights. You are sure to find something that will add a little style and brighten up your outdoor party location. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make an impact, and you can use as many or as few lights as you would like.

Effects of Mobile Games On Human Life

There is a difference between the bringing up of the children nowadays and the way their parents were raised by their parents. The main reason for this difference is the new scientific inventions. One of these inventions is the smartphone, the mobile phones with large screens of about six to ten inches that have the capability of entertaining one whenever and however one wants it. As the hammer is to Thor, a mobile phone is to its owner. A person feels paralyzed when he is away from his mobile phone.

Video games are and always have been the top-of-the-list source of entertainment since their invention. If you look back, not far, but just a decade ago, people used to play the video games on the bulky PCs. Next, play stations and X-boxes took over the video gaming world. Now mobile phones, in everyone’s hands, are in the lead.

We can look into the ways the mobile games are influencing human lives. The rough estimate of the age group that is more prone to play the video games is 10-25. They have a little knowledge of the realities of the world. That is the age when a person can have a lot of experience about how the things are in the world, by traveling around and by interacting with the other members of the society. The video games have affected their peer relationships. They spend most of their time playing on screens They hardly take part in solving social problems which affect their intercommunication abilities.

There is no shortage in the genres of mobile games, for example; fighting, shooting, sports, flight simulating, make up games and surgery games. Such games can be very informative and can provide knowledge beforehand to the kids. Take an example of a child who plays a driving game. Let us assume that the child does not have any real life experience of driving. Of course, playing a video game cannot give the feeling of the real life no matter how good the graphics are, but he will get to know many things about cars. Similarly, surgery games that give the bulk of information about human anatomy and make the player feel like a real doctor saving lives, provided that he does not squirm at the sight of blood.

Drawbacks of the video games are rather loud than their benefits. There is no disclaiming of all the ill effects of the video games. A child grown up playing these video games is hardly able to shake himself off the video game mode. For example, there is no obeying traffic rules in the games nor do the game developers look into it for the sake of making their game more fun. So when this child gets to drive a real car, he is playing that game in the back of his head which he used to play in his childhood and drives as recklessly as he used to drive in the game.

Is Chocolate Pudding Healthy?

Chocolate is made from the fruit of the cacao tree. The beans of the tree undergo a considerable amount of processing before chocolate is produced but end up with lots of antioxidants. Chocolate is believed to boost serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, which have an uplifting effect. It also contains stimulants which increases alertness. The feel-good factor, provided by chocolate and recipes with chocolate, gives an instant lift when the energy levels are low. In addition, there are some people who find eating chocolate cake or pudding soothing because they associate it with comfort or reward from their childhood.

Chocolate pudding contains some of the same disease-fighting antioxidants as fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants have been proven to decrease free radicals in the blood that can cause cancers. Healthy eating is more fun when you add small indulgences such as chocolate pudding desserts and pudding pies. A recent study shows the people who regularly eat pudding or recipes containing chocolate as their main ingredient, live up to a year longer than those who avoid it altogether.

Ready to use puddings are high in quality and are ideal as a wholesome snack by themselves. Not only do they have antioxidants, but calcium as well for strong bones. They are used as recipe enhancers in cakes, cookies, pies, ice creams, and other desserts in restaurants, bakeries and foodservice establishments. The jello chocolate pudding is as good as, if not even better, than regular home-made pudding. For people who don’t have the time to prepare tasty pudding desserts from scratch, the handy and ready to eat puddings are the best option.

Instant puddings are well packed and sealed for better taste and longer shelf life these days and are perfect for daycares and preschool snacks. The portions of each cup of chocolate pudding are sufficient to be used as perfect healthy snacks for children and adults. Foodservice companies can also buy big bulk cans for serving many people at banquets and receptions. Apart from being delicious, chocolate puddings are nutritionally balanced. For people who are particular about their diet, there are puddings made of non-fat milk, which contain way less calories than the regular puddings, yet you still get the great antioxidants and calcium.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter for Your Business

Twitter gets referred to almost everywhere. Which almost certainly means that in the back of your mind you know you should be doing more with Twitter. But if you still need convincing, check how many of these reasons apply to you!

1. Connecting with customers

Twitter is fast becoming the help desk for a lot of companies.

It's a lot quicker to place a Tweet than it is to find a phone number for a company Let alone potentially navigate through their telephone system or be put on a never ending loop of elevator music intersperced with reassurances that your call is important (in which case They should employ more telephone operators, surely?)

2. It's easy to get feedback

This is an extension of connecting with customers.

People are more inclined to complain and give negative feedback than they are to offer praise.

But with the right prompts, you can get your customers to give you positive feedback in their Tweets.

3. It helps with branding

Branding used to be the kind of thing that only large companies did.

But you can do the same for your company, regardless of its size.

If you're a small company, you may find it better to use your own name and a photo of yourself rather than using a logo – people prefer to deal with people rather than faceless corporations – but you'll need to make that judgment call Yourself.

Just do not use that as an excuse to procrastinate and put off creating your account!

4. Coupons and other promotions

Because of the immediacy of Twitter, you can use these to help create sales at slow times of the day or week.

You can also take advantage of the viral nature of Tweets to get them passed on to new customers who may not previously have heard of you or used your services.

5. It's efficient

There are lots of different ways to Tweet – you do not have to be sitting at a desk waiting for the phone to ring or watching your computer, pressing Refresh every few seconds in case there's a new email that you need to deal with.

You can answer Tweets anywhere you like.

So you can take a few seconds from the job you're on to post a reply. Or you can stop on a car journey. Or answer them any other time or place.

OK, the flip side of that is that, unless you have a dedicated business phone, you're always on call. But if you're a small business owner that's probably the case anyway and at least this means you get a chance to get some business from that fact.

6. Safety in numbers

Almost every business is already using Twitter.

So you need to as well – otherwise you'll give the wrong impression and stand out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons.

7. Keep on top of your competition

Because it's a public medium and is very much a two way conversation, you can follow your competitors and keep up to date with what they're doing.

It's also worth following a few companies that are not direct competitors but that you admire and want to model.

Medical Concerns For the Elderly Today

In our world today the elderly have many concerns facing them from aging to medical. With aging comes concerns as to who will care for you, who will take you places, who will pay for your daily needs as well as funeral expense to just name a few of the concerns that come with aging. Many people have no children or have children but cannot be bothered with issues such as daily caring for their loved ones. This is when nursing home care becomes an issue needing to be addressed and with this comes to insurance and if you qualify for care.

Many elderly people have enough to worry about without adding these concerns to their plate. If a person plans for retirement and they reach it without too many concerns, then most do not think about what will or could happen until they are faced with it. Medical issues are usually the first sign of aging and the need for concern to come into play for those facing them. Medication comes with the aging process and cost then starts to become a concern not just for the elderly person it is affecting but, to the insurance company that provides the coverage. Some insurance companies begin to pick and choose which type of medications, treatments as well as who can do what and how and still be covered.

Depending on who you are and how much you have saved this can bring a worry about how you will be able to live without the medical coverage you need and where you can afford to live as well. Then if you become unable to make your own decisions who will take that role on for you, if plans and steps have not been put into place before becoming an issue for you then there is all kinds of concerns to make arrangements for. Court services will be needed to get you a guardian to make all your choices for your care medically and financially. This could be a person you do not even know or knows your wishes. This is where you need a medical power of attorney before any issues can become concerns about your care. Also you need to make your wish known not just to them but everyone involved with you so there is no concerns if these are your wishes or not. A DNR is a document that will make your choices about care and major decisions known.

Food and shelter cost along with concerns for people taking advantage of the elderly plays parts in the aging process as well. Many elderly fall prey to scams every year. Whether it be through home repairs not done properly or never finished but, the people have got their money or to things such as sweepstakes making them think they have won money to get them to order or buy something is a big problem and continues to grow with new and even more scams to have them fall victim to. Making life decisions before they become issues is the best and safest route we can do for our elderly loved ones. Take the time or make the time to protect your loved ones now before they fall victim to the aging and medical concerns they face.

About Chinese Cooking Utensils

Cooking Chinese food is simple when you have the right cooking utensils. For most Chinese food recipes, you will need at least two basic utensils, the wok and a slatted spoon that is specifically designed for using with a wok. You may also add a bamboo steamer to your utensil for a complete set of Chinese cooking utensils.

A wok looks much like a basic pot, or a large bowl. The shape of the wok allows foods to cook quickly, so make sure that you pay close attention to your foods while they are cooking. Unlike a frying pan or a pot, foods can overcook in a matter of minutes in a wok.

Although the Chinese cooking recipes do give approximate cooking times, you should be careful the first few times that you use your wok. These cooking times are not always accurate, since each heat source can be slightly different from the next. Woks are best used on gas stoves, since the heat is easily adjusted, but you can also use woks on an electric stove if you are know how to adjust the temperature quickly.

Woks can be used for steaming, deep frying or stir frying your foods. For deep frying, it is best to use an oil that can take high heats without burning. Most Chinese recipes will tell you which kind of oil you need for best results.

Bamboo steamers are also a staple in Chinese cooking. Bamboo steamers are excellent for steaming foods, including vegetable and Chinese dumplings. To use the steamer, you need to fill your wok with enough water for the entire cooking process and then allow the water to boil. Once the water is steaming, you add the bamboo steamer, with the food already arranged on the tray, to the wok.

Obviously, the steamer needs to sit above the water while you cook. If you have added too much water, then you will need to remove some of it before you begin using the steamer. Also, you can line the tray of the steamer with cage or lettuce leaves to prevent the Chinese food from sticking to the tray.

The type of recipe that you are making can help you decide whether you use cabbage or lettuce leaves. If the taste of cage or lettuce is not something that you like, you can also use foil with small holes placed through the material.

Web Hosting: How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service for You

If you are going to operate a blog or website, deciding on a web host might present a bit of a challenge for you.

There are free hosting services and paid services. Free services are good if you are not running a business website. Free web hosting services often cone with a few catches. One is advertising. Of course, it costs the hosting company money to operate and if they offer their service to you for free, they have to cover their costs and make a profit. So, if you use their free services, they may advertise on your blog or website.

Things to consider when choosing a web host:

· Do you oppose having advertising on your site? If not, then the "free" option might be the best fit for you.

· How much bandwidth do you need? The more content you put on your site, whether it is text or videos and photos, the more bandwidth you may require.

Paid programs offer packages with varying amount of bandwidth limits and you can always upgrade if you feel you need more. The more you pay the greater amount of bandwidth. What happens when you go over your bandwidth limit? You may receive a bill for the excess usage or like may service providers; They will slow down the data transfer so you'll notice a slower speed when downloading pages.

· How big is your site going to be? Is it going to be a few pages or hundreds of pages?

· Is the web hosting service reliable? How much downtime does it have? The service needs to have an 'uptime' of at least 99.5%. Every hosting service will need downtime to update and upgrade its service. It's called maintenance. Expect this. However, this should be kept at a minimum because you need to trust that your site will be up and visible to Internet traffic at all times. Also, they will or should always notify you of the scheduled downtime for maintenance or upgrades.

· How much disk space to you need? Unless you have a really big website with lots of pages, it's illegally you'll need more than 5MB of disk space when starting out. Of course you can upgrade as the need arises but you certainly will not need a huge amount initially.

· Support : Is technical support provided and if so, what is the availability and what is the cost? Support might be limited with free web hosts. Some may be available by phone, live chat or just with a ticket system. This is where you have to go to their online support desk and submit a help ticket. Think about the kind of support you might need and include this in determining the web hosting service for you.

· CPanel : This is control central for your website. This area lets you control and manage certain things on your website. Here you should be able to add or change email addresses, do email forwarding, change or update passwords to name a few.

· Does this service allow you to host multiple domains? Let's say that your business is growing and you want to add more domain names, or subdomains. Will they support this and if so so there an additional cost?

· Servers: What kind of server do they offer? Many will use Windows but other choices include Linux, Apache and many more. If you do not know anything about the different servers, just know that Windows is the most commonly used.

· Cost: Cheaper is not always better. Check the terms of use and refund policy. See how easy it is to cancel and get your money back if you pay in advance. Affordability is important but it's well worth the price for a reliable service with good technical and customer support.

When you are first starting out with a website or blog, you might not need all the bells and whistles but you should consider growth and will this web hosting company allow for that. Read reviews and talk to friends who already have experience with web hosting services.