Solder Flux Paste – Wholesale Dropshipping – Siting One Brand That is a Lead-Free Solder

Lets take a peak first on how a lead could manage to destroy an environment and to human being. There is no really visible damage contribution to it but the effect is through its contribution of elements in the air (specifically the melting copper).

The impact categories included in the Lead-Free Solder Project [LFSP] and life-cycle impact assessment [LCIA] are as follows: renewable resource use, nonrenewable materials use, energy use, landfill space use, global warming, stratospheric ozone depletion, photochemical smog, air acidification, air particulates, water eutrophication (nutrient enrichment), water quality (biological oxygen demand [BOD] and total suspended solids [TSS]), occupational human health effects (cancer and non-cancer), public human health effects (cancer and non-cancer), and aquatic ecotoxicity.

Here is a solder flux paste to a least minimize the toxic content of the lead that may cause damage to environment and human body. This is a solder flux paste that can be used on steel, iron, braze, plated-zinc, and plated-nickel soldering for general purposes. Xihan solder flux paste is a product into it. Xihan, is based in Ningbo, Shanghai, China and exports quality solder flux paste to any part of the world. So how can interested buyers contact Xihan? They provide a site on web to contact them and know more about the product. It can be ordered in hundreds for they can accommodate 3000 pieces-per-day order and they never ran out of stock. Worth $0.6-0.8/pc, you can have them on time.

Impacts from the transportation and distribution of materials, products, and wastes throughout the life-cycle of a solder are included in most of the upstream processes where secondary data are used that already include transportation. Like Xihan, they also make provide time frame in delivery not long enough to wait but not fast enough to surprise you… they consider seven to ten working days delivery time. Data for manufacturing and use/application life-cycle stages reflect the period stated.

Unlike most products, solder does not have a use life-cycle that extends over a large time frame, instead it occurs over the relatively short period of time required to assemble a printed wiring board. And to whatever business anyone ventures, please also understand any risk that takes part of it. No matter what kind of industrial business we are in. Always remember that anything should also be of good service not just to your client but also to the nature, who deserves much credit to our existence.

Bring Rusted Cast Iron Cookware Back to Life

The process of restoring rusted cast iron cookware can bring a family heirloom back to life and make it a fully functional asset in your kitchen. You can even salvage a garage sale or flea market find that looks too far gone. The beauty of cast iron cookware lies in it’s rugged durability and versatility. Cast irons durability results from the quality and thickness of the material from which the pan was made. Older cast iron is especially tough since it was made before the time of cheap imports that do suffer some quality issues. But, nonetheless any piece of cast iron that is structurally sound can be restored and put to use in your kitchen.

Before beginning the restoration process, you must carefully inspect the pot or pan and make sure it is truly structurally sound. Look for cracking or pitting in the surface of the pan. If the pan is cracked or severely pitted then it would be best to set that pan aside and not proceed with restoration. a cracked cast iron pan is very hard to repair and requires a process called brazing to fix the pan. This is usually an expensive process and even with repair the possibility of contamination of your food from the repair process makes the pan pretty much useless for use in the kitchen. If you would like you can restore the damaged pan and use it as a decorative reminder of days gone by in your kitchen.

Once you have established the soundness of the cast iron, you can begin the process of restoration. Start by using steel wool or a wire brush to remove as much surface rust from the pan as possible. You can then soak the pan in a solution of 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water for a day or so. This will help to finish dissolving any rust that remains on the surface of the pan. If you run into a pan with severe rusting, then you may have to use a product like spray on oven cleaner to remove a heavy layer of rust. Be careful when using caustic chemicals like oven cleaner. Wear personal protection such as gloves and a mask to prevent personal injury. Also, avoid using any other highly caustic chemicals on your cast iron. Solvents and similar chemicals can soak into the loose pores of the iron and then leach into your food at a later time.

After you are sufficiently satisfied with the initial phase of restoration of your cast iron, then you can proceed to the seasoning step. seasoning is a simple process whereby the clean pan is coated with either lard or bacon grease and repeatedly heated in an oven. This process creates a durable non-stick finish for the cast iron and makes it easy to clean after use. For a more detailed look at the seasoning of cast iron cookware, please review my other article at

Top Ten Oasis Songs

Oasis has a reputation, the kind of which, depends on who you talk to. Some think they are one of the greatest bands of all times. Others see them as unapologetic plagiarists. The brothers Gallagher, Noel and Liam, have been known to fistfight, onstage and off. Currently, Oasis is no more, Noel having quit the band over his brother's alleged bad behavior. One thing is for sure, the songs are mightily catchy and their fans sung along at love shows like no other before or since. May I present my top ten picks:

1. Rock 'n' Roll Star – Definitely Maybe

"Tonight, I'm a Rock 'n' Roll star …" Lian Gallagher proclaims on the opening track of the debt by Oasis. Well, twenty plus years later, what can you say? Put this song on, pop open a Newcastle and settle in.

2. Cigarettes and Alcohol – Definitely Maybe

Oasis took some heat for nicking the main riff from the T-Rex song "Get It On", but I do not mind, do you? The song is a call to arms bearing drugs, cigarettes and alcohol delivered by Liam with a Johnny Rotten snarl. And thus, Oasis began their reputation as trouble making heathen chemistry seekers.

3. Champagne Supernova – (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Sweeping hard rock balladry at its best with psychedelic lyrics to boot! Noel Gallagher has said that some of the lyrics do not really mean anything, but sometimes they do mean something to him and that to all the people singing along at a concert they mean something different. Do you know what I mean?

4. She's Electric – (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

This song flies by under the radar but features clever and funny lyrics by Noel. It seems to be about a girlfriend and her family and the hinted at promise and take way of long-term plans. Anyone who has dated a girl with a kooky family can relate.

5. Roll with It – Morning Glory?

"It's all too much for me to take" Another Beatles lyric sample, this time for the George Harrison song "It's All Too Much" form the magical mystery album. Nonetheless, a soaring and catchy song that scrollicks along with the best of 'em.

6. Stop Crying Your Heart Out – Heathen Chemistry

One of Noel's "Get over it" songs that inspires by remembering you that things do not last forever and there is always tomorrow and we live to fight another day, and so on. Is it better than Do not Look Back In Anger? Should it be on this list? I think so. It's humanity and simplicity is awe-inspiring.

7. Let There Be Love – Do not Believe the Truth

The song starts with a lennonesque piano figure and proceeds to blossom into a perfect pop song. Liam sings the versa and Noel comes in for the B section offering a lilting counterpoint to his brothers acerbic style. A demo version is floating around with the same arrangement, but different lyrics.

8. All Around The World – Be Here Now

This song has to be accredited for its shameless indulgence as the song seemlessly endlessly modulates for almost tem minutes complete with a Hey Jude "Na-Na-Na" sing along. All around the world, indeed. You may know it from the AT & T commercial, but do yourself a favor and watch the Yellow Submarine inspired music video. It's a shorter version of the song than the album version.

9. The Shock of the Lightning – Dig Out Your Soul

A solid rock track with drums lifted from The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows. Oasis was never one to shy away from an obvious lifting of a Beatles lyric, riff or in this case, drum beat.

10. Wonderwall – (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Noel has said publicly that Ryan Adams cover version of this song is superior and he hates when Liam sings it. This may be true as Oasis has Ryan Adams opening for the band on their last tour before Noel left. I remember a radio interview where Noel said he wrote it to get into girls pants and it worked. He was married at the time. A great song and probably one of the most requested of bar bands to play in the world.

Moderating Illumination by Means of Window Blinds is Quite Trouble-Free and Inexpensive

Proficiently designed and manufactured vertical blinds are indeed the paramount window treatment for modulating the quantity and strength of incoming light. Due to the 180-degree revolving capacity of each window blinds slat, the course of incoming light can be easily altered and controlled by trouble-free adjustment to the angle of slat position. With the effortless action of the nylon control cord, vertical blinds can be moved a mere fraction of an inch-just sufficient to form a tile change in the interior lighting effects. This can be especially advantageous at what ever time of the day windows covered with vertical blind treatments get the most direct sunlight exposure. Depending on the assignment of your windows, they may have exposure to the brilliant rays of direct sunlight at mid-morning, mid-afternoon, sunrise or sunset. At these times, depending on the level and strength of incoming light, you may wish to close your vertical blinds wholly, or at least rotate them to near-closure to moderate the brightness.

One beautiful beautiful effect that you can attain through sunrise or sunset is the soft, subdued glow of first dawn or dusk lighting by partly stopping the bright streams of dazzling light blaring through both window glass and vertical blinds. In this occurrence, the window blinds work as a filter to alter glaring brightness to golden glow. Since each degree of blind movement brings about a slight modification in lighting effects, there exist many potential for general environmental lighting options for your room or quarters. Furthermore, if your rooms have various windows with vertical blind installation, even more diverse lighting results can be obtained. The better the thickness of the window blinds, the more light can be filtered, and one of the superlative types of vertical blinds for piquant filtering capacity is fabric window blinds, chiefly if they are dark in color and textured. Another category of vertical blinds that is excellent for resting incoming light is the new faux wood blinds. Their dense, grained and exceptionally polished exterior quality tend to reflect the room's interior light while keeping the exterior sunrays at bay. Still another lighting reflector in the class of vertical blinds is the mirrored blinds which mirror an image of the room's interior including its man-made lighting effects, and also thwart any intension outside light from entering.

In the early evening or morning, or on cloudy, rainy or tempestuous days, vertical blinds right full window exposure to the softened light of the outside atmosphere. In view of the fact that these versatile window treatments are made with window blinds slats moving to whichever side, or both sides uniformly, they can be opened to complete complete window view visibility. Although most low rise and high-rise residents using vertical blinds as window treatments are aware to their homes' vulnerability to effortless visibility from the outside by means of its windows, they can still open vertical blinds to half-mast or just a little to prevent a closed-in atmosphere while preventing outside to inside viewing.

At any time of the year, in any climate, one of the most beautiful feelings, arises from awakening to morning light gently sifting through classily colored, textured and designed vertical blinds. Whether the light passes in bright, bold diagonal rays or as understated and gentle glow, with the well-fashioned filtering prospect and effect of lovely vertical blinds, your area is adjusted into a relaxing, calm and soothing representation of soft clouds floating meditatively somewhere above bright sunlight. Now, you can start off your day with calm, composed assurance free of any harsh or jolting effects from the visual assault of intense light intruding from the outside world. Certainly, we all delight in the warmth of bright sunlight, but even foliage and animals need relief from the sun's strong rays. Thanks to the ingenious setting up and careful design of vertical blinds creators and manufacturers, we can let a little bit of the sunshine in, while retaining its harmful effects outside.

The Used Fireproof File Cabinet – Is it a Good Choice Or Just a Bargain Price

Like most of us I am sure you have many important documents and records that need to be in a fire safe container. I realize in this modern high tech time a lot of the documents are stored in digital format on your computer but please do not lose sight of how they got there. Chances are someone had to transcribe them from a hard copy in the first place. This not only applies to you as an individual but many businesses as well.

There are also many other reasons other than fire for both you and you company to want to protect hard copies of records and documents. Theft is one and there are probably others you may want to conceal or keep private. Regardless of the reason do you feel that they will be safe if your office or building should suddenly be consumed in a hot fire?

If you are at all uneasy about this thought it may be time for you to think about researching the possibility of acquitting a few fire safe containers for those records and documents. There are many options for you when it comes to a fireproof file cabinet with enough heat resistance to preserve most any record in even the hottest fire.

The better units are designed to give off a liquid when it reaches a prescribed temperature and this is what keeps it from overheating to the point your records are destroyed.

One of the most glaring problems facing you is the high cost of this type cabinet, especially if you will need an entitlement bank of them. It is not unusual for a fire safe unit to cost from $ 500 to $ 1500 more than a standard conventional unit.

My first thought in these situations is to consider used and you are probably no different. Most all of us have had a good experience with something used and felt it was a real bargain. But in this case you will want to be sure the units you are considering have not been exposed to a fire because of the chance they might not be good for another one. This is not to say there are not bargains available in the used market but you do need to be sure of its prior history.

With good research you should be able to learn why the previous owner disposed of the units and chances there will be many strictly legitimate reasons and the units may be good as new. Maybe the previous owner went out of business or moved into a new building and wanted all new furnishings. In many of these cases you will have found a bargain and will want to take advantage of it. Just be sure you do enough research prior to giving you money to be confident that your records will be safe.

Usually most will not recommend a used fireproof file cabinet purely by the nature of the beast but still there may be some excellent bargains to be had.

Making Your Flooring Match Your Life

With the myriad of flooring options available, it makes sense that some are more effective than others with certain lifestyle choices. When deciding on a new floor selection, be sure your choice is the perfect match.

Carpet is a reliably inexpensive choice for a basic option and it is a uniform color in most cases that suits just about any home. Carpet does trap dirt, dust and allergens, even with a powerful vacuum, so after a certain amount of time your carpet will need to be replaced. If you are sensitive to dust or have pets, carpet will hold on to dust mites and dog hair making it a challenge. Carpet is insulating, however and soft underfoot making it a good option for homes with children or where you prefer a quiet interior.

Marble and Stone
Marble and stone, such as granite or travertine, are beautiful and speak of wealth and grace. However, they are hard underfoot and very expensive to install. Stone options are beautiful in homes that are open and airy with a modern or classical feel. But homes designed to be comfortable, traditional or casual will likely feel at odds with a stone floor. Families with small children will also have difficulties with a stone or marble floor as it is not ideal for running and playing through the house.

Tile is less expensive than stone and is easier to maintain. Not as formal as marble, tile is suitable for any style of home as you have so many different options available in color and styles. Tile is wonderful in homes with pets as hair and dirt are easy to sweep up, but small children might not be able to play as comfortably as you would like and the hardness of the floor underfoot might be a concern if you stand for long periods of time.

Laminate has a similar appearance to hardwood flooring or tile, but is a manufactured product designed for a quick and easy installation and very easy maintenance. Laminate is popular in homes with pets and with children as it scratch resistant and does not trap dust and or pet hair and allows for very easy clean-up. For formal homes, the less expensive styles of laminate might not be ideal as they might show up as too informal. The top forms of laminate, however, have an almost indistinguishable wood-like appearance and would be at home in any style of home.

Hardwood floors are made from planks of hard wood which means that they are beautiful in any home, but require more upkeep than some of the other flooring options. The wood is honest to scratching and denting, but can be refurbished to repair any damage whenever you like. Wooden flooring can be expensive, but it is an option that lasts for centuries and is ideal for virtually any sort of home. Homes with small children and dogs may opt for distracted or especially hardy forms of hardwood, however, to avoid damage from something as simple as dog claw scratches as pets walk around.

TransCube Fuel Tank Review

The business where I work needed to purchase as well as rent several fuel tanks of about 250 to 1000 gallons (or 1000 to 4500 liters). That seems simple enough. There are plenty of fuel tank manufacturers building many styles of fuel tanks. Unfortunately our requirements were very stringent and with a long list of "must haves" the list of acceptable tanks quickly dwindled; the TransCube line of fuel tanks, and specifically models 10TCG, 20TCG, 30TCG, and 50TCG were the only ones to fully meet our needs.

Our main activity is pipeline construction. In short, this means that we are always on the move following the progress of the pipelines in Alberta, Canada. It's a rough and tumble environment to say the least, and equipment that is not "overbuilt" is quickly flushed out.

The short list of requirements for portable fuel tanks was as follows. (1) double walled (2) legal to be transported full (3) ability to mount an electric pump (4) fuel theft deterrence (5) moveable with crane and forklift.

In my search I learned that some single walled fuel tanks are indeed legable transportable when full. We would have considered that as an option as they are obviously less expensive, but our client has a green initiative that required dual walled tanks. Fortunately the Transcubes are dual walled and Transport Canada Approved and although I did not research what the importance of it is, it also carries UL certification.

The TransCubes that we rented to be mobile were outfitted with 12 volt DC pumps that would allow the battery of a pickup truck to power the pump with auto shutoff nozzle. We purchased some 10TCG tanks to plumb directly into our portable light towers in our camp areas, and we also bought some 20TCG, 30TCG, and 50TCG tanks to both supply our camp generators with fuel and also power a 120 volt pump built into the TransCube fuel tanks to fuel trucks and other equipment in our yard.

Although we have not encountered any fuel theft issues recently, it has been a problem in the past on our sites with unsupervised tanks. To combat fuel theft, TransCube tanks have a lid that is about 2 feet square. Underneath the lid is where the fuel pump and hose / nozzle, fuel level gauge, filling port, and all of the various drop tubes are located. When brought down into the closed position, there is a spot just big enough for a standard padlock, but tight enough not to allow bolt cutters access.

Finally, the Transcubes have fork pockets on all 4 sides as well as 4 crane lifting points which can be used when full of fuel. The added bonus is the lifting points are constructed to allow a second tank to sit on top of it for transport or if storage space is limited.

How to Lose a Beer Belly by Putting on Weight and Eating More

Yes you did read the title correctly and no I'm not insane (as far as I'm aware). So how can you get rid of your beer gut by actually putting on weight? The answer is very straightforward if you understand how the body stores fat and burns fat.

Getting rid of the layer of flab that's covering your abs and collected around your waist (sometimes referred to as 'spare tire') requires some serious fat burning. There's no amount of crunches and ab exercises that can get round the fact that to lose the gut you gotta burn it off. And what is the most effective way to do that?

Off to the treadmill, cycle machine or whatever cardio exercise you choose would be the normal answer to that but there is an even better way! It does involve cardio but the real fat burner is the other part of the formula – weight gain. And by weight I'm not referring to eating more pizza and drinking more beer I mean pumping weights and building up lean body mass.

Here's the thing – the more muscle (lean body mass) you have the more calories you burn at rest (burn calories in your sleep) – particularly when those muscles are growing. By building your muscles you will very effectively burn fat all around your body including your mid section.

Because lean body mass actually weighs more than fat – when you get on the scales you will find you have to put on weight, good weight. Your body fat percentage will be lower but your overall body weight higher. You'll now want to be measuring your results with the mirror and not the scales. There are ways of measuring body fat percentage as well if you really want to crunch the numbers.

But this kind of weight gain will not deflate that spare tire on its own, you have to burn off with cardio as well and eat right. Diet wise you do not want to deprive your body of the nutrition it needs when building muscles, you will need to feed those muscles for them to grow. Growing muscles like a high protein diet, cardio and weight training exercise likes a good supply of fuel in the form of carbohydrates.

I find that when I do a big workout I can not do it if I have not got the fuel inside me from a high cardio meal prior to the session. When I've finished I'm usually starving hungry and craving high protein ingredients such as steak, chicken or fish. All this food is contributing to me putting on lean body mass which burns fat while I sleep and go about my daily life.

It's all about using the right combination, eat the right kind of foods, do the right exercise – all in the right proportions and at the right times and you will see optimal results, get it right and you'll be eating more, putting on weight, getting leaner, fitter, healthier and closer to that body you've always wanted.

Losing the beer belly is not hard when you know how to get the best results by using the most effective tried and tested formula there is. Do not waste hours puffing and wheezing on the gutbuster2000 – get out there, earn that T-bone then make it work for you!

Modern Aircraft – The MV-22 Tilt Rotor

The newest United States Marine Corps aircraft to take flight is either airplane nor nor helicopter. It's a tilt-rotor and officially its known as a powered lift aircraft. Powered lift aircraft can takeoff and land vertically like a helicopter but they operate like an airplane while in cruise flight.

While the MV-22 may be the newest aircraft in the Marine Corps inventory it's first flight occurred almost 20 years ago in March 1989. The Osprey is a joint effort from a variety of leading aeronautical firms. Bell Helicopter makes the wing, nacelles, drive system, tail surfaces and aft loading ramp. Rolls Royce makes the engines. Boeing Helicopter makes the fuselage, cockpit, avionics and flight controls.

The MV-22 is the result of research undertaken by Bell Helicopter in conjunction with NASA and the US Army in the form of the XV-15. The XV-15 was a technology demonstrator built to explore the concept of tilt-rotor flight for both civil and military roles. Its first flight was in May 1977. A total of two aircraft were built. The XV-15 played a significant role in the development of the MV-22. Of the two XV-15's built, one crashed in 1992 and the remaining one was transferred to the Smithsonian in 2003 after being retired from test flight operations.

The MV-22 has seen its share of problems and setbacks. The program suffered two fatal crashes with the loss of all aboard as well as a number of minor incidents. The combination of a new hybrid aircraft that required new design, engineering, and operating methods put considering obstacles in the path of the design, engineering, and flight test teams. It seems that the problems that plagued the program have been remedied. The MV-22 passed its final assessment flights in June 2005. These flights are designed to simulate operations in real world conditions and include shipboard operations, combat insertions and extracts, long-range deployments, high altitude operations, desert operations and cold weather operations.

The MV-22 was approved for full-scale production in September 2005. It's the first tilt rotor aircraft to enter production. The first operational Marine Corps tilt rotor squadron, VMM-263, will deploy to Iraq sometime in the fall of 2007.

The MV-22 features a glass cockpit that uses a total of five displays. Two Multi Function Displays (MFD) for each pilot and a shared Central Display. The system allows the pilots to display information relating to navigation, terrain, weather, engine and systems operation and status, forward looking infra-red (FLIR) imagery and moving maps in a variety of ways. The aircraft features an automated flight control system (autopilot) capable of relocating the aircraft from forward flight to a 50 ft. hover hands off.

The Osprey is also fly by wire, which means there is no mechanical link between the pilots' controls in the cockpit and the Osprey's flight control surfaces. Instead computers measure the force being applied to a particular control, interpret what the pilot wanted the aircraft to do and move the flight controls accordingly.

The VM-22 will revolutionize vertical envelope warfare, which the Marine Corps began developing in the late 1940's. The Air Force and Navy are also set to receive the Osprey.

In Air Force service it will operate with the Special Operations Command where it's speed and versatility are an ideal fit for the command's mission, deep insertion and extraction of special operations forces. The Navy version will be used for combat search and rescue, fleet logistics, and to insert and extract SEAL teams.

A civil version of the tilt rotor also exists. It's the Bell 609 and its expected to receive FAA certification by 2010.

Tennis Court Construction Perfection – How to Build the Court You Always Wanted, Stress Free

It's possible to finish a tennis court construction project while not losing a nights sleep, but only if you follow a competent of tips to eliminate some of the most common mistakes.

You can find all sorts of tips on the web and in books, some are targeted at people who wish to undertake the job by themselves, and some directed at people who wish to find the best builder. On this page I will be concentrating on the latter.

Rather than jumping straight in and obtaining quotes from constructors, I would strongly advocate meticulously following a proven method. Using this type of approach you are far more likely to be happy with the results.

The construction method in the next paragraphs is a proven strategy that certainly should be adhered to by anyone looking to build a tennis court. Good luck.

Step 1 – Define your Needs

Almost all people do not do this step at the very beginning, but it truly is imperative to do this before finding a builder. Jot down with pen and paper precisely what you expect the finished construction to be like. What number of courts are you interested in? Do you need a hard court, cushioned court, or soft court? Are you going to be utilizing the court the whole year round or only while the weather conditions are good? All these points has to be answered in one document that will become very helpful later on in the project.

Step 2 – Determine Just how much You wish to Spend

If this is your very first go at creating a tennis court, this really is the tricky judgment you'll make in your [project]. There is not really a single "correct" way to make your mind up, for the reason that every single tennis player will have diverse wants and needs. So as to customize the court for your exact requirements, it's crucial not to skip on the previous step and define your requirements as fully as you can. By way of example, someone with troublesome knees should really go for a cushioned court, and not for a hard court just to save a few dollars.

Step 3 – Ascertain Whether You will Be Employing a Consultant

Although employing a consultant may seem like it increases the price of the installation, many times, it ends up saving money by way of steering clear of costly problems. By just fully understanding the particular inclinations of the proprietor, a good consultant will help to keep project costs down to the absolute minimum by means of making wise decisions on where to spend the money. A consultant can take various forms, for example an architect, an engineer, or a highly skilled court builder. In the event that you decide to make use of a consultant, then make sure that they have several years worth of expertise, and youought to look at a selection of their previous results to prevent yourself from any shocks in the future.

Step 4 – Pick an appropriate Site

Before you get way too bogged down in the specifics, you bought to first make up your mind the place the court will be built, also in which direction it'll be oriented, plus the actual measurements. The direction that your court faces turns into an essential factor if it will end up being played over over the winter weather. Get it wrong and in winter players will be blinded because of the lower sunlight. There are some considerations to think about for instance trees which will be too close to the court, near neighbors that may occur oppose you obtaining planning permission, the sort of soil present, and just how effectively the ground drains.

Step 5 – Figure out What Kind of Surface You want

Surface selection, for me, often is the largest judgment you will make throughout the whole project, and is worth saying again that it does have to be determined in accordance with your particular preferences. routine maintenance expenses, installation prices, and also whether or not you are able to play while it's raining, all vary from one surface to the next.

The 3 main types are as follows:

A. Porous Type eg porous concrete, clay, grass, asphalt, artificial grass

B. Non-porous Type eg non-porous asphalt, post tensioned concrete

C. Cushioned Non-porous Type eg polymer systems, carpet, artificial grass

Step 6 – Make a decision on Tennis Court Accessories and Facilities to Add

Obviously, you're going to have to have a few essential accessories such as, netting, posts, fencing, etc. Aside from that, there are some other factors which may really help the visual aesthetics of your court, for example a nice bench, a sunshade, the encompassing paving or plants, etc.

Step 7 – Hire a Tennis Court Constructor In Order to Get The Job Underway

Before you begin searching for your contractor, it is advisable to initially contact your regional trade organization for tennis court construction . This is actually the perfect way to get going. The next step should be to find three quotes or more, each with genuine recommendations from a few other satisfied clients for instance private owners, clubs, or maybe schools.

Talk to previous customers to determine if they would recommend their work and also if the project was finished on budget and on schedule. Inquire if they met their expectations, and exactly how the actual court is to play on.

After that question the constructor to learn the length of time he's been making tennis courts. Aim to use someone who has many years or decades of experience. Determine whether they've built tennis courts for anyone with all your exact requirements. Acquire a list of recent customers and visit them.

Finding a Design Pattern With Retractable Awnings

Modern design tries to merge pure function with something pleasant and pleasant, something beautiful. Ultimately, modern design fuses those concepts by stripping away embellishment so that the function is its own beauty. One definition calls minimalism the extreme simplification of form. Another common word is reduce, to bring something to its barest essence.

A seminal work in functional planning, A Pattern Language, emphasizes comprehensively completely how a building or space will be used in order to create natural movement that direction. Retractable awnings are an area where function really defines both style and efficiency in a natural pattern:
o Alternating light and shadow
o Warm color and filtered lights
o Juxtaposing soft and hard materials

Aesthetic efficiency is pervasive in all aspects of building design: architecture, interior design, and landscaping. And in all three areas, retractable awnings have a role.

Planning at the Beginning
Modern building designs have several key features:
o Highlighting the frame (outline) by removing elaborate trimming
o Unobstructed spaces
o Using light and shadow to add interest and definition to spaces

Retractable awnings are valuable tools for contractors and architects because they inherently capture minimalist style. Retractable awning frames are unpretentious and smooth lined. Retractable awnings have no stanchions, so there is no obstruction to any view. Space remains open, which is fundamental to wide windows or solid glass displays in residential and commercial spaces. Retractable awnings deliver arresting visual impact, with minimal effort, by adding interesting angles to the building face and through dramatic color, but without frills.

Awnings also provide a simple, green way to control heat gain (lower energy costs), ultraviolet rays (UV), and glare. Light is extremely important; people naturally gravitate toward light areas. Many areas – breakfast nooks, offices, retail displays, master bedrooms – use starkly large windows as central features due to the attraction of light. Retractable awnings allow that brightness while moderating the harsh glare of sunlight and UV rays.

Cooling those spaces (anywhere from 8 to 15 degrees) makes them more usable throughout the day and across seasons. With heat control, developers can change the direction of a room to face south or west or to introduce elements like floor-to-ceiling windows.

Carrying Outdoors In
Filtered light describes how the light spreads through a room. Retractable awnings stimulate natural light to augment the effect of a room by diffusing the light with color. Bright retractable awning fabrics diffuse warm tones such as yellow or orange, emphasizing the coziness and appeal of light; this creates native interest and pathways.

As a byproduct of controlling ambient light, retractable awnings unify indoor and outdoor areas. The connection is obvious with rooms which share function with the outdoors, such as sunrooms or mudrooms. The retractable awning, then, can be designed as an extension of the interior decor, using similar colors, details, or frame styles.

Employing retractable awnings can establish continuity in areas where the connection between inside and out is less definite. As filtered light indoors joins people, creating shadows promotes instinctive movement inside. Thus, retractable awnings over porches and entryways cause a gentle transition indoors.

Part of the Landscape
Retractable awnings have a unique interplay between buildings and nature. Some design theories hold that the gentle motion and suppleness of the fabric in awnings are a foil for hard construction materials, so they segue from the rigid building to the natural movement of outdoors.

This motion of retractable awnings engages senses – sound, touch, sight – and heighten the exterior experience of a home. According to A Pattern Language, the beauty of sensation is awnings' most vital contribution.

In gardens, retractable awnings provide a seamless boundary for sitting areas, while providing functional glare and heat protection. They also maintain balance for plants by shading plants from harsh sun, retarding weed growth, and lessening evaporation, making low-water gardening (xeriscaping) more effective.

Designing in Green
Design minimalism echoes a small environmental footprint. Incorporating retractable awnings into designs at the earliest planning stages brings that environmental minimalist to the heart of the space, whether it's through energy savings in southern rooms or artful xeriscaping in dry climates. Retractable awnings can be an integral part of ecologically minimalist residential and commercial designs, from blueprints to furnishings.

Tips for Hiring a Furniture Assembler

This is a professional who puts furniture together from the furniture components on site. They can also work on an assembly line. There is no special educational requirements needed. All you need is the ability to read directions and have the proper tools to do the job. It is a type of unskilled labor. In today's world, furniture is not made as it was in the past where it was all made of wood and sold assembled. Much of the furniture that you purchase in department stores are made of particle board and can be broken when assembling it. A furniture assembler may be self-employed, work for a company that offers assembly services, or works for the store where you purchased the furniture.

If you have purchase something to be assembled such as office furniture, exercise equipment, or furniture for the home and the place where you bought it does not offer assembly services you will either have to put it together yourself or hire someone. If you decide to hire someone to assemble it you want to make sure that you are hiring someone that knows what they are doing.

Here are some tips to help ensure that you are hiring the right furniture assembler.

• Make sure that you are only dealing with a professional furniture assembler if you are going to pay someone to assemble the furniture you bought. They should have plenty of experience assembling various types of furniture. Do not hesitate to ask how long they have been in business, request references, and then make sure that you do check their references. Ask the reference if they were happy with the service they assembler provided.

• You should ask them what type of guarantees they offer and how long the guarantee is for. The furniture assembler should carry professional liability insurance. This is what would pay the customer if there were any problems with the assembler's work. Ask them if they stand behind their work.

• Find out if the assembler requests for a flat fee or has an hourly rate for their work. To help save you some money find one that charges in thirty minutes increments after their first hour of work. If the job only takes two hours and fifteen minutes to complete you will only be charged for two and a half hours instead of for three hours.

• Find out if there are any extra benefits that the furniture assembler offers such as carrying the heavy boxes to the room where the furniture is to be assembled, service charge for gas, putting your furniture in place, etc.

Carraci Paintings

Annibale Carracci is a hugely famous Italian baroque artist who produced the majority of his best work in the 16th century. As with many Baroque artists of the time Carracci painted frescos commonly with religious themes which has not really been continued into the modern day, and certainly not to the standard that the greatest Baroque artists achieved. Carracci is known to have transported on the achievements and success of the likes of Raphael and Michelangelo.

In the modern day Carracci and Caravaggio are two artists commonly compared and discussed. Both created some exceptional depictions of religious icons, as seen in Carracci's Assumption of the Virgin Mary which is now to be seen at the Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome.

Annibale was part of a family of famous artists in the Carracci family, and became the best known, though brother Agostino and cousin Ludovico played an important role in his career as together they set up a painters' studio in 1582. It was here this that was to lay the foundation for the style of the later Bolognese School, with influences of the Florentines like Raphael and Andrea del Sarto and Venetians such as Titian. Some early works by the Carracci family are hard to distinguish due to their duplicated signature, but over time Annibale established himself as the figurehead of the family's artists and his own paintings have become fully recognized.

Alongside this important work in Carracci's career, other paintings worthy of note included Venus with a Satyr and Cupids, Lamentation of Christ, Mocking of Christ, Pietà, The Martyrdom of St Stephen, Crucifixion, The Flight into Egypt, Domine quo vadis ?, Venus and Adonis and The Baptism of Christ. Some household names such as Bernini, Poussin, and Rubens are known to have respected the career of Carracci who continues to clash with Caravaggio even today.

The Right Height and Size of Crystal Chandeliers

Knowing the right height and size of crystal chandeliers is very important before you make the purchase. You have to determine the type of lighting fixture you want your homes to have. By knowing some important factors like the height and size, you can always save on the purchase and make the buying process so much easier for you. Here are some ideas on the height and size of crystal chandeliers.

The Perfect Chandelier Height

If you are installing a decorative chandelier, make sure to hang it not too low. The bulbs can create a glare that can be painful to the eyes. Hanging them in spots in your homes depends on the style and dimensions of your crystal chandelier. You can not hang a small small chandelier in large rooms. You always have to think about the sizing so you will know how to hang it on right levels inside your homes.

If your dining area is 8 feet tall, install the lighting fixture 30 to 34 inches above the table. If the ceiling is greater than eight feet in length, you have to shorten the chandelier chain by an extra three inches. Two tier chandeliers can also be used as a replacement. The chandelier should also normally be hung higher if it's a "bowl" style.

You can hold an open umbrella to serve as an example, which is usually as wide as your medium sized bowl chandelier.

The Right Sizing Of Crystal Chandeliers

The proper sizing of crystal chandeliers is also very important to get the right amount of light that is shed in a room. If your room is too big for a lighting fixture, the area could be very dim that corners would be hard to visualize. On the other hand, if the chandeliers are too big, you can get more than the enough amount of light you need which is basically not appealing to look at.

If you want to install a huge crystal chandelier that weighs more than 40 to 50 pounds, you have to install a special ceiling box that can help support the extra weight.

There is no need to spend too much on electricity just to enjoy the beauty of crystal chandeliers. Lighting fixtures that are rated well by energy programs make you save much electricity even if they are too big in size.

Once installed in your ceilings, crystal chandeliers are difficult to reach. Think about how you will clean the chandelier considering its size and location. You also have to look for ways to lower the lighting fixture without damaging any of its parts. Small sized crystal chandeliers usually have this built in feature where cleaning and replacement bulbs is so much easier to do.

Whenever possible, buy crystal chandeliers with a dimmer so you can manipulate the amount of light that is shed in a room. – Crystal Chandelier

Fear Of The Gym

Some people have complete fear of the gym. There ready to start going, they're standing outside the gym now. Then they turn around and get back into their car and leave. Fear of the hard bodies, or the locker room, machines, looking inexpervienced. The fear of being that fat person at the gym everyone is going to be making fun of or looking at.

Well the truth is, no one is going to be making fun of you, or even laughing at you. You have to realize that they are more than likely proud of you for taking that step to better your health. That is even if they notice you at all. Everyone is there for their own reasons. What is yours? You might know it, or you might not know it. But, you're never going to find out without you at least get through that door.

Things you can do or know to get over your fear of the gym:

• Ask yourself, Why do you want to go to the gym? – This answer must be for you and you only, there is an underline reason you want to go to the gym. Is it to lose weight? Is it to tone up? Is it for something to do? Is it just to be healthier? All good reason to go to the gym and get you through the front door.

• Now that you're through the front door- Take a deep breath and look what's all around you. You will probably see people of all shapes and sizes. You may get intimidated by the first very fit person your eyes meet. But, do they notice you? Probably not, they are there for them, not you. And that's what you have to remember. This is your commitment not there's.

• Look at all these machines- As you see all the machines around you that may make you scared of even coming into the gym. But, what you may not know is the machines all have directions pretty much on them. On top of that when you sign up with the gym you can get a tour and have things demonstrated for you. Or, most gyms give you a free personal training assessment. Take advantage of these opportunities. They will help.

• Looking inexperienced- Looking inexplicienced among these hard bodies is most likely going to intimidate you too? But, little do you know people at the gym are very kind and more than welcomed to help. As long as you're not digging too deep into their workout. Or just try something. If you're doing something completely wrong someone will be sure to tell you. And there is always staff around you can just grab one of them and ask them real quick.

• Do not jump all in at once- If you're not comfortable at the gym, maybe you should not jump all at at once. Go take a walk on the treadmill, or ride a bike, and watch people. The more you'll watch people workout, the more you will learn. And, take a class or two and make a friend or more. Then you can see if they will be interested in working out with you.