It's A Grand Opening

How many media relationships have you made today? One of the biggest questions I'm asked by small business owners is this: "How do you know you're getting a good deal on media buying?" I always respond back: "How well do you know your media rep?" Someone who sees you as a partner in business would do whatever he or she could, right? Any time a media reprings in a "package" without analyzing your needs, love? Em and let? Em go!

Analysis without diagnosis is malpractice. Media sales people are mandated professionals who make money by selling their station. Many will sell "packages" that are targeted at anyone who will buy: the grocery store, the car dealership, the jewelry store. The most successful reps make money by helping their clients make money. That is the biggest difference. The rep of the latter variety will sit down with you, learn about your company and suggest a media strategy that they feel will work for you. And you will know it's right, because your rep did a great job explaining why it would work for you. Unfortunately, good reps are hard to find. But, here's the good news: they're out there. You just need to find them.

Warning signs of weak media reps:

1) "Our station is having a fire sale on unused inventory, which will save you up to 40% …"

2) "I was just driving by and thought I'd stop in?"

3) The conceited opening: "We're number one in the market. You must by from us."

4) "My boss is really on my case right now. Please, buy something from me."

Signs of Good Media reps:

1) "I've been studying your company for about three months now and I would be very interested in learning more about your goals, because I think we might be a good fit."

2) "I came across some industry statistics that pertain to your business and I was expecting you might have some time to discuss the numbers for me."

3) "What do you think of this idea? How about this? Maybe we should try this!" Idea-Idea-Idea is key (after analysis)!

4) Good reps really want to partner with you because they're passionate about using their product to grow your sales, not to just meet their monthly sales quota.

A great media partner can make you a lot of money. You can figure out what a bad one will do. On an agency level, I encourage my clients to communicate with their reps. Many agencies feel that those relationships should be squashed as soon as possible. They often are not confident with their own relationship with the client so, they fear losing control of the account if they allow communication between client and rep to continue.

Please? The relationships you make in life are what make you stronger. Look at it this way: you're not in business to make a profit; You're in business to build relationships. Build relationships and the money will always follow.

The Opulent Grass Eater

(AD 2000)

The bones of Cambodia, it's an old story, Pol Pot and his destruction: for the living to live among the dead … A few years back (AD, 2000) my wife and I, we are traveling in Cambodia within sight of Pol Pot's desolation of the '70s, where He had over a million of his countrymen put to death our guide-Kim, middle aged, strong-shouldered, his eyes like wide-open sea windows, Very patient, as if endlessly enduring, a slight Paleness to his face, weighty hair, We are in a fenced-in section of the once famous, "Killing Fields" the hole I am looking into, twenty-thousand bodies were thrown into-, nearby is a glassed-in aquarium likened to A small mausoleum: it slides open, I take out one of its 9000-skulls, of Pol Pot's Legacy; The whole area is really just a fenced in graveyard, with military police guarding it … a sad reminder! Bones of the dead see up to the surface of the soil, after rainy day, I know this for a fact, it had just rained, I pick one out of The soil, along with a red part of a blouse or shirt, "This Is common, "says Kim.

Under the mystery of this soil that resides here, that has woken up the world's once kept secret, Kim sees dimly through the deep layers of earth, he says: "I was among them, one of them, I was a grass eater, and It was my only nourishment, it was that or a merciless death (he says this all in an opulent voice-thankful to be alive, unashamed) We're pitch it, watch us like hounds in The cold-nearby, have us do certain jobs until we Dropped Dead, they seldom fed us. In the mornings, we drew in the fields, I'd run off into the high weeds, to know myself among the wild plants and bushes, eat Grass, return, get sick from dirrhea, malnutrition, or worse, but not defy the guards, for should I have shown the slightest resistance, With a blink of an eye, they're shoot you, but I survived. "

Then I got to thinking: how primitive, how primordial, he had turned back to some ancient orbit of time, that had seemed seemingly, Everlastingly, until one day, the mind woke up and said, 'I never thought I'd get down From this leafless tree 'not even knowing What took place. Anyhow, second thought: sometimes at one time we were all grass eaters: now refined to: grains, bread, noodles, Cereals and beers; But once upon a time-likened to the old fairy tales-nonetheless, we were all grass eaters: in essence, not all That much different.

At what point did we change? Who's to say? And does it matter? And for them that it does matter, may they scratch and crack the pits of time-and if they find out, to their Surprise or dismay, maybe they will conclude we are a newer found species, newer that is, than an older lost one : Who came Of age.

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How To Select The Right Lighting Fixtures For Your Home Lighting Design

Lighting your home properly is a very important consideration. It can have a lot to do with your overall mood and how easily you can accomplish your tasks at home. So let's discuss the different kinds of lighting that are available, and how you can best use them.

The first step in understanding lighting, is to understand that there are two basic types that are in use in most homes today. The first is incandescent lighting, which is produced by running current through a small wire called a filament. The light that is produced is very bright and warm, and is suitable for almost any task.

The second kind of indoor lighting is called fluorescent lighting, and is produced when electricity passes through a glass tube that has been covered inside and filled with gas. This kind of light is very soft and gentle, but it's big advantage is that it can produce up to five times as much light from the same amount of electrical current as an incandescent light.

Generally speaking, there are three levels of lighting used in the home depending on what task is being performed. For general relaxing and low-level lighting, 40 – 80 watt incandescent bulbs will work fine. For most general tasks, 100 – 150 watts will suffice. But for very specialized type of work, 180 – 300 watts may be needed.

For reading at home, it's good to have a floor lamp that is placed behind you and slightly to the left or right. If you're only going to be reading for a short while, 150 watts should be fine, but for prolonged reading 250 watts will do better to prevent eye strain and fatigue.

To light a desk or worktable, you'll most likely need lots of illumination for the work at hand. Most ofen, it's best to actually have a small lamp on the desk itself to provide the best quality light. For these kind of tasks, usually a minimum of 200 watts of incandescent light, and 40 watts of fluorescent light will be needed.

In the bathroom, it's good to have lighting that helps eliminate shadows under your eyes, nose, and chin. That's often best accomplished with fixtures on each side of the bathroom mirror. Sometimes a fixture that has a series of smaller 25 watt bulbs can be used to good effect. You may also want to consider using some fluorescent lights here that employ soft white tubes for lighting that is most flattering.

In the kitchen, you need concentrated light on the countertops and works for best results. Fluorescent strip lighting often works very well under kitchen cabinets to light up your countertops. This kind of lighting tends to be even, with very few shadows, and free of the heat that often enterprises incandescent light.

By planning out your home lighting fixtures in advance and positioning them correctly in each room you can be sure to get the best lighting possible under a wide range of circumstances.

Why Choosing CFD’s Over Traditional Stock Investments Might Suit You

For many retail investors seeing the market above 7000 or the psychological barrier as it came to be known is a huge benchmark and very positive for those who have tracked the market up from the levels it fell to during the market crash in 2008. However this level poses more questions than it gives answers as we now find ourselves venturing into previously unchartered territory leaving many investors and traders wondering if now is the best time to look at taking profit and whether this is the top of the trend. If this viewpoint is to be the case then most traditional investors would be left wondering where best to place their money once they remove it from the market, its long been known that holding money in cash deposits although very safe does not satisfy savvy investors who strive to gain more from their money and will not be happy to settle with the below par interest rates offered by many banks or building societies.

The need for a suitable alternative to holding the underlying stock has been around for 15 years yet very few people in the retail sector fully understood it or even had knowledge in it. Trading CFD’s has several major advantages and these have firmly moved CFD’s into the spotlight increasing the popularity of this instrument over the last few years as the logical alternative to traditional stock investments. one of the main features is that you can speculate on both directions in the market by taking long and short positions, this allows investors who feel a drop in the market is coming to capitalise on the drop instead of pulling out of the market altogether. Although the benefits are vast there are risks associated that investors have to be aware of, for instance in traditional shareholding you can only lose 100% of your investment yet due to the leverage nature of CFD’s it’s possible to lose more than your initial deposit so stop losses and risk management would always be advised.

One of the big reasons why CFD’s now make up to 60% of all trades placed on the LSE on a daily basis is due to the fact that investors with a smaller level of capital who still wish to remain diverse across a number of positions or sectors can now do exactly that as you place trades via deposits instead of paying the full value of the position which allows them a much larger market exposure. Without the use of leverage investors will find traditional stock market investments can become very capital intensive as all positions have to be fully funded. CFD’s make it much easier to gain access to global markets and investments for a much lower cost to their capital and also it is far easier to move in and out of positions, in most cases via the click of a button. Another attractive feature to CFD’s is that you are not trading the underlying assets so therefore are not subjected to stamp duty tax but will still be entitled to dividends if you hold a long position in the company.

The bottom line is that lower margin rates in CFD trades can magnify profits but investors always have to mindful of the fact it can magnify losses so it’s wise to seek professional advice when dealing with them. CFD advisory services offer easy access to global markets and a wealth of other trading options such as commodities, currency and index trades providing an excellent alternative for certain types of traders or strategies.

Merchant Ship Safety

Any retailer understands that customers now expect choice. In order to compete on the global market, it is important to provide customers with what they want. Without imports, the range of goods on offer would be significantly reduced, so we have become reliant on the ability to transport huge volumes of goods around the world.

As the global population has grown, so has the demand for goods. As the most viable means of cargo transportation, 80% of the products we buy and sell are shipped by boat. In response to the need to ship ever greater loads, advances in technology have enabled the development of unbelievably large vessels. These mega container ships have the capacity to carry over 10,000 containers, yet they can still float.

Merchant shipping fleets have also had to expand, so at any one time there are in excess of 50,000 merchant ships voyaging across the world’s oceans.

This is great news for consumers who want to stock up in the supermarkets, invest in a new car, buy the latest gadget or update their wardrobe. It does, however, impact on the safety of vessels, both in the open seas and in busy ports.

Port Provisions

It is one thing to design and build a mega-sized container ship, but in order for it to operate, it is essential that shipping channels and port provisions can cope with vessels of such a grand scale.

In recent decades many of the world’s largest ports have had to invest in expansion plans in order that the new merchant ships, which can be over 390 meters in length, can reach the port and manoeuvre safely. The cranes, logistics and on-going infrastructure also need to be in place to successfully load and unload the ships.

When at the helm of such an imposing vessel, it takes time for the ship to respond to the controls. External factors such as strong winds or the movement of other vessels impact on how the ship moves. The captain and port controllers have to factor all of this in when bringing a ship into or out of port.

It is now a regular occurrence for large vessels to be passing along narrow shipping lanes in order to dock. This is a high-risk situation, where everyone involved has to be fully engaged in order to prevent a safety disaster.

In addition to providing a safe passage for ships, port employees also need to ensure that every vessel is compliant with marine regulations. This includes onboard checks of equipment, crew conditions, medical supplies for ships and the safe handling of hazardous goods.

Meanwhile, the on-board officers may need to take responsibility for balancing the load, crew safety, navigation, security and medical care in addition to their main duty.

Modern vessels benefit from internal alarms to warn of any onboard issues, along with radar and advanced communication systems. Despite this, there is still a need for paper charts, binoculars and other traditional maritime resources.

Dover Strait

As an island nation, the UK is reliant on shipping to transport goods. Felixstowe, Grimsby & Immingham and the Port of London are amongst the largest trade ports and provide a link with mainland Europe. It is therefore little wonder that the Dover Strait is one of the busiest shipping channels in the world.

Around 400 shipping vessels pass through the Dover Strait every day, along with ferries, fishing vessels, leisure cruisers, scientific research boats and the occasional cross-channel swimmer. In such a congested stretch of water, it takes little imagination to work out the logistics involved in keeping everyone safe. Yet for many crews, this is just the start or end of an epic journey around the world.

An OLED Screen – Advantages and Disadvantages

OLED is the screen technology of the future. We’re already seeing it make it’s way into the mainstream by showing up in portable electronic devices.

For example, while older Zune models had LCD displays, the Zune HD makes uses OLED technology. The Creative Zen V MP3 player utilizes OLED too (however, the iPod Touch and iPhone still use LCD technology). Eventually we’ll see OLED HDTVs become more common than LCD HDTVs.

What exactly is an OLED screen and how does it compare to LCD display technology?

What is OLED?

OLED stands for organic light emitting diode. An OLED is a more advanced form of an LED (light emitting diode), which is nothing but a semi-conductor that generates light when an electric current passes through it. But while LEDs are made of crystalline materials (glass), OLEDs are made of organic material like plastic.

OLED Advantages

  • An LCD display utilizes backlighting and blocks certain areas of the screen to produce images. In contrast an OLED display does not require backlighting to produce images. Thus it is more energy efficient. This is especially significant in battery powered portable devices since it results in a longer battery life.
  • An OLED display can generate sharper colors than an LCD screen. For example, and LCD screen cannot generate a pure black color. As a result pictures look brighter and colors more vibrant on an OLED screen.
  • An OLED display can be viewed at wide angles (almost 170 degrees). In contrast, an LCD display must be viewed head-on to avoid any picture degradation.
  • Because it uses plastic instead of glass, an OLED screen is thinner, lighter and more flexible than an LCD screen.

OLED Disadvantages

  • Water can easily damage an OLED screen.
  • Cost of production is still high. An OLED screen costs more than an LCD screen of similar size. This is more an issue for large screen HDTVs than for portable devices that have smaller screens.
  • OLED screens are difficult to view in bright sunlight as compared to an LCD screen. This is significant in the case of portable electronic devices like a Zune HD or iPod Touch.

In summary, OLED is the screen technology of the future. As manufacturing processes improve and production cost becomes cheaper more and more LCD displays with be replaced with OLED displays. Maybe we’ll see the iPhone switch to OLED too!

How to Install a Pet Door

If you have dogs or cats, you quickly learn how convenient a pet door could be. Especially with cats, there's the constant open the door, shut the door. When they're out they want in, and when they're in they want out. Why wear out your door hinges and sliding door when you can give your pet the freedom to leave and enter your home at their leisure? Installing a pet door is a reliably inexpensive thing to do, and depending on the type you install, can be done in an hour or so.

Here are a few different options you have when it comes to installing a door for your pet.

Sliding Glass Door Attachment

One of the least expensive and easiest way to give your pet the freedom he or she wants is buy installing an addition to your sliding glass door. These are sold as vertical glass slats that vary in width depending upon the width of the pet door you need. You install it into the sliding glass door tract and it sits next to the original door. This addition has a pet door built in. You only need to seal the gap between the addition and the original door, as well as bolt the original door into place to keep it from opening. That is the only downside to this method – it almost renders the exit useless, except for by your pets.

Pets Doors Within a Door

If you do not want to take the drastic step of cutting a hole in your wall and installing a traditional pet door, consider instead installing one into an interior door. Many homeowners will do this in the door leading to the garage, and then leave the garage door open. This serves a couple functions: it allows you some control of when your pet can leave the home, yet allows the animal access to food, water and bedding which may be located in the garage. It also does not affect the resale value of your home, as a door can be inexpensively replaced.

Cutting a Hole in Your Wall

The most permanent and drastic way to install a pet door is by having one put into a wall that leads to the exterior of your home, preferably a fenced side or back yard. There are easy to follow instructions on most DIY websites, but you will need to cut a rectangular hole in your wall to allow for the installation of the door. Be sure to check wiring and plumbing locations before you begin tearing your wall apart.

If you're still unsure if a pet door is right for your animals, remember that there are styles that will allow only authorized pets through, keep wild critters out and your pets safe.

Maintaining a Clean Driving Record is Worth the Investment

Many states have established a point system as a way to rate drivers. Traffic violations serious and minor are given points. If a driver accumulates a certain number of points, they can be designated as a negligent driver by the state's department of motor vehicles. Different states have different systems of how they designed their drivers but in general, the more points that go on your record the greater the possibility that your license may be suspended or revoked.

Serious offsets such as driving under the influence, reckless driving or leaving the scene of an accident carry a higher number of points. Even some minor infractions can add a couple of points. If you get enough minor infractions, they can quickly add up to major points – and major headaches and major financial expenses. In the case of very serious liability, such as vehicular manslaughter, carry the greatest number of points. But more importantly, the penalties for fatal crashes at which you are at fault can result in a prison sentence and huge civil fines.

That's why it's important to fight every ticket you get. And your best chance of getting the ticket dismissed or having the fine and / or number of points reduced is to hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney. Traffic court operates under the same rules as criminal or civil court. That means you can ask for discovery, get continuances, and question the witness – which most likely would be the officer you wrote you the ticket. An attorney also knows procedural issues that need to be followed, such as making sure the infraction on the ticket is the correct one.

There's an old saying that anyone who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client. You would not consider pulling your own tooth out; You're going to a professional dentist. Similarly, in order to get the best results in a court of law means obtaining the best person representing your interests. And the best person is an experienced traffic ticket attorney who can help you keep the number of points to a minimum and your license valid. It's an investment in the future that you can not afford not to make.

Cross the Nineteen Arches Bridge in Arklow, Ireland

In County Wicklow on the east coast of Ireland is the little town of Arklow, a bustling commuter center with a population of about 12,000. Founded by Vikings in the 800s, Arklow has a complex and violent history, with its fiercest battle occurring in 1798. Because the town is located so close to the River Avoca and to Dublin, it is very popular among commuters, and tourists have begun to see its charm as well.

While not as much shipping is being done in Arklow now as there was in years past, it remains a major port due to Arklow Shipping, which has a fleet of 37 ships and is Ireland’s biggest shipping company. The Avoca River is no longer a fishing hotspot because of pollution, though the town does try to offset environmental issues with its recycling plant.

Arklow boasts many sporting clubs, with its residents active in boxing, golf, tennis, hurling, rowing, rugby, football and sailing. In addition to physical activities, the town is home to a number of major cultural events, including the three-day-long Seabreeze festival, which takes place every July. Many notable artists and writers have hailed from the area, including the artists Arthur and George Campbell and the poet Percy French.

The most famous landmark in Arklow is the Nineteen Arches Bridge, which traverses the Avoca River. Made entirely of stone, the Nineteen Arches Bridge is the longest handmade bridge of its kind in all of Ireland, and many visitors come to Arklow specifically hoping to see it. An even bigger draw is the town of Avoca just near Arklow, which is where the television show “Ballykissangel” was filmed. Fans of this show about a bucolic town and its colorful residents flock to the Arklow area in order to see the various landmarks from the television series and discover whether it holds the same magic in person that it seemed to on television.

Arklow is reachable by car, bus and train, and accommodations are available for visitors. Those who are interested in relocating there might like to know that the town has eight primary schools and four secondary schools serving the educational needs of the youths who live there. Another educational opportunity exists in the form of a twinned town; Arklow is twinned with Chateaudun, a town in France, allowing residents a natural chance to interact with those who live in France.

Arklow’s famous residents include singer-songwriter Roisin Murphy, track and field Olympian Ron Delany and Irish nationalist Garrett Byrne. The town has also gained popularity via a Van Morrison song entitled “Streets of Arklow,” one of the songs that resulted from the singer-songwriter’s three-week-long trip to Ireland in 1974. Those who enjoy traditional Irish music, particularly instrumental dances, may also be familiar with “Battle of Arklow,” which is generally played with hornpipes.

With its abundance of culture and music and its beautiful landscapes, Arklow is a lovely town for visitors and residents alike. While it is large enough to have a thriving industry, it retains a small-town feel, and those who come to Arklow should quickly feel at home.

A Guide To A Healthy Lifestyle For Teenagers

Being a teenager, you are faced with so many pressures from school, peers, and even with parents which living a healthy lifestyle for teenagers is quite challenging to generate. However, you should keep in mind which the things you do today will reflect as you age – there are many benefits of a healthy lifestyle. To keep you healthy and carry you through for the rest of your life, here are a number techniques to assist develop a healthy lifestyle for teenagers.

First, a well balanced diet is all-important to keep you energized and sustain you through a demanding teenage life. Most teenagers indulge in consuming junk foods and soda almost all of the time. You contain a lot of pressures to deal with everyday which a healthy lifestyle for teenagers must be observed so you will not leave feeling sick and dog-tired at the end of the day. Consuming mainly nutritious foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Drink a lot of water and natural fruit juices to keep you hydrated.

Second, you should get plenty of rest. Due to a lot of homework, projects and social obligations, you are sooner to stay up late and wake up early. At times, social media such as Twitter and Facebook get to eat plenty of your time which you sleep late at night. As a teenager, youought to embrace at least eight hours of sleep to fully rest your mind and body and be prepared to function properly the day after. Go to bed early and make sure to turn off your computer, television and unplug the phone to avoid distracting you from sleep.

Third, a healthy lifestyle for teenagers should strictly avoid forming bad habits. Peer pressures are at the peak during this time due to your desire to fit in with your society. You should know that smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol and drug use embrace a lifelong effect in your mental and physical well-being. Start a healthy lifestyle at a very young age to avoid forming bad habits which may ruin your destiny.

Fourth, healthy lifestyle for teenagers means to be physically active. Develop an exercise routine to keep your mind and body strong and lean. Exercise will aid you have a healthy physique and increase your confidence. You will also develop good mood and feel less affliction all the time.

Lastly, stay with good group of friends. As being mentioned above, peer pressures are very strong during teenage years that it is healthy to join with the assembly of legitimate people. Choose your friends and make sure they have legitimate motivations such as you. Choose friends what you could trust and confide with. It is highly all-important that you have someone to tell your problems with and to support you emotionally.

Living a healthy lifestyle for teenagers is not as sophisticated as the algebraic expressions. It is just a matter of obligation in making healthy lifestyle choices and thinking healthy. You should remember that what you do today with your body will have its toll as you age. Start a healthy lifestyle while you are still a teen, and you may most likely live healthy when you grow old.

A Detailed Review of Disney's "The Lone Ranger" 2013

For American citizens currently 50 years of age, and older, what did the Disney logo, the magic kingdom castle, mean to them when they saw it on television screens preceding the "Disney's Wonderful World of Color," and other Disney-made movies and Television specials during the 1960s and '70s? What did it mean for Walt Disney, himself, when he put his personal recommendations on his earliest television and movie productions, wishing America's children good benefit from watching them? To me, and probably 90 percent of the nation's children and their parents during that historical timeframe, it meant quality entertainment for the American family that would inspire good peaceful feelings and thoughts, and serve as redeeming bedtime stories for all preadolescent children. Walt Disney had his faults, but one of them was not the burning desire to create cartoons, like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and fantasy movies like "Cinderella," which would uplift the childhood mind, evoke tasteful humor, and engender peaceful imaginative thoughts . The old Mickey Mouse Club and Disney's childhood ambassadors, like Annette Funicello, were symbols of a supernal Disney culture centered by its creator to promote peace, tranquility, and redeeming moral values

Nonetheless, the present day Disney Corporation is certainly much more concerned about appealing to the appetites of the typical adult American mind, and the gross profits garnered by graphic portrait of shockingly violent and unnatural themes, not fit for children's eyes and ears. When Disney CEO Ron Miller acquitted Touchstone movie studios in 1984, Disney began cranking-out motion pictures, under another trade banner, that would attract more adult viewers than children through an appeal to the typical adult appetite, emphasizing sexual promiscuity instead of modestity and virtue , Graphic violence instead of ordinary situational discord prudently displayed for a child's understanding, and graphic immorality showing the shadowy value of criminality instead of an absolute right, and an absolute wrong, about thievery, murder, and vice. When the Disney Corporation made such movies under the Touchstone label, most adults who saw the "R" and "PG-13" rated movies did not notice a direct connection to Disney. But when the Disney Corporation began putting the Disney logo on such movies, they had a purely pecuniary amoral motive. By doing this, Disney knew that American mummies and daddies would buy expensive tickets to such movies, and would probably take along the children, because, after all, they are advertised as Disney movies.

As a case in point, the recent 2013 Disney movie, "The Lone Ranger," is a certain a movie that should have been rated "R" for violence and morbidity. I saw this movie with an adult friend, three years my junior, and I was shocked by what I, both, saw and heard during the showing. Just because the movie story was told by a mystical old Indian, in a side-show, to a young boy dressed-up with a mask like the "Lone Ranger,"; And just because the dry humor elicited by the Indian character Tonto, portrayed by Johnny Depp, appeared to provide a very thin veneer over the limited lack of moral virtuous through the movie, the motion picture conveyed some deeply confused themes that would serve to disturb And perplex most adults and certainly the preadolescent minds of most young children. The graphic violence and morbidity depicted in the movie by actor William Fitchener, in the character of Butch Cavendish, was as graphic, or, perhaps, more graphic, as that played by Anthony Hopkins in "The Silence of the Lambs," and "Hannibal . " Cannibalism, murder, vengeance, and gross immorality were the only attributes conveyed by the character Butch Cavendish. The idea placed in the viewers' minds that Cavendish was, above all else, a cannibal preceded the scene that turned the morbid suggestion into a reality when Cavendish killed the brother of John Reid, Texas Ranger Dan Reid, played by James Badge Dale, gutted Him with a knife, and ate his heart. As Ranger Reid's brother, John Reid, portrayed by Armie Hammer, which I doubt is his real name, opened his eyes, and a reflection of Cavendish eating his brother's heart appeared in one of his eyes for the viewers to see, the vivid remembrance of The scene in "Hannibal" where Hannibal Lector served-up character Paul Krendler's, Ray Liotta's, brain came to mind. Furthermore, frequent close-up murderers, the utterly-graphic blood-letting, the awful scene of military Gattling guns killing all of the Comanche warriors, and, worst of all, the suggestion, transformed into a bold proclamation, that violence and killing is Justified when all else fails to provide true justice made the movie into an "R" rated feature akin to a James Bond or Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

My younger friend, with whom I saw the movie, very much liked the graphic murals of sex, blood, violence, and morbid cannibalism, and said that it did not bother him, at all, that it was produced and made by Disney. He looked at the issues purely from a financial point of view, saying that Disney had a right to make the kind of movies that would appeal to adults more than children; And that it was the parents' responsibility to determine if their children should see it. My polemic response to him was based upon what parents had expected from Disney in an earlier age to provide uplifting entertainment for their children. Why had not it been made by Disney's Touchstone studio, to accompany its other utterly violent movies? Why did it have to have the Disney logo on it? Fortunately, my friend had never been in war to see, close-up, his comrades actually killed and decimated; He had never been a peace officer faced with using a handgun on a real bad guy. But had seen all the spine-tingling Client Eastwood "Dirty Harry" movies, and, of course, the Charles Bronson, "Death Wish" movies. My friend, like 85 percent of the current adult population in the United States, had been inured through the years of his youth to consider violence and morbidity while entertaining, and as American as cherry pie.

I'll wager that 80 percent of the American parents who buy movie tickets to see "The Lone Ranger" will also buy tickets for their young children, because, currently, most American parents under 45 years of age, with small children, have cut Their teeth on the graphic violence and immorality prominently portrayed in the movies and television shows made, and shown, during the 1980s, '90s, and during the first decade of the 21st Century. For some obtuse reason, they see nothing wrong with them.

I might be in a minority of reviewers when I say that "The Lone Ranger" should have been rated "R," instead of PG-13, but the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" could have been made without one foul word, or without showing Nudity, and it would have still would have been a purely "R or X" rated movie. There are certain things that still blatantly offend the minds of all prudent men and women. When US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stuart made his infamous statement about obscenity and pornography, "that he would need to see it to know it as such," he, then and there, offered a pernicious license to film makers and pornographers to produce the most Violent and morbid films and magazines for the American viewing public to watch and read, in order to make their own individual determinations about their pornographic and obscen content. I, for one, was very offended by the movie, and I sincerely hope that there were others who are feeling and thinking the same way. As a final note, if the original Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore, and the original Tonto, Jay Silverheels, could see the current movie, and what damage a 21st Century America has done to their moral legacy, they, both, would probably turn sadly In their graves with their most definitely down. Moore and Silverheels considered themselves much more than actors. They considered themselves role-models.

Keeping Your Wrought Iron Candle Holders Clean And Pretty

Keeping good old fashioned wrought iron candle holders clean can be a full time job. Rust tends to grow just about anywhere and this can lead to all kinds of embarrassing problems. Look at it this way: you are certainly not going to want to put your candlestick holders down if they have rust on them are you? Of course not! That is why you need to find some new and innovative ways to keep the rust off of your tableware without damaging it.

That is the biggest problems when it comes to cleaning things like wrought iron candle holders. You cannot use the typical wire brush or sandpaper because they would do all kinds of terrible damage to the holders. The scratches would never come off and all of the shine and glow of the candle holders would be lost forever. After all it is the finish that is so important to these types of things. So what can you do?

How about chemical rust removers? Would they work on wrought iron candle holders? They might but they are awfully harsh and if you have kids in the house these shouldn’t even be around. Kids get into all kinds of bad things and they have a really bad tendency to put these things into their mouths. If they were to take in even a little rust remover it could be fatal.

Kids aren’t the only ones that could be hurt by regular chemical rust removers, you could be too. Many people have been blinded when using these removers so you would have to be very, very careful indeed.

A far better alternative to these is to use organic rust converters on your wrought iron candle holders. This will allow you to avoid scratching the surface of your holders while also using something that is not so toxic. These converters are simple to use and all you have to do is apply it. It will do the rest. It will melt away the rust and turn it into non toxic and manageable compounds This stuff will even help to keep the rust from coming back so soon. It is the perfect solution to rusty candle holders.

What Are GERD Symptoms?

GERD is short for Gastro-esophageal reflux disease, which is also called acid reflux syndrome. GERD symptoms will be different depending on if you're an adult or child. In this article, we'll talk about some of the more common symptoms that are experienced.

Among adults, the most common symptom is heartburn. This is where burning in the chest will occur and discomfort will be felt in the sternum. Oftentimes this discomfort will increase if the person lies down after experiencing heartburn.

In more extreme cases of GERD, the esophageal lining will become inflamed, which will cause swallowing difficulties and frequent chest pains. In most cases, trouble swallowing and the pain in the chest will occur simultaneously. However, in some instances only one of the symptoms will occur. It is certainly a frightening experience because it can also lead to a panic attack in thinking you can not breathe.

Other common acid reflux symptoms include coughing, changes in the voice, earaches, nausea, and hoarseness of the voice. At its worst, it will cause the lining of the esophagus to change into something similar to the intestines. This is good for reducing heartburn, but it is bad for your esophagus because it can lead to esophageal cancer.

GERD can also occur in children and even infants, but the symptoms are harder to detect. The symptoms may include vomiting, frequently spitting up, chronic coughing, and respiratory problems. Additionally, crying, not gaining weight, lack of desire to eat, bad breath, and chronic burping are also symptoms you should look for.

It is more common in infants than most people think. In fact one study showed that as many 35% of all infants born in the United States will experience reflux within the first few months of their life. However, many of them will outgrow this before they reach their first birthday. It's always wise to know the symptoms and to watch for them, even in an infant.

It is also important to realize that the symptoms of acid reflux can occur intermittently. For example, they may show up intensely for weeks, only to go away for several months at a time. This does not mean that it does not need to be treated.

In conclusion, I have discussed with you some of the more common GERD symptoms, and how they vary from adults and children. If you think you have been experiencing acid reflux symptoms, you should get it properly diagnosed. Once diagnosed, treatment can start.

6 Things You Probably Do Wrong With Mobile

It’s amazing how many companies get mobile wrong. Even very large, otherwise sophisticated companies.

There are a handful of things that companies regularly get wrong when designing mobile apps:

1. Too Much Information

It’s vitally important to really consider how your mobile app will be used in the real world. Users will try to use it while walking down the street. Despite the stupidity of it (and laws against it), some will try to use it while driving. Even barring these, users are reading off a small screen.

Pare down the information you present to only that which is absolutely vital. To keep it interesting and readable, hire a copywriter who excels in writing that is highly accessible, simple and interesting.

2. Too Many Steps

Hand-in-hand with too much information, many companies try to cram in far too much functionality. In the process, they create too many steps to get any one thing done.

People don’t want to climb the stairs. They want you to build them an escalator. Or better yet, a private elevator with a butler and someone to massage their feet and feed them grapes during their ride to the top.

How many is too many? Six steps may not seem like a lot, but it’s unquestionably too many in the world of apps. In fact, four is about the limit and you’d do far better sticking to three or less.

That’s why it’s so important to carefully plan what you want your app to do and get design input from both a copywriter and a designer. Or save yourself some money and hire someone who does both.

3. Hard to Navigate

If your app requires a user manual of any kind — even if they’re as simple as the assembly instructions for Ikea furniture — it is far too complex.

The most inexperienced user should be able to pick it up and make it do something useful with zero instruction.

4. Not Compelling

Even if your product or service interests me, if all your app does is rehash and present information that’s easily obtainable from other sources, what is its purpose?

Even insurance companies, an industry known for being boring, make popular apps by adding utility to them. They let users keep policy information, offer checklists of things to do in an accident, give reminders… all sorts of helpful functions.

5. Resource Hog

Loads of video, huge pictures (remember, cell phone screens are small), the need to constantly be connected, large file or database sizes… all add to the “weight” of an app. You want your app to be a dainty preschool teacher, not a sumo wrestler.

If being connected to the internet is mandatory, you’ve just reduced the utility of the app considerably. If it takes up a lot of space or if it runs slowly because it requires so much memory or other resources, users will hate it and tell everyone how terrible it is.

6. Poor User Interface

Look at your fingertip. Notice how large it is, relative to the size of your cell phone screen. If you make menu items too small or too close together, users will forever be clicking the wrong things.

Remember the game Operation? Try playing that while holding the operating table in one hand and while walking down the hallway. If the guy’s nose lights up your whole company just lost the game.

Likewise if you include elements that are not resizable.

The Wrap-up

Your app is like an employee. It represents your company. You wouldn’t tolerate an employee bad-mouthing the company to your customers. So don’t let your app do the same thing.

If you make a great app, word will spread and people will use it. Make a terrible app and be prepared to pay a terrible price.

While an average app may not generate the social media equivalent of hate mail or bad press, you won’t be doing yourself or your company any favors.

Hiring an expert to help you design and create your app is a small investment that will yield big benefits.

Tiger VS Sherman Solved Once And For All

I saw this issue been discussed on several forums online but with little perfection, so let us analyze and find a solution once and for all. OK let’s get started, when it comes to any match up or show down one must know the details on both the sides. So let’s first look into both the tanks before we match them up. Let’s look some detailed and important facts and information rather than common stats and numbers that can be found everywhere.

A brief look into Sherman tanks:

When talking about Shermans we can’t forget that they won the day for the western allies after D-day landings. But what are the real facts and details of these famous tanks?

What made Shermans so powerful?

Shermans were simple but highly reliable tank in terms of manufacturing and repairing furthermore they were easy to use. For instance, they could move comfortably on most surfaces where Tigers will either fail or require special attention like building special bridges and so on. Moreover Shermans are highly simplified tanking solution when compared to most other World War 2 tanks (expect T-34s). And they are far easy to mass produce compared to any German ww2 tank. In fact they shared some spare parts with cars including engines from Ford cars. This interchangeability of parts and a massive automobile industry behind it was a great plus for Shermans. This was not all about the greatness and versatility of Shermans they could perform different tasks in their various versions. Take for an example, they can spray fire (flames), clear mines and even lay bridges in different versions. And above all they had the massive American Automobile industry and economy behind. But once on the battlefield, Sherman’s light weight and simplicity proved fatal.

Serious drawbacks in Sherman:

As we had already seen ‘Shermans’ were much simpler tanks focused primarily on quantity (mass production) and not the Quality (crew comfort or protection). The armor was so light which provided a high speed but little protection, as a result it was easily destroyed by enemy fire. Little importance was given to crew comfort and protection. Furthermore the gasoline engine which powered it was highly inflammable and burned badly upon impact, earning it the nickname “Tommy-cooker“. To make things worse Sherman needs to get in 100 meters range to take down any German heavy tanks, while most German tanks(either Panther or Tiger) was capable of taking down a Sherman at a staggering 1000 or in the case of tiger more than 2000 meters.

A short sight on Tigers:

To say in one word, Tiger Tanks were the best and by far the most powerful tank of ww2. They were far advanced and much more deadly to anything that stood in their way.

What made Tigers such so strong?

The German doctrine for tanks during ww2 was “Quality over Quantity” where else the allies believed “Quantity has its own Quality“. Thus German tanks were far superior in quality compared to any of their counterparts. For instance the tigers were far advanced and most feared tank during ww2. Tigers were indeed monsters of destruction they were well armored and armed to tooth. Unlike most of us think, tigers were not strong due to their thick armor, in-fact they were armored in an ingenious way. Rather than placing the armor plates vertically, the armor was placed in a sloped manner, some historians’ say this tactic was copied from the Russians. But indeed the Germans copied and upgraded the idea of slope armor. In theory, the Russians sloped their armor to 30 degree which increased the frontal armor’s thickness effectively without increasing the tanks weight. However, the Germans found that if the armor plate was sloped to a staggering 60 degree, then there will be no grip for the incoming shells to penetrate the armor instead they just bounced off the thick armor. That’s the reason why allied tank shells bounced of the Tiger’s armor as there was not enough grip to penetrate. This gave the Tiger crews a feeling of invincibility and confidence as there were no weapons to destroy them on the battle field. While the slope armor gave it invincibility its main gun, the 88 mm (originally an antiaircraft gun) gave it a supreme firepower compared to anything the allies had imagined. It was the desert corps under “Erwin Rommel” (desert fox) who first created the idea to use these massive and reliable 88mm anti-aircraft guns in anti tank roles. Later these 88mm cannons were placed on a heavily armored tank resulting in the production of TIGERS. As a result, the Tiger could fire and destroy most allied tanks at a staggering range where the allied tanks can’t even see the tiger. Tiger can penetrate the frontal armor of most allied tanks from a massive 1000 — 2000 meters while almost all allied tanks (except a few later Tanks) must be within a 100 meter range to penetrate the Tiger, that too mostly its rear or side not the frontal armor. With these records and stats there is no surprise when the history says some allied tank crew preferred to run when faced by the overwhelming odds of the Tiger’s destructiveness. This caused a psychological fear factor and gave rise to the term “Tiger-phobia“. But even the toughest Tigers had some serious issues and draw backs (mostly due to political and economical state).

Flaws within the claws of Tigers:

Perhaps the biggest setback for tigers was its production status, as they were always outnumbered by most allied tanks. As discussed earlier, German doctrine by that time was “Quality over Quantity” unlike the American and Russian “Quantity has its own Quality” as a result the Tigers were always outnumbered. This is because both Sherman and T34 were far cheap and easy to make while the Tiger was a high-tech, Complex and Over Engineered Tank which was far tougher to manufacture let alone mass produce. Manufactured in a very few numbers they always lacked the numbers and were very tough to be replaced. Furthermore tigers were prone to mechanical issues and were very tough to repair (although this issue was fixed soon). Even worse was its bulk size, weighing around 62 tons they were too slow on most terrain. Although for their size they were reasonably fast yet not fast enough to match its counterparts. Their weight restricted them from crossing most small bridges and so forced to either wait till special bridges to be built or cross rivers directly. But as said their worst problem was being Over- Engineered tank they were far ahead of their time and was tough to make and cost more time and materials than any other tank built during the war. Most of these draw backs were to be blamed on Nazis not on German Engineers or army. For it was Hitler’s direct wish to make a tank that was stronger than any before while ignoring practicality of mass production.

Sherman Vs Tiger on battle field:

By now there must be no issue to decide which tank will win when faced head on. Even the Sherman crew will agree that it will be hands down to Tiger Tanks. OK if so how was it possible for the allied commanders to deal with Tigers and win the war? Well it was so simple.. as I told already, there was always a Sherman to replace destroyed Shermans while replacing a Tiger was almost impossible. In this showdown it was just a number game and the Shermans were able to win it. In fact the allied commanders made a pathetic strategy to deal with the Tigers; the idea was to sacrifice 4 Sherman tanks to take down a Tiger for Shermans can always be replaced with a massive American automobile industry behind. But here one must not forget that it was not just the mere metal tank that was sacrificed but also the American crew to take down a Tiger. As a result despite a victory here the allies cant claim any show of strength they used Shermans almost in a similar role against the Tigers as the Japanese used their Zeros during the later day of war(Kamikaze).

The final outcome:

Its one of the toughest question to answer but one cant consider a pure number victory as a reason to declare a tank as stronger tank.. I will do that I you could agree that millions of ants capable of killing man can mean that ants are stronger than Humans. Here the answer is simple it was the Shermans who won the war (not the war between the tanks but the ww2) while the Tigers won the Tank vs. tank battle hands down..