The Truth And Simplicity Behind High Intensity Training

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about intensity and high intensity training. The word intense gets used too much I think for things that are not intense. It's in the kid's slang, "that's intense," and they apply it to things to indicate something is pretty cool in their opinion. That's OK, but it downgrades the real meaning of the word intense.

Webster's dictionary defines intense as taking something to an extreme degree. That is what I am talking about! You want to have an intense workout every time. Taking that to a deeper level; you want to do every session, every set, and every rep with intensity. When you do that you are achieving what I call RIPPED Intensity. This is one of the Pillars of the RIPPED Weight Training System.

This is one of the keys to getting a transformation in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

An example of having this RIPPED Intensity is thinking about your grip on the weight. Everyone has to grip the weight, no kidding, but how you do it is what I am talking about. Not your actual grip or your hand position; I am talking about holding the weight like someone is trying to tear it out of your hand. Hold on to it like you are hanging on a tree branch over the Grand Canyon. Do you get the picture? This is only one aspect of intensity, and the best way to get results is having these sorts of things in your head all the time you are at the gym. It is like you are turning on a switch as you are heading for the gym and then amping up the energy at you hit the floor and get into your routine. Thats high intensity training.

Your intensity in all things is what can take you to the next level with your lifting and muscle development. Have you ever gotten stuck at a plateau? All of us have. You are benching X amount of weight and maybe you have a mental block about putting on that next plate. Many times this is a 'benchmark' weight level, if you can excuse the pun. It was many years that the four minute mile stood as a record. Runners had it in their heads that it could not be broken, but as soon as it was broken, it was like the dam broke, and a few people went sub-four quickly after Roger Bannister did it.

The trick to breaking these barriers is intensity. Maybe you have a block about benching 200 pounds, or 300. Whatever level you are at, you know what I am talking about. Ratchet up your intensity and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. Remember, what you believe you can achieve.

Do not Throw (Old) Knowledge Overboard When Changing Rules

Some people have waited for this crisis to happen. They rub their hands in a sense of self-satisfaction now that they see a collapse of a system, a management approach and they pull their own ideology out of the closet. In that, they discard completely any positive element of the other method and propose to do things completely different: a switch of at least 180 degrees.

The short-term versus long-term focus is one of the examples people demonstrate. In the new management approach we should switch completely to a long-term focus similar to that of durable and sustainable growth and investments.

Now I agree with some of it. I have written a book about finding a balanced approach and the above example is basic in understanding dimensions of such a balance. There are many more views and areas in which one should try to find a balance.

Yet, now after years where much of Europe has imported the US methodology, they now return to their roots of the Rhineland model.

In such a change, people tend to throw everything overboard they had previously learned and adopted and continue to concentrate on a new approach.

This is however a destructive action which will lead to new problems in a future that is still far away but will come sooner than later.

To balance resources, methods and effort is of all times and those who simply concentrate on a single trick will engage mayor risks, in the same way investors will face risks when they do not balance their investments.

Think about this when changing your management system. Important lessons are (only) learned when people accept what they did wrong. Such an analysis is an important part of managing a crisis and before making important changes.


Celebrity Taste in Homes

Famous people, either actors of stage or film, musicians or politicians, buy real estate for themselves or to own as investments. Celebrities have various tastes when it comes to real estate just like any other person but the difference is the spotlight. Therefore, some of the foibles witnessed by real estate agents have to be dealt with in discretion. The biggest real estate markets are Los Angeles, New York and London.

Some of these skills needed for discretion include the ability to get away from paparazzi as well as excellent knowledge of sophisticated security systems. This is because of security and safety but also because there are numerous blogs, some receiving as much as 300,000 page hits per day, and newspaper columns devoted to celebrity real estate dealings. Society loves to read of celebrities and where they live, what they live like and whom they are living with. The public likes to read about people who live in a fantasyland of excess and privilege.

Celebrities regularly use trusts or facade companies to mask their transactions. They carry out business in a different way from regular citizens. Many of them like the idea of shopping without actually buying anything. Security features such as high walls, sophisticated intruder-trigger alarm systems are what celebrities prefer. Buyers have to sign privacy agreements to look at any property linked to a celebrity, and that did not happen ten years ago.

Real estate agents who deal in the luxury markets rarely meet their celebrity clients until the deal is almost done, using assistants for the actual work. Celebrities also seek after anonymity because details of their net worth are readily available and it becomes a distinct disadvantage when negotiating the price of a property. Some celebrities buy property based on who owned the property prior, but most go for the value it adds to their investments instead. Some properties sell well when potential buyers know who the celebrity owner is and others do not, depending on the buzz the particular celebrity is carrying at the time.

By far the most important skill for a real estate broker to possess is a network of serious connections, being able to get business from a very choosy clientele is not easy. The way is smoothed over by whom you know. It is believed that entry-level houses that are deemed fit for an A-list celebrity costs about 1.4 million dollars.

Opening a Franchise – The First Things You Need to Do

Opening a franchise may seem a lot harder than what it really is. As long as you have some business sense, you should not have a problem. Perhaps if more individuals would realize that they can open a franchise if they have the money, there would be a lot more businesses in operation.

So if you have been thinking about a franchise, what is holding you back?

Well, the first thing you need to do is find yourself a franchise to open. Find something that no one else has in your area, but you have to make sure that you enjoy it. You do not want to open something that no one else has just because no one else has it. You have to love it too.

You also need to have a plan in place. Finding a franchise should actually be a part of that plan because you have money you have to deal with. If you do not have the funding to pay straight out of your pocket, there are loans available to help you get your franchise off the ground.

Then there is the fact that you have to figure out if you want to keep the brand name or if you want to give your franchise a different name. Fortunately, you have that flexibility. Just keep in mind that the Federal Trade Commission governs franchises, so you have to remain within the confines of their law.

Other than that, you should have no problems. If money or other factors are the reasons why you have not started your franchise, throw all of that out the window and get moving because it is a lot easier than you think it is.

A Few Reasons to Visit Riviera Nayarit

Mexico is one of the leading vacation destinations. With its sandy beaches, world class resorts, and lush cultural setting, Mexico is a prime travel hot spot for anyone looking to get away and get some sun. Riviera Nayarit, located on the pacific coastline of Mexico, offers everything a vacationing tourist would want out of a Mexican getaway and more.

Quality resort packages are available at destination Riviera Nayarit, from pampering at one of their first-rate spas, to golf on their lush greens. World renowned hotels dot Riviera Nayarit and provide unique and exceptional indulgences for visitors. Receive a massage while listening to the soothing waves of the ocean, or play a few holes while enjoying the freshwater breeze.

Riviera Nayarit also offers a visual aesthetic like no other destination. From the clear blue ocean waters, to the breathtaking mountains, to the luxurious foliage, Riviera Nayarit provides a spectacular landscape for visitors to enjoy.

Lounge on the gorgeous beaches and soak up some sun, or enjoy some beach activities such as water-skiing or snorkeling. If you would like a more exploratory view, rent a topless jeep and explore it for yourself. Riviera Nayarit offers whale watching, sailing, an aquatic park, and swimming with dolphins and sea lions opportunities. For the adventure enthusiast, the area also offers ATV excursions and breathtaking canopy tours of the tropical rainforest!

Riviera Nayarit provides visitors with an unmatched cultural atmosphere. Tourists can enjoy interactions with the Huichol, one of the groups of indigenous people who survived the Spanish conquest, and who exhibit warmth toward new guests. Visit their marketplace and purchase some of their beautifully handmade artwork and crafts.

Nightlife is also prominent as guests can either take a moonlit stroll along the shoreline, or enjoy one of the 500 restaurants available. Neighboring Puerto Vallarta provides clubs for a more social atmosphere.

Biochemic Cell Salts and Astrology Equals Health

Astrology and Cell Salts Biochemistry

In this chaotic and materialistic world we can thank Dr. George W. Carey for giving us a priceless key to mental and physical health. He wrote a small book entitled "The Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac;" circa 1900.

The heritage of all humans on the planet is perfection; perfect health. Our solar system just entered the age of Aquarius, which is the human sign. The sign of the truth about man. This is the age of truth. Only truth matters not opinions. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Know the truth and heal yourself. The process necessary to the attainment of perfection was given to us by Dr. William Schuessler in his biochemic system of medicine. The key was supplied by Dr. Carey.

Dr. Schuesselr's system supplies the blood with it's component parts. When the blood is chemically perfect, God-Power enters the body. Deficiency means disease, lack of ease, in harmony, or imperfection. A perfect supply of the right chemical elements means perfect cells, a perfect brain, perfect thought, perfect acts, "perfection-a God-Man!" Neitschze was right … we are men gods. Most people do not know that biochemistry is an ancient sanskirt science. What goes around comes around.

Dr. Carey, in a strange and rare meditation ascribed to each sign of the zodiac a corresponding chemical element or salt. His book is the most unique and valuable work of the last century. The cell salts are a key to physical regeneration and spiritual illumination. His information is required to produce or create the new man. The man for the age of Aquarius.

The revelation came to Dr. Carey in his "seventieth year!" This revelation was that each of us is to make a new being of ourselves. We must all work out our own salvation. And this salvation takes many lifetimes. Patience is the fruit of the gods.

Esoteric Astrology is the nobel science that synthesizes the physiological, anatomical, chemical and metaphysical aspects of man.

The age of Aquarius is telling mankind to look upward or it will be forced to do so.

The cell salts, the process of physical regeneration is not of one life, one incarnation, but of many. Be patient. But, start now. He is gone but when the time is ripe and the astrological moment arrives which will produce the vibration necessary for his reappearance in the objective, he will come forth again in the physical manifestation to go on with his work.

The age of Aquarius is giving us the laws of quantum physics. The laws of quantum physics tell us that there is no time in the infinite ocean of energy called the quantum ocean. There is no past, present nor future, only the now! "Everything that ever was, is or will be is in the quantum ocean now.

Dr. Carey is there awaiting the time when he will blink out of the quantum ocean and into physical reality. It is the blink that he and all of us have done many times … at the right time.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting fixtures are suspended from the ceiling and get their name from the jewelry accessory of the same name. Pendant lighting has a distinctive appeal and is considered perfect for places like kitchen islands, desks, breakfast nooks and the like. Pendant lighting can be either a single pendant lighting fixture or two or three different ones teamed up to provide a dramatic effect. Generally when two or three pendant lighting fixtures are teamed up, mini pendant lighting fixtures are used. The area of pendant lighting provides a lot of scope for the use of creative designs and ideas.

It is advisable to mount pendant lighting fixtures at least 24″ to 30″ above the area to be lit. When mini pendants are used, the ideal height would be 18″ to 24″ above the surface area to be lighted. When two or three pendants are used, an adjustable pendant bar can be used to fix them at different heights. This makes it possible to adjust heights from time to time, varying the overall lighting effect in the process.

Pendant lighting fixtures are available in various styles. Some of the commonly seen styles are sleek clean designs, reflective stained glass and crinkle glass designs. Pendant lighting fixtures are task oriented and provide necessary lighting for specific areas. The intensity of light needed can be dictated by the choice of bulb used inside the pendant lighting fixture.

Most pendant lighting fixtures are available with chains and rods that enable adaptation for different heights. Multiple pendant lights in a single fixture at staggered heights create a dramatic effect and are ideal for use little corners of large rooms. This kind of lighting creates an interesting area in an otherwise ordinary room.

Pendant lighting fixtures made of hand blown glass are available starting around $30, with some costing $500 and above.

Differing budgets and lighting needs can be catered to efficiently by the imaginative use of pendant lighting.

Beat The Summer Heat With a Radiant Barrier

It may be a bit early to dream about the blue skies and green grass of summer. Here in the Midwest there’s still snow on the ground and bitter temperatures to battle. But for all the layers we must wear, we know that the beauty of spring and the promise of outside fun is only months away. We can’t wait!

All the more reason to start thinking about finally doing something to combat the heat infiltration inside your attic. The sun’s hot rays – radiant heat – strikes rooftops and penetrates through shingles and sheeting. Left unabated, the radiant heat would continue to travel through the air space and building materials in search of cooler air within your home. This isn’t out of a science fiction movie, this is watered-down physics.

Heated air is always in motion, in search of a cooler space. As radiant heat penetrates into your attic it pushes down through your insulation and other building materials until it reaches the cooler air of your living spaces. This means that the heated air raises the temperature of the cooler air, which causes your air conditioning unit to kick on. A ridiculously vicious cycle occurs, perpetuated by heat which enters with normal entry/exit of doors. If your air conditioner had a tongue, it would be hanging out, an expression of pure exhaustion.

If you plan ahead to the early days of spring you have an opportunity to put an end to radiant heat leaks. A product called radiant barrier can be installed along your roof rafters and block entry of the sun’s rays.

Radiant barrier is thin, lightweight material with an inner woven scrim of polyester. Covered with 99% aluminum, radiant barrier is highly reflective and very effective at blocking the sun’s rays before they have an opportunity to penetrate your roof.

Get planning now and get a jump on summer during the spring.

Wall Safes: The Safest Walls On Earth

With the increasing crime rates these days, it is best that you find ways to protect your belongings whenever you are indoors or outdoors. But the most important thing you have to protect is your home, especially if you and your household members are not at home most of the time.

By equipping your home with security gadgets like wall safes, you can eliminate the worries that fill your mind knowing that your most valuable possessions are safely intact.

Nowadays, keeping valuables in the bank's safety deposit box are no longer the only available way to safeguard your valuables. With the advent of technology and creative inventions, wall safes are now considered as the next best thing to safekeeping.

Generally, wall safes are mounted and permanently pierced into the walls of your house. Because of its nature, you may mount your wall safes while your house or your office is still under construction or you may opt to mount it a little later. If you prefer to do the latter, mounting wall safes will not be very difficult because most wall safes are equipped with "flange", thus, you do not have to re-cover your walls.

When buying wall safes, there are certain elements you need to check first:

1. The ratings.

A quality wall safe has an Underwriters Laboratories rating. This means that the capability and efficiency of your wall safes is manifested by its ratings.

Basically, a safe with a Class-A rating can endure an inferno with a maximum of 2,000-degree heat for long hours. Whereas, a Class B-rated wall safe means that it can only endure a fire with 1,850-degree heat and will last for only two hours. The last rating, class C means that the safe is capable of enduring 1,000-degree heat and last for about an hour.

Like any safes, wall safes are also operated through a series of number combinations, keys, or electronic lock. Its function varies depending on the type you have chosen. It is upon your discretion which type of wall safe would best serve you most.

2. The price.

As with all commodities and products, wall safes are not created equal, and so, their value in the market will vary also from one to the other. Their variations may be due to the quality of its composition or the dealer that distributes the material.

In most cases, the average wall safe will cost $ 400. And so, you have to shop around in order to get the best bargain. You may look at the Internet for the available wall safe that will suit your needs.

However, when buying safes online, it is best that you see the items personally so as to scrutinize and evaluate if what the manufacturers claims online is actually true. After all, it is your money that is at risk and also your other valuables, so it is best to obtain a wall safe that can offer you both the protection that you need and the quality that you are looking for.

Generally, wall safes are used for the safekeeping of your valuables like jewelry, money, and even pertinent papers like contracts, deed of sales, and receipts. With wall safes you can be assured that all of your most treasured possessions are kept safely against burglars and accidents like fire.

So, for people who value their possessions, it is best that you get wall safes. Not only are they easy to install, easy to access, and easy to manipulate but they are also house-friendly because you can place them in any part of your house without having to destroy or modify your interior decorations.

And so, it is better to think of your family and your finances' safety now. As they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Do not hesitate to invest a little amount of money on wall safes. You'll never know what can happen next, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Digital and Conventional Presentation of Content

Displaying content is extremely important for any marketing agency. Ultrathin tubes have long replaced the old-fashioned and expensive Cathode-ray tubes. Internet connectivity, live TV streaming, videos, and images are the future of signage and modern marketing. Shopping malls, shops, and all other businesses prefer electronic display over wallpapers.

Digital signage applications include high-resolution display devices that are easy to use anywhere, indoor or outdoor. The modern way of displaying content includes versatility and innovation. For example, an electronic display can run a combination of media including videos, images, and text that altogether deliver a specific message.

With the passage of time, the global advertising industry is growing bigger and bigger. The electronic display has become the need of every modern business. Some of the purposes digital signage serve are:

  • Informational
  • Commercial
  • Experiential
  • Behavioral

It is rightly said that there is no success without the content. Electronic signage is considered to be a new way of displaying content to an audience. It offers variety and a number of interesting features that allow users to be creative in content management. We often see digital signs at public places and retail stores. Therefore, it has a cultural impact on customers and viewers.

A question arises whether or not signage has emerged as a new and effective advertising source. The answer is a big yes as digital signage is gradually taking over the conventional and outdated advertising solutions. However, the significance of traditional display cannot be undermined as they are cost-effective. Commercial places should be well equipped with the information that might help customers make a purchase decision.

The internet is used widely across the globe. And the information provided on a computer allows us to check back and reach the content easily. It is easy to change and manage content on digital devices. Your success depends highly on how you are advertising your business. Therefore, use digital signs to promote and advertise your business or cause. Digital signage is expensive as compared to those simple and static display means. However, digital display has become mandatory for rapidly growing businesses.

The display industry cannot keep itself apart from technological advancements. However, some of the old-fashioned signage is still being used by many businesses in developed and developing countries. For instance, a banner or a decal is a very simple type of signage. The presence of highly advanced electronics signs could not outsmart old-fashioned sign systems. However, it is recommended to use the digital and interactive form of signs which can captivate the attention of customers.

Graduation Quotes – 10 Tips to Find Just the Right Wording to Use For Your Graduation Party

If you're planning a graduation party, you may decide to personalize invitations, favors or even the top of the cake with an inspirational quote. But do not worry if you're at a loss for words. Here's ten tips to help you find the right quotation or saying for your grad.

1. Start the search. The best and easiest place to search for graduation quotes is online. There are many websites devoted entirely to categorized quotations. But you might get even better results elsewhere on the internet. Check scrapbooking web pages with sections devoted to wording for special occasions. Even companies that sell personalized items for grads, such as invitations, can have a whole list of great suggestions.

2. Begin your own list of any graduation quotes that appeal to you. Do not spend too much analyzing whether this is the one you want to use. Once you have gathered a selection, you can go back and decide.

3. Keep it short and sweet. If you're looking for a great graduation quote to use on your invitations, favors or other personalized items, you will not have a lot of extra room for wording. Choose quotations that are brief and to the point. For example, "Hitch your wagon to a star" (Ralph Waldo Emerson) only uses a few words, but it's effective.

4. Focus on education. If you want to put the emphasis on your past years in school, you could look at quotes that emphasize your learning experience, for instance:

* An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. -Benjamin Franklin
* Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. -Malcolm X

5. Believe in your dreams. Another way to go, is to look forward to the start of new things. Every graduate has hopes for the future. You can share that viewpoint with an appropriate quote, such as:

* Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. -Henry David Thoreau
* The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt
* Throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. -Mark Twain

6. Define success. Instead of looking at dreams for the future, you could offer a definition of what you believe success will mean to you. Some ideas that would work are:

* Do not aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. -David Frost
* Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. -Arnold H. Glasow
* There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. -Beverly Sills

7. Be yourself. Another good category for graduation quotes are those that encourage you to stay true to yourself, such as:

* It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. -ee cummings
* Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. -Anthony J. D'Angelo

8. Borrow a line from a song. Meaningful lyrics to your favorite music might be appropriate for the occasion if it's inspiring and uplifting. Think about music that moves and motivates you, and you may have found just the right graduation wording.

9. Do not rule out funny. There's nothing wrong with using a humorous graduation quote for your party. Here's a couple of cute ideas:

* The tassel's worth the hassle!
* Present Graduate – Future Millionaire!

10. Go over your list. After you have searched for quotations on the subject of graduation, education, dreams, and success, dig even deeper. If you still need a few extra contenders, try checking your favorite search engine for quote topics using keywords such as character, achievement, courage, confidence, goals, ideas, happiness, persistence and work. After you have assembled your collection, take your time reviewing them. Look for the words that inspire you.

So, do not settle for someone else's idea for an inspirational quotation. Let your feelings, beliefs and goals influence you. Whether you're looking to personalize party favors, invitations, a banner, cake or anything else for your celebration, there is an abundance of great sayings from which to choose. Do your homework and you'll find the perfect gradation quote for you.

Minka Aire Gyro Ceiling Fans – Quality Design With an Old-World Style

There is rarely a bigger letdown in life than seeing something which you know has to be an antique, but which turns out to be pretty new. The Minka Aire Gyro fan is a prime example of that exact feeling. Minka fans are extremely well known to be able to gel well in any kind of environment – whether it is a Flyte keeping an executive suite cool, or an Ensemble in a gypsy’s parlor. MinkaAire ceiling fans are just really well designed, both for being highly functional (moving lots of air quietly) and for being aesthetically pleasing.

Well, the Minka Gyro fan has both of those qualities in spades. First, let’s talk about how great the Gyro looks, because that is obviously the first thing you will notice about it. This grand old (reasonably new) patriarch among Minka Aire ceiling fans features intricately inlaid designs crafted out of bronze. Its motor housing is also finished in a deep Walnut color, which just adds to the Minka Aire Gyro fan’s old school charisma. Seeming to hang right out of the past through a hole in time, this fan adds a touch of class to any room it adorns.

If the Minka Gyro fan did not actually function, it would be a nice conversation piece. However, it is still an actual fan – two, if you want to get technical about such things. But when you turn it on using the included wall mounted control panel, you will notice a few things about its operation. Like all of the Minka Aire ceiling fans, it runs quietly and moves plenty of air (which is why they call it “air management”). But other than just having three speeds and reversible blade direction, the two “mini fans” turn slowly around on the central axis.

Do not Worry, Pump Your Septic Tank

No one can deny that regular septic tank pumping in Hillsboro is necessary for a smooth running household. With this in mind, many are perhaps unaware of what the requirements are for proper maintenance. At the very least, it is important to know that a malfunction in a septic tank system can result in a costly and overall yucky cleanup and repair. The stuff that is removed in a pumping procedure is basically solid material that would otherwise build up to the point of clogging the system. After pumping, the company will then take is offsite and dispose of it properly. This is surely not a chore that one can just do themselves nor should it be avoided.

Regular septic tank pumping in Hillsboro is a good idea. Depending on the size of a home's family and the average water usage, this maintenance is best to be schedule sometimes once a year, but no less than every three years. Calling the experts in when first moving into a home with a septic tank system will help to determine what is needed for each individual situation.

The cost of septic tank pumping can vary greatly. Many people may not even where there tank is located. Luckily, the experts have specialized equipment to determine where to find a home's septic system. One of the reasons this can be a mystery is that septic are deep in the ground. If they do not have an access point from the surface, they will require digging. A septic riser is a good investment for future septic tank pumping in Hillsboro.

When the professionals are performing this regular maintenance of pumping out excess sludge and scum, they will check out all of the workings of the septic system. They can inform the homeowner of any leaks or other repairs that need to done and probably schedule a convenient time to return and perform the repair work. If your tank is one of those hard to find ones, homeowners may want to also discuss installing the types of features that improve accessibility.

I Am a Woman – Is Lifting Weights Bad for Me?

Many times women feel that if they exercise too much and do weight training they will become less feminine. This is far from true! Exercise and lifting weights are necessary to get the type of body that we as women want – nice lean limbs and healthy looking skin. It is so hard to lose the weight we need to lose without adding exercise. By doing small amounts of exercise each day, or every other day, you are making it easier to burn off more calories than you consume.

Having better muscle tone will increase your metabolism. Metabolism is the speed at which our bodies burn off calories. When we increase our muscle tone our metabolism increases and we burn calories better, even while we are asleep. Muscle also takes up less space than fat, so when we get rid of the fat and replace it with muscle are limbs look leaner. When you start exercising and building muscles, you may notice that you are not losing weight, but you should also notice that your clothes fit differently. This is because the muscle is replacing the fat and you're actually losing inches. Muscle weighs more than fat, but it takes up less space. This is better than losing pounds, because you can actually see the difference.

As you exercise you are burning off stored up fat and this gives you more energy. Exercise also reduces stress and helps you to sleep better at night. Regular exercise also improves your skin tone. As you exercise and build muscle tone you increase your immune system as well increase your stamina. Your heart will thank you. If you have not exercised in a while, check with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise plan.

Muscles need protein, so make sure that you eat protein with every meal and snack. This does not have to be a steak or hamburger or some type of beef, you can get protein from other meats as well as beans. In fact, you should try to have several meals throughout the week that are built around beans and vegetables. Foods that are high in fiber and protein take more energy to digest therefore your metabolism increases, plus they take longer to digest which makes you feel fuller longer.

Speaking of eating, if you're trying to lose weight, you need to eat five smaller meals per day. Most successful diet plans include three meals plus two snacks. You want to keep your body burning those calories all day long. Think of your body as a furnace, a fat burning furnace. It needs fuel throughout the day to burn efficiently.

The Top 3 Best TVs Under $2000

You can already buy a very good HD TV with $2000. However, you will want the best TV Under $2000 so that your hard-earned money will be well spent and you don’t end up returning your TV because its picture quality does not match its price tag.

Here, you will find a list of the top three best HD TVs that costs $2000 or less. These three amazing HD TVs have the picture quality and features that will satisfy your entertainment needs.

1. LG 50PV450

The first and cheapest TV in our list is the LG 50PV450. This 50-inch plasma TV costs only $749 and up at various online stores. If you don’t really care about 3D and only want a big screen with fantastic picture quality for less than $800, then get the LG 50PV450. This HD TV gives you a stunning 1080p HD picture and an intelligent sensor that dims and brightens the screen for you based on the ambient light in the room. It also has plenty of picture settings that you can adjust to get the picture quality that you want.

2. Panasonic TC-P50ST30

If you want a big TV that also supports 3D, then check out the Panasonic TC-P50ST30. This 50-inch plasma TV is probably the best TV Under $2000 in our list that has 1080p 3D support. According to reviews, the picture quality of the Panasonic TC-P50ST30 is one of the best in the market today. This 3D plasma TV also includes a Wi-Fi adapter that gives you access to Viera Connect and Internet apps such as Amazon Video on Demand, Twitter, Facebook, HuluPlus, YouTube, and Netflix. You can get a Panasonic TC-P50ST30 for $979 and up at online stores such as Amazon.

3. Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX720

If you don’t like plasma TVs and prefer an LED TV that performs almost as well as a plasma TV, then try the Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX720. This 55-inch LED HDTV has a price tag of $1,749 and up at various online stores. It has 1080p 3D support and bright LED backlighting for better picture quality in bright rooms.

The Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX720 also features Sony’s Motionflow XR 240 technology that eliminates the motion blur during high-speed action scenes in movies and video games. It has built-in Wi-Fi, BRAVIA Internet Video and Widgets that allows you to watch online videos and gives you access to other Internet media. According to reviews, the Sony BRAVIA KDL55NX720 is the best TV Under $2000 that uses LED but performs as smooth as a plasma TV without sacrificing picture quality.