How To Make A Solar Panel – A Step-By-Step Instruction

Today, solar energy is an ideal power source for both business owners and home owners. It is clean, safe and economical. As we all know, global warming is getting worse and solar energy can be the best alternative for fossil fuel. One way of utilizing solar energy is by using solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. Now, you can learn how to make a solar panel for your home.

To cut your electricity bill, you can install a solar power generator on your home. This power system is an excellent and safe power source. But before building one, it is essential for you to learn how to make a solar panel. Below are the steps for assembling your own panel:

1. You can begin by gathering the tools and materials that you need. Some tools that you will need include saw, paint brush, wire cutter, screwdriver, soldering iron/gun, caulking gun, volt meter, rosin flux pen, and plexiglass cutter drill. Meanwhile, you will also need materials like plywood sheeting, soldering filler, solar cells, tin wire, UV-ray protective varnish, silicon caulk, and plexiglass. You can purchase them from a home improvement store near your home or order them online.

2. Determine the amount of power that you expect from each solar panel. If you live in an area that does not get enough sunlight, you surely need to put more solar cells. Then, you have to prepare the panels. Cut the plywood to fit the solar cells that you are going to place on each panel.

3. Next, apply the UV-ray protective varnish using a paintbrush. The varnish needs some time to dry and you can work on the solar cells while you are waiting for it to dry.

4. Apply the flux to the bus strips on the solar cells using the rosin flux pen. You need to do this to ensure that your tab ribbons on the solar cells will adhere well and the wiring will be connected properly. After that, you can connect the solar cells to each other.

5. Now, you can add silicon caulk to the plywood panels. Two unattached wires will be hung from the connected solar cells and you need to drill two holes in the plywood. Feed the wires through the holes.

6. Create a frame for each panel since you need to cover your solar cells using plexiglass. You can attach the frame to the plywood using silicon caulk and screws. After that, secure the plexiglass to the frame.

7. After completing the assembly, check your solar panels for gaps. Gaps will cause moisture to penetrate and you should seal them with the silicon. To avoid moisture accumulation, drill a small hole near the bottom of the panel, away from the wiring.

Learning how to make a solar panel is interesting and fun. With enough tools and materials as well as basic carpentry skills, you can easily build your own solar power system.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation and Ending Itchy Bed Bug Bites

Anyone who has had bed bug bites, knows how itchy and painful it is. Many of you with children worry when they wake up in the morning, scratching and digging at their bites. The worst part is that the bites were clustered, often in threes. Bed bug experts called them breakfast, lunch and dinner. All you know was that the bed bug bites had to stop.

In early infestations, bed bugs like to hide in tufts, seams, and folds of mattresses and daybed covers; later they spread to cracks and crevices in the bed and mattresses. They are nocturnal, so if you are awake between 3 am and 5 am, you may be able to see one on your bed. I have to admit that I set the alarm, so I could get up and check the beds of my children. Only once did I find an actual bed bug, so finding them is not necessarily a good indication of infestation.

The fact that I acted EARLY was a HUGE reason why I was able to successfully get RID of bed bugs and experienced no more bed bug bites.

If allowed to multiply, they can be found behind baseboards or woodwork, window and door frames, pictures, and moldings, and in furniture, loosened wallpaper, and cracks in plaster and partitions.

They can even hide in mattress box springs, wall sockets, old books (look in the spine and between pages), behind wallpaper, clothing cracks and crevices of the floor and wall and basically anywhere they can stick their flat small bodies.

"When I'm traveling I will pull sheets off of the bed and look for black dots or a live bedbug," Warneke (Orkin Pest Control Services) said. The Herald

  1. Look for bed bug leavings on your sheets. They look like black dots. Inspect carefully around the seam of your bed. I found these especially in the seam of the mattress, but they were VERY TINY.
  2. Sometimes you may find eggs, egg shells and cast skins near these places.
  3. There is usually is a distinctive odor in rooms where bed bugs are numerous

Now you know about bed bug bites and you know a bit more about signs of bed bugs. You may be fairly certain you have bed bugs, next you need to learn how to get rid of bed bugs.

Opening Clothing Store – How To Open A Clothing Store The Right Way!

Opening a clothing store requires meticulous planning as the start of any other business does. Importance of planning can not be over emphasized. As the famous saying goes planning is for a business as foundation is to a building. By planning properly in advance the ordeal of opening a clothing store can be made easy and just right.

Planning Phase

Write down your plan in words. This is essential as things become more refined and sharp once they are expressed in words and figures. If you have a written plan that will make things easier for you when you implement them. A written plan will also serve as a benchmark to evaluate the efficiency of the implementation.

Opening a clothing store – Five Crucial Decisions!

Before you actually open a clothing store several important decisions are to be made regarding its various features. Of all five decisions are very crucial that ensure opening a clothing store is successful. Here are they for you!

1. Decide on the location: The location of your clothing store is an issue of significant importance. Opening a clothing store at a location that is less accessible to consumers can prove detrimental to your business. While deciding on location you should consider many issues like renting and leasing, their relative cost and decide accordingly.

2. Shop's Layout & Interior: This aspect is often not given much importance it deserves. Nevertheless this is an essential ingredient of the success formula of opening a clothing store. How your shop looks inside and how the clothes are displayed there is very significant in the long run. The interior should create a positive impact on the visitors and should be attractive.

3. Type of clothes you sell: This is a major criterion in opening a clothing store the right way. A shop that sells kids wear is completely different from a clothing store that caters to women. So you should decide on what exactly you want to sell and to whom. In addition to the kind of clothing you wish to sell you should also decide on the range of colors and sizes that you want to encompass and also the style and cut.

4. Where to purchase from: The place where you buy has direct effect on your pricing and hence on your customer base and your profit. You should buy your merchandise from people who offer at competitive price. You should have the required license that would help you get things for cheaper from listed manufacturers.

5. Financial Viability: Though it is at the last in the list of decisions, this is the most significant of all decisions to be made when opening a clothing store. You should work out everything from startup cost to purchase price and selling price to profit margin and ensure that opening a clothing store is a financially viable business venture. You should also be clear about how much you need and where does it come from-the source of finance!

If you could make the above listed five decisions diligently, opening a clothing store would be a risk free business venture for you.

Myriad Hotels in Mumbai

So, you have landed up in India’s entertainment capital Mumbai for a leisure trip? The more you explore Mumbai, the more will you get to know about the city that always buzzes with life. The city offers more than Bollywood or tourist attractions. Here you can shop at ease your favorite products; right from handicrafts to international and national branded products, you will find everything here. Besides, a spa therapy everyday encompassing your complete stay will further add to the rejuvenating factor.

Partying and music attracts all in today’s lifestyle. So, do not miss the fun and frolic that the city offers. Night entertainment does not mean dancing to the tunes of a rocking DJ at a happening night club in the heart of the city or at one of the Mumbai hotels. It also encompasses watching plays in theatre houses, enjoying watching a traditional dance or any of the Indian dances performed by some of the renowned figures, listening to live music, and more. Plan your itinerary accordingly; you can enjoy each type every consecutive night so that you do not miss out on anything.

The abundance of Mumbai hotels makes most travelers to this city spoilt for choices. You can opt staying in two star hotels in Mumbai or five star leisure hotels in Mumbai; it all depends on your finances and preferences. The more you are ready to pay for the accommodation, the better and added will be the facilities. Of course, you will find a difference in tariff in between 5 star leisure hotels and budget hotels in Mumbai. And if you do not want to compromise on the facilities, go for the leisure hotels.

Whether it is leisure hotels or luxury hotels in Mumbai under the 5 star category, you will avail a wealth of facilities and leave home with full of memories to be cherished forever. If you want to save on your money and at the same time prefer staying in one of the finest hotels in Mumbai, get the reservations done several days ahead. The tariff won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Lighting The Kitchen Island

The popularity of the kitchen island has been a good indication of how modern and up-to-date a home is. Realtors will tell you that a well-done kitchen island rivals curb appeal as a major factor that influences buying decisions for those shopping for a new home. The person primarily responsible for preparing the meals, finds a separate area with adequate counter space that is designed exclusively for creating meals, an attractive feature when considering the kitchen and dining area layout.

While the kitchen island is appealing, a poorly lit island can make it next to useless. Keep in mind that preparing a meal involves multi-tasking, detailed work and cleanliness. Without the right kind of lighting these tasks can be very difficult if not impossible.

If you buy a home with a kitchen island you may need to consider some renovations, particularly in the area of ​​effective lighting.

The best kitchen island lighting will incorporate both functional light as well as aesthetic light. This means that kitchen island lighting should have appropriate task lighting and ambient lighting. These two principles apply to basically every interior space of your home.

For most kitchen islands, multiple pendant configurations are the most popular and the most effective in providing full, adequate lighting for the food preparation area. Generally, these multiple pendants are available in three, four, six and eight pendant sets. Most kitchen islands are laid out in a rectangular pattern, which makes them appropriate for one of the multiple pendant configurations, listed above. Another option is a large Tiffany style pendant fixture, which would be centered over the island. While Tiffany lighting is definitely an option to consider, the vast majority of kitchen islands use multiple pendants with soft, diffused lighting to avoid spotlighting and glare.

Most lighting for kitchen islands would be considered task lighting. This type of lighting should provide bright, but not harsh lighting and as mentioned above, the entire food preparation area should be evenly lit with no shadows or "dead" spots.

Dimmer switches are frequently installed and allow brighter lighting when preparing meals and more subdued lighting when serving and eating.

Some homeowners opt for track lighting, which offers multi-purpose lighting, which is more hidden than the other two options previously mentioned. LED track lighting, which can become somewhat expensive, offers the option of changing lighting to alter the mood and create just the right ambience. In the long run, LEDs provide maximum energy savings, long lamp life and are easily adaptable to different lighting schemes. Given the right layout, fluorescent tube lights can serve as another option because of their ability to provide bright lighting to large areas.

The old standby of incandescent lighting is a possibility, particularly if you have ceiling mounts. Incandescent lighting can be made more energy efficient with the use of low-voltage bulbs to reduce glare.

Finally, recessed lighting is also a viable option though not nearly as popular as the other types of lighting mentioned earlier in this article. Recessed lighting usually takes somewhat more planning and labor to install, but they can provide a very desirable effect.

In today's market, the homeowner has the advantage of being able to select from a wide variety of styles. Consider the basic style and décor of your home and then decide if you want your kitchen lighting to be modern or have a rich or even ornate look. Again, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Keep in mind that this area of ​​the kitchen really catches the attention of visitors so you want to be mindful of the need to go with quality lighting. In fact, you should purchase the highest quality lighting you can afford for this part of the home.

Ambient lighting is what provides a room with its overall character or, using the right word, ambiance. Fluorescent lighting is usually a good bet for this type of lighting. Besides providing a low heat output, this type of lighting is very economical. Many homeowners choose to install fluorescents on the top of cabinets, out of sight. This provides a soft glow throughout the kitchen and makes people feel at home.

Finally, do not forget accent lighting to highlight objects in the room that you would like to draw attention to. Be careful not to overdo this type of lighting.

Fire Door Regulations for Residential Properties

Home renovations can be a very exciting but stressful time particularly if you continue to live in your home while all the building work goes on. Planning is an essential part of building work, particularly if you are going to be part of the project management for your renovation. But, despite this it is amazing how often issues emerge that we had not considered or budgeted for, before hand. In our situation, we had not considered the need for additional fire prevention accessories other than a fire alarm on each floor of our home. It emerged during the build of our loft build that fire doors were required to all rooms of your home other than to those of the bathrooms. This meant replacing all freshly decorated doors and replacing them with the new regulation ones! This then led me to investigate the new regulations to ensure we were being fully compliant before visited by a building inspector.

Fire doors are usually associated with commercial premises; however, domestic properties also require fire doors depending on the type and size of home. The government is consistently tightening regulations and legislation with an increasing focus on fire prevention in residential homes. This is not surprising as the majority of fire related deaths in the UK are in domestic fires. Building regulations require new builds and some types of extension work such as loft conversions in particular, to be fitted with fire doors.

The regulations

Recent changes to the regulations covering new build residential properties have removed the need for self-closing mechanisms to be fitted to doors, but they do not remove the need for fire resistant doors themselves. The regulations state that these are required:

• Where the first floor is over 4.5 meters from ground level, the stairwell leading to the ground floor will require protection (at all levels) and should either lead to two ground floor exit routes both protected with fire resistant doors or lead directly to an exit .

• Integrated garages will require a fire door between the garage area and the residential part of the house.

• Loft conversions will often require a door that is capable of resisting the spread of fire.

Education, awareness and protection

While the focus of government campaigns is on education and awareness in order to prevent fires in the first place, the building regulations are designed to lessen the impact and reduce deaths from fires in residential properties. With several hundred deaths annually in the UK from fire in residential dwellings, according to the latest statistics, and over 18,600 residential fires, the importance of education can not be underestimated. However, installing a fire door in a property still has the biggest role to play in preventing fatalities in the event the worst happens. By far the largest number of fatalities is caused by the spread of smoke and toxic gases during a fire. A fire door is a barrier to both the fire itself, giving families the time to escape while at the same time stopping the spread of smoke and fumes, which will kill.

A by fire door can save lives, and regardless of building Regulations by sense it can make to fit them in any residential property. Fire statistics show that elderly people are the primary victims of house fires, and that nearly half of domestic fires start in kitchens. These statistics suggest both the age group and location where a protective door could make a significant difference to the fatality levels in the UK. These doors can be sourced to suit most domestic properties and the cost of fitting a one is minimal, compared to the cost of not doing so. While many families now would not consider being without smoke detectors, a fire door can be an additional measure to help give your family the maximum protection should the worst happen.

Installing a Sump Pump Made Easy

One of the most difficult parts about owning a sump pump is actually putting it into place.  After that, they really require no thought and they will continue to work, sometimes for years in the background.  Fortunately, installing a sump pump is not all that difficult, particularly if the sump hole is already in place.

There are two different types of sump pumps that you may need to install, the pedestal variety and the submersible variety.  Either of these will really work and it depends on your own personal preference as to which one you’re going to use.  If you have the submersible variety, installing a sump pump is only a matter of removing the old one and then putting the new one in its place.  The only thing that you’re really going to need to worry about is making sure that the pump is properly connected to the drain line, otherwise it will simply pump water back into the sump hole.

Installing a pedestal pump may be a little bit more difficult but many people prefer this variety because it is easily adjusted.  After removing the old pump from the sump, place the new one in position and make sure to connect the pump with the drain line properly.  You are then going to need to adjust the stops on the float bar so that the pump will trigger on and off at the proper times.  Make sure that it comes on well before the water reaches the top of the sump hole and goes off in plenty of time so the pump does not run continually.

The 2010 Buick LaCrosse is Ultra Modern

Generally Buick is known for older and classic cars but the new 2010 Buick is anything but old fashioned; it's sleek, ultra-modern looking and super luxurious looking. This sedan comes with your choice of two V6 engines, all wheel drive plus a beautiful grille. The 2010 version has been redesigned and it looks fitter and sleeker than ever before. It comes available in 3 different models; CX, CXL and CXS. All of the models come with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The La Crosse features Buick's Quiet Tuning, an advanced system that reduces interior noise that enables you to enjoy a quiet ride.

The CXS trim comes with 3.6 V6 engine with a more powerful 280 HP with 261 lb ft of torque and includes striking perforated leather seating. The CX and CL V6 trims come with a engine with 255 horsepower at 6900 RMP with 217 lb ft of torque. Gas mileage for the Lacrosse stands at 17mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway which is not too shabby when you keep in mind how big and heavy this car is.

Interior wise, the LaCrosse is spacious, comfortable and very luxurious. There are chrome details which are accented by majestic dark wood. Seating is comfortable and plus and there is tons of leg room for the passengers in the back. There is also standard ambient blue lighting available which gives the cabin a soothing touch. A new innovative feature that the LaCrosse boasts is an optional display which pops up and displays data and information on the windshield and allows the driver stay focused on the road ahead. Another very nice feature is the temperature controlled steering wheel which means that you can heat it up during those cold mornings. There is also a sunshade available which helps keep the vehicle cool when it's hot. There are loads of extras available such as an advanced navigation system, Bluetooth capability and compatibility with USB devices.

The La Crosse was designed with driver and passenger safety in mind and offers 4 wheel disc brakes, parking assist, anti-lock brakes, traction control, front and side airbags with passenger detection plus a tire monitoring system which lets you know when your tire pressure need to be adjusted. There is also a light package available which can direct beams up to 15 degrees for increased visibility during night time.

This car is an excellent deal and offers a great value at its price. Priced to sell at around $ 26,245 the LaCrosse is reasonably priced considering all the options it offers. The Lacrosse is in the same class as the Lexus ES350 and actually beats the Lexus in terms of cabin room. The new 2010 LaCrosse is much better improvement than previous older models and it's a great deal for such a sleek and modern car with a lot of luxury.

Thoughts About The Bridge Camera

The Bridge Camera

I have been an admirer of bridge cameras ever since they made their appearance a good few years ago. They filled a gap that had been created between the mighty DSLR and the more diminutive Compact camera. The fact that they have a lens which is non-changeable and yet can cover huge focal distances appeals to many and means that they do not have to carry a bag full of different lenses with them

as they do if they have a DSLR.


A bit of background may help in understanding where I am coming from. I have been a keen photographer for many, many years and cut my teeth, so to speak, on film SLR’s having used Canon, Nikon and Pentax cameras long before digital cameras came on the scene.

I embraced the digital format and enjoyed the differences that it brought. In the intervening years I have tried a wide selection of different types of digital cameras. I have tried the simple compact, the bridge, the DSLR and more recently the CSC or compact mirrorless camera. Each one has their benefits, depending on what you want from a camera.

The quality of each type is generally good, although in many respects you still ‘get what you pay for’.


Thinking about the popularity of each, I think there will always be a larger proportion of people who prefer the DSLR, but there is a newer kid on the block that is fast gaining ground over the DSLR because of the difference in size and portability among other things and that is the Compact System Camera or Mirrorless camera, so named because of the omission of the pentaprism mirror of the DSLR and thus enabling the smaller, more portable design.

I think these would be the top two types of camera in the market today, but I notice that the Bridge camera is also keeping it’s fair share of the market and with the newer models that are constantly emerging from the likes of Panasonic, Sony, Canon and Nikon there seems to be a healthy respect for this type of camera. I have recently purchased a Panasonic Bridge camera, the FZ330 and I am very pleased with what I have got. It has some great features and in my opinion will give any camera a good run for their money.


Ask any decent photographer about the Bridge camera and they will no doubt point to the fact that they generally use a very small sensor, which is true and is limiting to a degree. But as a regular user I find the quality of the photos that I take are of sufficient clarity to keep me happy. At the end of the day is it not about what each person wants and if the end result is pleasing and fit for purpose then why worry that the sensor is very small.

OK, I realize that a bigger sensor has many advantages and will always beat the smaller one in the photography stakes, but as I have stated above, if the user is happy then it does not make sense to worry about it and think “I must pay more for a camera with a bigger sensor.”

Having said all of that, Panasonic have fairly recently brought out the FZ1000 Bridge camera which has a bigger sensor and is being well received by the photographic community.

Tables And Chairs

One thing every dining room needs is tables and chairs. Though you may just assume this is true, I have seen many people do without them. Some families choose to eat dinner in front of the television, and they do not have a lot of company. Because of this, they skip the investment in a good dining room set. This probably is not a good idea, though eating in front of the television on occasion never hurt anyone. In my home, however, I like to know that we eat together at the table most of the time.

Some days, the only time a family has to connect is when they are eating dinner together. Tables and chairs in the dining room also sometimes double as a place to play games together, or as a homework or study area for the kids. Some people even use their tables and chairs for doing bills, or even as a makeshift office. If you have a place like this, do not let it become a place for clutter to pile up. Use it as a place for your family to reconnect on a daily basis. There may be no better way to stay in touch with each other's lives.

Tables and chairs come in all styles and prices. You can get an expensive dining room set anywhere they sell furniture. These tables and chairs can be make of almost any type of wood, and can come in a variety of finishes to match the rest of your décor. You can go classic by buying a set that looks antique, or you can get modern looking sets that are made entirely of glass. You can also get marble topped tables, or you can get something done entirely in black lacquer. What you get will be up to you and the style of your home.

You can also find used tables and chairs for your home. Sometimes getting used sets is the best way to go. This way, you can take your time and refinish the tables and chairs to your liking. Not everyone wants to do this, but if you are into home improvement or interior design, you may find this to be a great project. Just take it from me, however, not everyone can do it. I once found an amazing old table that was covered with layers of paint. I tried, but I only got half way through the project before I had to give up.

How to Grow Roses – 5 Tips to Grow Healthy Roses

Summer is coming and there's nothing more beautiful than a rose bush covered with lush blossoms and healthy green leaves. How to grow roses without a lot of strain and effort? Follow these 4 tips and you can grow healthy roses.

Prepare the soil

If you're planting a rose bush dig a hole about 1 and half times as deep as the rose bush container and twice as wide. Add slow release fertilizer per package directions to the bottom of the hole, then a shovel full of compost, a shovel of the soil you removed and a bit more fertilizer. Remove the rose bush gently from the container and set in the hole. The soil line on the rose bush from the container should be the same as in your garden. If it's too high remove a bit more soil from the planting hole. If it's a bit too low add another shovel of soil. When it's just right, gently scratch the roots from the bottom of the root ball and around the sides. That will encourage the roots to start branching out into the new hole.

Fill the hole half way, alternating soil and compost with a sprinkle of fertilizer. Water thoroughly. When the water has been absorbed by the soil, fill the hole to the top and water again.

Refresh the soil

Dig a few inches deep around the base of your rose out to the edges of the bush. Remove about half of the soil and replace with compost, or bagged topsoil, mixed with slow release fertilizer – follow package directions. Add a layer of mulch a couple of inches deep to retain the moisture in the soil. The mulch will break down over the season and add organic matter to the soil.

Catch problems before they start

If you see aphids or other buggy creatures remove them immediately. Do not wait until you get to the nursery for bug spray. Most creatures can be washed off with a strong spray of water. Aphids can be sprayed with a mixture of ½ teaspoon dishwashing liquid to one quart of water. Spray on the aphids. If you do not have a sprayer handy use a sponge. It's messier but it works.

Look at your roses as they grow and treat problems right away. Look at the leaves for disease or brown spots. Do not get too worried if leaves are a bit yellowish-greenish or new growth is kind of reddish, that can be normal. If the veins of the leaves are dark green but the leaf itself is yellow it could be a sign of iron deficiency. That's easily treatable. If the entire leaf is yellow that could be a sign of nitrogen deficiency, again easily corrected.

Water but do not over water

Roses do not like getting their leaves wet and they do not like keeping their feet wet. Do not water on a preset schedule. Water when the top 3 or 4 inches of soil is dry, then soak the plants.

In very humid climates do not crowd your roses with other plants, it invites fungus diseases. In hot dry climates do not water everyday, plant the roses so they receive afternoon shade.

Remove spent blossoms

The only purpose of a flower is to produce seed, well at least to the plant that's the only purpose. Remove the spent blossoms and the rose will continue to bud and flower. The exception is if the rose is of a variety that only blooms once a year. In that case leave the blossoms and enjoy the display.

Follow these easy tips and you'll have no problem growing healthy roses.

Is There a Natural Cure For Age Spots?

There is a natural cure for age spots. In ancient years, beauty enthusiasts use plant extracts, animal fats, bee products and even dairy produces just to cure some of the common skin problems before. Even Cleopatra, hailed as the most beautiful woman in ancient years, has been known to bathe in milk and honey.

Age spot is a skin problem caused by too much sun exposure. The UV rays of the sun penetrate the various layers of the skin to induce an abnormal melanin production. Melanin is what gives a darker color to our skin. When there is an abnormal production of this skin component, it results to the appearance of dark, irregularly-shaped spots. Needless to say, when you control the production of melanin, you can lessen the appearance of these spots.

Lemon juice is one of the most effective natural treatments for this condition. It has natural bleaching properties that can help improve the vibrancy of your skin tone. This is very useful in lightening the skin. You can treat the dark spots on your body with the juice of lemon. Use cotton to apply it on the affected areas. Leave the juice there for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wash it off with water and immediately follow it up with an effective lightening moisturizer.

Honey also contains effective bleaching properties. Many people mix this with lemon juice. In addition to lightening spots and scars on the skin, it can also alleviate excessively dry dermis. Another lightening option is papaya. It contains papaine that is effective in inhibiting the production of melanin. Today, a lot of soap products contain papaine extract. It is often used in soap products because unlike lemon extract, it will not make your skin photosensitive.

Using moisturizers is also a natural cure for age spots. There are now products not loaded with chemical ingredients. The popularity of more natural moisturizing options is slowly increasing. You can find effective natural ingredients such as Extrapone Nutgrass, CynergyTK and Phytessence Wakame. Extrapone Nutgrass is also a natural melanin inhibitor. It can target the darker spots in the body and lightens them up with the rest of your skin tone so they will not look as obvious. CynergyTK improves dermis functions by boosting the production of collagen.

This is a good source of functional keratin, a kind of protein responsible in improving collagen and elastin growth. Phytessence Wakame gets rid of harmful enzymes than attack hyaluronic acid. This acid is important because it is the one that moisturizes collagen proteins. You can combine a moisturizer with these ingredients with those natural treatments mentioned earlier for a more effective treatment.

How to Create an Elevator Speech That Actually Works

That is the sweetest elevator music ever! Okay so we're not going to talk about elevator music. We're going to talk about your elevator speech.

What is an Elevator Speech?

An elevator speech is your quick, concise answer to "What you do?" When asked in an "elevator" or any other "icebreaker" or networking type of situation.

It is very important to have an effective elevator speech. It allows you clarity and what benefits you can provide to your customers and it will also allow the prospect that you're talking too a clear understanding of exactly what you can do and how you can help them.

When you deliver your elevator speech you want the other person to say, "Wow, I'd like to do business with you cowboy!"

I understand you may not be a cowboy and that's okay, this will still work for you.

What Are the Keys to a Strong Elevator Speech

Let's look at the keys to developing a strong elevator speech:

– You must determine your niche market.
– What problems does your niche market have that you can solve
– What benefits can you provide.
– What's unique about you. What's your USP?
– It must answer, "So what?". It must have a benefit approach and not be a simple generic statement.

For example if I am at a networking event and someone asked me, "Well Drew what you do?" If I answer that question with the generic statement like, "I conduct training for companies." You can quickly imagine the response. Or more importantly the lack of response as they'd turn and walk away because they're not interested in me whatsoever.

On the flipside. If I said something like this, "We help salespeople dramatically increase their sales effectiveness so that they can boost their results by at least 19% through an easy to use and understand training system. Could you use a 19% increase in your revenues?"

It's quite apparent that the second elevator speech would get a better response.

Pay close attention to what I did at the end. Did you notice that I ended it with a question. This is so important. You must always, always, always end your elevator speech with the question back to the prospect that will engage them into a conversation.

You may argue that most people that you would use an elevator speech with will turn out not to be customers or prospects. And you're probably right.

However, every day we go through life and we never know who we really come across. We never know who we might meet and how we may be able to help them.

Just imagine if you did not use your elevator speech on someone that could be your biggest customer ever. You'll never know this unless you are thoroughly prepared and willing to give an elevator speech to everyone you come in contact with.

Now it's Your Turn

Use this area below to fill in the blanks and complete your elevator speech. Of course you do not have to use this template. Feel free to use whatever you need but the bottom line is create an elevator speech right now.

"We help (insert your target market ) do, eliminate or increase (insert their biggest problem) so that they can (insert biggest benefit). How is your organization affected by (insert their biggest problem)?"

Now go back and refine it.

Now go back and refine it again.

Now practice it, practice it, practice it. Until you have mastered it and it rolls off your tongue and sounds 100% natural.

It should become second nature to you so that when anybody asks you "What do you do?" It should flow out like a smooth running river and sound like the sweetest music you'll never hear in an elevator.

Soup Facts – Fun Trivia!

Are you a lover of soup and soup recipes? Besides the great taste and variety that soup has, it also has a wide array of uses in our histories of the world. Here are some known and little-known soup facts that you might find interesting. I did!

o Can you believe that Americans sip over 10 BILLION bowls of soup every single year! That’s a lot of soup!

o Every year, 99% of all American homes buy soup – turning it into a $5 billion business. Whoa! I’m in the wrong business!

o Who eats more soup?. Men or women? Well, for a typical lunch, women seem to be more than twice as likely to eat soup as men. Statistics say, 9.6% vs. 4.0%.

o When was the earliest evidence of our ancestors eating soup? About 6000 BC! And guess what kind of soup it was? Hippopotamus!

o So, in the late 1700s, apparently the French King was so enamored with himself that he had his royal chefs create a soup that would allow him to see his own reflection in the bowl. Sheesh! But as a result, consommé (clear broth) was born.

o Since we’re talking about the French here’s another interesting tidbit of soup lore that I had to include on this Soup Facts page. In the French Court of Louis XI, the ladies’ meals were mostly soup. Guess what the reasoning was? They were afraid that chewing would make them break out in facial wrinkles! If this were true today, it would put plastic surgeons out of business!

o This one cracked me up! And yet, it’s a fact that intertwines fashion, eating utensils and of course, soup! Here it is: Why did thin soups became all the rage in Europe during the 17th century? The spoon was invented. (How did they eat soup before the spoon???) Why was the spoon invented? Because of the latest fashion trend: large and stiff ruffles that the men and the women of the high courts wore around their necks. (I bet that’s how clowns got their ideas for their costumes!) The design of the spoon was to accommodate wearers of those large ruffles and keep themselves from getting dripped on!

o The first liquid nourishment most babies get is the milk from the mother’s breast, often times called “Milk Soup.”

o Frank Sinatra always asked for chicken and rice soup to be available to him in his dressing rooms before he went on stage. He said it always cleared his mind and settled his tummy.

o Another famous person who loved soup was Andy Warhol. He told someone that he painted those famous soup cans because its what he had for lunch – every day for 20 years!

o Soup has always been known as the curative for any ailment of the heart, mind, soul and body… and this old Yiddish saying says it best… “Troubles are easier to take with soup than without.”

o “Of soup and love, the first is the best.” – from an old Spanish proverb. (Sometimes, I think that is very true!)

Want more interesting facts and tips about soup? Simply visit the Soup Hoopla! Website.

Whoops! Another New Year Resolution Broken – I Contact Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

I only made one New Year resolution for 2007. Here it is: I will not leave dirty dishes in the sink, pans on the stove, flour on the kitchen counter top, or any other such mess. I decided if I made only one resolution I might be able to keep it.

When I was about to retire I got this message from my wife: When you retire, I'm retiring from cooking. You will be the cook.

She was not kidding!

Actually, my wife is a vegetarian except for cheese which she eats whenever the possibility arises. She mainly lives on fruit and cereal. So I usually, but not always, cook for myself.

My diet is Omaha Steaks® and other good things the good folks in Omaha send me. A sweet lady calls me, tells me about the special, and I always order. I'll bet Warren Buffett is an Omaha Steak® man. Why would not he be? He is richer than every one but you know who.

Can glean the You Following information color : as the I didnt by vBulletin® going to: Http://

Warren Edward Buffett was born in 1830 so he is 2-years older than me. With the business secret he gave me, I hope to catch up with him financially within two years. Of course, then he will be still richer and I'll have to keep working.

Buffett studied at the Wharton School of Finance (1947-49). That is why he is smarter than you and me about money.

He worked as an investment salesman and securities analyst and he was partner (1956-69) in the investment firm Buffett Partnership, Ltd. In 1965, he acquired the textile manufacturer Berkshire Hathaway and became (1970) chairman and CEO. So now you know how his company got its name. Not original like Make More Dough Than Anybody Else, Inc.

Through judicious investments and acquisitions of insurance companies and manufacturing and service firms, Buffett has transformed Berkshire Hathaway into a large conglomerate; in 1999, its assets were $ 124 billion. They're higher today. Look it up!

His investments have also made him one of the wealthiest people in the world. In 2006 he announced that he would donate the vast majority of his wealth to charity, with some $ 30 billion, the largest gift, ultimately going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – who already have zillions!

His father, Howard Homan Buffett, 1903-64, an investment banker, was a US congressman from Nebraska (1943-49, 1951-53), so Warren had a good start on the rest of us.

And he and Bill Gates are buddies. They travel around the world together.

Boy, would I like to be part of that crowd!

Anyway, to make sure I have great New Year Resolutions for 2008, I decided to get some ideas from Warren Buffett. I called Omaha and they put me through to a McDonald's® Restaurant.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia gives the following report on McDonald's®, Inc.

"McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest fast food chain, selling primarily hamburgers, chicken, french fries and carbonated drinks, and more recently salads, fruit and carrot sticks. The business was founded in 1940 with a restaurant opened by siblings Dick and Mac McDonald. it was their introduction of the "Speedee Service System" in 1948 that established the principles of the fast-food restaurant. However, the company today dates its "founding" to the opening of CEO Ray Kroc's first franchised restaurant, the company's ninth, in 1955. He opened his first McDonald's in Des Plaines, Illinois in April 1955. "

Making money in the Midwest must be catching.

A young female voice came on the line and I said, "Is Mr. Buffett there? I would like to talk to him.

She said, "Yeh! He's over there munching a Big Mac®. He's with Bill Gates who's chawing on a carrot stick. I'll call him: WARREN!

An older voice came on and said, "Ill buy it!"

I said, "Mr. Buffett?"

He said, "Yes. Who are you? I though you were from Amalgamated Big Butt Conglomerated, Corporation."

I said, "No. I'm just a hack writer trying to get a story. I was hoping you would give me a suggestion for a 2008 New Year's resolution. I was hoping to get one from Bill Gates too."

He said, "Okay. Here's one: Keep your nose out of other people's business unless you intend to buy it."

He laughed.

I said, "That was very good. How about Bill Gates?"

He said, "Well, you do not have enough dough to buy Bill's business."

He laughed again and hung up the telephone.

So there you are. The secret for getting rich is yours. Just stick your nose into other people's business and if it looks profitable, buy it.

It's so simple.

Wait, the telephone is ringing.

I'm back!

That sweet thing from Omaha Steaks® just sold me the latest special. I asked her if she was moonlighting at McDonalds® because that voice sounded very familiar when I called McDonalds®.

She said she was but just to glean secrets from Warren Buffett. She asked me if I wanted to sell TJ Books.

I've got to go clean out the freezer in the garage.

Those steaks will be here before I know it!