What is an Electrostatic Air Purifier?

An electrostatic air purifier is one of the more efficient varieties of air purifiers available on the market which is aimed at purifying the air you breathe in your home. It works to effectively and efficiently remove harmful substances and hazardous particles from the air so that you and your family is at a lesser risk of developing an allergic reaction and so forth.

The success of this purifier in filtering and ridding the air of harmful substances lies in its scientific design. As its name indicates is has metal plates with static charges on them which attract dust and other hazardous particles in the air to trap them inside the filter. This design has shown to remove about ninety five percent of harmful particles in the air.

While electrostatic purifiers are very efficient in their function of removing allergy causing particles and irritants from the air you breathe, they do have a downside. The charged particles they generate do not always stick to the metal plates in them. At times, the charged particles can stick on to other surfaces close to the purifier such as a wall, frame or other platform and after accumulation of these particles, a black residue may form in that area.

Furthermore, some electrostatic air purification systems produce ozone which is harmful for both your health and for the objects in your home. It can cause respiratory problems in some people and can cause damage to material objects in the home especially metals by oxidizing them.

Even so, electrostatic purifiers are very effective when it comes to removing dust particles, volatile organic compounds and other types of irritants or substances commonly found in the air. When this air purifier is coupled with a HVAC unit, the best results can be obtained.

How to Build a Solar Panel – Not As Easy As You Think – Read This Before You Even Try

If you are reading this article, obviously, is because you want to learn how to build a solar panel on your own. Be careful, building DIY solar panels is not as easy as you may have read or heard in some websites or articles. Neither will you learn how to make solar panels with some short YouTube videos or free reports that you may find everywhere in the net, that's a fact.

However, it is possible for you to learn how to build a solar panel if you get your hands in the right information. Only with a step by step detailed set of manuals and videos designed specifically to take you from point zero until you have your panel up and running in your home you can accomplish this sometime complicated task.

Listen carefully, if you try to start you project without being armed with the right information and support, undoubtedly, you are going to end up frustrated, disappointed and thinking that this task is only for professionals. This is not true; absolutely anybody who can read and follow a step by step set of instructions can actually learn how to build a solar panel.

The problem most of the time is that many people go to the internet, do some research and they rush to the hardware store to buy some tools and materials thinking they are ready to do this project when the fact is that they are not. I see this everyday; dozens of people call my office asking for help when they get stocked in the first stages of the process.

Again, you can learn how to build a solar panel and yes, you can cut or even eliminate your electricity's bill by using DIY solar panels, but if you do not have the right set of instructions and support you will not be able to accomplish this task, period. There are not short cuts; you will need to go through the detailed steps and there's not free lunch. Do not waste your time and energy.

Creating solar panel systems or wind generators could be a very satisfying and rewarding project and can save you thousands of dollars in energy expenses in the long run and at the same time a big contribution to our environment and energy crisis, however, it is very important that you use a sound and reliable step by step set of instructions designed specifically for this purpose.

If you decide to download a home study course, make sure it is a system designed by experts with the sole purpose to guide regular non-technical people from the very beginning until the project is up and running. Support along the process is a must.

Moving With Kids Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle

It is cumbersome to move anyway, but with small kids in the family it could become twice as hard. Kids do not understand the difficulties of packing and moving and they still need their own playtimes and indulgence in their own whims. Coupled with the other usual activities that parents often involve themselves in while moving, it could be a daunting task to move. Kids not only need to continue their outdoor playground equipment visits but they are also dependent on parents for their nutrition, wellbeing and comfort. Things can become extra hard when the little ones start to panic seeing their favorite things and toys being packed away. To deal with such times, here are some easy and useful tips for parents to keep their kids happy and moving hassle free.

Plan Early and Mindfully

Waiting until the very last day of moving to actually start moving would not be a good idea, especially if there are kids in the family. When the truck has already pulled into the driveway, there is little left to be done for you to calm your children or to stay organized. To avoid such mayhem start packing and moving room-by-room. This means that pack up the stuff of one room and deliver it to your new place. Start with family room or drawing room, then dining room, then kitchen and so on. This will not only keep things easy at this home but will also be easy for you in the next home when you won’t have to set up the whole house all at once.

Keep the Yard Sale Off Your List

Some traditions are more of a mess than a helping hand while moving. It might come across as an advantage to hold up a garage sale and clear out the unneeded stuff while also making some extra bucks, but more often than not such garage sales create more burden than lessen it. If you have a big ticket item, you should opt for using social media to sell it instead of having a huge yard sale which would be a lot of management and not so much of monetary benefit. For other smaller things it is better to donate them instead of adding more work for yourself in efforts to sell them. Some online donation channels also provide you with a receipt that you can use for your tax write offs.

Kitchen Should Go First

Kitchen items are the messiest to pack and deliver and manage. Instead of leaving this till the end day, pack up your kitchen and use disposable cutlery and crockery for the final two three days before moving. That will be huge help for you in the final days while packing and moving. Also, when you have already packed your kitchen, your cooking responsibility will reduce massively allowing you more time to do other stuff. Your kids would also be less fussy if they are not being forced to eat their complicatedly cooked vegetables and are instead being given proper nutrition with fresh fruits for example.

Keep Calm Even if You Panic

It’s perfectly normal to break down or get freaked out while moving. There is a lot of work and so much excitement and anxiety at the same time while moving. Keep your nerves in control and forgive yourself if you start crying with all the pressure. It happens and it will allow you to relax and then get back to work fresh and feeling light. Allow your kids to have their playtime in school on the preschool playground equipment and catch up with the left over work while they are enjoying their time at school

Dollhousesb – Use a Dollhouse Kit Or Build My Own?

Dollhouses: Use a Dollhouse Kit or Build My Own?

Dollhouse crafting is a fun hobby for any crafter, builder, or architect at heart. One of the first questions that you should ask yourself is: should I build a dollhouse from scratch, or use a dollhouse kit? We have a couple of recommendations that will help in this decision. First, do you have enough time? Second, do you have the right tools and skills to build a dollhouse from scratch? Third, is money an issue? Last, why are you building this dollhouse?

Dollhouse Kits: Do you have enough time ?

Dollhouses, like any hobby, will take quite a bit of time to design, build, and furnish. In order to help you decide if you want to build or buy a kit is how much time you have to put into this hobby. Building a dollhouse from a dollhouse kit will take time and energy, but not nearly as much as building it yourself.

If you have enough time to draw out the dollhouse plans, and cut materials to the exact length and angle then we suggest that you go ahead. Dollhouse kits are really intended for crafters without the time, tools, or energy to make the materials. A dollhouse kit is intended to be put together with minimal cutting in a smooth manner. We suggest that if you are going to build a dollhouse from scratch that you at least download some dollhouse plans to have an idea of ​​what you will need to build.

Dollhouse Kits: Do you have the right tools and skills to build a dollhouse from scratch?

Dollhouses will require several cuts at varying angles. Also you will need to cut holes into wood for the windows and doors. Many other small cuts will be needed for shingles, trim, stairs, etc. It is possible to build a dollhouse without any tools but a hammer and a saw, but we would highly discourage this endeavor as it will be a long, slow, process.

Dollhouse Kits: Is money an issue?

One of the main reasons that people believe that building a dollhouse from scratch is a better option is money. If this is the only reason that you have, then we would suggest a dollhouse kit. Building a dollhouse from scratch will cost about the same as a kit, because manufacturers save money buying in bulk and the labor cost is low due to putting several dollhouse kits together a day. In the end if you will end up spending about the same amount in building your dollhouse from scratch, but it will take you much longer to do so, and there is no guarantee that it will fit together as well as a dollhouse kit.

Dollhouse Kits: Why are you building this dollhouse?

If you are building this dollhouse for the experience, fun, or a hobby, then building it from scratch is a great option. If you are building this dollhouse for display or even a gift then we recommend a dollhouse kit, as there are many small details that are perfected in dollhouse kits that are hard to pull off in your first attempt: details such as stained wooden shingles, a staircase with a banister, or even a gazebo porch. If you are intent on building your own, we suggest that you purchase some kit elements that will enhance your dollhouse, such as a staircase.

In the end this decision building from scratch or from a dollhouse kit will be determined from what type of experience that you want. Some relish in building something from nothing, others just want a fun experience that they can share with others. Remember to plan ahead, look at the pros and cons of both and then just have fun with your dollhouse experience.

Subliminal Communication for Teachers

Subliminal communication works at the subconscious level because the subconscious mind seems to accept things without judgment. This is different from the conscious mind which judges everything.

So if I communicated to your conscious mind that you are holding a juicy apple you would know immediately that I was talking rubbish because you would see that it's an onion.

Your subconscious mind, however, might just believe it's an apple and you might just bite into it and taste it as an apple.

That is subliminal communication and it can be very powerful. Just watch Mentalists (people who create the illusion of mindreading or psychic ability) on TV. They are very adept at subliminal communication by keeping your conscious mind busy and 'planting' messages into your subconscious mind.

This is also the basis for the many self-hypnosis and self-help CDs on the market today. Many of them very good.

The story goes that in the 1960s a cinema in the US spliced ​​a frame or two over the face of a famous actress, Kim Novak, giving the command 'go buy some coke and popcorn'. According to the cinema owner sales of coke and popcorn went up by some 60%.

Not long afterward 'subliminal advertising' such as this was made illegal in the US. You can buy many books on the market today that write about subliminal advertising and how big companies are still using it.

Anyhow this is not our focus. Our focus is on how to use subliminal communication in an ethical way. In a way that will help young people move forward in a positive way and achieve.

If our subconscious mind accepts and stores everything without discrimination then it would be possible to load it with positive thoughts which would in turn lead to positive beliefs which would in turn tlead to positive actions. And of course lead to positive results.

Here are some ideas for you to consider.

If you are not already doing so, change the way you act, talk, teach, communicate with your students. Communicate positively with every single one of them in a way that tells them that you have total confidence in them and their abilities (even though you might not have). Your body language and tone of voice is over 90% of your overall communication. The subconscious mind can pick up on body language especially if it incongruent with what you are actually saying.

Cover the walls of your bedroom with everything that is positive. Posters with motivational pictures and words. Inspirational quotations from great people. Positive paintings, drawings, prose, poems, done by your students. Create stereograms that have hidden positive words. Check out subliminal communication at the website shown below.

Embed positive words in everything that you write and talk about.

Create a positive word for the day and start a discussion on it. Apply it to positive case studies, role models. For example – 'Winning' – Roger Bannister, won against cancer, won Tour de France Race 7 times and won the hearts and minds of charities and young people with his colored rubber wrist bands.

Create a class dictionary of positive words. Start with an A – Z template and get your students to add positive words to the template. Make it big and put it on the wall. By the end of year you will probably have a positive word for most letters and a story to go with each. No matter what your subject at school you will be able to connect a story to the word to the letter.

Beginners Jump Rope Workouts

In case you missed the scoop, using a skipping rope is one of the best exercises you can do to help you remain in shape, reduce weight and be healthy. It’s simple, easy to learn, inexpensive, readily accessible, can be done almost anywhere and anytime and most of all is safe and reliable. And while you can do fancy techniques like double unders, turns and crossovers, simple jumping rope exercises are as effective for delivering results as a lot more challenging ones.

Making use of a jumping rope offers a lot of advantages it’s hard to list them in one single, short, article but here are a few of the main ones to give you an idea as to just exactly how powerful jumping ropes can be!

• Enhanced heart and lung condition

• Enhanced heart and lung health and wellness

• Improved stamina

• Stronger leg muscles

• Stronger shoulders and arms

• Good for burning calories and therefore managing your weight

• Improves your coordination and balance

• Improves eye-hand-foot coordination

• Increases bone mass and strength

• Jumping ropes are very portable, hardwearing and excellent value for money

• You can skip anywhere and anytime

As you can see, it’s a long list! But, if you are new to skipping, what is the best jumping rope workout to start with? If you take a look around YouTube.com, you’ll discover all kinds of video clips of people doing the most remarkable and complex jumping rope routines and while these are very cool to look at, they do not represent exactly what most people do with their jumping ropes.

Don’t feel that you are missing out due to the fact that you can’t do these tricks– as pointed out before; basic skipping exercises are just as effective as the more showy moves.

In order of difficulty, here are the five best jumping rope exercises for beginners…

• Two-footed double jumps

For this workout, you keep your feet with each other and allow yourself an extra “mini jump” between rope turns. This allows you to swing the rope a little bit more slowly and gives you opportunity to master skipping at a moderate pace. In your mind count “one and two”– the “and” being your mini jump in between turns. Once you have mastered this standard workout, it’s time to move on.

• Two-footed jumps

Spin the rope a little faster and you won’t have time for your mini jump so now it’s time to drop it and do one jump each turn. Again, keep your feet with each other and stay on the balls of your feet. Keep low to the ground and only just clear the rope. The jump should come from your ankles rather than your knees and remember to keep your shoulders down and arms relaxed.

• Two-footed side to side jumps

Rather than just bouncing up and down on your feet, begin to shift your weight a little from side to side. You’ll still come down on both feet but your weight will land more on one foot. Push your hips from side to side as you shift your weight.

• Boxers’ skip

Ready to look like a pro? From side to side jumps, lift your non-weight-bearing foot and tap your heel a little on the ground in front of you. In aerobics, this is called a heel dig. Do a single double-footed jump in between heel digs so your feet go left heel, both feet, right heel, both feet. As soon as you feel confident, drop the double footed jump and go for alternating heels.

• Knee ups

Lastly, switch over from heel digs to knee lifts. It’s basically the same step but you are lifting your knee up so your heel is clear of the floor. Start with low knee lifts and work toward pulling your thigh up to parallel to the floor. Use the same left, both, right rhythm you used before then slowly wean yourself off the double footed jump till you have the ability to do alternating high knee ups.

These five exercises are the best jumping rope exercises for beginners and give an excellent training effect despite their simplicity. If you only ever did these jumping rope moves, you would still gain enormous benefits from your jumping rope training.

What Does "High Maintenance" Really Mean?

We hear this term “High Maintenance” quite frequently used as an adjective to describe Women. Men say, “She was/is high maintenance.” What does it mean to you? Do you consider yourself HIGH Maintenance? Do you think being HIGH maintenance is wrong?

High Maintenance to me isn’t a financial issue, exclusively or about a woman being demanding. Although being high maintenance requires the means by which a woman’s needs, wants, desires and pleasures can be given to her. There should be perks for “staying the course.” Many [women] have stayed the course and can enjoy the perks that come with working hard and smart. I do not particularly like when the phrase “high maintenance” is used for a person. I think it works perfectly well for certain vehicles, and other things such as hardwood floors, 100% linen and silk outfits, or even a long and thick head of hair. It works for things that require more attention than their alternatives, perhaps.

I am aware some women require more ‘upkeep’ than others but it’s their choice and lifestyle. One woman may not care about makeup, manicures, pedicures, massages, highlights in her hair, fine jewelry, luxurious suites at their vacation destination, or being catered to and pampered. Another woman may seek out this treatment because it enables her to thrive and flourish. Would the latter type of woman be considered “High Maintenance?”

What I think is wrong is when a woman demands these things from someone when she isn’t capable of providing them for herself. Or when she forces a man to go into debt just to maintain a facade, which isn’t affordable for either of them. A man complying with such demands need to reassess his involvement with this type of woman and bid her farewell.

Read what a young man of 26, whom I’ll call Michael, thinks High Maintenance women are when he was asked the question.

“High maintenance women, from my personal definition means:

1. Needs lots of time

2. Needs lots of effort

3. Are very fussy and particular

4. Are difficult and troublesome

5. Are annoying

6. Have high expectations of her partner or date

7. Will be quick to reject a person if those expectations are not met

8. Hard to please, not easily impressed

9. Takes forever to get ready

10. Something all but the most patient and tolerant men should avoid like the plague.”

And a gentleman of 68, whom I’ll call George, describes a High Maintenance woman as follows:

“High Maintenance includes many things. She selects a restaurant because of she’s heard VIPs go there not because of great food and service. Another High Maintenance definition is she’s very demanding with little consideration of what the guy enjoys so the time together becomes high maintenance (wasted). The rental car must be impressive and so many other things.”

To be fair, here are two quotes from women who are 47 and 50 years of age, respectively:

“High maintenance here in Australia is really the term used to describe women being highly groomed which includes nail polish, good make up, classical/business clothes, etc. on a daily basis.” –Jeni

“Funny, I thought getting your nails done and your hair done and looking nice and acting appropriately was just part of being a woman/girl. Since when did the maintaining the aspects of our sex become high maintenance?” –Cheryl

And finally, a 50 year old, whom I’ll call Sharon, made this contribution to the question.

1. If your purse holds more than 5 lbs of ESSENTIALS . . .

2. If you own more than 50 pairs of shoes . . .

3. If your make-up case is a double-decker toolbox from Sears . . .

4. If a small family could live in your closet . . .

5. If more than 3 items in your closet still have price tags . . .

6. If your jewelry box used to be a high-boy chest . . .

7. If you have more underwear than you can wear in 3 months . . .

8. If a weekend trip takes more than 1 piece of luggage . . .

9. If you spend more on hair products than groceries . . .

10. If your dry-cleaning bill is more than your car payment . . .

11. If you have a weekly Botox appointment . . .

12. If you’re still making payments on your last plastic surgery . . .

You may be High Maintenance!

I am guilty of four of the twelve (#2, #5, #7 & #8); therefore, if Sharon is correct, I am High Maintenance! Pffft! I don’t think so! I, admittedly, require more ‘attention’ than I used to. I am older. I deserve it. I have earned it. I also give as good or greater than I get. I never want to feel obligated to anyone or for anyone to feel taken advantage of by me. If I am over-indulgent with myself, you can count on me being over-indulgent with you. I maintain myself. I’m blessed and highly favoured! Because I’m blessed– I must be a blessing.

Are you High Maintenance? The phrase is not restricted to describe only women. Men have been deemed and a few I know, as High Maintenance. I just think people have different requirements, likes and dislikes. I hope Michael and George aren’t entirely correct!

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Your Computer Can not Keep Time

A computer needs a certain amount of information to operate; for example, the date and time, the amount of memory installed, the number of drives and their configuration, and so on. In the early days of computers, either the user typed in this information each time the computer started, or it was set using DIP switches and jumpers. Today, computers store this information in a CMOS chip that uses a small battery to retain the information when the computer is shut off.

CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) is type of chip that consumes very little power; therefore, while the computer is turned off, the battery discharges very slowly. But the battery will totally discharge if you leave your computer turned off for a year or so. Even if you turn your computer on every day, the battery is designed to last only a couple of years. Occasionally a battery will fail prematurely.

Today's plug-and-play computers can detect most of the necessary settings, but if your CMOS battery is dead, your computer will not be able to retain the date and time. The computer will also lose any custom settings, for example, the boot sequence. If you set a password in CMOS, you may be locked out of the computer. If the CMOS battery does fail, you might receive the message "System Configuration Lost" when you start the computer. It would be wise to record all the CMOS settings as a precaution.

To record the CMOS settings, watch for an on-screen prompt when you first start your computer. The prompt tells you to press a key, usually the Del or F2, to enter CMOS. To enter the CMOS configuration utility, you have to press the indicated key while the message is on the screen. After the CMOS configuration screen appears, follow the instructions provided to page through all the screens and record all the settings.

If your computer loses its time setting overnight, the CMOS battery may not be holding a charge. The CMOS battery is located inside the case on the motherboard. Changing the battery is usually a job for a computer technician. In fact, a layman might not even be able to find the battery.

If you want to locate the CMOS battery in your computer, be aware that a static discharge from your hands can damage components inside the case. After taking proper precautions, open the case and look on the motherboard for a battery. If you have a diagram of your motherboard, locate the battery on the diagram first.

Different motherboards use different types of batteries. The battery may be shaped like a barrel or a coin. Some motherboards use a component that resembles a chip which contains the CMOS and the battery (made by DALLAS or Benchmarq). Batteries come in different voltages, so make sure you get an exact replacement.

Sometimes the battery is mounted in a holder. Sometimes it is soldered to the motherboard. De-soldering and re-soldering a battery is usually a job for a computer technician. An inexperienced solderer can cause a lot of damage. If you want to try to do it yourself, first practice on an obsolete circuit board. You may change your mind.

If the CMOS battery has failed because it's too old, this might be an opportunity to upgrade your motherboard. When upgrading a motherboard, the most important considerations are to make sure the new motherboard is the correct form factor for your case, and that the new motherboard has the correct bus connector slots for your expansion boards.

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How to Build a Rabbit Hutch

Having a rabbit inside your residence means that you have to construct a secure and comfortable home for it. Building a rabbit hutch will answer that problem. It is a very simple endeavor that you will love doing and your pet will love living in it.


The materials that you needed for this project are wire sheets, wire cloth, eight metals rods, hinges, formica sheet, two by four stock, staples and solder.


The tools needed are screw driver, wire snips, gloves, coping saw, staple gun and soldering iron.


The usual size for a hutch should be 4 times the size of your pet. You can use different materials but do not forget that there are some smells that permeates from any pet. It is advisable to use metal instead of wood as the latter retains smell. But a wooden enclosure presents a more interesting aesthetic in an open area while a metal enclosure may be a favorable choice in a confined area.

A wire mesh is a terrific option for the roof and walls of the enclosure but do not utilize for the floor as it will be dangerous for the paws of your pet. A wire cloth is a better option than a wire mesh as it will also allow your pet’s urine to filter out of the set-up. Use snips to carefully cut the flooring to the required size.

You can a wire mesh for the walls whether you use a metal or wood rod frame. But you should remember to use a soldering iron if you chose a metal frame and staple gun if you chose a wood frame for your pet’s protection. Carefully lay down the frames that you have picked to use. Divide the frames to the size needed. For a metal frame, solder the side walls and then connect the front and back rods.

Determine the entrance location from same board or rod and place a rod on both sides of the entrance location. Build a door frame to match the entrance size. Screw the door hinges and door latch to the entrance and frame. For a frame made out of metal, place the mesh onto the hutch frame that you have made. Fix any bumps that you will see.

Secure the pair of corner points with a soldering iron. Normally, you will just need 2 pairs of wire wall: the entrance, roof and the wall of the floor. For additional floor protection, cut two by four stock to serve as the enclosure’s feet. Secure it with staples.

Rabbits frequently urinate, so cut a portion of Formica to the size needed and insert it under the enclosure. You now have a place where your pet will enjoy living in for a long time.

Choosing Makeup For Black Skin

Finding makeup for black skin used to be a problem. There is a very wide range of makeup available in every department store you go into but it used to be very difficult to find makeup that was actually suitable for black skin. Certain cosmetic companies have now realized that women of color have needs too and also have money to spend and they have created products accordingly.

Choosing A Foundation

The type of foundation for black skin that you may need for the summer and winter will be different due the differing weather conditions. This will affect your skin and of course everyone tans during the summer so your winter foundation will be too dark. The best solution is to use two foundation products and combine them.

Choosing A Blusher

The best types of blushers that suit darker skin are the bolder colors of red or burgundy. This needs to be applied lightly along the cheekbone in order to emphasis your bone structure. Try not to apply too much otherwise you will end up looking like a painted doll and that is not the look that we are after.

Choosing Color For Your Eyes

To emphasis your eyes I would always recommend that you use black eyeliner. This can be a pencil or liquid eyeliner, depending on your skill. If you have a very steady hand the liquid eyeliner will be great and give you a lovely thin line just above your eye lashes. An eye pencil is much easier to apply and I would recommend this for beginners.

Fantastic shades of eye shadows that compliment brown skin are burgundies and plums. Use a small brush and apply this very lightly on your eye socket just above your eye liner application.

Choosing A Lipstick

A great choice in lip color to flatter your blusher and eye shadow is plum or brown or a nice deep red. If you are going to use a lip liner always ensure that it is the same color as your lipstick. They should blend 100%.

So now that you have a few tips to help you to choose makeup that is suitable for women of color, get out there and start experimenting.

Opening a Forex Account – Part I – Regulations

Are you thinking of opening a forex account?

Although the procedure itself is pretty straight forward, there are certain aspects of it that need to be considered carefully when you decide to open a Forex account.

There are 2 types of information that you will need to check when opening an account with a Forex firm – legal regulations and brokers features. In Part I of this article we will look at the legal regulations and how these might apply to your situation.


If you are a resident of the Canadian province of British Columbia or any of the countries listed below, then you might have trouble opening a Forex trading account unless it is with a company which is properly regulated.

Here’s the full list of countries and districts where extra caution is in order when opening an account:

  • Afghanistan,
  • British Columbia, Canada
  • Angola,
  • Belarus,
  • Burma (Myanmar),
  • Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast),
  • Croatia,
  • Cuba,
  • Democratic Republic of Congo,
  • Iran,
  • Iraq,
  • Libya,
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Nigeria,
  • North Korea,
  • Slovenia,
  • Sudan,
  • Syria,
  • Serbia
  • United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
  • Zimbabwe

So why are these countries “blacklisted”? Well, it’s not exactly a blacklist. In many cases the authorities are trying to protect the investors from unauthorized and potentially problematic dealers and investment practices. These restrictions may be imposed by the authorities in the trader’s country of residence (which is the case with Canada-BC and the UK) or by the broker’s financial regulating authorities (this is usually the case with US brokers, whereby U.S. governmental restrictions prohibit the US brokers from opening accounts for residents of certain countries, such as for example Iraq or Afghanistan).

Ironically, of the above list, the British Colombians are probably at the biggest disadvantage as in their case both restrictions apply: local BC regulations require that all brokerage companies operating in BC or accepting BC clients be registered with the British Columbia Securities Commission and on top of that, knowing of this restriction, most US and many international brokers will not accept clients from Canada, BC. I will go over the BC situation in a special article on opening a Forex account in BC.

As a general word of caution – wherever your place of residence it is always a good idea to check with your local regulatory authorities. An even better idea is to ask your chosen broker if they are regulated and what is their regulating authority. Although Forex scams are no longer common, safety is always advisable when it comes to your investments.

How to Fix Or Prime an Older Water Pump When it Stops Pumping Water

The other day the electricity to our 60 year old house here in Florida went out for the first time in all those years thanks to Mother Nature. In due course our water pump decided to take a break from us as well. So, I decided to share a gem of knowledge with the world on how to fix an older water pump before you pay the plumber.

The problem with our water pump occurred when our electricity was reinstated to the house. The pump was not functioning though electricity had been restored to it. We called our uncle nearby to help restore the pump and thus began a learning process: priming a water pump.

This is what I learned:

First, My uncle could not fix the pump. Instead, we had an old hand down the street come show us how to do it:

There are apparently two ways to prime a pump and several things you should watch for.

First turn off the pump, whether there is a switch or you need to unplug the pump.

1. Unscrew the top bolt on the water tank itself and pour water into the hole until it either reaches the top of the hole or begins to gush back out of the water tank.

If you are not able to successfully unscrew the top bolt of your older water tank due to the age and rusting of the water tank proceed to step 2.

2. Unscrew the Pressure Meter or valve from the water pump machine itself and pour water into the opening until it can be seen at the top of the hole.

Note: Only do step 1 or 2, not both together. There should be only one opening exposed.

3. After performing steps 1 or 2, restart the pump.

Water should gush from the opening that you unscrewed. This is called priming the pump, when you put water back into the pump to get rid of the air in the pump so that the pump can function properly: pumping water and not air.

Should this method not work then you may have an additional problem, one that I encountered.

According to our neighbor when electricity goes out at a house it may disrupt the “air valve” on the water tank.

To check for this, what you need to do is find the air valve. Unscrew the air valve only from the small pipe. Clearly stated: the small pipe needs to remain connected to the water pump itself but not to the air valve.

Next, block the opening of that small pipe by placing your finger over it where the air valve used to be and try priming the pump again with water and turning it on to see if it works.

If the pump does gush water out of the hole from step 1 or 2 this means that your air valve is the problem and it needs to be replaced.

Air valves are not expensive. So, do not fret. They are about 10 to 15 dollars at any local hardware store.

Replace your air valve entirely and voila! prime the pump and you are back in business!

Hope this Helps!

Lighting – Finding the Right Lamp for the Right Spot

I have been searching for a lamp for months. Department stores, discount stores, used furniture stores, catalogs, and Web sites – none of them had the perfect lamp. My lamp, if I ever found it, had to be 22 "-24" high. The socket had to fit a three-way bulb. The shade had to be white or off-white. The design had to link New England and Oriental styles. As for cost, I did not want to pay more than $ 200, including shipping.

Now you know why the search has taken so long. I have read dozens of articles about choosing lamps. According to "Lighting Essentials," an article on the Home and Garden Web site, a room should not be over-lit. "Proper lighting enhances your skin tone, allows you to see what you're doing and draws attention to the focal points in your decor," the article says.

An article by Fred Albert, "Before You Buy a Table Lamp," on the About.com site, reminded me of something important. "Make sure the lamp is correctly proportioned to the table on which it will be sitting." Albert also says the shade should not stick out beyond the edges of the table. I added these points to my list of requirements.

The search for the right lamp had become a treasure hunt. By now, my choice had narrowed down to ginger jar lamps. I logged onto the Internet again and found a site that specializes in Oriental furnishings. Two black lamps caught my attention. One was square and the other was vase-shaped. Both lamps had white shades. The square lamp was too large so I eliminated it. Though the vase lamp might work I worried about the color.

The dining room walls are off-white and the table and chairs are brown. A black lamp might make the room look drab. To see how the lamp would look I hung a pair of black slacks on the existing lamp. With my luck my husband would find me "dressing" the lamp and and wonder about my mental health. Was the search for the right lamp making me whacko?

After tossing and turning most of the night, I decided to order the vase lamp. But when I logged onto the site it would not accept my credit card. I tried again. This time the address box disappeared. I tried again. Another glitch. I tried again. Then I realized I had ordered four lamps. Yikes!

I called the toll-free number and reported the ordering glitches. "I'm not opening a lamp store," I said. "I just want to order one lamp." It was a good thing I called because the company had not told order processing that the lamp was on sale. "That can not be right," I said. "Your Web site shows the lamp under sale merchandise."

"Just a minute," the ordering person said. "I'll check on that." Yes, the lamp was on sale and in stock. I would receive e-mail confirmation of the order. The lamp would be shipped via Federal Express. After months of searching I had found the treasure I was seeking. My lamp – the right lamp for the right spot – arrives in a week. I can hardly wait.

Copyright 2007 by Harriet Hodgson

Mobile Phones – Breaking the Barriers

There have been a number of successful research and developments taken place in the last century. One of the most revolutionary inventions is Mobile phones. It has totally changed the way of communication. The mobile manufacturing companies are introducing many new technologies in their handsets. In the result, we are getting a huge variety of the devices coming at a very reasonable price range.

We can see the constant supply of new mobile phones these days mainly because of the extraordinary development in mobile phone technology and insatiable demand for it. The leading companies are providing some amazing series of new handsets, equipped with multiple functions and fashionable designs. Now, the mobile devices are not only a medium of communication but also a source of entertainment. You can listen to your favorite music, play games and shoot the unforgettable moments by having a modern handset.

With the increasing demand for latest mobile phones, the manufacturers are coming with various attractive mobile phone deals. You can avail contract mobile phones which give you the liberty to buy a modern instrument with the choice of making the payment in installments. There are 12 installments made and you can enjoy the all new features and functions of a new generation phone. The contract mobile phones are easily available in the UK market. You can also go online for searching such handsets offered by several retailers.

The various functions available in the modern phones are high mega pixel camera, MMS option, web accessibility, infrared & Bluetooth adaptability in almost all the handsets. Apart from this, a number of dazzling colors and attractive shape are also drawing attention of the users. Most of these features are available in many cheap mobile phones too. You can visit different websites or dedicated portals for getting attractive mobile phone deals.

There are some mobile phones which are having many advanced features and so their cost is high. However, you can find several cheap mobile phones available in the UK market online mobile phone shops give you the latest brands from the prominent manufacturers at a very competitive price offer. Enjoy your favorite device that connects you with your friends.

The success and acceptance of mobile phones have been tremendous all over the world. Nokia is the market leader and it is coming up with a number of featured, high end handsets. People love to wait for Nokia mobile phones mainly because of its unique features and functions.

The Finland based mobile manufacturing giant Nokia Corporation has produced millions of phones touching the new milestones. With several ranges of handsets, Nokia is a well known brand name among the mobile lovers. Now, it has launched the 3G phones which boast of having all the new and advanced technologies with it.

N series phones offered by Nokia are a huge success in the market. N72, N73, N 90, N91 and N95 are some of the prominent members of this family. These handsets have been designed in a way that gives a complete experience of fun, entertainment and communication. You can enjoy photography with high resolution camera and can make your collection of your favourite moments. For example, N95 comes with a 7.2 mega pixel camera which gives a tough competition to the quality of a digital camera. The music player and FM radio functions of N series phones are unmatchable. The quality of music it produces is truly a feat.

As far as the internet connectivity is concerned, these phones are very fast in that. It gives a new meaning to Data transmission and instant messaging. Now, you can rely on your phone for doing your professional works too. Nokia mobile phones have changed the way of perceiving the communication process between two people. Its phones are capable of making a video conferencing call so that you can join, talk and see more than two of your friends simultaneously. GPS navigator, Bluetooth with A2DP and TFT screen are the other features that are being included by Nokia.

Mobile phones are taking the place of basic phones very quickly. Now, a large number of people are having access to it in the UK. Nokia has certainly played a pivotal role in expanding the horizon of mobile telephony. It is assuring a lot more in the time to come. We can certainly expect an array of handsets loaded by amazing features and outstanding technologies.

How to Protect Your Home or Business From Fires

The NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) determined that United States fire departments responded to to 1,642,500 residential and commercial fires. This totaled 3,345 civilian casualties and 16,400 injuries with an estimated $ 11,307,000,000 in property loss. Obviously it is very important to take fire prevention seriously and aggressively. The protection that is available should not be looked over as your life or those who you care most about could be at stake.

Every year the news seems to hold story after story of hundreds to thousands of acres. Some are due to wild fires and many are for other reasons. Houses and businesses after often caught up in these disasters and some can not even be prevented. There are many incidents that can be minimized and many times prevented all together.

Prevention is the first step to protection. Fire retardant sprays and stopping products tend to be the first step in fire proofing your structure. If the structure is not able to burn it is less likely to allow a fire to spread or even start in the first place. These retardants can be very effective, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-hazardous. These work great on drywall, wood, and synthetic fabrics both indoors and outdoors.

Another very common preventive measure is the use of smoke alarms because there is never a fire where there is not smoke. More than 80 percent of fire casualties are those caught in fires without being alarmed by a smoke alarm. Smoke alarms that use batteries should be changed once to twice a year and tested monthly to ensure they are operating to the best of there ability. Fire extinguishers are also common and useful. These are more often found in commercial areas but should be in everyones house. It is best to have an extinguisher on each floor of your home and check it monthly for leeks. Should an unfortunate situation arise such as a fire, whom ever is present will have better odds at eliminating the flames prior to it becoming uncontrollable.

Finally, all common risks should be taken care of with fire prevention in mind. Anything highly flammable should be place a distance from the building or house. If kept inside it should be cared for as the danger it is. Fluids such as gasoline and propain should be kept at a distance from any possible hazards. Light sources should always been turned off with not required and nothing combustible should be placed near any bulbs. Outlets should not be overloaded or extended over multiple power strips. Fuses should be properly replaced when they are blown as well.

Now that you have become a fire prevention expert please inform your family and friends on these preventive measures. Such simple methods mentioned in this article save lives and could one day save one that is important to you.