Prefabricated Telecom Buildings

Prefabricated telecom buildings are remarkably flexible in size and design. Most of the lightweight prefabricated telecom buildings are built around a readily expandable galvanized steel framework.

For making exterior walls the options available are standard metal panel, 18 gauge panel, aggregate panel, brick, and wood panels. The roof options include standard 2:12 gable metal panel, standing seam metal panel and mankato style roof panel, among others.

The exterior sheeting of the wall and roof panels have resin based super coating over galvanized substrate. Some manufacturers provide replaceable outer panels which cause no disturbance at all to the interior. Higher insulation values ​​are applied for the insulation of the telecom buildings. Hot rolled steel and galvanized steel are used for making roof purlins. For making the interior lining panel, the manufacturers use flush mount, roll formed liner panels of 22 gauge galvanized steel with a baked on white polyester paint finish on the walls and ceilings.

Prefabricated telecom buildings will have fiber optic access. Prefabricated telecom buildings are provided rooftop space for antennas and supplemental air conditioning equipment. Particular locations will be present on the roof for other necessary antennas. An additional space outside the telecom premises will also be available for the installation of back-up generators, diesel fuel tanks, electricity transformers and similar equipment. Most of the telecom buildings require significant riser space. This is to connect the optic access points, electrical transformers, rooftop antennas, and telecommunications wiring within the basement premise.

Flexibility in design is a major advantage of prefabricated telecom buildings. Building size, appearance, design loads etc. can be changed according to your need. A variety of flooring options are also available for prefabricated buildings. Expandability is another merit, in which modular expansion to accommodate future requirements is possible. All steel frame work and panel constructions in telecom buildings will have life time quality. Lightweight steel frames and non combustible steel construction are other good points.

Basement Finishing Ceilings Ideas

Ok you have designed your basement and come up with a winning floor plan! You have corrected any moisture or water problems. You laid-out your walls using the floor plan and permanently chalked lined those wall locations on the concrete floor in locations where they will be built.

Now it’s time to talk about that “ceiling-scape”! What is the “ceiling-scape you ask? Well that’s my new word for what’s really UGLY overhead in the basement, the UGLY that’s going to need to be hidden away from our view!

What are we going to do about these duct-work runs, and all these pipes and wires running 10 different ways? We can’t just cover them with new drywall! What is our next plan of action for hiding the UGLY “ceiling-scape” of our basement to make it both functional and pleasing to the eyes?

Well we are going to FRAME our way right around all of it, and it’s really very simple to do! Looking at it now it might seem a little overwhelming, but what we will do is break the ceiling framing down into a few stages, starting with the framing of the duct-work 1st!

Let’s quickly go through the mechanics of framing-in our duct-work:

1.) 1st build 2 “ladders” of framing from 2″x4″‘s to cover each side of the duct-work run from “end-to-end”. Make sure you make the bottom of these ladders 2″ lower than the bottom of the duct-work!

2.) Next, chalk a line on the bottom of the floor joists overhead 5″ away from the widest section of your duct-work on both sides of the duct-work run.

3.) Next lift up your framing ladders you just built and position them on the chalk line you just snapped on the floor joists overhead. Holding the ladders in place fasten them to the ceiling by nailing them up with 16 penny hand nails or by shooting them up with your framing air-gun.

4.) Once all ladders are in place from end-to-end on both sides of the duct-work, we now quickly level these ladders and temporarily ” hold them “plumb” with a few “kickers (short pieces of wooden bracing). Once both sides of ladders are nice and straight and plumb, we can now “cross over” the bottom of the duct-work with 2″x4″‘s by installing them “flat ways” between the two sides of ladders that we just finished installing. This “crossing-over” of framing on the bottom of the duct-work will “tie-in” this framing structure making it sturdy and secure thus completing the framing-in of all of our duct-work This framing is now “Drywall Ready”!

5.) Next we will tackle the remaining sections of the “ceiling-scape” which is the areas that are left between the framed walls and the sides of the duct-work “Framing Ladders” that we just finished installing in the previous step. Here we usually have Water pipes. electrical wires, waste pipes, misc. cables, phones lines, etc., all kinds of stuff that’s keeping us from being able to just hang our drywall ceilings with ease!

Solution? Simply “fir-down”(or make lower) these sections of “ceiling-scape” with 2″x4″‘s! Just nail-up long 16’-0″ sections of 2″x4″‘s from end-to-end in all of these areas, running them parallel with the duct-work runs (perpendicular to the existing floor joists). By doing this we make these sections of ceiling 1-1/2″ lower, and this gets all of our framing below all the pipes and wires that used to be our drywall’s road! We can now drywall right over everything that used to be in our way with ease!

6.) Remember to tie a piece of caution tape on any water shutoffs, gas shutoffs, outside faucet shut offs, or anything else that you will want to access later after the drywall is permanently hung! Otherwise you will never be able to access these important items at a later date. Just tie caution tape right on the handles or the center of all of the items you will need to access later, then when the drywall ceiling is being hung, just cut a 2″ hole out of the drywall so that the caution tape can be pulled through that hole. After the drywall is finished and paint-ready we will be installing finished plastic access panels at each of these locations so we can easily access all of our mechanical items forever!


That’s just a few of the tricks and Tips you will need to properly layout and frame a basement ceiling for drywall! In another basement finishing video series I go into much more detail on tackling finishing your ceiling spaces!

Laminate Flooring Part 3 – Finding a Starting Point

One of the important factors in planning the layout of your laminate flooring in your home is, how the finished product will look.

Things like window lighting and room size and shape determine which direction your flooring will be going to lay.

Hardwood Laminate Flooring Appearance
When possible, position the laminate flooring so that it runs perpendicular to sunlight coming in through the windows. This will maximize the reflection and give it that wonderful 'mirrored' look. Of course, you can not make that this is the only factor you have to consider. The general look of the room you are renovating will determine how it should go as well.

Take this our project for example. When installing flooring over a plank sub floor, you have to run the laminate perpendicular to the subfloor. This is much more important than the sunlight thing I mentioned before. In this case, it meant we are ignoring the sunlight factor doing this job. It worked out very nicely though because the direction we laid the laminate flooring in looked the best.

Finding a Starting Point
The next task is finding a starting point to begin. The things that have to be considered are hallways, openings where two rooms meet and common walls in adjacent rooms.

The install that we did here was really a bit tricky. We had two rooms, the kitchen and the dining room. They did not have a common exterior wall. This is helpful for laying out where to begin the laminate flooring. Getting things to line up in separate rooms can be bit tricky.

Too Hot to Handle

Imagine that you forget;

– That the coffee was made with boiling water, or

– That the pot you were about to pick up – just came off the
burner, or

– That the car radiator was boiling as you removed the cap.

How long before you removed your hand from the source of the heat –
and pain?

Not long I'll bet – in fact, it's almost instantaneous – such is
the power of recognition within the organism – the ability of each
and every cell to 'respond.'

How long before the body recognizes the presence of pathogens – be
they infitesimally small, microscopic in fact, with names like;

– Germs

– Bacteria

– Viruses

Not long I'll bet – in fact it's almost instantaneous – such is the
ability of each and every cell to 'respond. "

At a critical point of pathological accumulation;

– The skin opens and squeezes out the accumulation of wastes in the
circulatory system.

– The kidneys go into overdrive and filter out the heavies.

– The lungs inflate, pump up and exhale noxious gases

– And the temperature usually rises in order to provide the heat
necessary to accomplish the extra-ordinary effort being produced.

These are signs that the body is trying to regulate itself – to
normalize itself – to return to a state of homeostasis.

And in this process of 'normalization' – in this process of getting
rid of the 'offending pathogen' – there is created a footprint.

The science of Naturopathy recognizes these prints as beneficial
and natural.

But those who believe in the 'germ theory of disease causation' see
this process as threatening and fraught with danger.

They call or name these footprints – 'diseases' and 'illnesses' –
and to this end they attack the prints with all the power in the
chemical world.

This, then, is another attempt at describing the difference between
Pure Naturopathy and all other forms of health care.

You either believe in the power of the body to heal itself or you
place your trust in the power of the pill.

– All matter is in motion – there is no need for a mover.

– The body heals itself – it needs no healer.

We need carers – those who facilitate the environment so that the
body can accomplish its task with the least amount of stress.

All the best in choosing where you place your trust.


Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma training is ideal for forward thinking out of the ordinary companies. There are many methods for business practice in lean Six Sigma which include 5S programs, the 7 wastes, demand flow, theory of constraints, just in time, transactional mapping, TQC, re-engineering, value stream mapping, and even Toyota Production Systems. These lean Six Sigma certification training methodologies have been around in businesses for decades focusing on driving performance and response with a focus on meeting customer’s expectations while keeping costs at a minimum.

The results of Six Sigma training for employees or individuals is that each individual will have the ability to focus on the customer, identify value, create ability, and establish disciplines. When focusing on a customer, the person will need to realize customer expectations and the issues that are valuable to them. Continuous improvement is a part of the Lean Six Sigma training, which focuses on elimination of waste and unnecessary activities digging into a budget. Non-value activities must be identified. Transaction processes and linking customer demand directly to the processes, resources, transactions, materials, and other resources provided by the company are also covered in this type of training.

Many organizations are putting their employees through Lean Six Sigma courses for short term benefits. This is due to the fact that these methods have proven to establish sustainable process improvement and yield quick results – a common goal for almost every company. The Lean Six Sigma certification methodologies are quantitative and allow people to see areas for improvement in an organization for total opportunity in almost any market.

Lean Six Sigma training is one of the best options if you are looking for educational or certification courses to send employees to. This type of training is ideal if your business needs process improvement; to find a way to cut costs, organize flow, and much more. Employees who go through the lean Six Sigma certification courses often show value and can make a positive change on a short term turnaround. The training is well worth the cost and more due to the money it will inevitably save your company in the long term.

Toyota 4Runner: Out Running Its Competitors

Made available in twelve trim levels, the Toyota 4Runner proves to be another vehicle that would be making and reaping in success. Another success story on wheels. This is because the Toyota 4Runner not only shows a range of choices but it also offers functionality as well as performance.

This vehicle has four doors. It has a capacity to take in a maximum of seven passengers. It is a sport utility vehicle. The trim levels range from the SR5 4 x 2 V6 to the Limited 4 x 4 V8. During its introduction, the SR5 4 x 2 V6 trim level came equipped with a standard 4.0 liter V6 engine. It has the capacity to produce some 245 units of horsepower. It can also achieve 18 mpg for driving in the city and some 22 mpg for the highway. As per the Limited 4 x 4 V8 trim level, it has been manufactured so as to contain a standard 4.7 liter V8 engine which can actually produce some 270 units of horsepower. It can achieve 15 mpg for city travails and 19 mpg for some highway adventures. Made standard for both trim levels is a five speed automatic transmission system with overdrive.

The 4Runner has certainly been a consistent performer not only on the road but also in sales. It was first introduced back in the year 1984, thus this vehicle has been in the business for more than two decades. During that time, the Toyota 4Runner was competing with the Chevy Blazer, the Ford Bronco, and the Jeep Wagoneer. But because of the Toyota 4Runner's unique ability and consistency in performance, the Toyota 4Runner is the only one left standing among his competitors from the past.

People who are looking for options when it comes to vehicles would be very fascinated with the Toyota 4Runner. This sport utility vehicle actually offers various options. This includes driver and front passenger seat mounted side airbags, front and second row roll sensing side curtain airbags with cutoff switch, a power tilt and slide moonroof with noise reduction technology and sunshade, the JBL Synthesis AM / FM 6 six disc in dash CD changer with ten speakers, an MP3 / WMA playback capability, a rear seat DVD entertainment system with rear audio remote control, RCA jacks, two wireless headphones, a color keyed rear spoiler with center high mount stop lamp, daytime running lights, and a weight carrying tow hitch and ball mount kit just to name a few.

Why Sealcoating Is Important To Your Asphalt

Your driveway or parking lot is a significant investment in your property. To beautify you establishment and protect your investment as long as possible, you want to protect your asphalt from the damaging effects of certain natural elements including moisture and ultraviolet oxidation. Natural and man-made elements can cause cracks half way into the asphalt, little as 5 years. Small cracks act as miniature storm drains after a good rain and cause raveling between the asphalt over time. Larger cracks and potholes can appear within the base as early as 8-10 years unless certain precautions are taken. Protecting asphalt with sealcoating basically has the same benefits as sun block has to protect your skin, or varnish on wood.

What causes asphalt to break down? Standard asphalt is very susceptible to naturaland man made elements such as sun, wind, rain, snow, frost and ice. These elements cause oxidation to the pavement, drying out the asphalt. Man made elements such as fuel, oil, antifreeze, and salts break down the oils and cohesive properties in the asphalt.

As new asphalt age’s small open cracks are formed between the asphalt, from oxidation and rain. These small cracks permit water, salt, fuel, oil, and ultraviolet rays to penetrate into the base leading to greater damage, unless repaired properly. Water is said to be the most damaging agent to asphalt. This leads to larger cracks, eventually collapsing into the eroded voids, causing potholes. Alligator cracks and potholes should be cut with a saw, and replace before sealing asphalt.

What are the benefits of sealcoating? Sealcoating protects your investment, extending the life of your asphalt, saving you money in the long run. Asphalt sealer beautifies and enhances your driveway or parking lot, giving it a dark black color to the pavement making it look and wear like new. A dark black parking lot offers a positive image of how clean a company, or residential home is.

-Asphalt Sealer slows down oxidation and water penetration, blocking out natural elements such as, sun, wind, rain, snow, frost, and ice.

-Asphalt sealer resist harmful man made element spills such as fuel, antifreeze, oil, and salt. Find a sealer that is made from a coal tar emulsion that isn’t soluble in oil or gas.

-Asphalt sealer fills small voids in asphalt reducing exposure to oxygen and water and extending pavement life.

How often should you sealcoat Asphalt? You should sealcoat your new asphalt as soon as it begins to turn grey or 90 days after installation. If you have already sealcoated your asphalt in the past, it is recommended to re-apply sealer every 3 to 4 years depending on the wear of the previous applications. If you sealcoat too much voids will be created in the sealer causing cracking later on. You need to let the old sealer wear off before applying new sealer. Talk to your local contractor before making any serious decisions.

Who Needs a Mortgage Bridge Loan?

A mortgage bridge loan can be very helpful to people who are faced with the need to purchase a new property while they are in the process of selling their current home. Either they have yet to seriously put their home on the market or they unexpectedly found a new property that was too good to miss.

You could be someone who is looking to buy a home in the property market, one that has specific requirements for your family’s needs. You then found that perfect home that matches all your requirements but you have one stumbling block. You haven’t sold your current home and this seller asks to sell it immediately. This happens to many people who get caught up in such difficult situations. Fortunately there is an easy way how to secure the necessary financing. As the name implies a mortgage bridge loan helps to bridge the time lag between continuing making your current mortgage payments while giving you the financing for this perfect home that you’ve intentions to purchase.

An advantage of using such a loan is that it allows your present home to be used as collateral and you can use this loan to pay off your existing mortgage. It also provides you with new funds for the down payment on your new home. After you have completed the sale of your existing home, you use the money to liquidate your mortgage bridge loan.

Most people choose to obtain such a loan from the same lender who finances your new home. However one important fact is that it usually comes with a highly prepaid interest of usually 6 months interest payment. In the event that you are able to sell your current home before this time, you may receive back a certain portion of your interest payment. On the other hand if your home remains unsold then, you may continue to carry the burden of paying interest-only payment on your mortgage bridge loan.

The biggest drawback of getting a mortgage bridge loan is they are not your long-term solutions and have very short amortization period. It may have its benefits to help you find your dream home but you should be prepared for a few encounters of some of the less desirable aspects of such loans.

Not Your Mom's School Assembly!

A school assembly is a gathering usually held in a school gym or auditorium for a number of reasons, and for many parents who grew up in the 1960s, brings back memories of boring lectures by principles, teachers and school board members reciting rules, regulations and issues that had the kids growing cross-eyed.

Today, a school assembly is an event. These days, a school assembly is more often than not a venue for some excitement at school, whether at the Elementary, Junior High or High School level. Today, students are gathered in gyms and auditoriums and outside campus areas across the United States to witness events that are geared to educate and entertain at the same time.

When was the last time you went to an assembly that displayed a combination of exciting feats of daring while mixing in safety do's and don'ts during an extreme BMX stunt show? How about one in which students were asked to participate in a test of their knowledge about home safety or drug awareness? During the last decade or so, the traditional school assembly has been given a drastic face-lift, and is nothing like the assemblies your parents suffered through. Today, a school assembly is almost always an event that promises something new, fresh, exciting and fun, no matter what the theme.

Whether the school assembly is bringing in police officers to talk about drugs or a group of extreme BMX stunt riders talking about bicycle safety or buffed out body builders talking about bullying, such gatherings have provided students with unforgettable events and lessons that will never be forgotten.

Planning a school assembly and then finding the right professionals to perform and announce at them can make all the difference between changing attitudes or being forgotten in the blink of an eye. Careful planning should go into any school assembly, and event leaders and planners should always be aware to take into consideration age groups and current interests. To make the biggest impact on any student body audience, today's school assembly professionals know how to wow the audience.

Informational, exciting and educationally based school assemblies are the way to go when it comes time to get any message out to kids of all ages, and have it remembered!

11 Bicycle Fun Facts

Mountain bike, road bike, or BMX, no matter what your favorite ride is, I think we can all agree that bicycles are awesome. And just like everything else that fits the description of awesome, the bicycle has its fun facts list that we should all read about.

1. The velocipede is the oldest traceable ancestor of the modern bicycle. Invented in 1817 by Baron von Drais, the wooden two-wheel vehicle was powered by pushing the feet against the ground.

2. Bicycle-like sketches were found in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks dating back to the end of the 15th century. Though the bicycle was invented centuries after, it could be that Leonardo already had thoughts of the possibility of such human-powered vehicle.

3. Though off-road bikes were already in use in the early 1900’s, the actual mountain bike prototypes first came about in the seventies, which leads us to fun fact number 4;

4. October 22, 1976, in what is now known as Repack Road in Fairfax, California, the first downhill mountain biking time trial took place. Riders sported prototypes of the mountain bike known as “klunkers” or cruisers with modified balloon-tires.

5. The longest rideable bicycle according to Guinness World Records is 28.1 m (92 ft 2 in) in length. The bicycle was made by mechanical engineering students from Delft University, The Netherlands

6. More on records, the largest parade of bicycles happened in Taipei City, Taiwan on July 21, 2007. The number of bicycles that attended reached to 1,901.

7. In 1988, the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame was established to chronicle the historic events and the people who have contributed to the development of the sport. The museum can be found in Crested Butte, Colorado.

8. Amsterdam is often referred to as the bike capital of the world, with bicycles making up 40 percent of its traffic movements. In 2006, the city had 465,000 bicycle units for its 750,000 residents.

9. It is long believed that professional cyclists shave their legs for better aerodynamics. The truth is that shaving has nothing to do with aerodynamics. The most common reasons are to look good and in order to treat leg injuries easier.

10. The fastest recorded bicycle speed on a flat surface is 83 miles per hour (133 kmh) by Canadian cyclist Sam Whittingham.

11. Cycling is proven to be a good form of exercise, helping to reduce weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure.

Buying Cutler-Hammer Circuit Breakers Online

Eaton Corporation is the manufacturer of Cutler-Hammer circuit breakers. The company acquired Cutler-Hammer Inc., an industrial control, power distribution, appliance, semiconductor and aircraft business, in 1978. Today, Cutler Hammer provides surge protection devices that protect against the damaging effects of power surges. Cutler-Hammer circuit breakers are available from different distributors all over the world and online.

Traditionally, when you need to buy the Cutler-Hammer circuit breaker that you need at home, in the workplace or the manufacturing plant, all you need to do is call up a local supplier, order it from him and wait for the breakers to arrive. With the advent of the internet, many suppliers have moved their stores online giving you the advantage of seeing a list of their products and ordering them directly online.

However, before you start ordering online, you need to consider some things to ensure that you end up saving and not losing money with your online order. As an initial step, determine the exact Cutler Hammer type and specification that you need, whether it is low voltage home circuit breaker or the high and medium voltage commercial circuit breakers. Determine also if you want a new or refurbished breaker so you will know what dealer to look for. Technical specifications are crucial for electrical components especially since circuit breakers are installed to prevent electrical overload. Cutler-Hammer comes in different types and has capacities ranging from 100 to 1200 amperes.

When you have the technical data on hand, do an online search to find Cutler-Hammer breakers distributors or dealers and their best prices. You should look at a minimum of 4 websites so you can have a fair assessment of the prices and the breakers. The prices should take into account postage and handling since taken together with the product price, it will determine the overall cost that you need for an effective assessment.

In conjunction with finding the best prices, choose a reliable distributor or dealer. Price should not be the only consideration as cheapest is not necessarily the best. The supplier should, as much as possible, be well-known in the industry. They should have contact details more than just a website so in case there are problems that may not be solved online, you have an office or warehouse to go to. From talking online or over the phone with them, you will already be able to determine if they know what they are doing and talking about.

Buy from online suppliers who provide warranties. They are usually carry-overs of warranties supplied by the manufacturers themselves. Buy from suppliers who have return policies. Sometimes the wrong breakers are ordered or there is a flaw when it arrives. Return policies ensure that you save money from simply returning and having them replaced rather than buying another one.

Mosaic Tile Backsplash – Things You Want to Know!

Mosaic tile backsplash can be used in an extensive variety of surface covering installations due to the fact that they are considered as extremely easy to use. One of the best advantages of using these nature-made tiles is the fact that anyone can use them: from home-makers to professional interior designers. Let’s quickly take a look and see how this fun & easy tiling technique can help you on remodeling your home.

Quick introduction

Mosaic tile backsplash is made of unified flat stones that are carefully sorted and then mounted onto a seamless mesh backed tile. A quick look over these stone tiles makes you wonder about their origin – to make it short, most of these natural panels are originated from the exotic Indonesian islands. We can easily find various decorative applications: Shower bases & backsplashes, kitchen walls & countertops, sink walls, and floors.

Quick advantages

When we examine the advantages and benefits provided by this tiling technique, we find the following:

+ Durable to any extreme temperatures such as around fireplaces and stoves for example.

+ Their surfaces are flush and, in fact, are safer to walk on than most conventional hard flooring as they offer more traction to prevent slipping.

+ Can be used on surfaces at home that have high traffic and that need a product that looks good and can stand up to a lot of action.

Valuable tips to go!

+ Don’t rush! – make a plan; make sure you know how to install these panels, even make a small trial first just to see that you can handle it with no problem.

+ To appreciate the beauty of these nature-made panels, it is recommended on removing the excess grout with a wet sponge. After all, you want to expose as much of the stones as possible.

+ Use only high quality materials such as grout and sealer – you don’t want your tiles to fall apart after few months just because you wanted to save a few dollars.

Summarizing this article

Mosaic tile backsplash installation is very simple as you simply lay the panels next to each other and they inter-lock, creating a totally seamless, hand-crafted mosaics appearance. We could list many other important great benefits provided by this effortless home improvement option, simply because most people find it extremely easy to install and maintain. As mentioned earlier installation is quite easy, however, it is advised to keep the above tips once you are ready to start with the installation process.

How To Find Snow Blowers – Cheap Prices

Are you looking for snow blowers that have cheap prices? You are not the only one. The idea of ​​pulling out a shovel and working up a sweat shoveling snow does not appeal to many people. Continue reading to find out how to find snow blowers at cheap prices.

Why are snow blowers so popular?

Imagine waking up to a beautiful snow fall. The yard and bushes and driveway are all a pristine white. It is truly beautiful! If only you could stay inside all day and watch the snow fall. But …. you need to get out. The sidewalks and driveway need to be shoveled.

Now imagine that you have a blower to use rather than a shovel.

From reading what others say about using a snow blower, these 2 points are made again and again:

  • Easy on the back because you do not have to lift and toss the snow. Many people comment that they no longer have backaches like they used to get after time spent shoveling. Also, because you are not lifting a shovel, many people find this to be a helpful machine.
  • A time saver because it works much more quickly than shoveling. One example is a man who cleared his deck in 10 minutes rather than the 1 1/2 hours it normally takes him with a shovel.

Some things that you want to keep in mind when looking for one to buy is what your need is. You do not need a super large powerful model if you are simply looking to clear off moderate size driveways and sidewalks. Sometimes bigger does not mean better. Also consider how much storage space you have – larger models take more room to store.

So how can you find a snow blower cheap?

Many stores run sales on them, but as one person commented to me – the stores quickly sell out of these when they are on sale. There are also many stores that sell these online. Some run sales and other stores offer coupons, some simply have low prices. Some offer free shipping.

Since the internet is huge, let me offer you a few suggestions to get you started:

  • If you have a favorite brand, go to their website. See if they have any sales. Check out their lower end products.
  • Go to review sites. Not only do they usually offer more information than a salesperson will be able to, they also usually send you to the place to get the best prices for what they are reviewing.
  • There are internet sites like Bizrate which will give you an idea of ​​the price range in which a particular snow blower is being sold.
  • If you are willing to consider used, check Craigslist.

These are just a few options on where to look for cheap snow blowers.

Low Rise, Mid Rise, High Rise in Jeans: A Definition

What is a “rise”? Well, if you take a pair of jeans, and measure the length from the waistband to the crotch – that is your rise.

Low-rise jeans are from 7″ to 8 ½” inches. These styles are only flattering to Kate Moss and other women whose stomachs are basically concave. Everyone else will find they are sporting the dreaded muffin top from the front and plumbers crack in the back. Sitting down is not recommended in these jeans. Neither is eating.

Mid-rise jeans: A rise from 8 ½ ” – 10″ inches. Truly, this is the greatest thing since fire. For years, as most of us remember, mass market retailers only sold low cut or high waist jeans. Then about five years ago, this cut became popular, and mature women started buying jeans again.

High-rise jeans: Anything over 10 ½ inches. Add pleats to the front of these beauties, and you’ve got the dreaded “mom jeans”. Just walk away, my friend, just walk away. Oh sure, movie stars like Jessica Biel or Jessica Alba have been photographed wearing high rise jeans, but they are only doing that to be ironic— as in, “you are wearing something really ugly and unflattering, yet you somehow manage to still look thin and beautiful…how ironic!”

These are my choices for flattering, realistically priced jeans. I’ve tried all of the styles except the 524s, and I have the Levis 525, as well as the Gap Long and Lean. The 525’s are really comfortable, but they sit just a little bit too high on the waist for my taste. I think they have to cut them this way for the slimming panel in the front, which really does work to flatten the mid section. That said, they’re perfect for soccer games and going to the park.

I have to admit, I didn’t think the Long and Lean would work for my body type, but it does…as long as I buy one size larger than normal. It works because the legs are cut slim, so I can buy something to fit my waist without the legs becoming too saggy or loose. These are sexy jeans, perfect for date night or girls night out.

If someone had told me that I would be wearing Lee jeans ten years ago, I would have laughed…then cried. I still remember them as the shapeless jeans dads used to wear that were sold in a big display against the wall at the local Mervyn’s. The Natural fit boot cuts are flattering, and I’m loving that tummy panel. These would be my favorite jeans (price! fit!) except for the fact that they come in colors that look cheap. The gray and dark rinse colors are OK.

To summarize, low rise jeans sit way below your waist, mid rise jeans sit just below and are the most flattering, while high rise jeans are not figure friendly because they emphasize the over 40 woman’s problem areas.

What Are Stair Elevators?

There are number of ways that you can bring your love ones from one floor level to another. Lifting him manually is one. However, this means of transportation can possibly lead to accidents. This can be an impractical procedure for physically challenged people to reach inclined places and raised surfaces.

Stair elevators are one means of transferring a handicapped person from one place to another conveniently, safely and securely. They are improvised lifting machines that have been serving consumers for almost a century. Stairlift elevators are very functional and can make life easy and worthy of living for disabled people.

This is a kind of handicapped lifting machine that is commonly attached on stairs. They are controlled using a chair-mounted, wall-mounted and even remote control buttons. One common type of stair elevator is the stair lift. Stairlifts are chairs with motors that are installed in a railing system fixed on the stair treads.

Stair lifts are available into two categories, the straight and the curved stair lifts. Straight stair lifts, as it name suggests is installed in stairs, which are straight. They are cheaper in price and installation would not be a problem. Straight stair lifts can be installed in just a few days.

The other type of stairlift, which is the curved one are mounted on staircases, which has curves, bends and turns. They are costlier compared to the straight ones and installation can reach few weeks to be completed. Renting curved stairlifts or purchasing a second hand curved lift unit can be very rare. This is because each curved stairlift is uniquely mounted in each stairway.

One type of stair elevator is the wheel chair platform lift. Folks who are confined in disability chairs uses wheel chair lifts. They are the same with commercial wheelchair lifts but are smaller in size. Typically, you have to have a wide staircase to mount a platform lift machine.

Stairlifts has special features that can be very beneficial for you and for your love ones. There are stair elevators, which can be folded when not in use. Stair chair lifts with special obstruction sensors are also more appealing. It automatically stops when it sensed obstructions, keeping your love ones safe and sound.

When you are to purchase a stair elevator, you can surf the Internet for a more complex research. You can find several manufacturers on line, but a wise selection should be done first. Typically medicare and other medical insurance do not cover the fee for paying stair lift fees, but in some cases they tend to pay partial payment of the total cost of the elevator. For more reasonable payment terms, you can ask your medical insurance representative about covering the expenses of purchasing a stair elevator unit.