Recreational Vehicle Bike Racks – 3 Ways to Safely Transport Your Bikes

Bicycles are a great way to get around and explore once you arrive at your destination with your travel trailer. The problem is, most travel trailers have little additional room to store bicycles. So how do you transport your bikes safely and without damaging them or travel trailer? Easy. By mounting a bike rack on your RV.

Once we have decided that mounting a bicycle rack on your RV is a great idea, we need to decide where. The two best places to mount a bike rack are at the front of the travel trailer (on the tongue), or at the rear of the trailer (on the frame). Why not mount the bike rack on the travel trailer's bumper or ladder? Simple, most travel trailer bumpers are not designed for the additional weight of bike racks and bikes. The constant bouncing and jostling around during travel can and will weaken welds causing them to pull apart. In addition, the bikes close proximity to the real wall of the travel trailer can cause damage to both the travel trailer and the bicycles.

Here are several ways to safely mount a bicycle rack on your travel trailer no matter which location you choose.

Frame-mount bolt-on receiver

A frame-mount bolt-on receiver is an adjustable receiver that simply bolts onto the RV's frame. Since it is adjustable, it can accommodate many most frames and is much stronger than those mounted on the bumper. Installation is mostly dependent on how the RV manufacturer mounted the rear bumper. An under-the-bumper mount is the most common but you'll have to make sure there is enough ground clearance. Most hitch manufacturers offer a frame mounted receiver. You can carry two bicycles safely with this set up and not have to worry about damage.

Semi-custom Welded Receiver

By far the strongest and better of all the options is the weld-on receiver. It is permanent and you can safely transport more than two bicycles. You'll need to determine how much you'll need to carry then ask your welder to build your hitch set up to accommodate that weight. He will probably beef up the frame area with a reinforcement plate, usually at the attachment points. Or he may even replace your travel trailer's bumper completely. With this set up, you will have a very strong receiver to mount your bicycle rack. This type of semi custom fabrication will be more expensive but if you plan on taking your bicycles with you everywhere, this is the way to go.


This bicycle rack is all one unit that you can either bolt on or weld to the frame area at the tongue of your travel trailer. With this carrier, the two bicycles can safely be carried on top of the propane tanks. Also, you'll be able to keep an eye on your bicycles through the tow vehicle's rear window while traveling down the road. There are a two things to keep in mind when using this set up though. If tongue weight concerns you, this location may not be suitable for you. Two bicycles and the carrier can add considerable weight on the tongue. The other issue is that since the bicycles are carried over the propane tanks, you'll need to lift them up there.

If none of these solutions to mount a bicycle rack to your travel trailer appeal to you, you can go a couple of other routes. If you have room in the back of your tow vehicle, you can just carry your bikes there. Better yet, you can mount a receiver hitch to the front of your tow vehicle. Remember, the best solution to adding a bicycle rack to your travel trailer is the one that makes your life easier. Enjoy the road.

Early Intervention For Hammer Toe Deformity Is Key!

Foot pain is a common problem among Americans. One common cause of foot pain is a hammer toe deformity. Hammer toe deformity most frequently affects the second, third or fourth toes and they have an abnormal appearance where the toe remains bent at the middle joint. Patients with this problem can experience pain and may develop corns or calluses. Treatment for hammer toes varies depending on the severity of symptoms. If you have this foot problem it can often simply be watched or patients may be asked to use orthotic shoe inserts or special orthopedic shoes. Sometimes hammer toes may need surgical treatment.

What causes hammer toe?

This deformity is typically caused by ill-fitting shoes or poor muscle coordination. When shoes are to blame, it is typically the fault of shoes that have a narrow toe area or high heels. Sometimes other foot conditions such as flat feet and bunions can contribute to the hammer toe deformity.

What are the symptoms of hammer toes?

The toe will appear abnormal. It will look like the toe cannot fully straighten. The toe may become painful or have open sores, callus or corns due to rubbing against the shoe.

What to do I do about it?

1. It is important to see a specialist as soon as you notice any foot deformity because early intervention may save you from having surgery.

2. Be sure to get rid of shoes that do not fit properly. Avoid shoes with narrow toe areas and high heels.

3. Ask your doctor to show you exercises to strengthen your foot muscles. These exercises may help correct the deformity!

4. Invest in special padding or cushions for your shoes to reduce pressure over the foot. Your doctor may recommend that you use special shoe inserts or buy orthopedic shoes.

5. If your feet hurt, ask your doctor if you can take over the counter anti-inflammatory medications to ease the pain. Also try elevating and icing your foot to help with pain and swelling.

If you have chronic health conditions, be sure to take your medications and take good care of yourself. Your foot requires good circulation to heal so keep chronic health conditions under control, exercise and don’t smoke to keep your whole body healthy and to promote healing!

It is important to seek help immediately because if nothing is done the ligaments of the foot can become stiff and will require surgical repair. If you notice foot pain or abnormal looking toes, see your doctor right away!

Glass Mosaic Tiles on a Budget

Installing glass mosaic tiles in your space will allow you to accomplish several things such as creating a modern, clean look; adding value to your home; and giving your space a much needed wow factor. Many people think that they cannot afford to use glass tiles. Keep reading and you will see how to add mosaic tile to your living area while keeping to a budget.

The first thing to look at is the type of glass tile. The tiles can be as cheap as $3 a square foot and go up to $150 a square foot. Get an idea of what you want to spend before stepping into a tile showroom or browsing online. Also understand that just because it is $3 a sheet does not mean that it is bad tile and $150/sq ft tile does not mean that it is fabulous either. You would want to get a sample first to make sure it is what you think.

If you want to add some color with little cost then look at vitreous/Venetian glass tile. These are usually ¾” squares and come in hundreds of colors. This type is available in solid colors but many people want to blend the colors together to achieve an amazing color combination.

The main characteristic of vitreous glass is that the surface is speckled and slightly textured. This gives a great natural look. However, many people don’t want that look. They want a more modern, sleek appearance. This leads us to crystal glass. This glass is clear glass with the color fired onto the back of the tile and measures 1″ to 2″ square. The color is pristine that it gives off a modern feel to any room.

The drawback is that it is also expensive, averaging $12/sq ft. You can use this glass sparingly and still achieve a modern look. Try adding it as a border to your space. Use the brick style ceramic tiles with a 4″ ribbon of the crystal glass in a kitchen or use 12″ wall tiles in your bathroom but run a 3″ waist high border of glass all around the walls and shower. The sheets come with approximately 144 tiles and 12 rows so that they can be cut easily to install right along with the surrounding wall tiles. The price then becomes about $3 to $4 a linear foot. This is affordable for glass tile.

Metallic glass tile is very popular and also very expensive. This tile is glass with a metallic ribbon swirling throughout. Each piece is unique and gorgeous. You can get a sense of elegance with this tile. The cost is around $15/sq ft. You don’t have to use this as a full sheet. To keep the cost down, you can take the vitreous glass that was mentioned earlier and blend in 10 percent of the metallic glass. By adding one color of metallic to 4 colors of vitreous glass, you will get the glass tile look and add a little pizzazz with the metallics. It will create a subtle but elegant feel. This will run approximately $8/sq ft.

The metallic glass tiles are ¾” square and come with 225 tiles on one sheet. Another way to use the metallics while keeping the price down is to cut the sheets into 4″ squares. These squares can then be installed as inserts with your other tiles especially if you are using other 4″ tiles in your space. This is a great technique for iridescent glass too.

All of these ideas will give you the look of glass tiles without the high expense that is often related to it. Try mixing different types and textures to keep it high class at the lower price.

Cancer – What Is Unique About This Water Sign?

Do you love a cancerian? Or living with one? If you do, you must know that cancer is forth on list of zodiac signs, ruled by moon and extreme emotional side, it is symbolized by crab. Just like the appearance of a crab, Cancerians are soft, emotional and sensitive inside, but on the outside they appear to be very confident, extrovert, cool and composed; though this outer façade is not very real when it comes to people they love and care about.

Cancerians are attached towards their family and friends in a divine manner; they are content with even little resources if they have their family around. When hurt they are most likely to disappear and confine themselves to solitude for some time but they will soon return to their own. Cancerians forgive easily but it takes a lot of time for them to forget. However, cancerians are less likely to hold a grudge or take revenge on people who hurt them; but if someone tries to hurt their family or friends they can be very dangerous, manipulative and unforgiving.

Being born as a cancerian and later credited as one by friends and family, I always wondered what is so unique about this sign that everyone seems to recognize it so well; often commented as “Typical Cancerian” by people who I’ve met the curiosity to find answers grew with time.

After meeting few more “Typical Cancerians” like me and researching more, I understood my zodiac sign more in detail and managed to jot down few points in supporting my curiosity to find uniqueness of being a cancerian.

Here are some positive and negative traits which are unique in cancerians:

A. Positive Traits:

1) Kind-Hearted – Cancerians are kind and nurturing by nature which makes them very unique in the list of zodiac sign. Unlike most other zodiac signs cancerians are empathetic towards needs of others and their emotional side makes them sensitive enough to understand and help those who are in need. As they say only a cancerian is fool enough to go out of the way to help you.

2) Skillful and Creative – The extreme emotional and imaginative side of cancerians make them one of the most creative and skillful people of all and they are more likely to opt for a career as a musician, artist, writer, etc. for example, whether it is “REMBRANDT VAN RIJN – A famous Dutch painter known for his painting ‘The Night Watch'”; or “HELEN KELLER – A famous American political activist and author who was the first deaf and blind person to successfully complete Bachelor of Arts degree”; or the modern day “TOM HANKS A successful Actor, director, screenwriter, speaker and director”; they all have been proved to be outstanding in their respective fields.

B. Negative Traits:

1) Moody – Cancerians are known for their mood swings, if you are a cancerian, you should know how many times have you been told that you are a typical cancerian. While emotional and sensitive side makes them highly skillful, creative and kind-hearted; at the same time it makes them moody and over-sensitive. They are fun to be around and full of humor, but when in a bad mood they can be short-tempered and stubborn.

2) Vulnerable – The sense of empathy and sympathy towards need to other people makes them vulnerable. Cancerians are easily influenced by those who tend to take advantage of their compassion, sensitivity and kindness.

Neither I nor anyone else can find the exact amount of cancerian qualities in a person, but above listed personality traits are associated to cancer sign. I’d continue my research on this zodiac sign and will keep you posted with personality traits which are unique in cancerians.

The Well-Equipped Gardener – Basic Gardening Tools

As far as gardening tools are concerned, even a glance into the garden section of your local supermarket will show you how many such tools are available. These can get pretty complicated and really they need to be used only for detailed specialized gardening. If you are just beginning to bloom as a gardener, you will not need more than a few basic tools to create a garden that rivals any using the most advanced gardening tools.

The Essential Gardening Tools

What should your essential gardening tool set consist of? The most basic one would be a shovel. A shovel comes in handy for all sorts of things when you are gardening – this wide variety of uses makes a shovel invaluable to a gardener. It will form the basis of your equipment, and you can use it to dig up and lift soil and move heavy stuff such as compost around.

Make sure your shovel handle is appropriate for your height and that you can use it comfortably – you will be using your shovel a lot and you should not have to strain to do so.

What other gardening tools do you need? A garden shredder always comes in handy. This is another flexible tool that you can use in many ways and will be among your most useful gardening tools. You can, for instance, use them for chopping up pruned leaves or material for your compost heap. Usually, garden shredders are equipped with a silent crushing system and a motor with high wattage, making them quiet to run despite their power.

Shears are also extremely handy for jobs in the garden such as pruning, harvesting, cutting flowers and so on. Include a pair of shears in your set of gardening tools.

The cultivator is another very useful gardening tool. One of the more advanced gardening tools, the cultivator has patented tines that are extremely useful to neatly cut tough, packed down soil. You will find a cultivator particularly beneficial when you are working in a part of your garden that has been left untended and has hard, resistant soil that is difficult to turn over.

The tools mentioned here are the fundamental tools you will need to get a beautiful garden going – get your shovel, shredder, shears and cultivator – and start growing those plants!

One way of making sure you have all the tools you need is to get yourself a complete gardening tool set. This is a simple, convenient method of getting all your equipment at once with the minimum effort and time.

When you are choosing your own gardening tool set for the first time, you can ask for advice from the experts at your garden center. They will be able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of various options and help you find the gardening tools that are perfect for you and your needs. And when you find the right tools, look after them well – and they will look after your garden.

What is the Thread Lift Face Lift

Are you a woman in your forties or fifties who is unhappy with the effects that aging has had on your face?  Are you looking for a way to achieve a naturally youthful look?  If so, you’ve probably given quite a bit of thought to the idea of getting a face lift.  But at the same time, you probably have some of the same concerns that many of the women in your position have as well.

For example, you might be daunted at the idea of going through major surgery and the extensive recovery that you would expect from that.  Not everyone can take off months of work to recuperate, and many people have a low threshold of pain.  Also, the idea of dropping out of your social circle for a long recovery period can be a major concern.

Another common concern is that of expense.  A typical cosmetic face lift procedure will cost anywhere from ten to fifteen thousand dollars or more.  Twenty-five thousand dollars is not considered extreme.  And many people simply do not have that kind of money at hand for elective cosmetic surgery.

The thread lift face lift provides a wonderful option for women who have these concerns but at the same time want to look more youthful.  In this hour long procedure, special barbed threads are inserted under the surface of the skin, lifting and tightening the face to provide a more youthful and balanced look.  The special threads used also stimulate collagen production, so you will continue to look more youthful in the weeks to come.

Windsor Residential Elevator

Impart a unique character to your home with Windsor residential elevators from ThyssenKrupp Access, which is the practical choice for users with two-floor homes, whether traditional or contemporary. Windsor elevators are budget-friendly and effectively meet the various requirements of the users. As one of the leading elevator manufacturers, ThyssenKrupp Access offers a complete line of accessibility equipment for commercial and residential purposes. The Windsor elevator has been manufactured to your exact specifications and tastes, keeping the comfort of the user foremost in mind.

The compact and inexpensive Windsor residential elevator from ThyssenKrupp Access requires no separate machine room since its drive unit is housed in the hoistway with a 32″ x 48″ cab. An elevator pit is unnecessary and structural modifications to your home can be minimized. This unobtrusive unit is specifically designed to be installed in any type of existing as well as new homes in minimum time.

These come with a variety of finishing options such as standard interior doors, special interlocks and fully automatic controls – a perfect blend for your home’s décor. The special interlocks in the hoistway doors don’t allow the doors to be opened in between the landing portion, which help to avoid accidents. To incorporate a warm and comfortable feeling, these devices have safety features such as an emergency stop button in car with audible alarm, and a telephone jack. They have a power lifting capacity of 500 pounds over 16 feet.

Other basic features include keyed controls, handrail, slack rope safety, pit stop switch, stainless steel telephone cabinet, car gate safety switch, final and ultimate limit switches, surface mounted light with on-off switch, steel floor with ivory powder coat and lots more. Energy efficient quality lighting products are used to save energy. This residential elevator has a winding drum drive with a rated speed of 20 fpm, and fits into a standard closet-sized space. ThyssenKrupp Access offers you the opportunity to choose laminated panels that come in pleasing light oak or white color, which can be painted to coordinate with your existing décor.

Due to their various value added features, Windsor residential elevators from ThyssenKrupp Access have been making life better for people who have limited space in their homes and would rather avoid complicated construction issues.

The Zone Diet – Have Proportions of Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fat on Your Plate Now!

The Zone Diet is one which promotes an eating plan of carbohydrates, protein, and fat that is set in a fixed ratio. Popularized by a biochemist named Barry Sears, the goal is to consume a combination of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat.

The formula for Zone has been a subject for debate, but it has proven to be a great weight loss regimen, allowing gain in muscle mass at the same time. Even if it is considered to be a low-carbohydrate diet, it is not restrictive in the total intake of carbohydrates.

The diet is based from the hormonal balance theory, saying that low fat diets have a tendency to increase the body's production of insulin. This hormone, at high levels, triggers the body to store more fat. The food ratio of this diet also releases anti-inflammatory chemicals, or eicosanoids, which are friendly both to the health and heart.

In addition, mono-unsaturated fats make the body feel full, and they also slow down carbohydrate absorption into the bloodstream. Put bluntly, the philosophy of the Zone is to eat protein as much as the size of your palm, eat as much non-starchy and raw vegetables for your vitamins, eat sufficient carbohydrates to keep up mental activity, and eat enough mono-unsaturated fats to drive away feelings of hunger.

This eating plan is also easy to establish as it has no phases at all. The only thing that might be considered for variation is the protein intake, since everyone has an individual protein requirement. Otherwise, continue with the 40:30:30 ratio.

The Zone is the diet plan which will never make you hungry. With five meals and an additional two snacks a day, all of which should not contain more than 500 calories, Zone can make you lose weight and still feel full.

Blocked Sinus – 4 Ways To Clear It Naturally

Blocked sinus can be a frustrating and irritating condition. It may cause difficulty in eating or sleeping. Blocked sinus can lead to a sinus headache and even equilibrium problems when the blockage reaches the ear. While some prescription medications may provide some relief, natural home remedies can be effective in clearing a blocked sinus. The latter do not have any ill side effects, are non-habit forming and can be used as often as needed.

Here are 4 natural ways to clear a blocked sinus from the comfort of your home.

1. Increase humidity

Most sinus blockages and infections occur in the winter months. This is the time of year when heating is on and the doors and windows are closed, making the inside air very dry.

The easiest fix to this problem is to increase humidity in the air. You can use a whole-house humidifier that attaches to your furnace. If that is not an option you can use small room-sized humidifiers throughout the house. These are inexpensive and can greatly improve humidity levels. Be sure to keep the water filled and clean the containers often to avoid bacteria and mold build up.

Alternatively, boil a large pot of water on the stove. The vapor from the boiling water adds humidity to the air. Another quick fix is ​​to sit in the bathroom with the hot shower running for 20 minutes or so.

2. Nasal irrigation

This is a method of running sterile water into the nose. You can buy a small irrigation pot from a health food store and follow the package directions. If you need something a little more portable try using a saline nasal spray. Nasal irrigation works by cleaning the nasal passages and sinus cavities of mucus and thereby, assisting the natural cleaning system of your nasal passages.

3. Warm compress

A wet towel or washcloth can be heated and placed on the face, over the nose and sinuses. This will help clear the sinus cavities by loosening the mucus so that it will drain out more easily. You can purchase warm compress that can be heated in the microwave, from health food stores or pharmacies.

4. Eucalyptus or menthol

Eucalyptus or menthol oil can be used in a steam inhalation to relieve nasal and sinus congestion, in draining mucus and relieving pressure. Menthol is derived from peppermint. It is a natural anesthetic, germicidal and the vapors are an incredible decongestant. Eucalyptus oil is a powerful antiseptic with antibacterial properties. To create an eucalyptus steam inhalation, pour some boiling water into a bowl and add 3 drops of eucalyptus oil. Look down, with your head over the bowl. Cover your head and bowl with a towel. Close your eyes and inhale the steam slowly for 10 minutes.

You can also put a few drops of eucalyptus on a handkerchief and sniff periodically.

Each of these natural remedies can be used alone or in combination with each other to relieve your blocked sinus. They do not cause complications or harmful effects even if used in conjunction with drug medications.

Using Boneless Chicken Thighs in Crockpot Recipes

Boneless chicken thighs are a great alternative to boneless breast because they still have the same wonderful poultry flavor but they are even more succulent and juicy. They are naturally a bit higher in fat than the breast, which means they are less likely to dry out when you cook them.

Crockpot cooking tends to keep meat juicy anyway because this is a moist cooking method but a lot of people prefer the flavor of thighs to breast. You can use skin-on or skinless thighs.

The skinless ones do better in a slow cooker because fatty meat and slow cooking do not combine very well. This applies to beef and other meats too. Boneless chicken thighs can be combined with lots of other ingredients to make delicious slow cooker recipes. Fresh vegetables like onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, and zucchini are great with chicken and all kinds of sauces can be used, including creamy sauces, tomato-based ones, and even spicy international ones.

Chicken Romanoff with Noodles

The following recipe, which makes enough to serve four people, uses cayenne pepper to add a touch of spice to the delicious white sauce made from sour cream and cottage cheese. You will need a three or four quart size slow cooker to make this.

The cottage cheese gives this recipe a creamy, cheesy flavor and texture without using high fat ingredients like heavy cream. The sour cream fortifies the creaminess without adding quite so many calories as heavy cream would. You can use fresh chicken thighs or thawed ones for this. Make sure they are well thawed though; leave them in the refrigerator for a day before making this recipe to make sure.

If you are planning to be out all day, this is a really fantastic recipe because you just need to add the ingredients to the pot in the morning and you can leave it alone for five or six hours. When you get home, simply add the noodles and peas, and give it another half an hour. This is a one-pot meal because it contains meat, vegetables, noodles and everything else you need to make it rich and satisfying. It is a great dinner for the whole family.

What you will need:

  • 20 oz boneless, skinless chicken thighs, in 3/4 inch pieces
  • 2 tablespoons all purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup chopped onion
  • 12 oz cottage cheese
  • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives
  • 1 cup thawed sweet peas
  • 3 oz egg noodles
  • 1 1/2 cups sour cream
  • 1/2 cup grated parmesan
  • Cooking spray, as needed

How to make it:

Spray your slow cooker with cooking spray. Stir the chicken, cayenne pepper, and onion together in the crockpot. Combine the sour cream, cottage cheese, and parmesan with the flour and pour this over the chicken.

Cover and cook on a low heat for five or six hours. Stir the mixture and add the peas and uncooked egg noodles. Turn the heat up to high, cover the pot, and cook the dish for another twenty or thirty minutes, or until the noodles are soft. Garnish with chives and serve.

Printed Plastic Carrier Bags and Varied Types

An average consumer uses plastic bags daily, and that’s exactly the reason why printed plastic carrier bags have become so popular for marketing. These marketing items are also very affordable and quick to manufacture. In this article, we will enumerate the most popular types of plastic carrier packages that are suitable for custom printing.

Polyethylene Bags with Reinforced Patch Handles

The advantages of reinforced handles are unmistakable – the handle reinforced with a thick polyethylene layer ensures long life and high load capacity of the bag. Many consumers use these bags to shop at major stores, even where the packaging is free, as many of the modern day consumers are aware of the need to reuse plastic. Therefore, your sturdy bag can become an everyday item for some people. To help your consumers start reusing their packages, consider the bags with bottom folds for increased capacity. The advertising printed on plastic packages with reinforced handles brings maximum effect due to the long service life of the package. The modern flexographic printing allows printing any images that you want – for example, your company logo or contacts. The packages can me made of HDPE (high density polyethylene), LDPE (low density polyethylene), or MDPE (medium density polyethylene).

HDPE Printed Plastic Carrier Bags with Reinforced Patch Handles

HDPE has one of the most attractive appearances. This dense and smooth plastic does not crumple, and the printed image looks very attractive on its surface. The bottom fold will increase its volume capacity, and reinforced handles will increase its weight capacity. Despite the fact that HDPE stretches more than LDPE, the thicker HDPE will extend the life of a bag. A manufacturer can produce the HDPE bags with the desired image applied onto the surface using flexography. The cost will depend on the size and shape of the packages, as well as the complexity of the image (including the number of colors used in printing).

LDPE Printed Plastic Carrier Bags with Non-Reinforced Patch Handles

LDPE is most commonly used for the making of the widespread “rustling” bags. The main advantages of this material are high durability and low price. The high durability of the material lets you avoid having to pay for reinforced patch handles – there’s simply no need to reinforce the handles with this type of plastic. The presence of side folds provides increased volume. These long-life packages can serve as an excellent advertisement tool for your company. The wide choice of options allows creating LDPE packages for all tastes. The cost varies depending on the image complexity, the number of colors for printing (up to four), as well as the shape of the package itself.

MDPE Printed Plastic Carrier Bags with Non-Reinforced Patch Handles

MDPE has inherited the best qualities of both, the high and low density polythene. These packages have an attractive appearance, and their high durability eliminates the need in the reinforced handles. According to statistics, the durable and non-stretchy MDPE bags with non-reinforced patch handles are what the consumers often keep for future use. These promotional plastic carrier bags can be printed with your logo in full color.

Learn the Best Oblique Exercise Routines in 30 Minutes

Give me 30 minutes and I will tell you about the best exercises for obliques and love handles. In fact, these exercises are good not only for persons with potbellies, but also for bodybuilders. It is because these exercises strengthen the midsection or core area. They also provide balance and flexibility to your body.

The exercises are plank, its variations, and crunches and their variations.

Plank or Isometric Exercises

This type of exercises aim to hold a position for as long as possible. Planks are especially helpful for abdominals, including obliques. These exercises will improve balance.

How to perform planks

Lie flat on your face. Balance your weight on your forearms and toes. Keep your body in a straight line. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds.

Variations are:

1. Pull your belly button as close to your spine as possible while assuming the plank position.

2. Half plank – This is a slight modification of plank. You balance your weight on your knees instead of your toes. This will minimize the shaking you experience while practicing plank for the first time.

3. Side plank – Keep your right elbow and forearm firmly on the ground. Raise your body and keep it in a straight line for 20-30 seconds. Your right forearm and right foot touch the ground. Keep left arm spread straight up for balance. Repeat the exercise on your left.

All these plank exercises among the best oblique exercises, which also work for muscles of stomach and back.


The Basic Crunch – Lie down on your back, with knees bend and feet firmly on ground. Keep your hands on either side of your head. Raise your shoulders and bring your head towards the knees. Do not pull your head with your hands.

Variations are:

1. Bicycle crunch – This is one of the best abdominal exercises, which will also work the obliques. You perform bicycle-pedaling action by moving your right knee to left elbow and left knee to right elbow in a synchronized motion.

2. Side crunches – They are also among the best oblique exercise routines, although they don’t erase your love-handle instantly. Assume the starting position of basic crunch. Then turn both knees to one side. Then lift your shoulders and bring them towards the knees. Make sure you do not pull your neck or head with your hands.

Obliques are muscles well below your skin and fat. It takes many months’ training of these oblique exercises before you can start seeing results.

Write Your Client Profile – Part 6 of How to Write a Marketing Plan

A customer profile is a description of your customers that includes demographic information, geographic information, what your customers want and really need, and how likely they are to buy.

Be careful as you write the customer profile. You might need two or three different profiles. For instance, some television shows appeal to teens and people in their 30s. If your target audience consisted of teens and some thirty-year olds, you’d need to research both groups, because each of those market segments is significantly different. You’d need two separate customer profiles.

The main building blocks to the customer, or client profile are:

1. What does the typical customer look like? (This doesn’t mean physical appearance unless you’re in an industry where that is relevant.)

2. What services do your clients ask for?

3. How do clients typically find you?

4. How often do they need your services?

5. What do they really need.

Look at each of these pieces of the customer profile. Answer the questions. If you don’t know the answers, find out.

Describe your typical client How old is your client?

What gender is your client?

Where do your clients live?

Are your clients from one industry or multiple industries?

How easily do your clients use technology?

When your client wants to learn something, how do they go about learning it? Do they research on the Internet, go to the library, buy a book, or call you? Do they ask their spouses?

Do your clients have any values or beliefs that are relevant to you working with them?

Do your clients have a lifestyle that is relevant to you working with them? (Do they travel a lot? Do they work days or nights?)

What services do your clients ask for? Do your clients want similar services, or do different clients ask for different services?

Do your clients want administrative services or technical? Describe the services they want.

How do your clients typically find you? Do you respond to RFPs (Request for Proposals)?

Do you get clients through referrals? Do you offer a referral incentive?

Do you get clients from your website?

Do you find clients at Chamber of Commerce meetings, Toastmasters meetings, or the line in the grocery store?

What are some other ways clients find you or you find clients?

How often do the clients need your services? Does your typical client need your services regularly or sporadically?

About how many hours a month does your typical client need?

Do your clients ask for what they really need? Do your clients know what they want, or does it change over the course of a project?

Do your clients know exactly what they want, or do you need to ask questions and feel your clients out before figuring out that they need something slightly different?

Can you think of a service that your clients would want that you don’t currently provide?

How do you do the research?

Were you able to answer all of the questions above? If so, great. If not, here are some ways to find out this information. Even if you know the answers, it is good to always keep feelers out for what your clients need. Remember that life and technology constantly change.

1. Surveys

2. Ask your clients.

3. Ask objective bystanders.

4. Keep track of relevant news.

5. How is your web site used?

6. What kinds of questions do people ask you?

Professional Porch Railings by Do-It-Yourselfers

You have big plans to install a porch railing, but even though this is the first time you are attempting such a project, you want it to look professionally done. Like all projects that you want to come out really well, the most important part of the project is the design and planning phase. There are a lot of parts to a railing and you have to make sure you know how to work with each one of them such as the top rail, bottom rail, posts, balusters and finials. All of these can be obtained at your local home improvement center or lumber yard. And of course, today, you can even shop for these items on line.

Proper planning is critical to a project such as this. It is not complicated, but it is necessary. Make sure you know all of the measurements you will need and make sure you have all of the materials and tools you will need.

There are certain features of a railing that are the hallmark of professionalism. A professional is able to add certain features and touches to a railing that will make it special and unique. Today, you can buy woodwork that adds that special touch without being custom made by a professional.

Of course, if a shoddy installation is done, the job will never look professional. If you make sure you have all of the proper materials for a good installation, yours can also look professional. Use finishing nails, a good drill, file and saw, and, if you plan to paint the railing, the right grade paint for it. Proper measurement will also assure a professional look; nothing looks more amateurish than gaps. If you measure properly you will have no errors.

You can do your railing installation in an afternoon as long you have the right equipment. Here are some important hints to make is smoother and easier: Wear safety goggles to avoid injury while sawing and drilling. Double and triple check your measurements. This is most important. Measuring everything carefully will safe you a lot of time and money on wasted mistakes and materials. Measure the total space for the deck as well as the points between the posts and balustrades. Cut your lumber at the top and not at the bottom. You can hide a poor cut under the top rail, although you would be better off if you get pre-cut pieces in the lengths you need. When you have cut the balusters, mark where they will go on the rail with a strip of colored tape.

Your railings can be in any style, so if your home is Victorian, you can have detailed looking ones, and if your home is modern or contemporary, you may want very plain ones.

Once you have completed the railings, make sure you weather proof them against the element so they will continue to look good after all of your hard work.

Crystal Ball Reading Benefits

The crystal ball is a very powerful divination tool used for scrying and is combined with kabalistic works to tap into higher consciousness. These two combine, and you are able to learn the essences for divination principles.

Using a crystal ball to define the tree of life

Each level of the tree of life had a particular symbolism images and voices attached to it. Some aspects of the spirit resound with every level of the tree of life. When you determine the information that you would like to glean from the particular tree level, then all that is required is to align harmoniously with the aspect and focus there for scrying. For example, when you want to gain a greater understanding of your spiritual journey, then you would gaze into your crystal ball and develop a timbre with binah. The messages relayed will be specific to your tree.

Some balls work very well with a particular type of energy. It is not expensive to have different crystal balls running in all the ten levels. All ball sizes work from the large marbles to the softball sizes. These can be quartz, clear citrine or rose, essentially any type of crystal will work as long as it is crystalline.

Crystal balls and how they affect our lives

Fortune tellers, clairvoyants, psychics, sorcerers and magicians use crystal balls in their trade. They have powers and abilities to see into the future the past and the present world of individuals. Religious clerics in Britain were the first to use balls in divination hence; the British are believed to promote their use in divination. Nevertheless, today they are used all over the world in entertainment traditional medicine architecture psychology and interior design.

Many designers have used balls in interior design in the 21st century. They have been helpful in choosing chandeliers balustrade decor, and lamp posts. Structures similar to balls are placed in hotel rest rooms, counters lobbies counters and gardens. They are commonly used for more profound purposes than artistic.

Magicians use crystal balls in entertainment as props for performance and help them in generating illusions. Their clear transparent and luminous nature gives the ability to see into the past present and the future. Within the Chinese community, crystal balls are used as elements that are symbolic of the earth’s energies.

They are used in enhancing feng shui in Chinese families and are also appreciated by non-Chinese families for enhancing family bonds. They work depending on their color size and the strategic locations placed. Crystal balls are also beneficial in psychology, in promoting healing relaxation and tranquility. Regardless of the purpose for which they are place in our environments, they help humanity achieve a common goal.

Modern science and technology has dominated our lives and minds. However, these traditional practices are still beneficial and being passed on from generation to generation. The power to transform business does not lie in your hands alone but a little help from guides like crystal balls cannot be ignored.