The Top Skin Firming Cream – Lift SP Revolutionary Instant Face Lift

Lift SP Revolutionary Instant Face Lift was developed by Dr. Steve Jepson. He was the mind behind this unique formula with the specific goal of erasing wrinkles and fine lines. It is one of the best anti-aging serums on the market today, and it can help a person look years younger by erasing their wrinkles and making their skin healthier.

How does Lift SP Revolutionary Instant Face Lift Works:

This revolutionary formula works by combining six of the best multi-peptides for the purpose of rejuvenating skin quickly and reducing wrinkles.

Active Ingredients:

  1. Arigirelene – it works to reduce wrinkles by relaxing all facial muscle tension.
  2. Lauphasyl – it minimizes forehead wrinkles and wrinkle that surround the eyes by controlling facial muscle contractions.
  3. Octapeptide – it reduces deep wrinkles by extending and lengthening muscles to create wrinkle-smoothing tension.
  4. Matrixyl 3000 – it will encourage collagen production and helps in improving skin's elasticity.
  5. Tripeptide – works to smooth fine lines in areas prone to wrinkles
  6. Seaweed Extract – it will help to tighten the skin for an instant face life.
  7. Acai Extract – it is a powerful antioxidant that can combat against dangerous free radicals that speed up the aging process.


  1. It will help a person look years younger.
  2. It will quickly erase any wrinkles on the face.
  3. It will lift and firms a person's face.
  4. The effect lasts up to 8 straight hours.
  5. The effect works in seconds, so a person will see a dramatic change in appearance.
  6. It contains Acai with is a super anti-aging antioxidant.


  1. Some customers believe that the price was too expensive.


Lift SP, Revolutionary Instant Face Lift is guaranteed to pump up a person's skin and make them look beautiful in a manner of minutes. The majority of its ingredients have been proven scientifically to help in reducing the signs of aging. Numerous customers have expressed their completely satisfaction with the product.

Commercial and Home Elevators

Commercial and home elevators are valuable accessibility devices, designed to provide smooth and convenient access to all levels of the home or commercial building. These mobility solutions offer convenience and safety, along with reliable performance.

Experience Independence and Freedom

Home elevators are not only for individuals with disabilities or other mobility issues, but are also a luxurious addition to a house or a major convenience factor for all residents of the home. Commercial elevators are widely used in shopping malls, fitness centers, movie theaters, offices, hospitals, and other public buildings. Installing a residential and commercial elevator not only brings with it a great deal of independence and freedom but also enhances the quality of life. The models range from the simple to the extravagant and are built with advanced technologies.

Great Features and Functionality Offered

Most of these mobility devices are incorporated with all the safety and security features you would expect. Listed here are some of the standard features found in commercial and home elevators:

o Emergency alarm
o Manual door swing
o Emergency stop switch
o Interlocking facility
o Backup lighting
o Telephone system
o Manual swing door
o Uninterrupted power supply

You can make your choice from a number of styles, sizes and designs, with options that best meet your individual needs, home and commercial design, and budgetary requirements. Residential and commercial elevators are available with varying lifting capacities. Choose a model with the right balance of standard features, options and price that matches your requirements the best.

Pick the Right Elevator for Your Home or Office

Some of the leading manufacturers who provide commercial and home elevators include Savaria Concord, ThyssenKrupp Access, and Federal Elevator. Today, a number of companies are offering elevator systems from branded manufacturers in the industry. To better serve the needs of the client, most providers of mobility equipment offer consultation, design and installation services.

Does Your New Peugeot Have Gap Insurance?

If you’ve recently purchased a new Peugeot you could be driving around in a financial time-bomb.

A bold statement you might think? Most definitely, although not unfounded, as Peugeot’s tend to depreciate just as much as most other mass produced cars and, on certain models, they drop in value like a stone.

Have you considered what your new Peugeot would be worth after 6 months on the road?

Well, here’s the deal!

For example, a brand new shiny Peugeot 308 costing £18500 at retail showroom prices would devalue by over £3000 in a matter of minutes due to the VAT element within the original purchase price. Coupled with 6 months of depreciation at around 2% per month, your brand new pride and joy has just lost over five grand by the next plate change.

You may think so what, I’m not planning to sell my new Peugeot after just 6 months!

That may be the case, but what if some careless fellow road user smashes into you and writes your car off, or some light fingered car thief decides to take your car without asking, resulting in a total write off. In both cases, you are left with the possibility of your insurance company doing what insurance companies do and paying you the current market value for your car, which could be a whole lot less than you paid for it when new!

So what can you do to protect your investment?

You can take out a fully comprehensive insurance policy that has a new for old clause. There are a few insurance companies that provide cover for depreciation, however with motor insurance premiums rising as they have been recently, most consumers are looking for the best insurance quote and rarely stop to consider such facts.

You could hope that your car does not get stolen, or written off due to accidental damage. Statistically, there is a fair possibility that you could experience the displeasure of an insurance claim based on current vehicle crime levels and the propensity for insurance companies to write-off vehicles nowadays due to the high cost of repair.

You could also consider taking out a gap insurance policy for you Peugeot, such as a return to invoice policy, which would pay you the difference between the insurance company valuation at the time of the loss, and the full invoice price of your new Peugeot.

With current levels of car depreciation and the increasing risk that your car could be written off, gap insurance should be on your shopping list when buying a new car.

Homeowner Tips For Saving Money on Energy Use – Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerators and Freezers

o Try to keep your refrigerator door closed. You can waste a considerable amount of energy by continually opening and closing the refrigerator. When getting ready to prepare a meal, take all ingredients out at once. Also, make certain that the door is completely closed after you're done using the refrigerator.

o Locate your freezer or refrigerator away from direct sunlight, heating equipment and heater vents. Provide enough open space on the sides, above and behind for proper air flow.

o Set the temperature of your refrigerator between 36 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit and your freezer close to 0 degrees for maximum savings. The United States Food and Drug Administration also endorses these temperatures to preclude rapid development of bacteria

o Keep your refrigerator or freezer full, but do not overdo it. Overfilling causes the compressor to run longer. Keep foods somewhat separated on the shelves, being sure that they will not block the unit's interior air vents.

o Keep the unit's condenser coils residue free and unblocked for the most energy efficiency.

o Since a snug-sealing door gasket is important for the efficiency of your refrigerator, clean door gaskets with warm water or a detergent that leaves no residue.

o Seal all moist foods that are stored in your refrigerator. Moisture might be drawn into the air, causing the unit to work for a longer period of time.

o If you use an older back-up freezer that only has a little food in it, use only the primary freezer and shut down the older one.

Cooking Appliances

o If you own more than one oven, use the smaller one whenever feasible.

o Save both time and money by using one oven to cook the complete meal. A cake or pie can go into the already heated oven after the main course is done.

o Use a pressure cooker. It reduces cooking time to less than half compared to typical cookware.

o Warming foods, dishes and platters with the oven's already stored heat after roasting, requires no additional energy. If the food must be kept hot for longer than a half-hour, set the oven no higher than 140 to 200 degrees.

o Consider using a microwave oven, small portable electric frying pan, grill, or toaster oven / broiler rather than your oven. Cook out-of-doors or prepare cold meals to prevent heating up the kitchen and steam to the air inside your home. Microwave ovens use less than 1/2 of the power of a traditional oven and cook food in approximately 1/4 of the time.

o Covered pots or pans will begin producing steam or boiling quicker than those that are uncovered, permitting quicker results and less energy use.

o Cook with pots and pans that completely cover the heating elements. Use pots with even bases, vertical sides and tight-fitting lids in order to retain heat and permit lower temperature settings.

o Cook with crock pots, outdoor grills or casserole dishes to minimize the use of your stove's heating elements and oven.

o Use only enough water to produce steam and preclude sticking when cooking fresh or frozen vegetables.

o Make sure that reflector pans under an electric stove's heating elements are bright and clean. They reflect heat onto the bottom of the pot.

o Do not cover oven racks with foil. It can block the flow of heated air making the oven work longer to finish the job.

o Cook following exact timing and temperature instructions. Accurate timing reduces the need for repeated opening and closing of the oven door to check on cooking progress. Each time the oven is opened, the oven cools by 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

o On an electric stove, begin with high heat then decrease the temperature as the food starts to boil or bubble. Switch off the surface element a few minutes before cooking is complete. Electric stoves remain hot for a few minutes after they have been switched off.

o During warmer days, do your major cooking in the cooler evening or early morning hours. Try to use the range top instead of the oven.

Slow Cookers – Tips for Success

I think that slow cookers are one of the greatest kitchen appliances out there. I like microwaves for the convenience, but crock pots lead the way in terms of creating delicious food. Even better, with a slow cooker, you can have a hot savory meal at the end of a busy day with minimal effort on the part of the cook.

While they are easy to use, there are some helpful tips which should improve any one's crock pot cooking.

1) Be sure that your crock pot is at least half full for best cooking results.

This is because the heating elements in most models run along the bottom and up the sides of the cooking crock. If your crock pot is not at least half full, you may be trying to use a slow cooker that is too large for that recipe. Food can stick and over cook, if the pot is too large.

2) Inexpensive cuts of meat work well .

The long, slow, steaming method of slow cookers results in tender, moist meat. This means that you can often get by with less expensive cuts of meats and still serve a delicious, successful meal. Some good beef cuts for a slow cooker are anything that says "chuck," "rump," or "shank". Briskets and short ribs are also good choices.

3) Because the moisture is retained in a slow cooker, be careful not to add too much liquid, unless you are making soup.

4) In a slow cooker, one hour on high equals 2 hours on low. Use this for a guide if you need to adjust your cooking time.

For example:

You will be putting meal in the slow cooker at 11:00, and you need to have supper at 6:00. This allows for 7 hours of cooking time.

However, the recipe calls for 8 hours on low. So, what to do?

Using the adjustment of one hour on high equals two hours on low, the cooking time can be reduced the necessary hour by cooking it for one hour on high, then 6 hours on low.

5) It is possible to over cook food in a crock pot.

While some recipes claim that the dish needs to be cooked all day, this is rarely the reality. Make the time to experiment with your recipes and your slow cooker to see how long they really need.

6) Avoid lifting the lid.

Doing so releases the steam and also drops the temperature and can result in adding up to 30 minutes to the cooking time. Having said that, you may need to watch closely toward the end of a recipe in order to avoid over cooking, especially if the crock pot is new and you are not used to its idiosyncrasies. If you are going to check, just try to lift the lid quickly.

7) Crock pot liners can make clean up easier.

Crock pot liners are disposable plastic bags that hold the ingredients while they cook. At the end of the cooking time, transfer the meal into serving dishes and toss the liner.

There are several different brands out there. If you are comparing prices, be sure to check out how many liners you actually get per package.

All in all, crock pots are easy to use and you can ensure success by following the above tips. Happy slow cooking!

Tarkett Vinyl Flooring For The Budget-Conscious Renovator

Tarkett vinyl flooring has been around for many years now. In fact, the company first started producing flooring back in 1886. Since this time it has been leading the way in designing new manufacturing techniques for producing flooring for both the commercial and residential markets. Many of these techniques that it has pioneered are still in use at present.

Today this company uses some of the most sophisticated methods around in order to produce high quality vinyl sheets, floor tiles and laminate products which meet the needs and requirements of their various customers.

In recent years Tarkett has produced a style of vinyl flooring which actually tries to look and feel like hand scraped real wood plank flooring but without any of the problems that are often associated with it.

The texture on this particular kind of vinyl flooring not only makes it look fantastic but provides the customer with the look of real wood without the cost. In fact some people find it very difficult to distinguish the vinyl planks from ordinary hardwood floors by simply looking.

Although it may have the look of a quality hardwood floor about it, unfortunately it still has that thin, rubbery and often cold feeling that comes from vinyl flooring. Certainly even laminate flooring which is often considered to be a poor cousin to real wood flooring feels much better underfoot than vinyl ever can.

However for many homeowners who are working to a very tight budget, when the time comes to carry out remodeling works in their homes, a cheaper alternative to either real wood or laminate flooring is often necessary. This is even more so when the flooring is going to be in a room which will only be used on the odd occasion or in an area where spills are likely to occur.

This particular kind of vinyl flooring is a good choice for adding something a little different to a child's playroom or to your kitchen or bathroom at a fraction of what it would cost to have either real wood, laminate or tile flooring installed instead.

The new type of vinyl flooring known as plank vinyl flooring which has been produced by the Tarkett vinyl flooring company is likely to become an important flooring choice in the future. This is especially true for those people who are looking for a flooring that is durable, easy to install and inexpensive to purchase, and that looks pretty good once it has been laid.

Let's Talk About the Flexible Mortgage

Flexibility is the key to stability. That's why it's necessary for this type of mortgage to jump in the list. So basically, we are going to talk about the Lifetime mortgage. Yes, it's suitable to have the name- "Flexible Mortgage"

Well, that's what we're going to talk about in this article. The pensioners pile up major stress regarding drastic fall in their regular income. They fear the absence of financial stability in their future years. But, what if this financial instability is cut down by the financial flexibility? Sweet!

So, the knife of financial stability is particularly termed as Lifetime Mortgage.

• What is it?

Lifetime mortgage. It's a long-term loan that's secured against the borrower's property and is repaid when he / she dies or moves to the long-term care. During the loan term, the borrower continues to stay in that property and maintains it-

• How does it Work?

When you are at least 55 years old, you need some kind of financial stability to take care of your monthly expenses and other essentials. What you can do is … you can take out a loan against your home where you live. You'll be using the money for whatever you need. You'll still continue to live there and retain your ownership until you die or move to a long term care. That's when this loan will be repaid.
After you die or move to a long term care, the property against which you took the loan will be sold. The amount fetched out will be used to repay the loan amount to the lender. The remaining amount will be passed on to your heirs.

• Flexibility is divided into further flexible branches !

Drawdown Plans- At this age, regular income is what you'll crave. But without a job, would that be possible? Yes! With the Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage, you can plan the loan amount into regular incomes for yourself.
So, you'll still be complimenting your regular expenditure with stable income support. The advantage? The interest will be charged on only the amount you take out for your necessities. So, basically your interest is not going to roll-up and that's a stress revealing thought!

Enhanced Plans- This is a kind of generous flexibility. It is preferably based on the borrower's health and lifestyle. Any impairment or serious health issue of the borrower can result in lower life expectancy. This influences the lender to provide larger amount than normal mortgage deals.

Protected Plans- You took the Lifetime Mortgage against your home. Now, when you'll die, nothing will be left for your family. But you do not want that, right? So, opt for protected lifetime mortgage plan.
According to this, you're free to fix up some part or furniture of your home which will be excluded for the mortgage deal; that you can save up as inheritance for your family. It can not be used to repay the mortgage loan.

Interest Payment Plans- Interest payment mortgage plan is a way to periodically reduce the mortgage debt. If you wish to repay the monthly interest charged against your loan, you need to opt for this plan.
It will prevent the interest roll up. Reducing the compound interest, the final amount to be repaid at the end of the mortgage term will remain equal to the amount borrowed. This is an appreciable option for those mortgage borrowers who have reasonably good retirement income.

• Flexibility Comes with a Price

Being flexible is an advantage but for benefiting yourself with this financial boon, you need to pay some costs. It's highly necessary that you are perfectly aware about that. So, the costs that'll be involved in taking up this Lifetime mortgage deal are:

Arrangement Fee: You will have to pay this to the lender while arranging the preferred lifetime mortgage deal.

Legal Fee: When the lifetime mortgage plan is finalized, you will be required to pay some legal and valuation fee.

Advisor Fee: This kind of decisions need through discussions and advice from a learned financial advisor. So, you need to pay the fee for a wise advice.

• Some facts you do not want to know but you should know!

Well, it needs courage to except the cons of something that shines out as an amazing option. But, like a quarter, everything has two sides. And it will be foolish to stay unaware about these not-so-welcoming facts.

– Curbed State Benefits: The benefits offered by the government like the council tax benefits and pension credits can be affected by this mortgage deal.

– Reduced Inheritance: The rolled-up compound interest can blow up the amount of mortgage to be repaid resulting in highly reduced inheritance for your family.

– Early Repayment: If you're able to and wish to repay the whole amount prior to the mortgage term decided, you will have to pay an early repayment charge too.

– Equity Release is not highest: The Lifetime Mortgage Plan can not offer as much as the Home reversion Plan.

Do contact your financial advisor. Explain your personal situation with every detail, discuss the pros and cons in much more detail, ask out all the questions jumping inside and get a customized perfect solution for yourself.

Useful Tips on How to Build Deck Railings

The deck on a house is a floored area that extends from the house and is normally roofless. It can be situated at the back, the front or to the side of the house. Deck railings provide a deck it's style and distinctiveness and are very crucial in keeping persons safe in that, they are both functional and decorative. In being decorative, they are attractive components adding design to a house and are practical as they enhance protection. It is usually required for decks that are higher than thirty inches above the ground and also for stairs that comprise of five or over steps. The height of a deck railing normally ranges between thirty and forty inches even though specific areas have particular constraints. Standard 'builder deck' railings are the simplest types to make and install.

Deck railings contain a top rail and a bottom rail, side rails and may also contain bulging posts, balusters and hand rails. They come in a variety of styles and can be made from different materials including iron, aluminum, natural timber, wood composite materials and also transparent glass. They are readily accessible, but believe it or not, you can make a deck railing by yourself. Are you curious? Here's how:

Materials Required:
2 x 2 inches wood
Carriage bolts
2 x 4 inches wood
2 x 6 inches wood
Galvanized screws
1 can varnish stain

Tools Required:
Wood saw
Electric drill

1. Get rid of any wood or material that is connected to the deck so that you will locate the rim joist which is the outermost part of the flooring.
2. Use 2 x 6 inches wood to create the upper railing and attach it for the time being to the deck by using a screwdriver and galvanized screws.
3. Using your wood saw cut the 2 x 2 inches wood to the relevant height for the spindles.
4. Use the electric drill and make two holes into every spindle. One hole must be drilled approximately 1 1/2 inches from the base of the deck. The other hole should be made 1 ½ inches from the top and the outside of the deck. These holes must be smaller than the carriage bolts.
5. For strength and firmness, bolt the spindles into position with the carriage bolts.
6. Cut the 2 x 4 inches wood with the saw to the correct lengths to make spindles. Ensure that they are the same lengths as any mistake will be obvious.
7. Using your screwdriver, join the sections you cut to each spindle using the galvanized screws.
8. Permanently screw the railings to the deck at this stage. Screw through the bottom to raise the railing.
9. Use knife to pry open the can of varnish stain.
10. Take paintbrush and slightly dip it into the can of varnish stain to soak up a little.
11. Paint the railings by applying level strokes with the paintbrush and continue until the total railing is finished.

Tips and warnings:
Always construct your deck railings in compliance with rules regarding them in your area.
Spindles should be spaced no more than nine inches apart for security.
Carefully measure at every step to get a look that is as skilled as possible.
Painting or staining the wood seals it to make it more durable.
The railing should be about 4 inches high but allow added length so that it flushes with the bottom outside section of the deck.
The stairs leading to the deck must be in position to give easy access to the deck.
Select a railing style that suits is within your means and blends with the model of your house.

Five Tips For Architectural Terracotta Replacement and Repair

While many of history’s finest architects chose to adorn their masterpieces with architectural terra cotta, this material is no longer used much in new construction. In addition, many terracotta elements that once made structures so magnificent are now deteriorated or completely destroyed. Luckily, there are advanced materials – including fiberglass reinforced terracotta, glass fiber reinforced concrete, and fiberglass reinforced polymer – that can be used to repair or replace original architectural terracotta. The following tips should be kept in mind during terracotta restoration or renovation projects:

Matching the appearance of the original architectural terracotta is crucial.

When choosing a replacement material, it’s natural to consider price, weight, and durability. Perhaps more important than all of these, however, is finding a material that can replicate the texture and color of the original terracotta. Otherwise, repairs will be conspicuous.

All sections of damaged material must be removed and replaced.

When architectural terra cotta is being replaced, it may be tempting to try to remove a portion of a piece or block to save time and money. This is not a good strategy, though, and there will likely be problems with the remaining piece of terracotta down the road. To do the job right, remove and replace the entire section that is worn or damaged.

Visible anchorage will reduce the appeal of architectural terra cotta elements.

If you hire someone to replace damaged terracotta, make it clear that you want all anchorage concealed. While anchorage is necessary to support and secure terracotta, passersby should not be able to see it.

Do not try to re-anchor architectural terra cotta.

When terracotta is loose or worn, some people may conclude that re-anchoring the terracotta is the answer. Because it is usually secured with interlocking assemblies, steel straps, and mortar, however, re-anchoring is extremely difficult and, in many cases, impossible. Instead, any damaged terracotta should be removed and replaced.

Get a professional to take care of terracotta replacement and repair.

Everybody likes to save money by doing things on their own, but unless you are highly knowledgeable about architectural terracotta, it’s wise to hire a professional. If you complete the terracotta replacement or repair incorrectly, it’s likely more repairs will be needed in the future. Elements like cornice and window surrounds crafted from architectural terracotta could also be potentially dangerous – if not securely anchored to the building, they could fall and cause serious injuries or even death.

Measuring the Value a Porcelain Doll Brings to Your Finished Dollhouse

Porcelain dolls can add value to your life in several ways. It increases the entertainment value, the monetary value, the beauty value, and can have hidden health benefits. The value of a dollhouse can be measured not only in terms of money but also in the joy on the faces of your family.

The sense of accomplishment you feel when completing your creation with the best accessories, like a porcelain doll, is immeasurable. Porcelain dolls are realistic-looking and usually have soft bodies able to be posed. This adds to the entertainment value of your dollhouse. The dolls come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, nationalities, and dress. The availability of so many options ensures the proper fit for the theme of your diorama.

Also, with all the options available, the dollhouse, and its family can be outfitted for holidays. For instance, if your family celebrates Christmas, Mr. and Mrs. Doll can be redressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, with Porcelain Doll children peeking down the banister looking for gifts.

A Christmas tree or Menorah can be added to the décor in any room of the dollhouse for added ambiance. The family can even be posed praying at the dinner table over a feast, or can be preparing for a night of Trick-or Treating.

Your careful choice of dolls not only adds to the décor of your dollhouse, it adds to the worth of the entire piece. Many dolls also increase in value over time. Your initial investment will only grow in monetary worth, and will be a positive feature for future generations. With careful care and handling your descendants will inherit a valuable asset that will be enjoyed by many generations.

Dolls also add value to your dollhouse in the skills your children will learn. Children can learn the value of gentleness, cleanliness, and the importance of investing in the future. Teaching children the skills necessary to caring for your their toys will help them grow into adulthood. These skills are essential to life as an adult, and children can learn them as they learn about their dolls, perhaps even starting a hobby to carry throughout their lives.

The hidden health benefits of adding porcelain dolls to your dollhouse can be immense. Common sense tells us stress is hard on your body physically and emotionally. Having a hobby such as a dollhouse, completed with quality accessories to indulge in can create a sense of accomplishment, joy, and brings a reduction in the stresses of everyday life.

Having a finished dollhouse adds to the beauty of your home; it becomes a conversation piece. Changing the decorations, or adding to them to reflect the seasons or holidays can create a centerpiece the whole family will enjoy. Adding a heavy winter coat on a coat hook near the door, and a light coat of snow on the exterior can create a homey feel. Guests will be sure to comment on the beauty of your creation and on the exquisiteness of your porcelain dolls.

Adding porcelain dolls contributes to the value of your dollhouse in many ways. Children can learn necessary skills for adulthood, gentleness, cleanliness, and the importance of investing in the future. Careful choices of porcelain dolls can mean an increase in monetary value, and can increase the entertainment value of your dollhouse. The right choices can mean a lifetime of enjoyment of your dollhouse and your porcelain dolls.

The Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on Different Regions of the Brain

The symptoms of head trauma, while almost always manifesting in one way or another, vary greatly in type, severity and frequency. These differences are not only connected to the type of injury sustained or the severity of the accident, but relate to the area of ​​the brain affected as well. Each region of the brain has specific biological functions, and when they are damaged due to Traumatic Brain Injury (or TBI), these regions display specific and differing symptoms.

The Frontal Lobe

The frontal lobe is the area of ​​the brain most closely associated with cognitive thought. This section helps individuals rationalize and make decisions on issues of right and wrong, as well as to predict the consequences of an action. Operating within the limits of socially acceptable behavior and maintaining one's inhibitions are the most notable social controls of the frontal lobe, and it also plays a significant role in holding long term memories.

Should this area of ​​the brain be affected by a TBI, some of the symptoms that may occur include

· Difficulties in basic or simple movements

· Increased difficulty in performing multi-step tasks or with problem solving

· An inability to concentrate or jump quickly from one thought to another

· Changes in the individual's personality, moods, or public behavior

The Parietal Lobe

The Parietal Lobe is the center of sensory perception as well as quantitative thinking. It enables people to judge spatial relationships and navigate, understand numbers and their relationships, and know how to utilize and manipulate objects.

If a Traumatic Brain Injury damages this area, it is possible that an individual may experience

· Difficulties with reading, writing, or an inability to generate a needed word

· Difficulties with hand eye coordination, as well as problems distinguishing left from right

· An inability to name an object or concentrate on more than one object at a time

The Occipital Lobe

The Occipital Lobe is the center for visual processing in the brain. It not only controls vision and color recognition, but some studies have shown it has connections to hearing.

Symptoms of TBI in the Occipital Lobe could include

· Difficulty recognizing objects and colors

· Difficulty reading and writing

· Problems with visual illusions or the appearance of hallucinations

Temporal Lobes

The Temporal Lobes are the main centers controlling speech, hearing and memory. Traumatic Brain Injuries to these areas could result in

· Difficulty in recognizing faces or understanding spoken words

· Increased memory loss, increased aggressive behavior, and either increased or decreased interest in sexual behavior

· Selective attention to sights and sounds

The Brain Stem and Cerebellum

These two regions of the brain both are central locations for controlling motor and sensory functions. Symptoms of a TBI in these areas may include

· Difficulty breathing, sleeping, walking, speaking, and balancing

· Increased dizziness and nausea

· An inability to understand / perceive spatial relations or make quick movements

More information on For the causes and symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury, contact the Brain Injury Specialist Attorneys of Terry and Slane at Http:// .

Water Fountains – An Artistic Way to Highlight Your Business

A commercial water fountain is an excellent way to present your business. In these times of business competition it is essential to find a way to promote your brand that is stunning and has a lasting impression on your visitors and clients.

What could be more unique than a commercial water fountain with your corporate logo engraved on it? Indoors or outside, a water fountain used as the sign for your business will keep customers remembering you.

If your business has a large frontage, you may want to consider a large tiered fountain to welcome visitors to your premises. Large fountains become landmarks and invariably referenced with the business name. This is certainly a unique and natural way to make your business name a local by-word.

Entryways and walls outside the building are also excellent locations to have a wall fountain cascading water down a marble panel. Inside the building, a wall fountain hanging prominently in the reception area with your company name engraved onto it will create a great impact. What a great way to greet your customers.

Commercial water fountains come in all shapes and sizes and you will always be able to find one to fit your décor. Large grandiose, tiered water fountains in the courtyard will definitely create an effect as the client approaches but to my mind, it is inside the building where a fountain will have the greatest impact.

It is usual for customers and clients to arrive early for an appointment and have to wait several minutes. What better place to wait than next to a gently cascading waterfall. The soft sounds and beautiful visual effect will relax the client before an appointment.

A water fountain inside the business premises has so many benefits. Confidential information can be discussed and the conversation muted by the sounds of the water or it can drown out the sounds of neighboring conversations.

The negative ions that discharge from the tumbling waters help to create a healthy environment. Negative ions remove allergens from the air and reduce the positive ions that create stress. If you business has lots of computer terminals and fluorescent lights, then undoubtedly you have a stressful office. Waterfalls will combat the stress buildup.

There is another benefit. By adding a commercial water fountain to your premises, you will be eligible for a tax deduction.

Make your new commercial water fountain a New Year resolution and reap the benefits throughout the year. There are many reputable water fountain businesses, such as, who will advise you on style, design and all of the aspects associated with having a commercial fountain installed in your premises or offices.

Causes of Cracks in the Plaster Along Exterior Walls of the Home

There are numerous reasons why the plaster along the exterior walls of your home will crack making the interior walls look very unsightly. It is important to determine the cause of any cracks you find so that you can repair them effectively. Some of the most important causes of these cracks are listed below.

1. Structural Cracks

Structural cracks, as the name implies, are caused by structural weaknesses in a building which are worn further by certain conditions, such as the bathroom shower. A steam shower or steam bath enclosure should be properly fortified with tiling.

The most important structural cracks include:

o Settlement resulting from inadequate or improperly located footings, the use of undersized or improperly spaced members, omission of bracing, or shrinkage of lumber

o These cracks are usually large and well defined, extending across the surface and through the plaster

o They may start near the corner of a door or window, or run up and down the corner where two walls join, or along the joints between walls and ceiling

2. Map and Shrinkage Cracks

Inferior workmanship and the use of poor quality of plastering materials are the main causes of what are known as “map cracks and “shrinkage cracks;” that is, shrinkage in the plaster itself. There are ways to distinguish between these two types of plaster cracks:

o Map cracks are usually caused by improper bonding between the plaster and the base

o They are less noticeable than structural cracks and go through the plaster, but do not extend entirely across the surface, as do the latter

o They are made up of a series of cracks running at various angles and embracing areas usually 6 inches or more across

o Shrinkage cracks, on the other hand resemble map cracks, except that the cracks themselves and the areas they enclose are much smaller

o They differ from the map cracks inasmuch as they do not go entirely through the plaster and are usually confined to the finish coat

o Careless workmanship is usually the cause of these cracks

o Steam from a sauna can dilate these cracks; an infrared sauna unit is the best way to go

3. Loose Plaster

Sometimes the keys or clinches that hold the plaster to the base break off or become loosened and cause the plaster to bulge and crack. On ceilings, around plumbing, bathroom fixtures and kitchen fixtures, it will often hang in this condition for a long time before falling off, being held together by the hair or fiber in the plaster. Occasionally the nails or fastenings used to hold lath in place may corrode and break, allowing that part of the plaster covering the loosened lath, or laths, to sag and crack.

Tools Needed for the Repairs

For cracks and small holes a small diamond-shaped mason’s trowel or broad-bladed putty knife, for plastering larger areas a plasterer’s trowel and a shallow pan.

Materials Needed

o Plaster of Paris or commercial patching plaster

o A small amount of ordinary glue if necessary

o Clean water

Mixing the Plaster

o All mixing boxes and utensils should be clean and clean water from your glass sink, bathroom vanity, or bathtub should be used in the mix

o Particular care should be taken that no traces of old set plaster have been left in the mixing box

o The water should be placed in the mixing box before the dry plaster is sifted into the water

o The mix should then be stirred thoroughly to dissolve all lumps

o It should be of such a consistency that the putty may be picked up on a broad-bladed knife and forced into the crack or break in the wall

Using Plaster of Paris

If only a small amount of fresh plaster is needed, plaster of Paris alone may be used. Plaster of Paris sets very quickly. If it is to be used without a retarder, only so much should be mixed at one time as can be put in place in 10 minutes or less.

Vintage Toy Soldiers – Collecting Marx Toy Soldiers

Children from all around the world have been awed by the Marx toy soldiers since the 1950s. The previous generation was really into such action figures because during their time, wars were just concluded. Now, interest in collecting the figures has been revived.

Marx toy soldiers were a masterpiece and flagship toy product of Louis Marx and Company. The toy manufacturing firm was founded by a veteran toy maker, Louis Marx, who has been referred to across the toy making industry as ‘Toycoon’.

Especially since the 1950s, the company was known for selling trademark and all-original lines of toys, which are most associated with the military. If you are wondering why the company is focused on military action figures, you should know that Mr. Marx was a former sergeant at the US Army prior to his establishment of the company.

Through time, their toy soldiers, in particular, have been among the most sought after and interesting toys specifically for boys. Many observers note that back in the days, girls had Barbie dolls while boys did not get left behind as they have the action-packed and very impressive action figures.

As time passed, likes and preferences of kids changed dramatically. With the advent of computer games, action figures like those of Marx’s have been put aside and have often observed drastic declines in sales. But many enthusiasts and fanatics of the original vintage toy soldiers have been asking software and videogame developers about virtual games featuring them. Unfortunately, up to now, development for such has yet to take place, but clearly there’s some extensive interest.

Even though the company is long out of business, Marx toy soldiers are starting to mark a comeback as a vintage collectible. Vintage toy collecting in general is responsible to some degree for the revival of interest, but the loyalty of long-time avid collectors is certainly highly responsible as well. In addition to the vintage toy soldiers, some small companies specializing in action figures are also doing re-casts of some of the more popular Louis Marx toys, including the toy soldiers. But, of course, some collectors will always prefer the original.

Electronics Kit to Build

Electronics offers a great deal of scope for innovation for its practitioners. Dabbling with electronics circuits can be a feverish hobby for the interested people. There are plenty of circuit diagrams and electronic components like diodes, resistors, capacitors, transistors and integrated chips (ICs) that are available in the market at a reasonably low cost. A person who is interested in electronics can buy these items and indulge in making and experimenting with a variety of fancy electronics items that range from clocks to robots. It is actually a good hobby to encourage among kids for it provides for a channel for the kids to vent their creativity and vigorousness in a constructive way.

Electronic kits contain electronic diagrams for making useful electronic equipment like radio, camera or clock and the electronic components like transistors, ICs, capacitors and resistors for making the equipment. The kit also contains printed circuit boards or bread boards for connecting the components and instructions for connecting the components for making a specific device. For printed circuit board, the user needs to know how to solder these components into the board using a soldering iron and lead. In the case of bread boards, no soldering is required. One can plug in the components into the interconnected holes of the breadboard. The electronic kits are generally intended for children and people who take electronics as a hobby after growing up. Most of the equipment that can be made using electronic kits are generally harmless and largely contain a surprise value.

There are several companies that offer a variety of electronics kits. A company called MadLab Electronic offers electronic kits under three categories: for beginners, for medium-level users and for advanced users. For using MadLab's electronic kit, the user needs to have a soldering iron, wire cutter and a solder sucker. The last one may be highly useful because it is used to unsolder the circuits. The beginners' kit provides an opportunity for the user to make devices like burglar alarm, lie detector, flashy lights and electric telegraph. The medium kit provides an opportunity to construct devices like music synthesizer, electronic guitar, bugging device and strength calculator. With the advanced kit one can make items like rocket launcher and frequency meter.

There is another company called AmeriKit Electronic Educational Kits, which also offers kits for a variety of devices. In addition to the electronic components, printed circuit board and easy-to-follow instructions, the kits also contain the electronics theory behind the working of all the electronics devices that can be made using that particular kit. They provide kits for many devices such as radio, burglar alarm, camera, flash lights, door bells, rain detector, metal detector and voltage drop alarm. Apart from the above-mentioned companies, there are numerous companies that offer electronics kits. Most of the kits are similar in nature. Some companies are offering electronics kits even to construct a robot at home.