Investor Account Security and Trade Order Execution Issues in Online Stock Trading

There are several factors, besides the low trade commissions, that you should consider before finally settling for your online stock broker.

Some of the most important considerations should include fast trade execution, security of your personal information, fund transfers, insurance and protection of your account.

Your stock broker's website should provide facilities for education and research for the clients such as graphs, ticker symbols, news headlines, latest stock quotes and so on. Also check the account protection limits.

Security of funds

Brokerage firms that are conscious of the security of their customers' online accounts, usually purchase membership of account- protection companies such as Securities Investor Protection Corporation or SIPC.

These companies offer to protect the accounts of the customers up to $ 5,000,000, including up to $ 1,000,000 in cash. There is also a provision for additional protection for larger amounts from firms like London Underwriters which offer protection of investments to the tune of $ 4,500,000 (including $ 900,000 in claims for cash) for each customer account.

Thus the total account protection, that each account holder may avail, may go up to $ 5,000,000, including up to $ 1,000,000 in cash.

Enhanced online security of personal information

Nothing is more important in stock trading than the security of your personal information including your financial assets and account access.

When you open a new account, you are allowed to set up a user name or ID, a password, account PIN, personal account image and personal account phrase.

What would happen if some one could hack your personal information such as customer ID and password and withdraw your funds? Such practices called account phishing and pharming have become normal occurrences with credit card and banking transactions across the world.

So you must choose your online stock broker who can maintain the most strict physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to secure your vital personal data and prevent an unauthorized account access.

You must, therefore, ensure that your broker has incorporated the latest technology and a strong and sensitive security system to combat online frauds and identity thefts.

The website of the brokerage firm should educate you not only about various issues relating to stock trading, but also about the various tactics and tricks that the identity thieves use to acquire your personal information.

You should be educated about the various steps that you need to take to protect yourself against your identity theft while you are surfing the Internet to research data of financial companies and stocks.

Check if your online stock brokerage uses the industry-leading 128-bit VeriSign SSL encryption technology throughout its website to ensure that your personal data is always protected from eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery.

It must be noted that "SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is a communication protocol used to secure data transfers over the internet by mathematically transforming a message so its contents are concealed to everyone but the intended recipient."

The website of your stock broker should display a clickable VeriSign Certificate Icon located at the bottom of each page.

As a vigilant investor you should verify the security claims of your stock broker by clicking the VeriSign Certificate Icon and view the SSL certificate showing the name of the brokerage firm. In short your broker should provide you a fool proof and secure trading environment.

Fast Oder Execution

Fast order execution is of paramount and critical importance especially in online stock trading. It is, in fact, a key element for successful stock trading and investing. Imagine yourself hitting the sell or buy button on the stock trade page of your broker's website!

Those who understand the nature of online stock trading can very well realize the importance of instant execution of the trade order. A slight delay in order execution may cost heavily to the stock trader.

In fact the world may change in each passing moment. The price may either rise or fall shattering all your calculations. Each moment between the placement and the execution of the order appears to hang heavily like an eon on the nerves of the trader.

Before you open . Ensure an account with an online stock broker That he possesses all the cutting edge technological resources, trading infrastructure and the sms_root_directory design for fast trade executions of .

Some brokerage firms use the NASDAQ Platinum-certified Direct Market Access Trading Platform, LASER, for fast data execution and clearing solutions. Modern trading technologies and advanced trading platforms can transact millions of shares each day. The reputed brokerage firms are equipped with state-of-the-art servers that can handle the highest volumes of quote and order data.

Opening A Healthy Food Service Company In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the home of many flourishing industries, manufacturing, and food processing units. Biotech research and health industries are also steadily improving. As people are becoming more health-oriented, they will definitely patronize a healthy food service company.

Start up details to Be Considered:

It will be ideal to decide on the kind of healthy food service company you want to form and the products that you will be offering after doing research and determining if there is indeed a market for the products. Find out the latest trends in healthy foods and introduce innovative, nutritious foodstuffs to capture the attention of the healthy food addicts.

Form a business plan carefully, taking into consideration all aspects of the business, seeking professional help in drafting it if necessary. It is imperative to utilize the plan rather than place it in a shelf and forget about it. It can be a great way to assess your performance, to devise and implement any necessary changes.

Have an accurate cash flow projection as well as carefully estimate the start up costs and arrange for the necessary cash. A well-presented loan application can help you secure the loan.

Hire an attorney to find out what kind of legal entity to form as well as to get the required licenses and permits to begin operations legally. Get necessary health department permits.

Estimate the number of varieties and the different brands of healthy foods that you will be retailing and determine their prices: gluten-free foods, hormone-free milk, non-diary products, organically grown foods, vitamins, supplements, and herbs. Establish good relationships with the dealers to ensure continuous supply of the products.

Select a retail space in a busy commercial area, making sure that it has ample space for displaying goods and for storing supplies. It has to have adequate parking facilities and needs to be highly visible to attract customers, so have it decorated in a pleasing and attractive way.

Hire the necessary staff and provide them with the training necessary. It will be helpful if they have had some knowledge about the healthy foods and their benefits. Customer satisfaction and retention are extremely important in order to be successful. Make sure the staff are enthusiastic and provide interesting and useful information to the customers. You could buy the services and products that help new entrepreneurs run their business successfully.

Make sure you promote your business successfully. You could ask a prominent athlete or sportsperson in your locality to open your shop. You could give out fliers along with the local newspaper; advertise frequently and consistently, making sure you extol the benefits of eating healthy foods.

If you are well organized and manage all aspects of your business successfully, the sky is the limit as far as healthy food service companies are concerned.

Cornhole for Kids

All children love games and many are very enthusiastic and excited to learn something new. If you have an outdoor event that you know children will be attending, you may want to consider bringing a Cornhole game to help kids learn how to play the game and to provide them with something exciting to keep them busy and prevent them from being bored.

When it comes to Cornhole for kids, you may want to consider the rules that are standard for adults, and the rules that need to be altered for younger players. You may want to let the youngest child stand closest to the board when it is there turn, and then make the proper judgment for children that are larger and more skilled. You will need to stay close to the game and maybe inquire in another adult to help you monitor the game and ensure that it runs smoothly and fairly.

The bags are often very intriguing to the children that are playing and if you often have younger guests that play Cornhole, you may want to purchase or make bags that are appealing to young players. Your bags may be a bright color, or even a picture of the latest cartoon character. There will be many choices out there and you can make as many bags as you wish.

You will want to watch the scoring when it coems to children playing Cornhole and make sure that you are a bit more liberal then you would be with a tournament game. You do not want any child to feel left out and you may simply refrain from keeping score at all and this will prevent a win lose situation, and instead everyone will be able to play freely and this can be a lot of fun for children.

If adults and children are playing together, you can let each child throw more bags then the adults are allowed and this gives each child playing a slight advantage and can keep a competitive nature without making any child feel as though they are losing. This creates a way for adults and children to play together and neither party will have to wait for a game to end before they can play.

Cornhole is a great game for kids to play and this may lead to a lifelong love of the game. It is very easy to teach kids how to play and even the youngest players will find much enjoyment from the game. You will be able to spend time with family and friends and this can help all of the children involved get to know each other better.

Poetry – Two Poems By Turgut Uyar – "Mostly, It’s Yours" and "It Hurts"

Mostly, It’s Yours

by Turgut Uyar

Tell me to whom now it belongs this apple that I peel with care

You know that all I do with care now belongs to you

A man on his way to the water let’s say should he tilt his shoulder

The sun, the water and the tilt of his shoulder all belong to you

You stand up, you befit your name, and you’re right

The world that darkens as you know frequently belongs to you

The darkening world is an ember of fire for a new rose

The noble darkness left over from a fire’s ember belongs to you

You took a past with experiments, you came and painted the new well

I know it you should know it too the first illumination belongs to you

The water that I love is the real brother of your water

The powers abandoned by your water now belong to you

Because you hold like a weapon everything that you hold

The whistle that holds everything like a warning belongs to you

It’s all yours O eternal-giver whatever exists like life

Don’t hold your breath, expand, the core and the shell belong to you

O the most beautiful view of a waterfall pouring over the flowers

My love, my infinity, whatever exists and does not exist in this world all belong to you.

(Translated from Turkish by Ugur Akinci)


It Hurts

by Turgut Uyar

I want to talk about unhappiness

Vertical and horizontal unhappiness

The perfect unhappiness of humankind

My love hurts

We’ve lived something full of mystery

And they lived that over there

Mistaking the way a mountain was bent

For its joy.

First of all, the unhappiness of course

Like a bar in a small town

The way its laughter would hit the sunshine

But would not be reflected over here

That is, the syphilis that someone’s got from a fading rose

The tuberculosis that someone else got from another woman

The history of all office buildings

My love hurts.

“I pity my love” says someone

Even a child with a beautiful eye

Did not have a summer that protected.

I have no idea what should be said.

My love hurts

The ships are still passing by

The mountains will light up and darken again

And that’s all.

My stance is to find a lot of things and jump with joy

Fall has arrived O sorrow

Spring has arrived O black sorrow

O you, the smartest person on earth

Sometimes in the midst of summer in broad daylight

My love hurts

No matter whom I love

Or no matter who loves me.

September has packed up its bags and left you see

October etcetera will also be gone before long

Darn big horses that sink into history

Just sink into history, that’s all.

(Translated from Turkish by Ugur Akinci)


Basement Lighting Tips

Ah … the basement! This area of ​​the home is generally given the least amount of attention when it comes to overall design, function and livability. That is, unless you have or are planning to convert the basement area into a family or recreation room that really becomes a part of the overall useful living space in the home.

The basement by its very nature tends to be a dark area since it is located below ground level and has few windows and those are often casement or half windows that are frequently located in window wells, further reducing the outside light availability. Consequently, a major, but seldom considered issue, is the safety factor that results from navigating around a dimly lit area particularly if it is cluttered with storage or other household items that are generally not used very frequently.

One of the first steps to consider in improving the natural lighting in the basement area is to clear away shrubbery or other plants or obstacles to light that are near or adjacent to the basement windows. This simple step can help increase the natural lighting downstairs.

If you can enlarge or even add windows in the basement, this will also help a great deal but for many, this involves considerable expense that may end up near the bottom of the list of projects that need to be funded.

Traditional lighting in the basement usually consisted of inexpensive, practical and "only as absolutely needed" lighting. How many basements can you think of that were equipped with bare incandescent light bulbs or long tube fluorescent fixtures. While these options may have been inexpensive and functional, they certainly did not make the basement a very inviting place to spend any time that involved leisure or recreation.

Your first consideration needs to be what the basement is, can and / or will be used for. If you have limited upstairs living space, you may want to think about turning the basement into a recreation area or den. On rainy summer days during school vacation, it might be nice to have a place for the kids to play that is away from the main living area and that offers both you and them some privacy and the freedom to spend time not stepping on each other.

Let's say you want to convert your basement into a recreation area with a home theater. A combination of track and recessed lighting might be just the ticket. Installing dimmer switches will also allow you to turn the lights down low when watching a movie. If you want all or part of the basement area to serve as a playroom, you can consider bright and cheery light fixtures that are "kid safe" so that the active kids do not run into safety risks from broken bulbs, etc. If reading or talking or doing crafts is an option you are considering, you can select energy efficient light fixtures that provide a good color balance. A wide variety of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) are available that will work in table and floor lamps as well as ceiling fixtures.

Since you are cut-off from natural sunlight in the basement, you should give serious consideration to full-spectrum light fixtures (they used to be known as grow-lamps) that simulate natural sunlight and usually provide a warm sense of well-being particularly to those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Track lighting is inexpensive and attractive and can be used just about anywhere. It can provide both ambient and accent lighting and is very easy to install. Unfinished basements have open ceilings that lend themselves to running new electrical sources to just about any part of the basement and then covering up the work with an attractive drop-ceiling that just about any DIY can install. A word of caution: if your ceiling is 7 feet or lower, track lighting may not be a good option to consider since a 6+ footer runs the risk of bumping into to it and / or having the glare shine directly into their eyes. Recessed lighting is an alternative to consider if you have a low ceiling. If you consider these, try to avoid the harsh look usually resulting from fluorescent fixtures. Instead, you can select recessed incandescent can-type lighting that can be either spot or floodlights. If you use a dimmer switch with these lights you may find the effect very attractive. Keep in mind that you are dealing with older, less energy efficient technology when you use incandescents, but sometimes these are the only practical considerations when you're dealing with low ceilings.

Here are a few other minor considerations to keep in mind when thinking about basement lighting: You made need additional power sources installed in your circuit box. Consult with a qualified, licensed electrician once you have your lighting plan outlined and if he or she thinks you need to upgrade, heed their advice and have them take care of it. Taking the risk of using insufficient power feeds for your new lighting set-up is simply not worth the bother and the eventual added costs to do some "ripping out" and upgrading.

If your basement is sectioned off by walls, consider replacing any solid walls with glass blocks that allow light to shine through. Make sure that you have a switch at the top of the stairwell that turns on the main basement lights. Many earlier homes did not bother with this and the hazards of walking down an unlit stairway are just not worth the minimal expense involved in having a switch installed at the top of the stairway. You can also consider a switch at the bottom of the stairway that turns these lights off.

If you are not going to convert the basement into a full living area and will have some bare concrete walls remaining, consider drapery in a number of places with accent lighting behind or nearby the drapes.

Finally, to make your basement a more inviting area, you may want to consider replacing the traditional solid wood doors at the top of the stairwell with glass doors. These not only permit additional light into the basement, they give visitors the impression that the basement is really a part of the rest of the house.

Installing better lighting in the basement can be a daunting task because most basements, particularly in older homes, were just not intended to be used as living areas and were consequently designed to be minimally functional. Be creative. Look in home and garden magazines and on the Internet for ideas and if you are a social creature, visit friends and neighbors that have done some nice basement remodeling.

Reasons and Barriers for International Trade

If you read on the news that Japan and Ukraine will take part in any international trade system of some particular goods for some period of years, what would come first in your mind? DO you think there would be any challenges these two countries would face when taking part in this trade. Would there be benefits? Countries engage in foreign trade for the following reasons:

1. Uneven distribution of natural resources: Natural resources are unevenly distributed, While some countries are naturally blessed, others have little or no natural resources. This necessitates international trade.

2. Differences in climatic condition (especially when Agricultural goods are concerned): The climatic condition of the earth varies from one region to another. This variation gives rise to growth of different crops, hence the need for exchange.

3. Differences in technology: The level of technology differs from one nation of the world to another. Some countries with advanced technology can produce some industrial products at reduced cost and sell to the less developed countries.

4. Differences in skills: The inhabitants of a region may develop special skills in the production of a commodity such that it acquires special reputation for its skill. This can necessitate foreign trade.

5. Expansion of market for products: Foreign trade came into existence because of the need to widen the market for goods produced by a country.

6. Differences int he efficient use of natural resources: Foreign trade may arise because of differences in efficiency in the use of natural resources.

7. Differences between patterns of production and consumption: The differences between patterns of production and consumption in different countries necessitate international trade.

8. Differences in taste; Differences in taste of various countries call for international trade.

9. Desire to improve the standard of living: Countries engage in international trade in order to improve the standard of living of the people.

Barriers or problems

1. Language problem: Different languages are spoken by different countries of the world. Communication between businessmen from various countries with different linguistic background may be difficult.

2. Problem of distance: it may take days or weeks before one moves from one country to another because of the long distances involved. This may delay quick exchange of goods and services.

3. Numerous documents: The documents used in international trade are two many. This makes the processing of foreign trade too long and sometimes cumbersome e.g, bills of exchange, ship manifest, certificate of origin etc.

4. Differences in currency: Every country has its own currency which is different from the currency of other countries. In foreign trade, the currency must be converted before meaningful transactions can take place.

5. Tariff: A country can impose import duties (tariff) on imported goods and this will make the goods be more expensive.

International trade often leads to trade imbalance among nations with the effect that viable countries may not transact business with the weaker ones. Foreign trade can be hindered by the political ideologies of different countries. A country can deliberately decide not to trade with another country because of its political differences e.g, the USA and Libya in 1988. Further barriers could be: there is no international uniformity in the system of weighing and measuring of goods hence the system is not standardized, therefore, it has to be converted and this hinders trade.

Artificial barriers can be created for instance by the imposition of outright bad on products, quota systems or imposition of licenses on goods. Businessmen from different countries especially African countries find it difficult to contact their partners in other countries because of poor communication and transport facilities. This hinders foreign trade greatly. And finally, religious beliefs and culture differ from one country to another and these can constitute a hindrance to international trade.

5 Famous Quotes About Life

Most people have heard them, and you’ve even probably used a couple of them yourself. People use them as their statuses on social web pages as well as wear t-shirts and drink out of coffee mugs that display them. Quotes about life are some of the most popular and well-liked pieces of literature known to man. People can relate to quotes about life because they have real meaning.

1. “The real reason for not committing suicide is because you always know how swell life gets after the hell is over” – Ernest Hemingway

There are a lot of individuals who can relate to this quote. Oftentimes, life tends to become overwhelming and we are blinded by the bad things that are happening, but through our experience, we have learned that circumstances are always changing and that things always get better – eventually. Sometimes you just have to wait until the storm has passed and undergo certain trials and tribulations in life in order to learn your lesson. Once the storm has passed, everything is as it was, and sometimes calmer and better than before. It’s just a matter of time and waiting.

2. “It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts” – Adlai Stevenson

This quote coincides with the term, “quantity versus quality”. It’s a great quote because of the truth it holds about life. A person can live 100 years, but if those 100 years have no meaning or quality, they’re simply useless. Living without happiness or feeling is just about as wonderful as being dead because there is nothing happening and you’re not making it happen. If an individual were to only live 18 years, but those 18 years were better than another person’s 100 years, then he’s had a good life.

3. “Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by so quickly you hardly catch it going” – Tennessee Williams

This quote is a good example of how short life is. You live, but during the process of living, you can barely take hold of the things that are happening in front of you because the present moment goes by so quickly. When it’s over, it’s just another memory, but for those who truly enjoy life, it’s another memory they hold dear to their hearts. Sometimes, life is full of unpleasant and bad memories. No matter what form the memories present themselves, they are undoubtedly a learning experience.

4. “Sometimes I wish life had a fast-forward button” – Dan Chopin

Why is this quote so good? Because it describes the exact thoughts and feelings of just about everyone at some point or another. Life is full of times which most of us do not want to have to endure. One of the greatest examples is during work or a tragedy. Work is something that most people cannot avoid, and although they have to go to make a living, most individuals would agree that it would be nice to have a fast forward button. The same goes for tragic situations. There are just some things in life that are too unpleasant to deal with. Unfortunately, people must go through a series of ups and downs and live through all of it.

5. “Our insignificance is often the cause of our safety” – Aesop

In life, it’s all about getting out and making something of ourselves. People can’t simply expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. It is up to us to get out and do something about our circumstances in order to ensure we live great lives and are looked at as admirable individuals when it’s all over. For some people, that’s hard to do. You can’t become someone of significance if you are scared of everything. To become truly satisfied with yourself and your life, you must step outside of your comfort zone and not be afraid to live.

The majority of these quotes you can probably relate to. Most people have a pretty good understanding of the meaning of these famous life quotes. Chances are, you’ll continue to see some of them repeatedly throughout life, and maybe even choose to use a few of them yourself as you go along. Nevertheless, they are meaningful and a great reminder of some of the real truths in life.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

With people becoming more environmentally concerned, there are options to ensure that the roof on your home is eco-friendly as well. A roof is much more than just a shelter to keep the weather out, it should also protect the house from outside heat, provide a fire barrier and be appealing to the eye. Eco-friendly roofs can collect water and provide the energy used for your electricity.

Metal roofs keep your home cooler and are attractive looking. Metal roofing is often recycled, containing stainless steel, copper and aluminum. A metal roof will also last longer than an asphalt or wood roof. They are also fireproof and lightweight. Metal roofs are perfect for people who live in areas where earthquakes are common. Metal can be shipped and installed in pieces. Metal can be recycled indefinitely and can be painted any color that you choose.

Slate is another eco-friendly roofing option. Unfortunately, slate is expensive. However, it is one of the most durable roofing materials you can use. Slate will last many years, however the fasteners will need to be replaced eventually. Since they are expected to last around 100 years it will be somebody else’s problem. Due to slate being a natural material, it is recyclable. Slate is non-leaching and easily repaired, if necessary.

Another option in eco-friendly roofing is clay tiles. These are very expensive, but do last for 50 years or more. Clay reflects the sun well due to its lighter color. They are also well insulated and Class A fire rated. Clay is one of the most environmentally friendly roofing options available. They are non-leaching, non-combustible and durable.

Other environmentally friendly roofing options are recycled synthetic shingles. The recycled materials are made from plastic and rubber, weigh less than slate and come with a 50 year warranty. These also come in many colors making them appear more realistic. They are also fire-resistant and UV-resistant.

By choosing one of these environmentally friendly roofing options, you can add a roof on your home that is gentle to the environment. These roofs will also help save you money on energy bills and collect water for use on your garden.

Ceiling Clothes Airers – 5 Benefits of Using a Ceiling Airer in Your Home

It has been discovered that the electric drier uses more electricity than any other household appliance. For this reason innovative designs have adapted the traditional clothes airer into a modern product that can fit into any home. Ceiling clothes airers are the latest way to dry clothes indoors.

As the name suggests the ceiling clothes airer is mounted on… you guessed it, the ceiling. This appliance is barely noticeable because it tucks up neatly out of the way until wash days. Then simply pull the drying rods down when needed.

A good quality ceiling clothes airer will have individually adjustable rods made from strong, hard-wearing steel.

Once the washing has dried naturally and gently and been put away, swing the rods back up, and they stay neatly out of the way, until needed again.

Ceiling clothes airers are great for disabled users because they can be easily lowered or raised to suit the height of the user, and are quick and easy to use. Some companies will install them for you.

If you mount the ceiling clothes airer near a wall, at the side of the room, you can keep it out of your main living space but still leave enough room to dry your clothes.

The attractive design looks a lot better in the home than the old fashioned zig zag clothes airer that people dragged out of their cupboards and which became bent and wobbly in no time. These smooth, slick ceiling clothes airers will blend with modern homes and will not bend or break. This is why it is important to get a good quality product, there are many around and are well worth the extra investment because they will last a lot longer than the cheaper versions.

As well as stopping unnecessary electricity use, there are other benefits to a ceiling clothes airer. Drying clothes inside saves them from fading in the sun, or the tumble dryer, or shrinking in the wrong setting of the drying machine. Clothes will be practically crease free from hanging to dry.

And it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing – clothes can dry naturally indoors any day. For this reason, it is good to own a ceiling clothes airer even if you have an outdoor clothesline.

Plus saving electricity for the planet means huge savings on the electricity bill for you.

Tile Flooring Made Simple

Tile flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring surfaces to care for. Just grab a broom, some light cleaners, and a little warm water and you are set. This article will look at some of the simplicities of tile flooring and why you should consider it for your next flooring job.

If you are considering an easy to care for flooring surface then tile flooring may be just what the doctor ordered. Tile flooring can add great value, style, and beauty to any room you choose to install it in.

Caring for your tile flooring starts by removing the loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner. You should choose a vacuum that does not have the beater bar rolling as this could cause some damage. You may also choose to use a simple broom to remove the dirt and debris from your tile flooring.

Once the dirt and other particles are removed you can then mix a small amount of mild cleaner into some worm water. There really is not a certain brand or solution that works better than another. If you have a favorite brand of cleaner that should be fine. You can ask the manufacture if they recommended a certain product, but in most cases this is not important.

Tile flooring comes in ceramic and stone materials. These materials are very durable and can handle wear very well. You may find ceramic tiles that are painted adding a nice touch of class. They also come in finishes that are glazed thus giving them a more uniform appearance over stone materials.

Stone tiles will give a more natural look since they are not designed to match. You might also find a variation in the colors with stone flooring. This can actually add value in certain rooms, but depreciate the look and value in others. The best rooms for stone flooring would be in a tea room or sun type patio room. Stone tile flooring may not be as well received in a living room or family.

Ordering When tile flooring make sure That all the flooring is from the SAME batch. You do not want tile flooring that comes from a mixed assortment even when the style is the same. Tile flooring can have its own personality and you want to be able to blend it well with your look at feel.

Five Steps to Exploding Sexual Desire For Virtually Any Couple

Only very lucky couples escape the decline of sexual desire in a long-term relationship. Most couples, however, find that desire fades naturally as they become more familiar with one another. And while they might feel like good friends, a buddy is not what they had in mind when they started having sex.

What about you and your partner? Are you stuck in a sexual rut? Know you love each other but find sex a drag? Even if you accept fading passion as normal, you are both probably wondering just what to do. From the behind the office door of a sex therapist, here are five ways to pump up passion and pleasure.

First, admit that there's something about your sex life that you would like to make better. Do not fight about it, because when desire fades, it's nobody's fault. It's a matter of grey matter – once the first chemical bath of love chemicals has drained out of the brain, we move onto other parts of survival, like doing the dishes and raking the leaves.

Second, see this as an amazing opportunity to explore your sexuality even further with a person whom you trust. Every time you hop into bed with your partner, do it with the attitude of adventure. What are you going to learn about each other's bodies today? How much pleasure can you experience? How much can you take?

Third, when you make love, slow way down. Going slow lets you really communicate your loving feelings, and to experience them in return. Let your hand, your index finger, your thumb, your tongue act as an extension of your heart. Send sexy energy all through your lover's body.

Fourth, make love frequently. The more often you make love, the more often you will want to make love. Do not allow long periods of time to go by without having sex. Women, especially, seem to find that they become like desert camels, going for weeks and weeks without sex. Frequent sex allows you to connect, pumps up those love chemicals, and helps you keep the sweetness in your relationship.

Finally, remember that every day counts as foreplay for the next time you make love. If you give each other compliments, hugs, kisses, and backrubs instead of piles of chores, tasks, and criticisms, you'll find yourselves more eager to get into bed at the end of a day, no matter how long and tiring. Sex can revive not only your love, but your body, mind, and spirit.

Try putting even one of these steps into practice and see how it revives sexual passion in your relationship. Remember, the love is still there, you just have to fan the flames.

An Overview of Lean Six Sigma Training

However, the Lean Six Sigma strategy is characterized by the fact that it uses both, the Six Sigma strategy as well as the Lean Manufacturing methodology. In this case, the Lean methodology mainly aims at quickness and efficiency of the work done, whereas the Six Sigma strategy mainly focuses on elimination of defects and improving the quality of the products.

Therefore, once both these methodologies are combined you have strategy that not only provides you with the best quality products but also provides them at an efficient speed.

Participation of Top Management

When it comes to imparting the Lean Six Sigma training, more emphasis is put on top management, so that they become actively involved in the training process. This is done in order to ensure that the employees do not refuse to go along with the training process.

This usually tends to happen when the trainers are appointed from places other than their organization and employees simply do not seem to be comfortable with outsiders imparting the Lean Six Sigma training to them. In order to counter these acts or simply avoid such situations, it is important that the company appoints the higher officials of the organization itself as trainers so that they will command respect over the employees and at the same time, resolves any of the employee's doubts with respect to the Lean Six Sigma training process.

This makes the training environment very comfortable for employees as well as for the trainers.

The Role of Top Management

When top management commands respect from employees, it does not mean that those people have to be present all the time during the Lean Six Sigma training process. The catch is that the employees should be able to feel top management's presence during the training process – and this simply calls for better involvement of these higher officials during the imparting of the training.

The frequency of the presence of top management or departmental heads should be there at least three to four times a week. However, better involvement on the part of the departmental heads does not mean that they are supposed to explain all of the technical details of the strategy themselves to the employees.

That's because that is something that a certified trainer is supposed to do, unless you are well versed about the AZ of Lean Six Sigma strategy. The department heads are only supposed to teach the advantages of the Lean Six Sigma strategy and the effects on its adoption.

They are responsible of getting feedback from employees about the training process and ways to improve the training so that it will be more beneficial to them.

The Results of Training

The results of Lean Six Sigma training can easily be measured, provided that the employees know what to do and when is the best time to do it. Another important thing to be remembered is that more emphasis should be given on the practical tests instead of the brief examination in a theoretical format.

This helps ion preparing the employees for any situation turning them into expert Lean Six Sigma strategists.

Some Fun with Antiquated Hat Terms – Part Two – Renaissance Europe Through 1799

Some obscure and unusual words come to light while looking back at the history of hats and headdress. Having recently finished reading THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN (by Simon Winchester, HarperCollins 1998) about the making of the Oxford English Dictionary, I thought it might be fun to explore the definitions and etymology of some of these ancient terms, most of which have all but disappeared from modern use. [I’ll breakup this project into three or four parts, so stay tuned.]

To qualify for inclusion below, the word must show up with a squiggly red line at Microsoft Word’s “spell check” tool. So here goes:


[Fr. ferronnière, a frontlet; a coronet worn on the forehead: after Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait La Belle Ferronnière.]

(See quot. 1960.)

1840 THACKERAY in Fraser’s Mag. June 681/2 The sisters..with pink scarfs..and brass ferronières..were voted very charming. 1908 H. C. SMITH Jewellery xx. 172 This head ornament is known as the ferronière. 1960 H. HAYWARD Antique Coll. 117/1 Ferronière, a chain worn as an ornament encircling the head with a jewel in the centre.



[a. F. bonne-grace ‘th’ vppermost flap of the down-hanging taile of a French-hood (whence belike our Boon-grace)’ Cotgr.; f. bonne good, grace grace.]

1. A shade or curtain formerly worn on the front of women’s bonnets or caps to protect the complexion from the sun; a sunshade. (See quot. 1617; the later one may consequently belong to 2.)

1530 PALSGR. 907 The bone grace, le moufflet. 1533 Pardoner & Fr. in Hazl. Dodsl. I. 203 Her bongrace which she ware, with her French hood, When she went out always for sun-burning. 1595 R. WILSON Pedlar’s Proph. Bij, Fillets and bungraces. 1604 DEKKER King’s Entert. 311 This boon-grace hee made of purpose to keepe his face from heate. 1617 MORYSON Itin. III. IV. i. 170 A French shadow of veluet to defend them from the Sunne, which our Gentle~women of old borrowed from the French, and called them Bonegraces, now altogether out of vse with us. 1636 DAVENANT Platon. Lovers Wks. (1673) 411 Had she been but old enough to wear a Bongrace.

fig. 1609 HEYWOOD Brit. Troy VI. civ. 137 A Grove through which the lake doth run, Making his bowes a Bon~grace from the Sun.

2. A broad-brimmed hat fitted to shade the face. arch. or Obs.

1606 HOLLAND Sueton. 75 A broad brim’d Hat [marg. or Bond-grace = petasatus] upon his head. 1638 Songs Costume (1849) 140 Straw hats shall be no more bongraces, From the bright sun to hide your faces. 1719 D’URFEY Pills (1872) IV. 107 Her Bongrace of wended Straw. 1815 SCOTT Guy M. iii, An old-fashioned bonnet called a bon-grace.

3. ‘Junk-fenders; for booming off obstacles from a ship’s sides or bows’. Smyth Sailor’s Word-bk.


Obs. exc. Hist.

[a. OF. huque, heuque a kind of cape with a hood; in med.L. huca (13th c. in Du Cange), MDu. hûke, hôike, heuke, Du. huik, MLG. hoike, LG. hoike, heuke, heike, hokke, hök, E.Fris. heike, heik’, haike, hoike. Ulterior origin obscure. See also HAIK1.]

A kind of cape or cloak with a hood; ‘an outer garment or mantle worn by women and afterwards by men; also subsequently applied to a tight-fitting dress worn by both sexes’ (Fairholt Costume).

1415 in Nicolas Test. Vetust. I. 187, I will that all my hopolands [and] huykes not furred, be divided among the servants. 1418 E.E. Wills (1882) 37 Also a Hewk of grene and other melly parted. 1423 JAS. I Kingis Q. xlix, An huke sche had vpon hir tissew quhite. c1440 [see HAIK n.1]. a1529 SKELTON E. Rummyng 56 Her huke of Lyncole grene. 1530 PALSGR. 231/1 Hewke a garment for a woman, surquayne, froc. Ibid. 233/1 Huke. 1616 BULLOKAR, Huke, a Dutch attire couering the head, face, and all the body. a1626 BACON New Atl. (1627) 24 A messenger, in a rich Huke. a1657 LOVELACE Poems (1864) 210 Like dames i’ th land of Luyck, He wears his everlasting huyck. 1694 Dunton’s Ladies Dict. (N.), The German virgins..put on a streight or plain garment, such a one as they in some places call a huk. 1834 J. R. PLANCHÉ Brit. Costume 181. 1852 C. M. YONGE Cameos (1877) II. xxxvi. 370 When not in armour, she wore a huque, or close-fitting gown.

b. Applied to the Arab. haïk: see HAIK2.

1630 J. TAYLOR (Water P.) Wks. (N.), The richer sort [of women] doe weare a huicke, which is a rob of cloth or stuffe plated, and the upper part of it is gathered and sowed together in the forme of an English potlid, with a tassell on the top. 1660 F. BROOKE tr. Le Blanc’s Trav. 269 (Cairo) They [ladies] go all as ’twere masked and covered with an Huke that hides their face.

Hence huke v. trans., to cover with or as with a huke; to veil, cloak.

1613 H. KING Halfe-pennyw. Wit (ed. 3) Ded. (N.), I will..throw some light vaile of spotlesse pretended well-meaning over it, to huke and mask it from publicke shame.


[f. LOVE n.1 + LOCK n.1]

A curl of a particular form worn by courtiers in the time of Elizabeth and James I; later, any curl or tress of hair of a peculiar or striking character.

1592 LYLY Midas III. ii. 43 Wil you haue..your loue-locke wreathed with a silken twist, or shaggie to fal on your shoulders? 1628 PRYNNE (title) The Vnlovelinesse of Love~lockes. 1840 MARRYAT Poor Jack i, Lovelocks, as the sailors term the curls which they wear on their temples. 1894 A. GRIFFITHS Secrets Prison Ho. II. IV. ii. 63 Bandoline, which she used in making love-locks to adorn her fore~head and her temples.

transf. 1886 MAXWELL GRAY Silence Dean Maitland I. i. 12 Each [cart-] horse wore his mane in love-locks.


[Fr. fontange, f. Fontanges the territorial title of a mistress of Louis XIV.]

A tall head-dress worn in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

1689 SHADWELL Bury F. 11, What d’ye lack, Ladies? fine mazarine Hoods, Fontanges, Girdles. 1711 ADDISON Spect. No. 98 1 These old-fashioned Fontanges rose an Ell above the Head. 1883 F. G. STEPHENS Catal. Prints Brit. Mus. IV. 282 An ugly old one-eyed woman in a fontange.


[a. F. béguin child’s cap. See BEGUINE, note.]

1. A child’s cap.

1530 PALSGR. 198/1 Byggen for a chyldes heed, beguyne. 1532 MORE Confut. Tindale Wks. 577/2. 1639 MASSINGER Unnat. Combat IV. ii, Would you have me Transform my hat to double clouts and biggings? 1755 Connoisseur No. 80 (1774) III. 71 Such a store of clouts, would set up a Lying-in Hospital. 1819 SCOTT Ivanhoe xxviii, My brain has been topsy-turvy..ever since the biggin was bound first round my head.


[Said to be from the name of the 1st Earl Cadogan (died 1726). See Littré, and N. & Q. 7th Ser. IV. 467, 492.]

A mode of knotting the hair behind the head.

c1780 B’NESS D’OBERKIRCH Mem. (1852) II. ix, The duchess of Bourbon had introduced at the court of Montbéliard..[the fashion] of cadogans, hitherto worn only by gentlemen.


[a. F. toupet (tup ) tuft of hair, esp. over the forehead, deriv. (in form dim.) of OF. toup, top, tup, tuft of hair, foliage, etc.; ad. *LG. topp- = OHG. zopf top, tuft, summit; cf. OFris. top tuft, top, ONorse toppr top, tuft, lock of hair: see TOP n.1]

1. = TOUPEE.

1729 Art of Politicks 10 Think we that modern words eternal are? Toupet, and Tompion, Cosins, and Colmar Hereafter will be called by some plain man A Wig, a Watch, a Pair of Stays, a Fan. 1818 SCOTT Rob Roy vi, These fadeurs, which every gentleman with a toupet thinks himself obliged to recite to an unfortunate girl. 1863 Cornh. Mag. VII. 395 Wigs are dangerous unless frankly avowed. A toupet may easily escape detection.

b. transf. = TOUPEE b. Obs.

1728 FIELDING Love in Sev. Masques Epil., From you then ye toupets he hopes defence. 1748 RICHARDSON Clarissa Wks. 1883 VII. 495 A couple of brocaded or laced-waistcoated toupets..with sour screwed up half-cocked faces.

2. The forelock of a horse or other animal (obs.); a thick head of hair (in quot., of a Negro).

1797 Sporting Mag. X. 295 The Tuft or Toupet, that part of the mane which lies between the two ears. 1834 SOUTHEY Doctor iii. (1862) 5 Some of the inhabitants of Congo make a secret fob in their woolly toupet.

3. attrib., as toupet-coxcomb, -man, -wig; toupet-titmouse, the Crested Titmouse.

1731 FIELDING Mod. Husb. I. ix, I meet with nothing but a parcel of toupet coxcombs, who plaster up their brains upon their periwigs. 1748 RICHARDSON Clarissa (1811) VII. vi. 35 No mere toupet-man; but all manly. a1784 PENNANT Arct. Zool. (1785) II. 423 Titmous. Toupet..feathers on the head long, which it erects occasionally into a pointed crest, like a toupet. 1884 E. YATES Rec. & Exper. II. 238 A carefully arranged toupet-wig.

Hence toupeted nonce-wd. ( tu p t d, tu pe d) a., wearing a toupet.

1903 Smart Set IX. 53/2 We go in to dinner with the toupeted colonels.



[f. the name of the Austrian general, Andr. von Khevenhüller (1683-1744).]

a. attrib. Applied to a high cock given to a broad-brimmed hat worn in the middle of the 18th c. (see Fairholt Costume in Eng. (1860) 299); hence also with hat. b. absol. A cock of this form; a hat cocked in this fashion.

1746 Brit. Mag. 309 A laced Hat pinched into what our Beaux have learnt to call the Kevenhuller Cock. 1750 COVENTRY Pompey Litt. II. iv. (1785) 58/1 Jockey-boots, Khevenhullar-hats, and Coach-whips. 1753 Proc. Commission of Common Sense (Fairholt I. 377) Is not the Dettingen cock forgotten? the noble Kevenhuller discouraged? 1762 Lond. Chron. XI. Chapter of Hats (Planchè), Hats are now worn, upon an average, six inches and three-fifths broad in the brim and cocked between Quaker and Kevenhuller.


Now hist.


[Fr.; fem. of dormeur sleeper, applied to articles convenient for sleeping, f. dormir to sleep.]

1. A hood or nightcap. Obs.

1734 MRS. DELANY Life & Corr. (1861) I. 479, I have sent you..a dormeuse patron. 1753 Let. Mrs. Dewes in Life & Corr. 260 She had not yet been able to get her dormouse.

2. A travelling-carriage adapted for sleeping in.

1808 M. WILMOT Jrnl. 16 Aug. (1934) III. 363 We..set off in the Dormeuse 4 horses abreast & two before. 1825 VISC. S. DE REDCLIFFE in S. L. Poole Life (1888) I. 357 The two dark green carriages a Dormeuse and Britchka, which you Windsor. 1841 LYTTON Nt. & Morn. (1851) 216 A dormeuse and four drove up to the inn door to change horses.

3. A kind of couch or settee.

1865 OUIDA Strathmore I. vi. 94 (Stanf.) He lay back in a dormeuse before the fire.

Fred Belinsky

What Would Be the Consequences of Not Having Your Outdoor Pavements Pressure Cleaned?

The consequences of not having your outdoor pavements pressure cleaned at least once a year will end up in spending more money over a long period of time to fix and replace bricks, pavers, and pavement. You can save money on repairs around your house if you have your house pressure cleaned once a year. A pressure washer will help your house from top to bottom.

Neglecting areas around your house may end up with a large repair. Simple things such as the weeds between or under your bricks or pavers can cause them to split or break in half. A pressure washer can de weed around your house quicker than pulling each weed by hand. The colors of your bricks and pavers can fade and ruin if you do not have them washed and cleaned up.

Mold is one of the worst things that can eat your home and property, this can and will make you sick. If you do not take care of the mold around your home, you can end up spending a ton of money on both your house and your health. Mold can also make your walkways slippery and dangers. If mold was to sit for a long period of time, it will start to change the color of your bricks and pavement. You then would have to spend the money to replace bricks and pavers.

When you end up having to replace sidewalk or pavement would cost for someone to break it up and re pore it. When you decide to have your house pressure cleaned once a year, it is as if you were taking your house to the doctor for its yearly check up.

If you do not have your home and property treated with an anti mold and mildew treatment, or even bleach, your house will need more repairs then if you choose to have your home pressure cleaned once a year. Even the surrounding areas around your home such as the driveway or garage need to be pressure washed. The issues such as oil spills may penetrate the surface if sealer were not applied. Do you know the true color of your driveway? The dinginess of a driveway or walk way may make you think it should be black or green, without a regular maintenance it will definitely increase the amount of grim that accumulates in a year or more from dirt, rain and every day use can make your pavement and bricks look as if black was the new red or gray.

The cost to have your outdoor pavement replaced will definitely be higher than a yearly cost of maintenance in a long term. If you neglect the cleaning of the outside of your home and property completely the issues will grow largely more than just replacing bricks or repainting your home. Your home can end up smelling. When you have any wood around your home, it can split and break off with just a little wind or rain.

If your city has property up keep laws and rules, you may receive a ticket and have to pay a fine for the neglect the maintenance of your outdoors. If you live in a condo or housing association, you may also be fine by the condo, not to mention that your neighbors will not respect for you the odd smell coming from your home.

In the end, you want to make the right choice by having your house and property pressure cleaned. You do not want to let it go to long because the outcome may cause major damage and the consequence can decrease property value.

7 Best Bungee Jumping Locations for Adventure Junkies

Jumping Heights are Located at different places and rated as one of the most preferred destinations in the world. These are the only places in the world where bungee jumping can be done from a platform. Jumping heights is well known for its safety measures. It is the most thrilling jumping location in the world. Some Bungee Jumping locations like Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/Zambia Nevis Highwire, Bungee, QueenstownNew Zealand, Ozone Adventures, Wanderlust, Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa. There is one more popular location famous for bungee jumping is Cantilever platform, which is built over a rocky cliff which is 85 meter above ground level, making it the highest, and the most thrilling jumping locations in the world.

7 best bungee Jumping Locations for adventure Junkies:-

1. Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/Zambia:

The Zambezi River rises in the northwest of Zambia near to Angola, snakes its way exotically through 6 different countries before spilling into the Indian Ocean from the coast of Mozambique. It’s one of the world’s top 20 to 30 white-water spots, for much good reason. If I visited to the Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/Zambia place. I was 23 years old. then I also enjoy the lovely moment of the bungee jumping. I see mostly children want to enjoy the lovely moments here.

2. Nevis Highwire Bungee, Queenstown, New Zealand:

New Zealand is most fantastic with elastic. It is, famous hands down, the popular spot for jumping amongst our consultants and there are plenty of options available, from the ledge leaps to canyon swings and the urban plummets from the Sky Tower in Auckland, The air is thick with adrenaline. Many people went to these places with their family. So we can say that it is best.

3. Ozone Adventures in Bangalore:

Ozone in Bangalore is one of the most popular bungee jumping locations in India. This is conducted from the height of 80- 90 feet above the ground, like jumping heights, there is no platform. The equipment is fastened to a 130- 140ft-high mobile crane. Anyone between the age group of 18 or 60 years can enjoy this adrenaline pumping experience at Ozone Adventures. Safety is given utmost preference, but now bungee jumping from cranes is not as safe as jumping from fixed platforms.

4. Wanderlust in Delhi:

If you are looking for a decent locations in the North, in Delhi would be the best choice. The entire jumping staffs at Wanderlust is trained in Germany or operates with German technology and equipment. It offers crane jumps from 130 to 140 ft above the ground level and any adventure enthusiast between the age group of 14 to 50 years can perform this thrilling sport at wanderlust.

5. Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa:

If you are going to Goa then you must try this spot, you can try first at Gravity zone. It is located near Anjuna beach, which is one of the most popular attraction in Goa. It has set up a permanent 30- meter high tower which cost around 1000 rupees per jump. Many tourists visit these places with their family because of the enjoyment and great fun.

6. Daily Adventure in Lonavla:

Daily Adventure in Lonavala is one of the largest adventure park in India. It has popular jumping platforms. The jumping platform is 50 meters; the leap lasts for around 10 minutes. If you visit these places then you enjoy these lovely moments.

7. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa:

Located on the stunning Garden Route between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, this is the Big Daddy of bridge jumps then the highest commercial bridge and jumping locations in the world. From the bridge and you can see the way down the Bloukrans valley to where the river meets the sea, providing an epic backdrop for an epic jump. Bloukrans Bridge.