Four Keys to Receiving Blessings from God

Receiving Blessings from God

What are some keys that unlock the windows of heaven so that we can receive more of what we ask from our heavenly Father? Does the Bible state what we must do to receive what we ask from God? Yes, it does in John 3: 21-22:

"21 Beloved, if our heart condemns us not, then have confidence towards God." 22 And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commands, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. " (KJV)

The purpose of this article is to describe four keys to receiving blessings from God.

Keep God's Commandments

We must keep God's 10 commands. Obedience is one important way that we show that we truly love God as shown in I John 5: 3:

"3For this is the love of God, that we keep his commands: and his commands are not grievous." (KJV)

Be a Profitable Servant

What must we do if we are to be profitable servants to God and please him? Luke shows us in Luke 17: 7-10.

"7 But which of you, having a servant plowing or feeding cattle, will say unto Him by and by, when he comes from the field, go and sit down to meat? 8And will not say say unto Him, Make ready wherewith I May sup, and gird thyself, and serve me, till I have eaten and drunken; and afterward you shalt eat and drink? 9Doth he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I trow not. 10So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do. " (KJV)

Would an employee give a raise or bonus to an employee simply because the employee comes to work on time and fulfills the basic requirements of the job? No. An employee receives bonuses and bonuses because the employee goes above and beyond the basic job requirements. A good employee does more work than is required to help generate profits for the employer so that the employee can afford to give the employee a raise or a bonus.

Likewise, we are to do more than God requires of us to receive a greater reward both in this life and in the Kingdom of God. God is pleased when we do more than is required of us in our zeal for serving him.

Be a Cheerful Giver

When we become profitable servants by doing more than is required of us, we can begin to receive blessings from God. What must we do to receive even more blessings? The answer is in II Corinthians 9: 6-8:

"6 But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. 7Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. 8And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all savings in all things, may abound to every good work: "(KJV)

If we wish to reap a bountiful harvest of blessings, we must sow the field bountifully with the seeds of cheerful giving. If we want to experience real, abundant living, we must practice real, abundant giving.

We are to purpose in our hearts to give to God and others. We should plan our giving carefully. We should give because we want to do so, not because we have to give.

We can give of our money, our time, and our prayers. Is there another way in which we can give to God? II Corinthians 9: 9 shows another way to give to God:

"9 (As it is written, He hath dispensed abroad; he hath given to the poor: His righteousness, remaineth for ever." (KJV)

Proverbs 19:17 also describes the blessings that come from giving to the poor: "He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will pay him again." (KJV)

Giving to the poor is like loaning money to God. God signs the promissory note for what we give to the poor. God will never default, but the note is not a demand note. It is not a note that we can force God to pay on our demand at the time of our choosing. God decides when to repay the debt. Jesus Christ came that we might have life more abundantly, but we will receive most of our reward in the Kingdom of God.

Walk by Faith

As we walk down life's trail, we often can not see far ahead of us. Sometimes the trail has twists and turns that we did not see. Sometimes fog covers the trail, and we need the light of God's word to see the next blaze. We are to walk down life's trail with faith as shown in Hebrews 11: 6.

"6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." (KJV)

Yes, we must walk by faith, which is the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11: 1). We need to follow the trail that God has shown us. We do not need to see all the trail as long as we see the next blaze that God has marked to let us know we are the right trail.

Just as human parents provide for their children, God as our Father wants to give us good things (Matthew 7:11). We are to seek his will for our lives as we walk by faith. If we do so, the rewards from God are sure, but they may not come in the form or at the time that we might desire.


The few keys to opening the windows of heaven to receive abundant blessings from God. We must (1) keep God's commands, (2) be a profitable servant, (3) be a cheerful giver, and (4) walk by faith. These keys are not the only keys. Other scriptures show additional ways that we can please God. Through a diligent study of the Bible, we can learn more perfectly how to please God, live an abundant life, and receive blessings from God.

Increase Your Retail Sales With In-Counter LED Lights

Proper illumination in your jewelry store display case is an important tool to increase your sales potential. The great way to display jewelry effectively is to watch the colors of the spectrum radiating through it. The long life LED showcase lights not only save electric bill compared to the conventional tubes, but also have jewelry come to life with spectacular brilliance. In addition to that advantage, the LED display case lighting usually operates at a low temperature that produces very little heat that does not age jewelry, it has the intensity to create the greatest visual appeal with refraction and sparkle.

Jewelry does not give out light, it reflects light. Spectrum produced by the reflective qualities of LED light is a revolutionary discovery in the industry. ECL is one of the companies specialized in designing and manufacturing professional high quality and affordable LED presentation lighting which can last up to 40,000 hours. The color temperature ranges would be: Cool White color of 7,000-8,000K, Pure White color at 5,500K, or Warm White at 3,500K. The length of the tube light can be custom-made by the customer's specific needs.

ECL customized display case aluminum extrusion was created with effective, patented thermal heat sink design system, with 12v dc power-driven in 2007. High brightness SMD LEDs are used as light source with low power consumption. There are several kinds of white colors, and brightness levels from which to choose. They are all affordable, easy to assemble and can be assembled and shipped within 3 ~ 5 business days.

One of the many retail niche markets that benefit much from ECL showcase lighting is that of the small, family owned jewelry stores. Usually these retailing firms run on tight budgets, and need most of their overhead store rent and purchases from suppliers. Paying large electric bills for store illumination simply does not work good. Cheap fluorescent lights often give the small jewelry store owners with the best option for bright illumination. But they do not give out the same quality of light as LEDs in terms of refraction, intensity, and color naturalism. Small jewelers are not the only businesses that benefit from ECL showcase lights. Increasing numbers of high-end retail stores and specialty chain shops are investing in LED tube lights to illuminate items of interest in their business establishments.

LED lighting features the world's latest, most state of the art evolution in lighting technology, and may replace many forms of lighting one day with confidence. Although they are more expensive than fluorescent, halogen, xenon and other types of lights, LEDs' cool operating temperature produces luminosity level equal or close to conventional types of lights, and simultaneously keeping electric consumption at a minimized level. They exceptionally long lifespan deliveries long-run profitable returns on initial investment by minimizing maintenance costs, and the versatility of color spectrum they give can add special effects to the valued items on the showcase shelf.

How Budding and Small Hotels Can Lessen The Effects of Rate Parity

Rate parity is a term that always alarms hoteliers and can even be a growth barrier for small and new players. Rate parity is the practice of maintaining consistent and same rates of the same room type on all the distribution channels/booking platforms, be it hotel’s own website or OTAs irrespective of commissions being earned by an OTA. The objective of this practice is to create leveled playground for all the players alike. Both hotels and OTAs have to agree to rate parity norms when they sign up with an OTA.

At times, this leveled field makes it difficult for new players to compete in this fierce competition and suffocates them even before they can spread their wings.

How should hotels look at Rate Parity?

The practice of Rate parity came up to safeguard the interests of OTAs from situations where hotels can reduce their website rates and cut OTAs.

Why hotels rely heavily on OTAs?

OTAs provide a readymade platform for any hotel to clinch bookings from the very first day they enter the world of online booking. They do not have to spend heavy on marketing, just negotiate better deals with the right OTAs and they are set to make revenues. Hotels can easily look OTA commissions as their marketing costs but with a higher success rate. Hence, the advantage that OTAs offer to hotels somewhat nullifies the disadvantage of rate parity to hotels.

What are the challenges of rate parity for budding and small hotels?

In small and new hotels, every single booking is crucial. Paying hefty commissions to OTAs from already thin margins becomes very difficult for hotels. This is where direct bookings can prove to be a game changer. However, fetching direct bookings can be an uphill task without promotional campaign and price manipulation. Many times, OTAs will ask hotels to keep them in the loop when they run any promotional campaigns or discounted pricing on their websites. To prevent any breach of Rate Parity clause sometimes small hotels exclude the entire room category from OTAs and sell it on their website at their own prices.

Competing with OTAs for prices is difficult for small hotels since OTAs are known to reduce prices below agreed prices by reducing their commissions. We do not live in a perfect world!

This requires hotels to keep a check on prices of various OTAs to keep their prices competitive with them. When OTA channels are not directly linked to a hotel’s PMS system through a channel manager, rate parity is even more difficult to manage. Hoteliers then have to log into multiple systems to update their rates. However, it is much easier and faster, if the hotel is using hotel technology tools to manage all this.

Few are of the opinion that in this situation, small hotels are stuck between a rock and a hard place, as the saying goes since on one hand, they do not have the marketing budget to achieve the kind of reach that OTA provide. On the other hand, it is difficult for them to pay the big fat commission to the OTAs. Moreover, OTAs bring them business. Hence, hotels want to drive more direct bookings. However, this course requires more dollars to spend on marketing. They are in this vicious circle.

Here are some tactics that hotels can use to tackle rate parity challenges

Creating bundled packages

Hotels can augment their offerings keeping the price same as OTA price by adding perks like free parking, Wi-Fi, wine tasting sessions, complimentary breakfast, sight-seeing, free pick-ups, etc. This practice can help them have a clear edge over OTAs without violating rate parity norms since for the same price the hotel is offering a better deal than the OTAs.

Lower your rates to a limited audience.

Hotels can reduce the prices for an age group, category, Close User Group (CUG) or mobile app users. Run e-mail promotional offers for CUG members or on mobile app bookings. This can help them drive direct bookings on their website and mobile app without violating rate parity clause.

Loyalty Program and Customer Engagement

Another way to boost direct bookings is loyalty programs. Loyalty programs provide manifold benefits apart from just saving OTA commissions. Getting a repeat booking from a loyal customer is far cheaper than acquiring a new customer. On top of that, hotels are aware of their choice and preferences that enable them to serve them even better. This spreads positive word of mouth for the brand and paves the way for more direct bookings.

Use Meta search engines

Meta Search engines like TripAdvisor and Trivago can be considered as a savior of small hotels. Small hotels can even feature on top of the list in TripConnect since it works on a PPC model unlike commissions as in case of OTAs. Metasearch engines are quite popular among consumers since they not only provide a comparison among different properties but also allow them to choose the cheapest channel to book the hotel. Consumers are often seen to resort to book direct provided the difference is not huge since direct bookings are considered more reliable.

User-friendly website and booking process

To boost direct bookings hoteliers must ensure that they have the necessary infrastructure in place, which induces and propels direct bookings like – a comprehensive user-friendly website with a clean interface providing all the necessary information without having to search for it. In addition, the hoteliers must make sure that the booking process is simple instead of cumbersome so that prospects do not bounce back. OTAs have a clear edge in this department, but hotels have no choice but to bring their online infrastructure at par with those of OTAs.

From above discussion, we may assume that while Rate Parity agreements can decelerate the direct bookings of any hotel; there are numerous factors that prove that OTAs are in fact good partners with hotels. Hotels can adopt several bypass strategies to mitigate the defies of Rate Parity and the same time enjoy the large number of bookings from the OTAs

Why You Need a Fire Proof Filing Cabinet?

Do you have the power to see the future? If you do, then lucky you! But for those of us ordinary beings, guessing what the future might bring is something that we try to prepare for. The reason why we work so hard each day of our lives is to secure a more comfortable life for us when we do eventually retire, and also to secure the future of our children. Admit it or not, planning ahead, and trying to secure the future is one of our driving force in this life.

In the workplace, securing ones personal documents is of utmost importance.

How many stories have you heard about people getting fired because of lost or misplaced reports? Do you want to be part of that statistic?

In this modern age, most offices use a computer to store most of their documents. But for business contracts, business proposals, etc, paper is still king. The problem with paper is that it can easily get lost, misplaced, or easily damaged. One way of securing your paper documents in the workplace or at home is through the use of t he time proven filing cabinet.

The filing cabinet invented by Edwin G. Seibels during 1898 while he was working for his father's insurance firm is still the most preferred way of storing non computer files in the workplace or at home. The use of a filing cabinet makes it easy for a person to store and segregate different files. With one flick, you can jump from one section to the next with ease.

But with all the security that a basic filing cabinet can give, most will not be able to protect you from forces outside of your control. One of which is fire.

Fire will eat through anything, and that includes metal objects. In the unwanted event that your workplace catches fire, a basic filing cabinet will not be able to fully protect your precious documents from damage.

With that said, I suggest that you upgrade to a fire proof office filing cabinet.

At the start of this article, we talked about what the future might throw at us. Fire is one of those hazards that we constantly deal with. We do not know when or when fire might "touch" our lives. But when it does, will not it make you sleep better at night knowing that you at least prepared for it?

There are numerous companies that produce fire proof filing cabinets. Although some prefer to call their product "fire resistant" rather than "fire proof", the rationeale is still the same. And that is to protect your precious documents from a blaze.

So, are you ready to invest in something that can secure your documents, or would you rather play poker with the future?

Bathroom Flooring Options: Counting From the Worst to the Best Choices

When selecting the right construction material for your bathroom floor, you are faced with the same considerations as when selecting flooring materials for other areas in the house. Is your roofing durable? Will it withstand the kids’ activities? Does it feel good under bare feet? Here are some of the top flooring options from the worst to best.

No. 7: Carpet. A carpet can be a bad choice for bathroom floors. Just like water and oil, carpet and moisture are not the best of friends either. If you still insist on having carpet in your bathroom, make sure to take a look at pointers and tips from professional carpet installers.

No. 6: Solid hardwood. It may not be the best choice but it is slightly a better option compared to carpet flooring. Solid hardwood looks nice and feels warm under bare feet. But the major disadvantage for this kind of flooring is that moisture destroys the hardwood. If you still want solid hardwood bathroom flooring, make sure the tiles are perfectly installed without gaps to make no room for moisture to thrive in. For this bathroom remodeling project, it would be advisable that you hire the services of a professional installer to help you save money in the long run.

No. 5: Laminate Flooring. In general, laminate flooring is a viable choice for bathrooms. This kind of flooring is a better choice compared to solid hardwood. Laminate flooring is generally a resin impregnated paper that is placed atop wood chip base. The laminate plank’s surface is actually a picture of whatever it is supposed to be imitating- can be slate, marble, oak or cherry. On its uppermost surface is the part that manufacturers tag as the ‘wear layer’. This is a clear layer of melamine and is proven to be very strong. The seams are usually glued together so it is hard for moisture to work its way down the tiles. Laminate is also easy to clean but make sure you keep it away from too much moisture or it will expand and bubble.

No. 4: Engineered Wood. This type has a plywood base that holds up pretty good against moisture. It also looks great since its topmost layer is made up of real wood. If you choose the wood floor look in your bath, engineered wood is a great option.

No. 3: Stone. You don’t have to deal with moisture problems if you choose limestone, granite, marble and other stone flooring options. Stone does not make it to the top list because it can get slippery especially when wet. Stone floors will get a huge budget allocation of any bathroom remodeling project.

No. 2: Tile or Sheet Vinyl. Vinyl is perhaps the most popular option for bathroom floors. it features easy flooring installation and is available in a wide variety of styles, colors and designs.

No. 1: Ceramic Tile. Just like stone, ceramic tiles offer that solid and textured feeling. It is also waterproof and can be fairly expensive. And just like your wood floors, it looks pretty nice. There are different types of ceramic tiles and you should exactly get the type of flooring you want. Like stone, it can be cold and slippery. But texturing will help solve this problem. Go for smaller tiles for enhanced safety.

Eat Your Way to a Bigger Penis – Foods For Penis Enlargement

Millions of men worldwide are looking for the perfect way to increase their penis sizes. Many products have surfaced, including pills, extenders, exercises and even pumps, all promising you a BIGGER and THICKER penis. However, many men end up disappointed because they are getting poor, or worse yet, no results.

The only effective ways are actually through penis enlargement exercises and surgeries.

Do you know that you can further help your penis to grow even longer and thicker by eating right?

Foods that promote blood circulation

You can increase the blood circulation to your penis by eating foods such as salmon, nuts and fruits. Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for a healthy heart. Nuts contain vitamin B3 which is good for blood circulation. Fruits such as oranges are rich in vitamin C & bioflavonoids which promote blood flow while watermelons contain lycopene which prevents a buildup of plaque in our arteries.

Muscle-Building Foods

You know that the penis is made up of essentially muscles and you would need to pack on a lot of proteins to see any significant growth. Go for white meats such as fish and chicken. You can also eat foods such as egg whites, milk, cheese, yogurt, beancurds, etc.

Herbs for higher sex drive

Some herbs are known to increase your sex stamina and you need them as well. They are good for blood circulation. Horny goat weed has aphrodisiac properties and it has been proven to increase sex drive. Cordyceps improves sexual function by increasing the production of sex hormones. Ginseng can increase your energy levels and has been used extensively in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Exercise caution when taking them. Not everyone is suited to ingest them.

Foods that promote sex drive

We have heard that there are some foods that do increase your stamina. Seafood is a good example. It is rich in phosphorus, which has been proven effective in increasing your libido. It is also rich in zinc which is necessary for the production of the testosterone. Go for prawns, crabs and oysters! Like any other foods, eat them in moderation.

By eating the right foods, you can promote better sexual health. However, this is not sufficient. You need to do these penis exercises as well for maximum effects!

Weight Loss – Natural Ways

Struggling to lose a few pounds of weight can be quite a daunting and stressful venture for anyone. No matter the length of time that one has been overweight; the task is always quite overwhelming and demanding for most individuals. It is advisable that instead of setting a short time focus on losing your weight that you widen your scope of time in order to achieve the desired results. Let us look at some ways of losing weight naturally.


The good thing with herbal diet pills is that they contain no chemicals and hence have zero side effects. Most people who have happened to use non-natural weight loss pills will testify that they ended up with many excruciating side effects such as nausea and dizziness. By using herbal diet pills, the only thing one has to look out for is whether he or she is allergic to any one of them in any way. In order to avoid the problem of allergic reactions by consuming herbal pills, it is important to always check out the list of ingredients before consuming any of them.

When losing weight, one of the largest risk that one faces is the residual effect that comes with the changes in the body as they can result in training one's heart. Some pills are known to contain a chemical called ephedra. Ephedra is known to accelerate the heart rate and this can further result in high blood pressure. It is important to go for natural weight loss pills as they are usually more heart friendly.

Slimway is the best herbal diet pill to lose your weight safely and naturally. Unlike all other known supplements, Slimway is known to deal with many weight loss elements. For example, by taking slimway, one has suppressed appetite, low cholesterol levels, low blood sugar levels, sufficient energy, proper carbohydrate breakdown, a good metabolism boost and a general feeling of satisfaction and fullness. This natural pill is broadly accredited by most people who have successfully lost their weight healthily and safely.


Another good way of losing weight naturally is by eating the right food. By watching what you eat, one is able to eliminate the bad notification of staying without food in order to lose weight. Taking small helpings in between the main meals should not in any way catapult your weight only if you make the right choice. Let us take a look at some recommended foods for weight loss.

Eggs are a very suitable food option to opt for in your quest to lose weight. A recent study has shown that majority of people who consume eggs in the morning have a high likelihood of losing weight fast. The main idea behind this is that once you consume eggs in the morning, you tend to consume less residual helpings for the next 24 hours. Other diet, weight loss researchers have shown that proteins help in preventing spikes in blood sugar hence avoiding food cravings.

Green tea contains special slimming ingredients known as catechins. Catechins are known to speed up the metabolism rate and hence accelerating the process of burning fats in the body. Recent studies have shown that most of the people who consume green tea, experienced a significant drop in their BMI. Most of the participants also experienced lowered levels of LDL cholesterol.

Most people tend to stuff themselves with meals. This could be detrimental to your weight lose schedule and hence necessitating for proper control of calorie intake in ones diet. Starting off by eating salads (without mayonnaise) is a very effective way of ensuring that one does not stuff himself with calories whereas at the same time he or she is struggling to lose them. According to a recent Penn State University finding on diet, weight loss on people who consumed salad before eating their normal meals was faster and more broadly realized than in the people who did not.

Beans are known to contain cholesytokinin. Cholesytokinin is a digestive hormone that is also known to suppress ones appetite. By consuming beans, the levels of cholesytokinin in one's body increases and hence ones urge to eat is significantly reduced. Beans are also known to help in keeping the blood sugar levels stable since avoiding instances of hunger and starvation in between meals. Another good thing with beans is that they are known to significantly lower the cholesterol levels in the body significantly.

Lean beef is especially more recommended for dinner (that is if you are trying to lose a few pounds). According to food nutritionists, lean meat contains amino acid leucine which is known to help a lot in burning calories. In a recent study, a majority of the people who consumed lean meat for dinner lost more weight within a relatively shorter time than their counterparts who did not. Meat is also known to shield hunger pangs and hence reducing the likelihood of opting for small helpings in between meals.

For middle aged people, virgin olive oil is an effective way of fighting off extra pounds. This monosaturated fat is widely known to burn calories within a reasonably short time and as well boost ones BMR. Olive oil can be mixed in salad dressings, sautà © ing and bread dips for ease of consumption.

Cinnamon is widely renounced to cure mid-afternoon sugar slumps. Basically cinnamon is sprinkled on a whole grain toast or microwave oatmeal for ease of consumption into the body. Recent research has shown that cinnamon harbors a unique capacity to control insulin spikes that cause most people to have hunger pangs in between the main meals. Cinnamon is also known to lower cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and triglyceride levels in our bodies.


Physical exercises are extremely good natural weight loss strategy. By reserving thirty minutes of your time on a daily basis to work out, you'll be able to control your weight in a healthy and safe way. One should however ensure that they maintain a strict exercise schedule which must always be adhered to diligently.

What Makes a Chair Ergonomic?

Most people are confused by the term ergonomic chair because almost all office chairs today are marked as ergonomic. Fortunately there are a number of key points that you can take into consideration when you look for a true ergonomic seat.

One of the key features in any ergonomic office chair is adjustable tilt tension. The tilt tension is the device that makes the seat of the chair move and back forth. Most chairs have a fixed tilt tension so this can not move. This means that the chairs put more pressure on the back leading to back pain. Some chairs have an automatic tension control that compensates to the sitter's weight others will have to be adjusted by the user. This feature does not always work with people who are lighter or heavier than normal.

Pneumatic or gas lift height adjustment is what enables the chair to be adjusted to your height. Most modern office chairs feature this including ones that are not ergonomic. You can tell if this feature is correctly adjusted if your seat are planed flat on the floor. A heavier person may require a heavy duty lift height adjustment.

To be ergonomic an office chair should enable you to adjust the height of the chair's arms. This can help reduce stress when you type or use your mouse including repetitive stress injuries. A good rule of thumb is that the arms of a chair should match the desktop.

Back height adjustment is vital because it enables you to adjust the chair to get good lower back or lumbar support. Good lumbar support decrees pressure on the back which lowers the possibility of back pain. A person should be able to feel when the pressure on the back is lowered by this feature. Many chairs have special lumbar support features to encourage good posture which makes your back healthyier.

Seat depth adjustment is a feature that enables you to adjust the height of your seat. This is vital because it enables you to look directly at your computer monitor. Most experts believe that a person should look directly at the computer. This stops tall people from slipping and discourages bad posture. Most chairs are do have adjustable seats.

A chair that lacks all of these features is not an ergonomic chair.

Traveling in Mexico: The Guelaguetza Festival in Oaxaca

Question: What do the King and Queen of Spain, the Emperor of Japan, and
the Princess of Monaco all have in common?

Answer: They've all attended the Oaxacan festival of Guelaguetza.

The pride of Oaxaca, held on the last two Mondays of July, this year July
17th and 24th, the festival of Guelaguetza is Oaxaca's answer to Rio's
carnival. Planning and preparation take nearly one year and the results
show it. It is spectacular to say the least. For the weeks prior to the
festival it already pervades naturally every aspect of Oaxacaqueño life.

Beginning in the morning around 9:00 or 10:00, brilliantly costumed folk
dancers from each of the seven regions of Oaxaca perform traditional dances
to live music and toss offerings of fruit and produce to spectators at the
end of each folk routine. Culminating the festival are the colorful
Pineapple dance by the agile women of the Papaloapan region and the
exciting, neatly, Feather Dance by men depicting the Spanish appeal of
Mexico. Seating for the event, held at the Auditorio de Guelaguetza on a
hill known as "Cerro de Fortin" to the north overlooking the city, go on
sale months in advance of the event. There are free seating areas in this
open-air stadium but you must be there very early for any hope of a
seat. You'll need to wear a wide-brimmed hat or sunshade and bring plenty
of water to drink as the festivities last several hours. The Saturday
prior to the main event, delegations from each of the seven regions stage a
colorful, musical promenade through the city streets.

If you miss the festival, not to worry, videos of past festivals are
usually on sale at travel agencies in town. Ask around for availability
and the best prices.

Be sure to check out my other articles in the two continuing series: Teaching English in Mexico and Traveling in Mexico. If you would like more information, have questions or comments, the author can be e-mailed; see address below.

Awning – Types and Their Importance

An awning is a roof like structure, often made of canvas or plastic, which serves as a shelter over a storefront, window, door or deck. It is a canvas roof supported by a frame to give protection against the weather. It is also often constructed of aluminum under structure with aluminum sheeting. Awnings are used for both residential and commercial purposes. The main use of awnings is sun protection, it cuts glare and UV rays both indoors and outdoors, they provide shade and also reduce heat. Different types of awnings are available. Awnings are visually stunning which goes together with the architectural design of any home or any commercial building.

The following are some of the awnings; each and every type of awning has its own benefits:

1. Retractable awning: It provides quality, durability and affordability that complement your home. It has sufficient slope, so that it can protect outdoor areas from rain. These awnings are made with water – resistant fabric. It also protects indoor spaces from fading, yet keeps the room bright. By using retractable awning it reduces heat and at the same time reduces the use of air conditioners, enabling to save energy. Altogether it brings beauty to the building.

2. Residential awning: Those which are in houses are residential awnings; the awning which is used may be retractable, stationary, vertical, metal, window awnings and canopies.

3. Outdoor awning: These awnings are attractive and in many case a very practical addition to any home.

4. Deck awning: It is a type of awning which is engineered to withstand greater upward or downward from unexpected weather than any other awning systems. It provides beauty and sun protection without awning framework and costly seasonal maintenance.

5. Shade awning

Canopy is a roof like covering supported on pillars over an altar, a statue or a fountain. Awnings are always attached to a building. It may be metal, wood, or canvas. On the other hand, canopy refers to a canvas or cloth covering. Awning manufacturers and suppliers are available in large number.

Versatility of awnings

-It cools home interiors, reduces A/C costs, low maintenance.

-It provides good health, by reducing excess heat, protects from Ultraviolet rays, rain, inclement weather and harsh sun.

-It provides shade, comfort, various levels of privacy and expands customer commercial space.

Care and maintenance of awnings:

1. Remove dirt on the awnings as soon as possible.

2. Use only cold or lukewarm water, mild soap and a brush to wash your awnings.

3. Between deep cleanings, it’s good to periodically rinse awnings with clear water.

4. If you live in a warm, humid environment, it becomes necessary to clean your awnings frequently.

Wall Assembly Comparison

When one takes a look at the five-in-one construction components provided by insulating concrete form (ICF) construction, and combine that with the major performance benefits of building with ICFs, it becomes evident that ICF construction is a better way to build. Here is the breakdown:

Five-in-One Construction

The 5-in-1 wall assembly provided by insulating concrete forms means you complete five steps – steel reinforced concrete walls, fur attachment, insulation, air barrier and vapor barrier – all at the same time. Any other wall system would require additional material (and labor) added to the wall to achieve what one inherently achieves with the ICF wall. For example, a wood or metal framed building would still need to be insulated, as well as have the air and vapor barriers added to the wall, and a comparable masonry wall would need to be furred out and insulated.

Major Performance Benefits

Typically ICFs have a steady state actual R-Value of R-22. While this does not include the thermal mass and lower infiltration rate effects that add to the overall energy performance, it is still a higher R-Value than the other standard wall assemblies. A wood or metal stud wall will typically be insulated with an R-13 to R-19, and an un-insulated masonry wall will have an approximate R-Value of R-2.

Combine the higher R-Value with the thermal mass and lower air infiltration rates, and a building with exterior ICF walls will significantly lower the heating and cooling costs.

There are a couple of different ways to look at the strength of a wall, such as lateral and axial capacity.

Example: If you take a 10 foot wall, braced at the top and bottom, and apply a uniform 25 psf lateral load to the wall, the axial load capacity of an 11 inch iForm from Reward Wall Systems is 22,000 pounds per foot, and the 13 inch iForm has a capacity of 50,000 pounds per foot. A 2 x 4 wood stud wall with 16 inch spacing has a capacity of 425 pounds per foot. A 2 x 6 wood stud wall with 16 inch spacing has a capacity of 3,220 pounds per foot. A 3 5/8 inch and 6 inch 18 gauge metal stud wall has capacities of 500 and 1,775 pounds per foot respectively.

Looking at just the lateral load capacity, a 10 foot tall 11-inch iForm wall has a 65 psf capacity without any axial load applied. In comparison, a 2 x 4 wall has a lateral capacity of 37.5 psf.

Fire Resistance Ratings
Depending upon which ICF wall assembly is used for the building, it will provide a two to four hour fire resistance rating. In comparison, a wood or metal stud wall typically provides a 30 minute to one hour fire rating (depending upon the wall assembly and gypsum board), whereas a partially grouted masonry wall will provide around a two hour fire rating.

Sound STC Ratings
Sound ratings provided by the base ICF walls also out perform other wall types. A Reward ICF wall with gypsum board on each side will have an STC rating of 44 for the 9 inch iForm and 51 and greater for the 11, 13 and 15 inch iForm. A wood frame cavity wall will have STC values ​​in the low to mid 30s, and a metal stud wall will lie in the mid to upper 40s. One thing to keep in mind is that the difference of sound ratings is exponential when it comes to actual sound transfer.

In directly comparing wall assemblies with the ICF system, it is easy to see that ICF construction not only inherently provides more, but also outperforms. When you add five-in-one construction to the comparative performance benefits, the already impressive ICF wall becomes even more attractive.

Why Hire a House Painting Service?

Many people believe that painting a house, is not a job worth hiring a professional service. Well nothing can be more far from the truth. An objective point of view will reveal that the job to paint an entire house truly demands a professional service. Well, the fact remains that hiring a house painting service has many benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Quality work: Every house painting service provides you with experienced painters. These painters are trained in their job and have considerable experience. This means that the painting work they will do will be of the highest quality. Every stroke form their brush will add to the beauty of the house.

Timely Job: The professional painters provided by a house painting service are very fast. They have a knack of finishing their jobs on time. This means there will be no delays as far as your painting job is concerned. This is especially beneficial, if you need to get your house painted in an emergency.

Relaxed environment: If you hire a painter from one of the services you do not have to take any stress. This is because such a painter is trained to handle all types of situations. Unlike a situation when you do the job yourself, you are always stressed, when you hire a service you will not have to worry about even the smallest of things.

Reduced maintenance: The painting job done by a house painting service is really long lasting. This means that the maintenance cost for the paints will automatically become zero. This helps to save a lot of money and time.

Insured painters: Each and every painter working with a house painting service is fully insured for any loss that is caused by his action. This lends an extra credibility and safety to the job being done.

Warranties: When you hire a professional service to get your house painted, they give you a warranty. This warranty usually lasts for a period of 3 to 7 Years. During this period, if the paint comes off or there is any other related problem, the service will paint your house once again.

Get estimates: Before starting with the job the service will give you a free estimate as to how much will it cost to get the job done. In some situations they can also help you to cut some corners while getting the desired results.

Fair price:The superior quality painting done by a house painting service usually comes at a fair price. There are different sort of deals to suit the people with different budgets.

The above mentioned benefit clearly states that hiring a painter from a house painting service is the right thing to do. After all, it takes the pressure off and makes the whole job much easier. So go ahead and get yourself a painter, so as to get your job done  properly.

A Look Into Czech Crystal Chandeliers

The first crystals used in chandeliers contained a high volume of sodium oxide. Although crystals were produced this way, they were not hard enough to end the cutting process. Because of this formulation, various technological discoveries in crystal making began to evolve – one of them being the Czech crystals. Today, they are considered top of the range of crystals used to decorate chandeliers. It has been in the market for over a century already and has maintained its popularity even today.

Where Czech Crystals First Appeared

The word crystal came from a Greek name which means "ice" because of its coolness, clearness, and purity. Rock crystals were first found in the mountains. They are pure, cool, limpid, and achromatic. People began to be fascinated by these crystals and started using them for various purposes. They were first used to make luxury items, such as jewelries. They were also used in sorcery during ancient times. And today, they are widely used in crystal chandeliers for decorative purposes.

Czech Crystals Versus Glass

Czech crystals look almost similar with glass. But if you take a deer look into Czech crystals, you'll find them more pure and fine. The word crystal is used to define the lead content in the glass-like pieces. Those which contain less than 4% of lead are called glass. Those which have a lead content higher than 10% are already called crystals. If crystals exceeded 30% of lead content then they are known as highly-leded crystals.

If your chandeliers have highly-led crystals on them, they could have more value in the market. But if the lead content in crystals is too high, your crystals can appear cloudy. If the right amount of lead is in your crystal chandeliers, it can cast color spectrums in a room that will improve its overall beauty and ambiance.

Why Choose Czech Crystal Chandeliers

Czech crystal chandelier is a particular term in the lighting industry. It has evolved for centuries in the market. Czech crystals are a symbol of craftsmanship, beauty, unique style, quality, and surprisingly low prices. They dominated the European market since the 17th century and are still highly demanded by many home owners today. They are known and exported over the world today.

Where To Purchase These Lighting Fixtures

Czech crystal chandelier can be found in any lighting or furniture shops today, and can be bought at low prices. You can also find these chandeliers in antique shops or in garage sales. Once you see these lighting fixtures, you will certainly be guided by the beauty and splendor they give out that will certainly improve your home's overall look. – Crystal Chandeliers

Choose Auger Bits Wisely for Better Functionality

The auger is a machine that can make a hole in any material from one side to another by means of a rotating screw on the other hand a bit is shaped like an auger but without a handle used for wood boring and earth drilling. These drilling machines are available in various forms as wood drill, gun drill, dental drill, surgical drill, spade drill and so on and human lives are incomplete without them. Several activities are made by these auger bits such as tree planting, gardening, digging holes for fence post, holes for electrical and communication posts.

Auger bits are specifically designed for certain surfaces, materials and can give you extra ordinary results. If you are going to drill a wooden surface then no other drill bit is better than bits because it is the combination of screw and cutter. The working style of bit is quite interesting; auger is a part with a twisted shank that removes the chips and shavings from the wood with clean results, not only wood you can use the bits for drilling, metal, concrete, rock etc.

Your drilling process will be very simple after using these extremely professional wood auger bits and you can also choose them in shape and size according to your requirement. These bits are available in combinations like ultra smooth ship auger drill, nil chipper ship auger, power bits, deep-cut ship auger and standard ship auger-bit. Oil and mining industries broadly used these drills to dig the surface and search natural resources.

Long auger bits are used to drill a thick piece of wood; in timber frame construction cutting deep mortises requires quick removal of waste wood so using these larger auger bits can be faster than drilling multiple smaller holes with power drills. Every craftsman makes use of these bits or the Router Bit Sets as they are very helpful for their project work, bit sets are various tools that can help you decorative designs. Various models of bits are available in the market and you can buy at affordable price.

The different parts of auger bits are composed to get professional success as the tip of the drill bit has a different point style depending upon the work at hand. The helical shape of the auger is known as spiral flute which troughs waste material upward. As the technology is advanced; more advancement to the bit, a task is going to complete in minutes rather than hours. The auger bits require a strong clamping force on the particular place to hold it in place.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mini Skid From Compact Design Steer Loaders

Skid steer loaders are machines that are commonly seen in different job sites. Construction sites and individuals who own acres of land needs skid steers in order to help them maintain their lands. Maintaining acres of land or construction of establishments require the expertise of these machines since they can perform many tasks that man could not possibly do. This machine is already being widely used by construction owners, government agencies, land entrepreneurs, and individuals who own private lands.

This type of machine comes in two sizes. The mini skid steer and the compact skid steer loader. Both steer loaders are the same with regards to its performance. However, mini skid could only carry less capacity considering the fact that it is small as compared to the compact design which is bigger. So before you purchase your own steer loaders, you must first evaluate whether a mini skid or a compact design steer loader fits in the jobsite.

Gathering necessary information of both skid equipments must be made when an individual is having trouble in deciding which type of steer equipment he will purchase. If this occurs, it is best to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of both skid loaders so as to have a clear and enough background about both skid loaders.

One advantage of mini skid loaders is its size. Since they are small, they can easily fit in confined sites making them to perform desired tasks effectively as compared to the compact ones. These mini machines also have a great hydraulic flow rate making it fast for the attachments to dig holes deeper and do desired tasks. Changing skid steer attachments is easy in mini steer equipments. This is because minis do not have cabs compared to compact design. It is easy for the operator to step off when there is a need to change attachments. The operator gets to have better control when operating mini skid machines.

Mini skid steer loaders also have its disadvantages. First is its safety. Since they do not have cabs compared to compact loaders, operators are prone to accidents. Cabs of compact loaders serve as the operator’s protection against falling debris and accidents. The cab in compact loaders also helps the operators to continue working even during cold weather. Comfort is another disadvantage in mini loaders. The fact that they do not have cabs, operators need to stand while working making them to get tired easily. And lastly, mini loaders could not lift heavier weights since they are small and their attachments could only carry limited amount of weight.

But it really depends upon the individual as to what steer loader he wishes to purchase. The important thing to remember and taken into consideration is the quality of the skid loader and whether it can survive heavy duty workloads. Whether it is mini or compact, the important thing is it can help you finish your work fast and easy. There is no need to waste time from using shovel and wheelbarrows in digging holes. The availability of skid loaders makes the job simple for us.