The Pros and Cons of Being a Professional Artist

Many people who paint for a hobby have a lot of talent and wish to become professional artists. Much as it seems that being a professional artist would be a great occupation, just like others it has its pros and cons. Having experienced this lifestyle I thought I would tell you of the pros and cons of being a professional artist through my eyes.


  • You are doing a job that others can only dream about and you can be proud of what you have achieved
  • You can spend your whole time painting to your heart’s content
  • You can experiment with different mediums and techniques because as you sell your art you make way for new stock
  • To a certain extent your time is your own and you can fit in other activities when you want to
  • You can essentially decide on what price you charge for your artwork
  • You are your own boss with only yourself to account to
  • You are one of only a handful of people that is able to turn their hobby into an occupation
  • When you get commissions from people this can spark new ideas in your head
  • To see your work in a hotel or someone’s home is a great feeling of satisfaction


  • You may still have to paint when you lack inspiration or just generally don’t feel like it
  • Some clients can be very picky in what they want and you need to paint what that is rather than how you think it should be and you have to go with that
  • In order to get sales, you may have to paint much more commercial work than what you may otherwise choose as a subject
  • You may not know where your next earnings will come from and it can certainly be a struggle to make a living at times
  • When times are hard people are less likely to buy luxury items like paintings and so you may be hit hardest in a downturn
  • There is a lot of competition from fellow artists so you always have to be one step ahead with your ideas

All in all I believe there is no better occupation than being a professional artist, as long as you have some financial back up plan when you start as it will take a while to build up contacts for enough work to sustain you. Once you are up and running though there are many different ways to sell your artwork and you should be able to sustain a reasonable living by selling your art.

Installing Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are great home decorations. However, you need to consider the consequences first before buying them. For example, you have to match the chandelier well with your homes to know if the style and size fits well with the theme of your house. You should also consider the installation options as some chandeliers may not be easy to bed in.

Crystal chandelier installation may be one of your biggest problems after the purchase. For this reason, you need to ascertain the installation process of the chandelier before you even buy them. In most cases, repair people can handle the job for you. But to avoid extra expenses, you can put up the crystal chandelier yourself. However, if the size and the installation process go beyond your capabilities, then you can search for another way to install your crystal chandelier.

Hiring An Electrician

The safest way to install your crystal chandelier is to hire an electrician. Because an electrician knows the parts, the wirings, and the connections needed, you definitely need to hire his services. If you are planning on big chandeliers, hiring an electrician is a must. Bigger chandeliers are usually more complicated than the smaller ones. Therefore, an electrician would be necessary in most cases.

Free Services From The Manufacturer

When you purchase your crystal chandeliers, there may be people from the company who can install the lighting system for you. More often than not, their services are for free. However, there are other manufacturers which require a small amount of payment. So before you buy your crystal chandeliers, know first if the manufacturer offers such kind of services.

Installing The Chandelier By Yourself

Perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way to install your crystal chandeliers is to put them up by yourselves. Of course, you'd require the help of a second person since most of the chandeliers are big and bulky. You also need to be extra careful since the crystal chandeliers are easily breakable. You need to exercise much caution in handling them to ensure the safety of the chandelier.

Before installing, you need to read the manual and be guided on the process. You can also ask the help of some other people who have tried installing a chandelier by themselves. The process is actually very easy especially for the smaller chandeliers. However, it may get a tad harder if the lighting system you're installing is big.

For safety reasons, it is best to spend a small amount of money and hire a professional to do the job for you. Aside from safety reasons, you'd find that hiring somebody will make the installation process faster and easier.

Http:// – the Crystal Chandelier

Cartomancy Card Combinations – Tarot Readings Where Aces Or Tens Appear

Cartomancy, derived from Tarot reading, involves divination with a normal deck of playing cards. The Aces and Tens of the various suits have special meanings when found in combinations with certain other cards. Learn to recognize these special meanings and what they can predict for you.

Cartomancy and the Tarot

Card divination is rooted in the Tarot, and has been performed by readers since ancient times. These early decks were hand drawn and illustrated, providing a wide spectrum of quality in their color and craftsmanship. Later, with the advent of the printing press, decks of cards could be massed produced, provided the illustrations were limited and simplified. For this reason, playing cards evolved without the highly illustrated Major Arcana of the Tarot. And since divination with cards, was a common enjoyed pastime, meanings for the new card deck were developed. These meanings were originally handed down orally from reader to reader. Later, they were gathered, printed, and sold with the cards themselves. The following meanings come from these collected sources.

Aces and Special Combinations

The Ace card of each of the four suits is the root card of that suit, carrying strong individual traits related to their suit. For example, the Ace of Hearts calls for love, friendship, and happiness in the home. When the Ace of hearts falls next to another heart, it calls for a new friendship to appear. When it falls between two heart cards, it predicts a strong love affair for the client. When the Ace of hearts falls between two diamond cards, it predicts a windfall of money and riches. And when it falls between two spade cards, it predicts quarrels and squabbles for the client. The Ace of Diamonds by itself predicts money or a communication for the client. In addition, when this Ace falls next to the eight of Clubs, it calls for a business proposal to come your way. The Ace of Spades by itself calls for emotional conflict, or a bad love affair. It can also predict Death to someone close to you. However, when this Ace falls with the King of Clubs, it predicts involvement with a Politician; when it falls next to the Ten of Spades, it predicts a serious job or undertaking on your part. Lastly, when the Ace of Spades falls with the four of Hearts, it predicts a new birth for someone close to you.

Tens and Special Combinations

The Ten of Hearts by itself predicts good fortune and happiness for the client. In addition the Ten of Hearts will cancel the affects of adjacent cards of ill-fortune, and strengthen the power of adjacent cards of good fortune. This is a very good card to drawn in a reading. The Ten of Diamonds by itself is a card of change, predicting marriage, money, or a journey for the client. But, when the Ten falls next to the two of hearts, it almost always means a fortunate marriage is in the works. The Ten of Spades by itself is a card predicting misfortune and worry for the client. In addition, this Ten cancels the power of cards of good fortune adjacent to it, and multiplies the power of cards of ill-fortune which fall beside it. The Ten of Spades next to a Club card predicts serious business troubles, while the Ten of Spades surrounded by two Club cards predicts theft, forgery, or a catastrophic business loss for the client. This is one of the worst cards possible in a reading.


Aces and Tens in the dominant suits of Hearts, Diamonds, and Spades have special meanings when they occur in a Cartomancy reading. Always look for these cards and interpret their combination meanings in order to gain complete insight into what fate has in store for you.

Which Snow Blower Is the Best One For Your Needs?

Do you live in an area which has enough snow each year that you constantly have to shovel it from your driveway and walkways? If so you will know what a back breaking and time consuming job it can be using a shovel. You will of course have thought about buying a snow blower or snow thrower as they are properly called. Or you already have a snow thrower but now need to replace it because it is broken, worn out or you perhaps need a larger more powerful one or maybe a smaller easier to handle model. Snow blowers do not actually blow the snow which is why their proper name is "snow thrower". Snow is ejected at speed from the chute or out of the front of the machine either by the speed of the auger or on a two stage machine, by an impeller inside the output chute.

So What Snow Blower are Available to Suite Your Needs?

There are four types of snow blower or thrower which will be of use to most domestic property owners. Starting with the smallest and going up in size, these are as follows: –

  • Electric snow shovels. Small electric machines similar in size to a shovel with around a 12-inch cutting width and usually of 7 to 9 amps in power
  • Electric snow blowers. Larger electric machines usually with wheels and around 18 inches cutting width of 12 to 15 amps
  • Gas powered single stage snow blowers. Larger than the electric machines and with bigger wheels. Snow is ejected through the chute by speed of the auger blade
  • Gas powered two stage snow blowers. Top end domestic machines, two stage snow blowers cut through the snow the same as other machines, but the snow is then ejected from the chute by an impeller inside the output chute rather than by the speed of the auger

and, for clearing really large areas such a long driveway

  • Snow blowers and plow attachments. Attachments for garden tractors and even for on-road utility vehicles

What Job is each Type of Snow Blower Best For?

  • Electric Snow Shovel. An electric powered snow shovel is great for clearing small areas, steps, decks and patios. They are light weight and very easy to move around. They are limited to being able to clear snow up to about 150 feet maximum away from the electrical outlet and no more than about 4 to 6 inches of fresh light snow in one pass
  • Electric Powered Snow Blowers. Electric powered snow blowers tend to be of around 18-inches cutting width and usually have a power rating of between 12 and 15 amps. These electric machines are good for clearing larger areas of snow up to the size of a 3 car driveway and accompanying sidewalks. They tend to be rated to be able to clear up to 10 inches of snow at a time but 4 to 6-inches depth of snow is more realistic. They are limited to being able to clear snow up to about 150 feet maximum from the electrical outlet.
  • Gas Powered Single Stage Snow Blowers. Gas powered single stage snow throwers are usually 21 to 24-inches and are rated to clear around 12-inches of snow at a time but most are happy with removing 6 to 8 inches in one pass. Single stage gas blowers tend to be powered by 4-cycle engines nowadays rather than 2-cycle engines, thus eliminating the need for adding oil to the gas. 4-cycle engines are also quieter than 2-cycle engines and also tend to have more torque which means that they cope better with tougher conditions. Single stage snow throwers tend to require the operator to push them as the wheels are not driven but saying that, they do drag themselves along by the cutting action of the auger.
  • Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Blowers. These are the top end machines for clearing areas around domestic properties. These blowers are sized from 24 to 33-inch cutting width and are self-propelled with up to 6 forward speeds and reverse. Two stage snow throwers are also able to cope better with wet snow as it is driven from the chute by a secondary impeller and are also able to clear snow of up to 24-inches in-depth. These two stage snow throwers are large in size which means that they are not as flexible to use as smaller single stage or electric machines and they also need substantial storage space.
  • Larger Snow Blowers – Attachments. Attachments such as snow throwers and snow plows are available for garden tractors and for utility vehicles.

Which Type of Snow Blower is the Best One for Your Property?

This will depend on the amount of snow you normally have and how large the area is that you need to clear. So, the larger the area, the larger, more powerful the snow blower you will need. After all, you do not want to be clearing the snow all day as there are better things you could be doing.

  • Steps, Decking, Patio, Paths etc. Really the only option for these smaller areas is a normal shovel or an electric powered snow shovel.
  • Small Sized Area – 3 Cars plus Walkways . If you have a small driveway for up to two cars, plus side walks around the house then an electric shovel may do but I suggest an electric powered snow blower of around 18-inches would be more ideal. A driveway of more than two cars and you definitely need an electric snow blower and not an electric shovel. As with an electric lawn mower, the electric cord can be a problem and so care is needed when using the blower not to cut the cord.
  • Medium Sized Area – 2 to 5 Car Driveway plus Walkways. If you can get electricity to the limit of where you need to clear the snow then I suggest an electric powered snow thrower would be ideal as there is no gas required, no starting problems, easier to store than a gas blower, easier to handle and when you want to use it you just get it out, plug it in and off you go. A gas powered single stage machine will do a similar job to an electric one and you will be able to clear snow where there is no access to electricity within 150 feet. I suggest a single stage gas powered machine will be useful for a driveway which will take up to five cars plus walkways.
  • Large Sized Area – Larger Than 5 car Driveway. If you have an area larger than 5 cars or experience regular heavy snow falls then you will need a gas powered two stage blower. Remember also that two stage snow throwers have driven wheels and up to 6 forward speeds plus reverse, and so are easier on your muscles, back and lungs than electric or single stage machines where the auger is what drags you through the snow.
  • Massive Sized Area – Long Driveway, Large Parking Area etc. If you have a very large such as a long driveway or parking for ten plus cars and own a lawn tractor, ATV or compact tractor then attachments are available to enable you to clear the snow from the comfort of the seat of any of these vehicles. Attachments are also available for on road utility vehicles such as a pick up truck but unless your property is miles from the main road then you will not need to consider these.

Chair Lift For Stairs – Your Home Stair Lift, the Healthcare Helper

One of the most frustrating thing in life that could ever happen is when you care literally incapacitated within your own home. The simple act of climbing stairs on a daily basis that you take for granted is no longer. Suddenly, the stairs look so long that they seem to last forever. Climbing the steps has become an utter physical challenge. Most often, such incapacitation arise from crippling ailments due to aging, while others arise from physical handicap due to accidents. Regardless of the reasons, you are not left without recourse. The chair lift for stairs is a great solution ferrying individuals, goods and luggage up and down the stairs. A home stair lift system literally resolves your mobility frustrations and liberates you from dependence, breaking all barriers you may have from immobility.

The benefit of having a home stair lift as compared to a home lift is that the former requires no reconstruction of the layout of your home which, in some cases could literally mean major restructuring and extensive amount of money to finance the changes. The one main benefit of having the latter is that you could carry more items in one trip up or down the stairs. And when you choose the right type of chair lift for stairs, your ability to scale the many flight of stairs at home is easier than ever.

They have a carriage fitted to move along an aluminum or steel railing track installed along the stairs which carries you up and down the stairs via a remote control system. Almost all stair chair lifts nowadays use a rack and pinion mechanism which give you a smooth and quiet ride and have low maintenance requirements.

They run on electricity, either on home electricity supply or rechargeable battery. Some opt for the latter as the area they reside in tend to have frequent power outages. And with a battery operated system, you are always ensured of a smooth and uninterrupted ride. It is however important to note that you will still need home power supply to recharge your batteries.

While installing a chair life for stairs is the less expensive of the alternatives open to you, you need to have a quotation based on customization specifics of your requirements. Being able to still stay in your own home with the freedom to move up and down the stairs at your own free will on a home stair lift without the assistance of a health care helper is priceless indeed.

Elevators – Top 4 Most Used Types of Home Elevators

Some people are thinking that installing an elevator is luxury and some people, necessity. If you are one of those who think that means luxury, it's all right; I'm not saying that installing home elevators is a must. At least that you can do is to read this article and maybe you'll learn something new about the lifts. If you are one of those who think that means necessity I want to tell you some details about the most used types of elevators for home appliance.

The most used types of home elevators are: hydraulic elevators, electric (traction) elevator, pneumatic lift elevator and overhead winding drum. Hydraulic lifts are the most secure and the most used home elevators. These lifts are operated by hydraulic rams also known as a "hydro rams". They are pumps that cycle the water, supplied by hydro-power.

There are a few types of hydraulic elevators, known as "roped-hydraulic", "hole less", and "in ground". "In ground" systems must have a huge hole at the lowest level of the house and has to be drilled down, with depth same as the length of the lift trajectory. That's because the cylinder is moving down through the hole as the cab is moving up. Sometimes there are no possibilities to drill this hole. In that case are using "hole less" systems because on each side of the elevator they are using a pair of hydraulic jacks as a moving force. Roped-hydraulic system is alternative when it's not possible to drill hole for the cylinder and the cab travel is greater than the "hole less" systems can provide. They are combination of hydraulics and ropes connected to jacks, controlled by friction governor and governor-tension sheave.

Electric also known as traction elevators have two types of traction systems. The traction systems can be geared or gear less. The geared systems can be power supplied by alternative or direct current. Geared machines are using to control the moving of the cab. The cab is connected by big steel ropes and they are rolled by high-speed motor over drive sheave. The gear less system includes alternative or direct current high-speed gear less motor which is attached to the drive sheave directly without using steel ropes.

Third type is The pneumatic the elevators . These lifts can carry only one or two people and their cab is moved by pneumatic system by creating air pressure difference between the top and the bottom of the cylinder tube. No cables, no pistons and no pulleys, just like the elevators in the "sci-fi" movies. The aluminum and glass are the only materials used in the process of manufacturing of these residential lifts.

The last of the four types is overhead winding drum elevator. As we can assume from their name these types of residential lifts, an overhead winding drum is used to manipulate with the elevation cab, so there's no need for machine room because the winding drum machine is placed at the top of the elevator hoist-way.

I hope that this information was quite helpful for you and as a potential buyer you've got some clarifications about the types and subtypes of home elevators. I'm sure that you'll make the right choice and you'll install the most suitable elevator, according to your requirements.

Clever License Plates

License plates are also called number plates or registration plates. Almost all countries or states have a legal requirement that vehicles are registered. The cost of registration varies between jurisdictions and the method of display also varies. However, one thing that is consistent is the license plate. There are only three standard sizes in the world and the rules governing what is on them, again is determined by the jurisdiction that is responsible.

People seem to have fun with these license plates. In many places, one can get a license plate made to their unique design. They are called personalized license plates, for example, many counties and shires have the name of the county or shire and a number, like NEWYORK1, or NOOSA10 on their vehicles. These plates do sometimes become collector's items, especially the names of cars, football clubs and other interest groups names.

Some people choose serious names like DOCTOR, DENTIST1, FOOTBALL, OPERA100, PRINCESS, PIRATE or any name that they think is distinctive.

Then there are those who spend time to think up plates that a funny or clever. Recently I saw a plate with IMADR, and I assume it means I am a Doctor. Another clever plate was BABA, and it took a while to work out what it meant. The plates are on a Black Jeep – so BABA Black Jeep. A plumber had a number plate CALLPIPE. The spelling of words on the clever number plates are following the SMS or text shortcuts. So now there are plates that have GR8TE for great and 8UXY for busy and the list goes on and on. There are many web-sites that give mountains of options for customizing.

Customized, individualized, personalized or private plates are often offered for sale and a price of $ 1,000 is not out of the question. Some plates have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. These plates are often sold at auctions in order to determine true market value. The value of the first UK plate A1, must be enormous.

Collectors of plates, either collect the real license plates or the novelty license plates. The different in the collecting is the price the novelty license plates are considerably cheaper than the real ones. When buying online, be sure to confirm that you are actually receiving what you are paying for.

Whatever your need for number plates, have a look around and you will find something interesting.

What Is Greenhouse Farming?

On a modern small or large scale farm, greenhouses should be thought of like your best employees, they will grow along with your greenhouse farming business. Tomatoes, beans, vanilla, fruit trees, lettuces, and other high value crops can be grown in a greenhouse much more successfully than outside in the elements. All seedlings should be started in a greenhouse to ensure a better germination rate and an earlier start to your season.

Greenhouses allow farmers to control their own weather. Weather has plagued farmers for millennia, but the unassuming greenhouse is changing that. Greenhouse farming is perfect for an unpredictable climate. In Kenya, greenhouses are being used in response to their recent severe climate shifts with surprisingly excellent results.

At their essence, a greenhouse is just a glass box that allows solar radiation in, but does not allow heat out. Since most plants grow quickly and robustly at higher temperatures, a greenhouse can turn a marginal plot of land much more profitable. Planets in our solar system actually act as giant greenhouses, the most efficient being Venus where temperatures at the surface exceed 863 degrees farenheit. The greenhouse effect makes Venus the hottest planet in the solar system, even though it is not closest to the sun.

Many farmers are now experimenting with aquaponics, which adds fish into a greenhouse system. The circular closed-loop system allows the fish waste to be reused as plant food, and the plants in turn feed the fish. This system produces better pound per foot productivity than any other farm system to date.

Greenhouse farming is both small scale and enormous scale. The largest greenhouses cover multiple acres, while the smallest can fit within a window — in fact a window can be thought of as a tiny greenhouse, because it performs the same heat trapping function. The cheapest form of greenhouse per acre is the high tunnel greenhouse, which is open on each end, and made primarily with sheet plastic and curved plastic or aluminum piping.

In most people’s minds, greenhouses are usually made of glass – but modern commercial greenhouses use very strong polycarbonate plastic panels, which is much cheaper and can withstand very severe physical shocks. In fact, “bulletproof glass” is not glass at all but thick polycarbonate plastic.

Scientists have tried putting entire ecosystems in greenhouses, but these initial experiments did not succeed in the long term. Someday, we may understand ecosystems well enough to successfully put a life system within giant greenhouses on Mars. Greenhouses will be the key to inhabiting other planets in the solar system. One day, the only type of farming we do may be greenhouse farming.

Grill Plank Cooks Salmon With Ease and Flavor

Cooking fish, especially boneless Alaska salmon, on a grill plank is an excellent way to enjoy your seafood. Fish is already healthy, and cooking it on a grill plank is easy and really flavorful. The plank gives the fish a smoky flavor without the risk of burning it. Another perk is that the plank can double as a serving dish! An excellent recipe for boneless Alaska salmon is Plank Grilled Sweet Soy Salmon. You can prepare it right from your home with fillets, a grill, and a wood plank.

To make 4 servings of this delicious and healthy salmon, you will need a total of about 2.5 hours, including all of the prep work. Before you use your grilling plank, you want to soak it in water for anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. While it is soaking you can prepare the sauce and fish. The ingredients you will need are:

– ¼ C soy sauce
– ¼ C sake
– ¼ C mirin (rice vinegar)
– 2 T sugar
– 3 T chopped scallions
– 3 T chopped fresh ginger
– 4 boneless Alaska salmon fillets
– 1 thinly sliced ​​lemon

Once you have your ingredients prepped, you can prepare the marinade by mixing the soy sauce, sake, mirin, sugar, scallions, and ginger in a saucepan. Once the mixture reaches a boil, take the pan off of the heat and let it cool down. Once it is cooled, you can pour it over the salmon fillets in a baking dish. Take the thin lemon slices and place them on top of the fillets. Stick the baking dish in the refrigerator to let the fillets marinate for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Flip the fillets over a couple of times to make sure all sides are absorbing the flavor of the marinade.

When you are ready to grill the fillets, pre-heat the grill to a medium-high heat. The wood plank, which should be thoroughly soaked, can be put right on top of the grill. Let it heat up over the direct heat. After a couple of minutes, move the plank over indirect heat and place the skin side of the fillets on the plank. Cover the grill and cook the salmon for about 10 to 15 minutes or until the fish is done. Serve and enjoy!

Understanding What Is Marketing

There are very many definitions of marketing that have been thrown around over the years. Each of these definitions holds water and can be used to describe that process that many people refer to as ‘marketing.’

However the easiest definition of marketing to understand is the one by the American Marketing Association. Marketing is defined as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large”.

According to Wikipedia “Marketing is a product or service selling related overall activities. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves.”

The idea of marketing is one that involves a number of processes and procedures all of which make up the entire marketing process. Whenever you are compiling a marketing plan for your business, it is important to always remember that there are four very vital parts of any marketing plan. These components of the marketing plan include Products and services, Promotion, Distribution and Pricing.

Before you can even start marketing, you need to have the product or service that you are actually going to market. This means that you need to have the product or service ready for consumption by the people to whom you are marketing. This is why the products and services are always the first components of the marketing process.

The next component of a marketing plan is the promotion. Promotion simply means trying to convince the public to realize that what you are offering is worthwhile. This is an important part of the marketing plan because this where you will actually know whether what you are marketing is actually marketable and therefore will earn you some profits or it is a waste of time and will only lead you to losses. Promotion is different from advertising because it is more wide spread and broader than advertising.

Distribution is the other component of the marketing plan that must be looked at with as much importance. After you have established that the public is interested in what you have to offer, you now need to think of a way in which they are going to get the product or services that you have promised them. With distribution you have to be sure that what you are promoting will actually reach the clients that you have promised or else the marketing plan will not be complete.

Finally, pricing is the last component of the marketing plan. This involves fixing a suitable price that will attract customers but still offer you profits.

Railing Design Options – 7 Choices For Your Deck Rails

1 Rustic Wood Handrails – These decorative handrails bring flair to a mountain residence by bringing nature closer to the buildings. Their organic shape and sinuous forms add sophisticated class to the well-appointed home.

2 Cable Railing – This type of handrail features stainless steel cables running horizontally. This is a great look for the modernist residence as these enhance the massing of certain shapes and also offer clear visual sight lines.

3 Iron Railings – Decorative iron railings are very popular on Victorian and Colonial style homes as they are reflective of the actual craftsmanship of the period. These are durable handrails that weather well with age.

4 Vinyl Railing – These common handrails are well suited for the contemporary ranch style house. They are extremely durable and will often last longer than many occupants.

5 Wood Railing – A very simple to build option, these are often made of square, pressure treated wood deck balusters. These are installed vertically with regular spacing and are a common feature of most exterior decks.

6 Glass Railings – These are an elegant choice as they provide safety and also allow for a clear view. This is one of the best railing designs for sitting on your deck and being able to enjoy the view.

7 Aluminum Railings – This handrail can come in many variations and can look like a typical vinyl railings or it can look like a stainless steel cable rail. They can be configured in multiple ways and can be powder coated to match any color while being extremely durable.

Railing Design Options – 7 Choices For Your Deck Rails

1 Rustic Wood Handrails – These decorative handrails bring flair to a mountain residence by bringing nature closer to the buildings. Their organic shape and sinuous forms add sophisticated class to the well-appointed home.

2 Cable Railing – This type of handrail features stainless steel cables running horizontally. This is a great look for the modernist residence as these enhance the massing of certain shapes and also offer clear visual sight lines.

3 Iron Railings – Decorative iron railings are very popular on Victorian and Colonial style homes as they are reflective of the actual craftsmanship of the period. These are durable handrails that weather well with age.

4 Vinyl Railing – These common handrails are well suited for the contemporary ranch style house. They are extremely durable and will often last longer than many occupants.

5 Wood Railing – A very simple to build option, these are often made of square, pressure treated wood deck balusters. These are installed vertically with regular spacing and are a common feature of most exterior decks.

6 Glass Railings – These are an elegant choice as they provide safety and also allow for a clear view. This is one of the best railing designs for sitting on your deck and being able to enjoy the view.

7 Aluminum Railings – This handrail can come in many variations and can look like a typical vinyl railings or it can look like a stainless steel cable rail. They can be configured in multiple ways and can be powder coated to match any color while being extremely durable.

Glass Pool Fencing for Pool Safety

It has now become a regulation to fence your pool due to the many unfortunate incidents of children suffering injuries or drowning. It is recommended that you install a glass pool fence, because it not only offers pool safety but it also looks great.

Pools are meant to provide fun and excitement but when not safely fenced around then they become danger zones for our children. You have the option of fencing your pool with wood or glass. As a responsible parent you need to keep your pool area safe. It is vitally important to fence off your pool to avoid your kids jumping in without your supervision. To the kids, the pool is a place to jump in and have lots of fun, oblivious to the fact that they put themselves in danger to a certain extent. You can avoid all this by fencing off your pool.

Glass pool fencing makes the best choice to have, for all your safety requirements. By fencing off your pool with high quality glass fences, you ensure that your children are protected. Glass pool fences are the best choice because they are difficult to climb over. If you have kids then you should know that they climb over anything.

Unlike wooden fences, glass fences can not be climbed over, thus making them the best choice for all your safety needs. They keep your children from accessing the pool without your supervision. They are also tough and durable and very easy to maintain. All you need to do with glass fences is wipe them down once in a while and you will barely notice that there is a fence around your pool. You can even get your kids to help you wipe them down.

On top of that, these glass fences can not be knocked down, chipped away or wear away due to sunlight or rain. Wooden fences eventually fade and wear out which will not be a pleasant sight for your property. Glass pool fence will not have such issue, which makes their maintenance very manageable.

With everything in mind, you need to make sure that you hire experts to install your glass fence in a professional manner because you need to guarantee not only your safety but that of your kids as well. Glass fences are creams of the crop and quality is guaranteed.

The glass used is tough enough to withstand the strongest blows and so you should not worry or fear about your kids smashing the glass. The glass used undergoes rigorous testing to make sure it can withstand anything hurled at it. This means that you can rest easy, knowing that not only will your glass fence keep your children out of the pool but it will also not be shattered from whatever they throw at it.

Make it a point to purchase great quality glass pool fences which are safe, function well and still look great. They are tried and tested and proven to be safe.

Keeping our Seniors Safe in New Jersey

Falling down is a major concern for the elderly. Seniors are much more susceptible to broken bones from even the slightest fall. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimated that in 1981, over 622,000 people over age 65 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries associated with products they live with and use everyday. Many seniors are opting to stay in their own homes as long as possible, some with the help of an in-home caregiver. But even with the help of a home companion or aide, it's important to make the home environment as safe as possible to prevent falls and injuries. A good way to start the process of making a home "senior-safe" is to visit each room in the house individually.

Each room should be free of clutter, allowing the senior a clear pathway through the room.

  • Check the carpeting: shag, thick, or deep pile carpeting can be difficult to navigate on with a walker, cane or wheelchair-
  • Area rugs should be secured with rubber pads or removed completely. Bare floors can become slippery as well.
  • Care should be taken on bare floors to use products that will not make the floor slippery.
  • Telephone and electrical cords and curtain pull strings should be secured and out of the pathway to avoid a fall.
  • Stairs in the home should have a sturdy handrail or banister in place.

Poor lighting can be the cause of many falls for the elderly. Bright, well lit room and hallways can reduce the risk of injury from falls. Placing flat, illuminated light switches on the out outside of each room can allow seniors to lighten a room prior to entering-eliminating the need to stumble through a room in the darkness to locate a light switch.

Another area of ​​safety concern for seniors is in the kitchen. As your loved one gets older and less agile consider removing items no longer used and move commonly used items to lower, easy to reach cabinets or shelves. Unbreakable dishes and cups can save accidents as well. Fire hazards are another area of ​​major concern as it related to the elderly population. Appliances with automatic shut off features are an excellent precaution, especially for seniors that may forget to turn off appliances. Be sure that a working fire extinguisher is easily accessible. Instructions for using the fire extinguisher should be written in easy to read, large print and placed next to the fire extinguisher. An escape route should be posted with step-by-step instructions and reviewing regularly, especially with seniors experiencing memory loss.

Whether your loved one remains home alone or with the help of a home care agency, it is important that steps are taken to ensure their safety. The amount of time that a senior can remain home can be extended by making small, inexpensive modifications. When at all possible, be sure to include your loved one in the discussions about safety modifications prior to making any changes. For more information on home safety and home health care for seniors, call your local Office on Aging. Seniors in Burlington County NJ can call 609-265-5313 and in Camden County NJ call 856-858-3220 or to access a listing of resources for seniors in New Jersey, go to []

African American Art-The Depiction of a Unique Perspective!

African American art is a broad term which can be used to describe the visual arts of the African American community. It was influenced by many diverse cultural traditions, including those of Africa, Europe and the Americas. Traditional African American art forms include basket weaving, pottery and quilting to woodcarving and painting. Many slaves arrived from Africa as skilled artisans. The earliest recorded African American artists were actually slaves who worked as potters, blacksmiths, cabinetmakers, quilters, basket makers and silversmiths.

With the passing of the Civil War, it became more acceptable for African American created works to be exhibited in museums, thus artists steadily produced works for this purpose. Such works mostly followed the trend of European romantic and classical traditions of landscapes and portraits. Of this time, the most popular were: Edward Mitchell Bannister, Henry Ossawa Tanner and Edmonia Lewis. However within the states of America, African American art was subject to discriminatory limitations. However, overseas the artworks of African Americans were much better received. In Europe, especially in Paris, these artists could express much more freedom in experimentation and education concerning techniques that stretched beyond traditional western art. Freedom of expression was much more prevalent in Paris as well as Munich and Rome to a lesser extent.

Perhaps The Harlem Renaissance was one of the most notable movements in African American art. Concepts of freedom and liberty ideas that were already widespread in many parts of the world had begun to seep into the artistic communities of the United States during the 1920s. Famous artists at this time period included photographer James Van Der Zee, painter Palmer Hayden, Aaron Douglas, Richmond Barthé, Archibald Motley, William H. Johnson, Sargent Johnson, Malvin Gray Johnson, and Hale Woodruff.

With the advent of African American Art and Postmodernism by the mid to late 1980s earlier definitions of African American art would be replaced with postmodernist concepts of cultural relativity, art-as-performance, critical inquiries of art and society through one’s work, and interrogations of identity, geography, and history.